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SSfwm 2
thousand Zurich wot
tr mon liave declared for uul- lis
I |h versal suffrage. It Is a rehave
liei'ii interestOvl for some tlmo
in the much mooted question. Alto- jrV^tlliP^
gether the little country has 17,000 ad- Vil
vocates for giving women the ballot.
Kecently the women of Zurich canton
petitioned the stato for tho right to ?
act as jurors on a case In which a wo- |
man was t h?> defendant. Their re- vJjBWBWli
quest was refused. Later, with charncleristio
Swiss bravery, they Rent in
another ; tition to the legislature' askIng
the right to sit in judgment on
special courts, such as arc held in
KVanco for adjusting differences l?e
iwi'i'ii mistress and maid, and other
east's where differences arise between
a woman employer and a woman em- If '
yloyee. While this. too. was deni'Ml. V??Jfa.*?'***'
P:uiianunt n?l 1111ttthe sex's ellglbll- j /^
ity to such ;in olllc". faf
"We air liol talking much about It." IwiiiniirmM
said til.- vice president of the Zurich
"Woman's Suffrage society, Frauleln
Houm,g',r, "b t | ibllclty frighten the ^
state Into retard in z. Mm concession. It
is not much of i tin, but," she added
'.viiJi true stiff, u: ' optimism, "it is a
step forward, li w had made that domam
I t?*n year - a,; >. when to speak of
our having th<> 1 i!!"' was ?o be laugh- if |||$
c-"d at as a diva: Nr, <>ar petition would
? J? i.-fi +MJKiijfi
M/fA'? \ziY//VGLI b-h't/lCrte-D JH ZUMCM:
not havo Rot past the porter's desk. Hut a city
th.it was the first In Kurope to open its tuilveraity
" women will not finally deny us our citizens'
.Switzerland has no women'.! clubs. Hut while
tho suffragists are engaged along ono lino, another
body of won.' n Is working for philanthropy.
A group of young women representing the foremost
Zurich families has organized thi year a
iiractleal training school when; members study
Ihr needs ol' poor children and thereby help to
letter their unfortunate lot.
We are endeavoring it) Interest our young girls
of leisure and education In this work." said one of
the promoters. Fraulein Kertz, herself a beautiful,
??arnest, and cultured young woman. The medical
Inspector of schools Is assisted by this guild. Children
of the poor receive two full meals gratis In
Swiss schools, nrsd If the mothers of these children
bo employed at outside work until a lat.o
hour the guild takes charge of the little ones.
Through the Influence of this guild a law was
passed last year by which a guardian Is appointed
for illegitimate children and this guardian ea'i
compel the father of a deserted child to contrib
nt>> to l's support. If the mother he under age
also she, too. heroines a ward of this guardian. A
similar organization to tho Zurich guild < \ists in
'jerman cities, and. by a similar state law, the absconder
of noral obligations Is traced easily and
extradited. To women is due the large number of
temperance restaurants existing in Sv. ltzeriand.
Frau Professor Oreille of Zurich Is the originator
of this moyemen:
Socialism is spreading in Switzerland; though
how a country governed by the referendum sys oin
can be po- 1 i> 1 > more democratic passeth understanding.
Made iip of three races, German,
Ki rji'h aixl I'ailnn, socialists of tin* kindred
t. ''c,iis have i nt< !' I Switzerland and scattered
:j .111< .<i-1 seeds o) dlconteni l?i llw brave beantl1
! little republic.
V. irlrli ha led in <-v ry mov mient <.f its history.
!. s-a.s ill" storm centr of the Protest ant Reformation
pi-rlc 1 in Switzerland ZwIiikM's hon:n is
fc>TO. In tli'- UroHKiun<'ii - < i. whoso tall towers
hao) dominated tlie town lor ii:ht centuries, he
proachod the I'm* unit ems 11 ami was the
cb'ireh's last Catholic |>n lor and Its llrst I'rotes
mat. rill? i"of tl?r> clt 11as spacious thorough
farosi mil j>l'iidld bill Id The 1 a 1< rpiays in
the Kll? i ritadt nr" v attractive. > :ir their
Oort! - etui I* ?hi' ii I'onliillo, n |?< / mo>l
tii concert htiil'linir i pleasure pa!a In lb"
vicinity of their not.'' rn end !h tli> icautlful
lb i.r par; N'eai iic Tonhalle, ' staid
iiJiin titr ' ' f the city the Ibilinb Irasso
- ils from tin* lake mirth to tin; rnilu i. station
[; bridge aro striking. A i leunt tho lln<
Minister bridge Is t!i<- VVassc kirr-ln mi the rlKlit
i;ink, containing the < 'y llbi iry wkh liO.OOO vol
jines an I .< ( .">,000 mnmi nipt*. It preserves
rioro valuable objects, Including tlx- t'odox Vailinus.
