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Sm ij ASfegetable Preparation CorAs
S ? Simllalin?ihc Food and Regitta
?R| I ting die Stomachs andBowelsnl
5;!t Promotes Di&eslion.CluerfljV
! I; ncss andRest.Conlalns neither
51 ! | Opium.Morphinc norMiiwrol.
I |i Not Narcotic.
Hll I Ifrryx ofOMDc&WLUmvm
III r /foupka Seed" .
01; : jUx-Smna * ]
? J jj AtM/eSalts- /
J* V j4ruseSttd * \
ji; Ss?-'" (
||: )
Apafttt Remedy fovOcmsllpa
Wja5j tlon, SourSlomacn Diarrnoca
jjES V Worms,1Coimilsions.Fevcrish
3Q^;S||, neS3aildLOSSOFSLKEL>.
Facsimile Signamreof
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
rr <
Lorrirner Aiiair in Illinois Has
Caused Sensation.
Bursting like a bomb wlii!< ! nlii'l
B tat Ob Senator Lorimei wns dtdivoring
his vindication ;|>.-t?h at Wa hlngtcrn,
D. C., Stati S-nator John
/ Broderlck, a loading Chicago democrat,
was indicted on a brib?>r\ charge
by the grand Jury ai Springfield. 111.
Brodorick's Indictment, it Is said,
was the direct result of : eonf< sion
made to the grand jur> by S;ate Senator
I). W. Holstlaw, of laka. HI., who
says Brodorick paid him S:!.r>in to
vote for Lorlmor for senator A < aplas
was ordered at unci for !lr<?derIclt,
and a bench warrant i 1 for
his arrest.
$4,700 All Told for Votes.
The unexpected turn in tlx- I.orlmer
scandal is said to have 1; - n an
offshoot of State's Al t >i iif.v lit rice's
investigation of aliened i .ft iii a legislative
furniture deal. S?*i?. t- i llol;tlnw
hay been indicted on a preiut;.
charge in connection with the furnl
tilvc? ??iwl .!>/-?. . i. .... . *
w ?, (lliu lll't/ll I . II!
lawyei'H, when offered iiumuirt
agreed to mnke a eonfc ion. Then
* Hold the Kr;tn ! jury th.it !i h;i I
* Well as Men are Mads Misar&bla
u and Blad-Jer Trouble.
preys upon the luind,
usanibition; beauty,
Mjjjor a:ul cheerJulII
ll ' ""t uncoin
s "1"il : 1 ' : 1 ' ''
(*#')or!l afliictefl i111
child urinates toooftcn, if tho urine . ahb
Vtp the flesh, or if, when th<- child i ;i 1 an
m jv age when it snbuTiT he ami- to control the
passage, it is yet afflicted with l<d-\\ tnS
ting, depend upon it, tiiecause of the ditli:
i. V *^ltaulty is kidney trouble, and the first
W^fccp should he towards the treatment of
these important organs, This unpl< asant
tmible is due to a disease! condition of
the^idueys and bladder and not to a
hamf&s most people suppose.
,Woftl''ti as well as men are made miser
able WiUi kidney and bladder trouble,
ttfitl bmo same great remedy.
<? ' The mildjfw Bj&he immediate elfe< t of
5w?ftlp*R?6t?(50f)!i realized It is sold
cent and one-dollar yjKET!nOi7S?3Stli^^
.y' size bottles, V6ll tuny Jp/JZMXwZZ'MtZZzi
have o sample Utile ljg"S"a,;gggS=5j
by mail free, also a
pamphlet telling all
about Swamp-Root, n?,?. , - ,viip.|<,,,. ~
including many of the thousands of te tiv
. monial letters received from sufferers
who found Swamp-Root to be just the
jgfcv remedy needed. In writing I>r. Kilmei
& Co., Binghainton, N. V., be sure ami
4 , mention this paper. Don't make any
mistake, but remember the name, Dr.
4jS Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the address,
^ ? ' uvcry duxue?
ui, ...
* ) '? - -;^V,; ^
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the \,
Signature /
hjr Use
ij For Over
Thirty Years
UHOI unm
received $2,50o for his vote for Lor!nier;
$700 ;is his slum* of a ! gislatlve
"jackpot", ;in<i a promise of ? 1
1 500 as his shart* of the state liouso
furnitpre deal.
Confession Coroborated.
