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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, September 22, 1910, Image 9

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! I 1 jl!_
x uuy cinu ill
Copyright, tyio. by Absoi
Tlio fortune teller hold Polly's lit tin j
hand and gazed Ions and shrewdly
Into her eyea. The fortune teller was i
n u'nunn <1 t >-11 - -? ' ' I
.. ouu UlClViUMJ I UIIJ UIU U'lt I
blugh, as sho was wont to do under j
the admiring stare of men.
Nevertheless, roily was uneasy, j
There seemed to be a ret grlmness i
about the tenso mouth of this oddly
dressed eoer that boded ill for the j
dimunitive one before her.
"Yon would penetrate the future,"]
began tho fortuno teller, "and you
havo come to me to find out what la
In ptoro for you. Well, then, youn;; ;
woman, I will toll you. Listen: An
Old man with money i:? to enter into
your life. The stars tell 111c that you
will greet him with open arms."
"I won't." protested the rebellious j
Polly. She had In mind, as she ;
spoke, the sturdy Jimmy 11 i mil ton.
whom she had refused for the third
time that morning.
"The stars uo not lie," rlilded the
fortune teller. "An old man will enter
your li.'e, and his impetuosity will
fairly' take your breath away. lie
will ho old. but ho lias money."
"I won't hear a bit more." en me
from Polly angrily, and in n turbu ,
lent state of mind she drew her
haughty little self Indignantly out of1
i tho camp chair and Uounced from th< tent.
Polly lMtnunds wasn't supersti
tious, and it was absurd to believe
that Fhe had gone to tho fortune;
teller except through gentlo curiosi
'' 1
* '
"You Would Penetrate the Future."
ty; but It was enough to niako any
eelf-roBpocting girl angry- tho sug- (
gostlvo words of that parchment- I
Pklnnr-1. slllv-tnlklni' 11r?iu?innl;iii 1
Sho wouldn't believe, and she know
very well that she would always remain
true to Jimmy Hamilton; he of
tho dark brown hair and bluo eyes Jimmy
Hamilton, who could twist
bis lovo words and phrases to tho
daintiest proposals ever bringing tho
blushes to tho cheeks of a maid. She
would not roeolvo any hideous old
mllllonalro with open arms!
Polly was in a terrible state of
mind when tho luckless Jimmy espied
ber from across street and hastened
to Join her.
"You!" pho stamped a foo'. In tho
flno frenzy of h?>r rage. "As If I
didn't liavo troublo enough without
you coining along!"
Jlininy smiled and continued to
plod cheerfully along at hnr side.
"If I had n mouthful of vulgar gold
teeth," contributed the cirl spitefully.
"I'm sure I would keep it closed and
not bo always grinning like a
Cheshire rat! It's what I call an?
an ostentatious display of riches "
Without a word of protest Jimmy
obediently pulled his lips to a
straight line.
"Am vnn rlnni u
,r iinniMi I im lilir
vixen. "Can't you talk? Have you
lost your voice? For gracious sake.
Bay pomethlng! Vou got on aiy
"It's a Ann day," observed Jimmy i
Polly glared. "You ought to road ;
tho advertisements am' take a course ! i
In general Intelligence."
Tho unabashed .Mmmy laughed
hoa?\. vou aro tho original little
, ro ^ 1 o enthuBod. "The ta
ba<ci calico, t wero, to thn dull j i
routine of life .A Greenville. Really.
T run i.r^.n/1 n-ll.. ' -
? ..... wa iwii, I Oil/. I > 11C Wliy
thla most becoming petulance?"
"I t'on't know why 1 should toll
von my 'roubles, observed tho girl. \
"You hftven't any sympathy?and, \
besides, I havo decldoi to havo nothing
more to do with you. There!"
"I commend you on your decision,"
remarked the youth at her side. "Hut,
honestly, dear, it's not original, and
you don't mean It. l'n? the only I
chap lu tho town weather-beaten
rmmiKii l? BUTVIVO lliOSO SlUlOCn
storms, of which tho present one- j
sided nltorcation is but h reasonably
fair example."
"You llko to hoar yourself talk," '
snapped the maid. "You are simply j
r.ulnn im tul?H ,1.... !
