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ICnt?rcMl April !<Di 1003 at I'lrkotiiii S. ('. nit hccoikI cIhmm matter, lUHlerralonjjroK* ol .llarcli :!,] 871)
| 40th Y, < PICKENS. 8. G? JUNE 9, 1910. Number 3
.I W0\ if Mliwo ?>BiA
Principles on Which He Wi!!
Seek Nomination.
? Missouri Democrats of all faction
j. at a dinner horo heard former Gov.
f! Joseph \V, Folk announco the prinei
^ pies on which, it Ih said, lie will HCek
" the presidential nomiiiiitlon in i;?12.
The dinner was in chin ;u of men who
have boon uromotlng the boom of tii
former governor.
' "The doctrine of equal i if 1:1 should
bo made a living, vital and cmli'dllne
force til tlu? irnviTiminnt " > ' '
^ Mr. Folk after ho lnvl )ist< it 1 to \
Democrats from all parts of the ite
tell the guests ahoul the form- j<>\ornor
they should endorse for the
| "Tho Democratic put " >
I) l "s'in,,hl insist I
ItampliiK out of i.ntft : n I <
l*oni every department < f
Iicnt; tho eradication < !' ; !
ivors, Including Ixnur . !> i i >
8 nd n tariff for any |;u ; >
8 inn rovonuo.
' ' "Wo need tho horn ;
ircenient of the laws wo;.l ' h ;
. -* ii- - ? .?
in uih rumination 01 *
I' utility corporation<.*u'i;on
j^sis that jUKtlci' in::y
>ple ami ii fair v.'tuni !.
any Invqi 11 1 bo af!'?i >i<
Oiu'ir principles''named 1 ?> t!
(eakf ~ wore the presei * atl< 1 <
' ?btB to the states of self. > .1
ent, tho restriction of Ann : ! .n t. :
ory to the western lu mi r.? a
. ?sary corollary of the Mon 1! r
fa6, the extension of Ann ri mi ti ..
rovlelnp the restriction up< n o>tn>rco,
a Just income tax, the 1 !> > n
United States senators l>> t
te and unrelenting opposition t lit
mluatlon In public affairs < 1 .? I
.orot^b and the elimination of tich
Inenees from politics.
vantor Dcnecn, of lllino . Oilers
Probe to Bottom.
ntense interest, ha- St. .!? i (c?
> legislative corruption
pots, which involve . (!,
hlam Lorlmer to lil
i lted States senate, by i .it ;i > nt
ned l?y Governor Uc :> n, \v i.i
declares for a thorough in :i
lovernor Deneen hold
.feronce with Btaie's \: ?,n v
fke, and a statement i. pis' !i ! I
r the signature of the : . ? 1 n >r
iTOIn It Is staled that Mr. ll n > s
ir*>d -A- all possible aid by thr>
:e ofllelals.
The wholo nefarious plot ..i.oulil bo
jsed," said the govt rn r. " The
do of bribery is one of t!.< me t
f flloua and diuKorau It mnl >. i
:p of parties anil of t !. -;i . "
uo glint of humor is : i
wefllngH. It has be a
SiJtoly that the ' tr? a? 111 i i r
(Oration jackpot" did i. i !
rtprlN svetily and that ho 1 ;>l f >t
ftlf moro than tit. l!> n't .1 r?
participants hnvinj? no 1 com
to complain.
Qltod Fortune That Befell a
i* "Kind-Hearted Farmer,
wgo White, a f.iriiK'i an.I nuM
carrier at Ren, Pa., iia:-. dcllvhimself
a letter from i lawyer
' weAtorn Ktato Informing liiin
Ojjo Patrlok Sullivan haa loft ( >
11) bin will $10,000.
jlU, whf? flrat took It as a J<>!;? .
tferaembcrod that fVfv'ai' av,o !
tyflod a peddler uCv..3tV~ no wnn
<3t f^lllvan, Ho Jvfui <>rton treat
or lodging.
id tow negotlatintj; for I.lw i
fo I- ??-? -
\o irnvo ne?n
!?J? the old poddler.
