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Thft Kivul Vnn ITavA Alwovru
in use for orer 80 years,
? and
All Counterfeits, Imitation
Experiments that trifle wl
Infants and Children?Ex]
What Is C
Castor la is a harmless su
goric, Drops and Soothinj
contains neither Opium, J
substance. Its age is its g
and allays Fevcrishncss. j
Colic. It relieves Teething
and Flatulency. It assim
Stomach nnd Bowels, glvi
The Children's Panacca?1
Bears th<
The KM You He
In Use For C
Fly Tii
Flies are great spreade
your house and away from tl
do this is by usincr our Scree
The Fru
is here, and of course you \vi
the improved Mason Jars, \
and half gallon sizes. Also
tops and extra rubbers.
Look ill I)i>
You, will see in there a lot
Lamps. This is all good
will sell for less than cost. !
and price cards are on all 1
ire not needed right now,
buy up a lot of this ware, at
keep it until it is needed.
No matter what you want
call on
A lso we ha vo tl
"Not a.t Specia
Regular IflV.IiU
which we guara
est lor good goo(
i ngs. 1 lei n. em l><
"The Same Goo
?r. ..oil Atv /.n.w., uri.st.
>t; <11111 tv duiii/S 11 ll lit
15c. (0 inch Lawns is<
Colored Wash Goods, I
Notions, llosiei
all reduced to 1,1
price. Oome d i
gust and get 3
A. K.
W??t End. ' C
/ V
^ * f
i Bought, and which has been
, has borne the signature of
has been made under his peril
supervision since its infancy.
>w no one to deceive you in this*
s and44 Just-as-good" are but
th and endanger tho health of
>erience against Experiment.
bstltute for Castor Oil, Paref
Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
Vforphine nor other Narcotic
uarantce. It destroys Worms
It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
f Troubles, cures Constipation
Hates tho Food, regulates the
ng healthy and natural sleep.
?ho Mother's Friend.
3 Signature of
ive Always Bought
)ver 30 Years.
lie licit
rs of disease. Keep them out c
le dining table. The best way t
n Doors and Windows.
lit Season
ill put up a lot of fruit. We hav
vith Porcelain lined tops, in quai
have the extra porcelain line
wlav Window
J- ?/
ol good Crocker) ware ancl som
stuff, but we need the room, an
Kverything marked in plain figure
the various articles. Even if the
it will pay the good housewife t
the price we have put on it, an
, don't think you can't get it, jui
Mare Coign
10 light, thin goode
1 Sales" but at on
.11 tee to be the Low
is and square deal
3r luy motto:
ds for Less Money."
; Goods now at 25 cents
> now at 10 cents
0,12 J and 15c quality, ait 10
ry and I nderwea
ie lowest j-easonabl
iring -I nly and An
rour share oi thes
Greenville, B- G
The cow tree is found In the
mountains of South and Central
America, and is an evergreen.
, Its sap'resembles milk and flows
from wounds made in the bark.
In A .1'I null, |Il? Alluli'a Kuot-Knie,
The antiseptic powder to shake into
your fchmrt. It cures hyt, tired, aching,
swollen, sweating feet, and makes walking
any. Trtkes iho slang oue of coins
and bunions Over HO,000 testimonials.
8old everywhere, 25 cts. L'on't accept
flli v Q .1 .aril n?ii
The German government pays
damages to those-injured on the
state owned and operated railroad.
Last year these satisfactions
amounted to more than
$1,-100,000, or 4 per cent 011 $1*5,000,000.
ffrre In For Women.
If you have paina in the buck, Urinary,
liladder or Kidney trouble, and want
a certain, pleasant herb cuie for woman's
ill.-, try Mother Gmy's Australia!.-Leaf.
It in a fat< iiml nevei-tailing
regulator. At L>iuggist> or by mailuOu.
Sainldf O KRl-.K Ailm-i ?? 1 h?
Mother Gia\ *. o., Lelto^ , N. Y.
