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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, June 23, 1910, Image 10

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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111 AXfegetableftvparaltonforAsMi
m l liagUtcStomachs aitdBuweisof i
|| 1 Promotes Di^estion.ChretfiiV
ii i ncss and ResLContains neitlw
8 Opiunx.Morphitie norMtaeral.
jjjjl; Not Narcotic. ?
jpjfS? "i tfOtdlkMML'ELrnwm
Mill! " lbnpkm SrtrfBWn!"
jllx.Smna * \
I^k JkcMteSdt.r- I
-AiiscSnd * I
Sf W"sSif#,
dcnfkd Sutpr. J
toWEfilw|! Yaotiryi'm rttmr.
i g^*. & Aperfect Remedy for Consfip.i
t ion, Sour Stomach.Diarrlior.i
rs^o- u Worms,Convulsions, lovvrish
ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Fac Simile Signature of
Qiinrnntoeci underthe FooJar^
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
No Sympathy Needed.
hVeently a woman of Kansas
beeame disgusted with t,h*i behavior
of her husband, wrh<>
seems to have been merely the
average man possessed with
i.ne weaknesses that belong to
the average member of the race,
ami inserted the following advertisement
in one of the daily
"WANTED?An affinity to
claim my husband if any one;
wants him. He grumbles at his i
meals, puts his feet on the par-1
lor cushions, brings visitors to.
i In house and meal without, let
ling me know in advance so I
can have enough cooked for
them and when 1 ask for Xnias
money he wants to know what
I am going To do with ii. If
my woman ean v 1i?m* affinity
in him I wi-li she would come
11!<i prove propcrt v and take
him awav."
\ved<i not svmpa! hize wit li t his
Kansas woman with her complaint,
as we regard b<r as responsible,
in a lan.ee measure.
Cor th?- shortcomings of tin* husband.
In the first place if the
husdand had not been some
what Con-handed there would
have been no parior chairs and
nothing in the house t<? cook for ,
the visitors and with about six
hungry children hanging to her
skirts she would hang to that
jnanJcleser than a cocklebur to
a mule' tail, and if she saw any
orin talking to her nivsteious
manner she would sail into the
raven locks of the would beaffi
nity like a snapping turtle on a
J uncling.
That woman has h:id too
much prosperity. The faults
described are grave ones, but
such that any true women can
by a little finesse correct in one
v:.iI.. .... f.. u:... i ? ...i
'Mil* M|> 1<I mill, IH<1<I<IIII, (II M I |
fickle him under flic cliin with
a toothpick, gel him by the oar!
ind ki-s him as you used t<? do
when you s;it on the lawn chair
in the glomini;. I-Ved him t wo or
three days and po' t he brute,
lie with shave Iwi'-ea day,!
keep his feet on ' tie floor, lie;
with his head or a wooden block
if necessary a'.d vou could not
H<f him Id I .ok at an aftinay if
you fried.
(Jo into the affinity business i
yourself and you will make your
old parlor shine like a crystal 1
place if there is only one chain
in it and the stove stands coddle. I
os three ? Kxchan^i'.
A Mnn Wmitnto I>l*i
only when a lazy liver and fllnggiHh
bowelc cause frightful despondency.
Hnt Dr. King's New Life I'ills expel
l>oison from the Hyntem; bring hope
and courage; cure all Liver, Stomach
and Kidney troubles; impart health
and vigo to the weak,?nervoaH and ailing
j 25c. at all druggista.
t '
Tnlofl4-fl OVI^I
\m *mw.uiig c*uu vmimuui
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the /, V
Signature /Am
At b*?
vjr foe Over
D * vio
i mrty lears
A Pendleton man attended
, church last Sunday with his liti
tie hoy and on the way home he
j was gruntblng about the jx)or
| sermon and the little fellow asked:
"Why, papa, what could
| vou expect; You only putin a
[cent in the church collection box.