* ?.VW l.|? ? III! cpunolll. HV/IIHJ UttJ
your head will expand to tho bursting
point nnd provo tho vacuum that
i havo long Busplclored."
Polly, In her tempestuous way, I
suddenly turned tho conversation. "I i
I <
e Prophecy
ciatcd Literary I'russ
havo boon to the fortune teller, if you
must know."
.Jimmy, on tbo day before, had
strolled through the ramp of those
picturesque nomads. "Gypsy queens
Iwivo reputations for being raro
seers," he observed, thoughtfully.
"Rare fools." stormed the maid.
"I just hato myself for having gone
out there at all. 1 I ought to have
known better. No one and read tho
future," she concluded wisely. "It
Isn't possible."
"I deduce, then, that the parcel of
informal ion handed out by the
nvitii in.v .MIIUM'Vil WilSll t III llll lO
your liking."
Tho girl llu.-hod, then tho storm
In hor eyes suddenly abated and a
wicked little imp of mischief dance,1
expectantly In its place. "It would
be nice ii I could believe her." she
ventured, demurely. "Vou would
atlvise mo to. would you not?"
"Certainly." came fro >t the Printline
and unsuspecting Jimmy.
"Gypsy queona are daughters of
seventh daughters, you know. They
are wlso in the occult.'*
Thereupon Tolly, with a happy
little smile, unfolded the information
vouchsafed by her Roumanian highness.
A frown clouded (be youth's brow
at. tho completion of the tale. "Hot,"
lie grumbled.
"Hut," objected Polly, sweetly, "I
have your own words for it that theso
gypsy people are vastly clover. Riwo
tallying to you I hav no doubt but
what i? will come o-it as she s:iid.
Anyway, I must wait for my old millionaire
man. I always did believe
. urn. i ruvra hi in.n i,> iur money, ;uiu
11 st" 11 ? who knows ho niny ho nice;
ami I < an love him, if h is."
Polly was in a rare humor. Never
before had sho boon ahlo to teaso
this groat, good-tempered giant. Ho
never took her refusals to marry
him as a good joke. Hut Polly was to
see the sudden fruition of ihe gypsy's
prophesy, whether she believed in it
or not.
"Honk, honk!"
A most erratic mitom.-ihllo with
two occupants canio zigzagging down
tho narrow road, interrupting for tho
moment the interesting dialoguo between
the two young peoplo.
"Honk, honk!"
As the great machine reached
them, it suddenly swerved to tho
curb, and one of the occupants was
shot eatapul'-like into the very arms
of Polly. Hoth were thrown to tho
walk. In an instant the new and
spectacular arrival had bounced to his
foot n iwl n\w*n Krtf' -1
. x x. v , iiww 1 VII i" i\ri%: III*- UMUIIIMM'll
Jimmy realized what liad happened
had assisted the girl to hor feet.
Profuse apologies came glibly to
tho lips of tho n>an.
The newly arrived was short, fat.
and well on the shade sido of seventy.
How a man of his ago could
spring so nimbly to his feet and instantly
execute a Chesterfleldlan
bow was beyond tho comprehension
of tho silent and wondering Jimmy.
"There is something wrong with
the car." tho man was explaining.
"My driver has been working at it
for an hour lie couldn't stop, you
see. Only for you, young woman, I
would have been dashed to this stone
pavement, and probably killed. If you
.. in i i.i in-- *
..in ciiiini IIIU J nuuill line 10 K1VO
you this as a lit tin (okon of my appreciation."
The old gentleman took
a two carat diamond from his finger
and passed It liuo the hands of the
astonished girl.
"llonk, honk!"
The car. now under control, came
to a sudden ftop beside them, and
in an Instant, the old gentleman had
climbed In beside the driver, who put
r>>< f:i?l o.A.wl .....I .11 1
..... ..... i iiiim 111 ;i
cloud of dust.
"Jimmy," gasped I'olly, "I take It
it 11 back. I will marry you. Tilings
happen so fast in this world that it
Is no place for an unprotected girl."
And Jimmy laughed joyfully.
Affable Executioner.
