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^ ^ t ^ {j I' *' fit* A 41. *?? ?..?! cI.??m iiiHitor. uintoreol"<>*?ssro>** of March :Uq V
~40th Year ~ / PI(JK4^_s- c- Aua 23 \ 1910- \ Number 14
Liberty Raked Fore and Aft.
Comb Gathers tbe N(
Some Are Personals?Som
Here I como again with a few
items from our thriving little
You may not feed Buck with
the news but he will endeavor
to obtain all he can anyway.
You may let him fall off and
1 l <?*1 AT- on/1 r* r? ivi oinr
IV/UI\ itfS* J * CAIIVI iiwu vaiu an y
thing for hin\, but lie is all the
time thinking of you, the citizens
of Liberty, and about your'
/ -welfare.
f ' s
Noav/,^ ? we spok.' of the ap/
proaching ef6jJtion of the Mayor
and Aldermen our last issue !
of the Sentinel-Journal we
would like to surest that a
mass meeting bo called by tho I
people of Liberty for the purpose
of suggesting the best set of i
men we can get for officers of
the town.
Now, will not some one take
a step in this direction and let
us put out a good ticket and
everbody support those whom
all have selected to serve for the
best interests of the whole town ?
Such a movement as this should
nf irSfol * +? r,ll ~
UV VA. T ll'Ul illtUIUOl tu ail VJJL uui
people and our most broad and
liberal-minded men should take
this matter in hand and get together
and discuss the idea and
see who is best qualified to
* ' handle, the cityte monies and
business. Think about this,
.citizens, before you let things
go too far.
Mrs. J. S. O'dell, of Rome,
Gja., is visiting relatives
and friends in Liberty. She is
accompanied by her only (lau^li
tor, Miss Thelma.
Miss Belle Hoc has trout; i<>
Atlanta for a months visit. On
her return she will take charge
of the millinery department of
Sullivan, ESkew & Co., for the
coming season.
VV. S. Parsons and family
have returned from a visit to
relatives and friends at Elborton.
Mr. Fred Eskew spent. Sunday
with friends in the country.
The Southern Bell Telephone
Co., are moving the exchange
from the <>1<1 office to the new
one over Parish, Johnson &Oo'si
Gentle rains are beginning to
visit ns now and they are much
needed throughout this section
of the county.
C. E. Robinson, Esq., attorney
of Pickens, was among his
fl'iftnna Vw*rn /lilv liief uroolr
Sheriff It. R. Uoailc was seen j
around here a^ain Saturday, j
but we .eel safe and always
like to see Hob.
Messrs. (!. (). Coward and W.
M. Boggs left Sunday for the
mountains of Western North
, Carolina. They will be gone |
two works.
Mr. Thomas iiampoy, of ('a-'
teechoe, says ho is a hustler. Id j
. the'Weaving depart men! he has:
charge of fourteen looms of 111 '1
old fashioned stvlo and is making
good n^onev. Hurrah for
Mrs. U. E. Howon, who has!
b?OD visitinir in West.ministeri
for several days has returned lo
her homo hero.
Messrs. J. C and 'I'. B. Smith
have purchased the livery husi-!
ness of J. M. Hunt and K. L.
Smith, of this place and will
consolidate the two into one.
A tackev wr/tv v. i-rul
' the residence of Mr. (-'. V. Hicks
on b-t Friday ni^ht. Several1
> ? ? #' " tvi&i'
"Bock," With a Fine-tootl
sws for Onr Readers. I
>? I
e Are Hot Personals at All. W i?
of the younger K?;t seemed to enV
joy themselves hugely an(l|
they wero "tackey" to a finish."
The election of cotton weigher'
was held here Saturday and i
Mr. J. A Gary received the!
honors of bein^ weigher for. the!
coming season.
Some of our citizens say they
are out for Mayor but we have I
not had the pleasure of seeinir!
their name in the Sentinel- j
Mr. Evans Nicholl has assum-'
led a position with R. C. Robin-J
:Son& Co., for the coming season >
jand will be delighted to see his J
many friends and wait on the
trading public.
