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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, October 13, 1910, Image 8

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/ % Sim
Wo are trying to fill u g<i
with the lines we carryv. V
and hardware, and in these
pie will need and want.
Iti i\ 11 i? rvvAnAiur /l/mo i*f ntmi
All VUI ^ 1 V7L/V/ k } VAV/|/il& flUV/II
Flour: Capitola and M(
uso to brag on these brands.
Coffee: Jackson Squafe,
sizej Every cup guarantee<
Lard, Sugar, Meat, Rice,
body carries, but not ail im
line?vve do, and our profit i
added sutisfaction our custc
It is not necessary to nier
Call or 'phone ns your ord
just like you want them.
Produce: We handle all
ter, ojj^s, chickens, corn, <
market price paid for same.
Feed Stuffs: Rice meal, t
Cm buy. Fattens hogs and
Hardware Department:
articles as you need. Plow
etc.; groy enamel-ware chen
Stoves, ranges, piping, pa
The Wm. J. Oliver Impr
the market. A guarantee >>
plow, no person can farm
you buy.
Horse collars, pads, harne
Tin Flour Boxes, Lenox
Carpenter's Tools, Pocket, ai
Guns, etc., and i'et.ers, Shel
All kinds of Oils for lubrit
Come to s?m^ us at any
your trade will be apprecin
11 rino*
?wv; itui. u??n; y
whether you trade with us
We want to meet you, shak
Remember, we are in the
Peek's old stand are always
customers right. Yours for
- PiiHrt
Pickens. S. C.
We are
splendid gri
per yard.
Wit are pi
l)maa Slhr><?
$1.25. Thit
and outer &
and one pie
We have
linos of boy
in the c.ou
us con vinci
We art; pi
folding Bed
set. Don't
.spring as
v your pocke
is 11 r> joke.
K( nicmlx
?>tfgs arc t;
11 ih a pricc
to pay.
One-price C
^ Facct) Slc(*\'c:>.
lCxtr.i Size, R(
?r* i r?
^ W/L- L-L-.
Compare size, Quality,
It is the working man's fri
The best 50e.
We guarantee to ^ive
W. B. I
"At li
P. S.?Brine* us voiir
r> ? J
^et ful
Phone No. 25 for all )
?}C- We deli
% V
n t
>ri i aik.
ip in* ihe mercantile arnia in Pickens
ir<? couil)iii<? two snecialtles. irroceries
lines try to handle just what the peo.
t you will'find the best of
)nogram. You know what it is, no
parched, in sealed tins; 2oc. and $1.
Canned Goods: These items eveiyorchants
handle the best and costliest
s smaller, but it is made up for in the
tmers tret out of these goods.
ition all we handle.
[ers and rest assured we will fill them
kinds of produce and want your hutoats,
pease and other stuff. Highest
he hest feed for hogs and cows you
increases flow of milk in cows quickly.
This department is replete with such
s, points, trace-chains, single-trees,
per than can be bought elsewhere,
ns, pots, accessories; wash-pots.
oyed Chilled Turn Plow is the best on
villi each one. You will need a turn
right without one. so see ours before
ss leather.
Kerosine Cans, Lanterns, Buckets,
ml Table Cutlerv, Hones, Grindstones,
ating puriK)ses.
time. You will be treated right and
ited. Make our store headquarters
our wraps, lunch and bundles here,
or not, you will be welcome. Come,
e your hand,?and get acquainted.
1TJ.CIDWI IIV^ UUIIUIU^ (III UlcUll Ol/lCl'l 111
ready to do business and treat our
a jolly time at the Fair.
if, k Grift Co.
T. K. Allen, Mgr.
r\ r\ ?\
pitching at you a
id? of Checks for f)C.
telling at you a good
, for ladles, for only
* shoe has a solid in- i
>le with solid counter j
co vamp.
one of the strongest (
s shoes for the money 1
ntry. Come and let
' you. t
itching at you a good
opnux i 01 ^ i. (;> per
buv till you see our
it. will be money in ]
t to buy ours. This i
Come and see. ;
] your chickens and
ladly received at as
as others can afford
/ N W /k ^ ',r~ ~
Hi ivl tr i vj J l d f 1 La *>.
I )oiible Stitched.
><>my and Coir lortable.v^S
Make, and you will wear this Shirt,
wording Shirt made.
: another Shirt lor any th it rip.
s for Business,
lie Old Stand"
Hams, Eggs and Chickens and
I. value for them.
^our wants.
ver goods iree anywhere in the city.
