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FPickens Sentinel-JourM:
\.?l*f?rtiitncr R to* Koa?onaWe
i at riokena Puatoffloe m Second uiiu
Mail Matter
THUK81)AY JUNK 28, 1910
Meeting County Fair Association.
Meeting called to order by re,
tiring President of the Association,
T. J. Mauldin. On motion
T. J. Mauldin was made Temporary
Chairman and Edgar Morris
Temporary Secretary.
The Chairman declared the
meeting to be for the purpose
of reorganization.
J. P. Carey, jr., addressed the
^ meeting as to racing on Main
street, and he thought it best
that it should not be done. Hej
suggest el that the Association!
H buy or lease land near town and
%i^?ve races there, and
?|T fat no Fair Association
P9L luld ever be a success that was
r feld on Main street. He also
| fated that he was in favor of
tv Vaving the fair and that every
V^K'raon put forth every effort possible
to make it a urand success.
Lot evervhody pull .together and
have one oi the grandest fairs
yet held. Other remarks were
made after which the Association
proceeded with the election
of officers. Mr. T. J. Mauldin
was reelected president, J. McD.
Bruce, vice Pres., J. A. Peek,
Manager, J. N. Hallum, Treas.,
f .IT r? n rn ?
cum j. j'. uarev, jr., secretary.
'J'he date agreed upon by the
Association is Wednesday, the
19th, Thursday, the 20th, and
Friday, the 21st, respectively of
October, 1910.
On motion, it was agreed that
the officers select the Committees
and it was so ordered.
Four committees were appointed,
namely: Executive, Fi^
( nance. Premium, Advertising
and Publicity.
\ The Executive Committee was
\ empowered to promulgate Rules
\ and Regulations for the Associ./fttirm.
The next meeting will be held
at .."n earlv date .at the rail of
fcjje *sident.
Th t appointed to serve on
:OSe uttees were as follows:
^ e Committee: R. E.
.^eoiifc/v ?man; D q Moore,
r\c^aiK J- Ti. Valley, J.
iiimittee: Rufus
.rman; Monroe C.
M. Mauldin, J. N.
if I tXu., , 1,
Premium Committee: L. ('.
Thornley, chairman; J. A. Peek,
13. G. Moore, B. C. Robinson, B.
T. McDan.el.
Committee on Publicity and
Advertising, J. McD. Bruce,
chairman: .T. O. Thompson,
v w L. La.uenv. J. P. Hawv \v
' , The Secretary was notified to
Kive the Chairman of each committee
notice to call a meeting
at once, organize, and immediately
go to work.
It was unanimously adopted
by the committees urgently requesting
the cooperation of the
ladies in making the Fair a success
and they are asked to call a
meeting for the purpose of appointing
committees and arranging
to haye such exhibits as
v"?ey like.
no 1 urther business before the
ssociation it was ordered ad
jurned subject to the call of the
J 3.*..P. Carey, Jr.,
An 1<I??I
ih patient, even with a nagging wife.
for be knows she needs help. She
j my ho so nervous and rundown in
I health that: t-iflos annov her. If she
-j/in melancholy, uxcitntde, troubbd
t..A./ with losfl of appetlta, hcadache. sleo| ftj
lino.Sfi, constipation <>h faiutin? and
Bragy dizzy spells. Shu net/ds Klectric Hit
tors the most wonderful reinedv for
ailing women. Th'/usands of sxilFerers
from female troudbles, nervous troubles.
baokacho and weak kidney* have
used them and become healthy and
happy. Try them. Only 50c. Satisfaction
gunraneed by all druggists.
Mr. Editor: It ha.s been a
long time since I have seen any?U!
C - 11 Si l '
iitui^ i HMU \yiuw vjrecK. May
he she has washed away, but
host 1 can see shes is thriving.
Cotton and fruit is good, and
corn especially good.
J. M. Vickory has got. cotton
squares (June i'2) also the finest
corn in this section.
Rain is plentiful t>ut the farmon*
have been keeping the ^rass
down very well.
The June fruit is all about
rotten. It is due, mostly to so
much wet weather.
The ministers sure had rough
weather the second Saturday
and Sunday. Rev. B. P. Moore
visited Mt. Carniel church, of
* y-j which he is pastor, also Rev. B. j<
F. Murphree visited Six Mil** |
BS|BkBWl church of which he has heeu
\ \ pastor for several years.
