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J ' * C~s ' - - y
Kuterori April ?3* 1!)1>;J rttf I'lfkoii*, N, (), a* 1101*0ml <>lu*w iniiiier? iiinlorcoroii^roM of 'lurch :i,IS79
_ 1 - . 1
40th Year PICKENS. S. C? HEP. 8 19JO. Number 16
Liberty Raked Fore and Aft.
finnib fiathftrs thp. Ni
and good roads.
Now, lots say ^omothing j
about ihc si'ctmd primary in tho 1
couutv. Only 1 wo; spirants for j
( lli<v and tho host t i ing wc can
Mr, J. E. Robinson who has
been confined to his room for
weeks is able to be out again to
t,'A delight of his friends.
plarried, at the residence of
tin1 officiating minister, Rev.
W. T. Abbott, on last Wednes'
^ d.i\* 111 frlil ATi' lion me
^ 4 ? ...nnv4 ^>11 . J-/V nm. l>?l J UIJV
v- ,to Miss Lizzie Rackley, all of
,1 ,iberty.
Mrs. T. 1). Bradloy and children
<>t' Atlanta, (la., arc visiting
relatives here this wyek.
Mr. A. F. Riser who has boon
visiting in'"Columbia lliis week
has returned home ami reports
a good time.
Miss Belle Hue lias returned
from Atlanta where she has
heen familiarizing herself with!
all the new stvies in hats.
The l.O. (). K. are doing a !
.. !? - l- ? i ... I
mime woik ill inese |);U1S. All
visiting members of the order
invited to attend.
Mr. Wash Hunter attended
the District meeting of the A. it
l<\ M. at Clemson this week.
Our electric li^ht plant will
soon he completed and we will
ur,r>n I.l:~Ui
..v.... IKK I I'ICIIliV ?'| Iljilll.
Our constable licit4 slill follows
the hoys, with that same
old ugly walk.
Oh you little old sidewalks on
the hack part of town .as some
call it. just wait Until after the
lOoli of October and then you
shall he worked. Wo don't
v\m nf 1 ?4
,? I .ii' .?> iikuik I y i MI I1WM 1)111 NYC
must have your taxes over on
that side so come across hoys.
11' you don't want to in a
tangle with our town council,
stay away from town with your
Jim Ariail, col., was chased
ttuiHlay t?y chief of Police Black
for his disorderly conduct and
placed in a cell at the calaboose
to answer 111 charge.
Miss Irene Lillian Clarke our
cjiarming and efficient music
has charge of a music
'ViaV, at 1 his place.
Mr. T. N. Hunter is indisposed
this week with grip.
What has become of "B." at
('ateeehee? Is tie married, dead
or out of business?.
Quit\ a crowd attended tlie
camp meeting from this place
Some of these times when
you least expect it we shall
i. i *
nave Homoming to nay about
everybody in Lijurly and you
had bettor keep up with Buck
so you will know what ho has
' I ' ' \ \ \
l/ .
, V
"Buck," With a Fine-tooth
jws for Onr Readers.
e Are Not Personals at All.
to say about you. It may be
your time uext.
n?n. /* j j ??i
jjuui or our col ton linns are
humming, They have complied
with their shut down agreement
and will hardly stop any more
I his year.
ml- ir.ilitm'
. BJMIlA'l, \> II y 11UII 1/ \ till
come down anil visil onr little
city and see liow nice it is.
$1 (5o Reward $100
j 'I^t* readers of lliis papers will lie
pleaded tp learn that tliero is at loiust
[ one; dreaded disease that seienco lias
! been able to cute in all its stages, ami
j that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
| tin? only positive euro now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is taken internally, acting dir.-otly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, hereby destroying t ae foundation
of the diseasu, and giving thn pa
tietit strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietors have
wo much faith in its curative piwerH that
they otfer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it. fails to cure. Send for list
of testimonials. Add res-t:
F. .J. t'HKNKY & CO., Toledo, O.
. -,.v. %tj U?.U^IOIO,
Take Hull's Family I'llIh for constipation
Tim lifht Hour of l.lfn
is when \ on <lo some great ?!? < 1 or discover
some wonderful facta. This hour
mult' to J. k. Pitt, of Rocky Mt. N.
wlii-ii lii'.win sulfci inir inLcnsclv. ns lie
fsiy"from f in- wftrst eold 1 ever had, 1
ihen proved to my threat MHtisl'aclion,
what, a womierfe! Uol'l'nud Cough cure
Dr. l\iej('n New Discovery is. Kor, after
taking one bottle, I was entirely cured.