Business Is
But it is not good business to
business we knojv what we bu
sell. This places us in a ^ositic:
tomers right and to "make gooc
icle. Our motto is "perfectly sr
Through our entire stock th
have to do to get your money
We want to call your attention
the best line that skilled workmc
ey can buy. Two brands that
men, and "Hunt Club," for I
The prices are $2.50. 3.50, 4-C
made in litest last and toe, and
can perfectly fit the long and sle
chubby or Hat. We could talk
~ A Hi.! Ctt. .1
ijuaiiLic^, in uuu siynsn ..
quality of the leather, but will
see this line.
Shoes isn't the only thing
handls a nice line of general mi
lected with great care, and are. \.
Nicq line of decorated china
dining room nicely from this lot
Need any llour? Our "Gold
every sack is perfect and we fu
it. For a limited time will sell
little uuder the market nrice hn
this high grade ol tlour.
We handle the Peters famous
to shoot stronger than the U. M
the box or two boxes lor 75c.
Car load extra grade No. 1 I
100 potinds to sack 10 go at 6ck
The ''Piedmont special" is 11
not be beat, either in quality c
shades. All nobby and stylish
May be you are hard to fit in
represent the Traymore Tailor
measure and make you a fine <
for just a little more than an or
cost you.
Come and see us, we will d<
produce. We will give you the
bring us. Cash or trade, it mal>
Yon will save money by iradii
B. F. & C. I
No. 70.- -61 acres, 2 1-2 mi
eca road, 3-room house, 35 acre;
well watered. This land lies le\
neighborhood. Only $36.00 pe
No. 71? 60 acres, 8 miles n<
n cultivation, good small house
1. ~
p I ,V.H. K/.KAJ, Ull |.ci nib LU tjUlL yuu.
Noa 72?37 1-4 acres, 3 1-2
Iwelling, good out buildings, 2
pasture and is well worth the pri
No. 73.?-If you have been 1
:he best residence sections of Pi<
100x196 ft. below Mr. A. M. Mc
1 venue. Only $350.
No. 74.?37 1-2 acres, 5 mi
[7 1 Iwvn. .
L-* 1 vdlll^l I I ^ 4-j. I WVMI1
n cultivativation, 2 miles from
in extra nice little place in a <^o<
y !* a n w ri * $ B ffltv: ,
Box 26.).
< )inc' in Pici\<'ii.
/ U'i'iic fire am!
rsi E rn ring
I hn S i
a a ,i v > a., a \ ' vjk ' ? n
^re< n and cool looking have all
turned to a sickly brown and the
summer birds that ^.s! on their
houghs niul sanjj; so sweetly to
yon and t<> me have llown south
in scare!) of ,u wanner climate.
Hut you boys and girls whose
feet have been bare, can't iro to
a warmer climate, so had better'
come to us and let us put shoes
on your feet so you can laup;h at
snow and ice. We have a complete
line of work shoes for hoys!
and ^irls. Price />()c. to$l./50. |
A word to the men: We want J
to talk shoes to you. We have
the old time liio^nns that puts
corns on your feet, but if ye?.
can stafld them $1.50 ^ets thorn.
1/ r\
fteowee 5
"buy a pig in a poke." In our
y and .we guarantee what we i
... -i. -ii
mx ul an nines 10 irt'Ht our cus-i
1" any faulty or defective art i
itisfied or money back."
is policy prevails, and all you
back is to say "Dissatisfied.'
to our line of shoes. They are
in c\n make up and that mon-,
we handle are "Eoli-yse," lor
>oth men and women.
>o, 4.50 and 5.00. Tlv-y are,
in all sizes and widths. We
nder foot as well as tin; broad
all day about our shoes, their:
ippearance and the wearing;:
do that later on. Come and '
we carry "by a jn<f full." We 1
jrchandise which we have se-!
>repared to (ill r.ll your wants,
ware and we can fit up your
Medal" an.extra fancy patent,;
lly guarantee t.very pound of,
1 it in barrel lots for A
- T' w kJ ' - "
t we want you to get to using j
shells. They are guaranteed '
[. C. and are sold at only 40c. j
i.ie grain salt, guaranteed lull
: tile sack.