An lilrxl llnnlmiMl
ih pationt, ovon with a nnesjinir wife,
. f,*- 1 1." * *- 1
?.. nnuiii" ?uo iit't'uH naip. sne
my bo ho nervous and rundown in
! health that t-iflos annov her. If she
! i? melancholy, exeituble, t roubled
with'loHHof appetite, headache. sloeplinoHH,
constipation or fniutinc and
dizzy spells. Sho needs Kleotric Bit
tors the most wonderful remodv for
ailing women. ThousBnrls of sntTorers
from female troudblen, nervous troubles.
backache and weak kidneys have
uKud tboni and beeonit. healthy and
happy. Tryt uoin Only ">0e. Satis-J
faction guaranteed by all druggists.
Many people have a certainj
fear of destroying things for
the reason that at some time
they may he of use. Many
housekeepers elinjj to tilings ami
for that reason the at.li<\ tho
clipboards ami shrlvs are filled
with things ol' no particular va- i
Inc. Papers a re allowed t<? eolleet;
let t.ers. cards, ail Vert isiu^ I
material iSie.. arc kept from i
year to year. (Jet lit of the rubbish
ahd useless truck. It all
takes room, collects <lust and
usualv is of no value.
l.ion PoikIImh ? Uiilil
fn Pittsburg a ravage lion fondled the
luuid that a child thrust into his
cage. Danger to a child is pometiiues
great when least regarded. Often it
comen through Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough. \They slay thousands
that Dr. King's New Discovery
could have saved. "A fe>v doses cured
our halty of a very had case of
Croup." writes Mrn. George H. Davis
of Flat Hock, N. C., " We always give
it to him when he takes cold. It's a
wonnerim mociicino for babies." Host
for ('ouf?hH, C'olde, Latiripue, Asthma,
Hemorrhages, Woak Lungs. ">0c. ?1 (X).
Tri:il bott.ln free. Guaranteed by all
Tfeonsands Have Kidney
Trouble and Pove? Suspect i?
How To Find <??>.
Fill a bottle or eommor ^1nr.s with your
water and let it staiul twenty-four hours,
a f . /T* 11 brick dust sedi/~EJP4
'"TT'lTi tnent, or settling,
rmrN J stri?Ky "r ??ilky
WVA 1"v'\ {//' \ 11 ai,i>t'iir{iiu'e?!te"
j2. ) V indicates an un\
| j' fjj? ,'"11 he kid ''V
t jV^* desire to
pass it or pain in
the back are also s< inptonis that ti ll you
me Kidneys and Madder are out of order
and need attention.
Whit To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, tint Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the j^reat kidney remedy,
fulfills almost every wish in correcting
rheumatism, pain in the hack, kidneys,
liver, bladder and every part of the urinary
passage. Correctsinahility to hold water
an i scalding pain in passing it, or bad
effects following use of liquor, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant necessity
of being compelled to go often
through the day, and to get up matty
times during the night. The mild and
immediate effect of Swamp-Root is
soon realized. *t stands the highest because
of its remarkable *
one-dollar sizes.
You may have a sample bottle sent free
by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton,
N. Y. Mention this P*per and
temember the name, D-. Kilmer's .SwampFoot,
and the address, Bingluuuton,
N. Y., ou "very bottle.
The American Woman's League.
The American Woman's
League is a sound business or
ganization, which is doing more
to improve the social and edu
cational life of the women of
America than any movement
ever before attempted in this
The requirement for membership
in the League is the bimple
securing of $52.00 worth of subscriptions
to tho Journal or any
~ C 4.1. xi- A.
ui wiu niagiziiieB mi at are cooperating
with the League, a
full list of which (over 100) will
be sent on request.
If HO persons in Pickens frill
secure $52.00 in subscriptions
the league will build a beautiful
chapter or club house right here
for its members. The building
will be fully and completely
furnished, equiped with a library,
meeting room, salesroom,
kitchen, etc. A building of
this description is needod here.
It would be a center of enter
tainment and community improvement
in Pickens.
Buildings have already been
erected in many towns. ()v<?i
DUO chapters have been organized
all over the United States
from Maine to California.