\ Mr. I). J. Holding and daugh.
i \er, Irene, are attendants at the
jgittVnt meeting, which is being
j**4n at the Pickens mill.
j^lt is reported that Sam Collins,
jjaLilo riding his mule near Shady ;
^ke church, was thrown \
Btat a tree and very badly
Hunches* "ot. ?
his house for the accomodation
of his customers and is doing
good business.
News is scattering in wet
weather and I will stop before I
mO V* ^trncifrv Ivrw
ivuvii ?v aoiu IIUA.
Miss Soil Laney
A iMnit WniitM to 1>I?<
only when a lazy liver and sluggish
bowels cause frierhffnl despondency.
But Dr. Kind's New Life Pills expel
poison from the system; bring hopu
and courage; euro all Liver, Stomach
and Kidney troubles; impart health
and vigo to tho weak, norvous and ailing;
25c. at all druggists.
On Juno 10th, tho death
angel hovered ovor tho homo of
Mr. E. F. Nix, of Central, S.
C., and claimed for its victim
Mr. E. F. Nix. Ho was about
30 years old. 119 loaves a wife,
father, two brothers, three sis
ters and a host, of relatives and
friends to mourn his death. TTis
remains wore laid to rest at Six
Mile Church, on tho day follow
intf his death, the funeral ser
vices being conducted by Rev.
C. R. Abercrombie.
On the 18th instant, an old
Pickens county man brought
his wife back from Anderson to
the old home place, near Dalton
and there enterred her by the
side of her two sons. She died
on the 17th and was 55 years
old. She was the mother of
twelve children. Mrs. Stewart
leaves a husband, ten children
and a host of relatives and
friends to mourn her death.
Oil 1 -1 1
mw nan Deen a member of Si>
Mile Church for a number ol
years. Her funeral was preach
by Rev. C. K. Abercronibie.
A Friend.
News from Liberty.
Liberty, S. ('. June'iPth liHU.
We had another tine rain yesterday
afternoon, which will
liven lip the grass where it has
been plowed up, s<? t<> y:et rid ot
it, will have to give it anothei
round some hot day.
Summer has come at last and
the sun shines hot enough foi
the reaper to go forth in com fori
without a coat which has not
been the case during all of June
so far.
One of the attractio. s for tin
small hoy, larger boy and hu
pa, is the steam shovel, am
other railroad machinery heinj.
Ollernted :irminil In.> <> ?<
A . Ml\ l\ til J ? I I "?M 'III
quite a curiosity, doing 11m
work of about a hundred n<-u
both in the way of ditching on 1
the cuts, and unloading flu
same cars onto the fills by inn
chinory also, and at the saint
rate. Tins is something a
man who is not near a tirst class
railroad is not apt to see.
There is some good wheat and
oats, this year, and th<Te is ;i
great deal of wheat abroad in
the land, and of course tloui
will go lower.
L'rotracted meeting is in prog
res* at the Presbvtcrian chnrcl
this week. The pastor is ;issist
e<l by tlic Rev. Gregg, ol (JalV
ney, S. ('. Service every altei
noon and night. livery liod>
cordially invited to attend.
Watermellons were oil salt
here last week.
There are some very lin<
peaches sold on the market here,
which are strict.lv a local mod
Fine cabbage and beans an
offered for sale ami have been
for some time.
There was a "blind tiger,"
come to grief here one day last
week as he was eaught with a
<iuanity of "old booze" in his
wagon. The big dive was
Saturday, when near 10 gallons
of the regular old booze was
discovered in a barn near the
I )ep<>t, but when properly local
cd it seemed that nobody \\?>nI< 1
own it, hut there will he s >me
kind of a trial tomorrow 1 <? see
what can he done.
It is Hushing times now with
everybody wh > has a crop, as
the grass has a three week.start
with everything favorable
to its race, and it has been mak
ing good use of the time.
A fine row was killed here l>\
light ning 0110 evening last w eek.
J. D. Moore Wriies> Some More.
Sonera, S. ('., June 1 "?t h. l!>lo.
FMitor of Sentinel-Journal
Please allow me space for ;i fVw
lines in your paper.
We have been {4etliii^ alon^
very well here hut I contemplate
moving r<> Uaslev about. .J uly 1st
and will do business in tlx
John Fj. Craiic building .if that
place where I will sec a lot of
my old friends and customers.
