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EnW?<l April 23, 11)03 itt PickniiH, S. C. no mocoik! cIhhk mall mutter, under act orConjfreM? ol .Tlaioli 3, 1870
40th Year PICKENS. S. G. SEP. 15 1910. Number 17
Every Subscriber Wants to Boss and
Run tho Paper for Its Editor.
They say poets are born, and
not made. We dont know
about Editors, but our opinion
is that thoy arc a sort of human
hash, created from left-over
fragments. To run a newspaper
its Editor must be all sorts
of a fellow, for he has more different
kinds of human nature
to contend with than prehapsall
ntlmr ivwiIIAIH'
UTVM (Vtn/no fit U
We don't know any class that
has as much to contend with
as the average ink slinger on a
Weekly paper, I?nt. prehaps the
school-teacher comes next.
Every man who hands you
5?;> cents tor three ni >nths' subscription
lor the naj r hugs the
hallucination to bis uosom that,
this quarter gives him the right
to oversee and boss the sheet,
ami he never hesitates to exercise
that prerogative. 1 It;
imagines that all he has to do
to scare the Editor out of a
year's growth, and leave him
clinging to the ragged edge
of starvation, is to threaten to
stop his paper.
When Horace Greeley was
publishing the New York Tribune,
an irate subscriber once
frantically rushed into his sanctorum,
and with an outburst
of indignation announced to the
Editor iVat lie had "stopped the
"Greiit Heavens," exclaimed
Mr. Greeley, "is that so? Let
f, J\tt$ee at once about it." And
w^llityit permitting his ex-pat ron
to explain, lie grasped him by
the arm and pranced him into
the editorial rooms, where some
fifty men were grinding <?ut
I-1.. ... 4 I I I
i' nun i ueiiee ne nasu'llc?<l
into the composing room, I
win'i'<4 several hundred printers
ami others uciv preparing the
paper lor press, lie next made
a dive into the basement, where
tfreat pressuw were printing
tnousands of papers every hour,
and long strings of dravs wore
delivering white paper and hauling
oil" ear-loads of printed
"Why my dear sir" exelaini"i
* i
mi. vircciy, i yon
told me von had stopped tho
[ Tribune. It seems to he running.
What did you mean by
k giving me such a fright?"
\ The fellow then explained
I iU? i- L.. ! 1 - 1 l *
r uicit lie nan ordered nis paper
t * discontinued because he didn't
like its Editor's political views.
Mr. Greeley quietly resumed
his \vo?'k, and the irate subscriber
be^an to hunt a gimlet
hole to crawl into, that lie
might pull that hole in alter
The News Keporter Kditor has
'Hii'en publishing newspapers all
hot' hi< lifo Mllll ll-IC " Ill
reasonnl 1" sueeess. We have
never as yet started a paper I?i 11
a greater or less number of selli^ppnin'ed
advisers volunteered
to supervise the sheet and die
tate how t<> run the paper. We
always listened to tliem with
our deaf ear, and they general
ly leave with the idea tha, they
haVe done us a very j^reat kind
ne^s and serviVu t
I>ut? we have never squatted
in any place where we have
born tbr recipient of such unstained
advice as ri^ht here in
Bolnmbns County. There are,
more men in town and county
\yJyVbink thry know all about
* running a newspaper than pre
nap* \'".v "hut '|)?>1 on litis
^vcon\ oaiili can boasl. Ami
<>;i?nan .t,<'i nis id tmmU iIn*
llttlii ccnls Ik* pays ovrry
Uin?' * ;illis lor subscription
ontitles him to the privilege of
bossing the paper.
Now the truth is when a publisher
pays for white paper,
printers ink, work, mailing,
postage, office rent, and a hun
(lred other charges connected
with the publication of the
smallest weekly paper, he can
put in one eye all the net profits
he will make from several
thousand subscribers, and it
would not impair his vision.
rm_ _ ' "
i nere is not a cent ot profit in |
subscriptions, for a paper is supported
by ils advertising and
job printing. But of course, to
securt! <lie former (lie sheet
must be read. Kvery week the
News-Reporter lilts oui from
Olle to t.wn In nwli'ml militii'i'ilvii'o
v I
but now onus take their place.
We always put in more new
names than wo discontinue.
When we announced that wo
would stop all papers on a certain
day that had not paid in advance,
and would strictly adhere
to the cash system, we re
3 1 < ?
reived ny me next mail a
scorching letter from an old patron
of the paper, in which he
stated that the people of this
county would not submit to any
such exactions, and if we attempted
it we had as well izo
iiim .-mi mini iircailSC \V(! (11(111 1 |
pitch into tlit' Republicans morel
and unless we changed the policy
of our paper in this respect
it would lie hurl.. We explained
that we found some right
down clever fellows among the
Republicans of our county: and
besides, we never did believe
\r/?ii /w\? il/l ? 1
back to Georgia. We hunted
up that fellow's name on the
books and found that he owed
two and a half years' hack subscription,
and which he is still
owing. Ilis was the first paper
we stopped, but we will add
the narl V is linvv :i ?nltu<?viI
and like everybody else, pays
his 2;3 cents every three months.