Other towns have building*
completed and occupied. Arc
we going to let other towns beat
Pickens? Not only have they
the buildings completed furnish
ed, but thev receive a regulai
monthly remittance from the
headquarters of the League foi
the maintenance of the Chaptei
House topav for light, beat, etc.
Every Chapter House is equiped
with a beautiful Grand Concert
Phonograph costing $325.
Thirty records are supplied and
changed every week, or as often
as the members desire, for thirty
new records. What others
( ail fin \V? <*?111 Thu nnlv
question is, do we want it?
Peck, Idaho, has a Chapter
House, and it is only a little
town with less than 20() inhabitants.
Here's what they say.
"We have received many letters
asking whether the promises
regarding our Chapter
House have been carried out,
and 1 wish to say most emphathetically
'yes, and more/ Our
Chapter House is considered the
prettiest little house in Nez Purees
County. Our furniture has
conic, also our elegant library
table phonograph. We arc getting
new members every week,
v,....... .\i..
I | i uiun iuur>t Dim n ci \ ,
Katherine L. Smith, Secy.,
Bi^ ('annon (Chapter,
Peck, Idaho."
Why not send and get literature
telling all about the League,
and gel a Chapter House here in
Pickens? All subscriptions that
are taken lor the Sentinel-Journal
count on your membership
at the full price. Hasn't Pick
?'1IS, JUKI YlCiniiy, .HI people
who will 1m' tin- pioneers?
Write direct to the Publicity
Department. American- Woman's
League. University City,
St. Louis, Mo., for full informa
tion and literature will be gladly
forwarded to you, or step in
our oflice and we will give you
an application blank, and you
can start your membership by
taking out a subscription to
the Sentinel-Journal which will
count $1.00 toward your $52.00
worth of subscriptions.
When you have secured $52.
worth of subscriptions to the
magazines in the League, or to
our paper, your membership is
complete for life, and you have
no dues or fees of any kind to
This is certainly an opportunity
von cannot afford to let no
I?v. Don't put it off until tomorrow
?act today.
.1. L. O. Thompson,
For !\Ior? Than 'I'lirtiA
KoIpv's llonov and Tnr hnn been n
household favoritf for nil ailmontH of
T.ho tliiont, chpst and lung.H. For iufnntn
and cLitdren it in best and safest
a? it oontains no opiates and no harm
fill drills. None: genuine but Kobe's
Honny and Tar in flu- yellow package.
Kofuse Hnbstitiit(*H. Sold by nil driiy
The railroad commission will
hold a meeting, in Greenville, at
10 a. m., J ul v I I. to consider the
petition of thcMidl Telephone
company that an increase in
certain exchange rates he had
in that. city. All sides interested
in the matter will attend the
meeting, to be held at t he board
of trade rooms.
for Bachocmc kionbvi *nt Budoib
^ For Infants and Children.
The'Kind You Have Always Bought
1 The Fountain He
; Is:
A man who has a weak and impairc
; properly digest his food vrill soon fir
weak and impoverished, and that his
insufficiently nourished.
