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Sen tilli)l- Jo u rnal.
Published Weekly.
pick!\Mir n cauouxa.
Hobble, hobble, skirts and troublo.
TCvery hat Is a "picture hat" nowadays.
Prunes are higher. Telephone your
What has become of the old fashioned
man who wore a double-breasted
Dynamite may help. but tennis
matches are the ouly reliable euro
lor droughts.
Volcanoes in Alaska are spouting
flre. Very likely the Janitor is trying
out the ilues.
Carrier pigeons will have to equip
.themselves with electric motors or fall j
hopelessly behind.
Radical changes are announced In
the now football rules. There will be
no bitting in the clinches.
Newport is said to be crazy over a
barefoot dance. This means more
work for the chiropodists.
By playing tennis on a hot afternoon
a fat man learns to despise mere raiu
as a producer of moisture.
l"p in Maine an automobile ran into
oiiK|'ic inimn'd near. i llflt wns gottin?;
art and nature badly mixed.
Duke Fran/. Joseph says he is in this
country after bear, and not a bride.
Nevertheless, he may get his eye ou a
In Porto Kico oysters grow on trees.
That is very well, but unfortunately
tabasco sauce does not grow on the
?:imc limb. |
v>> . Limn) in 10 mane laws governing
aviators. However, it is already
a capital offense to fall BOO feet witl)
an aeroplane.
It lias boon proved that a Vnssar
girl Ih not afraid of an a* roplane. Still
an aeroplane does not in the least re
pcmhlo a inotitO.
Remember, while copiously water
mn juur iuwii, iii.it many a faucot od
tin- second floor is hoarsely muttering,
"How dry 1 am!"
Komarks a woman writer: "The
work of personal beautifying resembles
that of a house decorator." In re- i
epeet to calcimine? 1
Chicago will bo a good place for
holding the world's brewers' congress, 1
as the toruup streets have given a
great impetus to the hop industry.
In some wavu thn nri>n^h?r
looks for baseball in heaven is most
conservative. When the home team
wins baseball Is heaven to tho fin:.
A new highball which costs $1.20 Is
being sold in New York. Some of the
soiiH of Pittsburg millionaires must bo
spending the summer in New York. >
"There's no safe nnd sane way to
fall out of an aeroplane," remarks the
Toledo Hlade. Pooh! There is no
safe and sano way to fall out of bed.
Aviators are to hurl dummy bombs
nt dnmmv w.ir vnounlo < * ???..
N. J., and then maybe peace will
lind It easier to spread her dove like
Some enterprising correspondent
Bhould "V uncover a licet n,' In ...
eso aiib ' s ready to spread devastation
over the shark-infested waters of
the Pacific.
Another woman has broken her leg
bv trlnnlnkr nn in her hulihl.. <-!ri if
may he necessary to pass a few sumptuary
laws ni" yo(jn the men will have '
no dancing partners
The weather man reporta that the
mean rain fall for July was *j 21
liu hes less than any July since 1S70
which shows it wit h very mean
monthly rainfall lnd<:> <1.
An Illinois man his invented a
Hafety pin v ith t a. poln?M Half of
the adult |'op,;l;ili"!i mi" i ilv await.'i
information as to whi-ther tin* women
will wear them in tli?L>Oltm
"Ho foniperato and slew to nnger.
nU'i'p and eat regularly, po in i n* ath
lotion i irl> in liio and keep ilmher,"
aro 6OR10 ruled for ii long life \iso
look both wny> beforo crossing the
At their r'?cf-nt convention In l?en
vt-r tho detulst.s decided that klssltii:
wouid have to lie ubolltihed tor tho pur
posu of saving the human raco. Would
ft human race tJ}.it had abol tied kia?
ing lie worth saving?
a fliasniirrniKC'iiH prcacner nnya luoro
will li.'is'-'t i'l Irt licavn :i" < !)
joy II lit of Mil.' n! 111.) ? !!' 1. ; i lists
will lif hp'?11 'I. Iiou- v< i, ff it i. li lie
fnihil Iid;ioh i!j '' to in row llili at '
tli r:11> 11 in Mi
Tho "ii tnr Hsh ; r..l snak '<>I
l<js lliu n i i' h' |>' I i : a
finality ! tjvihrni' 'jti> > *lput i.i.i
,i/,i i.I. . r. i 11.i ..-i
j'< ftp <1 l>.V -111?? 'hcni'i.n i :tiat ! i-s
t.itdinhrucr.t <i ih< Ananias 11>
hflH artful np r.n cnrly rrost to tho
n? t taiixpht v.? i> .