Art bus Kills of Hoylott avenue, Torotito
officiated at tlio banging of
Henderson in Peterborough. Having
experienced some difficulty In obtaining
hotel accommodation. Hangman
Kills registered at tho Oriental hotel
us A Rpeare. Toronto. His Identity
was not established until ho asked
tne cierK i<> can film at flvo fn tho
morning an ho had some newspaper
work to do and "we all had to ho up
[hero early." He In a man of small stature.
betwoen forty-flvo and lifty,
weighs about 130 pounds, smooth
Rhaven. bluo eyeH. and wears goldrlmined
spectaeles. Ills work as executioner
was satisfactory, but somo of
Ihn oflUlals rather resented his call
Irifnr fn Ihn rl.-iv whrm !><? i?
things worn all riKht, if they \voro
F.al lntled , and bidding thorn good by.
Slov. Canon Dnvidson almost collapsed
when called into his study ho found
Ihe hangman waiting to bid him goodby
and comment on the "suoooss of
tho job A?Tort Hopo (Ont.) G til do.
Swiss Watchmaking Dwindling.
i no rswiHB wnicnimiK'.nR Industry
has shrunken to half of Its one-timo
Not In 8uoh a Costume.
Tho Venus do Mllo may ho all right,
but havo you ovor seen a Charleston
Elrl??Charleston News find Courier.
sulUoy l>< liiiul
/ N^n%v aiKl Mlllm; boll
I J oil!) I-. i'nnro;
wV^-^^iSsS nortJi' mi okltth
\ ^ \ ,<,'> , rf V VAw,
H ?1H r.K: ses
I I /\ ous " j-"! .'s'Vo'r
\ ' Vi owner.
4^% M&f " ?'
I \ ^%))4W/ k why J,..!. ? Pn.
\-... X : ' ,s
A tyv/ffi/ a ";, t- il to pr;
?i ,lnwn 1
tm<1 hoar the s
inal he is driving perhaps n< ?>mr ii hoa<l
Judge I'atHMiast was alw;t. a devotee
owned a string of fast horse an<l during
with interest the progress ui' his horses,
where he was horn. In 18."an>l a indited
miiitl that he wouM some da wear the < rn
I.,.!' I-'.- > ' < 1 ' 1
I I..I. 11.111. in- ll.lll ill.'! II' " II! Ills UOl
j Kansas in IS71?, going t!n u i villi tho u:
i ami afterwards ir.oving to t)l :11. :m.
Dminc territorial da\ in Oklahoma i
! pros',.I.-mi wore a: \ Hi,. ,) j ;rt ;u !g< s < !
i!it; district judgds. the seven of them ::i11
tnii <1 i!n< si'i'roiuo lunch of the territory
not only a t>vl< ral jud?.;e, hut also judgo of t
headquarters at Alva ami a iin'iti) - r of th<
J tiih* (if nssiH'iato justice.
l'anco:i: t was appoint I in 10^2 by I'r<
bv the same nrc-sidont. !?< !". . iu.hro mi i
lit'<> realized, Pancoast Ii I not I' trgct his !
| Ui?- b(noli, his vaoaticn, his [ja.-tinii-, his fa
! hood abolished the court..
\ ... Jjj{ ( poeially huili
\ ,.o?:-{ of tires,
! *{F' !' r"'n':h" ,hP
jM la : I . rro -cu
? - .'i^' tna?io at f'oim
Home, Naples
tliero to FiuMji. Mrs. Fish it let'ors rft'on
ostiiu? in tho < xtivnio.
"It was oxcitini'.," hIio wrote. "Wo Ii% ?
foil 11 <1 hotels ffw am! f ,'} I' lis \v i'( ii Vim r
! peoplo than were tin- natives when vvo wo
i lanes. In ihe country 'f twcon Uomhay a
out. When wo not to China we had our i
periencos were in .l:.pan. We start <1 fn
j Osaka, and thence to Kyoto, Nagoka, Skit
I hania, hound for Tokyo. We found the i
Manoes our automobile barely grazed tliroi
; our car over bridges that were old and uni
wo would plunge through them.
"We were also obliged (0 cross on sit
| across Ilamana hay, was three miks In leu
lash two llshlng l)Oats together and build
run the car."
V ??w.t U'll l| -.M ?,fl1 I - ??.
