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ti '-j J . i- turn? - jjj. ji g-r
Pickens Sentinel-Journel
A ivMrHaiug 1< 'to* IWfotiable
Entered at Flokena Foitofflce hh Secoud OIahi
Mall M8.Iter
THURSDAY JUKE 23, it) 10
Why It is Important to Elect Good,
Men as Lawmakers.
Twenty five years ago when
the hue and cry was raised in
This State that "ring rule" was
in the ascendency, one of the
little side yelps was that Charleston
county had too much power
in the Legislature, and was ruling
the Commonwealth. That
Charleston county had more
power than other counties was
true, but the explanation in the
main part of it was plain. Beginning
with 1878 or 1880, when
the Democrats regained control
in Charleston, the county sent
to the Legislature such men as
the late Charles H. Simon ton,
Edward McCrady, Rudolph
Seiglintf, George Land) Buist,
Augustine Simons, John F.
Kieken and Simeon Hvde, and
kept them year al ter year and
term after term. There were
few weak men in the Charleston
delegation in those days and
any of the men named would
have been prominent and influential
in the Congress of the
I'oifo/I Sit. fit till 111 Sit !1K
tin.*v were in the legislature!.
()f course they exerted immense
power. Trained brains can't be
kept down anywhere. Other
counties sent able men, but it
was seldom that one of their
represent at iqt s remained in office;
more I ban t wo or four years.
After ls'.io Charleston ceased to
send powerful delegations,
though a t ew good men were
b 'altered in them, consequently
t he count v's influence decreased.
Spartanburg county, which has
twice the Democratic vote that
Charleston has, commands
1 - Iw. I ...r
J llilK' lUOle IIUUH'IIW' III mi ur^islature
that docs the average
county for the reason that no
Spartanburg man serves more
than two tonus, and tho really
bijx men of the county, barring
raro exceptions, refuse to j^o into
A strong delegation in tho
1 -otiislat u re is of ureal value to a
county, and a week delegation
is a handicap to it This applies
not only to politieial affairs, but
a I s? i to business. Were the
State about to establish a new
college or other institution, the
county without strong men in
the Legislature would have little
chance to secure it. Some of
these days, five years or twentyfive
years hence, South Carolina
rn.'iv ndnnt a nolicv State; it is
the starting and creating county
with influential legislators who
will have the better chance to obtain
a part of the assistance first.
The Legislature is the most,
important body in the State.
We laugh at it and make jokes
at its expense, but it is the real
government of the State, it is
the starting and creating {mint
in the State, county and city
government, and nowhere else
can a man do so much for bis
jM'Ople as there. No man is re
Hir> a wormy ciiizcn u iuimhw
selfishness prevents him from
running for the Legislature,
and the truth is that the man
who is too I>ito go into ik?!itic*s
is actually too small.
What tin* people ought to
learn is th;?t when men of character
and hrainft offer for the
Legislature, t.hev confer a favor
(lfh>11 the people and the voters
ought to encourage such men to
enter the primaries. Such men
do not like to run for office,
cause they resent being placed
in th?' |M?siliun of beggars when
they know it to l>c. a false posi
lion. At tin- same time, tin*
best men arc those who will serve
their county ;tn<l their State,
,however they are made to appear
t)mt thev ar?* seeking pre
ferment though they know that
they are dointf nothing of the
kind.? Laureus Advertiscr.
IIgw'c This"
We < ir< i Oil#- Hundred Iiilliu- lie
wan: !,ii ;jf x < }?.*.? <il Catnrih lli?t r;uinul
lie cnrc'l l?v H dl'n ''ntrirrh < lire
J. ? "II KNK Y <V < ().. Toledo. ( >.
V\ I lie i) I - inle - . Iij; Ve 1< I uvwi I'".