"^XTRAYAGANOE has becor
Im is in fact becoming n nations
anywhere to exist in tlu* cc
individual affairs, that appro
dent use of resources and tli
means and incomes which al
the support of prosperity an
||K7| 1>0U ()f solvency.
Piii^TfirV i "We are squandering 011
of money running into hum;
initial cost of automobiles to American
$250,000,000 a year. The upkeep and otl
as incidentals, which would not olherwh
as much more. This vast sum is e<]iiival
year to more than the value of pro]>ert
fire- --perhaps to twice as much. This
include the whole economic loss growing
gence. The thousands of young and ab
f;u luring machines and in running and
from productive usefulness; (hoy becon
surpl is products and constitute an add?
economic influence of tln< withdrawal I
to the consuming class, is bound to he n
pr < < s. Its elTcct already must he con;
to the maintenance of an enormous stai
Thousands upon thousands of ou
nlf'.-Kll !'(> Mill! f-r.T.iii liv n.'icuinn 11\ cn.n
pledged tluir life insurance policies, wit
from brinks l<> buv automobiles: and ha1
nsseta into expanding and devouring
lou tiding.
[ - j Speak
^ I natural r<
jrrotect stake t
Against jn
Forest !;r,,i"s
thorn and
lires in tho sa
fathers )u
inc; hards
"I I snail
means, tli
\ homo in (ho almost impenetrable wild a
unfavorable sections f<-r agriculture.
Year after year the newspapers an
disastrous forest fires in the northern am
The flames, sweeping over vast area
race, and the millions of dollars' worth
this and future ironorations of a nriceh
lies iti human hands.
Wo protect our city homes, factori
dinl riolf-: why can't we protect our hro
Why can't the governor of an aflliott
The effect would he magical, the cos
nil feel. how grateful humanity would
if our hoys in khaki if they were called
juch magnitude!
""I The
would he
tk j were il n<
noosiers ,f
and Dogs 01
# the Mino
niuisance tho*in
Cities In,u;!'p,11
\\ ith
_ fore part
By WM. H. BIED ,1MK '''**?
( mrinnati mwi ?on it
1 ? ""*^*"*"""*1 idii'pcr I:
equip liin
A great manv of the dug owner* a
(ruth wen- known.
Many dogs arc running 1< -< . and
What art" the police doing that thcv<
Nothing i.s done until sonic one is I
I: these chicken and ?ln?^ < utu rs w
win re ih< y holoug into the . ountrv.
. ? 9 I hclir
] SpOfl4 ' !
Many I 111< 11 df \
Derived lislirm n !
From "
4 riuis (altl
0 \ 2 * ? if ^ i
inaiilc <if
a I >1 v lio||]
^ ;mv TIri/.<
M .tn\
. ivo. aies of ; 'iiiiti< ran - .ni?l
a 11 .: I s. I .'i 8|i'ir foot l>a ru k (.