makes tho stomach strong,
dl&estive /u/ces, restores tin
m wva?>a?aMia vfl ? VV?f JJ4V <]|V
purities and enriches the blot
tleah-bullder mad reatoratlv
atroni la body, active In
Thii "Discovery" is a pure, glyc
absolutely free from alcohol and all
ingredients are printed on its wrapp<
nostrums. Its every ingredient is end
I medicine. Don't accept a secret no*
remedy op known composition. Asj
, many cures made by it during past 4
World's Dispensary Medieal Assoeiati
Bl A Quality, Quantify
' HI I n We arc the originators o
I /I If these prices cannot be dup
' |P| _ m-rr
(ffl I Imperial Whiskey XXXX
( Kock anil Kyc XXXX
| Apple Brandy XXXX
\l I Apricot Conlinl XXXX
j |m\\\||M Blackberry Cordial X
H i Sherry Wlno (Cure California)
U till I Hll Oln (Holland Type) XXXX)
I) II It I Id11 Rfmrmhtr, //>?* /Y
ll I mill Not Clienp Gooiln
|n| Tho Lowest I'
R\\VwAllj Price List or i
l\\\\\vvlll txpmsj prcpaio
liWWvull 2 C iallon Keg S2.!)5
W\\v\vll 3 u?"on
VWv\\?l No rill Carolina
I S. S. Whiskey Blackb<
IlVwNvM Hock and Rye Sherry
Applo lira nil y Gin
If Mil (Compound) Peach a
iviiJl Apricot Cordial Tom (1
Remember the Pri
*((/'>? Above (roods shipped only i;
nil ? expense of bottles, fillinu, luheli
?\\j order will make us permanent b
YwM Send for comp/oto prico
IIUHI) II1C?? 1 Kill' MIOi*
j Allen's Foot 1'jHkc, a powdur !t, curt
painful, swollen, smart ine, ni "vou
feet nnd inatantlv takes the sting <>u
of corns and bunions ancmalus walK
ing ohsv. Try it today Sold every
whore, 2f>cts.
Somewhat pathetic is the let
ter received by the railroad com
mission from North A gust a
that it is understood that th
J railroads are preparing to ahan
don old Hamburg, on the Sa
vannah river, not even to leavi
a prepav station, which now i
I at that iM)int. The petition says
[that several large concerns an
in that section and need the ad
j vantageof the published rates 01
I frieght.
A Ui'Killitr Twin Hoy
was Susie climbing trees and fences
jumping ditches, whitling, alwnyseet
ting scratches, cuts, sprnins, bruiaee
I bumps, burns or scalds. Hut lnws
j ller mother just applied Hocklen'
, Arnica Salve and cured her quick
| Heals everything healable? Koilfl
Ulcres, Eczema, Old Sores, Corns o
Piles. Try it; 2,r?c. at all druuugistF
Nearly Everybody
1 J "Sot YOU.? I
. *.. 0
ad o f Life jT
The Stomacb\Wk
id stomach and who docs not
id that his blood has become
whole body is improperly and
promotes tho flow of H
5 loat appetite, makes JQ*
rates tho liver and
id. It 13 t!t?s?rcat blood-maker,
e nnrvc ton I?. It makes men
mlr.J and cool In lud^cment.
cric cxfract oi American medical roots,
injurious, habit-forming drugs. All its
;rs. It has no relationship with secret
lorsed by The leaders in all the schools of
trum as a substitute for this time-proven
; your neighbors. They must know of
I) years, right in your own neighborhood,
on, Dr. R.V. Pierce, Pres.. Buffalo. N- Y
/liii '' IIWI 'J
air.i Price Assortment l.\^5
r /. ocx- nottom prices- \\\M
Heated. M l\
i (irtitlo Whinkicu |U \U
'ioodi JVjmtJ Jlfl&u': I \\ \i\
rx'ncos pnti**io | llfll
i (inllon K"fr V'."5 y I /Jill
Ci Kcjf K.1S ! (Ill
v'le (' '<rn \Y Miikvy .X X X X i II I \\\l
I'oach and JI"r.oy XXXX Li/I l)Hj|
TomiilnXXXX M//D21
I'aach Branriv XXXX IIJIIYPm
lianana Cordial XXXX
Port Wino (Pure California) .'//////]
i Scuppcrnonjf (l'urc N. Carolina) ljf//W/[J
>'? / of / . /' " .Siiw JllI I I
l?ut <ioo?J (toods Cheap /wlllll
'rice!* Kvrr Quoted ///7<X\
Go'xto Mi'. tJ ISfl > > : WJ/K
4 ' ?;yn /'r'tv/T"" /H/i/m
?'. . Kotr 6.75 1/ U
Style Cor i "A hi:.\t?y if 0
srry i_ orOiul iVa':h TSran'ly 1/ fl
NVinu (Compound) 11 ju
r. lr in i Cordial II K
mil Honey Pore V.'ino I II
in ocuppernontr Wine 'Iff u
r>/" /wir/: :'t //;* Same. II f
> neat, tiTanjy kc^H. TliU -aves extra u|l|Uf
UC ar'l ? ickinc. Wo know one trial KlljUl
usinc 4;. (ricnili. llr/jw
//'if tf our 100 proof goods \lM
's/m ... 'tn .mtut/i 11 at tiss.iuiirafr'jJr
^mi*|9kji. jHI I.wJWiH
Iis now a summer as well I |
as a winter ? remedy. It B ;
has the same invigorating I '
and strength-producing ef- I !