! near Rcmllng thoni hack. Alter laixlliic; i
across her own country, Mrs Fisher's trip
rest in Sandusky, O , for Iinthe sj.ei
At. th. invi
i. c 111 Thomas I
t ii'1 the inter:
I (Bggjr ilolni'\s is the
mm. *H tion In I.<>n :.>i
"IIk ailinilt' >lly ill
|I 0% rrlmlnoIoKl .>.
^ I ho llowanl as
I C?lir' ni'^'ol'!^
' ^ |: aU,. ; h.lw. I
?'Hf tho poor n
trldliiK off(?i)Jt<> is bumllO'l olY to Jail if lio
pecuniary iiloiionu iil for hi.s misdcmeano
him. oil the otli r hand, the offender will
payment of thn lino is 110 hardship, ? < ;ii
Now, Mr. Holme* senilis t > ho within
pot reform adopted 1?> legal enactment
Howard association, he obtained an ofl'iolal
tho home secretary, whose special business
, tlon of Justice, and Mr. Churchill since 1)1
: inaugurating this reform.
a picturesque; i
^ Tho most
, burg and one
/ Is Alexander II
v public notice <
| ra bo got ono for
v ^ J ,a"on kelnp
T l'oacook tasted
I .ill the trouble
will.In Ivi,, /III'
and 30 foot wide, was well under way. T
houso about one-tonth that sum. It lum I
steam hfftt, electric lights, tllo flooring ani
received tho first of bis very expensive but
Peacock's life story reads like an orlc
?Vir> llnnn njiiuitor nf 11 IM f t wliti rr? ilrv ?nnHii
tloa ho became acquainted with Mr. Oarno
to tho young Scotch lad, aided him in var
forth wafl meteoric.
^ ~~ ^ ~? T I
5*-^ --- -
I :i seat on the federal boncli of
mia Territory for a sc.it oil a
fast-slopping trotters aud pacers !
1 phu t>s in a satisfactory manner,
ist. now a resident of Blackweii,
iinia, lias been inakliu; tlie Oklaho.
In.'j; circuit the past summer v. til
s< s that have pullc'l down nuni< |.
tliolr erstwhile crnilue wi-;ir<-r
n I . W , . . - ! i * II T ? I I? IJUI V I Ml I
lrnitj lias cIm'i.c.I from bench to
still a prac-'i i: c attorney in! is
u l iso bofon 11??? t'nlted Stat' \ Sunt
h" prefer to sen the st"i ;i"rs
lie honi" 'Icti in a whirl <>i' <lust
bouts o 1' t onlookers as 15j?k aniuriib;r
ti." wire.
of tb<? racetrack. Ho Iiqb always
iiis tlnys m "In? bench h-' wntche<l
In < life, however, in uhio,
l?? tho in 1S7S, ho inado up his
line. ' r i . fact ho kept stoat I family
iivt" \s: ii ho l()cat"i| in w< s:t rn
. \;.. i i< nc" of a yontiK law . 1
\\r> r <lfiai judges nanio ! 1? ll.>
h'" ' rritnry and in addition t<> l?o
if; in.:' Vt at. iho capital run ti
Tims join) L. l'ancoast hooani
ho S<-\ <tli ()klahoma district w'. '.i
t? rrit' rial uipriue b noli with tlio
^i.l nt Itoi: . It anil .rrain isi 1000
he !>-n !i, \\:"h his imc Hnihitlon in
mi It v li! on<.' i-.-ll. f from
>1. ili.? sorv I :i judgo until statuIN
"t Clark FIkIh r of Tr?Mito?, N.
to n-rord fit' h'-iiu? tho only woman
1 tin iiitli in all aiitninohili'. Mrs.
h< r in linrsi'|?o\vor machine makes
tli" iiutomohilo worhl. and parllou
aim "I women. With her (m t.ho
secretary, ll.iroM Fisher llrooks,
man ami i ai.l servant ami Honk
hull terrier, who was taken along
In a<l lltion, th<> car, which was
f'u* the trip. carried a complete
parts ami cooking utensils.
luinl> (1 in Fiance, toured leisurely
me through 11' rmany ami Swltzor
it) Italy, where a brief stay was
Tlleliee I hev vlullml
uiiil I'ort Salfl. taking ship from
!nt* to their experience s art; intt rli'.<e
ftypsios most of tlm time. Wo
irvcr saw a more surprise.I sot of
uI<1 roll into nno of their llttlo villi
tl Calcutta we preferred to camp
troubles, l>ut our most exciting ex>tn
Kobe am! went from there to
.(- I.n.i, linn, <'u.iv>.u,i aim 1 UKiJi"
"is so narrow, that in many ini.,..