is i t>'.l;tr sp? : Ai.il I > >>< raft
i;< > ; !? ; ?\in</ n im>t r i l>i(
'i O I i ;i j^ood \? r otic ; I
]I . ;|liy "!!( cailliM! 11 ll< IfsiM ; ;t Hi 11 1
I li< I- /uithin - I- <uir f?i 1 -fjishir
jin.ttltt or ]>r pare liiui ' jr (ho ^renter U
Banker Criticises
Conduct of
American People
if National City IVimk, New York
ne not onlv a national \'wp but
il menace. There does not appear
mduct of national, municipal or
ciation of the economical and pruat
adjustment of expenditures to
ways has been found necessary to
d to the maintenance of a condipleasure
vehidcs annually sums
Ireds of millions of dollars. The
i users amounts to not less than
licr necessary expenditures, as well
io l)c incurred, amount to at least
cnt in actual economic waste each
v destroyed in the San Francisco
sum, as largo as it is, does not
: out of this single item of indullc-bodicd
men employed in matiucaring
for cars are all 'vitlulrawn
ic consumers of our diminishing
(1 burden to the producers. The
rom the producing and addition
inniTested in a tendenev to "higher
>i i\ prill ?]p n Tl#l Pnnuio 1-tl,!, /.nlv
. ... ... X.W. ....... ...... .....
lding army.
r people, frenzied by desire for
hi, have mortgaged their In fines,
Inlrawn their hard-earned pavings
\o thereby converted their modest
liabilities. The spectacle is nsing
of the conservation of our
sources, what greater resource is
han the welfare of our hardy pioi
tin1 wilderness, nwnv fmn the
of civilization, are men with
1 lirawn. Their wives arc with
their childrv n arc growing up
mo surroundings thai our foreul.
arc making sacrifices and endurhips
and privations.
y they arc men of very limited
esc hardy pioneers who hew out
nil make fertile farms in tho most
> filled with graphic accounts of
1 western states of tho I'nion.
s, take their toll from the human
of timber that is destroyed robs
S3 gift. The power to save this
cs and other buildings from fire
I her, the builder for civilization!"
d slate i.-suo a call to arms?
! flight. How thankful we would
I>?> for the work and the heroism
to the front to light an crnnn of
neighborhood in which I live
a very quiet and desirable one
)t for the fiut that about ?5 p<s*
the people have chicken coops
i the rear of their lots and about
percentage own dogs.
who iirv too j.oor to own one d<>g
> >?wn two.
the v< lping of |ho dog* in tho
of the night and the roosters h-twith
tin ir chirion notes at dawn,
nagine what a poor chance a light
;is to get the necossarv rent to
1 for tho following d:is'~ work.
re not paving taxes either. if the
tlioro is not a muzzle on one of
annot .';i i this evil nn<l correct it?
.it' n.
i.- i t<> run farms, tlicv should go
?vf? that l)0.\inur is iii a lar^?- p^ns?
r lli* I'aW ili.it the voting
ii."' i mi'! (i r. at I'.ritnin firo stiIIn
voun# iitoii of Mexico <>r
f two MHinu' \nn'ri?-ans or Knj.'i\?
a ?j?iarri'l, it is qiiitklv n*'tt
;:r t i tijrht. Kut let t w>> Mc.xi,i
. . .11
M"l <111 SI IV .- <?? I 1 III ' ? il
nl i.n >i wo 1 ik ]y to lln-li aii'l
liv : i? m miriiih - orif or pr? '
m nn* ' t a -11 1 off t > t: <
In Mi vi'fo tlicri' nro liardK owl*
of jirumiin lit ( i(iz"ii- :
< \? n In I : 1 \ , llj^ I ci (M.I.I V
li.i ..n?! riiiiti\ nthf'l' < it" r
in:.' ' !!:! Ixt nl' falalit! a
in<11'1 i < i'otm.
i I? . n n< v aii'l t<> In- < ! n
n< 11 fa.r !>'( fiL'lils to tf'fd ;i youth's
eth to come later on in life.
