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yVJL'LL. ? ^
WHAT has boon ono of Iho
chief charms of Iho Holy
m bur jawiu iui imnt' huiuciiin 111
WW before long bo a thing of
the past. After centuries,
fivfin millenniums, of conservatism in
^customs ami speech, the barrier to t-nUghtenment
lias been broken down
by the Young Turks, and men of enterprise
have been invited to enter
Palest ine?so long held in bondage by
)tho late sultun and to form It Into a
(modern and progressive country.
[With the entry of civilization and
(modern culturo tho many peculiar
customs which have been observed
jBlnce the days of the patriarchs, and
Itho poetical speech of the natives
(which reecho words of the prophets,
will soon be banished For even in
the smallest actions of their life the
'people rehearse Biblical scenes of the
days of the patriarchs and speak to
icacli other in the poetical phraseology
.of the Psalmist and the prophets,
(quite unconsciously.
Perhaps the most interesting figure
In Oriental life Is the tall, dark lie
douln, uhost life resembles in every
Jn Palestine representIrtg the various
stages of the evolution of homes from
the abodes In the Kirks of the
poor peasant or (lie leper to the modern
stone house of the wealthy Mo
tiainniedari. There are the more pic
"turcRque homes made of t wigs and
branches. 'I'hese are literally ' \ sh:i
>dow In the day time from the heat."
They are also made of cloth from
camel's hair and nu rely supported
xifuun irun m Aiuaniuu 01 ?1111. I'.vt'ii
Ju\ Jllltor;it?' ahd Ignorant as 1??* Is. a
rwaruh-ifr of thn desert, living ? !?#
jnost | ritultive life, embodies liis ideas
In highly inotaphorical language Mis
"black camel' , hair tint is probably of
filio fiaine s!iai;<> as that of the |?; *i*'
nrchal days, ami Is made in such ..
manner as to lacilitatc its on tlon
7iiid lis removal and t ran.,:po:t at ion on
ft ho hacks of burden hearing camels
Tim 111 nit In Im mirrnii i:. I?? ! in hi<
wanderings by Just as many > unci ,
loxen and other animals as was the
wealthy patriarch of earlj day
Biblical Scenes Rehearsed.
In t lie fields Oil" f.er i li\ing lllus
trations of many of the parables, and
In the village are rehearsed many in
cldcilts mentioned in the Bible There
1 <4 it im.viI vnrlot v (if lidini'vi tit In
T?y lont;. rude polos. ! lu-n Huto antho
houses of clay.
Tho honsi'.s have flat roofs These
flat earl b - v" Vafn ? not nuicli pro
tort ion agaf'ist rawistonns. They soon
boc :m pnak'vl and ihen idiiiiiii neea a
disagree"' 1'.- dripping of water
throng!) the rout, which continues day
and night. In fwimiucr tho people
sleep upon their roofs, and i omo spend
the (lay there, taking lljiii cooking
VtemdlK tip
At tlio sound of tho rr?.?r from tho
minaret, five times a day, announcing
to tho village that "Thero is hut olio
Cod, and Mohammed in his prophet,"
every man and hoy Bpreads his prayer
rug on hln cloak heforo him and
!kneel? down upon It. Whether ho he
Itn tho field at work or In hits liouie
sir Land !
f Y
. " ' * ..
JC/r/Y?- //V &?~r/iL?hTM r-JP
at rest or In the streets baiKuining, at
tho sound of tliat cull to prayer h<*
turns his faro eastward to Meeea and
liows down liis forehead to th?>
h, wwnu, cum i inr.t iinu uianrn
genuflexions while inuttt?ring Arabic
words from the Koran.
Gate* No Longer Closed.
In old on days every cit\ had iii?h.
wide walls. It was possible to wsilk
around tin' < 11y upon them. To lay
I parts of the walls of Jerusalem aro
| wide enough for this. The gates of a
i city wore always closed at sunset.
. Caravans arriving after dark wore
1 obliged to wait outsido until morning
: Travelers on foot could enter the city !