feet in summer as in winter. I
Try it in a little cold milk or B
Never hnaitnte about in viiil' Chain
liorinin's { outfit Remedy to children.
1 i It contains no opium or other narcoI
tit8 nn'l can be given with implicit
j confidence. Ah a quick cure fqv
cough* and colds to wh'ch children are
i, Huscaptible it iH unsurpased. Sold*l>y
. all dealerH.
A special from Washington
h says: "Senator K. I). Smith to
day called to see President Taft
' regarding the postmastership at
,r Florence. When Senato"Sniith
_ visited the white house last week
I he was told that, with the withdrawal
of the name of ' ,o lis ('.
Knkcr, another name won In he
I sent 1?> the senate in the near
'future, It is understood that
I immediately after congress adjourns
a "recess appointnient"
of a new man will he made. It
is assumed that the appointee
will he some one whom Senator
| Smith desires; otherwise, he
would not he confii med.
Jolion i). Koi'Ucft 1 ler would yo tiro I- t
if lie hIh>ii1(I ?| end It's i nlii'd ilu oino
trying to pnnaro a better medicine
tlin 11 ( tiiiml" Ham's (<o!ic. ( holera
and Diarrhooa Reinedv for diarrhoea,
dysentery or bowol complaints. It is
siiiinlv impinsiMe, ami so sn\s every
onii that has used it Sold l>y ail
Tilt; six young ladies who will
take the Kuropean tour at the
| expense of the ('olumhia Record
are: Miss Lillian Hammond
of Columbia; Miss Francis
McCants, of Columbia; Miss
Amelia Beckham of Kock Hill;
Miss Ktta Zemp of Camden and
Miss Elizabeth Dominic,k of
The Hf.londid work of Chamberlian'H
Stomach and Liver Tablets in all coming
to liuht. No ouch grand remedy
for liver and bowel troubles was ever
known before. ThonBandB bless tliein
for curing constipation, sick headache,
biliousness jaundice and indigestion. I
Sold by nil dealers. 1
; ' *
Kidney Pills an* -antiseptic,
tonic and restorative and a prompt corrective
of all urinary irregularities.
Hofuse substitutes. Sold by all druggists.
Within the w&t two or throe |
i-t -Tr-ll 1 /?> *
uojn ? |jcutiun win in? nieo W1XI1
Governor Ansel asking that he
order an election on the proi-osisition
of annexing that part > of
Lexington county, known as
the "Dutch Fork" section, to
Richland county. The section,
which it is proposed to annex,
contains forty-six square miles,
and includes the towns of Irmo
and White Rock, and is bounded
on the east by Broad river
and extends up the Saluda river
for three miles, then northward
to White Rock, thence to Broad
river, northeast. The petition
is largely signed. A petition
was recently filed with Governor
Ansel for an olection 011 the
question of annexing forty
online .v.Sl T '
ovjuaiu nmt^ OI l_j0XlI)p[tOn COUI1"
ty to Richland, which included
the town of New Brookland.
The two sections 111 dke a total
of eighty-six square miies,
which it is proposed to annex.
Lexington county has an area
of 885 square miles. After annexing
the two sections, there
would be 799 squaiVi miles loft.
The constitutional requirement
for a county is 500..
' Tlifrii linn lUcimtly Itroit l'laceil
In all fb?' drne stQrew an aromati \
ul?*asant horl> euro/ for woman's ills,
I'ullorl Mother Gray/'a AUSTRALIAN
LEAF. It ih tho o^ily certain reRulator.