Senator Holtslaw's confession reRaiding
tli" furniture deal was coroborated
before the grand jury by Otto
Fi' ier. of Chicago, who, as agent for
the Ford-Johnson Furniture Company,
obtained the furniture contract.
The two confessions regarding the
furniture contract resulted in two additional
indictments, on a conspiracy
charge These were State Senator S.
C. I'emberton, republican, of Oakland,
III , and Representative Joseph S
Clark, democrat, of Vandalia. Ill
As In the case of Senator UrndericU,
in the l.oriiner alleged )>HIhm v m ,i
tor, cnpiases and bench warrant were
immediately issued for Senator I'eiuberton
and Repiosentative < !.\rl< on j
the conspiracy charge* in eoi nectioti
with (lie furniture contrail
Report of Congressional Committee
May Come Soon.
Washington advict . m? llint the
report of the coni;re.-. 5<.i .:?1 c. .nniittee
appointed to investigate tile 1 i u ger-Pinchot
controvert will hi all
likelihood, be published nbOut (lie
middle of July. There in i.\ be two
reports. one signed by S- nit .ii \ d
POU, of Minnosotn. chairh.;.n of the
Joint committee, and tin majority
members, and the olln i l . insiip.
gents and democrats < ?i. t c mi tnitteo.
While it is KCin'i:ill> l> !!< .. ! ili.it
Secretary r.nl!iiiK<M will i entirely
fcxonoratpd of wic.iiK < 1 ? n::. and Cifford
Pinehot. I/mi- II (Javis and
others a it >< i ii the an mors will hi'
criticized t<?r what tin- committee may
term 'ilioir misguided zoal," 11 r*v??rtholess
the opinion prevails thai Sep.rotary
Mai.inker's resignation will ho
In the hands of President Taft hefore
It is reported that Secretary HalI
linger has already intimated to his
friends that lie thought <rf resigning
hut he declared he would never
resign under f'r
I Frcnch no.it, Struck By Steamer, la
Sent to Bottom.
J Twbnt .vtbreo iiu'ti were drowned In
the Kn;;IIsh channel when the French
submarine boat 1'lnviaso was struck
i by tho packet Kteani'-r I'ns I).-Calais.
! The passengers on the latter were
thrown into panic, and the ship itself
was so badly damaged t li.it 'i ha 1
to put back ti) Calais.
The fighting ship \va <-? <i 1 di . r
i along partly i;id>merge<l win n
fttoauicr crashed into liei v l w
to the reports, the suhuiurii t>Un
around for n moment :ii:<| then tve
water began to pour through a bit:
rci% in her plates. Itcfoiv a man
could escape she had foundered in
one of the deepest part ^ of th" 'han
This is the si:tli ierloii accident
in riif r rrrifii 'U>maii!i (lotIlia In
fl\ n years.
I Kidney
What They Will Do for You
They will curc your backache,
strengthen your kidneys, correct
urinary irregularities, build
up the worn out tissues, and
eliminate the excess uric acid
that causes rheumatism. Prevent
Bright's Disease and Diabates,
and restore health and
strength. Refuse substitutes.
! When a Weak Play Appehrs In
a New York Theater, v
The Judicio.,8 Distribution of "Complimentaries"
by the Manager Secures
Well Dressed Audiences and
Savos the Appearance of a "Frost."
Long before the curlalu goes down
ut tbe end of a uew production tbo
manager bus decided, nluo times In
ten, whether he has a success or not.
L$ut ho does not mean to bo caught
napping In either event. If lie believes
the play is a "frost" or even a semisuccess
the houso for too next few
nights must bear every outward evidence
of prosperity.
111 uwtui worus, 110 must "duck tne
lino" of adverse criticism by "papering
the bouse." For a week at least he
must make a "front" In tbe orchestra
chairs, no matter if there Is desolation
in tlie box oflice. Let him make the
public believe the new piece has attracted
n large number of patrons for
six or eight performances and there is
a chance of enough business to prop
up a forced run of a few weeks, which
may help things 011 the roud. This
means that "paper" or free tickets
must be judiciousl; ^Ist rlbuted.
Every manager ot a theater has a
large circle of friends. This may be
due partly to his possession of a genial
personality, but undoubtedly (lie business
lie is in has in itself on attraction
for many. A majority of these people
will accept passes when they are offered;
some are not above asking for
them, while still others but these are
rare?will buy tickets when compllmentarics
are not tendered.