1 brand ol men's hats that can j
>r price. In latest shapes and
and the wearing qualities are j
clothing. If so see ns! Wej
ni? Co., and will take your J
?uit that will fit you perfectly,
dinary custom-made suit will j
) you good. Bring us yourj
top of the market tor all you
:es no difference to us.
lg with
L. Mauldin,
(YiiUal, < .
ies from Six Mile on the Sen>
cleared, 7 acres in rimberand
rel and is in a number one
r acre.
r?rfli-wr?cf r?f PirL-onc i 5\ I
, good pasture. Price only'
miles west of Pickens, 3-room
o acies in cultivation, good
ce $1 ,250.00.
wanting a nice lot in one of;
:kens, here's your opportunity. j
>rris residence on Hampton j
J i
le-i from Easley, close to R. i
hoiKfe, out buildings, 26 acres
church and school. This is
;>d section at S50 |>r acre.
w:di n*inm-jo?rytk lz+s*. .1 1. . :
Pirkrns, S. C.
. I';mk I'mildiirj.
life iiisiiranrr.
lilt \Vr(M*(4 So
We ;i!so sell a hoa \ \ all lealli
it shoe, called "St as SI eel".
tan and black, price >'!{.()().
Wo can'1 say that these shoes ;
will last yon a lifetime hut we:
do say yon can't, heat ii in price.
We arc sole agents for 1 lie K iser
Kinu shoes for men. We
have I hem in all leathers and all
styles. This shoe is made from
the bide of a Southern Cow by
the hand of a Southern Man to
lit a Southern Man's Foot. The
price is ?:i.50.
We want in the next :t() days
c,/slS,J I?r..l ..1. ...r.
inn- OUMU ? til twaii wi i iii<
and o^ks. llov many can you
uppiy Co.,
-IC3r Man aw.
Keowee j'hinnn
r^vor vtlii)) <> i i r< I
C3ne pi'ico to all
^/^/here to <j;r toi
l-H very day
E^very tiling yoi
1 ary
1?^i\. 1 (i! 1 I ! liww I I/O n/
Wo can p
Next Door to Poslollice
' PA
v.v \ v/ i V/ J I I V. I _1_ I IV
Hair brushes, to
preparat ion^
1 kinils 1 oilet ;
ubber gr>od^ ai
iVIany thing-,; y;)
All we ask is yo
Certain names in tin; busine*
MORGAN stands f >r bankin
A. K. Park
Ralio kin M -
n^naucc i?!C! UlldllUIStt
Our stock of dry ^ooels,
Quilts, men's furnishings and S
guarantee our prices the lowe
and s<|i:ar dealing. If our >j
Made b\ homo p.| f il you d
agents for a iine ol remedies call
That arc guaranteed to jjciv? sati
no questions. Please ask about
I .. I w?,.4 ? 1-. 'I'l : <
iuimii mi hi. i nrrc is oil*1 ioj' <"\
1 (>, (Mocks and Fountain )Vns.
Please boar us in mind and (
tffie 1?CX
?Sr ^8553?L?Li-V~
Distributors of H i!'1 m'sBni
representation, brinjj them b,
with you.
Itl(i<'d a 11n - men's ami '<
iro n the wa\ .i-.<*\ ar<* selling, \
j)K- want.
Coin-: a:;.I s- u
4 ->;r
if*A ~ .'VT. _ h
-1 hi VI " .
v\ ?' I \ !JI i. I.':">> <
;'] I. ' ''JOOClo F'
Do You iiolirvc
rugs .
finest jc-j cicairi
i -a* <.!)!. in stavion
ot ii brushes and
1 \ > 4 1 r~+ 1 / v i i
* i i i i
11 need
u. ^L\'o vis a
N L N X A I, L Y> ( 'AM)I I .S
PicliOUS, S. C.
utix Carolina
"V/IIM an, ciL VJIIt-C
ig, LLoyds for insurance, and
Stands For
at the Lowest LegitiPrices.
underwear Hosiery, Blankets
Ihoes is now complete. We
st compatible for good goods
;oods should lail tf? conic up to
:ick and v.e will make it right
>'>vs nants to my business, and
,v<: inu it have the kind tl\. peos
;.t tin ?)!< 1 stand
;trJ jn\
/K J \ !i V?
- :v;ol -;r i Ho, S~:. <3 .
jr L.- ss !V?oney"
in a iiuanmlvo
<? or do not. listen to W<? ;m?
si action or your money back and
I hem and for the book that talks
erv disease. Also Koxall Watch'(mie
jo see us,
w Llff'Jtf ITBH
ka'-lv and Kidnej' Pills.

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