Tho Grossinuenster In Romanesque with
Grecian features. Further north la the Rudon,
L ..
taut one. Illnh up in one of tho towers Is a
quaint. seated ii,- :r? of CharleniiiKic. tin- legendary
founder of (Jros ^'iiuenKtor chapter Hack of the
catherlral are th< cloisters which now form part of
a Kil ls' seminary
Ii an old chapel arrot?:i the road Is ;in Interest
iuA collection of 'teles relating to the Hi forum
t.lon, Incltidlng letters written l>y Calvin, Luther
and Zwlngll, each reuirirknhly dlntlnot. Then- In
also one t>y Lady line flrcy; her penmanship Is
legible as print and he wrote the letter In Latin
Hark of 'his 11111?r chapel, caliod tho Water church,
In a : 1> ikI 1?1 bron/i s i . of Zwlngll
Zurich Is I Ik? capital *)io canton of Zurich n n < 1
frt situa'cd the north ml of Lake Zirich. It li
t\ large t It y Iti Swlt/> Hand. Tin Id, trad I
15 >? : il town, with its nan w stoop sir- t a and Its
high. lark anuses, lies on ah bank ?f the Mni
tnttr of -"
li^ r
~~~ r^TVy/r A ?>&Ery~~~^Z
iff OF- F-JN5JED?H.r*
with the national rduf^f*
''lc} modern Catholic
Church of Our I.ady Is
THE GH055MUMSTER. l'uv:ilor' w,m wus lts
pastor. The town hall.
In tin' Gorman Renaissance, dates from 1G94. Tho
university ami the famous federal polytechnic
villi their numerous institutions, laboratories and
clinics are in the northern part of tirosse Stadt.
Switzerland is the most mountainous country
of Kurope, three-fourths of Its area being covered
vi,' I I \\ ni(iiinl!i{n?; Tlio i? r:i ml eiir nf t ln> ?Pi?n/?rv
been pictured and described innumerable times.
Willi the exception of certain portions of America,
there is nothing In the world to equal It in
beauty. The central and southern parts aro occupied
by the Swiss All.', which spread over
nearly three-fifths of the entire area. The .lura
Mountains cover the northwestern portions of thu
Far up In tho mountains l.s tho beautiful little
town of Klnsledeln. | was fortunate enough to be
pr< sent during a week end musical fete, In which
sinking societies from the country and from neighboring
Bavarian towns were present in number*
exceeding li.uOO. Switzerland, having only tho
s;i!nnni?i* tinii* fnr littllrlfi vinir huu /?i>nro??l??A?l .?
inovfiHo saengerlest by which each town ami city
gei.t i:~i share of gay song and jolly visitors. All
iIn? .11.Ions wore represented at IClnsb.Hleln and
e\' ry house was decorated with Swiss colors,
scarlet and white
Karly in the afternoon the open air concert began
It was held hi the vast, sloping square In
front of the iietlerilrtlne flbliev Tlie nuunmlillnv
of tin* singers wns picturesque. Each canton
carried n banner, individual societies carried
great horns filled with flowers and tho women
slti^c rs wore white gowns and crimson sashes.
As tiie (pilot, well-bi liaved little place has hut ono
policeman, the lire brigade turned out to glvn a
semblance of civic authority, also to servo as a
guard of honor. And while the marchers wero
nwir>.-inH jiiwuim me luiMiin'HM s uox :i cannoti
was ki-pt firing a vigorous welcome. Tho bright
Swl :i decorations on th<> quaint, gabled houson,
the gay Sunday dre of the women, tho encircling
mountains- the nearby ones dark green, tho
distant peaks Know lipped, edelweiss-decked-?
made a splendid, old world pictures.
And the definite note was 'ho ancient abbey
of Klnsiedein. which called tho tov.n Into being,
and which Is one of the celebraied shrines of
Kurope. The abbey church, known aa N'otro
Dame des l-Jrmltes, is a grand hisllica, tlie edlllco
flanked on either Hide with monastery buildings.
