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idl M /ft A'a* rM
POOH ITH an unpardonable
P. iuca oi uu'i 01 u grew *
some attempt at u
f t sinister piece or huI
1 mor, (Jen. Valeriana
m Weyler. the former
eral of Cuba, who
F? gained for himself
-Zr~ the unenviable title
ESEE of "bf her," has allowed
ttio publishers
1 1 to print the title of
the sensational book
In which he attempts to defend his
conduct while the representative of
the. Spanish crown on that island.
(.My Command in Cuba)
!n letters of gory scarlet on a pa
per of livid gray.
Whatever the motive may havo
been that prompted such a choice,
that bloody "eye catcher" of a lino
fitly symbolizes the man and the
work which caused so many years
or discontent in Cuba Weyler has
been on trial before public opinion
for butchering his
enemies instead of
fighting them, ami
he flaunts in our H
faces the ugly stains
that show where ho ?.
Wiped ^off ^hla knifo^
tho country that
buys his K?rvice.s as
no citizen of the
ITnited States coulil
have ever made to
Justify America's attitude in the Ci
Weyler was the best hated man ii
the government of his nation finally
This hook will cause hltn to he curst
aud breadth of the peninsula.
"I wrote it," lio savs, "to give
about my conduct as general in rhif
admired not only by army oUlcer
low, who wrote me innumerable
by privates, who. on their return t
BUla, spoke ol me with an enth
vor i'or which 1 can never thank t]
Various reasons prevented me from
ago (when I could not have fret
jmm ji curiam Dias) u work whlcr:
do In perfect pence of mind, tlx
time that has passed, and which
tiirt irritation duo to the injustice 1
the hands of some men.
"Furthermore I did not wish to s
Sagasta by retelling the story of
disasters; neither did I feel any pin
snriiiK 'lie Illustrious (Jen Martinex
pred<cessor In Cuba, however unc
acted toward ruo after bis return to
A perusr? of the hook falls to pro
ler kept his promise to treat the
perfect moderation; the general's I
boiling, and with some Justification,
as his conduct was In many Instan
not vory woli bo criticized in Spain
lah government.
Hnd Weylf r boon endowed with
Renins of a Marbot or a J,as f'azes, ii
made a nuifh strongor case agains
prc-sontc<i his own actic.ns in a much
nhlo light (TnfortnnatHy his know
writer's ("raft is as dolii Irnt a? his f
rnaiion lonn mil; po ; c ii > inomy,
I c?r j*. national i;:ia?J interna: ional
\Vi y!< f in not a diplomat; tho s
of nuance* and innuen.ios is to him
nita; a primitivo brut , with rmllino
though unflinchingly frank ami sir;
lie ii"\<-r mv.i an .1 r 1 i< : 1 whif
Bllppoi 11 1 I U'CUIIIoht ll" never
? ' ? 11 ' . I" . "
?'\trn o.
A fascinating type, ft r nil for
bld'M'.l Will) ' lie < > of !;,
what t Weyler won hi have <1 <?v??!o|>?
had not In en l> u ohm- . 'nr.-; f
<n Rteol, le' I: 1 I) en riding a eaj ari.
or, If he had been allowed to range
during 11tf Thirty Warn* war'
(JfiH-ral Woyler's style? Is very
7)ih proolnn.ai ions vainly modolr-d af
1. ? i>rat' rlral k<iiih, randy sound I
makes a !> <>;<r an army vlbrat'
tlons of thi> Cuban < nnipalKU with
figures, ri.tui' ? recorded In hapha
day by day. 1: svoll ni>'h unreadable.
