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[ PlOKDNS, S. C.
"Tho good old sumniertlmo" la entorlug
011 lta last lao.
Kven Indian maharajahs got to bo
nuisances, according to London reports.
Some ^ernons divo into shallow water
at summer resorts and others got
Earthquakes that lu.te to bo Bnubbed
axe careful to keep away from San
Prancisco slnco the ftro.
Tho crown prince of Slam refuses
to be a poly gam 1st and ho does noi
say it in Japanese, cithor.
If the cows will not Rive milk
when there Is no rain wo will bo
driven to milking a can of condensed
Th,. ...
.... vwiu nuiragu iiKurca indicate
that omelets will bo moro reliable
noxt winter that pouched eggs on
An Indiana mulo kicked a motorcycle
and cyclist across (ho road the
other nay. Somo mules seem almost
That little earthquake out in San
Francisco the other (lay did no damago,
but tho restored oity did not like
tho hint of Its calling again.
Our friends of tho Weather Bureau
are respectfully notified that one largo
veriilcatlon of thodu tain predictions
is still overdue.
Tho man who ate fil oarB of corn
for 11 prl7.o probably followed nature's
example by holding tho oars down as
he ato them, with his foro-feet.
Tho aeroplane as a possible factor
In warfare is somewhat handicapped
by the tempting target it would make
for oven an ordinary marksman.
An "author of many arithmetics"
lias peacefully died In Pennsylvania,
but tho arithmetics, dear children, nre
still alive and waiting for tho fall
A scientist who has boen Investigating
decides that grasshoppers are entirely
useless. Evidently he never had
a iiock of young turkeys to be fattened.
Whilo ho was saving two lives a
<3oixnectletit man lost JIN. Tho pooplo
whoso lives ho saved might at least
'have tho good taste to get up a purso
for him.
Tho wireless is turning out to bo
the best crimiual catcher in tho businesa.
There is no eseapo for tho bold
ost and shrowdest from its lightnlngllko,
tell-talo agility.
SolontiBts announco that they have
laolatod tho gorm of loprosy and hopo
Boon to havo a euro. Hut thero is no
hopo In night for those atTlieted with
An itching for public ofTlco.
A Princcton professor contends that
tho common Idea of hoavon in wrong.
Now if Bomcono will dotermlno Just
what Is tho common Idea of heaven,
tho wholo matter will bo settled.
Tho hobblo ?k rt shows siirns of
Joining tho autorroblle and the airship
for place In the accident record contest.
Itn uho b a comment for tho
cynical on tho < /omen of this libertyacoktng
Though trie bulletin of the Chicago
npeclal park commission concedes that
tho birvao of the tussock moth "is one
of tbo most beautiful of our caterpll
lars," It docs not recommend that the
larvao No treated as pets.
Canada la also a big country, although
not yd In tho sa^no class with
tho United States an regards population
and general development. There
have hoen reports of rrop failures In
tho Dominion. Now comes tho explanation
that In some quarters grain
And other products havo suffered from
drought. Hut In oilier sections there
V?? ..r. r> .. i? -? -- -
Miir i?? ?tii cuiijMii ui nmi.si'jro
and tho yield will bo good. Tho out crlun
f tho calamity shoutnr and Hip
speculator must ho taken with duo al
ilowanco <n both sldos of tho border.
Tho offli lal flguros showing that during
th'> alendar yonr 1909 (ho expenditure
In tho I'nlted States f'>r
building 'rations aggregated about
n billion ' larM, surpassing tho fcord
of 190i> by ien 10 cent., not only provo
Jjow cor . etoly the country had re
icovorod r n tbo "panic" of 1907 hut
t> ' t* I.O"? ?? '"< ? '?
froeh star' in prospnrlty. Thorn may
"bo chm kn md reversion from tlmo to
l>" no nation like oura can bo
Vopt p? rnnontly crippled or Industrially
An KawllKh phynlclan In of the opinion
lhat ohlcJt?na spread tuberculous
anion* Nevcrt holess a pood
Tunny people who ?ro unable to caiiao
tronblo In any other wny will con*lnuo
to k<*?p ehlcliena.
i evening p.ervlco at a church In
hna been discontinued hemoaqultooB.
And It cannot
that tho skeeterw wore
he purpoao. Whatever
> Hermmi, tho concrete
bored by th?
IkV j
a consideration of the do<:
there is one disease above
particularly dangerous, nn<
sources of mischief are trivi
fcaafirvi with this disease peculiar
which he is the principal (
1 liWIfil conveyed by his saliva in
j |,^\llyi even into any fresh ?'ut on
| SdHriBMHV which the saliva may be in
At times when cases oJ
is very little danger to the health of I
bnt every twelve or fifteen years a surp
I canines accumulates, anil then some ?
| outbreak which becomes almost epizootic
becomes a menace to the public health
misinformed generally realize.