; by the small door of th<> gate, which j
! was know n in the t?osm>l iinvu k.. I
figurative expression: "The eye of tin* I
I needle." Christ was referring to titIh
! custom of making the camels wait
! outside tlio Kates until dawn, because
j of the Impossibility of their passing
through tii?? smaller door, when lie
said: "It is easier for a camel to go
i through the eye of a needle."
; Though the gates of Jerusalem still
stand and a uentinel guards them,
1 they are never closed by day or night.
( )MO of fh?? nutcf !?.? I! 1 ?
I trntions of seenes of llible days, per1
haps, since our l?ord took it as syni\
boilc of uprightness in man's dealing
with his fellow Mien is tin- daily scene
of measuring wheat in tin.' market
place Tho official measurer is hired
l?y tho vender of wheat and ho mens
: urea tho quantity before the eyes of
! tne purc haser. He shakes tho wooden j
measure and continues pouring on |
inoro wheat until It literally runs '
ii; uiin ?ui; ?iv i ii?' ni'tMKItt III ri!- ,
echo Christ's words: "(!ood niensure.'l
pressed down and shaken together and !
i running over, shall men give unto
i your bosoms "
It Is still customary In well-to-do |
' homes to recline on couches during ;
the menls, but In the villain homes
the peoplo sit on the matted lloor
around the large wooden bowl which I
contains the cooked rice or beans
'I he head of the hou.;e opens tho meal
by taking Up a handful <?f tho greasy
rleo and a ploro of bread, and rolling
it Into a ball bo plaee.s It Into the
guent's month himself Thin conipllmontary
aet is tho fclgn for all those
ans< inbiod to literally "dip in tho
(IIkIi, " oating with their hands.
Work of the Women.
Win n tho evening meal is over, tho I
o' in' >!'tables ai"> taken i ff the thelves :
and ; i ead < n tlio matting for the
family to sle ep on la i < < m it only
...... \l l .i -l :i - 1
<> < >! <' I.II-I' > v IH-II I 11 IIIIIUI1I]
art* all r??1!? ?I up and asleep tin* woin- j
a ia the homes l? i;in I he >;. i1111 i11 <; of
tin- u i r-at lor the bread lor t!:t n xt '
day, vsliil" sliniaK plaintiv<? luliahie
, Tills Is monotonous work, and was
often given to prisoners to do c'aiu|
son's enemies sot lilin to kri: i.t
i when Iw wart their captive, lv/ek? '
i speaking "i utter desolation, used tie
< xpression, well understood by the
j people: The grinders shall ( t a.se and '
I the Bound of grinding la; low "
Tin.' women are as busy in tlie fiel 'sas
in thd houses There are Ituths i
I gleaning and reaping and winnowing1
| and even plowing by the side of tin ;
oxi'n. To the town the women come
I hearing tlie* produce of tli ir Hi Ids, and
they look very plrt 111esipie sittiiik it>
i tin* market place." On their heads
. they carry large baskets and on theli '
shoulders their small -ons sit, taking
i their llr.- t lessons it: riding. This
leaves the women's arms tree for the j
I other purposes. Hnhy girls mo car i
j i i?M 111 *\ \ I I I" v IHIIHIII'M I\ i u 11K Jirri??.s
I their mothers' hIkmiIiIith Tie re is n
\ figurative prophecy rcgai'diiiK the bet
i< r standing of women In the Orient.
1 in days to coiik* in the proclamation:
Their dauRhl'TB shnll bo carried tip
on their shoulders."
Those better days arc now at last i
breaking, for this is tho dawn of free
(loin from subjection of women In all
j Turkey and the Holy l,an i Hut with
! liei loosened ret tern \s 111 no also tho
eountry'H traditional ouHtoniR, and Itp
quaint, poet leal forniH of speech, in
fluenced by the Influx of civilization.
Attractive and Alrncst Endless Selec
tion of Materials Nov/ to Be Had
Give a Most Gratifying
Onc?> 11 pon a time :i r 1 thought j
herself very well provided for when
her mother gave her a bolt of long- 1
cloth and nouns spools of cotton and
iMidmonishi'd hor to he industrious, but
times have (hanged, and girls have
changed with them. Today longc'oth
undergarments arc practically unknown
and instead of tin* tatt.ing and
crocheted trimmings once fal.rhated
so laboriously the modern woman c.oe.s
to tl)i> shop for tin; (Jainticsjt lacs.
y W I
m I: lii.
