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Entered April 23? 11)03 at FlCkou*, s. <\ km Nccond cln** mutter, nuitorcofonjircn* of .Harrli 3%tS7!)
\ .
40th Year PICKENS. S. C.. JUL\ 21. 1910. "
Fly Tii
Flies are great spreai
your house and away from
do this is by using our Sen
The Fn
is here, and of course you
th c imnrnvp rl Macnn Tnrc
and half gallon sizes. Als
toj)s and extra rubbers.
Look in I)i
?u will see in t :re a 1(
Lamps. This is ; i'i gooc
will sell lor l<\ss than cost,
and price' cards are on all
ire not needed right now
buy up a lot ol tins ware, ?
keep it until it is needed.
No matter what you war
call on
The jjgg 1
w Now is
Now is the time of year
diseases can be warded o
Blight's Disease, Rheumati
Hallum's Backa
stand at the top of the list
\Ye liavv scores ol test
people you know. Hut if j
take our worcl for it, all we
1 la!turn's Backat
a trial, and n they do not ^
ask for your money back ;
you and we. want you to ha
Pickens Di
The "RE>
Masonic Temple
The Store That (Juan
Is Isolation a
The telephone
lar^e family for bush
| aids in church work
I neighbors to social g
the Bell System enah
most anywhere withe
Write to nearest
Farmers' Llni
me Here
ders of disease. Keep them out ot
the dining table. The best way to
een Doors and Windows.
nit Season
will put up a lot ol fruit. We have
, with Porcelain lined tops, in quart
o have the extra porcelain lined
splay Window
~>t of good Crockery ware and some
I stuff, but we need the room, and
Everything marked in plain figures
I the various articles. Even if they
, it will pay the good housewife to
it the price we have put on it, and
it, don't think you can't get it, just
MB ClU?.
the Time.
to watch your KIDNEYS. Many
fl if you keep them right, such as
sm, Typhoid Fever and Malaria.
che and Kidney Pills
of all such medicine on the market
imonials we could give you from
,'<>u ii' > not know us well enough to
ask is th.it you givr
:hr ;iii(l Kidney Fills
ivc you satisfaction come hack and j
and you will get it. It is here for
ve it.
rug Company,
f ill I 39
VML.L. ^iurc.
Pickens, S. C.
intees and Gives Satisfaction.
" """ ""JU ffmmmammmm|
i Burden to You? I
ill T\P ( - ^ f-^)
m yil
. -r~>a:saixxeotjiiMtauB
Then Remove It!
makes the community one
less anil social purposes. It
. and summons friends and
atherings. Connection with
les you to reach anybody al?ut
leaving your home.
T> _11 *T* 1 1 TV J?
i>en 1 eiejmone manager,or
' , I
t Department ,
' <
Voter? to Decide Pickens-Andersc
Governor Ansel haslet Sei
tember 16, 1910, as the date uj
oi( which an election will li
held to determine whether c
not a portion of Pickens Count
will bo annexed to Anderso
County. The original petitio
was filed February '23, and i
was signed by onethird of th
qualified electors of the count
of Pickens, as is the require
mopts of the law.
NThe import, of the commission
ers, appointed by the Govenoi
made on July 1>, shows that th
proposed slice to bo annexe
nixl.1 * 4-,.11.....: ? !'
i-iiiDi iiirniiiiiv, ill i nillOl')'
"Beginning on the northeri
boundary line of Andersoi
Count y where Oeoneo and Pick
ens counties coiner and follow
ing the public road, the dividinj
line between Pickens and Oco
nee counties continues to Rave
noil's bridge over flip Snncci
river; thence to and alon^ th
southern boundary line of Hn
town of Calhoun to the eas
corner; thence south-east to :
point on the Southern railway
right of way to the resident
of -Aaron Boggs; thence alonj
the southern boundary of tlr
right of way of the Sou then
railway to a point near the res
idence of T. L. Wat-kins; thenci
south-east to a point on tin
,1;,is,-... 1..\-.-i
un mui^ HI 11- ui'iwrcn n^nurrsui
and Pickens counties near th<
summer residence of 1<\ J. Pel
zer, known as Asthabula farm
thence aloiitf the said northen
boundary line of Andersoi
county Io the beginning point"
The proclamation issued h>
Oovenor A use! says that th<
provisions ot the ronstitution
and laws ?f tlie state as11" pop
ulation, area, wealth, dista c<
from the eourt house in Pirken:
and other matters have heei
complied w ith, as shown S\ (h<
report that was tiled at tin
The regular form is set on
governing the election. Thos<
lav >ring the annexation are t<
vote "yes,' and those opposin;
to vote "no."