[the woman
Till? a T iraitor rnnri/t i bi
iuai nuuar, ri\uv,ivo! ai
i al
i tl
1 al
Dame Fashion Provides Attractive
Models for Making Up Cheap Ma- j
tcrials?Becoming Styles Even
in Cooking Aprons.
j al
1 in
The Rood housekeeper is generally
n dainty body when it conios to hor ()l
personal appearance, and if six- is ^
young and good-looking sho is some- j,.
times very particular about bor work (|]
Ing clotbos. Dame Fashion knows .]
this, and has provided very attractive
models for making up all tho numer- ()I
ous materials now so reduced In price. , ,
There are becoming styles even in j(
cooking aprons ii you please! ^.i
Those for genuine work are still p,
practically large, covering almost all (,i
the gown and very nearly meeting at
__ _ ai
^ al
tlie tcu'k. Hut scums outline tin* bust wl
j nnd tin-re are pretty bibs, oddly-snap- du
; od pockets and flounces for the hot- lb
loin. Then l>iis of color are used to K?
brighten up a sombre material, blu?\
red or white pipings showing on dull
brown and tun linens, or perhaps a
Kay plaid will be used, this shaping e\
(he piping or put on in bias bands, i <>(
A n t . 1..1 1
I s\ r? II1UI r <l.l in'I til ?' apiuu:\ llll'.v art l?l
all (In- rage little muslin trifles trim- ' tv
I inecl with ribbon and lure, tiny, nar ; le
I row and tlie height of coquetry for all j w
work that isn't real work; Rowing! si
aprons made of ga idy handkerchiefs. I t<
j black silk aprons with quaint un-'m
No Surer Love Destroyer Than Mother G
Who Is Chronic Fault Finder
and Scold.
i Don't It ', yourself >;ro\v old in f<^ol
Hi < n<-iilir> ^HinlllK iiwity I 11)111 IS
your 1 hihlren and hitter, lonely hours. T
Don't 1? I your.' If rust mentally. \\
i The growing girl ami hoy who ran h<
have mother help him out in a tight
place In is lessons, or can < ome 10 ai
i her for a < lear aliswe in a perplexing w
<iUestio:i, iarel> net it. <|i.a::ree si
a hie Knov. it-all air ho eor.moti to to
young Ameri' a. j el
I Don't try to force your children's fa
i eonlidonoe If from the M:cl you i><
liavo tried in he ii chum of yojur < hiid 01
the i oufideiiee will lie given unsolio- f l
i 11?-tl; those t)iat are ashed are given
, grudgingly and with a sen ;c of re ! 01
j Kcntmi'iit. if not artualb n t i ed.
Don't lot your children see that you
! aro disappointed la thorn Thorn is
no sur<-r road of self-eon ioiiHtieps
*iid tho don't rare attitude than If the i
I (> or j'irl feels that mother thinks
him a failure. ^
Don't, on tho oilier linnd think your '
jiro*-< 11>' prodigies. If M?? ?. 1-1 knows
he i n't. ho is eonselnu , of einhnrrnsH
ment ntiil lifting under a strain; if ho ;
agrees witli I ho materi. tl opinion ho '
j heroines Insufferably eoiweiled ' in
I ion't. whaie\<r else you do or j si
I leave undone, don't nag There Is ,i>
I no urer love d? troyer than a inolhor i
I wiio never lei up. who inagnifi<tH f;i
I trifles, who is a ehronle fault finder 1 i?
ami flcold The children of such n i fit
mother rarely are found In tho homo i al
?If they can rcrt out of it. 1 \v
roidered bottoms for afternoon tea,
[irons worn while putting flowers into
10 vases nnd all sorts of aprons for
11 sorts of purposes. In truth one
light very readily write the book of
promt, so varied and charming aro
le present phases of these useful and
I w:\vs lloHtrllffi.llv fnmlnlno /Intnlla
The housekeeper's working frock
as also taken ninny steps upward In
liarm, and If there is no ii.no to
i:ik<> the needed garment there it Is
Iways in the shop, with prices ofter
larvelously cheap.
The breakfast gown in two picccs.
i*neu j.ickci and sKirt, is exploited j
i unuuniberod dainty materials, lace j
is* i t ions ami edgings and ribbon I
rawst rings and bows going with |
icse, and every little ready-made j
indi'l t< lis you just how the llowered
striped or spotted goods on tho
xt counter would look if you bought
and made tli<> dross yourself. The 1
lapeloss and really improper wrap- j
:?r of the long ago is conspicuous ,
f its absence. The garment that !
kes its place Is a "house gown," !
id tills Is most commonly In Em- }
re stylo whether the garment Is In
nart texture or not.