When the manager has a play that is
in danger of going to pieces for lack
of imtronaero I10 sends tickets t<> nil
those friends of liis and whenever possible
obtains a promise that they will
be used by the persons to whom he
gives them. It Is not dlllioult to extract
such a pledge. Being on terms
of more or less intimacy with lho manager,
the favored ones know he will
be likely to see theui In the theater or
If they are not there that lie will take
note of those who do not use the tickets.
lie keeps a record of the seat
numbers opposite the names of those
who should occupy those particular
chairs and can tell at once when his
hospitality has boon abused.
Another class which sees many plays
in New York city gratis is to be found
in department stores. Nearly every
director of a theatrical company? as
distinct from a theater manager?is on
cordial terms with the heads of de
partments in large retail mercantile
establishments. Kaeli of these heads
will accept from six to a dozen pairs
of tickets occasionally to distribute
anions his subordinates.
Often it is possible to got rid of 'J00
tickets or more in a day in this way,
and when this is repeated in four or
live stores tile manager is sure of the
attendance of an appreciable number
of well dressed young women in the
newest millinery nnd stylo of eoiiTure.
each with a respectably attired cavalier
and all on their best behavior.
These people may not be ultra fashionable,
I>nt they will not disgrace* their
I'd less the theatrical man is acquainted
wiih t lie department heads.
however, il is not nil easy matter to
give away tickets in such :in establishment.
The average clerk in a
large stole, especially of the feminine
gender, is suspicions. Slie clues not
understand such open handed generosity.
ai:d there must lie a lot of explanation
to eonvincc her that in offering
something for nothing the manager
has not some sinister design. As for
the male clerks, il he gives them any
directly tlie.v are sure to tell every one
what, a pull they have wi;h the malinger
and pester him for tickets ever
afterward, particularly when lie has a
success, with "the free list absolutely
It is far less of an undertaking to
buy a hundred dollars' worth of low
priced goods than to make a present
of two tickets apiece to a dozen persons
behind the counter. The telephone
girls, stenographers and manicurists
look a -kmice at free tickets
from a stranger, although when their
confidence is won they will generally
accept them with due gratitude ?
Theater Magir/inc.
l ion FoImIIchx n ( lilltl
In I'iti burg a savage lion fondled the
hand that a child thrust into his
cage. Danger to a child is sometimes
gnat when least regarded Often it
,l.i, ! , . ( '..l.lu !
VII " u," < wi>.n, v i ? Ml I I <11111
Win 'i int.' ! <>i'i;li Th"\ s!n\ thouHnnds
Mint I M\ Kind's X. \\ Discovery
' "iiM I:iivi saved. "A f< ?v doses en rod
( in 1'iilt.v of n very hnd ( hso nf
( i ilji." writ'-! Mrs (.norue 15. I);ivis
of I*'I it lv(> k, N. (' , "Wenlvvnys ifivo
it td )iiin wlien lie takes coht. [It's n
v. 11n 1 < i ful iiHihoine for liabies ' Hest
f a < ' ii,i;hs ("nil1.:-, I.h( 1 ripi>e, Asthma,
I ten -?i r l iifo-s, Wi nk Lungs, fiOc. Vl
Tri.-.l l i.ir!c fico. fiunrnnter d I?_\ nil
Mrs. Malaprop.
"The funeral sermon was simply full
Of parOKoil'-s on tlic <|{>f I'iiseil." re
marked Mrs. Malupt'op.
"l'ant'Ki ries, my deiir," eurreeted
Miss Struitliiee.
"It doesn't nisiller." retorted Mrs M.
"The words lire nnoiiyiiioiis."
IIow's This?
\\ o oiTer One Hundred hollars He
ward for nry cose of Catarrh that call
tint !? mil i| |>y Hall's Catarrh ('hit.
I .1. ( IIKNKY & CO., Toledo. ().
\V.- ().. undersigned, linve known F.
,J. ( l,i in y fur I be last I ft yearn, and believe
11i111 perfect Iy honorable in all !?u?lni
> li t :H iionsanrl financially able to
enrr\ 111 any obligations made by Ihh
Wlii ,||.>ale I *111^1/iHtf>, Toli-do ().
11:111 ('atarrli Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon (lie blood and
miii fin surfaces of the system, Testimonials
sent free, I'rice ?,V. per bottle.