Ht-r intimate littlo gamx-nts night
ies. cht'inlst's, <Ira\\<Ts, skirls ami mi
dorbodies- -aro all made of cottons or j
linens that look as if they hav boon
spun by tin- fairies.
The one thing the dainty modern
girl does In imitation of her grand
mamma is to make h r under vaitnent
by hand. If sho is not skilled in the
use of the needle, sl??> buys lingerie by
It'jt, alas, e*' n In the finest materials
ready made lingerie is of two sorts,
the good and the bad. It may come
from gay I'areo or be made In the
slums of th?? iri 'in \m>-:iran it but i
it is open to flit* . .tiu?? nbj?M:tlon. Tho
One Color Effect Attractive. t i:t It Is
Not Always Wit nn Reach
of AH.
In tin' lat< f I!:< t ir.' only
two in!' ''s, a I ! ;: ir ! ; I ..?; !
an I'Miauii'iiial ?>ri *. an I i i* * f i
matohod thnnifji li<- ' .'i
I,.'! ns suppo; lor n. (hat
tin- rosiiujio is ,'! i'D and gr.i> !' : >
I hroe -piece suit, gia> \\ 1111 i -! 1. i r .Hi
cuffs d!" gl'< II. a :.: II In-Ill lea )iill;'
almost to the and a ." n i!
frill am) I'lernn collar and < ii"i on !
low nocki il and short sleeve I hlous
The lial Is gray straw, with i liiuir-?
or Alsatian bow of green; the \ i!
gray, with green llgure.s. primps in
ih<- now < omct design Tin' gloves are
gray with green Htltching
Kveti the silk underskirt < arries o il
this ld.-a I' is changeable green and
gray or gray with a en en i illle Slim -- !
stockings ;ir?* 1><itli g: <-n. or per
haps (In* shoes are gray sued oxfords,
\\ fill green silk luring
The parasol igrny with a d> ep Item
border of green sal in, alw ays in the
name shade, s;o (hat (here is no ugly
divergence in color. And all the Jew
dry accessories, the licit buckle, tic
hatpins, the chain around the neck
are kh en artificial emeralds or jade
Perhaps (he metal setting is of old
silver J< wels.
And the same Idea is applied to al!
other colors It is wonderfully cffcic
tite, though perhaps a hit out of the i
ranch of tho woman who has one stilt !
a season unless she dresses always In
tin; same colors.
Hut even she may manage it hy !
careful planning, and it is stunning
enough to bo worth while.
i- i'iv ri *js 11 it i ii t which i; miowii in i in.1
><l tilings in, balanced l.y a supurflui'y
of ornament, a i;ushiuj< abandon as
i might soy, that brings a blush to
'li'> modest cheek. Is i! possible, you
I'u'.k, any woman won' l wear such
horrid things! Win n larinents In
< ir > lawn and rami :> are trimii.
! in this way they .in so inappn
priatc, that only to ! >k on them
dull:; the appetite for ahorate lini<*
"l,"t mo be plait li : v>r more,"
jo'l urowl, "and m> lot h with a nunlik"
petticoat, treated alv t<j Iiuiiib
and iticks."
The host, results in li:u: rle ar iorr<'>i?)iidinKly
attract!' \ ..rid ti. nd
l?' variety of materials i o\v i: I tor
lit" purpose Rives a sratif *i>: ? uiety.
I"." . v lawn skirts, II unci | nlt1 dot
li d muslin or erossd'.i n t ' vnrl
iiii:hinowns, chemises anil . ilea
ar> all made of tf?? dau tves.
Tli" ? xpensive Ictlsle. i I dimities,
the rlukled crepes and handkerchief
In Alls olico repnril".! no ..-.I . i < ?
on' ido wear, an- low u-?l for all
I;'.: N of undor-nai'iienis.
With lawns, linen and rni' n some
nc\ insertions that look lik ianvas
an much used and several 1. mis of
lit - ippear on a single potticoat T i -
'.ui mm noRrams In hand enibroidoi > ;ire
n> w rigour, and ribbons av>- run
ih ;::li a lawn insertion with !i' . of
tli - . v!i width.