People arc ^enerallx well thro'
this section.
Mr. .1. I'. Carey, jr., of Pick
ens was over ho e on business
last week.
Miss Nannie Niminors wont
on a visit to her pan ids tip on
Ki'owir last week ;tinl while on
the trip had the misfortune to
lose her watch.
Misses Ada <'r.ii?_i- ami llattie
Karlo, of Pickens, passed thro'
Seneca last week, on their way
to visit, relatives at VValhalla.
We saw the smiling face of
Will Nalley, formerly W Pick
?ns, hut now of C'alhonn, on onr
streets Saturday. /
HkiA i
Mr. Lloyd Carpenter and Miss
Carrie Stephens were married
last Sunday evening by the '
Rev. 0. S, Blackburn, at his residence.
The groom is a prosperous
young farmer of Clem J
son College, It. 1., and the bride
is the charming daughter of Mr.
nnd Ml*S W 1? Sf.onViona r\f
Courtenay station, The happy
couple have the congratulations
' of many friends.
My wife lias had a bad spell of
rheumatism but is better now.
thanks to Doctor Clay Doylo for
his treatment of her. lie, like
Dr. Bolt, did the best he could
, l or her and never called on me,
or any of tny friends, for money
until I told him I was ready to
pay him. lie was very reason'
able in his charges.
Now, I have quit a lot of my
badness and some day I'll quit
it all. 1 was not so bad that I
' did not care who knew it. I
wanted my lamp to shine bright
so people could see where I stood.
1 will close. Everything is
quiet over here. J. D. Moore.
Commencement at Central
The following write-up of the
1 commencement exercises of the
Central schools copied from the
Greenville News, was sent to
this office last week, with the
request that we publish same.
Central. S f!. .Tnn?
.. ?. ^
I Commencement exercises of
, Central High School, beginning
Tuesday morning May 31 and
closing June 1st were held in
Auditorium of new sehool building.
On Tuesday morning at 11
o'clock, Kev. X. I. Cody of First
Baptist Church, Greenville,
preached the Baccalaureate
sermon. 11 is forcible expression
of thought and style of utterI
ance won for him groat affection
iu t lie hearts of the voung and
On the evening following was
a music recital by pupils of Miss
I liullingtoirs class. Many beau
. il'iil ami difficult solos and duets
were well rendered, each showing
much skill and caieful
, training. A vocal solo, "The
Rosary" was sung by Miss Rena
Martin with much feeling and
' her s weet voice has made her a
? popular favorite with the music
lovers. Mr. Parsons gave a vio1
lin ;iml cornet solo, both were
en jo ved and greatly appreciated.
[ The regular graduating exer<"isi
s were held on Wednesday
morning. Prof. A. (>. Renibert
, of W'oll'ord College, Spartanburg j
one of the leading educators of
fU.. <^.^..4 u - 1 i - - *?
in*- ?iiiuui J^iivr lilt* ^I'il(UKil 111(4 '
address along the lines of citil
/ens duty to appreciate thes
'liools of to-day. This address
1 of Prof. Kemhcrt was marked
1 by many practical statements
and conclusions with reference
to the relation betweem schools, i
communities and citizens, all
1 of which showed a wide and
sympathetic experience with
every phrase of public and college
education throughout the
state. After this address the
salutatory prophecy and vale
dictory addresses were delivered
by M isses Helen Clayton,Vivian I
. Rowland and Bessie Gaines, respectively.
all of which showed
I hat the young ladies Were filled |
with the snil'it of su'bnlsiisjhin !
and loyalty. Following ora!
tions. tin" superintendent, Prof.
Thornwell llavnes, in a few
, chosen and succinct remarks
presented diplomas to graduating
class of 11)10: Misses ClayIon.
Rowland and Gaines.
Wednesday evening members
of the 10th grade concluded the
exercises by a splendid and timely
debate. Resolved: "That
South Carolina Should Have
Coinpulsary Kducation," the
11< >< ':i 1 i Vi > winniiio- 'I'Knun /!?>
- - r> m - I
bat iisii were as f ollows: Aflirni11
ivr, .). I?. Kails, Kdna(Mayton
Stary Shirley: negative. Paul
(Mavtnii, Daisy ITikc and Ituth
(Jassa way.
Aslmi'l, snappy roniir play,
There's more strength
in a bowl of
Quaker Oats
than in the same
quantity or the same
value of any other
food you can eat.