Tint the d< eumt nts ho publishes I
7iis thesis (some of them of a eon 11
ucfer and which most have be n seei
"diplomatic Tie \iih") malte It well
wadine? through an otherwise dull, s
illdlK'*'*' lt>lf | K'Cc or HTIIII1"
KJrs ' of all \v<> aro mad*: lo nviM,
lt'Kf ())' plight of Iho Spa'n h finii
brcunv in I ho i land when VWylor t
at ion In hand; tho rmmy genrral.s v
him had horn lo in k ground frotn
their cabl'S to the Spanish kovoi
In 1 <million of a |.< omistlc rharar
tho pillule find t!lo i res' WfTO Hold*
thf lr ponfid"nt lal < i n>spondrnpo l>o
n*ndiiiK t !< , -, more than otion poor
no/, Campos had hu i iy { onfr>srd
rn. whllo tho oablnol i? ?! the Span I
1 11,., .. <1 it,,, urop , ,,Kn/tll,.,ill<>
tl? i ? > ' i 11(1'. i <ihi ? ? j/i <??. ? f < ?1 i i Jr
vVeyler him ?df, when placed in
tilo Cuban ariny, was not oven given
entitled to, nn honest acre ..it of tli?>
"When I landed In < i a." he w
not even stispeet tho terr ,10 condltl
'Villied in tho island. I did not kn
& d
! in OJKx
' . <* > :.>v< ' ' .. ..'.v'T- \
'l >. ' <& *' ' i i .:
nban mix up. b p b t il o s what IwffiT
i Cuba when tin' minister of /j|]|a&:
recalled him. war had to' 1 /$f?|1$
>d tho length rue and what I
had read In tho I
all the facta p a p j- s or ja I
f, a conduct anonvmous let- I
! Ly niln.l f ','..'1 r? ^ I '' ?
i<vOis, I l ad no V -\1 tv^v ^
i I can now . , 1 VcjJ
knowledge of "i\?
uik.s to tho ,. 1 ^?ill
i ?ii tho secrot doru*
has soothed .
^ . merits I havn
suffered ut _ ? r , ,1<uo
a P p o ii d o d to
thls hook. How irlonmv M. ?
? J II1C
.I'nini o?-iiui forth graphically in a eonfl
our colonial Martinez Carupos to Ci
isuro In con- prime minister of Spain.
Campos, my "... Although from
harltably he ioall7.''d the gravity of tho sit
tho capital." believe it; mv visits In Cuba
vft that \Vey- gin appalled me; however, in
subject with pestrltnlRtic. 1 Mil not express i
ilood is still l decided to visit not only the
for atrocious tics, but the towns in the lnte
cos, it could lards who live In tho Island i
by tho Span- tlon their oricln ovront i.? '
of the population hates Spain,
the literary a farm and ask the women w
io could have are, they answer wl'h tcrrif
t Spain and the mountains with Chief Ko
more favor- "Vim coul.i n?.? <" ?
icrtgo or tlio for 500 ntJ|< 1,000 pesetas, hi'
nnd <>f liifor- wore over caught
general l?ts- rebels who charged ,
politics is cruelty seldom restrained thei
plishlng deeds of violence Wl
dipperv hind few remaining supporters or t
terra incog ouote Weyler:
ntary ethics, "The insurgents did not re
tight forward. , ntishlemte tf<.?.? ??? '
m < Wl Ij
h eannot bo gcni-roiis commander (Martin*
pays any at- beginning of the war Maximo
h tt'-ts In so|f v< ry fair; but Maeeo, as
thontle documents. ordered h
the observer t() a|| the sugar mills whose o
'. ist ln<:u?lim ?
. - inn w;ir irinute, to plunder u
<| into if ho (() shoot tin rollflfosly all th?
mi late. clad caugtlt repairing railroad lln
?in <1 mount, visions into tho villages Wc
over Kuropo gont chl'fs <1 l<l not hesitate t(
weapons defenseless Isiandci
Irylnp oven moz In his 'Memoires* Coofo
t<t N ipoleoti personally .a man In1 had ho
ho not" that deed which 1 call willful mm
! . Ill; rela- individual presumes to call ii
ill the facta. As hist authority for the
zard fashion General Wo} lor not only quot
< ..in I'liji'in, mil. ?ij/|)eiid
n Rupport of Maooo, (Jomcz's lieutenant, to
dential char- "Comrades Iti Arms: Dc:
ured through thin;, <lay ;tn<1 night; to blow
worth whllo train;, to burn 11 p villages
hapoloss and annihilate Cuba Is the only w
mle: We have not to acco
f.c how hope- to anyone I <ij ioinacy, public
inandctM had <lon't matter, n would be nli
ook Hie situ- (ho 1 ?uir? i . of tho battlefield,
.ho preceded tho enemy * artillery and con
?1:l> to day, of tho Spar i !i eommandorB.