Our illustration displays the "house- !
aid's" apron, which is so useful for !
-otecting a pretty dross and yet Is
aceful an i becoming too. The apron
in one piece, with the shaped ;
-mnon crntlinriwl full * '
V.... ..... iu m<- mil It Mil |
id plain at the sides. The ample
)ck<-lH arc made with a long end j
lat runs tip into the belt, thus nar- j
iwing the Rpaco very becomingly j
Nross the abdomen. The bib Is made 1
ith 8traps that cross at the back i
id it may bo cut without the epaulets
material gives out or the shoulder '
eces are not becoming. For good J
rvice whlto butcher's linen or brown
jnanu would do nest lor this apron,
id in this shape it would do for
ther mistress or maid. For the garent
tl:o waitress would wear at a |
nart dinner or luncheon dotted
viss, dimity and checked muslin are J
1 suitable, and with these a little
Ige of narrow lace would be pretty.
For the medium figure yards of
aterlal 24 Inches wide will bo needl
fur this apron.
Food for Children.
Contain suggestions should always
followed when planning food lor
e little ones. To keep healthy the
ly stomachs in the nursery, ono j
ould never servo hot stewed fruit,
tilling Is better than stewed fruit
<1 baked apples, but they should be
oked the day before, and served up
Id. The nursery potatoes should
baked or boiled in their jackets,
owed and fried potatoes, also those
illed without their jackets, supply
:irch. and vet have lost in tJw> I
ring the wholesale potash salts
liich are In the skin, and which
iring the process of cooking boll
rough the potato and render It dl
stible And nutritive.
Tulle Roses.
\ charming trimming on a pink sill;
?ening dress soon recently consisted 1
a <lust? r of live roses, formed of
iiiv iiii *', wiin green iulie stems,
listed over thin wire, sewed to the
ft side of the low neck. The effect
as exceedingly attractive, and
lowed a^ain the value of the littlo
inches to raise a gown from the comonplace.
rent Convenience in Many Way6
and Well Worth the Trouble
of Making.
A prat to pl'H'f across the bath tub
a groat convonionce in many ways,
lie one shown in our illustration is
ell worth the little trouble that will
> entailed in its milking.
Wood of about an inch in thickness
id about ten or twelve inches in
idtli nhould be used, and the neat
tould be made of sufficient length
i extend two or three inches on
tlier end. two blocks of wood arc
stem (I with screws to prevent tho
.ssibillty of the seat from slipping
it of place, and a glance at tho
U'tfh will explain (Ills.
Tho seat can. of roll run, bo |ibuo<l
i or removed from tho bath In a
oinont. and will (alio up very liUlo
>;n o when not roquirod if reHUil ui>
?ain?t tlx* wall.
Acinflic ooiitor of the Heat, and
stoned on underneath with tneVn
(i piece of carpet, and a remnant of
uir-rarpct will bo found most Hiilt>1o
for tlila purpose, and a half yard
111 be (julto sufficient.
Makes tlif? skin soft a? velvet. Improves any
complexion. Ucut uhampoo made. Cures moft
skin eruptions. _
i7iull,>uun linn iiivipirnwr cures cianuruiT,
Stops linlr froui falling out, makes lmlr grow.
If you linve Dyspepsia, or any liver trouble,
iihc Mmiyou's Paw l'aw IMIIh. Tliey euro Hlllonsticss,
Constipation nnd <lrlvo nil Impurities
from tho bloou. ? MUNYON'S HOMEOPATHIC
HOME REMEDY CO.. Phlladolphla. Pa.
"I tried all kinds of blood remedies
which failed to do me any good, but I
have found the right thing at last. My
face was full of pimples and black-heads.
After taking Cascarets they all left. I am
continuing the use of them and recommending
them to my friends. I feel fine
when I rise in the morning. Hope to
have a chance to recommend Cascarets."
Fred C. Wittcn, 76 Elm St., Newark, N. J.