The next adviser was a pjood
friend who took ns aside and oxplained
that the Democrats were
,)<m mum (Utilise il mail i>y
abuse, but must treat him decently
and reason with him.
Then a good church member
took us aside and said he liked
the paper, but it would be well
to stop publishing accounts of
murders or any crime whatever;
that lie could ^et us up the
county church directory to fill
in with, and we could publish
reports of the Sunday schools,
Union meetings and like pious
Wo could but think how many
subscribers would our paper
have in sixt v days did we follow
that friend's advice. A person
who wants such literature will
take his church paper; but a
I i ...?
secmar, i<? suit tilt; people, must
tfive the news, with til*- dew on
it. This, the News Reporter in
t.Ollds to do, and those who do
not like our way can net the
remnant oi their subscript ion
money hack at any time. Our
postage each week on county
leters is more than a year's suh
. ,. . . .. i
senpiiou comes lo. l>i'SKIPS Ilit*
cost of put tiu^ I hem in I vpf.
Oik- narrow minded individual
told us that we would hurt
the paper heeauso we kindly no
tieed our friends, tile I'riinitivc
napusis. lie saw mat t Here
writ' not many in the county
and we had better let 'einlalone.
Another wanted us to leave out
of our count y letters all personal
letters about jjirls and boys;
another :idvi < <1 th;?i we <-nt
the Sunday school programs and
like; another demanded that we
puiilisli more polities and another
thought that we had better
let polities severely alone. One
Godwin supporter said our pa
per would go to tho wall unless
we come out strong for Hannibal;
and a Clarke man predicted
the same dire fate unless we
supported Oscar.
In fact, there is scarcely a day
but some one conies in and ad
vises us about running the papaper,
and tells us what wo
must publish and what wo
must omit. Did we pay attention
to all of these bosses, we
would every week mail to our
patrons a clean white sheet of
per, without a line of printing
thereon. Now, wo are entirely
willing to do this, provided these
self appointed critics will make
lis a good bond that we can continue
to hold our subscribers
and advertising patronage. It
would save us big money we
must now pay for printers,
press work, etc.
It really seems that what is
"Iiv man o inuilli I? illlLIItil' 11IJ111 S
poison so far as editing Ihis paper
is concerned.
We know our friends and self
appointed guardians and advisers
are actuated by th?; kindest
motive^, and really think they
are doing the editor a service by
imparting their advice. But
there is an old saying, "Let tho
shoemaker stick to his last." If
any one will take charge of this
lui uvi:n u WTOK, JUKI RCG
how many troubles, trials and
tribulations the editor has to
contend with, he will come to
the decision that he does mighty
well to Ret out oven so sorry a
sheet as he publishes. When
mankind is created over again,
and they all think and act just|
alike, then it may be possible to
publish a paper (<> suit everybody.
Until that luillenium
comes, our kind patrons must
lake the paper just as they find
it, and it' I here is one department
or article that does not
suit them, why skip over it and
bunt up something to vour
Notice to Teachers.
The next teacher's examination
will he held in the Court
I louse Friday October, 7th. Examination
will commence at
1) o'clock. Applicants to furnish
their own stationery. By order
oi r>iaie uoam oL Education.
K. T. Hallum,
Co. Supt. of Ed. !
For Sal.e?f>(>aore farm, HO
acres in high state of cultiva<:?
1 1
biuii, iiuu orciumi, seven roomtwo-story
dwelling, 5-room tenant
house, two miles East of
Clemson College; public road
and railway in front of house,
with a daily rural mail service.
Address, J. E. Anderson, Route
I, ('lcmsf >n ( \ >llege, S. ('.
i>........ <
lias hail <ni" frightful dr.'iuback-inalana
Irniililc 111.1 i li;is lirniieht .-aitlerin,^
ami i leal 11 t?? thousands. The ^erins
cause chil's. fever an.I a^in , biliousness,
jiiilit'lici', lassitude. weaUnes. and general
delnlily. Hut electric Hitters never
tail to de*tr?>v tli-'in and cur malaria
- . . i
111rt i* n iiiu's c(?ini'l?'lciy |
i"iire*I inr of a very si'vnro attack of
miliaria," writi'8 Win. A. w??ll. of j
iiticama, N, ('. iikI l'v? had ^wod ;
ami Kidney Trotiiilt'M, ami (in vent T) - j
lilioid, '?()< . (}n:ir.iiil''i'?| l>y all
lor Sale.