One Walker Robinson who
shot one Crocket Hendricks,
near Easley mill, was chased
by a party of citizens from Easlev
up to near Liberty, being
surrounded in a piece of woods,
or house near here, and rumor
has it that he was shot by Mr.
Julious O'Dell, the bullet taking
effect in the right side. Mr.
J. II. Black and others were
summoned and went to the
rescue of the chasing party.
They founed the negro near the
Calumet Mill. He was arrested
by Chief of Police Black and
landed in the Pickens jail.
The infant child of Mr. Bruce
Atkinson was laid to rest in the
comorery ai ims piaoe on last'
Thursday. Wo sympathise
with those who mourn.
Fred Galloway, of Brevard,
N. (\ has boon on a visit to his
aunt, Mrs. W. L. Bo^us, of our
Mr. C. H. Parkins informs
tl.nf .m.ln.. 4:-..
i*r> Miai' (IIIUI/I llVJ \>wuniuri ill IUI1
will ho stand for reelection as
Mayor, as his health will not
permit, and should he be nominated
and elected would positively
decline to serve.
Give us irood roads. Mr. Suner
visor, if you please, so we can
Ket in and out of town to do our
trading. This is the cry of
many, citizens who cone hero to
buy goods and to see Buck.
S(>t|;KnrH Skeptic*
. Thiit a clean, nico, ai i, compound
like Buckland's Arnica Salve will instantly
relieve a had burn, nil, M'altl,
wound or piit*?. staggers skeptics. But
j^reat cures prove it a wonderful butler
of the worst soi'os, ulcers, bni's, f> Ions,
eczema, skin eruptions, as also champed
hands, sprains and corns. Try it. 2"ic
at all Druggists.
B-., lanic
1 Balm,
.: !.</> i'lwmuli TiiG Illuort
I' !Vv: .
:y;! ^uu^Jfrn) '
;:t r;is, f^ZJ
r, tisviri, Ecy.cmai
c to Urn* U tumors,,
M.H. It. (Hotnnic Monti Hl<oil) is t?? ,
<>iil\ Mi mil Ui'modv that kills tin- noison
in tin* Mood ;indthcn purifies it?sending
ii Hood of pure, ricii blood direct to .
flu* h 1<i11 surface. hones. joints,' nnd
wherever thu diverse is located. I:: this
way all sores, ulcers, pimples, eruptions
itre healed and ciut d. p in?! ani aches
a: Rhentiia'i in ( lisc, swellings yiih.side.
1.5. I>. )>. coinpli'lely changes t.)ie body
into a olenn henlthy condition, giving
the skin tlio rich, red line of perfect
health. 15. B. B. cures tho worst old
citscx. Trv it.
l.iprtsftin hiul urtfeto Ijikc*: compocol of pure
Motnnln Inxrcilicni". II purlllo^ un<l enrlchc*
the l.'loixl. It. li. i Mrc;iKtliOII"> llic in'i vpx
iiixl Imildh up the l?rol:eii ilown system. l>rnx.
tflsts41.00 I'KH Ij.Mi t I- HOTTU: Willi ilircc
lions for home euro. >
, Sold at All l)ruj.r Stores.
Democratic PrW Election
\uu,ust m.v.m. . S
K?r Doi-ij.?>? .,KlHtnOi
- \ N -&, ?i
Ir??? Sutfi ">& . 1 1)
I ^ oto ror (1
Knr HoUNf Of It' |>r^,ttttlv??
S [Vote for twi
W E FIND fey I
j a hintJn :
e r mecraty
w'a maul un ;<
or I'uuiitj Sm??*lsi>f
| Voto f??r mie j 1
k j D aiken t
\mrk r riraya
\ 11 OATESA t
^Kj'V CoiuiiiifMinier
For Tor t\vo|
T r TTnf|K ^BAGVV'rj.L
J HIMT I vj'rr? Mi
Tf )T-?Bl
W \ ? 0 JONlfe
i x YT^?Awre^OE
JA^1 ?
Will v?*
?;l 'V!lt
J B N|
For i
[Vote .