tlioni; Wo worn fore -d to run
oliablo, and many timos wo feared
lall ferries, ami onn of thoso trips,
s;tl> To net across hero wo hail to
a temporary plalform on which to
illy exciting experiences that oamo
n San Francisco and starting oast
was uneventful except for hor arI..I
ir,!i( > nf iho l-nit. il States govern
1 ol!j:? conns from Kngland in atla'ion.il
l'rison conference. Mr.
secroiary of the Howard lusnoela
i. which is devoted to tho double
liiiK prison administration. He Is
foremost of practical Knglish
Ih- hn's tnad" a lifelong study of
fori he beeaino the secretary of
sociation li? was for many years a
linn- .mi ninnies nas neon advnt
of offi nders to paj thi ir lines h\
ill thus. In a measure, -qiinllxtnK
parity in I real nn-nt which K. < law
i tliO I'lch and the pool'. At prea*
nan or youth who commits nomo
cannot imnir 1 lai??l\ hand over tho
r vvhiih hllnd Ju-tho demands of
h i v. II ,i:< - I pocket, to whom tho
><s tlii' :i 11 > of Imprisonini tit
measurable distance of netting his
A fr\v days tu;o, on behalf of the
interview with Winston Chun-hill.
i it is to look after tin* udniinlstr:i
i n has iMiioinicoil his intention of
l>l(*turi\s(|tio millionaire in Pitts
>i iin* nioHi 111/.ant) in th<> c uintry
Peacock, w110 recently rame Into
m account of a bad egg. Herause
breakfast In? spoilt dearly $70,000
iery with which to supply Ms tabb;
li from the noftt. llo has the repu;
tho most Irascible Individual In
iat happened to his chef when Mr.
the cold storage egL; that caused
may bo Imagined. After ho had
elings ho called up a real estate
farm," ho said, "n farm that is bis;
n a lot of chickens."
tin; real estate man bad the farm:
k-rt u chicken house, 2i??i feet long
ho faun cost $00,000. and tho hen>een
rushed to completion. It has
I electric Incubators. Mr. Peacock
superlatively fresh eg^n recontlj
iita! romance Ho was a clerk at
Htoro when in tho courso of his <1 hglo.
Tho Ironmaster took a liking
lous ways, ami his career thenco
Mr Willi.i. A. Kail: 1 v.; a :ts\v n>
? ions ii? : triv<. u<i> i i: 10! : ??i<'
?.> I' on M sal !* |> '.lining in {'.,
ml' rt of I i.. for I'-.iilr rs o.
II. papoi. oi i' onn! Is \\ i'I ??xp *
rlotii'o i<s IM ' r. Author and Manufao
tnr* r. Ii.? Is. hont <1 tin) libji i
I uuuiuriiy "" uioiip Ktiit.ii'OlR, A'l h' s.. \
' till Inipiirlr-s William \. Kti<ll?orii. N
! ItM Kiflli A . 'liioiKo. I ami only ni
L'luso t\vo-<< t .1II11> for- | ;,5y.
I It. often : that t stylo or ap!
pi aranro di i lions-: n't make
] so much ' . rcncb :> tho sito oti I
Wliloh ii i ?:llt. In every (own ar.l i
vi'" iK'1 tli' .i examples that ' row
. f l; ai'i> ili.'iiKlitful ilttl."
1 anion-; -.- s
.1 I'li A- i > house i "'il! 1 r;
i i* 1 i l iy in ill- i.uii, w";.. .
on.' a i < :-i!, lto:tioliU< l' . ; ;
I valkitiK past.
;ii< a for every one if this 1; i:. 1
t' !' is olio of tin 111i: to 1: :. the
Wlanoo, probably. Kvery town l.a.s i
I n. Tin1 house is lar:;" ci-l i. >a.