Vem?n In WoMrf Paid $5,000
'f& . Pe* Week.
o. Polaire, f??' 1 by her proas
*1^ bG thft ugll?8t woman In the
j'&'M arrived In Mew York from!
'fcwj ?igAK*raent at Hnmmorto
a?cept.l?K $r?,ooo
Greatest Stnr.ip; 'c Since the Famous j
Klondike Affair.
Tlireo humlir l and"'fifty prospect*
ors the lint pnrly. of "stiifnp'flors lo J
ronrli the muv Iditnrod Kold fltllita, i
have i .1 !ii (i i<'nirl>anks, after throe
wools.' u 'i> down th<- Yukon river.
All " \ (Imf tli?? clr.mnn/lft will Im
i '.ho ? roiit i ijn< Uw famous ru; li j
to tli<< Klondike thiitoon year* ar,.>. I
but r.s nj old-time a; ot era are ]:e J.
ml tie over | ho ]>( unci'is for :;i>i tln^
RiHbb'M W( *r^ om i he ::i ,iv< 1 along
tho :U.? ffi I.ho V arod ;.n 1 Innoko
riv< tk.
i." !im 'os ):!. r-o ft number of proa]:( (''
. im will arrive (luring the
early summer at r?.nftO. Many riy
that tho stun im ; amp will w I support
nil fro than on,. thousand miner.--,
n only 'von irji. . oi" pay din have
been found an l th- t none i? exlraoidilia:
It is Im !U -I I hfil at least i?al!" of
those in I! i > ip. Iditarml fit; ,
will turn ba< t() tlie Kiinkokwill.
WlU'V. 1 ' \ I ' ' I I bllllil iV 0M1111> ?";U
miles in i 'i 11 <ir. I |.?.
A' p. ? .- \ I : .i 1 (1 City constats of
a t\;w < tliiirR03EED
WiIlici:ii '"ir. >! il^s Traveling C.iy
.Vit: f cM'tuno Stolen.
'I'll i W"|l" M in' -, pre^hlont of
tlio Will i M. MIiht Ooiniinny, of
f'lilf ? bii 1 01' $r>o.tt<!ti whllo
<mi 1 I ruin < ii.t :iyo to Now Yrk
1 >. 1 T'm:r< lav. h:r- bocon." known
;it "V u. I - i< ivi's llflVO bt'i'ii
wbi kSu: .-t? Um cano, Itvil no nnnotinoo*
tlliihi lu?! ImrH if* ft boon ittaiUs as
il W 1. ) ?1 |*.;1 ' tlllvVf 111iJ 111
bii r:ni: -I \ 11 i! v'n.< to di .po of
- : I i h. n<" >: : ' papt'i' lm'lu(l< .1
In ill'' .;:n??un( ! >
Tln> mono' , i1 i-; ii. w.i ; !> n |r:iv.
t'iiii v I .vi ii 'i In li-itl ;i! Ik -Me in
l>i iHirl'-i i pint; ]! .|M
n >1 ?!;. ' t;i:! It > n .!
1:1 hoi'.* ! i N<> . York.
All 'it 'if I !>i> > \v,i ':) t!:??
Ji'i.iii nlr! (>!' (T 11!f
oil wlitcli i nynic it \ boon stopped.
s .? a < -. r i rs n" or
h lr j m liRlifc
' - t'any Fir a
T-'oliov. 'r. I h1.' i i 'f I 'n>
d? i . ?.?lo > cr: i- ? in
naniin ; i mary an 1 > n oution
dates. <: >< inor >l. own, in
a l>i ii I ' ;u?Mw?nt. i..i ai . v in I
thai !)> v.'IU I1 :i : :'Ii ' ! fur ooli
< i!f i in tho M'y cj:' An t "3.
f;?>. ; n .r 1 ii <? .vi! ar.iittMn^eni nt
loi'rt noi conic n.\ any :aii|>ri-o; hh
fii.'li.i tho |> i " . : ]!> have
loi ? ' 11! it : 1 \ f !' >% iir. t!:n
I'Vcci.! t\ ( of. r>::i (> ni'MMin".