.1. l eliev jui In -i I i w?ir?. Jllld l>elieve
i. i 11 : t \ li )ii. (-.In, .1 i ' i
nehs I.I II'IIH! - iiliil til .tie ,|\ .'i1 I' to
eftri ' ii '? iii inti ' im i.~
i\ > \ \ s ?Sr M \u*. ! -.
\\ ! s:t!e !;i _ i- . 'J < . < <
I Ili: ('. 1 . rr ' ' lire iHkeifi i m i i I ;i'.
i . i \ . ' ?.'i ? 11" i r ' ! I ;11 I
Mil'..'. ' ' I In- in. '! Imm
,1 : I' ei ; .1 : er '.III'.
-V, ' li > .per.,: ion iii it ir
tii << hi r ! ;. t hi ii}. s.
Fanrilv Reunion.
On Tuesday, the 28th instant
the children of Mr. and Mrs.
I. II. Simmon gathered at his
hospitable ho i u in tho Ambler
section of 1,0 county, to do
homage to their .parents. It
was an i al day, a pleasant
crowd a' 1 an enjoyable time.
Asi(lt> fl'i .11 f.hn fnni. !
ily t her were present Mrs. E. J.
Youn, jlocxl, Mi*s. Dorsey
Youn blood, J. E. Medlin and
dau<>,itei\ Miss Sunie, and son,
Robert, and Miss Lizzie
Si'unions the only sister of
I H. Simmons. One of
Mi. Simmons, children, Mrs.
Mary Finley. of Greenville
county, was unable to be present.
The morning was spent in
pleasant conversation and singing.
Praver was offered by Bro. J.
E. Medlin, the guests were
marshalled under the spreading
oaks where a long table was
set with all the substantial as
well as the delicacies of the season
and each and every one did
luiiijuoui/i; iu tin; iu|;ani.
Those of the children presont
were: J. D., Mrs. Texie Finley,
S. L., J. L., and Mrs. Martha
Ho'der, together with their families.
After dinner, Mr. J. K. Med]
i 11 made a good talk on the;
beauty and harmony of dwelling
together in peace and contentment
and iii the fear of the
Lord, and eulogized the idea of
the family reunion, drawing a
comparison from the temi>oral
gathering to thai of the heavenly
hosts who will assemble together
and dwell in peace and
harmonv and that loye that
passeth all understanding.
After singing "1 low Finn a
Foundation," the children and
invited guests ;dl left for their
homes, glad of the day thus
well spent and wishing for Mr.
and Mrs Simmons man v ret urns
of the happv occasion.
A Friend.
Hazel Happenings.
Dear Sent,inel .Journal: As I
haven't seen anything from tJiis
section lor some time, 1 will
try to ^ivo your valuable paper
and many readers a few lines,
telling what news I know of.
W e had nearly a solid week
of wet weatlier last week, hut
we are having a fine, week for
work now, and you can bet the
farmers are rolling up their
sleeves, laying haek their eai'S
and walkimr into it- from soon
until late.
Cotton is very small and sorry
this vear. irenerallv. so far as I
know. People want blossoms
by the 1th of July, but, if it
comes out a heap, it will do well
to blossom bv the 4th of August.
Some few are not done
thinning yet.
Corn is just medium irood.
Health of this section is ^ood
to what it has been.
Hen Tillman Winchester has
been very sick but is much better
now, under the treatment of
Dr. J. A. Cannon.
We are jrlad to state that Mrs.
\V. A. Davis is much bettter at
this writing. She is under the
care of Drs. J. A. C;mnon and
J. L. Bolt.
Muni unto Mr. and Mrs. .J. S.
i oil.
v > i idi i <i |< >u I lie l-Ull, <1
Born on tlx* 1 r,t>? instant, to
Mr. and Mrs. B. |{. (* i 1st rap. a
Kev. B. F. Murphree filled his
regular api>ointnion1 at iiollv
Springs Baptist church last Saturday
and Sunday. preaching
very forceful sermons on both
days. A very large crowd was
in at tendance on Sunday.