One of these periodical outbreaks
I \ r i xi _ i
iua??iu:nusfu.B uuinig uie past live year
| ^clincd until thodi
"1 I dm
which h
Not Ripe Nvh'c.h ,1;.
in the 1J
lOr duplicate
"No-Tin" 1
?JJIg mv I
bo en tort
I' nnoe of a
Br A. C. DW1GHT discharge
San Fr.nci.co joct will
less the
Englishmen rushed to the new place b
a custom (hat lmd behind it centuries
part of the public had heartily wearied.
In England, however, they do not t
do, the average being, say, sixpence, oi
The big tip of this country has
It 1ms made a host of employees \it
the man who is not able to give fal pr
The hestower of small tips in ino
anil gets no thanks from the recipient.
Again the recipient of big tips (lev
110 bounds.
lie is never satisfied with thn oi
it should have been more.
Bad as the whole system is, it rniirl
have not yet adopted the British nuisan
clerks in stores.
11 in
first nan
Location of Jj^;
Original l,ia
"Olrl Well^N
] im\
'IVnu., (1
By GEORCF. A. VINTON shreds ol
Chicago the facts
JLmmmmm*?mm_J NIOSt kill!
(Jlory po
of which I am a member. and ('oinina
mid organizer.
At our next open mooting I. as
prosont her rich donation to Old (Jlorv
Wo do not indorse the statement tl
Maps,, has the original 'Old (!i >rv.'"
1 hftvo tho documents and facta to
of I'ark Kidgo, 111., near Chicago, win
daughter, al~o has the facts and more >
tlag, which ho will also donate to Old < i 1
I =1
aim K< I?
GOOCI to rcrall
m c writers.
Books lor fn t)
YounfJ of thougl
en and
GOplG "baokbon
to Heatl I Though
i ror I
women r
son for r
"""""""""..' 'mi ?Z I'arti
"Corn per
Emerson writes .n a style thai
phrases are elenr-cut aii< 1 many fairly f
Bacon also has some valuable essay
Iia}>3 more difficult (o read in spare mon
And finally let not !he youn# mar
common-sense talk to ue found in tlu
book, the Bible
nmm m i mm i? ??
Disease of Dog
Menace to
Great Decree i
EKS, Boston
; as a menace to the public health
all others to be looked upon as
.1 that is rabies. Other possible
al and insignificant in comparison
to the dog and dog family, of
lisseininator. The virus of rabies
to wounds intlieted by his bite, or
the face or hands of a person into
troduccd by licking.
rabies are rare among dogs there
the community from hydrophobia,
111.-; linniilnf lull of nvfro aim '"!?'
J. W ...t.v .v/.. ?>*. VAilU 1UOV.UJ/1 iUlO
log or dogs with rabiei Btart nil
c. I'nder these conditions the dog
to a much greater degree than tJi>!
of rabies has been taking place in
s, but present indications are that
very few cases have been reported
during the past months,
an authentic case of rabies in Mas pteinber,
1903, until November,
winter of 1904 and 1905 a few
irious localities, and by the spring
!ik was well under way, attaining
since which time it has gradually
scasc has again nearly disappeared.
i't believe that the "no-tip'' hotel
as been opened in London and
is met with extraordinary success
iritish metropolis will be speedily
d in this country.
enture in London was started dur
linn, HUM I vjuu UL'Hl' Willie
enormous crowd that sought to
ained in a house whore the accepttij>
hv nn employee will mean his
Still, as I paid, the same pronot
he attempted over hero, untipping
evil (and it is an evil)
worse proportions than at present,
eeause they hail become sore owr
of observance and of which a big!
ip nearly so lavishly as Americans
12 cents, against 25 cents hero,
unquestionably had a corrupting
terlv indifferent to the comfort of
at ui tics.
di, 3 is irfivico wnn contempt j
clops n hist and greed that knows
of his donation and always thinks
it ho worse; and, thank heaven, wo
co of giving tips to policemen and
true that Oapt. William Driver j
)< ! t hi' stars and s( ri [wa "Old
1 1*31. us a recent artielu said, hut i
i;il !l;iis now in the possession of !
liter, Mrs. Mary F. J). Roland of I
e in my Keeping the portrait of ;
ich old unionist, who saved "Old!
roin hein<( destroyed in Nashville, j
urin^ the civil war, and I have
f that same "Old Olory'' and all
and history that Mrs. Roland ha?