] ' unite : :i rirchiteetnial < i ' inn
in tact ; hut it. is set down on a fcma.i
1 . cr v. ! ) in, with all t !i t!' s iiii I
;!r. c.it down to 11.;i!: room
for it. I>i ; |>ili"> of its h!/.<? and io^t
a ! i hi. kind Is \ < ry ! r j
: i
; yet mans times the r -il ? 1 11? * of
kucooss in planning t!.e erection < ; i
(homo ate overlooked and -i li;rT? n,
uninvitin ; placo is the i'? ii'
Tho o\|>! i ionrod honi" huii i r 1!
always, if possible, select a rom?h and
\voudod site; if it is slightly hilly o
hiueh the better. It is true the '.nlwir
fin 1 ?>xi> n - < for gra<llng and prepar
Iiik t!i" -to lor the buililitipr an-l for
smoothing tip tho ground afterward
j is greater, but th" sat isfaet ion and .
success oi (lit- | j-< i i" < t is also great or,
}iml tIs ? a't raotis >'ti< of tho p". loo
iticroa: >'H as tho years go by. while ]
J ho extra labor at. tho beginning is
very soon f>?ii;oiton.
Almost any 'yi" of house harmo
Tiizos W"U with such : urrnnn lin-' a:. 1
is improve.i in appearance by the
natural beauties of tho building site.
Some materials nn<l snmn
house a iv hi toe tu re sei'in especially
iv * * 11 suited, however, for such use
'The accompanying design is 0110 of
It is planned something on the Injn- I
iiij" ~ !,
:. I :> V . X I ' ? IfrSs !
galow order, with prominent roof,
broad on the ground and not overly
| high.
? A distlhctivo feature of this design
! Is (!l<> use t>f cobblestone ill the !:: ?
I r>h f th n* v .... ' - - '
logcin.r ciosoiy so mat lew ol t;
mortar joints nre more than onol ill
Inch thick. Tin; sloii' s should si.ii.>!
Dnt prominently and should 11 >t !?<
pia ii'i'cil to a smooth surface villi
mortar, neither should an;, lcokon
edsea lie visible \ good workman,
by the proper t. < if cobble tone, ns
bIiown in this de inn, c an : ur<? a
vi i'v ornamental effect and one exact
ly In keeping with the gen ral atmos
phere <?f tlx1 rn: tic site on *hich tin
house i.i built.
l-'or the wall; of this houso either
clapboards or shingles may hi- used.
Shingles are always appropriate for ,
thf walls of a houso of simple design,
especially In connection with cobble- |
l also l?> employed wry < HVrtlw!;- : >r
lli-- foundation of il.c building
A ooli!?lostiiiii? \\ :ill can 1 in i i'
| wry attraetiw if tin- in.t:i ! i in ;
projx'rly ill; :.m<!.; tti> v. >: I .
any kind 01" Mun.-wo: it tl.' .
I lands 'I'll i' nil to \.irity of r >ior
h 11 a I and size can !> o!ilai:i< d t!ii>
i:i- : artrncllvo api arain o w >. I a
j fidjlilt- iciH! wall pr> lit. Tho
I tdiouM I- railii r lai and laid .it
m | . 1
jr? '-'q i
L-i *} ~v'7 ..."' I
v rJ~l * ?Vk -* I)
|V*Ki?zmx. a?wV|.i I. . I
, I
| iv.
First Floor Plan,
random, not in rows, an 1 shouM
7- ?* A. AUiunrf
?4 ? ??
if/ ' W ?
r.' EDITOR 1
. _J'
s:?>nt; work. Tli'-: .?; ? v;i; : > : l?lcnsways
in w!.i< i siiin;;l< 1 may bo
.li i unit v.::') CO.'lsldtM" ' !lO
?: nu.'H'o.l of la; v. the shlimlea
i:. uniform rows, liv nehes to the
v. id!:, i', tiri men 'onoew. A pleasing
vari 'if'ij is to lilac* t!: shingles in
al'eniate rows of tw ami eight inches
to the weather. Tltn inquire* no
mop! mat -rial or I.''nor ami gives a
very Jittr.'U'.-iv>: ajiji. .nanee. Tho
Iiingh .- o;i ii roof, liowi-vr, s1 mM
always ho laid in llm r ; ? .ir way.
A glance at tlx- llo r ; 'ait: will
mmih ?i very ivinvi : : :11> 1 rnnilirtill.!
nrr.'ui?<n)< !it c:' . . in Uii.i
lioii. . . Tli' ic is !. . . . ;v! 11;111,
prppw " ?*# -? ]
,, - \ I ' A p
B * 8
| j r, j
f f ?. J j
t ? r~T.~
J? .\ L-..