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Taste Good.
Do Good. Never filcken.Weaken or (irlpe.
10c, 25c, 50c. Never ttold In bulk. The genuine
tablet stamped C C C, Uuuruutocd lo
euro or your mouey back. 922
For Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eye? and V '
Murine Doesn'tSmart?Soothes Eye Pain
DrutcUil S?11 Mario* Ere Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c, $1.00
Murine Eye Snlve, in Ateptic Tubei, 25c, $1.00
Murine Eye Remedy Co.,Chicago
H from Lombard Iron Work*, Augus- I
Sr ta, Ga. MnUo money sawing neigh- gj
Kj bor'i timber when gin engin* is idle R
I after the crops are laid by.
Shrewd Scheme Stopped Run.
Many years ago, in consequence of
a commercial panic, there was a severe
run on a bank In South Wales, and
the small farmers jostled each other
in crowds to draw out their raonoy.
Things were rapidly going from bad
to worse, when the bank manager, in
a fit. of desperation, suddenly bethought
htm of an expedient. Hy his
directions a clerk, having heated some
sovereigns in a frying-pan, paid them
over the counter to an anxious applicant.
"Why, they're quite hot!" said
the latter as he toojt them up. "Of
course," was the lepfy; "vy/'&t else
could you expect? They aro cftlj' just
out of the mold. We are coining them
by hundreds as fast as we can."
v tuning iik-iu. mou^iu Hit' simpio
agriculturists; "tlion there Is no fear
of the money running short!" With
lhis their confidence revived, the panic
abated, and the bank was enabled
to weather the storm.
The Enemies.
Apropos of the enmity, now happily
buried, that used to exist between
Minneapolis and St. Paul, Senator
Clapp said at a dinner In the former
"I romomlior an address on careless
building that I once heard in Minneapolis.
" 'Why.' said tho speaker in tho
course of this address, 'ono Inhabitant
of St. l'aul is killed by accident in tho
stro<-ts every 48 hours.'
"A bit tor voice from tho rear of tho
hall intorruptod:
" 'Well, it ain't enough," it said."
Misdirected Energy.
"How did the stroot ear company
come to fire tfiat obi conductor? I
tiiought ho had a pull?"
"Ho did- but ho did n't >isn It nn thA
cash register."- Christian Advocate.
"l is much to wound a foe; 'tis moro
to save him and to win a friend.?Krlc
Write ino as one that loves his follow
men.?I?elgh Hunt.
Coffee's Weight on Old Age.
When prominent men realize the Injurious
effects of coffee and the change
In health that I'ostum can bring, they
aro glad to lend their testimony for
the benefit of others.
A superintendent of public schools
in a Southern state says: "My mother,
si nee her early childhood, was an
inveterate coffee drinker, had been
troubled with her heart for a number
of years and complained of that 'weak
all over' feeling and sick stomach.
"Some time ago 1 was making an official
visit to a distant part of tho
country and tool; dinner with one of
the merchants of the place. 1 noticed
a somewhat peculiar flavor of the cof
foe, and asked him concerning It. Ho
replied that It was I'ostum. I wan ho
pleased with It that, alter the meal was
over, I bought a package to carry
homo with mo, and had wifo rr'>
pare some for the next mop'
whole family liked It so- ' j>'
discontinued cofToo and use-d
i imu reany neon ni limes very
anxious concerning my mother's condition,
but wo noticed that after lining
Posturn for ft short limn, sho felt so
much bettor thnn sho did prior to its
use, and had llttlo trouble with her
heart and no sick stomach; that the
headaches wero not so frequent, and
her general condition much improved.
This continued until she was as well
find hearty as the rest, of us.
"I know I'ostum has benefited myself
and the other members of the family.
but In a more marked rintrrr>r? In
the oftfio of my mother, an ?ho was a
vic tim of long standing"
Kvm ren?l Ihc iilnnr l?l(prf A nrtt
one 11 ppciirx from llmr fo tlim*. Thpf
nrc icenulne, Irup, unci full of Iiiiiukii

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