UemtJbs are Net
Were wo perfeot, which we ore not, *
not often be needed. But since our a:
j come weakened, impaired and broker
indisoretions whioh have gone on from
through oountless generations, remedie
aid Nature in correcting our inherited
acquired weaknesses. To reach the i
weakness and consequent digestive ti
I noining so goou as ur. ricrce s v*oi?cn
cryi a glyceric compound, extracted frc
inal roots?sold for over forty years wi
Weak Stomnoh, Biliousness, Liver Com|
Heartburn, Bad Breuth, Belching of fooi
t Derangements, the "Discovery" is a tii
The Genuine has on Its ^
outside wrapper the v
Signature N
You can't afford to accept a secret n<
holio, medicine op known composition,
thereby make a little bigger profit.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regula
howcls. Suilnr-cnuted. tinv Granules. I
16 oz to
We don't claim any pede?
but one thing we are parti
every pound of groceries the
pound. You get just what
n at
I Corrcct
Come in; let1
Thomas ?
Good Thii
Goods Delivered Free,
I Next- Door toGravloy's Stable
Located at Liberty, S. C., at th(
f.OllllH Hllll DlhCoUlltS lO'.l.ll',' Tfl
Overdrafts :i,5iJ45 si
iiankliiK House .. IH-J
r'urniti're and Fixtures I,<>Vi in
Duo fr< .11 Hanks and Hankers f>,Kf>3 117
t/Urreney ... 1.H10 00
(jolil fCU) 00
Silver and other Coin :t:trt k:i
Cheeks and Cash Itinns (Mi.iKi
Total W.ist u |
Hoforc me came It S. Shirley, ('ashler of I lie
that the tibove ami forej?niu>{ Matoincnt is a true
sai<i Hank.
Sworn to ami suhscrlheil heforu me, this 1st <
I. M. M nil Ul hi I
\V. T. O'Dell, *- Directors.
II. C. Shitlev. \
We closed the deal for 2
flour before the advance and ar
the benefit of the low price.
In fact when it comes to hi
we are in a position to still you
sale and a short profit" is our m
\\r~ t : 1 -
wc nave j li>?u rcccivcu ;i s
children's shoes in the most de?
popular price.
If it is a hat that you are
you good. We have just recc
good hat at from $1.25 up. \\
the ones we are selling at $1
GOOD VALUES. Come in ;
When you are in town p
wanting to buy or not we arc; a
Yours to serve.
W. B. Fr
"At the 0
Rf*.m<;ml)rr \v<; pay the hi
Carey 6* (
Koo us wlirii yon >
to huihl upon, or ^oo
Piakrns or in I his o<
<hli<jhtO(l to show yo
wo fool suro (lint we
fVovv is tho tiino to in
i?.r? --
imiwrr ii ?-11 ii<i nrrs ill
Carey & <
Main St. P
'Phone No. 33. Offii
the early ages,
are needed to v9|H9B?
I and otherwise am**
Beat of stomach ??"*
roubles, there is U
Medical Discov- *
im native medicIh
great satisfaction to all users. For
plaint, Pain in the Stomach after eating,
J, Chronic Diarrhea unci other Intestinal
mc-provcn and most efficient remedy,
astrum as n substitute for this non-alconot
even though the urgent dealer may
te and invigorate stomach, liver and
sasy to take as candy.
> the lb. |
>tals or wings for ourselves, f
cular about is to see that M
it goes out of our stor j is a E
>011 pay for.
T ? I 11 1
Measures g
s talk it over.
5: Harnes
igs to Eat ^
'Phone No. (J'j
}. . kens, S. ( \ ?
> close of business Mar. 2-1, li)10.
i.ia in i.ri'i i:s.
Capital Slock I'nlil in $'}"?,ooo tw
Un<\lvi<letl I'rolils, loss Current I'. \puiiHcs
ttiui Taxes 1'niii r?,no;
Due l<? Hanks nu<l Hankers s:i
111<11vi<I w< I Deposits 11,Ml) til
Time Cert ideates of Deposit 1:
I'nshlor'st 'hecks Ki Hi
Wills Paynlile, Inil inline < "erl ilieaks
IIM .1II1IR') lllirillWIM 1 >,.??*I I.II
Toltll *XI,|K| II
iiltove iiiuneil Hunk. who, In'inu duly sworn, siivs
i'iiiiiIillon ol miM Itttnk, ii* snowtl liy liMukx of
II < sillUI.KY,
In; il A |>rI. MHO.