1VT /\of n/Mirii>Uln~
1T1UOI 11 Will lOlllllg,
least expensive
Packed in regular *i"' package*. anil in heriii.
ticall# scaled lias lor hot climate*. 60
Ho prepared for nn emorftency by Imvintt
on liund. More animals dlo from colic than
all other non-contagious diseases combined.
Nino out of every ton cases vrould have hecn
curodtf NOAM'S COLtO RIMIDV had
hocnRivonmtlmo. It |r Amb'SITIi,1
Isn't a drench or dope, Jr.lUl**
but is a ronfedy given
on tho tongue, ?l"?plo
that a woman or M
child can glvoIt. If It n
fulls to euro, your (Xmi'
monoy refunded. If
your dealer c,a n n o t
auppiy send fiOo In 'flVil
stamps and^ wo will
s I
I />
"Dr. Cure-all," given by members
of the 9th and 10th grades,
closed the school year of 1909-10
which under the superintendency
of Prof. Thoriiwell Haynes
and five assistants, coupled with
the fact that it has been the
first year's work in the new
building, has been the most successful
in the history of the
?Nothing gives the newspaper
man the so called "Willies"
like the sleepy headed tired
merchant who says it is too dull
to advertise. Some merchants
actually lay around their stores
look tired and do nothing, and
bewail the hard times, and the
newspaper man is turned awav
with a sickly anti-charity smile
and if he received and advertisement
from him, he acts as if it
was given as a matter of charity
for pity sake, that the triflling
nowspapers were necessary evils
that had to be supported somehow.
A newspai?er does not
warn any sucn patronage, we
know that money spent in advertiseing
is the best spent money
a business man can invest in
his business. Every successful
business house or firm, now-adays
set apart a certain amount
to be invested in advertising. It
is as necessary as house rent.
It is more precious than an investment,
for it brings returns,
it. goes into the hills and hollows.
Into the homes of rich
and poor, ami tells every one of
the bargains the enterprising
merchant has to offer liie mk.
toniers. Wake up dull business
man, and invest in advertising,
not just a few dollars, but 10
ixir cent of your investment,
and see the results. It will not
be long before you are the leading
merchant of your town.
Foley's omno Laxative
For Stomach Trouble and Constipation
ranis of candiiltitos for Hie various ollices,
from ('oroner to Congressman, will lie inserted
in litis column fi<?,iii now until tin* priimiry
election for the sunt of fA.OO, crfcli, cash with"
order /
For Houmo ol lt(i|VrnNeu t at I v(<n.
i ttin h candidate rop,flie kokislhture subject
in tbo rules of the Deliioortttfij partv.
i:. p. aiocua\ r.v.
For Couuty CommlMHtoiior.
A t the si reflation of many friends WI I.I.I A M
I YOl'Nt; hereby announces as a camlidatc
for <'ommlssioner of Piek ena eoiint.v subject to
tlu> action of the bemoeratie primary.
It> request of many friends I <lo horebj mi
unuurt* myself ax a candidate for the oilier ol
County t ommlssioner of I'ickeni county sut>Jpcl
to the notion of the Demoora I'rimarv
election. .IOIIN ( i I.STHA i'. '
Ity the request of mv many friends I liei y>y
announce myself a candidate for County <'flu
uiissioner subject to the democratic nriuiarv.
.1A M KS M. I. A WHKNt'K.
At the solicitation of many friends I lierohv
anuouuee myself a candidate for the ollicc ol
County fninmisHioner. subject to action ol the
voters in the Democratie Primarv election.
.1. lil'TII I'.K It A <; W II.I.
for I'roliuto fudge,
I lierebv announce myself a candidate for reelection
(o the olllce of I'rolmte .Inline, subject
u> the action of (lie voters In the Deliiocratic
I'riinary election, .1. It. N K\V III'.I! V.
Kur Superintendent of Kilucatloii,
I hereby respectfully announce myself a can
iliilate for re election to the olllce of Superintendent
of Kducatlnn. subject to the action of
thu l?eniorrtitic |iHrtv in the I'riinary election.
K. T. IIA U.I M.
For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for ieelection
to the olllce of county Treasurer, subject
in the action of the Democratic I'arty In
the I'riinary election. It. I) (JaKVIN.
Kur County Auditor.