The governor and two deputy
governors ot' the bank oi' France
are appointed by the chief of the
State. The general policy of
the Bank of France is directed
by the governor of the bank.
When the stomach fails to perform
its functions, tlio bowels becomes demnged,
ttie liver and the kidneys con
hv^>iVM uiiuniii^ muuoiuun UIOUODOD.
The stomucb unit liver must be restored
to a healtby condition and
Ohttmberlaiu's Stomach and liver Tab
lots can be dopondod upon to clo it
Easy to take ami most.etfecfcive. Sold
by nil Dealers.
Arizona has a mining output
averaging about $55,000,000 a
year, imports and exports (port
of Nogales) of about $15,000,000
| a year, besides millions yearly
f for cattle and farm, garden and
orchard products.
>1 Foley's Kidney Remedy will one any
O case of kidney and bladder trouble not
beyond the n-aoli of medicine. No
medicine can <u> more. hold l>y ail
Novel ventilating system has
recently been developed. which
:.. l r ?. ? ii * a "
consists oi u siuaii eieeirie lan
connected to the window sill in
c such a manner that it may he
*t i
operated either to draw in air
c from the outside or to exhaust
the air from the room.
Th1<? h Foot-It at Ii Tonight
I Alter di.sHulviriK one or two Allen's
' Foot-Tabs (uuiiHopiie. Tablets for the
t'oot-hiilh) hi the water. It til take
out al'. Mireiii-ris. siniirtimk and tender
^jut-Ms, removes ioolooors and ireslien
i tlx; feet. Aliens foot-Tabs instant)v re"
lievo weai ineBrt and sweating or intlaiueel
feet ami hot nervousness of the feet
" a', night. "FOOT-TABs FOI4 FOOT
y TUBS." Then tor comfo. t throughout
q the day shake Allen's Foot-Ease, tlie
. antiseptic powder into your ^n>-s. Sold
O everywhere. '.Joe. Avoid substitutes.
Samples of Allen's Foot-Tabs mailed
FHKE. or our regular size sent by mails
. for 2oc. Address, Allen .S, Olinosted,
Le Hoy, N. Y.
Tho citizens of Aiken will vote
011 the issuance of bonds to the
[ amount of $78,000 for purchasing
the city's waterworks syst
_ 2 Soreness of the muscles, whethor ir..
dueod by violent oxorcise or injury,
is quickly relieved by the free applicaton
of Chamberlain'H Linement. Thie
linements eqnlly valunble for musculai
rhoumatmn, and always affords <juiek
roliof. Sold bv h 1 Dealers.
Women as Well as Men are Made Miserable
j by Kidney and Bladder Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind,
discourages and lessens ambition; beauty,
' ^ t t vigor and cheerfulness
soon disappear
when the kidneys are
^ out of order or dis
Kidney trouble has
\J become so prevalent
j/ that it i.? not uncom
/tj,,lon ^or a child to be
C/ Kwl v5\n llf=? born afflicted with
weak kidneys. If the
child urinates toooftcn, if the urine scalds
the flesh, or if, when the child reaches an
age when it should he ahle to control the
passage, it is yet afflicted >vith bed-wetting,
depend upon it, the cause of the difficulty
is kidney trouble, and the first
step should he towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bladder and not to a
/. habit as most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made miserable
with kidney and bladder trouble,
^ and both nCed the same great remedy,
The mild and the immediate effect ol
Swamp^Rcot is soon realized. It is sold
J by druggists, In fiftyj
__ cent and one-dollar
O by mail free, n
about Swamp-Root, Hom. ci^^p-R^.
Including many of the thousands of testimonial
letters received from suffereri
who found Swamp-Root to be jnst tlit
remedy needed. In writing Dr. Kilmei
& Co., Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper. Don't make anj
mistake, but remember the name, Dr,
\ ^ Kijmer's Swamp-Root, and the address,
- Binghamton, N. Y., on every bottle.
