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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, September 22, 1910, Image 10

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\ I
PIS1 For InfailtB and Children.
plST0|)|j| The Kind Yqu Have
? ?
IH? nil. II, iiliuniinTfi *
| A\?gc table Preparation fbrAs 4-V? 0 M %
I slidlatingtteFManURetfula AjGcIiS tLLO /a/ nu
! tlngUKSwmaciisandBo^^sof f yf
Ut-'ij^Mujiiu.iid Signature / AJl
\ PromotesDi^estionfWrful- nf
ii ne6sandRest.Containsneitl?- M* 11 . lj
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral. tLvU
| Not Narcotic. \/\J"
| itnxpfofoidDfSmJELnmm I If f
! Wat j ? Vv In
ffifflf Mt- ) T * it ? ?
is;W f\J <al. IICO
Aperfecl Remedy forConsfipa- f 1 ^ fey
[C^-a < tion,SourStonwch,Diarrhoea 0 ljV ? A
Worms .Convul sions .foxr ish \ U &< fl i?" il If O P
nessttiulLoss of Sleep. \*J 8 ua uvui
E w2||* FacSiinilc Signature of e ?g
w: rnirtv Tears
|jj?g NEW YORK. ? nil a J I U U I w
niy'm"*rv*'?:ss>If |H^ | UI1IH
Exact Copy of Wrapper. ym? o??taub company, nkwvonkoity.
Faced Sleeves. ^^^Double Stitched.
ttcSe?3'Extra Size. Roomv and Con* forfahle.^-SPsft
compare size, yualit)', Make, and you will wear this Shirt.
It is die working man's friend.
The best 50c. working Shirt made.
We guarj 11 tee to idve another Shirt lor any that rip.
Yours for Business,
W. IB. Freeman,
"At I lie 01(1 SI.iikI"
P ?Rrino w< vonr Hams. Kfrfrs and Chickens and
* ? j - - ' ;
get full value for them.
Phone No. 25 for all your wants.
We deliver goods tree anywhere in the city.
No. ()'?. 100 acres, (> miles from Pickens; five-room
dwelling, large barn; l~> acres in cultivation, 20 in pasture.
This is in a section where land is going up rapidly.
Stop lively it you want, it at %>V2 per acre.
VT /* i -/v i i i i : ... .u :^a
xNO. til, ^17 <iert?H t - rut nil i iui ini-; it <i?-i ?-r-> in nil i i \ <u 1011, u
of which is j^ood bottom land; mile from church and,
school, C> miles from town. Price $27..~>0 per acre.
No. Cm. .">() acres adjoining No. C> I. New-l-room house;
\2 acres cleared on this tract. These two tracts would
make an ideal place where two parties want small farms
close together and the terms on these places would surprise
yon. This one is X'27..">().
o. C>(>. t>2 acres I 1-2 miles south ?>l Hell Shoal and
( i l ! iii,l ! /? !/1 I O >i ( <>>< i 11 <ri u\i I << i it I i? i 11 i i i I < i \-;i I i i 111
v ,1111 I' * 'I will 111 IU,m, . W 41V .v.. ... .w,.,
good small house, one tenant house; line orchard. This
laud lies well and is one of the mos! desirable places in
(his sot-lion. This is known as I he Kennemoi'e place,
near Mr. W. C. Seaborn's. See meal unco il von want
it for it will nol. he on the market long :it the price and
terms I can make you. Your move!
No. <>/. 12(? acres; I miles Iroin JOasley; 7.~j acres in
cu 11 i vation, balance in pasture and woodland: throe good
tenant houses wit h well and out buildings at each house.
A good opportunity for anyone looking lor an investment
or a. home. Could trade you t his for a small place.
I Vice $.~>0 |>cr acre.
Pox 264. Pickery S. C.
Office overJKeowec Pharmacy.I
write fire and life insiirarjice, ] ,
Secret Order Meetings.
Masonic?A. F. <Sc A. M. moots
Saturday nights 011 or before
tho full moon
Chapter?R. A. M. meets Fri
rl?i V nurlifo r\v\ r\n -Pf -?? ? 11
V?WJ /IL^llVO W1I UjL lU. 1171 1/11*7 1 n II
K. of P.?Meets every Monday
night after the first and
third Sundays.
W. O. W.?Meets every first
and third Tuesday nights.
City Council meets Tuesday
nights after first Mondays.
For Sale.
One good horso 8 years old,
will weigh one-thousand pounds
and will work any whore, 2 single
buggies, ono new Chase City
carriage and harness, one throe
seated hack and two 2-horse
wagons. Terms: Cash or good
papers, also a good stand for a
nvery sea Die to rent to tno rigtit
kind of a man. Will sell the
above property separately or all
together. J. Alonzo Brown
Cateechee. S. C.
Clean Out th
ra nn>
a \
If you have an old Peafowl tl
to us.
If you have an old Guinea th;
bring him to us.
If you have an old Rooster
to us.
If you have an old Hen that
lav brincr her tn fls
J 1> ?
II you have an old Duck that
muddy and about to cause youi
her to us
If you have an old Goose tha
your neighbors bring him to us.