As it is work time I will close.
Mountain Sprout.
Hazel, S. .June, 4242d., JUKI.
Ink- u Fool HmIIi To nigM
After iIihhiiIvin^ <. i* <> ! ?.. Aliens
Koot-Tulm (mil i< l ;i' l"'? I r iluh
I Hi t 11 Willi I I A ll I tli U..
'out ill ;nuJ t? i?
iu'hc. i? m? \1 .0! o<i?>rr. ;i(kI Irt'Hlii'ii
tin- f-t. At c-fih foolT.it.K iii^iHiillv relieve
u..-in (rifhH jirnl Hwojilinn (>r inflam?<1
f?'?*t Jtn<t tiol lirl VOIJMIIt'hH of the f * ?? t
Ht muht "F< iD i'-TA ItS FOR FOOT'I'ri'.S."
T? ?'! lor riomfort i hrou^hoiit
th?* day Alleu'w IooI-Kiihc, tlx*
aniiHi piM- powder ini??your htio* m. Hold
HVcry m ii?T<- ~->r. A Void HiilmtilUtfH.
Sami In- of Allan's c'liiit-Talw mailed
KKl',1.. or <iur rt-^uliir n/.e h?mi' t>v minis
for . A'tdrws-, Allen S. Olinosled,
u- kmv. \ v
|^||gD| WoridT"
118111 Greatest
Internal and EilrrniJ
i [*T'l e jp Pain
IMl'lj'll Remedy
F "f Rheumatism, Srin'., a. Ijimr Bark, Stiff
Joints and Muiflr*. Sf?rr> f hroat, Colds, Strains,
Sprains. Oil?. Hrtusrs, ( olir. Cramps,'Jnot:.|
arhr and all Nrrvr, lk>nf nnr) Musr lr A fir*
I and Pains. I hf Kenuine linn Noahs Ark on
i rvcry package- 25c.,5fk and $ I.00 by all drnlI
ffm in medicine evrryvvJirre. Sample by mall fttt
' Nftsh Remedy Co., Richmond. Va. and Boston, Mam.
( {' - '*rr
?, ?' "I I J
JFarmers should eat I
more oatmeal.
Although the farmer of today is able
buy almost anything lie > wants to
ear or to eat he isn't paying enough
tention to food values when it comes |
his own table.
If he has beet, watching the extenve
researches and experiments on
e question o'* the best human food
r muscle and brain he will heed the
dvice from all sides to "eat more
nnlrpr Onto 11
Quaker Oats is mentioned because
is recognized in this country and
urope as the best of all oatmeals,
eeding farm hands on Quaker Oats
cans getting more work out of them
an if you feed them on anything
It is packed in regular size packes,
and in hermetically sealed tins
hot climates. 61
t'nrdaof eandldatos for the vhtIoun oflleen,
from Coroner to Congressman, will be Inserted
in thin column fiom now until the primary
election for the turn of V5.00. each, canh-with
Fur Kt?te SeUHtr.
I hereby announce niynelf ? candidate for the
Senate from Picket-.* County, Mibjeet to the
notion of the Democratic party lit the approachiiiK
primary election. T .1. MAI MMN.
For Hainf of K?|tr?M?iitMl I v??k.
The many friend* of IION.W. (>. MAl'l.DIN
hereby annoiinee him a eandldato fr>r re eleetlon
to the Mouse ol HepresentlvCs sut>j;el to
the action of the Democratic Primary The
support of the people will he appreciated.
I am a candidate for the l,ci.'islatiire subject
to the rule* of the Denim rati'- paity
I:. ! McCKA VI'.Y.
For Supervisor.
I*. FUANK l.oi H'KIt announce'- himself as
a candiitate for re-election to the oilier: of supervisor
of Pickens i oiinty. subject to tlie
action of the democratic primary election.
For County Commissioner.
