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PICKENS, S. 0. :
To The Public.
1 am grateful to my friends
for their support In the recent
primary elections and shall ever
hold in high esteem these acts
of friendship. To those who
opposed me and labored for my
defeat I have kindly feelings.
Though defeated I am not
at all cast down or chagrinned,
and shall not falter
nor sulk in the discharge of my
duties, but shall strive for the
advancement and upbuilding
of Pickens County.
I feel that I made a fair and
honorable ra^ce and campaign.
I did nor said anything that I
am ashamed of or regret or
would modify or change. 1
treated each and all with the
greatest respect and courtesy,
and at the end of this year will
from nllirt> hv thr? will of
the people with a clear conscience
and a clean record in the
public trust committed to me
notwithstanding reports and
tales to the contrary.
As to these I have a few
things to say:
1 heard that at tin- last election
circulars were printed and
distributed purporting to he a
copy ot a letter written by (Jot.
\V. A. Xeal to Mr A. J. Welborp
asking him to work forme
and offering to pay him for his
trouble, and a part of a letter
to Mr. \Y. l\. Oats offering to
pay $10. per day to work for me.
L have nothing to say about the
letters or their rontonts, hut the
impression was made hv their
circulation that they was written
at my suggestion, or that
Col. Neal and myself were colluding
together to defraud Pick
ens County, in his selling mules
and machinery to the County.
It til is lf'ttor tv:iw iirwlr?r?tr?f?fl
this way it was wrong ami false
and 1 defy any man ami every
man to show that there lias
ever been one cent lost to l'iekens
county by dealing with C'ol.
IS*eal or that any act of mine
in this resnect has been :inv
tiling except right and honest.
I have heard that it was also
said that I sent my wagon to
I loath - Bruce- Morrow ('< >'s. stoi e
and had it loadul with orovisions,
charged to I lie county,
carried t hem homo and distiil>
utrd I linn anions my truants.
It was als<> said I lioiiu'hl rnus
on tlir (juiinty's credit and led
t lirin t?? ill \ (l< i^s. A ls(? 11'at I <
took t In- 11;1111s tHun t !ir !.<>os
kill* d .it tlii- poor lion-c ;111?I
used I in in in in v liomr. Also
t I lil! I I < II >l\ ('< Mil I || 'I l I the poor
f arm ami h;nl Ii<|n?>r made of it.
Am! i here imiv In- <>! h?<r ivimrt
of t In- satin! <>r simii.i!-cn.-tlii'Mc,
or of th of whirli I lia\'c)i<i| IhmkI, liul
Soclalli v. . ;lj| | jiikI ail nUiiTs like
io\v \ countr\ . . , , >.
cm . an^^. 1 \ ?>??! *al!>
'' '"'S '' '
f . A\ I I
any man tA,n..( prov.- on, in-le f.ir;
to sustain ' 'n iri.
1 furlhcrm.'^ or. lh,
'1 Kran<1 iurv u''rlai i>\
1'eports ni.nl i .. ^
others ;:?kI ;ilsO i t
\ ' ' 1 '
inv ofiirr, \)t'> !<v . \ ,, ,.f
lMllv,. :in I < ? My , ;
which I 11; i v (
.1 !
;i - . fl ? ! ; ?'
< v (!) ;
' i.
? ft j
lor In aul-? CiuLdr-jn.
T1?? Kind Y<w ! ; '
,'?A'-J:: r , >, . '
,rs meyPiixs
i. bi : o Q\.r. iOU.I
"" \ y
hibit At Greenville TOusday
September 27.
Indications arc that a largo
; number of people will attend
! from liere. Everybody will
1 wonf f a Ui f K it' nK/xttr
( n cvut iw ov,u i/i i in i til II< Mir* onu>v ,
Under fche management of John
Robinson the III. it is enjoying
its 87th year of prosperity, and
is one of the foremost amusement
attractions of America.
1 It numbers among its arenic
'favorites soma of the best acts
I and most expensive that can bo
secured. The eitfM Lowttridas, ,
J Brazilian riders are known
everywhere as the world's greatest
horsemen. No less than 'SO
other male and female riders
are the pick of the profession.