If you have an old Turkey th
peas you had better bring him t
We want all the Star grass,
Tallow, Wool, Hides, Mams am
Rocky Bottom to the Anderson
Keowee Si
S&JZL.TS/L 33. C33FL.A
Location: Heathful and Pleasai
Purpose: To prepare boys and
complete living as pc
Equipment: Full Faculty of v
in private homes ;
Tuition Reasonab
Courses: Literary; Music; Agi
Music Department
Calendar: Fall Term begins O
Catalogue on application to tl
Soda iter H
It's a mistake to suppose tha
used lor drinks put up by diffe
goods arc identical, cither in lla
drinks known as Ginger Ale, L<
Root Beer, Cream Soda, and (
soft drink manufacturers, is no
quality. One may be far super
We know our drinks are equal
upon the market of today and f;
to judge the merits of llavors
testing them, but by making a (
Iv nruvi iwr mil* ni*n
,..s .....IV v,w. IWV.
invite comparison with others,
can, without regard to standard
we change a formula unless we
We believe that all things I
orders and correspondence ai
QUALITY is sure to win sue*
ihose fair-minded men who ban
licit patronage on that basis.
Pickens Boi
I?. L. Davitt
^ .-ill.i,!T
Struck A Klcli Allno.
S. W. Bend*, of hen It City, Alu , s^js hutn
ek a perfect mine of health in Dr.
Kin^H New Life I'iMs for thev cure;!
him of Liver and Kidney Trouble after!
12 years of suffering. They are the bent I
pills on earth for Constipation, Malaria, I
lleadache, Dyspepsia, Debility. 25c at'
all Druggiats.
Notice to Teachers.
Tho noxt teacher's examination
will be held in the Court
House Friday October, 7th. Ex
animation win commence at
9 o'clock. Applicants to furnish
their own stationery. By order
of State Board of Education.
R. T. Hallum,
Co. Supt. of Ed.
LlfoOn l'nnniiim Cnnal
ha3 had one frightful drawback-maia*
ria trouble-that has brought autToring
and death to thousandth The irerms
cause chills, fever an.I ague, biliousness,
jaundice, lassitude, weakness and general
debility. But electric Bitters never
fail to destroy thorn and cure malaria
troubles. "Three bottles completely
cured me of a very sevsire attack of
malaria," writes Win. A. Kretwell, of
Lucnnia, N, C., and I've bad good
and Kidney Troubles, and prevent Tjphoid.
Guaranteed by all Druggists.
e Hen Roost.
4 ^ <4,
lat keeps you awake bring him
it hollers "Pot Rack" too much
that crows too soon bring him
gets on the nest and fails to
is keeping your chicken wnter
r wife to lose her religion bring
t hollers every time you call to j
at is eating up some neighbor's
o us.
Grubiroot, Ginseng, Beeswax,
:l Eggs that are for sale from |
county line.
upply lo?
.ICS- Ma,nagor. (
JL V_^/ U. m. r JL -i_ ~ -? A Cj
<s, s. c.
(rirta at the lowest rn^t for ^
Dssible. / <
/ell-prepared teacheis. Board
at $8.00 and $10.00 per month. <
le. *
riculture; Pedagogy, and Bible.
directed by McDuffie Weams.
ctober 4th.
le Principal.
S, M. A., Principal.
lint Mute.
1 <
t because the same names art; 11
:rent manufacturers that the'
,\or or strength. The fact that J
union Sour, Strawberry, Peach,
* 1- . /" _ . 1 n :
nner navors, arc pui up i>y all i J
standard by which to jndjre t
ior in every way to the others,
in strength to the best placed
;\r better than some. The way j
is by tasting them, not only in
"all.wool and a yard wide," we(
We make the best troods we[.
I of competitors, and miver do .
find a way to improve it- ,
bein equal. (careful handling of
id fair dealing Xvith custo ;>ers)
:ess; not only for us but lor all
die our goods also, and we so
ttling Works,
J^eowee Pharmacy fl||
I ^vfiTvth i n o* in rli'n n-L
T V,J J ^ i. JLJL \ t J.
One price to all
Y\/hei*e to go lor finest ice creaml
jPvery d ay
.jgvery thing1 you want in station-gH
[latent medirvin?H
Ji. ' p
Hair brushes, tooth brushes and
A 11 kinds toilet articles 'J
J?ubber goods and
/Vlan)r thing's yon need H
"II 1
/-^ii wo asic you gi ve as a
We can please
Keowee Pharmacy, I
v/? *1 v \ ik iR.i.7 11 11 /I MJt AJM WAll J| 4*-*
Next Door to Postoflicc Pickens, S. C, w
Also wo have the light, thin goods', I
, , X T A. _ J. ( 1 - l <1-1 M 1 1 A
-i\ui a.L special r^aies" dul ar our
wh ich we guarantee to he the Lowest
tor good goods and square dealings.
Remember my motto:
"The Same Goods for Less Money." 8
35 and 40 cents YYliite Lioods now at 25 cents
15c. 10 inch Lawns 150 now at 10 cents
Colored Wash (ioods, 10. VZl and 15c quality, at 10c.
Notions, Hosiery and LJnderwear
,11 1 - , _ . ^ _ 4 1_ ? 1 . - 1- 1 -
rti i I'ttuuueu i() uio i()w /SI reason aoie
price. Come during July and August
,nd get your share 01 these
WoNt End. Oreenvllle, B. C.
Now is the Time. I
Now is tlu-: time of year to watch your KIDNKYS. Many
liseases can be warded oil if you keep them ritdit. s(?~h as
Wright's Disease, Rheumatism, Typhoid Fever am'
Hallum's Backache ami Kidney PjJs
;tand at the top of the list of all such medicine on the market
We haw scores of testimonials w<- could jrive you from
>eople you know. Hut if you do not k" >\v us well enough to
ake our word for it, all we ask is that \ >n ^iv
ii.i i i).v..i, v i ! i/* i n:i i~
lici.iiIIin kS i>;u'Kcicni3 mm iwiuiuy i ui?
i trial, and if they do not give you satisfaction come back and
isk for your money back and you will j^et it. It is here for
you and we want you to have it.
Mens Drug Company,

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