iiiU'Mit Kavo Is to convinro Spain that Cnlj
tor of A'hloh <?f ruins. What oomponsatl*
)in ap; rlsod; thou for tin- snerlflco entalle
lrayod In-art- Wo muat burn and raze ovor
m< ii .uui i|< iuii) it/ I* IIIUII^II WtJ
himself lent army. When rlilns ar<- of 11
sli nation to do tlio work.
over. The only way to suh<lun hi
command of perafe pirates was to a<Jopt tf
what ho was Insurgenttf, of their own a<li
Mn inn urn. nor accepted r>aiiie, t#nt tiarafi
'rites, "I did destroyed tholr sources of
ons that pro tlon" seemed to ho the only
ow anything leni, for the wives and child!
? <3 pave them constant aid
----? of every niovoment of
Says General Weyler:
i "Of all the measures I took the most
A 'concentration,' which saved my troops
*\ mated and prevented the landing of arm
to the enemy. I need not defend that
smattering of the history of modern wa
*\ ied by the English In the Transvaal r
\ Philippines, a fact most flattering to m
"If Individuals were sometimes sumi
eralshlp, us It happens in the course
I put to death In obedience to tho laws
I tho mere reason that they were insurget
* I returned to tho fold, and showed much
0 I came to me, however black tlieir past r
^ / It is n matter of regret that Genera
t / deemed it advisable to volunteer 11101
! organization of tho concentration camps
of meat and a quarior of a pound of rl
Individual over fourteen, and one-half
. ...
. , "J*
outlook was Is set families whose men wei
denllal letter from of the regular army. H
unovas del Castillo, pelle<i to roam from c
a burnt down hamlet, tl
tho vory flr?t I to hunger and exhaust!
uation, I refused to Had Weyler been
o^"t:z;,z .ruu'ill
my thoughts, anil ' '? this day wo
maritime communl- kinds dealing with tlx
rior. Tho few Span. ',uf forth hy the insurgr
do not dare to men- Spain; Spanish puli
fio cities. Tho rest aenled grossly the attlt
\Yherever you pass articles in Kuropean n
hero their husbands mously censuring tho
ying frankness: 'In Spain of her colony.
and So ' Now, however, wo
to carry a mo&SBgo almost without any con
would be bunged If (),lt- ''mbelllahiiiont by i
country and frankly del
A'eyler with wanton Unco or twice ho r
insclves from accom- tho scnato's decision e
iy to terrorize tho of holllRcncrcy or tho
he Spanish rule. To dlrrcted against him in
lie complains that
urn in any way tho had the situation well
I'll 1(1 f > > i 11 l.? I),I., ,.e .1 . ...
... ..j .inn ui nit' i iiiumI fsiuios in
! / Campos) At tho It. recognized tlm belli*
(Jonxz showed liltii thereby i; 1 % in.-: tb'Mii n<
I shall prove by au Tills Is less eonvlm
Is bands to pet lir<> i,is arguments, for if \
win rs wore not pay- letters in which bo ndti
txl loot the country. progress of the insurrM
' tnoHKengers. men in.. graVest charge
. b or bringing pro- )s |n tlio fo
>rse yet: 1 lie In-ur ^ ^00 vaKiio to bo ta!
? 1/ I ! I .. ? ? ?. .!
' rv i i i v? | l 14 I I It * i I U W II .