Out- good liorso M years old. i
will weigh one-thousand pounds;
and will work any whore, 2 single
huggies, otic new (JhaseCMty
carriage and harness, one three
seated hack ami t wo *2 horse
wagons. Terms: Cash or good'
papers, also a good stand for a|
livery stable to rent to the right ,
kind of a man. Will sell the]
above property sepai atcly or all 1
together. J. Alonzo Brown
Cateechee, S. C.
Thest Hour of Mf i
is when you do some great deed or discover
some wonderful facts. This hour
came to J. R, Pitt, of Rocky Mt. N. <).
when he was suffering intensely, as he
says "from the worst cold I ever had. 1
then proved to my great satisfaction,
what a wondorfe) Coldjand Cough ( cure
Dr. K"inor'n Vow Ilionnuof.. J- P ?
Q ? ^.avvTCi; in. rur, muir
taking one bottle, I was entirely cured.
You can't say anything too good of a
medicine like that." Its the surest and
heat remedy for diseased lungs, Hemorrhaged,
LaUrippe. Asthma, Hay Fever?
and Throat or Lung Trouble. 50c. $1.00.
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by all
fluclkleirs 4rnica SaSvo i
The Best Salve In The World. 1
51100 Reward $100 J
Tic readers of this papers will he |
pleased tp learn that there is at lea t |
one dreaded disease that science has >
hP??ii ? >
V.. ...K ill fill ||,? Hlil^eS, Mllll (
I h:tt is <' ilarrli. Ilal'/s Catarrh (lure is (
the only positive cure now known to the 1
medical fraternity. Catarrh beimr a f
constitutional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is taken internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, hereby destroyinir the fotimlu.
turn of th# disease, and giving the patient
htrength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietors bave
so much faith in its curative powers that
they oifer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to curt*. Send for list
of testimonials. Address:
7. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Blood Balm
(B. B. B.) Corns Through the Blood
/}7AUL*\ I)nmc nnmc ran nX w
f/Affr | UUilL I'HJIMO, L/1W- ^
t*$?) pimples, mzJ;
Rhesnnatism, Eczema,
Helling Humors.
H.H. l<. (Hotanie Blood Blond) is tiie'
only Blood Remedy that kills tin- poison
in the hlood and then purifies it?sending
a llood of pure, rich hlood direct to
the skin surface, hones, joints, and
wherever the disease is located. In this
<>11 o,.?..# ..1 *
J .... r.ill i;in. |Mlll))lt'M, crujuions
are honied and cured. pains and aches
of Rheumatism cease, swellings subside.
H. 15. H. completely changes the body
into a clean healthy condition, giving
the skin the rich, red hue of perfect
health. B. B. B. cures the worst old
cases. Trv it.
plenNiuit Hint wife to take; coninoned of nurc I
isotonic luKruillontH. It puritleHtiuil enriches
tho blood. II. it. |{. HtretiKtlicns the nervea
ninl builds nil the broken down nystcin. Dtuk.
k1hU9i IX) l>|-.U UAKGK liOTTLK with <lirec
tioiiH for home cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
Let me
Sample 1Al
?f our 1 ^
tj ? am anxious to n
9 1 Noah's Linin
_ wmmm
,?,f ?M
x% ffmi
m-m j m
i ;#\ir
The Southern Remedy T? DE^LERS
M.J. ! D- L J " ?0n wi#l ' "'1 'I" m0!' Uliif
Hade in Kichmood ,or, |-?hi Rmdy on the (
that rcpeali, wrilf lor ray prop?<iti
I A few years ago flying I
I machines were hardly B
thought of, nor was
Iouuits tinuisioni
in summer. Now Scott's I
Emulsion is as much a sum* I
mer as a winter remedy.
Oh, You State Fair.
There is onlv one State Fair
in South Carolin;>, and it will he
held i 11 f 'nlnniliit ? ? '
wn< I V/l MM MM >)ISI, I
Novoinbor I, 2, and I. The
pro^rani will ho more elaborate
i 11 a11 heretofore. The people of ,
he Stale generally make 11 iis >
lirir one meeting place <>l' the!
yoar. AllV inform:if irm M.m( I
losiml will be ^iven l?y .Mr. .J. 1
.{. Mobley, President. Winns-i
>oro. S. or Mr. I). K. Mfird,
Secretary, Lexington, S. ('.
Be prepared for an emergency by having
on hand. More animals <lio from colio t hi n
nil other non-contagious diseases combined.