>oiiI | \\ . II lil.-KNN Nnlnry I'm Iir s C.
oo barrels Ix-st (none better)
e going to give our customers
lying everything in our lines
on a close margin. "A quick
lotto always.
hipment of nivn's ladies and
arable shapes and leathers at a
in need of we can certainly do
jived a lot and can lit yon in a
re have them still cheaper but
\nd take a look.
ay ns a call whether you are
1 r.i.i *.
iways 141.111 u> nave you visii ur>.
<;h<;st prices for nil kinds ol
/s, s. c.
villit a nice town Sot
(I farming land nrar
aunty. YVr will be
ii what wr have ami
can interest you.
vest in real property
ickens, S. C.
ce over Freeman Building.
| Nearly Everj?bod^ 1 c
I.-Kt YOU!t||'
Tlioro llns It* cently lloeu lMiicctl
lu iill the druu stores mi nromati *, '
pleasant herb euro for woman's ills, 1
ciilhwl Mother Gray's AUSTRALIAN
IjKAL?\ It is the only certain regnlai
tor. (Quickly relievos femnle weak- |
I nosscH and Unckache, Kidney, Hind 1
' dor and Urinary troubles. At all (
'druggists or bv mail 50 c nta. SamI
nln IPIllfllS. XrbliftBo 1M??? 1
(> i av" Co LoRoy,"' N."' V."
i Doctor (politely)?CSood morning, Mr. |
i Schmidt.
I Janitor Howdy, doc??Life.
Foley KidneylMlls contain i nconcentratcd
form intfrudients of established
thernpeut ic value for the reliof and
jenre of all kidney and bladder ail'
meats. Sold hy all druggists.
The common everyday bean is u native
of South America and was introduced
into Europe, whence it was
brought to this country in the sixteenth
century. It is now represented
liy more than lf?0 cultivated varlei
A touch of rhomati.em. or a twitise
of neuralgia, wbatovor tho troublo is,
( hninborlnin'H Liniment drives away
the |ir in at once and euros tho complaint
quickly. First application
k'ives relief. Sold by nil dealers.
A Brilliant Idea.
"Here's n letter from a woman," said
the household inquiry editor, "who
wants lo know what to use In cleaning
"If she's a married woman," suggested
the Joke editor, "tell her to use
her husband."?Exchange.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Livor
Tablets will ci?ar tho sour stomach,
sweeten the breath and create a healthy
appetite. -They promote tho flow
111 KnsLrii: juice,morouy inducing good
digestion. Sold by all dealers.
Strong Eyes.
The Peruvian Indians are credited
with having the greatest range of
vision of all races.
.lohon i). Horikefellor would go l>rol<e
if 11o .should spend his entire income
trying to prepare a hotter medicine
than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
nni! Diarrhoea Komodv for diarrhoea,
dysentery or howol complaints. It is
siniplv impossible, and so says every
one titnt has used it. Sold by ail
T rariopoBod.
Mrs. Hub?What's this thing' the expressman
just brought?
Mr. Ilub?The settee you asked me
to get.
"Mercy, what a man! I didu't say a
settee. I told you a tea set."?Boston
Never hesitate almut giving Chainberlnin's
t'onirh ItAmnHv fcn nhilrfrnn
It irontains 110 opium or other narcojiics
nn'l can he given with implicit
cnnfidonce. Ah n q,uiek euro for
coughs and colds to wh'ch childron are
suncoptiblo it is unsurpnsed. Soldjby
all dealers.
Though hont will make a solid or n
liquid incandescent. It can only Increase
the pressure of n gas.
Blood Balm
(B. R. B.) Cures Through the Blood
-J&Blaod Poison, $k
i ifsm bone pains, can;fr|r
- -fn 9-m r. ? m*
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Itching Humors.
H. 14. I'>. (Botanic Illood Mood) is the
only KI-xhI kemedy that kills the poison
in tin- blood and then purifies it?sending
a Hood of pure, rich blood direct to
tlu> skin surface, bones, joints, and
wherever the disease iH located. In this
way all sores, ulcore, pimples, eruptions
are healed and cured, pains and aches
of Rheumatism cease, swellings sulmide.
It. II I'., completely changes the body
into a clean healthy condition, living
the skin the rich, red hue of perfect
j health. H. Ii. B, cures the worst old
, cases. Try it.
plpiixant ami Hafe to take; composed of pjtiro
! Itoiiiiilc IngrcdlentR. It purUlOH and enrtehpii
i 111r> blood. It. It.lt. NtriMiRthenH the nervcn
; iiml builds up tlio broken down Kygtoin. Drug.