With the exception of the joining <>l
th- h";i!.:s, which is done |?y ui
< iir , i vriy niiriiii-nt constrticM?>ii H:
pCM'f 't i .vhould be made by h;m 1
\ <l liofit< touch of color t'oiiifiliiiiappiars
in the {inured dimities, but tinH
ni ral prifi'ience i.-; for all white,
v. itli only tin- ribbons tinted.
The IMiutU ution comprises a very '
smart i>otti?-o:it and corset cover of
nainsook. '! h skirt Is nored, and the
two cuts show li ma> bi- made either
with a deep or a (.arrow flounce. For
a dressy costume the flounce could
he ?it lawn, wiin lace instead of (he j
cambric trimmings, shown herewith. 1
The muh rbodlce is Ir.ind embroidered, !
am! can be made in a single piece, ex !
ropt the tall, for the tucks at the sides '
lit it into the ttgur<?i
flood undervi*sts for summer are of
lisle or Italian silk the vests which
are not lihhed. Three of a ver. ex
0 Client gauze-lisle call be had for a
dollar, and one dollar and t\\err> live
rents will buy .1 dainty silk vest with
a lace edge and ribbon drawstrings.
A Boticclli Headdress.
TIxto is a hcaijiliess ;i fr ? ; ?] l>y
women ??f ri-KUlar f? jit nr??:? ami small,
thin faro-" This is a kiiul of Italian
roiffurr found' (I probably in tin- I'.nt
tic,.Ill schonu'. All tin* hair on thi*
crown ot' the head Is rolled up to form
a < hUnioti that stands out a lonjj wa>
from the head in a direct lino with the
nose, says IlUirdressers' Journal it
the hair Is not .ullicient to make a
linn, thirk chignon, a "crepon" is
wound in it or a thick pad of some
sort. The arrangement must b*> v> ry
neat, the hair lx Iiik brushed upward
and standing out well The top -\nd
sides are treated separately with u
parting, either on top or at the side,
while the hair is. beside?' , lightly'puffed
ovit over the ?ars Those who like
th wavf apply tlu? iron to this part,
o as to produce deep, soft undid *
tions. which briiiK :iii > ff t >! !ij;ht
and shade into the scln-ni"
rUA f#/
Do not uso a bru li (o r-mov tan
irl< Ki'I1Uin?' laughs with .1 mnit)
of smooth, even teeth, used gi :111 >
and rcgnlfu ly.
Then- arc few scalps that arc not
bcncllttcd by brushing for five mln
utes. Occasionally, however, when
the hair is line and delicate or is i.ill
ing badly, brushing should oe omitted
)'.rushing with an unsanitary brush
is worse than nothing
This cleanly precaution lakes but a
lew minute:, it a littl< ammonia is
put In a basin ot water and tie brush
dipped in it several times, then Into
fresh water. Dry quickly in (lie sun.
I to not economize in your brn^li
buying- Cheap l?rls(l?.?K tear (ho hair
and many injure (lie scalp.
Evening Cloaks.
l\ii; li \ Hhawl rnatciial* am id pi?>
:in Important part for evening cloaks
ami tlx y will In man\ cns< s have <|< . p,
t,??u fur collars ami lie lined with am
Per mom ' lino. Mack satin, which
hiia Peon t!o much usoil for coal-; nmi
skirts, will also ho in favor for lonj;
coats, with no trimming hut a hand
hoiiio fastcMiintf of silk rords boI low
down In the skirt of the coat. |
Sir Fhilip Sidney and the Dyin^ Soldier
?Tr.i&ic P;.rt of Cjp of Wine
m Murder of Edward the
The I ropo: :il of the I)ii(rli to
.it Zut.| 11 :i statu'' to Sir i'lillip Sid
m;y malls io a London writii lh?>
world !.i M il ] sodt of tin- dv . sol
?1 i r. with which his doath is inseparably
< <>11 ri < < ?1. Ii occuri'l vhon
that Paladin ?ir: Supt< tuber j . ] iXii. !