Ykii can't say any thing too good of a
iiu-dicino like that." Its the surest and
eel ie>r?edv for diseased Iuukh, Mentorritajie;-,
Dalhippe, Astlima, Hay Fever?
.mi! i'iiroat or Luii^ Trouble, $1.0 ).
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all
I lrnir..lulu
siriK K A HU'li Mint).
S, W. Jfends, of healtCity, Ala , sav s he
struck a perfect mine <>f? health 111 Dr.
Kings New Life l'ills for thev cured
him of Liver and Kidney Trouble after
12 years of suffering. They are the best
pills on earth for Constipation, Malaria,
Headache, Dyspepsia, Debility. 25c at
all Druggists.
IdfnOu I'uniiiiitt CiimtI
h*it} had one frightful drawback-main
[ mi iroiiDie mat lias brought Buttering
and death to thousands. The ^erins
cause chills,jjfevor and ague, biliousness,
jaundice, lassitude, weakness and nencral
debility. Hut electric IJitters never
fail to destroy them and cure malaria
troubles. Three bottles'^completely
cured me of a very sevare attack of
malaria," writes Win, A. Fretwell, of
I ...... ..... V J.1 I i
iUliHIlMI, 4.1, -O., ".1IKI 1 V*' HO I| gooa
and Kidnov Troubles, and prevent Typhoid.
~?0r'. Guaranteed by all I)ru^tfist*.
I ? -
; ho Blood
I i
I 3cxemai
i * .. -
I iutiiorii.
B.1V IV (Hotanir Blood Blond) is tin
only Hlood Remedy thntkiiis the poison
in the lilootl and then purifies it?Bending
a Hood of pure, rich blood direct t<
the nkln surface, bones, joints, nnrl
j wherever the disease is located. In thh
i wiiy nil sores, ulcers, pimples, eruptiont
lire healed and Clued, pains and ache.<>f
Rheumatism cease, swellings subside
B. B. B. completely changes the hod)
into a clean healthy condition, ndvinp
the skin the rich, red hue of perfect
health. IS. 1$. B. cures the woist oh
cases. Trv it.
i>ienMim nnu ?are to inuo: composed of pun
Botnnlo lngrc<lioiitN. It purine* aiul onrlchei
the bloo<t. It. It.lt HircMiKthciiK the nervci
ami tiullilH up tho broken down nystcin lmi?
glKtull (X) I'F.H I.AKGi: IIOTTLK with (llrci
tlotiH for homo curc.
: Sold at All Drug Stores.
say is t<? put tliem i?? li 1 in a hag
shako said bag and see which !
one conies out first. They are, ;
we fear after the office rather
than the office after the man. I
What think ye, Mr. Voter?
13 1- !1 A1 i- 11 "% * ? I
ivumor nas u. mat me lviapiecroft
cotton mill of this place is
to increase its capital stock soon
to $500,000, which, if true, will
greatly benefit our town.
Some Are Personals?Som
Buck's Pasture is a little dry
this week with the news but he!
?:l! ? i.s i- ~ 1 ~ I i. ? i ?i !