At I he solicitation ol uiiiliy It lends WILLIAM
! '. VOt'Nti hereby announces us a candidate
I??l * < Mil III ?>!M? UM'I III I i 1 ?\ * ll- ' "Uiuj i i<i
tin' action of tin' Democrat n primary.
fly request of inimj fiiemls I <lo hereby announce
myself a* 11 caiali'liite for the oHi'ee of
County t :oinmissionci * 'I Pickens County subject
l<> the action nf tin Democratic I'rlinurv
election. .1?> 11N lili.STKAP. '
Ity the request of mv imtiiy friend* I hcieby
tinnoiinee myself 11 .iii<li?liiie for ounty Commissioner
subject to tIn- ilcmocrittie primary.
.1 > Ml.;- M. I, WVIIKNCK.
At the siilieitntioii ot i ii it i >' frit'iulx I hereby
nmioiinj>t- myself a cainli'late for the oltlee of
County Commlsslonct Mibtect to iii'tion ol the
voters In the Democratic Primary clceileit.
.1 LI i til.i. Ii A t i w 1.1,1,.
For I'ruliHtu .Iui1{*??.
I hereby announce n.\ I a < Hiidiilnte fur r?
election to t lie >111?i t Probate .1 ikIk<*. siibjeet
to the action ol i he v oter- in the I leiunernt ie
I'rliiutry elei'tlon. .1 I!. NEWIIKK N .
For S u peri n t c nil e I of Kilni'it'loii,
I hereby respectfully announce myself ii e.m
iliilate lor re-en tion io tlie otliee of SupeilnleiKleiit
of I..Iii<-?<t> >ii. subject to the action of
the Democratic |iart\ i:i the Primary elect ion.
It. T. 1IAL,UM.
For County Treamirer.
I hereby 111:11011 ii' i- 111> m-II n ctuitliiliile lor re
election lo tin* iiIViitoi" <-<>11111y Treasurer, miIi
jeet to I lie iK'ilnti of liit* lieiuocintie I'urty ill
"llic I'rliiinry elei lion. II II 1>.>IIVIN
For County Auditor.
I hereby announce iikm'II K candidate for re
election i"o tli?* olli< i' hi county Auditor, Mihjcci
to tin- rule* hi Hie Iiciiiocrnlie I'urty and the ,
Hetlon nl (In voter* in the I'ritmirv election
I or Coroner
The iiiiiti\ friend* of loe I) Medllii ic*|.ntfully
Hiiliouin'e linn 11" * i un<li<lnte !or tlieol- i
lire ol I orolK r til. "ickcii* t'olinty. Mllijeet hI
lie action of tin I r mi ii th tic party iii the piiniHry
election '
I'ur XuKlKtrHtf, I'lckoiiR Timi imhlp
'I'lio iiikiin frieiulk ill \.S, I'orter ??H|iectf-ii>
ttiiiKiniicch hin; iii it niii'li'lallor uiHKihtrule
for I'ickeliKl' II Towni-hlp. Mllijei't to the lie
tion ol the\oterk Iii the l>crnocrati<' primary
the niftiiy friends of \v. <\ HKA.MTI5YT res
|ici tlully hiiiioiinet- 111iii a candidate tor reelection
to tiie ollice of MiiuiHtrnte for I'lckeni- II.
Towiikhip. Milijn t to the action of the voter* l?
the Uptime ratice I'rini try election
Railway Mail O.rks Wanted
The Government pays Railway Mail
Clerks $800 to $1,200. and other
Employees up to $2,500 annually
Un'-lt* Sam will hold hprmr xaini>>><tionH
throuuhout the country lor Hailw
?y Mail v..Jerks. CiWom Hoiw- <'l#-i U?!
and other (*ov??rnni?jiii I'iimIIoiim
j TIihukuihIh of a ihiinitm-mih u ill inmatie.