The following is also ordered
"It appears to my satisfaetioi
that there is no voting precinc
in the territory sought to be cu
otV to Anderson countv, I d<
hereby order that the i>olls b
oj>ened at or near Clenisoi
College, but within Picken
county, and that all qualifie<
electors within the said territor
sought to be cut off, be allowei
to vote there.
"M. F. Ansel. Governor.
In all the drill? Htori 8 nn aromati
pleasant berli cure for w.mmn'H illi
called Mother (tray's AUSTRALIA.
IjKAI''. It is the only certain recall
tor. Quickly relievos fumalo weal
neHHes and Muckaclie,' Kidne.V, Hint
dor it ml Urinary troahlen. At n
druggists or l>y mail 50 c ntf. Sail
pic KRKK. Addles*. rim Mo'lw
Orav Co.. L dtoy, X. V.
Crow Crock Hems.
Mr. lOdilor: Von may thin
I haw had a rest sp.'ll )>ui yo
... i I,.,,
II' I I I I k) I I lY " II (l"> 1 11(1 > r .1' ?
taken a work "spell," althougl
as it is, I am glad to In* anion
yon again. Yes I'm alwaj
glad to hear from Dreanie
Mountain Sprout, Mama's Bab
The Other Girl, and all oth<
writers for tho S. .J. It seen
lihe we have had plenty of rai
on Crow Creek. Last Saturda
evening we had a fine show<
which lasted from 1 P. M. ti
night and it lost no time wha
ever. Some says the strean
i. 1 A. A. 1
were me ni^nest Lnoy over seei
Of course it washed the lowlanc
?bad. Over on Codar Cree
it swept things as it. came I
them. It very badly injure
" *
' ' 1 V
i In? i"^ 'iiii'i'ii fc
abodt four acres of Mr. D. 1
Alexander's fine bottom cor
In also washed apart of his pastui
Rev. B. F. Murnhee has t>r
J" I some extra good corn and n
,(> little of it either.
>l J. M. Vickery says his cotto
v is about (> days late as he neve
11 found any blooms until July 1(
11 We were sorry to hear of th
deaths of Messrs. Wash an
(> Craven Galloway, brothers
y who died at their homes in NX
and are in symyathy with thei
mourning friends and relatives
'* some of which lives in I his set
* tion.
(j Rev. W. M. Walker is nov
I running a series of meetings a
' Keowee Baptist church hut it i
II such a busy time, vecy nun;
11 can't attend.
School started at that plac
11 insl.. Miss Olive Newtoi
* from Pickens being the teacliei
Me thinks they started rathe
- - l
1 School will start at Shad;
' Grove '25th. Miss Naiiinic
l! Alexander will bo their teacher
She is from Oconee and t.augh
1 the preceding term.
Now don't forgot there will b
t! an all day singing at Shad;
* Grove, on the 3rd. Sunday ii
1 August, also Rev. Walker wil
1 start a protracted meeting tlier
at that time. Now if you wil
1 excuse me for writing such ;
long noninteresting letter, I wil
1 close by wishing us all som
L good things and if this escape
1.11 write and wish some mor
' in the Sweet liy and By.
Miss Sell Lanev
1 i
. Pickens County Campaign meeting
Liberty, Saturday July 23rd
CVnt i'mI Saturday July 2H)th.
Six MileSaturday AupjustOth
A lit inch School House Satur
' d:>y August 1 litli.
* Hendricks (?in Saturday Aup;
1 11 si 201 ll .
Dacusville Wednesday Aug
' list 24th.
Pickens Saturday Annus
1 27th.
15 These meetings will he presid
' ed over hy the president of tin
? cluh of the precinct at whirl
the meeting is to he held or le
' some one designated by him t<
1 act. The cluh officials wil
t please see to it that the propo
t mill unif-iKlo (irrnnmmitHito K
iviim IIMM'WI/IV in i mi^v-un/iun if
0 made for holding the meetings
e I. M. Mauldin,
1 Chairman Co. Ex. Com.
,1 Notice.