Quickly relieves femnlo weak,-. '
nesses and Hnckncho? Kidney,'"" Rlfid
dor and Urinary troubles. At |all
droReistB or l>y mail oO v. nts. Sample
FREE. Address. The Mo'fcor
Gray Co.. LeRoy, N. V. j
At tho meeting of the state
board of medical examiners,
which has been called for June
'29, the results of the recent examination
for license to practice
medicine in this state will be announced.
The mem be *s of t he
board are now going over the
papers of the applicants. J
roiov ivianoyeuis contain i nconceutrated
form ingredients of established
therapeutic value for tho relief and
cure of all kidney and bladder ailments.
Sold by all druggists.
Govern*n Ansel has been invited
to attend the Forty fourth
National Encampment of the
Grand Armv orrf^t renublic, M
he held SeptenrHt^ 19 to 241 }
Governor Ansel, toeing out >'?* \
the city, could not he (iaskej
whether he will atie^.flT
A touch of rhematinm, or a twinge
of neuralgia, whatever the trouble is,
Chamberlain's Liniment drives away
the pi in at once and cures the complaint
quickly. First application
gives relief. Sold by all dealers.
The railroad commission has
r reived a letter from a Sumter
firm, asking for a. readjustment \ ?
?)1 !,-ltes; i1?l iviliniul ri'Anrlu
that tin iv may ho a differen- '
tiatiuii I'etAvmu car !<>t rates and
1 -f-s than carloads.
Tin* !"<! of I.lvloj;.
Incri'-isoH tin' price of ninny neccstiit.n
s without improving tbo quality.
Ftil \y"b llmoy and Tnr maintains its
liiyii .standard of excellence and ifh
great curative dualities w'thont any
increase in cost. It ih Mio host remociy
for coughs colds, croup, whooping
ouch and all ailments of the throat,
chest and luims. The genuine is thw
yellow package. Refuse substitutes.
Sold hy all Druggists.
I j
Governor Angel has been invited
to send delegates to the
second National congress of the
Road Builders' association to be
held in Brussels, July 31 to
August 7. v
What (Everybody Waatt. i ^ j
Everybody desirea jrood health which!,' ,,j
in impossible unless the kidnova araV 1
Houim and health,v. Foley's Kidney* 1
Remedy should bo taken nt tho Hrafc > 1
indication of any irrcgninrity, and n \ 1
sorbins illness may bo averted. \ I
Foley's Kidney Remedy will restore I i
your kidneys aim bladder to their nor- \
inal statu and netivity. \ 1
Botanic \
Blood Balm 1
(B. H. B.) Cures Through the Blood I
iftBiaotl Poison, \
fmj bum: pains, can- *
jgr cer,scaly skin, '
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Itching Humors.
B.B. B. (Hotanic Blood Blood) Is the ^
only Blood Remedy that killn the poison
in tlu> blood and then purifies It?sending
a flood of pure, rich blood direct to
ihe skin surface, hope0- wjoints, and 1 .
wherever ine diaowT^I ' vtld. In this
way all so res. ulcers, r , ;1 eruptions ,' '
are healed and curedHalns ?cV
of Kheumatinm ceas
H. B. B. completelTarfce paUorr^/lpdy |
into a clean healtt W5H u^.. ?o ^ Yng \
the ?kin the rich. ,4/ ^reot
health. B. B. B. **,?% n <* old
cafieH. Trv it. T cTx
picanmil anrt re to UW, coin\ .JM of pure
)tot?nl(! iiiKredieiitn. It puriflen *n(l i-?nrlchw?
thpMoofl. B. H. H. *tr?ngtti?iiii th'1 nerve# v,
Hivl i>uIUIh up tho lirokcn (Jown *y?tcm. / Urtig.
ffUw II .00 PER L.AROK iJOTTfiX wl|K dirpc
?lon# for home cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores. T
, '
Wr t'\

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