received hi d< ah wound 1 Iho
\s 11!n d;' / .tphcn. I'ai 11< <) with
iIiiist., he ca. 1 lor a drink ,\<' ho
w.is putting i ti )Ul<! U> ' iouHi
!iis eyes i< upon a d< i ratidy
wi'iiiidcd soldier, who, as lie u l>e!ni'
c ;i <1 pas!. >'W ).'i:i i< . Mr.: ^'an
< i 'which S I'hilip p?.rcei\< <1 'ni I;
tin bottlo 11: -;i tiis lips hcfor** In:
I; ! . aii'l ? rod to tin1 poor 'nan
'a licse w< : (! . 'Thv necessity is
1 " a lor i! ininc.
thi> nit ! ! r of l-'dward the Mar
i) ItT'J, ;i ' ;> of wine plavfd a
t: .' nart w uiod with his hunt
Mi; youii I U'fll was pfM'SU. ill (1
"l< ! -fI ' III ilt ('Ol'fi' ensile,
iii Dorsetshire ' > :itxnl< of his .-t- p
mother, tlio \Vi?l? vi'tl Queen Klfrida
I'|u>n his intr.it " lie greeted liiui
will! ii ki.-s, 11.11 ' a s In' resisted
her invita'iin t?? d ::i? unit, brought
from tiu? castli' i : ? : wine Kvtm
ns tin' king ra,'-' l i - bli oiii> ot
her retainers drew li duggor hri?l,
will! fatal i no' "i . it into ins
During tin* 11.1v; 1 ; nt ,it S:m
Junii tho is, \\ I :i \\ ; :i<i r the
command of Sir John I! iwiii: v.as
attacked bv o\ : n-1" in.-,
odds. 1 loth by word anil <!? l did tho
admiral encourage his mon^ and diieb
\! n 11.oir t-'iiiii - s> ell i to tlag. t
1 .?i' liis p:i;;o fi toh him a ruji of l" r
Tl \va - brought to him i r i a -.1\
r. !? !, <>?: i \vItfolt In* ?iran:; i<> ms
i : , iviltiltv. tiv Knniii rs land l>v
t . 1 < ! m:u < liki in' :: ' tfear? ? ":;;i i
!. t.: I'll;: ii i a in!:' awl l??'!d <'.? *
cu|i . t v :i if na n ill; by a bull
fnjin (in t : t shl| - an 1
cur: n il a a ii I-'.M-l
.i <1! :.< ij ,:i '11 ' IWU .if
Rot hfiibii'. u < ! I by a costiiiuO
festival, which >; > ; > iho mm. of
"Mcistor Drank.' tint mi?h?> f* a* a
funnrr town ?oun illor win), in P
saved Mio town from (lostru'tion In
that yoar Uothenburn fell Ivfor ti
511'ill.s Jl lilt: iiiij, wii?> .n
head hi' tils fo:-e -s entered the van
enislied town, wlitat the town hall
he t;ave orders for t.ho execution nf
the ? ivic n.' rates. Hefore, how
ever, tiif dot>n>t i! int si wt r(> !t>iJ forth
t<> the scaffold* i he l'.urgoinastt r* |
daughter prese'.iti il herself, hearing ati
linmcns* Higon I wile . out of wlr. i
lliD conqueror drank and passed it
round t > his t I. r ;
All quenched their (hirst anil yet
the flagon was on!} but Half empty,
' ' . ... ii., * ci I
fiOIMIlj; III:.-* ill" 1 (l i i i n" ii' - I'.irain .
that otto of tli<- <'()uncillni'8 present
\\as able to empty tho ntoii|> at a
draught "If such !> tho ( tied
Tilly, turning to tli'ij condemned mag
istratcjj, 1 will pardon yon all for tindrinkers
sake Fill the tl-'igott t' the
Tins was done, and then on < f the
ciiy'.i magistrate: stej ;>iiiK forward,
seized the v ssel, raided it to his lips,
and nelthe; dr<!A b.r?-ath nor t
down until he 1 -el <i'.;affed its < mtontu
to tho last dro| Then only <ii< 1 he
reverse tin' Uncoil In j > r < >.?; tha.
feat had !>-en accomplished Tilly
kept liin word ami <>voi> year, In commcmoration
of thtir dtdiviTanci1, do
tin1 cili/.t'iirf of Hot licnhurK ona< t ov r
again tliis fauiom: * v? ir. :ti theii '.own':;
Oblivion Is Right on the Jcb.