Y 1 have sold my stock of good
,1 to the Keowee Supply Com pan;
and they will take charge oi
' the first, day of August 11)11
All persona owing me, up to an
. including July 11th, 1010, \vi
*? I please pay the same to me as
j (lid not sell my accounts.
' wish to thank my customers IV
11 the patronage they have give
>- me (hiring my mere;}ntile l>ns
i?i ?v:w:
For I lie present 1 will dovot
inv t ime to the Keal Instate I'ns
1< ness and if (here is anythen
11 yon want in Farm land, Timlx
*t land or City property I shall I
i. glad tosliow yonwh.it I ha\
g j to offer. I haye places to so
rs in almost every section of tl:
I'. I Cmilltv and :it all kind nf rwi<?<
V and easy terms. If you ha\
r i sonic property that you want I
is sell I will appreciate it if yo
n I will nive me a chance at it.
y After August 1st you wi
3i* find me in my office un-stairs i
II the Freeman Building. Agai
t- thanking you for all the favoi
?b you have shown me.
l. Respectfully,
In J. R. Ashmore.
Music at the Big
n h
? Annalorliion FvnAoIi./*? I
? 1 tppUlULUlUll LiApUaillUll
; MB?I ',
h RinimH^_
I ho management ??f tin- Am'isemeiit i 1
Commit lee of t ho Aliimbrhinn ' .
v,....... " M'"" | j
: tioti at Knoxville, Tenn., Sept. 12 to!
11 ! Oct. 12, seems to have been, thor-!'
. olighly awake to the importance of
having everything (he best, and, in ae1
curing musir* for the Fxposltion, they 1
were guided by (lie idea alone of pleasy
inn the classes as well as the masses,
and In securing Weber's Cincinnati (
1 Hand and Hrooks' Chicago Hand they i
have certainly struck the keynote of (
I success, and the finest music ever
given at an exposition will be heard '
during (he holding of the Appalachian j
0 Kxposition. .
The Louisville Courier-Journal, '
speaking of Weber's Hand, says: 1
II "Never have the people of Kentucky i
[1 known such.a band as Weber's, which t
i played at the State Fair. Not only '
for excellence and proper musical in- I
1 terpretatlon or for the qualities of *
^ each musician to turn himself into a ,
j song bird, calliope, or a whistle, but
for general good humor, Indefatigable (
B work and cheerfulness with which ^
s they responded to reouests for encores
did Weber's Hand make Itself famous." ^
[? .
Brooks at Pittsburg. >
A quotation from a letter received I
from the manager of the IMttsburg Fx- (
position verifies the foregoing by the
|, following: (
"All those who visited the exposition (
during the season will remember with j
many a tin ill of pleasure tho hours
through which they sat entranced lis- 1
telling in the always wonderful music ;
of the Kills Hrooks Hand. On overv ^
| band could be heard such exclama_
I tlons ns. 'Is this selection better than '
i !???"> lu i> 1 ' -
J . I. j/uonii<n: <111^(111111^ nilllll )
bo sweeter?' 'Can it be that those (
instruments arc but wood or silver and
the performers only men?" '
Percy Followers Make Challenge to ^
? th? Vardaman Leaders.
[; (
Jackson. Miss.?The snnporters of
1 Senator Percy challenger! the Var- 1
Y daman men to submit the issue be- j
, tween the two factions to a vote of i
j the people nf the state. The Varda
man supporters ;iskp(i ktt nmo to con- | J
1' aider the matter, i
0 Renator Percv addressed a Jo!nt .
meeting of the house and senate, ,
rnaUlnj; a flercp arraignment. of the '
faction that inspired Bilbo to make ?.
the charge that Percy was Heotert (
through fraud to the United State*
s Notice to Old Soldiers.
Y Tho surviving soldiers of the j
II Confederate States in Piekens ^
). county are requested to meet in
d ; each township on the (>th day of J
III August at p. in., for the pur1
pose of electing a representative
I to meet at the court house on
?r the first Monday in September, j
n next, to elect a County Pension
. I .. ,
i-1 Hoard lor the year I0H. The j
! place of mooting in each towne|ship
i 1 Kasley township, Kasley.