lly and generously donated to Old
st, No. ?DK, (J. A. 1{., of Chicago, i
nder \V. \V. Fletcher the founder
Nfr*-. Roland's representative, will
iiit the "J'ssex Institute of Salem,
disprove if, and W. I'. Summers
< married ('apt. William Driver's
loeumcnts and small shreds of the
orv post at our next open meeting.
u-ro days of ephemeral literature
loni/nl short stories it were well
tin- value of some of the earlier
u-ir works are to he found ^ems
lit of greater value to young wommen
<>f today than the modern
,ii u< u s (in mow to JSuceeed,
Young" nri'l <.(lior similar twaddle,
example. !< ( the young men and
on 1 somo of the essays of Krnoreal
eularlv valuable nr?> lite essays on
isation" and "ftclf-lidiance."
is almost epigrammatic, but liis
rt nlon^ I hi* lino, hut they nre perlents
because more involved.
1 overlook tho valuable advice and
: llook of Proverbs in the oldest
?? John Molss
tied tho world
Jr'Wwi^m\ nel a 'm
1|\ London, has b
| \ entS nn<' 'S nn
Iy/w/liX Etampes to t
| L\ lMf j\\\ over tho Eiffel
llto,jufo/j/tlfl/Afr Moissant li
Blight build. 1
^ftpofi/illh 'ff//y//v/ ftK? anil bocai
>j if///// <lpalKna and f<
i '?' ' ' ' / ' '' ho determined
Tho MoIrk
John, and two sisters, for ninny yonrs hj
dred thousand dollars In Salvador. In 190
arrested n 11 <1 Imprisoned on charges of al<l
John was actively Implicated In tlio mo\
und handled a rapid-fire gun for tho Nlci
were repulsed John Moissant fled to N1
released, but their property was attach)
to prevent their escape from the country.
When Moissant was sojourning In I
with a car^o valued around $100,000 was
i small dugout and In tho teeth of a gale !\
I vessel mil! tnnlr luwcncclnt. 1
. .vv., x,-wuwv>K??ji?v?a. in iiiu niwriu
captain with some of the crow and an h
vessel, which had withstood the fury of t
on a bar In the harbor. A shot from Mob
somo warm discussion the captain had tc
American consul that Molssant had seized
During the night another storm came up
the vessel. The American consul found
rigging, only a few feet above the water.
^^ George M.
preme chancel
from Mai no.
(M Intellectual st
/, ^ strong, capabl
r///' '' ? longed labor, c
t u;' ,l"'1 Ktr,a!nr?"vM
*t%>? 7| -<?; of a forceful a
0 . m
\*' '/ // ' "v4.\ II leaders or in?
VyIf//, r part In public
>'//%&-? ' / the city of Cnl
y//.y///t J twice elected 1
A of customs by
I"; r
of that state.
In the order of Knights of Pythias
which that organization can confer. He b
a member of other organizations and kcci
and talent chiefly to this organization sir
chancellor commander of hia home lodK<
became a member of the grand lodge of
1893. In 1897 lie was elected supreme re
and 1905. In the supreme lodge Mr. Han
ten years a member of and for eight ye:
mlttee, that being the ranking committee
In 1883 he married Miss llattle W. Fa
thew Thornton, one of the signers of th
of Henry Price, who Introduced Masonry i
whose name Is borne by a Masonic lodge
companion anil associate of Mr. Hanson 1
v r? in % # r> i# i r*
IN EL VV YUhl\^)
Greater fm
status, porhap
dgf ship <>f Now
l,y fi young iiu
yf? ehell, who he<
tho metropolis
V'. __ yjKf Ho Is undouh
tyjy a?y Kf'-at An
>j <. ^.y/ shows the gn
/ % \v? ment when so
i owit bo hi
V-?\ y / bllitlos ho va.si
X/ /h// Within an
/OTffli //////' ,;,ruc'{ <lown I
'''illHmillA. J//' //// say t'iat ,lt '**'
/ '/ "/ /'- '7/ nlvo any atton
agoment had
thc> young prosldnnt of the boanl of al<leri
HiiccePil to tho first oflico of the city If
Mr. Mltcholl was twenty-eight years
,,r. liia /.w.i f -
iiv-vnnu nil II YU JUllTH, WX10I
began. It whh In the family to study law,
on that before he went to college. Conec
live courses In his Junior year ho turned
of tin- arts and chose those which ho he
career. Ho went in for political science,
history, and that sort of thing.
.Mr. Mitchell is a graduate of Col am h
Law school ami entered public life as n
William B. Ellison. Ho conducted f*:irc
the city departments and proved one of t
nected with the city government and las
board of aldermen.