Ii' <\ rn r Mi own tlol; o .| 1 ii. annoui
i .t i iiiil I!ii ti: . h< ' an ii
he ill ii i f i : i; * 11 ? 11 c a I
cnmpai::!; J| >ll I'll' |t. ;? itl" 'f . t, to
Hilt 11 tli < -. i t i > <? < <?i:s!i; 11 > :ictlni)
l i:i I II). 1 I-:n: for it
Democrat If V. < 'ive Committee
Names Dntr .* .1 -or.c !-'-s T- ' n.
'FT' (; '' i li" . i 1 !'f>
ilfld ?n Tin ' .I t
Ill :.? ' :i 1 J
lullt? ' : 'in on : I'ltl
tlon ,i ii ; i . I'itJ 'li V :i ri.iiit'man,
' i. ' i'' ' a< ? .I i\ e
coniiniilc (lxo'l tli:tI dftlf for th<> i-ri
m:u\ , nr l r>od tlio ink's to >vorii
th< . :i:.i . as r< i omnu'iwl' 1 l>> tlit?
cvii'mil: . |>ia<Tic:illy n<> disci:
(' i to ! > fi "wlillo piinrry," In
will 'i ill i| ::i1ir '! wlj.it r> vot* : . ; i oi'
:> 1 .?1 ifionl a fill ''f?fiH.
who >u i fnlih to nlildo !ho
rr nl i i'.i pfiii ir.v and support its
noiilln i *i . Invito! to pnrtiolp:.t,
'1 hi i r:i '< :itc convention, at
which i ' ill nomination o|' the narty
r.'iii'l. ! .' Will In- m.'iilo, will lie In Id
on Til ii' !'?: . >" !! inhcr l, in tIt<>
Ainlitoi ii in Anii' i:. In Atlanta.
in tin' cnnvefit! -n i cli roilnty i to
have Hi I'n!! ' htntioii i(i which
It in olilItlr?i| and In fiOConl with It.a
niaj n lty vote
Agreement Ren lied Between Govcro
ment an I Hailroads.
A c niplotc .'ii int*iil between iho
government ml tin* recently errJollied
rallrodih; of llui Woufprn TrmiU
Line A ; l eiuliun vjis reneheil :it n
wliite hnimo c ill i <'ii' e which lasted
for inme than 1' ;ir ! 0111
Tho rfi iIt on 1 11 presented ***: ? e<|
to withdrawal all rat" Inrri ;i i's tiled
to be effective on ??r nfier June 1,
I and Agree I to til" no more increases
until the Sill In congrewinch wives
the Interstate commerce comml-fion
power to investigate and unspent Increases
that are n JuMlfhd, I "< ome
a law and rocs into effect.
President Taft thereupon stated
| that the administration's pu )> <se In
bringing the Injunction suit had been
accomplished and the suit would tie
The discontinuance will not be enj
tared, however, until aftor tho new
railroad law is signed, 1
Towns are Sacked and People
Slain by Maya Indians.
The most serious uprising with
which the Mexican go\?firnment has
had to deal in a long time has occurred
In tin? state of Yucatan, and
troops arc being rushed to the dis
turhod a!'? i. In the meantime, reports
which have reached Vera Cruz
indicate that has been much
bloodshed :ind that the Insurgents are
preparing for a battle with the government
])i. ! ,itchcs from Mcrida, the capita'.
.>f Yucatan, state that forty persona
wore killed by (lie Maya Indians.
Further dispatches received here
state that n.oiiu of these Indian Iukuigent
< sacked tlio town of Valladolb!,
ninety live miles to the southeast of
killing all the principal government
employes, the chief of police
and others. They seized rides and pisto'.