For Comity Snp' rlnt.
K?r Cui?
For lK?i;i?ti
I Vice for mi
At Pickens?
W 0 BR AM J,]
AtEastatoe? ]
At Central?
At Cateuchi.v ?
At Calhoun ?
At Liberty?
At Easley?
At Daeusville?
At Pumpkintown?
W E El)ENS, Jr
At Hurricane?
1 (| WEDD^Gj;
e o ?V'
To Mark Tho Day.
you e ili her 111im . the It ui lnomtMf < :?
toogoml. li?*rf? and we'll ln-l|> yoi
cIioohp one whcIv ami n?'o??i <lin>c' > you
For The llolliday >Vo<|.
(I i nit;.
it will Iih .jiiHl :is \V* II lo secure ?iie riaj
now. wi.l k'v'" us pit-iit> of I Mm
lt> attend !? lii.' en ;r:ivin.( all weil'lms
rings s-.li<vul<: l"-'hi"
1 J. t?;11i< l<M*
l^usley, <i '
? -1
Professional Cards
I. K. noons \Y. K. KINDM'^
Pickens, S. 0.
onico ovi r I'ickei'H l>:ink.
Dr. T. A. Seawright,
Piflrphc fs/vnfli ?*?? * ' ??**
w */u V/ U *
Office upstairs Frecuiqt; *
Cards of candidates (St "the various olllces. E
?ui Coroner to Congressman. will be inserted
this column from now until the primary t
ectlon Tor (he Hum of 96.00, each, cash-wlth <lcr.
I hereby announce myself a candidate for ^
i-election to Congress from the third Con- ?
rexulonal District, subject to the Democratic
rlmarv election. WYATTA1KBN.
For state Senate. .
I hereby announce myself r candidate for the
ennte from l*lckent< County, subject-to the (
Ctlon of the Democratic party at the approachit#
primary election. 'I' J. MAUUDIN.
For lloiiHo ol Keprotieiiliitlvnft. .
f herein announce myself a candidate for
louse of Itcprexentatives from rickenn County, i
nhL'Ct to the action of the voter# in the Demomti<*
Primary election. j
At the solicitation of friends ! hereby anlouncc
mysnif a candidate for the House of
!epresentii'tlven from I'Jckontt county, subject
>> the net Ion Oft the voters in the Democratic .
litnary elect!vni. \v. KUIRKT KINDLKY.
The man v friends of HON, \\. ti. MAULDIN
1 1.1..in ?',?*? iro.olpi'.
ii>!i to the I Ion so <)t Ucuroseiitiv^K Mihjjet t < >
ho notion <>l Uie PemocrHtio Cflmury Tho
U|i|>?lt of the people >vill 1)0 ni'|irvi lato?l.
I miii ii cutxliilHto for the Legislature Subject
o the rmc* of tho Democratic! mirtv.
K. 1*. MiTKA VKV.
For SupcrvlKor.
I herol-v announce myself a < nn<li<htk< for
-iiporvi- V. of I'ickens ooutity subject to the
i<-tton of tho voters In tho Democratic primary
flection. \VM. It. O.VTKS.
1 hereby announce myself h candidate for the
ulliee of Supervisor of IMckens eouuty Stihjeot
to tho notion of the Democratic pnlmnry election.
.1. D. A IK UN.
At t'-e solicitation of friomls I hereby iinIII.IIMI'I.
mvsi'tr >1 Candidate for tho ollico of Si i - |
pervisor <>i I'h-keus County, nubject to the
action of the voters in the Democratic I'rhnnrv
(lectin JAM US It CUA10.
K. I'UANK l.ooi'l'.lt announces himself as
a cati.li' me for re-election to the otllce of Supervisor
of l'lckens County, subject to tho
action of the democratic primary election.
For County Commissioner.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate fer the
otlice of County Commissioner of Pickens
County, subject to the action of the voters in
the Democratic party in the Primary election.
\ J. 1). SIMMONS.
At the .solletlitlou of many friends WILDIAM
I-'. Yot'Nii helv by announces as a candidate
for Commissioner of Pick em* county subject to
the action of th^U Democratic primary.