' *' ' > ,,
We Give Arujay
Absolutely tree
Tho Pcoplo'3 Common Sense McJicnl
English, or Mcdicine Simplified, by R. ^
Chief Conoultinj* Physician to the Invnlu
gieal Institute ut Buffalo, a hook of 100
over 700 illustrations, in alrond nnoer t
I stamps to covcr cost of maiiir. only, or,
Over 680,000 copic3 of Ihia complete I'
binding ot regular price of $1.5>). Aftc
( were given nway as above. A now, vi|
for mailing. Dsttcr send NOW, b. iore
rbnsauy Mimical Association, It. V. P
THE C:7"5 REMEDY for woman
that its makers are not afraid to
every ingredient. No Seorets?N<
THE ONE HEM ED Y for women
no habit-forming drugs. Made fr
of well established curative value.
Tie Msen Loan
| g i 20 West Capitol St.,
Lunch Room.
Fancy C
TV/T 1 _ It 1
iviciiis at an nours.
All the Delicacie
Fruits and Fancy Grocerie
Prompt Service and Po
J. W. & C. L. HI
Your Patrona
Cri'onl Room i
Now is tl
I Now is the time ot year to v
(diseases can be warded oft if
j Bright's Disease, Rheumatism,
; Hallum's Backach
stand at the top of the list of ;i
We haw. scores of testimoi
people you know. Hut if you
take our word for it, all we ask
Hallum's IkckaHn
a trial, and if they do not give
ask for your money back and
you aud we want you to have i
Pickens Dm
; The "REXJ
Masonic Temple
The Store That. (Juaiante
Cattle Hall
Pickens Lodge ^o, 123
K. of P.,
Stated convention 8:'.t0 p. m., Monday
1 evening after tin* lsi and :5d Sunday.
I \> OI*K IIUCRO lor fill lll?? Kail US
' All visitorB cordially invited.
By order of
i> <i. Mooiii:. < , o.
A. M. MOltKIS, K. ol 1!. and H.
Professional Cards
Pickens, S. 0.
1 OBicc over 1'lckcns hank.
Dr. T. A. Seawright,
: Pickens, South Carolina.
| Office upstairs Freemnn Bldg.
Dr. Klnn's New Life Pills
The best In the world.
W Hotel and Sur- HHEU5^
8 large pages and Kr
:ovcrs, to any one sending 21 one-cent Pr
in French Cloth binding for 31 stamps.
amily Doctor Book were sold in cloth
rwards, one and a half million copies Sc
p-to-datc revised edition is now ready
all are gone. Address World's Dis- '
ierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y,
'? peculiar ailment* jood enough [[,'
print on its outsido wrapper it# P'
a Deception. h(
which eontaina no alcohol and |j<
om native medicinal forest root* mi
9 ol
ESTATE. 4 tc
V 11
& Tnsi Company, I
JACKSON, Mississippi. 2
7 ii
mammmmammmmmmimiii nun iwii tl
"ESSEN! 11
Quick Lunches Served.
s of the Season. < '
Best the Market Affords.
lite Attention Assured. 11
ESTER, Prop'rs. o
Lge Solicited. 11
ll i '/kliiw?r?+i.v..
ii -v wiim vi.H;I I . gji N ii
?WM???M??M???????fc<??T3?M> ? HI!
he Time.
vatch your KIDNKYS. Many !,
you keep them ri^ht, such as
Typhoid Fever aiul Malaria.
e and Kidney Pills
11 such medicine on the market '<
lials we could give you from
do not know us well enough to !>
is that you ^iv<:
? and Kidney Pills |
you satisfaction come back anc) <
you will get it. It is here lor \
t. i
ig Company,
ILL" Store.
Pickens, S. C.
1/1: . m i
cs aim IjriVt'H DJlllStaCllOJI.
, ;,.h'he Blond
: .aat i>iii, fciczema*
thing Elumors.