I....I U I < *
vw? >iii.i i ii.-ii it 111 <;ii 11 i <:i11 id lent ,
.Many of the inhabitants of Valla lolM
ill"' Hoeing (o Merida.
Railroad and telegraph eommunieatlon
lx 1 ween Merida ami the scene of
the trouble is now cut off. Twenty
mill'; of ibe Yncutan railroad have
boon destroyed l>y tin) Indian:li is
epoiied that many telegraph op-ia- 1
'.ors havo been killed or are pi! on. is.
It is understood thar the can e of
the trouble I?* dissatisfaction <>n tlu>
part of Hi Indians over the notion of
government officials ro|>ardint; lands
One Hundred and Ten Percons Killed
in Chicago In Pact Eleven Monies.
(Jno hundred and ton huun.n li
wore Kliuffed out ill Chica.c.j by street
cars In the eleven months from .Inly '
1, 1 fin!), to May ' ' I, 1!)10. are 'nUii" to
a i'i?noi'l .*.1 t.. ......
Connm I iSdward J. Hrunda,,(\ '\\ <"iiy
Attoroe> John II. Cavrly. l*'",irtien
of (lu ~o fatalities occurred <ln ing
May, in which month there wviv .ilso
p rsoi:a Injur' 1, many of them
oriou: iv.
Twqnty trf tlx* injured were < hi! '
ill >-i) under tin' age of lf? years. who I
wcr.' playing In the sti'oot \vlicn 1
Ft nick Thirty-nine wen1 hurt hecan
i' ol' getting mi nr <iit' <>i moving
cni'H, an l si others were hurt in
crossing from one side of ih > * ?
to the other after alighting from cars.
Some of the most serious n< > i '.-nts
happened to intoxicated person*.
Imperial Yellow Posters Appear on
streets of New York's Chinatown.
Two posters of tho Imperial yellow
with tin* d:*igon stamped at the head
of each declaring that (he tongs inn<tt |
malt in He,; and war n<> nu/iT, hsvc
appi-rirofl on the streets i>f New York's
Chinatown. The luessage which they ;
bore was from the voice of authority
iu Peking, spoken through th<- lips of
Consul (ii-neral Yang Yuo Ylng.
To guarantee that there shall he no
more lighting between the On l.eong
Tong ami tlio Four llrotlurs, oaeh of
tho warring societies is commanded
to select representatives of peace.
This committee will meet In conjunc
tlon with the con.^rtl general and
some ratl'/nal peace agreement must
he formulated. Tho represent; tivos of
the On l.oongs ami the Four T.rothers
nuiAt come empowered to sign it.
Democrats Favcred Large Portion of
Mennure.?Vote 50 to 12.
Tlio senate passed the uUinlnlstiation
railroad bill. It U,a<J been vyider
consideration foi mofo than 21 \yoolis,
and practically no othor business except
appropriation bllla wore consld- j
ored In that Urn* peflod.
Only 12 votoa, all of these by Democrats,
were recbn'.eU against the bill.
Tho practical unanimity with which
tlio nieuaufo was passod wan duo to
the radical changes made In the measure
from the form In which It was
drafted by Attorney General Wicker
sham, following numerous conferences
at the White House on tin- subject
(ft amending interstate commerce
laws. All ol' the "Insurgents" *vho opposed
man j features of the Original
bill, voted for It.
Presbyterian Board Receives Renssur.
i 11 cj Cablegrams from Missionaries.
Tin* Presbyterian board of foreign
missions rcoclved reassuring repcfrla
from Iludr missionary at N nking,
Ilenchow and Ohenehow. Tile two
alter places fire Hunan province*.
"All is quiet," was the answer received
from each of the missions j
nnniHrt, over wuoso safety ntaiin v/.is I
fi lf at th* receipt <>f the d'Hturldug >
reports of Mid past few dft,v8. Cable
plains <>f Inquiry wero sent out Inst!