50 real clowns make a world of
fun ond mnvn f h n n o Knriflron
? nil, (U1VI IIM'IV X/MLM IV A L. CV * * V * * * V% *. V/V*
other foreign and American
I features in four rings, two elevated
stages and a half mile
hippodrome track, introducing
three great herds of performing
elephants, big realistic wild west
school of menage horses, musical
ballet and 300 daring gymnasts,
nimble acrobats and fearless
I he Robinson show has always
boon famed for its monafgorie,
and this year finds the
jfreo zoological annex the most
complete ever carried by any
show comprising rare and costly
animals from every section
'of the globe. A splendid array
of animal exhibits will be soon
j daily free in the $;")()(),000 street
pageant which takes place ,
promptly at ten o'clock. This j
is the only big independent ,
show, not in I be circus trust, i
'consequently there will lie no
advance in prices for seats, etc. ,
The performance will begiyen
afternoon and evening.
Attention Woodman of the World.
We will unveil the monument
!of our late Sovereign James C.
Young at Central, S. C. Mt. 1
Zion cemetary on the 4th Sun 1
day September 25th at o'clock
i>. in. All W. (). W. members
I *
i arc cordially invited to bo ;
1 pr ( sent. Convenient schedules
on all trains, No. IW and 12 will
get all liero in time for the unveiling
and No. 11 and 40 will
be late enough for all to return
home, pjverv body welcome.
li. Ramsour,
('<miicil ('(ininiandcr.
John KiiiK.
Clerk ()ak Camp -1*7.
Dear Mr. Thompson: I'lease i
announce in next issue of Sen '
!i11;11 Journal that 1 will not lie
a I > 1 < > to meet t Iw appointment in!"
Pickens t or l lie *271h inst heeanse j <
of conflicting appoint me its <
made elsewhere I hat 1 <li<i not : 1
t k now at t he t i nte I s;i \\ yon last 1
i. i . i i 111 .
wim'k, ,i iisi as -linn :is i snail:'
have linMied oilier engage 1'
HH'lits, I wan! Income hack l<- '
I'ickeiis and give several days
:< 1 In- conni v. I have promised
hi lie with I he eood people o| I
I );k'iik\ illo s?nnet iuic in < )<t<>l>i v.
when i ii?akc I lint p!;ic?' I hope 1
! < i t ;ikf i 11 r it hi T'. I III ill';- t ll.'l I '
vis t. |?
V tm i\- Truly !
.i. 1 >. ( >' N 11 I!< ' U>\v;: v.
,\i wIm-i i y. Si-pi I 'i.
List of Joiirors I
Ki-How inu i a list of !Vm
! ' I! ' ; !! ;: " ' . \ < | I,. 1
)? CI -IJ i! ( ' ' :.. r.!' S< - '
r I ' >! "iii)!.! -' \ ili<il con
V? liS :t i *! . J: i 11 Mt \ I \|?>) I
?i a \ I ::' J -' !!. Will Iii ! ! I.; I., .
.it IV, ! 'i M :
\ I l: M ill'' i ' ? Sh'rif >! ;, '
\ ' - i i? i I i !':. j
\ V \ i < I lv , i'h.
. V\
. I i. . M[j .1 Ct .1 |) .III!
Inn. W !. N s 11
I' !,
A ( . :if 11. l'? ' 1
.:vMhi . . ' iv. sr. .> >
ill!. i . : .
:<111 i i .
>'[>i :l. ,] ( .1
lilijJ; : 5' ! 111. , A
> . i ' i. AI ?'('!< ('iii
II' i. -I ii?") ! i . . , mi lev '<
l?T. i < > ! i .
5 r *
A nicotine of the ladies inter-1
ested in the W?man's Department
of the Pickens County
Fair Association is hereby called
for Saturday, September 24th,
at 3:30 p. in., at the residence of
Mrs. IS. A. Hagood. A full at
tendance is urged, as business .
looking to the welfare of the
Woman's Department and to
ito iv.. 4-1?
l to iuvn^cllii/?ll'iV7H Will UU
determined upon.