Nino out of every ten eases would have lie :<
cured if NOAH'S COLT newer'" h
boon |?l von intimo. lt| unoefc , A"
isn't a drench or dope,
but Is a remedy given /S\VnRv> v/Tr
on tho tongue, i?o aimpin
that n woman or Vi . (ll_ 1
chihl can give it. If it ^"-^rr!C k s IrI
fails to euro, your ,?
money refunded. If ?ft&Vyour
dealer c a n n o t
supply send 60c In < [A W ?| ? R **
stamps and \rc will k IV / ? B*!?
mail n bottle. Noah
Kemodv Co., Inc.,
fUchmond, Va.
|^Mcarl\? Evcr^bod^] |
. Tot YOU? 11
Vhy Suf
avc you become acquainted with the men
lent, and will with pleasure, send you a 1
for man or beast, internal and extern;
do all that is claimed for it, or your mc
Noah's Liniment is the Best
Sciatica, Neuralgia, I ,amc Back, Sltf
Coldi, Sprains, Strains, Cuts, Burns,
and all Nerve, Bone and Muscle Acli
Noah's Liniment is sold at
all dealers in medicine.
The- ml at l!l' rigli! is nn rxart COM of <w rriri trr
of thf> genuine Nonh's Linimonl. it it quite impofta
nlw> iSf fr.cl lli.il the words Nonh'a l.inirn??nt alw
distinctive mirks F.veryone rIhhjUI Iwware of irnitatior
proveulo every infringement of our rights. Noah Mai
% ______________
Cut this Coupon out and M
Noah Martin, Richmond, V?.
Please Mail me n Free Sample of N
I rnclnsc two 2 cent ?Iaiii(o for poi
im City or Town .
They Hhv?A Definite 1'nrpone
Foley Kidney Pills nivw quick relief in
case of kidney and bladder ailment?.
Mrs Rose (ilaser 'l'orre Haute, Ind.,
tells the result in hor case. "After suffering
for many years fom a serious
c.tse of kidney trouble and spending
inucb money for so called cures. I found
Fol?y Kidney Pills the only medicine
that gave me a permanent cure. I am
again rMh to bo up ami attend to my
work. I ?ball never hesitate to recommend
them." Hold by all Druggists.
Railway Mail Clerks Wanted
The Government pays Railway Mai
Clerks $800 to $1,200. and other
Employees up to $2,500 annually.
LTiude Sam will hold spring examinnlii.nu
I I,.1 ' - " '
nil' IM1IIII V IIP1 (Villiwiv
Mail Clerks. ! ii i'im House ('lerUs
itrni oilier Uoverninent Positions.
Thousands of a . pointnionl < will lie
iiiiulc. \ ny man or woman over 1*, r.
\ or count ry can get instruction and
iiiforinat ion by writing atjince to
are m of Instruction, 10S llamlir
I ?ii111iti^r, Rochester, N. V.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths,
There is a disease prevailing in this
country most dangerous because so dccepjkl!^
<leat!19 are causcd
case' pneumonia,
llltSfl' \^-Y ^ *ieart failure or
''Kj ^ ^ P apoplexy are often
ji/\\ Vj 'lie result of kidA
f?l ncy disease. If
^lr^i \ \A vUV^l kidney trouble is
V Wife - allowedtoadvance
xTx^.'*>[jLlyl ""* thekidney-poisonnir^^
ed blo<xl will attack
the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, brick-dust or sediment in
the urine, head ache, back ache, lame
back, dizziness, sleeplessness, nervous11ACC
/\?" At? ' ' 1
uvss, v/1 tww jviuntja IIICIIISCIVCS urcaK
down r.nd waste away cell by cell.
Bladder troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
better health in that organ is obtained
quickest by a proper treatment of the kidneys.
Swamp-Root corrects inability to
hold urine and scalding pain in passing it,
and overcomes that unpleasant necessity
of being compelled to go often through
the day, and to get up many times during
the night. The mild and immediate effect
of Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy
IS soon realized. It stands the highest because
of its remarkable health restoring
properties. A trial will convince anyone.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You may have a
sample bottle and a book that tells all
about it, both sent free by mail. Address,
I)r. Kilmer ivc Co , Hin^harnton, N. Y.
When writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make
any mistake, but remember the name,
Swamp-Koot, and don't let a dealer seil
? something in plact of Swamp-Root?
?u do y<. u will be disappointed.
Dr. T. A. Seawri^ht,
Pickens, South Carolina.
Office upstairs Freeinnn
Dr. King's INewLifePllls
The best in tho world.
fer? 1
ts of The Great Pain Reme:<.'y, |j
"rea sample on request. It is goid | 4
il use, and is positively guaranteed to fj
>ney wiil be refunded.
Remedy for Rheumatism in all forms,
f Joints and Muscles, Sore I liroat,
Bruises, Colic, Cramps, I oothachef
es and Pains.
25c., 50c., and $1.00 per bottle by
e<) -mark which is u?ed on every label and carlon
nl that the public 'lioiild note this before purcliating, nt
ays appear in r? <1 ink. None genurie without the*e
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tin, Noah Remedy Co., Inc., Richmond, Va.
ail at once. |
[oah't Liniment.
C .r -Wa((S|^

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