\s fM'U
A St. I.oiiIm dispatch says tliat fir- >
cult Attorney Jones to <1Ih- J
ml.HH tin- case of Dr. Loren M. I)oxoy,
wlio, with his wife, Nora Elizabeth j
f)oxoy, was jointly charffod with the
nmrdor <>f Willta.111 J. Krder. Tbo
acquittal of Mrs. Doxey practically
froeflj Doxey, aocordlng to Jones.
r. '
Allegod to Have Sccured
Election Through Bribery.
His 102d Birthday Observed Throughout
the South.
Tho South celebrated the one hundred
and second I?it inlay of Jefferson
Davis and paid tribute to the load'r
iff the Oonfedei ;i? > , Kxerclses iu
schools and e. ewheio wore held in
avory :;?ate.
The duj a 1 11 holiday in Louisiana.
T? \a.;, Smith Carolina, fleon:i.i.
Florida, Alabama, Mississippi an.I T. u
llCHsco . A f'"ilnro of the oxerei.~i In
moiil places >v;;s tho bestowing of
crosses of honor on the veterans l?y
iiit* ii:iii;iiiici's on ino uonio.ioraoy.
Korvloi;* \vi ro Isold in ovory camp of
Lin: o! 1 warriors.
* M *
GENERAL lion. Tom \\*;r on, in
NEWS a lot I ?*r n:(\i..(l An
NOTES KUStH, (in., I. ;.:iid to
havo declared thnt ho will : \: he
;i candidate forr an olllcu at; 'in.
also savs. It Is reported, thai lit < .tin
Iiik hack into the tlt^sn-;i- it\> | i:iy,
ho lias abandoned Mono ihi> foinn-i
principles. Hi- sayn li ; i li will t! ilit
for those principles I.v . ;:i . an ml,
force.1 upon him h\ ( irona mo 's
r>ver which In- had no < nti ?!.
A snrvnv 11?>11 > ii i.' . i'..- ii
road from Decatur, Ala. to Falls City,
it new town at ' ('. k l-'alls in
Winston county, fx) milts south <>f
here. Civil engineers coninn mod tinsurvey
at Bashanis Clap for tin* pur
poso of determining thu host and
cheapest route over ih mountain at
that point. As soon as 11?iIs determ*
Inod the toad stirwy will bo completod
the entire distance from heatur
to Fall: City.
By a unanimous virtu, ilio Southeastern
Cotton Buyers' Association, in session
In Atlanta, expelled from its mem
berahip the thin of Knight, Vancuy
& Co., of Decatur, Ala., for its alleged
forgery of hills of lading for cotton,
by Which lOngllsh and Kuiupean linns
wore ilefrande i of about 77.~fio.ftOO
C. B. Howard, <>f Innian, Akers ?M- In
man, maile tho motion that Kniyht,
Yancej Co. ho expelled.
Toild'M'ri Im fi.ui' \v;ir v t ! . I'm- ttic
ucw Canadian navy will lie < ;i!!. ,i foi
Shortly. Tim export of tho naval
aorvlc? clfip.'iinn'iit ar. now working
on the spot-ideations. Tin- r lour vms
els aro to lii< luiilt in Canada and
will mark tho birth of warship con
struct i m in this country Tho uj inii'
nient will ho purchased in (heat
OootKo A. Huso, foriu'-ily oonnoetoil
with tho Producers' National Hank
of t'lovi land, has hoon ,olo:t od I'roir
tl\y Ohio penitentiary, after nervine
toft yoarn for \lolatlou of tho bank
ins laws. His homo has beon hruker
tit>, his wlfo ilyln^ in Cleveland somi
v rc nor?
Kansas C'Hy. Mo., advlcos state
that receivers for thu Join's Drj
Goods Company, one of thu largest
retail genofal murohnndlsu uoncurn
in this part of the wu*t, havo bour
appointed by thu federal court hure
The llnbilitled aru placed at $ 1,<5Q0,oii(
nnd thu assets fit over $3,vOOlOQft.