II. f-n..until nflnUMV frlr-lds I dl) llerCbV all
noiinre inynelf g lor the oflire of
iCouuty 'Joininlsnh ?nM C*o%nity hu?>Jon
to tliu notion "ratle I nnidry
election. *' I KAI*.
It.v the request of
lUiiKtiince mvself ?
mihhioni-r subject to i
At tin* solicitation ot
nntiotiiii't myself n cir
t.'olllltv Ooimnission
s. w
K i'ur."
i bini MI'
r 13
11 ' ' Mil
iiil Dm;;
. P * c k J)
I v (,i.i ii . i
j cvi i 'i
' N'
J r.v o.rli r
I \ . M. WOK is I <- ,
?... ??
t! 4 iVi1
: ;',u
(>tiu A04M5IU onoo ?
ll.iaq p|(luM 8001)0 II? 1
-|KIU!(mtCK) kiO-i TI.?S| j> st 101
tnii|i ojioo uio.i; 910 spin
Aaatvau ojn00 o
. ; Huia .x. Aqu-iHJOUiO '
It A,Vct ( )M
\Some Liberty News. T
^Hs the weather in this im- h()S
tiodi^ gection while there has Wo1
eon L rains in sight. ?
^ Jja%>rn is needing rfiin bad. tie
5ar,y anted corn is virtually the
nade ft rain would help it. C^1
-TWrA , .?,M ^ornA ?n all
A WA1MSl!tJU Will ll^t -r?
ind won do no good if they W(
lid, untye have some rain. 110
The elusion for KnoxvtUe eN
was the fraction of the dav? lo:
25 tickets^ere sold from here
and they Wd out something Vl
lilrn o Violf Aiiti ^
lin.*^ tv IU?|| V V 1 L l(tl>v .
The Bell\hono Co. are pnti
ting up'cabluines here and the"
elect' ic lightlnupany are work- ?
ing along at tip electric lighting '
system. \ 1
We are reaV anxious to see '
Liberty by thc\loctric lights. '
The city dadLre having the
sidewalks paveKvhich will add
much to the Vmvenience of
walking, especially in winter,
j just after a free/A
mUn.m lino A"Ai-ioir1i>V!l.hlft
1 IIOA C 11CIO uv>v> * v>uiiuiv?v?v.
trading in town oft late.
J. M. Hunt has ^>ld his livery
business to Juny Shith.
It is also stated \that J. M.
Garrett has sold his pta-ce to Mr.
Anderson, tho now president
of the Calumet Co,ton Mill.
There has just been completed
a rural phone line across the
- - . t.
river west of here to 1'. u. iu>i>ertsr?n'?
nlace and thence to W,
*ce, connecting i
with the town
he expected leader of tho
t will be the "Thrice Blest
ly Ghost." We are looking
Him only to lead in this bat- *
against the world, flesh and
5 devil, and a backslidden
arch. & v JiiKi bvjv x wiuiy
invited to be present an<l
>rsliip with us, and certainly
? Wesley an Methodist will bo
cused for not being here, miss
Providentially hindered.
The committee earnestly adse
that three or four families
nite together and build them3I
ves a nice wooden tent, so
hat they can be present al evfy
service. Brethren and
riends, will you please try this
.^-..1 l,rvu- ii-nll irr\ll Will
MUM ?Mill J5UU ll'n? j vs.
>e satisfied, and how Got! will
><> glorified. Fanaticism, Formality,
had hchavior erroneous
teaching ami Tom Foolery of
cvcrv kind will ho suppressed as
far as possible.
The next. Session of the Wesleyan
Methodist College opens
September the (>th. Why not
kill two birds with one stone.
Yon cant afford, as professing
Christians, to send your children
to any hut a Holiness College.
So come along, bring
tlit' children and be with us
during the Camp-meeting*
meanwhile looking over the
College Buildincs and the
Teachers, and getting such othv
er information as you may
need. . v
Those expecting to
1 -n c'roumls^na'i IHiST; r

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