William (2<
?$2*^ nonrotary of*t
tlon by tho go
\ leea as tho f
? which is llkol
fmL i foaturo of tho
\W the idea kovol
i 7 rs\ ?.i???i ?... *
I Wfr/A 4s^] PJ cn(,? ?f kovci
\ tmflstifo v oon8lder th0
V/ / Tho "I
A^/// // t,mt tho goVfcl
I I n meeting to i
y<^g?|||\ ",//,v In Ktato logls
JAm> decided to mi
' ^ : V'- manont inBtlt
offering r vot
part In tho foundation and promotion of
Ur.lnn la n -t.. I,? - II.-- --
W.UOM .? ?? nmui/ nnuwil VCIJlur una P
up editorial work to dovoto his tlmo to 1
psychological and political topic*. Mr. ,
houso who Is not a governor.
ant, tlio young Chlcngoan who starby
his flight across tho Dover chanasengor
on his way from Paris to
eon a "soldier of fortune" from his
Molssant was born of Spanish pararchitect.
He suddenly camo into
hen ho unexpectedly flew from
he Issy military ground, passing
I tower.
, M, ~1.1 ~ -' I- -?
I mil v; iito j cai n um aim IH Ul
lie is seemingly very Jovial in torn9
first visited Paris Homo month'J
ne interested in the study of aviatwo
maehlnes built after his own
Kind the subject so fascinating that
to become a practical airman,
ant brothers, George, Alfred and
id Interests valued at several hun7
George and Alfred Moissant were
llllt? find nlx'tHiii* t ho rr>v?ilnf Innlstu
emont against President Figueroa,
iraguans. When the revolutionists
caragua. His brothers later were
3d by tho government as a bond
londuras a tramp steamer loaded
cast ashore and abandoned. In a
loissant made his way alone to the
Ing, when the wind had abated the
gent of the lino rowed out to tho
ho waves, but which was held fast
jsant's revolver halted them. After
) row back to shore to inform the
the ship and her cargo as salvage.
and finished the work of wrt'cklnf?
Molssant lashed to the topmost
Hanson, recently Installed ns sulor
of the Knights of Pythias, halls
Mr. Hanson suggests physical and
Tttllffth TiTror?f )?rnn.l
0 of enduring vigorous and proind
equally capable of mental actlvhe
combines the essential qualities
,nd successful chief executive,
on a lawyer, ho has been one of the
1 bar of his state. He has taken
affairs and held public office. In
lals. In which he lives, he has been
nayor. He was appointed collector
President Cleveland, and by Goverlalne
a member of tho commission
>n and codification of the tax laws
he has attained the highest honor
ccamo a knight In 1S83, and though
ret societies, has given of his tinio
ico that time. He wjis the second
?. Ah soon as ho was eligible ho
Maine, and Its grand chancellor In
presentative and re-elected In 1901
isoti has been a forceful tlgure, for
irs chairman of the judiciary comof
the supreme lodge.
rrar of Calais, a descendant of Mato
declaration of independence, and
nto the state of Massachusetts, p.nd
til OanihriillTi' Mrs Unnonn lu flio
n their homo life.
r than the governorship of many
s than any of them, la tho mayorYork,
which has lntely been filled
m of only thirty?John Purroy Mlt amo
the acting chief executive of
upon the disability of Mr. Gaynor.
lodly the youngest chief executive
lerlcan city lm* ever had and It
^at American capacity for governyoung
a man can step Into a scat
eat, of honor so high and responslt.
hour after Mayor Ciaynor had boon
iy an assassin's bullet It Is safe to
ist half the men In New York who
tlon to public affairs and their manthought
of John I'urroy Mitchell,
men, who, under the charter, would
the mayor's wound should result
old, and had been practising law
1 the ranking of his public record
and young Mitchell had determined
fluently when he came to the elecaside
from the distinctive studies
lleved would help him in his later
the science of government, political
la university an<l of tho New York
.ssistant corporation counsel under
hlng investigations Into several of
lio most indefatigable workers cont
fall was elected president of tho
^orge Jordan has been appointed
ho house of governors. His selecvflrnnra
i'j n pofnomitUn v.i?
.. . WW^IIIVIUII Kt 1 nitt wurv(Hinder
of this unlquo institution,
y to become ultimately an official
government. Mr. Jordan proposed
ral yuarn ago. It was immediately
'resident Roosevelt and a confer*
nors was called at Washington to
conservation of national resources,
tho conference wore so Important
iiium uii men own muiiiuvo caned
llscuss plans for greater uniformity
latlnn. At that conference It was
fike tho house of governors a perutlon
and a resolution was paused
e of thanks to Mr. Jordan for his
tho third house. William Oeorgo
ublicist. Some years ago ho gave
writing. He has wrltton largely on
Jordan Is the only member of the
m Munyo
' Witch M?