I hereby announce imstclf a caniliilate lor re
ele (ion to (he olllce of county Auditor, subject
to the r11of (be Democratic I'arty and (lie
action uf (he voters in the I'riinary election.
ror lioroner
i lie many friends of Joe K. Medlin respectfully
annoulice hiin as a candidate for the ofllee
of Coroner for Plcketis County, aubject to
the action of the Democratic party In the primary
I'or MHKlrttrnte, IMckena Township
Tho many friends of A. S, Porter sespectfully
announces him as a candidate for magistrate
for Pickens C li. Township, subject to the action
of the voters in the Democratic primary
The many friends of \V. c. MRAMTF.TT res
pectfnlly announce him a candidate for reelection
to tho oitlce of Ma# 1st rate for Pickens tj. II.
Township, snbje< t to the action of tile voters in
the Democratioe Prim ir> election.
Whereas, a petition from the freeholders and
electors of llaxood school district No. :w
lias been tiled with the county Hoard of Kduea
tlou askitiK said hoard for permission to hold
an election in said dlatriet to determine whether
or not "J1, inllla extra levy shall lie levied on
said district for school purposes.
It Appearing to the County Hoard of Kducation
that the petition meets the requirements
of the law. Therefore it is ordered that the
trustees of above named district do hold an
election on .In tie 2ft. at llaKood school house
for the above atated purpose The Trustees of
above named district are hereby appointed,
managers of aald election, The 'election to
he held according to the requirements of sec
tiou i'JOH of the school law.
It T 11 a 11 ii in,
Sec. a Chni.
U liereas a petition from the freeholders and
electors of Liberty school district No || has
been tiled with the County Hoard .if education
asking said lioHrd for permission to hold all
election ill ?aid district to determine vi i...i>....
or not an ex tra levy of 2 mills shall lie lev led
iti said district for school purposes.
li appearing to the (,'utility Hoard of Lducn
lion 111>11 the petition meets the requirements of
the lau Therefore It Is ordered that the trns
teen of above named district do hold mi elec
tion on .Inly'.'at Farmers and Merchants itank
for I he ithove staled purpose. The cleetiot. to lie
held according to the requirements of Section
I'.1H of llie m'IkiiiI law.
The Hoard of Trustees of >a id District are
hwrehy appointed inanKKers
lly order of County Hoard of education.
It. 'I'. Ilallum.
Sec .v i ln.i
gCTBgl WorkFT
SKKJI Greatest
|jnapiwaj|nB|aH Internal mil tilernU
\imVtt Pain
[IRIIuHtil Remedy
For Rheumatmn, Sciatica, Lame Bark, 5>ti<f
Joint* and Muarlet, Sore Throaty Cold*, Strain*,
Sprain*, Cute i)rui*e*, Colic, Crampn, Toothache
and all Nerve, Hone and Muacle Arhe*
and Pain*. The genuine ha* Noah'* Ark on
vcpr package. 25c., 50c. and $1.00 by all <lral rain
medicine everywhere. Sample Aj/ mull free
N*ak RmmIt C*., XMm*4, Va. ?*J Bo?ton, M?>?.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All p'Tsotin holding Claims against
lit- t'Bijiii* id the lnU' Sanitii I Si'iijiHt n
iniiH* Jin H"iit t he same (Inly pr .vi m on
>t before tl.f I il.iv i<( A Uplift. MM I, or In
l?h.irt?"l piivini'fii ;iiiii all puirtuii.t inlelitetl
i i Htti?l Mtntc, must make payiiient.y-ii
nr In f >r.' 'in a'xivf <l.*de, 10
.he tt^uleisinned. W H >iin|8in,
1785 1910
Colleqe of Charleston
l'2."?1)i your It gins Scptomn?*i* JIO
1 i tianci c \mii.:iti<>ns will bo held at
tie- (V'tiniv < .iir: House on Friday,
July 1, . , 1 mi. All candidates fori
ailim.'si i i .-in i-oi11jin S? |>1?miiIn r
for vacant Hover* scholarship-', which
p\y 10 ,i year. One free tuition
scholar !ii|> to each county of South
Camlina. Hoard ami finished rooms in !
Dorinitoi \, $12. Tuition $1(1. For
I (arrison Randolph
Agricultural College
The i vainination for the award (>f
scholarships in ('l inson Agricultural
College will In- held in the County Court
ITrmo l.v : i.... r .1.. u ...
.... i i niii.i , uiii| c, ill a ii. 111.