W. I>. Manning, of \Vhitn?*l11 conn
ty, Oa., has announced himself a can
dldnto for gorv^viior Ho status thai
ho will not untui tin- primary, but
will run (is an Independent candidate
and desires to stump thu statu will
tho party nominee. lf(. is a farmer
Delegates to thu twuifth blonnia
eoovontion of thu Ibotiiurhood of i.o
cortiotlvu Firemen mut at . Paul. 1
Is O*pectod there will 1)0 an attend
nnre nf filxml S'f> Tltu i mui.nliiu
will ho In session ahout 1111?weeks
Tim annual convention of tho CSobr
yia hankers has heon hold at tho Kim
hall house In Atlanta. There Woin
500 present. An interesting progrim
was carried out, ending with a sumiJ
tuoiiH banquet.
The Democratic Congressional com
uiittee of the Fourth Tennessee dIs
trlct ha* formally declared Congies*
man Oordoll Hull as the nominee fo
re-olectlon. He had no opposition.
The International and Social Com
mission has heon incorporated a
Washington, D. C., to conduct i
world-wide camputgn of moral, socla
and political reform.
The government of l'eru has Indl
cated ith purpoiw to w thd aw iti
tirtry from the Ecuador froutlor.
j.- t kiti
j - % *
Liverpool advices state that with
n view of determining in the courts
the responsibility of banking bouse;
in connection with Ihe defective 1*11
of lading alleged to have been issued
by Knight, Yancey X- (h)., of Decatur.
Ala., some of the local < otton n.'-u
refused U> meet tliolr a;ci'iiiniH > j
which fell due on Saturday, on Hit i
ground that the collateral security was |
The entile properties of the f\ \V. i
Zimmerman Manufacturing t'oinpaiiy, |
In Clarke county, Abihama, have been 1
Bold to tile Smith MclJowin I .umber i
| \.uiii|iciiiy mi' 3>S0?',UUU. rue plant is
I located at Jackson, Ala., anil includes
! 30 miles (it' steel ruiltoad.
The May Department Stores Coin!
pany, of New York, capitalized at
j $120,000,000, has been Incorporated to
I conduct general department stores. ;
; Of the capital stock, $5,000,0011 is 1 o
be 7 per cent, cumulative pn fori. t
and $15,000,000 common.
j Following the refusal of th. man
J agemoiit of t!ie Huntsvllle . Klec
trie Company to reinstate 11 1 r > 1
ed motorman, a strike of tli> 111 11men
on the line was declare.1 iv I all
but three of the men <;uit \v. il;
The otlicial count of the ballots
cast in the election of odicers m" 1.1c
International Typographical l'ni. ;ii
Indianapolis shows tlwit la: 1 M.
Lynch has been reelected for : : i
dent, and .1. \V. Mays, secre .
Commander Robert 10. l'eao ;i
been presented to Kfn# (leni: .' at
Marlborough House, London ii remalned
a half hour with Ills inn.i !> .
Joint A. Uixon, of Wash in;;t?>:i < <? .i:i
ty. N. V., I.,\s been elected ?_ 11:ti:*iii>ii
i of the IJomociatlc state coiuiniUeo to
| succeed J, W. Conners, of Buffalo.
* *
CRIMES Many lives were
AND lost and several
CASUALTIES ships w? re wrecke.l
In a hurricane which swept the Loyalty
ishm is in Match, according to
belated advices brought by the steamship
Manuka fioui Australia to Vic
torla. li C. All the houses on t!i"
island wen> demolished and coeonnut
and banana trees and other vegetation
swept away.
A Britol, Tenn., dispatch says:
Thousands of dollars in property
damage and the practical tlos: u> ti>>n
of tho wheat crop in this section i"
suited from the worst irtil and wind
storm ever Uno Ny in Bristol an i xlie
outlying district. The in ?i- i !'