\ny man or woman over i>, m
I citv or country c.ti> ^<-1 instruction .?n<(
free information hy writing sit to
ilurOJill of !'>> ? riiel >.ir 1(|? Iliiml'v
HuiI<f111v.'. I{<if.iicMfi. N. Y.
Stafcwoj rvmi n < nioliiia.
1 ' >111 I > Ol I'icki I K.
By J. H. New tiers. I'm Idle .Jtiil^i
Whereai-. A. Hur^f^H inaue mmi lometo
Krant him I^*tc?Tr- -t A<1 i>'iii^iriii i<in of
ihl* KhIDKMIIiiI i'tTl'ClHnI .'ofimn lt\ll ^ - p,
Thene ?r?- ill' r- inn in < ! a I ami
Hin^'ilar the ki ii'ie-i ami ereditoin of the
Haiti Jomiiiii Murj?ef< deee.HM'd, Mini I m\
In- ami appear lief me me, in tin- *' uri
of Probate. lo li?* hehl lit PiekeiiM >ri tin
14th day of July 1910 next, after publication
hereof, at 11 oVloek in ilie t"r>noon,
to hIkiw cniihe, if any fliev have,
wh> the Haid administration rliouni not
hi* granted.
(liven under my haini the 2'ith d s\ of
.Jiim- Anno Uomi.ii 1U10.
.). It. N'-wlx-rrv,
J P. P. c.
Cattle Hall
Pickens Lodge ftllo. 123
K. of P.,
Stated < ?'ii vent ion HiIJO p. m.. Monday
evening after tin- Inland :}<l Sunday.
Work ahead for all the linnkrt
\ll vfitorn corduilly invited.
Ity orilor of
It MOOICi:. < , c.
A. >1. MDI'.KIS, K. of It. Mini H.
\\ herons a iiftllloii I rom tlii! freelioltlcrs mirl
cle< tors of l.il<i'rt> m-IiooI Iimtri -1 No. II Iiiik
!?? r i liloil with il>>' * 'on lit y llouril of I Id ii>nt Ion
ink Inn ?iii<l lioiinl for |itiiiIh?Ioii to I10M mi
clcotioii In >m|i|'IiitrlrMo <) (< iiiluc whether
or not tin oxt m levy of a mills Mlmll lie livlol
la miI'I iliMtrl' l lor -i''out |> 11r|,(iKCM.
Il n|i|ii'iirlli| 1o die oiinly lioiinl of I'd lien llou
I tin t die I" 'tit ion a i els (he rt-< i ii i r e i < n 111 - ?f
llie IIIH I'I|0- ' ! ore | ..nil ii 11 I lint t lie I rIIKIt"
i>l it'.ove mil I iliilrH l hoM Mil elee
don nn . I ii I y 'J ii i I in liters ami 'Ii -retinitis ttiink
for t lie aliovi' ' iii i'll i ?i r 1.11 ? i iIf i'ufi'1'. i lo liO
lielil >! ' ni<l IliK lo I he re. uirein ' ol seclloil
I I 'Mil fir M'lloill III w
i In' li'iuril ol TriMi i'" of mihI |) tri- t are
lit-iehy n|t|ioiiili'tl itni'oii'"iIty
orlt-r <>f (Jon lily I (or. r > I of I I urn' ion
Ii T. 11 it 11 ii id .
Xoi; A i Inn
.. Qii VDON'T
" 1
^ ^ ^ ' ''' ^ ''ijffv' v/f V
- /Mi ?i >r"
. I * < <
': r v, ' h
i'# A
/ % m
V . " f
' i
r . ?
L. R(
Notice to I )cl)tor.s and Creditors.