<^i Libert v township, Liberty,
r! Central township, Central.
) ' Pickens township, Pickens,
e Hurricane township, Mile
II Creek.
io isastatoe township, Antioeh
is Church.
'e Punipkintown towns hi]),
,o Sutherland's store,
n Daousville township, Looper's
11 When assembled they shall
n organize by electing a chairman
11 aiul secretary, and shall then
rs elect by ballot an ex-Confederate
soldier, not a holder or an
applicant for a pension, as the
represQiitative of the veterans of
said township.
B | J. N^wfeery;,
^rislon Commission'*/ . L
i imii i iiiii
?A party of Pickenites werifc
to Table Rock Sunday.
?Last Suhday evening lightning
struck;'the chimney of Earle
Lewis' ho^he, tore the chimney
lown to the ceiling, broke out
-?1-1- ' ~
uiiu urn'1" winaows, set. lire to
.he papering 011 the ceiling,
burned out the 'phone, followed
Jie wire, which it burned up,
x) an electric light post 011 Main
street, where it tore up ths transformer,
turned back on a telephone
wire and followed it to
he home of (\M. Bowen, where
t, went in to the uround, throwng
dirt out of the hole it made
>nto the roof of the house. Persons
living in the neighborhood
elt the shock- '?*
Mrs. Lewis barely fi ll i 1, and
heir Utile baby, which was
isleop on 1 he bed. was not even
i wakened.
?Washington Katie (ialloAray,
a well-known and substantial
citizen of Transylvania
onntv, N. (J., died at his home.
tl,n? I....4 1- *?
ix untvu ijV/ui 11; ) IUM NV UUI^. 1M.I*.
Galloway was an honest ahd up iglit.
man, and was well and
avorable known to many of our
leople. For many years ho
nade periodical visits to this
>lace, hauling produce, and
some of the finest cabbage and
ipples we ever saw were grown
md sold 011 the Pickens market,
>y him. He was the father of
eleven children, only two of
,vhom are now living, Ivannie,
A ife of Prof. J. Ij. Murphree, of
his county, and Nettie, wife of
ijee 11. Fisher, of Kosnian, N.
-. l ie leaves behind a wife and
me sister, Mrs. Nanev \nn
"hastain. of that county. As
ine a tribute as we ever saw t<>
nans nicmoi'v was paid him by
t ! riend in tin* Sylvan \ alley,
N. ('.) News. His many
fiends in this county will learn
,villi sorrow of liis demise and
wtend sympathy t<? the bercav
(I wife and sorrowing ehildren.
? \V. Lester Manley, who
ives a lew miles above l'iekens,
,vis arrested last week on the
har^e of forgery and obtaining
noney under false pretense,
rle passed himself off as ",J. II.
lendrix" and goingtottullivan,
?ske\v & Co , at Liberty, made
v small purchase, tendering in
payment a check given by W.
El. Thorney and witnessed by
Ino. M. Waddill, Jr., and drawn
>n the White Bros Banking Co.,
)f Chester, foi $25.00. He took
he goods, pocketed the change
ind went out. Later he tried
he same game in Greenville at
he Americas Shoe Co. The
preliminary trial was had before
nagistrate Bramlett, -J. 1'. Carey,
jr., representing Sullivan,
Kskew Co., the prosecutors,
ind J. K. Hoggs appeared for
the defendant. The case was
remanded for trial at the Sepiember
term of the court and
bond \v;is fixed in the sum ?>f
s:;<mi. which t he defendant was
tinaiuc i<> ^i\< . so Me was eoniiucil
in jail to awail his trial.
Purdia's Panacoa.
Tom Purdio, an old manservant in
Sir Walter Scott's household, used to
talk of the famous "Waverley Novels"
as "our hooks" and said that the reading
of them was the greatest comfort
to him.
"Whenever . I am oft my sleep," he
confided to James Skene, the author of
"Memories of Sir Walter Seott," "I
have only to take one of the novels,
and before I have read two pages it is
sure to set me asleep."
Planty on Handv
"Have you ever wondered about
your husband's pant?"
"Dear mo, no. 1 have all I can do in
taking care of his present and worry'
lng about his future."?Boston Hero
Early Deaths. r
Taking the world as a wholej?JT
cent. of tho -people dlo bef'
IW vAe ag of s?ven?

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