Since the yoar 931 tho abbey of Elnslodeln has
Housekeeping in Hankow
Among our many waiKhTlngM our housekoop
. I 111 iiiuMiuw \vii? mi xpi-nonco i nover na<l
i t ire nor after, writes Floronoo Gllbort In tho
.v v idea Woman'* Ma^a/lne Wo have fivo or
I ' i vnntR. That koiiikI.h lino, t>nt before pass?;
judgment you nhouhl havo experience with
in! TIid peace of iiiln I of tho mistress <l<?
i 1 largely on her "nnn Ikt nnu boy," tho head
.ml, w ho, If ofllclofit, I likely to havo come
in XIdki'O. He Is a fall, impressive personage
o wears a bluo cotton coat fastening on the
< ruiil reaching to hi:; 11>kI , without which he
ih-wi i|ip?nr in iii employer's presence
i> do tills Is (inly second a. u mark of disrespect
> having tho ctio In ati\ other position than
hanging decorously down tint hack.
Tho h'Hiso coolie at work may sometimes
twist his r ;ie around liis h ;i l, lint tho hoy never
Through I ho hoy the orders are usually issued
to tho r? t of tho household utaff, translated from
ii" i'mjkiii iuhkuhh <>r in<3 iniHln-SH. Tlwro aro
th<> "No. 2 boy," tlio house roolle, who Ih tlio only
onn with enough work to do to keep him moderately
lniHy; tho cook and tlio second cook, who
k> learning IiIh trade ut tlio expense of Ills emj
HENRY ij .
? ^V-7 5T?-^ X
> vijCITS
preserved an nnbroken line from the tlrst princoabbot,
Eborliard, Duko of Franconia, to tho present
head, Abbo Ooloinban I. It is the only Catholic
church in the world not dedicated by human
hands; (lie legend Is that Christ himself performed
the act.
lCinsledeln and vicinity were known as the Sombre
Forest away back in the eighth century, when
a holy hermit, Melnrad, the son of Prince Herthold
of Ilohenzollern, built for himself a cell in which
ho lived many years. lie was murdered by bri
KiimiH hi wiioin no nan oirerod Hospitality and
who hail hoped to find concealed treasures; all
they got was a chalice and some books. Itavons,
whose evil characteristics had been disarmed by
tho gentle hermit and had beeomo his companions,
pursued tho assassins to Zurich, screaming
and picking at tho villains' heads. Tho strange
actions of tho irate birds attracted tho townspeople's
attention and they questioned tho murderers,
who, terrified, acknowledged their crime. In tho
Kinsiodoin Abbey coat of-arms me two ravens.
When tho noble edifice was erected ovor tho
hermit's cell tho walls of the coll were enclosed
in black marble and made into a chapel. It stands
in the nave of the church and, while plain in style,
tho richness of tho material and the simplicity of
design make It Impressive. On tho altar stands
tho renowned statute of the Mack Madonna,
bronze and many hundreds of years old. Tho
I.. -- * *
in nuunii iih inn noiy ? napei, necauso of
the remarkable legend regarding Its dedication.
This Is the story. On September 11, 018, Saint
Conrad, M hop of Constanco. came at the Invitation
of Abbot Eberhard to consecrate tho now
church. He was attended by tho Emperor Otlion,
the Kmpress Adelaide and a large retinue of clergy
and courtiers. As they knelt preparatory to boginning
the ceremony suddenly the chapel becamo
Illuminated with a celestial brilliancy and beforo
the altar stood th<> Savior performing tho ofhco of
dedication, assisted by the four evangelists.
At the right anil left of tho dlvlno celebrant
angels swung censers which emitted a thousand
. v >, ino u|??sin', r?aini j'etor, and tho
Pope, Saint Gregory the Great, hold tho vestments
of tIn heavenly polntlff, and Saint Stephen and
Saint Lawrence, who wero tho 11 rnt deacons of
the church to ho martyred, acted as deacon and
sub d>aeon. An angelic choir, conducted by tho
ai?han;'<l Saint Michael, nnnx glorious nnifdc
iiiid b< fore tho altar knelt tho beautiful virgin
mother of the Son of Clod. A still earlier legend
has It that when Conrad began the offlco of dedication
be was stopped by a voice that cried out
inn Mines <llstlnctly: "Cease! brother, this
chapel has been consecrated by God himself."
Tlii- Journey from Zurich to ICInsledeln In ( harming.
IMrst. comes a sail on a lake which la the
loveliest pleco of water In Switzerland, then a |
railroad rldo through pino woods, among moun* l
tains, over gorges and past valleys that now aro
covered with fragrant, now-mown hay.
ployvr's digestion. The cook's chief business Is !
going to market and presenting his account for i
in jiu rriiiWH.
It is a BtrariK<' collection r?f1n In that market
basket. wbhlh a wlso housekeeper always sees.