S. and Maximo (!o- "<??' "tatemenis of hit
sues to having shot I ho t nlted States
ntenced to death, a t'ial wo,,'d bring about
rder. And still that American citizens held
no 'assassin.' " Cuban bonds, Issued w
foregoing statement '^and would pass unri<
' s extracts froiu the United States ten year
" proclamation of separated herself from
< ! III 11?\IKII . will. II coin
y thing it would l>o < ra: P^aro tinM at boat
were an Kuropoan n druftry wastr for yea
o avail |? t dynnmlto foreign land owners ai
A. ^'.AOICO." dor foot; all this horro
ifill bloodthirsty, dofl- Spain did not lone i
>Hr own (actios. The the- war with the I'nltt
mission, never gave mission of Hpnin'fi mlllt
iBod tho regulars and 111 fated colony, Culm
Hupiny. < onccnira- Spain In 1S97, and (ho
solution of the prob- the roast (owns, (ho <
en of tho Insurgents felt Iheniaolvea a desj
, |ijH bands. l"ul W,UI 1,10 l,ar" 1 KC<
troy, destroy every- I'?*?<lenco of Cuba and
np bridges, to derail llori beooti
and sugar mills, to ,note P<>?sl?>lllty Hut
ny to defeat our eno- ,,M> ins',l!l should h
unt for our * mduet ^bleb originated In An
opinion and hist or, Hut on the whole tl
i<?r insanity to ncek ropoir.s, a? won as the
to hoar tho liro of Pt>8 ho publishes, preso
itribulo to tho glory y? arn proco<|jnf? t
'lli< i s.sontlal thing havo Justified any natioi
a .Mil ho but a heap vcning for tho ?ako o
on will sho roooivo unanimous In its <Ioh
.1 >.?. It... ? ...... i.;. i
I I f
m 1 I
nnu Kepi mom liiiurmau
the Spanish regiments.
bitterly erltlslzod was tho
from being uselessly deciis
and munitions consigned
system. Whoever has a
irs knows that It was coptnd
the Americans In tho
y pride as a general.
n^rily shot under my gen- j
of every war, they were >
and regulations, never for !
its. I pardoned thosfo who
clemency to all those who 1
nay lmvo been."
.1 Weyler should not have
'o information as to the :
. He says that one pound !
re were allowed to every I
that ration to children, !
which seems quite j
sufficient under the
circumstances. A
f e w paragraphs,
however, couched in
his blunt, soldierly
I style, Betting at
I naught the terrible
i charges preferred !
against him in counectiou
with that ;
Bteru system of warfaro
would have
b e e u interesting,
hut they were lack- ;
ing. 11 is silenco '
a amounts to a confession
of guilt. Ho
makes a weak attempt
at explaining ^
that the wives and
children of Insurgents
were not "con_
?- A 1 K II t (
ceiuruieu, *' ^
. obliged to botako
themselves whore
tho head of tho family
was supposed to !
l?o found. This la
worse yet, for one
...... nnnnik'ii thr> an- '
palling abuses whlcli
such an order oma- (
nating from the general
In chief must
have countenanced
ami justified. As the
revolutionary bands
were constantly
moving from oast to |
west and from west
to east anil could
not bo located with
any certainty, what
an existence must
have been that of
re not serving In the ranks
.efused army rations, com- 1
mm; devastated vlllngo to '
u>y could not but succumb j
less brutally honeut, lie j
ch a damaging admission.
have bad books of many
i Cuban war; pamphlets
nts and notoriously unfair
dictations which misreproinle
of tbo I'nlted States;
ewspapers almost unanlAmerlcans
for "robbing"
?? .? f.t,.,l
iments and certainly with- '
^ Spaniard who loves Ills 1
:o8ts tho Americans,
agisters a protest against
oncoming (ho recognition
campaign of defamation
American papers,
in March, 180'!, when ho
under control, tl><> senato
terfered most unfairly, for
<oreney of tho Insurgents, I
w f,nnr?p'P
r>lng (i more and nioro ro
tliere was no reason why !
ave rohbi .l all (ho gossip
ho picture his let tern and |
letters (if Martinez Camnt
to our eyes of Cuba In
he Maine Incident would
ti, near or remote, In Interf
humanity; a population
ire for i
}>? iiucni.r , a |
I only |,-?,| to an opheinwould
havo loft lho taland
rs ro criino; the rights of i
id investors trampled unr
liad lo bo stopped.