Mrs. 15. A. Hagood.
phni. Woman's Department.
Missionary Lecture.
notes on the lecture of Dr. J.
C. C. Newton at the Union Missionary
mass meeting; at the
Baptist church Sunday night.
Dr. Newton's lecture was one
of the best ever heard in our
town. His subject was a general
survey of conditions in the
heathen a n d non-Christian
worid wit.n special remarks on
Japan. He said that all the
nations of the Orient including
Egypt are in a state of agitation !
and momentous chanyes are
eminent. The old heathen
religions are losing their hold
upon the people. The educated
classes heave a desire for some
n,;?? iw.4-4- "> a' ' 1 1
bimik i k'tn'i" in hi nie oici despotic 1
forms are crumbling. They
want more personal freedom
and progress.
Japan has a thoroughly organized
system of schools from
the primary to the Imperial I n
iversity. She is the leader of
the Orient and much depends on
tier becoming a christian nation.
The gates and barriers to the I
gospel of Christ art; taken down.
A new Orient is about to appear.
This is the day of worldwide
opportunity for missionary
work. If we wait until the now
wide open doors shall be closed,
tho shame and sin will be upon
us. The responsibility is ours.
We can not afford to defer the
work. We must send the li^ht
and work while it is time.
Death of Mrs. S. E. Haves.
For dnvs n.nd d:i.v? lintil tlu>v
lengthened into weeks, she suffered.
and though tlie scorching
fever had fastened its deadly
grip upon her, she patiently enilured.
and with Christian resignation
and fortitude awaited t he
ituninons of the Master. As the
morning ravs were breaking
?\ er the eastern hill on last
rhursdav. the l">th inshmt. the .
spirit <>|' Mrs. S. 10. Hayes, wife
>1 Mr. T. .J. Hayes, mounted on
elestial win^s and wvni to he
A'iili her disparted Lord. She
lad passed her I'ind year and
>vas 1 he mot her of twelve ehilIren
ten of whom \\ i:!i her hus- 1
>and survive her.
In earlv youth :-h /lined the
Uaptist rhnrch at rii'iin and I
i;is ever sillCc lis?MI a r;>iis<*-!|
rated Clirislian Inc. Iler i*<?-1 j
naiiis were I.i'hI in re.-i {lie day!.'
iu^ her deal li al (' riliin :
! \ in I lie iv i ll 't (ii n
ai's^e coiu'oiii ' ?>I muto>\ hi, id |
,1;. .. i 1?... f -
? i * ?i ii'? ill* i< i iii? i :; i m i , i i |
ft \;i : v iK-iir.i < ()in..i< ! ih. iicr |
? !>n ?i , I * s \\ . .) . I' ' r.
Tlh'iv is ;i \ ;n rh;i; in 1 i
i<i|iH ; I lie s\eel > . Mil IIHIII: \
i:i 11' ( li 1 iisIk -', u i 'is ;j rt j
I (i 1 lij'S .? ?! pit ;; i Mr. i i ('
^i i . \\ . ! '.M i . .in! i !i 1 in
'" I \ .1 ill t ; I' . I '< I ( J) ' 1|
ill i ' -I |(1< I |i i . i I) . VI ' i, it || \ l?'
. r r. . i ... . ? i : '
i ! I 1 1 ' I . 11 ' ' I ill t 11 I
t' I I'Oll! I i 11" I i I . : ' 11
M , I \ i' i . " \.'iii .
' .' i > 11 (> t ;;.'
*!' >11 i < I 11 I . > i i path"!! I V
?r " t "!'i < ; i 11 1 i i' r. 61' t iH' |
i I !l < , I . I < i ; 1 till.-.
, I I . IVnin
, i>!
I I \ 1 V t I . .
lll<* (It'il'I lll.M: tlic ill 111
"I- '
I'ili "< !. \ ;i !< )'."' <'! I"' j
. ! () I : I all' '? !''< l.rfiii ;
iini wc !11 soonc!' ov lat< r
i > s t m< *li i. In' o'.t' t he re
? .;?i 1 in*.A' '"? c iniiur. |
A . ! 'i i< ml.
t * "IM"
J |? i- ?J
I' X- * ...