Bristol's lan*,e ludi:-trn > v. -i.- ! n
down, windows smashed in .ill j>.?!
of tlic city and ui>:i>1 i damn d?n
veget ation.
A Mlddletown, X V., (lispatI'll s:iys:
Mistaken for burgh:r, 10 mor l-'i
a wealthy resident of a suburbia
'ago, wiis shot and killed by t!. 1:'
year-old son of \V. Toed Tm I and
his son noticed a figure on tln-ir
porch, and thinking it wa an int ml
or, the hoy IIrod his small rifle n
tending to frighten ihe supposed luir
glar away. The bullet pierced I'i.>;i'
forehead, killing him Instanth
.Jacob Ad lor. president of A. Ad!--r
& Company, exporters, c.iiniui:'< A
Iclde at his lioiuo in New Orl. an 1 %
shooting himself In the lit ad with a
revolver. lie was a brother- % :.i\\ :
William Adler, whose appi ;il finiii i
sentence of seven years In ih. fed
eral prison at Atlanta, (in , fur violating
the national hank law> is now
- ponding.
Miss Mary 10. Williams, of Philadelphia,
an.i Howard Francis Bishop,
of Amos, Iowa, missionaries >>i the
' hoard of foreign missions ofthoMeth
odlst Fplsoopal church, were drown
8(1 while sea bathing in the '!n!f of
I Bombay, hoar Bombay, lndii The
bishop lost his life in attemptinf i
> save his companion.
Six fishermen lost their live win i.
the Brlgantine Mauve, of ('.incili
1 Franco, struck on 1'olllt Blanche while |
entering St I'ierre In n thick I ?;
Jockey Fred f.angan, monr.te | on
' Stalwart Bad, was instantly killed m
OravosJeiul whon Ills mount foil in t h
homo .stmt* h turn Ifi th?i obtain# i*:i 'o
Tho conunutation to lit'.- iiupririou
1 moiit at hard work was mado by Um
eruor Kitchens In tho caac of .John
Allen Stackhouae, uiub r s-.ntonr in
Scotland count}'. N. t\, to bo oiocpn
cutoil Juno 10 for killing hi:- w nn !
der what are now bellovod i<> have
1- been oxliMiuatlni? circumstaiu ? s.
w C. S. llaiKrott, yardmasici lot ili>
Atlantic (loast Line, wjis slim-k b>
1 passenger train N'<>. ! ", in tho lillon,!
(Ja,, yards of that road, and died n
afterward, llo wan signalling tin
switch engine with his back turao | t >
* tho approaching train, which ho did ,
- iiwi 11 II < i aivw|M i| tin ii 'i 11 i 11 inn'
Aft(!r reselling James DiIkkuiv, a
1 youiiK companion, who waa drowning
in ilie Wash lift river near ChieUaslia,
Okla., (liay Kvans, !T ,\<ar* old, son
of (Ml) Treasurer ISvans, of f'liicUashn
f' wna swept awav I?y iho swift current
i and drowned His body was reco\
' ?red.
\V. I). Klhvell, former chairman nf
(be statu prohibition contra I coin
? I iiriurt* iiiiu ? i'h-i.v i 'w11 ir intun j
i- ' bftlon clrtl?>s In Iowa, was k 1 Mori by 1
r a Chicago and Northwentrrn pasxt?n \
gcr train while walking from Mar-1
i- ; shnlltown t</ Lamolllo.
t Clara Johnson, a youtyg vrftUo wo^
man wan put under Hrjrrfftl on a war
1 rant issuofl by Corratier Buchanan.
Charging ner With sdfilnjf flro to a
I- dwelling on the reyoi G. T. Mars
shaH, n#aj- FarrpU. <toualhg the death
of ftp. tfjlle, 6t UM&x.
i, ilk
?--r? o r% > 't
I Vacatioi
/ 8irmt'iti (w-r \ r r
V# \ < > \ ; 11 j (i.
C J it - ; ci , . .
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/? lh)X -i ;>i> !wi ?'