Goat flesh, perhaps, politely called muttoit; or
heef that lias been exposed in ii (ly-fllled shop; a
live chicken or two, game of various sortf>?
pheasant, teal, snipe and perhaps it fish, more
appetizing th^n one would expect who has seen
and swelled the Yang tse water.
Tho vegetables are all of tho sort that need
cooking, for no intelligent person will run tho
limits Involved In eating raw Chineso vegetables
and fruits.
Iii n?ld it ion to ilio supplies which can bo <
purchased In tin- Chinese market every day one's j
,1 iot may Include fresh butter from Australia and !
all sorts of canned goods shipped from tho United j
States, Great Hrltaln. France and Oermany. Thoso
aro sold In shops In tho concessions kept by
Europeans, Japanese, l'arsees, thoso keen merchants
from India or even fMiineu..
tv ill it: V
lu ii.iivo, tlx-y lire not quite hhoIi prohibitive InxniltH
as to Inspire tho remark of tlio EnKllnh
missionary's little girl In c< ntral India, who nald:
"Mother, I suppose the king has tinned thlnga to
eat every day."
V/ I '
A satin gown nunc rustling down
To where ;i dross suit walled
The frown was sprayed ami overlaid
With Inco uncnlciilritod;
And, filmy frail, a precious veil,
^hoso ohliiiini'i'lni; was sunny,
Innood nml *! ??. .1 ?n ...i
. '? ""'I' U| V>""V ?vil " I
Wero gasping: "That moans money.'* ^
Tho Rown wns ruffed ami nlno puffed J
From trail tip clear to collar; 1
Kacli inch of thread, tho pnp<>rs said, ]
Cost RomethlnK liko a dollar;
And all this while ailown the nil*
Six other kowiis came swei-plnw. i
While In the rear <>f all this m'ur ?
Six more dress suits wero creeping.
Tho first Rowti turned and then wo
Ira riiod
Tin- front of It w.'is studded I
With j.-wi'ls rail', ns though right tliero .
Hush rul>i> s burst or buildup.
It flared auil IIhaIiciI, until abashed, !
Kucli of uh knit lils brows and I
TCssnyed to count the full amount ,
Of thousand upon thousand.
Tin* six nowns name?thoy wero aflamo '
With Jewols, too. Tlion was It \
Tbo rlmnotl took the dazzling look (
of Roino Ki'oat nnfo deposit
Wli?ro diamonds and stocks and bonds
| And roM and sllvor Klltter.
Then murmurs, such as ' (), how much?" 1
Aroso from every slttpr. ,
now noaniiniiH it seomed to us!
Tho Unlit was dim. religious;
Soft word*: wi r>! snId. ami thus woro wed \
Tho fortunes so prodigious. ,
They soon were none tile cown upon
Tho dross suit's arm was cllniflntx.
I While dollar note* rain-' from the throats !
Of those who ditl tho hIiikIiik.
Good Intentions.
"Thali was a follow down heah,"
says our friend Col. Hluddangoah of
Tennessee, "Thali was a fellow tluwn ]
heah last sumnieh, suh. who was tho
most remarkable Instance of Rood intentions
gone wronK. such, that I ev<?h
saw, Bull."
"Yes," wo murmur, merely to givo '
him time to gather hroath.
i "Yea, null. Ho was 0110 of these
pussons who are foheveh afraid that
they will ff.il In .some small pahtleulah,
sub, of thn customs and mannchs of
whateveh paht of the country They
may be in. A congenial pahty was
assomblel in one of ouah clubs, and
Homo puison proposed drinks, and
what docs this strangeh do but study
fob a niouent in the offolit to think of
Bonio drlik that would he peruliahly ,
appropriate) to tliis neighborhood."
"Couldi't think of a Julop?" \ro (
"Wuss'i that, Biih. Tlio naehul
bnhn foo 'lowed ho'd tako a cotton
Tht Fitness of Things.
"Don't do ti?*t. James," says tho
propi'i''or of 5"' soda fountain.
"D'>n't do ?lr?" asks tho attendant
"Don't put t};it straw In that glass
of li-mon i>tios11>t "
"lint why no'"' Wo always do."
' After you've hoon In tho business
awhile you'll l<arn a fow of tho Jin
porfant Mon'ts. Tho lady who Is to
liavo that piosphalo Is a grass
A pnrndox? Hernial nio statu
At that I <lo not '"'I l" KU'-'sh:
Ii Ih i ?trl wlio'n "I' lo-ilnto
Ht . lUBO fill!! WUill* oltl-fiistllonofl file.S.I.