At! |?|"??it>h ll'il'lltllf i/lHtliis i.' = ?I -1
|I e < Kt < f i lie Samu<l S*i |?>n
ii us- (ircs^nt I he 8am?' ?1111y pr<-v.-i. nil
it i,. 11 1 (l,?y of Adl'US' I'M". <ir
liM.i,rii t| iimi in?"?t ai<n aU in
lit'liw-u lOHItKl CMlilf. IIIII.--' Ill iKf J H \ iiit-ii
; n > hi f u ?11..i ..\ .in'. , (<i
11" itn<! i* rfi'. ?*. \V ' t'i |'K ' ,
'Kt> -r.
Professional Cards
Pickens, >. (\
< ill.<. ?.- ?>y#'r l'n I;i I.- r i i.
H? prepared for an emergency by having
on hand. More anlmala die from colic than
all other non-contagious dtneaaea combined.
Nine out of every tencaaes would have been
beeiiKlven In time. Itg' A tI ' '1
lui't a drench or dope,|
liut la a remedy given VfiB
money refunded. If
your dealer cannot
ftupply vend 60c In 1 IAV 1 l|?
tain pa and^ we will
^ v J
llmrts Delight
will In- found in lui kiii^ over our new
sto< k of
Choice Jewelry
new models of watche* and chains,
rin/jK, bracelet a, elan-pin*, htick niriH,
necklace and a brilliant jim< rtnient of
|>rei ioiiH HloneF, together with all the
novoltien in K?'d and Bilver.
<'oinc in and look thin beautiful collection
fiver and you will lie douhlv de
lighten when you hear the |>r
[ T . i?S ! M ( ! < M _
Ktmley, rt. <J.
IUU i 11111^;
A young
^ thought it
\ ; he told J
- "T" . i:i? w
I imc u: V1
. % '- Bro '
V L '
i Suitr
. !The
:i ri "Well, 1
* \ [' /> V : i
v, ' 1 > have certa
Carey & C
See us when yon
to build upon, or good
Piokens or in this co
delighted to show you
we I'eel sure thai we
Vn w is fhe time to iin
hHon* it enhances in
Carey & C
Main St. Pi
'Phone No. 33. Offic
rl)<?sir;thU? Fji
A fine farm of ulxtul 100
!>iiik ahotit 1 mile South ol
farm v*e guarantee to pr<
nf cotton j>er acre. Thin f
of lit*' Kirkuey laud which
nbnui 75 aoreh of tho Mat I
ihalex of cotton were inadi
corn and other feed ntuff.
IxiniH, outbuilding, two
with running water throui
the most desirable farms
where. It in cloH3 to a
nchool ami churcheH and i
jute the place for any one
an investment that will I
\V. P. Stewart whose lai
hIiow you thin valuable |
at once a? it i? being ofTere
the low price of per aci
(). S. ST
< /
\ chap came int(/\he store
wanted to know'thc minute
de whether we had such and
it that was in the window on
is sold. N,I knew it," he said
f mine has it on."
mired that suit in the window
:e times, but I'll jiggered it I
could be bought for the price
le he paid. Got anything
/ho made tlie suit, anyway?"
a Schloss
s & Co.
one of the line of
jtiful." <
et's see some of them they
inly got some class to them."
_J 11 fP\
1 I L.U,
s. s. o. 1
ant a nice town lot
/? ?
I larmtn^ land near
untv. We will be
i what w*' have, and
can interest you.
est in real property
ickens, S. C.
e over Freeman Building.
i I'm For SaU*. %
ncren of well improved land B
r Pickens. A portion of this m
>duce from one to two bales
arm is composed of 35 acres W
runs out to ^aley road and
tlurphree farm, on which Jll M
< last year, heside* plenty of
New 7 room house,' k<hxI
tenant houses, two pastures v
<h wich one. This is one of M
on the market today any- m
live town and good graded m
in $ood nui|{hborhood'and 1h m
\ looking for a good home or
(ring iiiiii in it men income. M
uIh adjoint* tltiH farm will m
dace. Hotter ??>< tliiu place
tlforanhort time only at Ji
re. For termn apply to M
Central, S. C. C
- V ir

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