Mr. Gerald Sinnh j i.< ;n < vpp
rleiicod wo'- it, . h ' \Vrif<
1 f? 11 to t hiliiii i !:?'i <! i v,
w hell 1 I;.id . i * > l i)
1 .Hi!-: iy, thar .ili
\\ '? I'! .?111 i; t ... . .
1 fell in iii,: i- i I
} total i : < 1
b> til" loo-, oi w i ti.lt a ! t all' i
Hi' ';*!? i i : i Hi'. M 1: ; -Ii an
1.1 nil) \c.i: ihl I
laer .!?; ! !.?> I I i v \
but l In ; (ii.l ai 0 " . i<1
juiO]tier >? I in ' I l < .
voiivrsiii :?<*? i r .
V1111 I 11, . ' : . i it I
w oolly hihib v. . I < : i! | i ij.li i i
yrai aw :iy. | ; ' Mix
HtniKKlitilT w . '' . i i' 1 'ii " t<>
ii < iih i < il'nil v ! I . .id t>
attended In. I' r ' . ! > i: j > mil .1
.1) ( 'II SO i i. I' I ! III
So H caiilt ;ii: M: c.l.O'-i
uI Not all II ' I ; 11' i i n-.sii:,
?d af. l?if :? 1;I1 -I of r
I o malic | . ' ii;?: " r \': '
!acl\ ? f <iii<; . n y n . > l><> i i
I rotiiic nt . .ii l.v 11.' i . \
I I ! - {?>, I 'on'i v. i i < ! |
I o; i I \ \S i! pulp pup.'i- v. on < l.r
In'iit ilti' i !;.. 1 yll nib. wild .11
' I I I . ! ;;< I'll W 1 .If ' an
li<jiiiiy!" I m Transii p*
T !'.( R'*prr ; I
I. v. ,i > !i '. I).- 11? < 1 t . 'i fi fit IcilJ
fin n 1 tin 1 . i I'rnli ;
?or rlOVH. v\<!l ; i < that
their li ii had hern ii< oil, \v? r?
|M\ : I ' < i' re; ;. i. ! :. ?t. for j . t
tho way in whirl) it can
\t (ho (iid of the |)i. ;: Iw slnmmod
down liia hook on the ?1? - k and ?x
clain.p ;.
"Well, thnttho worst re iation
I ever listened to! Win, I ve actually
done ninu-tentha of It myself!"
Bad Breath
"For months I had preat trouble with my
Atomnch and used nil kinds <>f medicines.
My tonpue has been actually as preen as
({raps, my breath having a bad odor. Two
weeksiipo a friend recomm-nded Cascarets
r.r.d after u.sinp them 1 can willingly and
cheerfully sny that they h ive entirely
cured me. I therefore li t you know that I
shall r< coPJKiewl them to anyone suffering
from such troubles." Chris. II. Halpern,
114 li. 7th t:t., New York, N. Y.
1'lensnnt, I' tfde, Potent, T:ivl<; G001J,
I)o(tr??l. N- .-<t JiicUen. \Voalitni<>r(ii li?!.
10c, 2jr. r'Ji:. >'vc? S"M H OnU. 'i "* vr 11 nine
t.vhl"t st C <' Uuaraatcol < >
euro ur your moucy back. 'JUl
v ' ^ "r- " 'ir<"s Sons
'<j_. \1 *.'.j Soecialists, Ho* (i. Atlanta, Gi..
I For Rod, Weak, Weary, Watery Kye* and W
M urine Docsu't Smart?Soothes Eye Pain
Druciiitt Sell Marine Eye Rrmcdf, I.iqnid, 25c, 50c, HM
Murine Eye Stilro, in Atrptic Tnh^ft, 2!>c, $1.0D
\M A DMiKir tuat \*/ao rr a r a 11 un
v<miii*ihu i ri hi who rami Linn
Grocer Man Used Formula That Made
Little Harry Long to Be
Far Away.