Ollll lias Illti Will ML' Ilt'liri" Oil IjIO"
erty and its welfare. He is still
longing to see the time when
Pickens county, as well as liisi
own immediate community,!
will !? filled with good people j
Card From Mayor
To the Democratic
ens County:
I am deeply grateful for the r
ceivecl for Governor in the first p
od of expressing my thanks for
J was general throughout the st
I graphical lines, 01* to vocations in
| forty-three counties, although tliei
the people, 1 received more vote;
Having led by several thousand v
with new assurances of support w
confidently expecting to be nonv
Pickens county in the second priii
i ? ** i i y, v~k:|) I. I y 1 (.>,
i CI
Mnflp lw 41m CI'IIA CTwa,\.I4.??/> O- *? -J
|"??V I1| nil, JlllIC UATJUlil'VO ljUIIHIIIl- |>j
The Stale democratic com- ed
mittee mi'l Sept. :5 to cailvasthe
returns of the first democratic
primary. The principal issue ?
at stake, to he settled at this
DUWkt i ))<>' woo U/.?. ( A \ *
\ i/n v tin v>in'illi*l V*. O
DuHie Hampton or (). C. Soar- ,j;
hrou^h should make the; race ])i
for railroad commissioner M
against James Cansler. The on
official count showed Col. Scarborough
leadilUT his oimonnnt
by ovor 1,(HM) votes. The rela- J.
tives standing of tho other candidate.
remain lin ;hanire<l. ri
Second races are declared for
governor, adjutant general, ]r(
railroad commissioner and for
a sin.ill margin. C(?l. Searbor "
on^li's vote in 34,!MM), against 01
1 I am pton's 22,030. ('(
In the raco lor governor a total
vote of 105,804 was polled,
Colo]j. Mease ivceiviim 33,111, sl
a&tinst M(),(Mf> for (J. (\ Foa(h-;('<
oi Ktoin*. a lead of j >
i in i in111Hnnit'i mjinw;!:?/v.
; W. Jones %
For state treasurer?R.. H.
Jennings 92,Old.
/ - *
Cole L. Blease.
'Voters ol Pick
nagnificent vote which I rerimat
y, and I take this nieth
those you gave me in your
Newberry with a handsone
. - *
r canuiciates in tlie surround,
Saluda, Fairfteld, and Lauhome
of Hon. C. C. Feaththe
second race,?my vote
ate, without regard to ?eo
life. In seventeen of the
re were six candidates before
s than any other candidate,
otes in the first primary, and
li t r>li lnim ? I -
i miw> v-v/uic; hj nic, i am
inated for Governor in the j
taign upon a high plane, seekin
my own merits. If elected j
t t - -
le people, without regard to
gainst eleventh-hour rumors
uflrages of the democrats o
For adjutant and inspector
n< ral? \\ . \V. Moore -1!),72(5,
liries Xi'wnlifini 'J1 I
For stale superintendent of
titration?J. K. Swearingen
For attorney general?B. R.
i miM ?(,(> )?, j. rrascr IyVdii
Kor railroad commissions?
lines Canslcr 11,:{20, (J. Mcuflic
I Tampton 22,(MO. (J. II.
ahon 1H,H50, 0. C. Scarhori^h
For congressman, first disict?George
S. Legare 7.111,
II. Lesesne 2,401.
Second district?Byrnes 1
arris 2,Patterson 5,Ml. j
Third district?Aikenl'2,80H. !
onrth district?Johnson 10,570.
Fifth district?T. B. Butler
I'll, I). K. Finley 8,735, Henry
Sixt ii district Brown 2,(121, Kl l>e
7,832, 1 lodges 3,781, Sellers
Seventh district ?Level1 12,tn
r\r% .net ) I , w MI.
Flic Committee's Report.
Asa result of the above figres
as lalmhited l>v the denio atie
eoinmittee the result was
uclared in this formal report:
"None of the candidates for
Dvci'iior. or adjutant, ami in
lector general, or for railroad
Hiunissioni-r, having received a
lajority of the votes east in the
rst primary election Aug. MO,
)l(>, a second primary is hereV
ordered to take place in acrmhmce
with the constitution
n Tuesday September 18, 1910.
'icandidates will be as I'ol)\vs
in the said election, having
il. l-? '
K-ivi-u mm1 ru^nesi number oi
Second Race.
For governor: Cole L. Bleasc,
('. FoatllOl'KtOlHi.