* v. v
- ;
fV '
. ; , > p f 1
Y ' f
!'/ x t
,,. ;\ ,. . * x-\ >r Y mm E
[ am* v-- ' vi' /ll S
.... :^.v:, A?i// < .itfj/" - ... Mit'Jfc I 1
.4^1' " ..::^^s. ^ ; '
; ..? ?<K 1
i - " ? : - Cv ^ '
. ivi f
|i|w s
i un*11y>.? i
j [Baltlnoie and New York * |
vamem ? fl \\ W B ^
ALL farmers recognize the fact that the proper
the battle in Ciop making. Start right by
Chattanooga) and the rest is easy. The CI
ll is a nlcnsurc to nlow. !i removes cvitv i'lt>mr?iu
I - I? ' \ J ,VJ"man
tako prich; in his work.
r.vcry man who Ins a Chattanooga praises it ah
iW'Vwmr.nf-*sv?r ^pivwrvm ' :? jftBAwauKivaati
' ' '' ' ' '* ^
. | !'.\:\t. . : GROUND WIiicNi
.- TA. **:< insnrcjA
Air.n k.i ! > . . , s y >i! wiii fi;nl tilv j)lo\
,( I, .. I y> ,
No. . ' : " im , si/ , price
No. 71 t i >\' l.7tI 1> >
N< . * : \ t ' >i rent" i; ... two- '< ir
?\?>. Kiii'.1 regular two-horse
N i. < : ; hi. slv ! ; v/Iuni all otlx.isiai
N . ], i * !<cli;i!)l'-. Iva>-;- two-;?or>
>. <> | Vcr> i . .'V two-ho. turn pic. hr te rra*
with lii low from
\'o, , j. \'cr> avy two-horse as ahuv < :cc.]>l
will; a hi^h Irom
Wc keep is; : > k ail r< >; .rs l<>r c\ .:ry plow tha
. <: lo wait vi' ;ii i ordered. ! ??.!*<; yoi: c: rcpa
mumm v. -,.;m
- $v
Vfir\? ??
a i iv t 11 31 Ui\y
Doesn't Count.
Almost any sort of a suit looks well
wllC-U it is first nnt r?n Knt * <# ?? i n?> I*??
.. .w ? ^v.v k/uw u?wv.i a man nao
worn it a little while and his body has begun
to move around in it and the effects
3f the pressing iron have worn away and
dampness begins to play havoc with the
fabric, unless the shape of the garments
have been wraught into cloth and the
cloth has been cut so right that it can't
help hanging properly, so that the collar
must cling to the neck and the lapels lie
firmly against the breast, the original appearance
of the clothes will soon be lostA
well made custom tailored suit will
i i -.i- - i- * * ? * -
i>e rigiu in uie Deginnmg ana stay right
in the end.
I'he clothes we sell are specially made
lor the body as it is and not as it should *
be and therefore, when it does begin to
settle upon him, there isn't contest between
the figure and the garment.
> li 11 n
E, H. c:.
i .
II%aU I . J
preparation of the soil, is more than half
retting the Best Plow (that means 'he
lattanooga runs so eas) and smooth that
of drudge from the work, and makes a,
Dve all '>;h(;r^.
iVMHseimsw -w*r.
This is the
No. 7*2?one of
t lie most popular
sizes for
^ t wo li o r s o s.
i Not loo heavy
i ?<?' ,inrh1
" y 101 \ i,u1
?"^^'laq'raV. t '" ('l<) K () o <1
drop plowing,
I .VU v on v
^ ^ i ; neighbor, h '
\ -,. ( most likoly bii^
m' :r.rtMiijc?\pz}r. _ sw navAXtsssn sums
v ii>,' yo i i : ..n b :-u to your
; 7-5?
it" <S.=;o . ' '
- ' '
Sio.i to
?>l w.' >??
t v.e sd'. If you need a piece, you don't
ir your plow.
u^lllli uu?

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