Mr .??.!:: s" favoHl< warn mr In h'*r
youni; i r<i^' nv. v tn-n l!:"y %<.< < in mis<
11ii f was that . i ;11 | t -tul lo llioiu
iii a iiiimii 'I'nllilil l' v :n i mil.
pli hi'il li\ Hpplyii'i; I- i oj n hand
wlu'i'o it \V'>iiI<1 do uk's* od W'lwu
Harry was lour years oi<i lie was vont
for tlio fir ' lime round 11. rortic: to
tln> nrc.' <'r\ In a few mh. .t< - I amo
trotiii: <.!"-iiy Paek w it!, 'ho nickel
t>:il! in I.i hand. hut no han of onions.
\Y -st Is.- !):;. :: ki-d in*
mot; |j
I'll: t-.: ! of '!n i . : " !: * aid, solos:
"()! . v?.ii \ roa.-:>:t:re?i
M .1 in- I. i ".i a:; i ! sr.; thb
onioi i in .i :t ' > I' : ' li'-in
A < >ri : a: poured
I'. .: . 1 t !; < . !) t 1 it ? timo
rol Urii' I i 11 . I ;: : : t.
I'm '::ai?! >t !.< r ? ? r man, ' ho
explained. as I
"Well. w! ;f Males you nfrald of
hint?" ?k'ii.ainl 'd his im impatiently
"Why," answered 'ho 11'tip follow,
''!> time when 1 r ?d <11. tie lodlo'd
mo. tin' said, I'll tend tn you In r
Vi ith' ("i>111 j,anion.
Someone Might Get Hurt.
ri. tr.. iad di ift 1 tu Florida and
wif Win!.:' l; with a saiig :t' railroad
culls! ruot :i lie h id been ti id to
bew are (if i it 11? ti , !;< -: but. a'-->ured
that th>". v. < .1*1 always Rive : ho
warning hi foro strlU m;
<)n> !.< it o he was ea*.:.i- lil noon
1 uiiehi fill >11 a Jiit'.e ' ; v, u he aw
a big rat: < r < liled i !"W f.-'t in fr^nt
<if i,:i i lie eyed the syri nt and bepan
tn lift hi. b - over the |. n Ilo
had bail 1.1 cot them ( :t of tlio way
wh< n ill" snak< '. i fa hit *l? :>irk
ben* at!i bin:
"Son c.f a Kun.'i! yi'iltil I'lotro.
"Why voi; r.o ringa i] i b> 11 ' Kverybody's
Gambling in Insurance.
Tb< ltriti favi.ru jvunh. in; !.%
l!isnr:uir." niiMialuiK uill t.:' >
out a j*<i?-> ai;a:n ' iinyth.r, - fr< : 1 h<>
doatli of the ;.ii!K ti> '!:? I >s.v f a
hor rue. by a :.i n ' ro ! Marino
Insur.iii > K'liiiMiio; b ;} who
lav.- no . 1 ir? < t !.11 -f? ' in *ho saf.'tv
of a .?! < r it < a ?;r??\v in: , ; -li
nbns< that pari iiiniit has ! com
pi'lb il to pa a 1 r:i:*t:? av t prc\:i'
such ?;a:iib!iiii' <>n n arine . ( < 1- :u.->
,l!|il lO' Si' b ' ll> >.-? 4 - f ' .11
o I'll. .1 N. ? V. : k i' '
Wo-l;i's Largest Cer-'etcry.
At ltinik?. Ail < is ? *
laric?>ft ? :? (? ; v in !. \\ '.J !c
< < m i s . i >n!>, a . f .'CM
in i :i ih . . iuv :a
w In li i . '! ! italitii
s 1.a\ ' i u I . :
N " , . ' the Ro't.
"1 j r. > > I . j *i
<i. !
N'arv c ? ? \ >i ,.f 1115
Li,.: I.. . 1 . . .
Lei Us
Cook Your
with cream or milk
and notice the pleasure
the family finds in the
appetizing crispness and
flavour of this delightful
"The Memory Lingers"
IVmtum < erfiil t J.t?l
HatH?< Creok, SlNi.

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