For adjutant and inspector
oncrai: vv. v\. Moore, J. M'Lcharrison.
For railroad commissioner:
The official voto as declared ''
For governor: Cole Ti. Blrase
| 5W,.|1 I. .John T. Duncan l.ll'O, (l
? C. (J. Koath ei-stone Hy- ?
| at-t '!!{(), Thos. (J. McLeod 25,-! '
. .John (1. Ilicharda, Jr. 0,770. '*
For lieutenant govern >r- K. n
t Walker Puvall 44,070, Chas. A. v
1 Smith 50,017.
| For secretary <rf state?K. M.
McCown 92,731. (
J I/^V. - 1 11 1 ?
congress in the seeoncl and sixth jc,
districts. h
The surprise in the report of j
the committee was in the race ,.,
for railroad commissioner, when |?2.
lit was learned that Col. Scarborough
had so lon^ a lead over 71
Mi*. Hampton, indications from
the unofficial returns Thursday
wore that Mr. Hampton lead by |
second primary.
I have sought to place my camjj
ing the votes of the people only c
I will be the Ciovprnnr r?f miJk-v
faction or class.
I desire to warn the voters aj
and false charges.
I shall deeply apprec iate the s
Leaving my home county of
majority, and leading all the othei
? ~r i - *T
i iii^ wuiiucs ui L.exmgion, union
jrens,?the latter county being the
; erstone, who is my opponent in
jStop! Look!
r 8 11; ? 5 ^U'l; <?nc< IU ? ' i " ?
? --xx * WHO ?I * C I, I R I \\ t
I Co. have just opened u|>
in a iirnv, clcait. fresh sto
lllnrdwarotlomri/ mul
!liuiunuiu.~ ilGtnjf dllU
Visit our store and wo will cotiv
you MORE GOODS for 1J-SS M<
ANYWHRRE, ancl remember that tl
Entirely New s
All we ask of you is to give us :
Highest prices paid for Countr
I'^ggs, Hams, and anything else you 1
And don't forcref flint- w<> hat-wll
Crimped Pete
We invito comparative to
I Januii'i ? ?
p?'M.di, i. ,^in;v? <1 UCllUr | > < 11
or penetration wo will in;
of a box.
Filnlrnilfl ITnilllmnnn nil
rilM fflTOl'C i
Pickens, i
J allies ('anslor, (). ('. Scarbor- 1
, I'nll"
("has. A. Smith, lor licutcn- \frs \
? 11 governor, and .J. Eraser ill
I,Vv>n I'm* ltfni'iKu- >r. .1 w,.... 1 Ii?riutr
> f,* mull,
having received ;i maiority of ' ,M"
ii i i . - * * *, touch i
the votes cast in s:u<l election,
are hereby declared the nonii- that j;
ikm's of the democratic party for hk.uo .i
the respective officer for which %volii
they an; candidates. j11" " ' 1
n. im. .\ici;o\vn, candidate foi* l*> -i
secretary of state; A. VV. J<> 'es, KEllW
candidate/or comptroller gener- Th r
al; If. H. Jennings, candidate p. '
for state treasurer, and J. E.
Swearin^en, candidate for state
sunerintendent of *>diieniion. rn?i
having no opposition, arc here- ^'"vVs
by declared the nominees of the nn<"i
democratic party for the respective
offices for which they c iv or
i are candidates. luire'i'i
j (Jeorge S. Legare, candidate Huiwiii
! for congress in tliti first, district: I
I). K. Fin ley, candidate for con- WOTHCil
I gross in the fifth district, and A. b'
IF. Lover, candidate for con- T,.
; gross in the seventh district, discom
J having received a majority of t
i the votes cast are hereby de ' c.-jr?
/ I...-,./! Hw> />< m.? /1,.1.. nwll
ocratic |>arJ \ in their respective .cjj|
districts. jflm
Wvatt \ikeii, candidate for /yl^y
congress in the third district.and
Joseph T. Johnson, candidate chTidu
I for congress in the fourth dis- t,1L"<lc"
I , . . , ' ' . ... 0KR wi
Iriot, navmu.no opposition, arc passag
hereby declared the nominees of
... culty I
I he democratic party in their step si
; respective districts, *}??