He <new.
Mr Blimnns, p'U you one of thf'HO
men who tlilnk <onian never has a
thought of nny'i'nK inoro than
(IrpSHOB ?"
"No. Indeed, Mis# Gllzzer. They also
think of hats."
im I
"Don't you find t a boastly bore to
talk to somo pco'le?"
"Yes; or to 1IhW> to other*."
LydlaE.Pinkfsam's Vegetable
Compound Cured Her1
Knoxvillo, Iowa. ? "I suffered with
pains low clown in my right aide for a
year or more and was bo weak and norI
n,..*. t i 1 -l - ? ? - *
yuiia tnub x cuuiu uuvuu my WOrK. J.
.-:;;,'". ;'ivvrote to Mrs. 1'inK''
n!i ' ii!.i! ham and took Lydla
: i E. Pinkhain's vegoiAWvCMf&L
i: table Compound
^ an^ Liver Tills, and
Uw igf !j!i am glad to say that
' i'jvljr ^ W > your medicines and
; i\ P . : kind letters of di\
} ' rcctions liavo dono
\>S?dP morn for mo than
anything else and I
um-rn criWAWtl n;ui uio uesc pnysif,
I?\ \' cians hero- 1 can
' ' * ' do my work and rest
well nt night. I believe there is nothing
liko the Pinklmm remedies."?
Mrg. Claka Fiianks, It. F. 1)., Iso.S,
Lvnoxville, Iowa.
The success of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Veeetablo Compound, made from roots
ind herbs, is unparalleled. It may bo
used .vitb perfect confidence by women
ivho suffer from displacements, Inflammation,
ulceration, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache,
bearing-down feeling, flatulency, indigestion,
dizziness, or nervous prostration.
For thirtv years Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound lias been the
standard remedy for female ills, and
suffering women owe it to themselves
to at least Rive ihis medicine si trial
('roof is abundant that it has cured
thousands of others, and why should it
not- euro you?
If yon want special ntlvlcc writ?
Mrs.Pinkhmn, Ijyiui, Mass.,for it.
[lis free and always helpful.
Red Cross Christmas Seals.
ArranKomonts for the salo of Red
Cross Christinas Seals for 1910 have
been announced by the National Association
for tlio Study and I'revenlion
of Tuberculosis and American
Hod Cross. "A Mill..)). Tuber;u1cf!s"
will bo the slogan of ttio x.910
: atnpaign. Two features of tho silo
;mn /uni <111 uniqili' illlll Will Dling
oriFiderablo capital to the tuberculosis
fighters. The American National
lied Cross 1b to Issuo the stamps as in
lornier years, but this organization
v\ 111 v ork in close co-operation with
ho National Association for tho Study
ind Prevention of Tuberculosis, which
;>od> will share In the proceeds of tho
iaics. The charge to local associations
for the use of the national
Tamps nas neon reduced also from 20
Iter cent, to 12V4 I"1'' cent., which will
mean at least $50,000 more for tuberculosis
work In all parts of the United
Stall's. The stamps are to bo designated
as "Ked Cross Soals" this year
mid are to be placed on the back of
letters Instead of on tho front.
Does Engineering Work.
Mllo. Itandnrln is superintendent of
in engineering firm In Russia. Sha
um (si.imum ti iiiiiii iii(! ?omona
rochnolosUv.il Institute in St. l'otersnirg,
and has had practical expeloneo
in onKinnerinK. Sho built a
itfcl waiohouso for an army cooperitlvo
socloty, has boon assistant enfincor
in building a bridge across the
s'eva and has done other important
Remarkable Young Lady.
From a feuilloton: "Her voico was
o\v and soft; but once again, as Janet
hVnn withdrew from the room and
jlosod tho door after lier, tho fiendish J
tgleain came Into her odorless oyte."
"If wo hear any more of Janet wo
will let you know."- Punch.
Social Debto. I
'Site telephones me every day."
"What Is tho reason of that."
"I owe her a call and she is deter liheil
In colleet It "
The only certainty Is principle; as
in w an lO'ht v, ami an old as tho unlirerno.
Horatio Stobbenu.
The more worthy any soul Is, tho
larger Its compassion.?John Wright.
to the breakfast table?
with cream. j
Crisp, golden-brown
"crinkly" bits, made
from white corn,
A most appetizing, con
vcmeiii, pieasuraDie
"The Memory Lingers"
Poatnm Cereal Co.,
^ Dalll* Oreok, Mloli. ^

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