' tiba an a consequence of
'<1 States; l>y tlio very adary
representatives In that
wan Irretrievably lost to
fllW I >1
" m'skhii^ iii
>rily ?afo abodo for thom,
>ined, ostracised mlnorit/i
ring than the majority of '
vo compart) ilato.s wo (linl
tits liis failure to stop tho
ft Ion.
against tho l.'nlte?I States
Mowing paragraph, which
ken a:j seriously as some !
wore against everything 1
?i in niiimuuil U1 IIM) Wiir Hcvoral
millions worth of '
Ith tho provision that tho |
i?r tho dornlnation of tho
s after Culm would have
Spain. The Vankeou ruw
the much longed for lndeIts
corollary, the annexa- .
I'd Imte to be a city park,
Kor I should shrink with doubt
When people cmne to fence mo In,
l-'or fear they'd lay mo out.
I'd hate to be a house and lot ?
To Rrlef 1 should bo moved
When people rame and said: "It's not
So very well Improved."
r1.i i.??? * - ?-- - > " 1
. .. .i.mi.- in i>? ti iiiirvmi iicia-?
Such fate wouM mako me bawl;
Unless my presence were concealed
They'd thresh me every fall.
IM hate to be n mounta'n high ?
Indeed, I'd In' appalled
If people climbed to tlnd out why
I was :<o very bukl.
I'd bat to be a little brook ?
This feellnn Is not shammed.
[ "or mill prospectors mlrrlit but look
And thoti 1 mlritt l)o divinmoil.
That Man Once More.
The man with the iridescent whiskers
sidles Into the office and ijiimodifitely
finds his way to the desk of the
nhnplH?'d hlrnllnnr **?!#!? !?*-? "* ^"k
....... v? x niih vr iiti uir imjcu LUU.1
and the unafraid bald spot.
"I haven't been In for a long time,"
he sa^'R.
"It hasn't seemed long," Is tho response.
"I thought of a clever little thing
you might work up In your own way,"
begins the man with tho iridescent
wmsKers. "ri nese Ideas come to mo
every now and then, and I believe In
passing them along. WUennver I can
lighten the task of a friend, 1 am always
glad to do so."
"Yts? Yon said you had an Idea?"
"Yes. It's a conundrum. You can
fix It up to suit yourself, but the general
stylo of it Is like this: What Is
the difference between a man with
pictures ill 1 over him who draws a
large salary as a freak In a side show,
and a huge billboard covered with
posters about auto horns?"
"It's pretty deep. What's the anBwer?"
"One Is tattooed, the other Is toot
"One Ik tattooed?the man, you see:
and the other is toot?"
Hut far over tho distant hills tho
breezes were racing In tho pale glow
of the twilight, and on the mountainsides
tho great trees were murmuring
one to another In tho mysterious language
of nature, while high In tho sky
a single cloud drifted sio\sly Into tho
Tempora Mutantur.
"John," said the bride of a year, an
she .stopped her husband before the i
window of a jeweler, "before wo woro I
married you used always to bring mo ,
aroum1 to this store, and wo would J
look at tho pretty things and would
t' l'r nl^rnit iA...nu.. i
^ ? ,.?W?V II |?H ? t- tJI
would suit ine he?t. Do you remoinbcr?"
"I do," acknowledged tho fond husband.
"lint let us hurry on to tho
grocery store and see what la in that
Mildred's Memory.
"Mildred, here Is your grandpnppa to
coino to visit us. Now, do you remember
what 1 said about how ulco you
must be to him?"
"O, yes. mamma, dear. I remember
that you said I must be as nice as
I know how to him, beoauso we have
as much right to a part of his money
as any of the rest of the kin when
ho dies."
A Refined Torture.
"And do you never hnvo any cold
waves here?" nsl<s tho visitor of his
natanio majesty.
"Not any." explains Mephlsto, who
has been showing tho nowcomer
about tho realm, "but wo have a
ii'ft'ithop >\u r/?ou * r* # I "
umuau in HiWiiyH pre.
dlctlriK one."
\ '
I want any person who suffer* with biliousness,
constipation, Indigestion or any
liver or blood ailment, to try my Paw-jPavr
I.lver I'll Is. I guarantee tliey will purify tho
blood and put the liver ami stomach Into a
healthful condition and will positively euro
biliousness and constipation, or I will refund
your money. ? Munyon's Homeopathic Horn#
Remedy Co., 63rd and Jefferson Sts.. Phlla., Pa.