F W is mors soothing than
Creatn ; more healing
anv lotion, liniment or
more beautifying thai
Cures dandruff and stops ha!
(ailing out.
Got Stung, All Rlghl
Bill?This paper says tt
were unknown to the Indian
Jill?Yes, I believe it was
j ers wh1 used to sting thcm.Statesman.
Last Here.
The Minister?In the ne
Tommy, the last Bhall bo firs
Tommy?Say, won't I ahl
tho minister comes to supp<
house up there!?Puck.
Then It Happened.
"What made you think
propose to me?"
"Why) when I refused hln
ho didn't care what became
Stranger?I suppose you
thia town think you havo tho
climate In the country?
f Man With a Cold?No; but
tho greatest variety.
Swimming In Myriads Neai
They Are Snared and S
by Filipinos.
" "" IS 1 =
eels mid other fish in the P
the old captain of tho port bi
the aid of fish Rnares on
i largost eel ever seen on t
front. It was fully ten feet
Both banks of the Paaig a
ships and lighters moorec
stream were thronged with
of Filipinos with snares ai
trying to catch the fish thai
ads were swimming near th
of the stream.
! Natives when asked in :
| tho phenomenon were almc
mously in their statement i
feet that at this timo of the
out perhaps lio wasn't s
Houston Tost.
oouoin 01 mo river gets not
the fish have to leavo the
tho stream and flash back
on or near the surface.
Another theory that seeme
a great many adherents was
feet that at this time ov
there was a change in tho
of tho water, this change
the fish as a stimulant.
This theory was advanced
pilot who has witnessed tho
non for many years.?Manila
"Kjrt cdii i e?
Just Sensible Food Cgrei
Sometimes a Rood, health)
rial traveler Buffers from ]
lected food and Is lucky If
that Grape-Nuts food will
A Cincinnati traveler sayf
ft year ago my stomach got
way. I had a headacho m<
time and suffered misery. F
niAtlfhu T ?w. r> /l.xi.r., ..*>??! T
IIIWIIUIO A 14*11 UVIU II until i
'<0 pounds In weight anrl Una
glvo up a good position and
Any food that I might uso i
nauseate me.
"My wife, hardly knowing
do, ono day brought homo i
of Grape-Nuts food and ooa:
try It. I told her It was n
fU.nllif * ~ T * -I ~
good example of what the
of food Mil do.
"You ran publish thlH if yo
It 1b a truo statement wli
| Read the little book, '<Th
i v r i iiu, in yngo. iiiviUD i
Ever read the abort lette
n* appears from time to tti
| are craalat, tru* u< toll
tlllCill/ 11UII1WI UUI 1 lilts'
and they Just struck my
j was the first food I had eatfi
ly a year that did not cauao t
"Well, to tnako a long stoi
began to improvo and stuck
Nuts. I went up from 135
IWnmluir tn lltA nAiin/ln
l/vvviiii/vi vw yv/uiiuo tin;
"My brain is clear, 1
I right and appetite too muc
i man's poc\etbook. In fact,
oughly ,nado over, and owt
Grapp Nuts. I talk bo much j
Gra^e-Nuts will do that no
men on the road have nlcki
Grape-Nuts,' but I stand
honlthv rnaT.rhflftkfi/l ?nnn?
s ^ ?
i Cold
; than
n any
Ir from
t. v
lat bees
the trad-Yonkera
ixt world,
ne when
er at our
ho would
ii he said
! of -him;
people In
wo claim
r Surface
i snaring
aslg near
uildlng by
.ught the
he water
In length,
nd all the
1 In the
id spears
t in myrie
regard to
>st unanlto
tho efyear
and that
U??1JIU? Ul
and forth
id to have
to the ofery
acting on
by an old
i Him.
r commerpoorly
put him
i: "About
in. a ba^
">f!t Of tl40
v,. A1
lost ?ibf]fut
11 y had'to
f.o lioriU0i
Beeuied flo
; what t0
si packflga
ced me-' to
d a lit tle>
tasto. "
I.% ?
" "* * lenrxny
ry sb*.ort, I &
to f Irapepour
l(js jn
f?ll owlnK
h fof/
1 nm t hor?
It ali0l to
ibout v /hat
mo of the
named me
tOdft' y %
~a P .rotty
right kln(3
u wa nt to.
tbou t any
0 K oad to
ft Rt ia490n."
kA *?w
f lnuu?

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