J ?????? ? ? v tr *i?t.* ci anrd
[ : j
must liavo falli'ii off in y> ir attentions.
Komi-mbor that a w :!' is only a s\\ ?.
> >&,
St'' Kp*:'; ., .
i : ill *?
f ]l l| k m,
.< \l
" ...
' '.' <v
.. V^'.va
v-v- I
ht'ai t h few y. a: !.. r ."lal: 1
11.-Vf that sh<> is ii!l > \\ . t u"
Winn \ i>u > '<"> tin!.if ' : . ;
lia\ > ill- maid *i-ii I .nr i .p
jus! .is iii Uio i !il day . Aw: ...
tip littl." atin:i timl i; . h i
llu> :" lit sort sl??> will > mi I iloWn v. . I
t'.'i' ; li<j will li' (low ii in t : w mi iii!; o.-4.
Tli'-n pi:' a ftv p. :icl ! \- oi i:h1v
::i a prhmiiinr :1a t> a I wait pal n'.!y.
Wln-n von |i? r I. - c mini\ \
' > l I'.-t her ! 1 a i. aiily
tt.iv : ' " v..m i i ?
?i." pliv II..-: Tin* . ( <
I |.,tj It tl.. > <? is t : : tLi*
I', rt ;i let h r . it iii It w. -i i
t.'ind Now i .1 h?-i IIir v. r."1 'l '>' >
; > .1) till (Mr in it v it ly waj tllil'
u ill app> al to If r 1 im> i?f ran.
\Vh?'ti Ibo dinner boll i i \ 1 in i
r a bunch of Ane'iiean t>ea '.ti >. pull
c.it 1:?-r cliair f( ; In : and t. i. ?
'-.in round h< r nock yourself Then,
villi a low buw. - iit yoursoli ?>(>j < -ito
her and begin t?? praise the f<> >d. Ask
her to make sprightly remarks, and
laugh Inanity at them I'm" her to
toll you about tho cock d iii Just
I cforo dessert .diow her tli nu-hbstni
ats j u nave iw)u;:iu i... : opera
for that
Xrv' r li;,lit a cigar until you hav^
i Ufil her whether slm objects to
moke. She ma\ always ay no, hut
tln'i' 1no tollir.-; uii> a ! f laste may
? i.aiiii<'. ami si" nt.jemnn will
\vh0ft his Wile objects to It. Glvti lmr
twice afi milch as nlu1 wants for an
al'ii? nice. a:nl always forestall any ronilnciu
uJ.^ I.e.,- I,.. In
iii ihit; \ i\ you win i*ot;11n your
lovo and lor? v. ; . ;.>I :i liar'ay
>.. < 1 .loan 'n<' l'h:t" 1?? Katt'll l,oo?
in:s in lh I)fllni ator
Mctliod In Her Madness.
"It w; your v. ifo's la .lt von gave
up snu.Uli.g and drinking, wasn't It?"
. \ini ><iu ii.iv. morn inonoy arior
having given iii> tho hal It , have you
not ?"
"Nope, but she has."
Second Floor Plan.
i 1. . i: ' r-io-!. . r ' ;. ">n
; :tc?> Iii?? 1 i\ i . 1 ',> Kni:: r
I'ttwii w i li t!,.' i it ' i u k hi' i' in
I'i.'ht. On t k n 1 floor
iIhth iii''1 " !? Iv?i.>ii. ;u 1 ;i baUl
I'O'nil, ulso ftr.w c . ?: li< . < '.
It Ik 'i .1.. i. i *
:lmt would I)" bard to i11; r<.v tipon
for ;inyo!i" <l(.-drills a eotufortablo jv.
i i( !!' of artistic :r:ico. '1*1:
cost is ostlniat' 1 at fl.'V >. inrludiu-;
a '.rood gra.li- of jtliiml?it;i? :11;. 1 li.nliUn-c
and lirst class basoni'ii; 1. ;itlnq plant.
Schemes by Which the Husband May
Retain the Love of His
It' your wifo doi's not !ov<> you as
sho did when vni ? i

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