81-53 South Forayth St., Atlanta, Oa.
Reliable Frick Engine*, Boliera, all Slzaa.
vvnoai ocpaniou.
Large Engine* and Boiler* supplied
promptly. Shingle Mill*, Corn Mill*. Circular
8aw*, Saw Teoth, Patent Dog*,
Stoam Governor*. Full line Engine* A
Mill 8upplle*. Send for free Catalogue.
Public Wnnt
Wanted?Several nlcc old gentlemen
to represent us financially. Nothing
to do but utter wise remarks and
indorse dividend checks. Good wages,
from fifty to one hundred millions a
U'nn(r./1 A llnnnnUx ?.-l 11
antee to keep us. supplied with halfcolleges
anil half-libraries wlillo w?
supply the other halves. No experience
required. Good rake-off.
Wanted?At once. A large number
of stockholders to take charge of our
food supply and keep us from eating
too much. No regular hours. Palm
Beach in whiter. Adirondacks In summer.
Wanted--A few select persons to
represent uj socially and do tho
things we haven't time for. No bralna
needed. All expenses paid. No worry.
Perfectly Harmless.
A little girl of three years, whose
father had bought her some firecrackers
and skyrockets for the Fourth of
July, wanted to know what they were
for. On being told their purpose, she
anxiously inquired if they would hurt
anybody. When told they would not,
sho Boomed relieved, and that night,
whnn en vino- K o v r?ro vq? a oh,*
"An", Dod, don't '( bo 'f'rald of zem
poppin' tings when zc>y a noise
tomorrow, 'cause zey won't hurt 'oo."
Uncle Allen.
"If you're getting old and don't'
know It," philosophized Undo Allen
Sparks, "you'll find It out when you
go back to tho town where you grew
up and look around for tho boys you
used to play with when you were a
Something for Hubby.
"I think I'll go to town this morning,
Will and buy you a birthday present."
"What are you going to get me,
dearest ?"
"I haven't quite decided yet, what
color do you think I look best in?"
It is tho unhappy man who commonly
Bits tlown and thinks; tho happy
man gets up and does something.?Q.
9. Street.
Cruel. 0
Mrs. Hen ham?Bvery tlmo I slug to
tho baby, bo cries.
Henham?IIo gets his ability as a
murium uiinu 11 uiu my fiiuu ui uiu
Hard Work, Sometimes, to Ralao
Children's taste i.s ofttlmes more accurate,
in selecting the right kind of
food to fit tho body, than that of
nanus, rsaiure worKs more accurately
through tho children.
A Brooklyn lady says: "Our little
boy had Ion/; been troubled with
weak digestion. Wo could never pertj.iadc
him to take more than one taste
of any kind of cereal food, lie waa
a weak little chap and wo were puzzled
to know as hat to feed him on.
"One lucky day we tried GrnpeNuts.
Well, you novel1 saw n child
eai wnti Kiicn a relisii, and it did me
good to sue him. From that day on
it Boomed aa though wo could almost
see him grow. Ho would cat GrapoNuts
for breakfast and supper, and I
think ho would have liked the food
for dinner.
"The difference In his appearance is
something wonderful. >.
"My husband had never fancied cereal
foods of any kind, hut he became
very fond of drape-Nuts and haa
been much improved in health nince
usIiik it.
"We aro now a healthy family, and
JlilMtl ill c v nriU'Vt) Ml Itr '' ? lV-. 18.
"A friend has ?,\vo. Hiowere
formerly a filly's f * . , / ' w'!&. I wan
satisfied tha^ tlio digea\o was caused
by lock of proper nourishment. They
showed it. So I urged her to use
Grape-Nuts as an experiment and the
result was almost magical. .
"They continued tho food and todnyr
both children are well and strong as
any children In this city, nnu, of
cniifKO mV friend In n flr-n tmHnvsr lr>
Grape-NutB for sho haa tho evidence
before her eyes every day."
Rend "The Itond to Wollvllle," fowml
In pkgH. "Thoro'a n Reason."
K?fr refill (he nbove Irttfrf A new
one appmri from time to time. Vbey
ire genuine, (rue, and full ( hnsun
.1 ;

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