I KlhtH $1 00 I'Rlt I.ARdK HOTTLK with dlrec
, tIonk for home cure.
I Sold at All Drug Stores.
IIIs almost the worst thing for 1
I consumptives. Many or the 9
I "just-as-good" preparations 8
I contain as much as 20%^ of I
I alcohol; Scott'* Emulsion Sj
I not a drop. Insist on having It
I Scott's Emulsioni
Tho Attraction. "
"You say you are in lovo with Mlsfl ETS
3aggs?" M
"I am aur*Vftpin."
"But I ctfc JjSee anything attractive
ibout her."
"Neither can I see It. Rut it's In
:he bank, all right." - ?
TJi? IllB'i Cost of Living. y f
Increases the price of many necesuiies
without improving tho quality.
"oley'H Honey anil Tar maintains itfi
ligh ntandard of excolionce and its
rreat curative qualities w'thoufc any
ncroase in cost. It is tho boat romo- at
Iy for coughs colds, croup, whooping Jo
lough and nil ailmonts of tho throat, pi,
host and lungs. Tho genuine is tho . ^
rellow pnekngo. Hofnso substitutes.
?olcl hy all Druggists.
Hi? Advice. jQ
"Tho odgo on a razor," said tho garrulous
harbor, "Improves by laying It lja
isldo for a time." j
"That being tho case," rejoined the>
victim In the chair, "I'd advise you to .
lay ashlo tho one you are using for '
ibout 2,000 years."
For MoroThHii Tlireu lltckdm.
Foley's Ilonov and Tar has been a j ^
lousehold favorito for nil ailments of |
;uo inroat, cheat ano lungs. A'or infants
and childron it is host and safest
is it contains no opiates and no harmful
drugs. None genuine but Foley's
Honey and Tar in the yellow package.
Refuse substitutes. Sold by all druggists.
"Mr. Grimes," said a minister to one
of Ids deacons, "we had better make
the collection before the sermon this
"Yes. I'm going to preach on the
subject of economy."
Foley Kidney ;Pil)?.orj!i>4wtev~t... , V
tonic and rontoratftand n prompt cor
rective of all urinary irregularities.
Refuse substitutes. Sold bv all druor- ,J
Retort Courtoous.
Tho Duchess of Marlborough tells uu '
amusing anecdote of a bishop who
was her guest at. Blenheliu. She apologized
to him because grace had not
been said before dinner, upon which
tho courteous and witty prelate roplled,
"Your grace Is sulllcienl."
Sliuko Into Your Shoo
Allen's Foot Ease, n powder It cureB
painful, swollon, smarting, ncrvons
feet nnd inatnntlv takea tho sting out '
of corns and bunions nuumnkes walking
onsv. Try it today. Sold ovorysvhero,
A Literal Fate.
"What's become of Jakes?"
"He's gone all to pieces."
"You flon't say so! Nervous prostration
V" 4
"No. Me fnrtrely looked for a gas
leak with a lighted candle."?Baltimore
Commander.J" ' /I'okI.
l>epi. III.
Mr. Isaac Cook,
L'ost, Kewaneo. .
long timo I *aa hot heron
acho and pains across n/
Abont t,wo months ago .qr<\' '
i-oiy ivicinoy 1'iiia ana noon .
wore doing .iust as claimed.
taking them and now 1 am i
backache. and the uainfvif *
misery is all gono. I like Fcl ?:?
ney i'ills so well that I have to"
of my friends and coinia:?'
them and shall rocommcml i
every opportunity." Sold o
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Sn[SUO|d Xjoa ouios soij.iav. Bdiqqj.iog,,
auo potBoid ?qj.
Wtmt Kverybody WwntN.
Everybody desires good health wbicl
is impossible unless the Kidnovs an
son no and healthy. Folov's ICidne)
Remedy should be taken at tho lirsi
indication of any irregularity, and i
serious illness nmv bn nvprtud
Koloy'n Kidney Komedy will rcntori
your I'icinoys and bladder to their nor
inal statu and activity.
A slender acquaintance with the
world must convince every man that >
actions, not words, are the true criterion
of the attachment of friends
and that the most liberal professions
of good will are very far from being
the surest marks of it.?George
j**-- aa n u.. t ^ ?
In nc
FOP ...
It is the bes'
over a dri
Professor Blue
"I fwltnliwl It U'
would talk
body a c
night I
hnd bco
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