Y \ i \ i ;< ';*! . I'; v 2
^ l?V { vr i? {V ;>;H
' ^
ItJ <
J ) The F R A3
r The Most P<
I Filling Founiai
W / N TO OprllllH' III It
/ \ 1M ,,, ink-! \\\.
L , '
, |> lilo of < ?11 ' K
I * <. arid ii< iiu. r
^ Kasy to fill, .S;
A S or p'Mi ciui Iiv ml: ..
Olh OIV r ..II ! ill 1 ll
s rwt -l i
i > l>"
>?* *; ihr
A. < < .
h < filled i t !.
; m l?-a. I '
1 .. ? oi'vr . v
^ : ! I -If liilin (I >
7 PRICES, $1.5?
t ~
t n,.
** Uhwi? /v; i
1 1 A ?- >r
k> i i uij;
/v. ^"vJE^
/ * :'
y fa.
0 <J& :Jfr \ .
?- "& -T rV TTf . ,1 . - . ; ?...
' A if..-.
j? ;;
e Ki 1.1.\' I !
file Mi up
12 0 w. (
o -??.* '.r- .? ."j
j) Pa"
W 5 )i iJ f ' * -
// W. , .
\\ ( ? >!' !! i \ i. .
1/ line in . i.
\; 8 s .
/ - M > \
l) w,,
i i 1 ' :
('( r 1:; i i \ v. i ? i
Jj (Hhi I U
\V i ) ; It.
? \ W ' ' ' : I \' i :
jj i'< >i! '.It;1, i > V
(( 1 > ; * v i I ; '
\\ vv
?V \\ I- .i I < ;>
/1 < i <
^ (Mi" > s< lis
C Craig b
j) ()nc-))i'i<'< < a
> V <
t'R <"t> *>
^ J
i 11 me ^
i <)<} {>> \\ rt1 nig ^
' " <11 u j h ;jn* ^
> ' VJ" o)\
; ! ( ' ? Sl<* \ IZ.H'. J
" a lisij4 J\
i iS-' i < ! \\}t. I - T
ysrc i a
?. *?? i 3
K7 U J * UT i *?
ift. iLv i f
erfect Self- i ^
n Pen Made (
' I >vw 1 all parts ? ?#
No iu!>lxr socks to >
01; <i! order ilic ^
ill v <<iiiact v. itli the > W
an.! uric itain. , V\
; mIk nozzle ^
I ' t' plunger } j\
1. i c' >U(*. screw ^
1 Ik . ! .:i(i write. ^
' 1 i! iir even 1! > K'\
! I > \> > k. r.s the %
i ! 1!. pen \
. 1 - !\ le (oyn- S >J
1 101 ;taincd in S .
' tl > iriaiket. 1 *j
n v I < 1 ntirelv 1 lis- S ^S0
! i'\ 1 erfectly. <j
0 TO $7.00 \ **
i o mountrn q
w 9? v a
. ' ' f *"*' p ? rv - si . . \
' :j *14. fl u j\
a <\..K
7 'r . * . ? .t? .-a .-? .-?t?
' ANK1) '
rft/ifc. \i
\sS I'AVMKX I S. ij
I i\ \\ AN ! 1.1). t)
'i'msl nnmnanv :
i \\'j ? ? / u muwuj j >,'
K^ '?N Mi. .is .ii>| i. ^
it \J? J? Z" :J} .Ji-ut l.ZO
n ir >jj|? i' our ^
i L a fcCCS. v\
! i?i , t > >, //
\ ' , i'lUO S. toiv lor they A
' ?*
n money than \V
;< i ii r.i > - that
,i vc i:>. (Ax US' ()1 IV
t. t nol i<\'ist, ih<' J)
oil ed. ff
fcnvilt dial w<* ^
h< \jm-i than the I
< f (
?r<* <>(- \\
< , \jiirv ))
rot hers. //
</i Mr rch ft ills, V
>, S. C. I

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