If.B. li. (Hotantc Blood Ml*><:?l) is the
only Blood Remedy that kills the poison
in the blood and then purifies it?sending
a llood of pure, rich blood dircct to
i tho nkin surface, boneu. joints, and
j wherever tho disease in located. In this
way all sores. ulcers pimples. eruptions
are healed and cured, pains and aches
of Rheumatism cease, swelling* subside,
1$. 15. 1$. completely changes tho body
| into a clean healthy condition, giving
tho skin tho rich, red hue of perfect
health. B. It. B. cures the worst old
cases. Trv it.
pieasnnt niui Ht?rc to tnko; composed of pure
llotAnto Ingredients. it purllleH hii<1 enriched
the blood. It. B. 1J. strengthen* the nerveand
builds up the broken down system. i?'U
KlHtH II .00 PRH LARGE UOTTLK with dlroo
tloiiH for home cure.
SoM at All Drug Stores.
l.'urds of v'Hiiillilntos for the various oftlcvs.
mil Coroner to CoiiKressman, will tie Inserted
till* I'oiuinn fiom in w until the primary
.'ctioii for the 6U111 of J6.00, i'hcIi, ranli-wltli
, _ _ ~~~7, ... .1 ?
. uc.v>,) .iini'iiimr uij'scii u eanaunue Tfor '^sa
election to Congress from the third Co^V *
esslonnl District, siii'ject to tin- Democrats
imarv election. WYATT AI It EN.
For State Satiate.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the
nnte from t'ickeHH County, subject to the
Hon of the Democratic party at the approach
K primary election. T J. MAl'LDIN.
For Hondo ol ItepreNentnti veil.
At the solicitation of friends I hereby anlunec
myself a ciiudidate for the House of
jpresentntives from Pickens County, subject
the action of the voters in the Democratic
imary election. \V. Kl.liKUT KINDLKY.
The many friends of 1ION. \V. (?. MAUDDIN
reby announce him h candidate for re-clecjii
to the House of Kcprescntives suhjjet to
e action of the Democratic Primary. The
ipport of the people will be appreciated.
I am a candidate for the Legislature subject
i the rules of the Democratic party.
For Supervlnor.
I hereby announco myself a mndidate for
ipervisor, of Pickens county subject to the
tion of the voters in the Democratic primary
ection. WM. K. DATES.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the
lice of Supervisor of i'ickens county subject
?the action of the Democratic pnimary elec
on. .1. I) AIKKN.
,\t t*.ie solicitation of friends I hereby an
iunee myself a candidate tor the "Mice of Sii
rvisor ol i'ickens County, subject to tin
Don of 111" voters iu the Democratic I'riman
eel in .1A M KS II. OKA^G.'
1) I l( \NK .< n ?I'I:K announce- Himself a
caiidicatc |<> re-election t ? the olliee of Su
rvisor of I'i Ucns County. subject to 11>>
lion <>f the democratic primary election.
l-'or County Commissioner.
I hereby announce myself a candidal!) I'er tie
lice of County Commissioner of Picket
XI III ? . I l*l llll- IU-IMM' III I 111 - VllltTS 1
it- I)*' cratic purtv ill the I'riinurv olectWx.
.1. Ii. si \1 MONs.
A I I lit- Mil ici in i ion of mini y friends WlMiIAM
VoI'Mi hereby iiiinoniiccs ax n <-it n< t i< I it 11
r i oitiiiiissioner of I'iekt-n* county subject I"
iii*iion n| the I>oiim?*ruti?* priimiVy.
H.\ rc(|ii?^t of niiiiiy friends I <lo hereby ?m
mince myself nm u candidate lor tlit* ollice oi
oiinty nmmissinner of I'iekens County ?ub
:rl in the iK'tiou of the Democratic. I'riman
lty ilir request of inv mnny friends I hereby
ltmnnce mvself ii candidate for County Coin
lissfouer subject to the democratic (irinmrv.
At the solicitation of niiiiiy friends I herel>\
iiioiinet myself a candidate for the ollico of
on lit y Commissioner. subject to uetion of the
iters in the Democratic I'riinarveleetien.
.1 Ll'TMKK ItAtitt'KM..