Applicants must till out proper forms,
to be secured from the tJoiinty Superintendent
i I Klucation. before they will
! be itli..?-. <l t<? Miami the examinations,
j For < ta11> it information, apply to the
Supeiim> iiilcnt of Ivlucation, or to the
j Preniilfiit of ' lemsnn ('ollege.
Applicant* for admission to the Col!lege,
but not seeUing for the scholar!
ships. will a!s i stand entrance exnini|
nations at t: < ur! h mse Julv Htli.
'i'be s i.' .,isbi| . aw worth $101) ami
free tuition
The ne.v, i \->mn of the college opens
Sept. 1-1 tli. 1 'i 10cosr
aNl> ( >l'i;srs oi stiiiiv
(1) ARneulture.
(2) A.. 11' M( and Chemistry.
(!1) h< ' \iiimsil ImliiMlry.
(4) Chemistry an.I <uoloj;y.
(5) Civil lOngincriiiK,
(0) Mechanical ami Kleetrieal Hngin.
(7) Textile Industry.
1 Cost per seHsion, including Hoard,
Laundry, Heat, l.i^lii. Uniform and all
; fees, $1 IS.70. Hooks and nil other niis1
oellftneous supplies, a.lxmt ?'-'0 00. for
students \vlx> pay tuition, $10.(H) addi!
For catalog :ind information. annlv to
YV. M. KKHSS, A?*tii>K I'rpHidcnt.
Winthrop College
The oxamnaton fur tlio award of v.i
rant H(tbolnr.shi|>s in Winthrop Co1I<;k<>
and for tho admission of now ntudenta
will ho hold at tho County Court
Ilonau on Frldaj< July I, nt a. in.
A linliofin tK 111 11 v; t In. l.?c. <:?
tt'on year# of n^o. When Scholar
ships ore vacant after July 1 they will !
ho awarded to those making the ki^h
ost average at this examination, pro
vided they meet tli<! conditions govern
mt; tho pvvard. \pplirantH for scholarships
should write to President
JohnHon Imforo tIn? (examination for
Scholarship examination hlankw
Scholars!) i p.x aro worth *I(X) and freo
tuition. Tho next session will ojaui
Suptenlber 21, 11)10 For further infoiinntioM
and catalogue, address Proa.
I). H. Johnson. Itock Hill. S. ('.
Cleantri anil t??iitin?a the hair.
I'roinot** luxuriant gruwlh.
Ntrtr rails <# Rralora On*
Itnlr to Ita Youthful Color.
Curt# 1 p ilitckt. it half falllug.
<Uc,?ixl tlixiat i'niji?;?<i
/ ) J/'
ind Thiri<
Pi B ro
V; .
\ \ VVI | have cer
> . j
\. ..1, (.jieuju.
Carey &
See us when yon
to l>uil<l upon, or goc
Piokens or in this (
delighted to show y<
we feel sure that w<
Now is the time to ii
bofore it enhances ii
Carey &
Main St. P
'Phone No. 33. Ofl
l;or ONE MONTH, beginnii
will continue in force?not oik
er conditions, the worst in n1
hands hundreds of seasonable
To make a <|uic : clem-up
ever before in our history, (i
is the tonic needed they will
Watch lor our circulars ^ivii
W. L. M
Fire, Lif<
and Acci
Let me write
v-nap umuc uuu me siore
r?wanted to knowjjthe minute
nside whether we had such and
suit that was in the window on
was sold. "I knew it," he said
1 of mine has it on."
admired that suit i*i the window
hree times, but I'll jiggered ii I
it could be bought for the price
me he paid. Got anything
Who made the suit, anyway?"
5 a Schloss
's & Co.
one of the line of
i Clothes
I, let's see some of them they
tainly got some class to them."
*ys, s. c.
want a nice town lot
w! f II I'ltl I II () lil Mi I llOfl ?
ioiinty. We will l>e
>u what we 11avc and
e can interest }'<>".
ivest in real properly
i value.
'ickens, S. C?
ftcc; over Freeman Building.
I Dros
iy sale"
JULY 1st
iir I uly ist, the ' Dolt Dav" Sale.
; day longer. Backward weathlany
years, have piled on our
items that must be moved.
we have cut prices deeper than
oods must go?and if cut prices
r> at a double-quick pa'
ig prices on hundreds ol articles.
/ J
i, Health
your business. ^

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