Hampton in Seoond Hacc. the kic
Information this afternoon lia{voii
; f ( <-.1 I :. : 4 4 U cc
I i r? ii 11 v win 111 i)i fi i rs id me hi I rri mile \\
I that, (lie second race for railroad ?,u* *)0
I commissioner will In- between
Cannier and Hampton instead by ?ln
of Cansler and Scarborough. cent
-mm. size bo
, Dr.King's New LifePlBSa STJ
! The boat in the world. P{,,nPb
I- a IKJUl
Dr. T. A. Seawright, Gonial
DENTIST, I reweo
Ik ?Jc.
Pickens, South Carolina. JJJJJJJ
' Office upstairs Freemnn BIdg. Biughi
\r<i and (Jrocorv
and are getting
ck n{
Fancy Grocerias.
iuco you that we will j^ivo
)NKY than you can find
u: stock is
ind Fresh!
\ trial order.
y Produce, Chickens, and
lave to sell.
c ' 1
V, UIL itwmjUb new [)(iveirs
U f U If /\ll? nl\ / v 11/^
OI.O, a i will nil^lIM
tt.ern ami a deepik(
k you ii present
.j n? n.
lii bllM] 11.
S011U1 Carolina.
Ik'V IIhivhA Doliiifl)' I'lirposn
k- Kidney l'ills Kiv,> ?|vi?%!i lvlief in
i Kinney ami bladder ailments.
Jose (ilaser Ter.-e ll:uite, Ind.,
e result in her case. "Alter suffor
many years foin a serious
>f kidney trouble and spending
noney for !v> called cures, 1 found
Kidney I'ills the only medicine
ive in*? it pTiuitnoitt cure. I am
ihle t i ho up and attend to my
I shall never Ix silati* to ivcomhem."
Sold l?y all I >ruggists.
ay Mail Clerks Wanted
overnment pays Railway Mai
1,0 ffonr* <. c 1 inn 1 *
r\o <>ouu iu j>i,?uu, anu omer
lories up to $2,500 annuallye
Sam will hold spring exannnahroujihout
the country for liaillil
Clerks, Cu.-tom House Clerks
oilier Government Positions,
mis of appointments will be
Any man or woman over 18, i
country can get instruction am<
formation bv writim/ sii. unrw t<>
i of Instruction. 10S liamlir
llorhestcr, N, Y.
as Well as IVlen aro Made Miserable
i Kidney and Bladder Trouble.
icy trouble preys upon the mind,
rajjesandlcssensainbition; beauty, /r$S
? i vigor and cheerful*
** Am I less soon clisannonr
when the kidneys are
- out of order or disKidncy
trouble 1ms
become no prevalent ; .
II that it ia not unconi*
tP moii for a child to he
1 horn afflicted with
weak kidneys. If the
rinates too often, if the urine scalds
sn,ur 11, wiicn nic I'uiid reacucs ail
len it should be able to control the
e, it is yet afflicted with bed-wetepetulupon
it, thecause of thediffiis
kidney trouble, and the first
lould be towards the treatment of
mportant organs. This unpleasant
is due to a diseased condition of
lneys and bladder and not to a
is most people suppose.
nen as well as men are made miserith
kidney and bladder trouble,
itli need the same great remedy,
lild and the immediate effect of
dAA?i rpn1t7/>/l Tt iu OA1/1
.ties. ou^im^
Swnmp-Root, n>m. ol hwatnp-Root.
iti^ many of the thousands of testi1
letters received from sufferer*
)unri Swanip-Root to be just tfie
v iicjucu. II? v ur. jviiiner t
, li.nRhamton \. . he sure and
>n this paper /. n't make nny
:e, but remember the name, Dr.
r's Swamp-Root, and the address,
imton, N. Y . on every bottle.

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