For 1'riilnite
I hereliv Hiinounee myself a candidate for re
vet inn to the ollice of Probate Judge, subject
i the action of the voters in the Democratic
Miliary election, .1. II. NKWIIKKY.
For Sii|Mirlliteii<l?iit of Kilucatloii,
1 luirolie 1-ov.iwwiJ f ?? 1 1 * iiiiioiiixi.v ...... 1 / ..
........... .IIJJIII 11 .'nil
Idate for re-election to theotlieeof Snperin
talent of I'.d neat ion, subject to the notion of
ic Democratic, party in the I'rinmrv election.
It. T. IIAI.M'M.
For County Tr?i?nir?r.
I hereby nniiotiuce myself a candidate for relection
to the olHce ol county Treasurer, sub
>ct lo the action of the Democratic Party In
le Primary election. II I) G.tHVIV
Kor County Auditor.
I l>e? to announce ny candidacy f< rtheoOii c
f uditor. subject to the decision i f the Dem
cratie voters ol the ? ouiitv
It C. I.A A'ltKM'K
I hereby announce in* self a cat didate for r>
lection io the olliee of county A .iditor, subji-' t
it the rules of the Democr.tic Party a" jfeu '
ction of the voters in the ' rimarv elo'tlu-.^ &
For Coroner
The many friends of .loe r:. Medlin respcr:
ii 11 > announce him as a candidale for the ol
ice of t'oroncr for Pieken-t onnty, subject t"
lie action ol the Democratic party in the |>ii
nary election.
I''.ir M?nlstri?ti , I'icKciis Toivimlllp
i no iiiniiy i i ioiimn iii \ > I -i?rI! | .-Ofifrt I'll
niioiiiices 11iiii n> a riiiiili-'nto i nr ninni-trni'
nr I'irkons < II. Township. Milijcet to I Iff n
inn ni' ilii? miIit*- ill <he I?< 1111ii-r?i11 |ir1imt!
left ion.
Tin- 111ikt:\ I i imi ni v i 'SKA MTKTT if>
11111S > ji 111111III i I?::: i n i'-iii| !<tu I r I'm ri'cl i
i : * l lie hIM"i ?>l' V1 i-.M 11nli> for l'if kons (;. II.
ii\vii?ln|>. Milifi' l I" l ii"liiin ut I ho vntrrs r
ho I?imiiiici.iliff I'ip in;, fi'iin t
I'm < i.i I ii w-iuii. r.
\t si i if ii ii 11<" i m uiiiny I lifiuls I hurchy ni,
ion ncf iiivm'I I" for tlie |m>iii<ni ni' < ntlmi \vfi^li
r Inr the tnwii!-hi|i nl IMfkcns, siilijcci in tinrtiniinf
vnlcrsmi \IIKUM ".'Mtll.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All lliTrtnilK liol.lillir rlxiliw sioriiinjf
he estate of th<> late Samuel Simpson
nust pres"nt thi> same duly proven on
>r Ix'furt' ilit- 1 day of August 1010, or he
leburred paj ment and all persons i11lebted
to said estate, must make paynent;
on or before the above date, n>
he undei signed. W. O. Simpson,
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTICE is hereby jjivpn that I will
make application to J. B. Newberry
Esq , Jinl^o of Probate for Pickens
county, in the State of South ? arolina,
on the 18 day of Au^ 1910, at 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, or as noon thereafter ah
?iiH application can be heard. for leave
to make final neUlement of the estate of
J. \V, Tinner tleceaHeil. ami obtain ?1 ischar^e
aa administratrix of nai<l < state.
Mth. Myr i Turner,
Fob B'z: "ioncvsanoBudoed
' I -* ' *'
To Mark The Day.
you call her thine, the handsomest en
gn&-niciii/ inifji jJtu i.aii * *n
too good. Come here and we'll help y?i
choose one wisely and accordi"4Bl0Nr '
means. \
For Tlic Holliday WCviding.
it will he just as well to secure the riag
now. That will give us plonty of time
to attend to the engraving all wedding
rings should hear.
Jri. Hit icier,
llaslej*, N. C.

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