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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, October 20, 1910, Image 2

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8 o n t i ii o I - J o u r n a i.
Published Weekly.
An early and severe winter la predicted.
This Is cold comfort.
New York la the second city In the
vorld, but it feels big aa tho first.
Tho redeeming featuro nbout tho
pictured hobble skirt la it* Impossibility.
Alcohol Is a necessity in paint. It
seem to have a special alllnity for red
Whoso business it is. anyway, what
particular variety of hat you ehooso
to wear?
The man who Bald summer is over
1a hunting his old straw hat In tho
ash barrel.
The government is advertising for a
'xylotomlst. If you know a good one
tel'. him about it.
Here's a centenarian who swrarn ofT
on liquor and tobacco. H'm never too
late, you know.
Infant paralysis Is no respector of
ape. It has just killed a woman of
elxty-slx In Connecticut.
Piffwhlircr nnn In v. -m?o < I* 'innor-iluj
for forecasting earth*.] i ik"s. No fain
Uy should bo without one.
Count Zeppelin's airships can never
increase their popularity by making
a specialty of blowing up.
What a fine opening (bat alligator
swimming at large in Paw Paw lake
offers to ambitious bathers!
Market report announces, "F!kc*
strong at 32 cents a dozen." How
much for thoso that are not?
A fund to pension aged and worn
out fiuthors Is BUptfestcd Why not
pension worn out renders?
The man who "always pots tip at
davllirht In th<> smnn it
because the flies won't, let him Bleep
any longer.
According to advices counterfeit
fifty-dollar 1>111 s art.' I>. Ing circulated,
but foftunately most ol us arc out of
tho dangerzon<.
A $<?p,000 bulldoc has died In Kngland
and there l.s t< t a post-mortem
Investigation It Is an Important thing
to ho a $00,000 bulldog
Pmnornr Willl-nt. 1^; n ??*un .J c??iK
born opinions. Ho fit ill sticks to the
dlvino right of kings and to his belief
that hi.- ran write an Opera.
A wostorn iii)ni*tor informs tis that
automobile speeders never go to heaven.
Probably the golden strets are policed
too well to attract them.
New York plans to spend over $1,000,000
for its health n< \t year. As
that Is less than $1 for each NewYorker,
It would *ein to ! worth tho
It has been optima;- d ' t tV;.? aver
age American eat s:.' t ir
every year Now w* 'd I:k< ( V.:.u\v
how many pounds lie pa- - : i< yl
that quantity.
The astronomers who :.r< fry.
work up another < in.it -< .?r
hereby politely I?.Jt flrr :i#l> ; < .
11,?i >i i i.. i .1;
PClonl !1<: mI r ! (' ,1 .;?:.n?" r it
will ;i? ri lI ' t .1 . . tf : nla: f
to I; . ' . ? * ' >r <: ,
nion,' (lir< 'Igli ! !??? ? . i uly I
with iny other > 1 Jtfp piano w
t;my I. ;n .il'?riK or to drop on u
"!ipp< ';tur pr-d'-Nirtaiis without ?urti:n
In urtim! \v wfaro 1 .li pplni? r>*
i-i .h i irittc tioniti ?li v 11 h. r 11 iicIh of
a tii" from an i"r< , .nm? would
d./tj:.'.'-sh am ! > ; 'n?> t.nl comrat
'is ;i 11 jia r *.f ih" t attlouhlp
11>1 f ;t i >u> i liti 11 in,#,
to ' i; * ' ill tli .
Hteorl i ?if f I)#" 11 .
would --< '! is# :. iinl/c t (,??
hIi!; i "tif 1 1 ;ill #| t|# ,
c>( ' i ni'tu If a J.#-#. ' ill) jip , > >
Jocati (I Jlrst
A para< ' or n,. r.-#|
friy I ' .t.?t ! ;
do .'in 'i tt fro'i Ur and
wa C i: ' il i .'irrl< <1 t t,.i Kilt"
i < rnnpH 1 i noupi .1 < > ;n< i i
11,in-tin rr i' " i
? ov<ry t; c) per It ' t mt.
A V<V ' g won , .V \v Y fed
to Kt) lieraolf .so I'.'M, j-1 o id
riot ptibllBli I' -try thfi' >!<>
catifln 'or Pu; i<l linlf the [ r< s nt
population of tlw country woulii l<ng
?iro havo cpiisod making n show in j
Xlie. ccnsuH returns
about anything ooml: h;.
The hobble skirt, arcCm! ;ng to ono
of ! fa '.! n Journal will <i;?j a
natural death ' Having ?-n It in
action, w c aro j?fri? 1 ?i hhiik' of iu
wwir? r? w ill r.ot !>< so fortunate.
"Th gra J.h' pyi'T rvi'M no u- ' f j 1
; . -p<> <1> i at . Imh'Od '
1 r l i s< . r j;o < 'i' .in' ;
Hnmll i:k> Lh ' ' m v 1 m lion tho
J.HrtS \V .I'll; * ti ' ' li 1'; . "l :'roj?:4?
'jtho rivtfttii i; ' 1 1" 1 .1 u Ina
'! !)> . ' ! : ?< r.. ;.;< <! In
f !.- .'1 V ' 1' . , .iii' till In ;t
gawsw*** ITS I NESS men of the
jtj time to resent some o
j g *** they find in the young
i fault with the \<'i:ng 11
It so<? '1'M1 the
' Remembering all
? hmTi portment, tins.- older <
go a little too far in
voting business num. Tht \ may
! tues; they may fail to rerognize I
I are subject to change.
Mil \ llilh. I II I !l< ? \ r' rl. JHV "I I IN'
ious to iti-;-1< an- ; i u h
lie oan.
1 ii tli< -( ! :: - v. ( ! >\\ 1111i _r t i :n<
nn?l ci iisidi nil i< i u : i? ii ? inni
' hurried man of husitu -.? u.th ail i
fionaJh a uiv. !i?_r u;au pa^inir t
a jnt IJ! it !) I to hold : oju-u and >
"thank >u" t:?at -: ri:i /- unthou^r
you f'' i that ihutualh the tuo
< Ui.il a '.ttle MiiinthiiiLT not ex<
sordid cares of life?
There i?? pleuU of time, Fti
ohserv?iiHt?-j8 of : d:njf. 1
honest deoeiicv, f t ! at a jtrei
The young man :> 1 hiV-TO eannoi
, fact.
Widen ! ;
Scope of
if ^ v* 4 n
But it remains that for the \
of his chances for suetc-s niav <K
j he no cut and dried standard of |
! line of occupation.
Occasionally >ne sees the I'M I
lie places, who. in the effort to 1
painful extremes. i'erhaps he ml
lohhv outside a railing which is s.
r? move his hat on entering t!w do
w;i it iu^r attention from an atli-mia
In ni\ nltsrrval ions l hi1 vm;M.
intr liiin dearly if his mi.--? ? 1 to
, 1 h?> oilier a 11 <'ii< I a 111 is dispos d t<>
drcidi that such a man. m < -kin. :i
111 o
Washington, D. C.
"' '"""-""I
nis umh-r pr>>!><-r ('art' ami i ua
vil lous or immoral surroundiu.
1 ; i purls punish n'lults u
i .."il aits: lliry enforce (!:- <
i! >u r ( hilillii><><1 ; I
. i 'ii -uii| k rt I lie wil'r ain
< \ i ! "fii u ho have Vi??!
liy ROB! R f F.VANS
; h>.> advuo <<n a very important f|
J "Agitato, agitato, agitato."
. 'I;r- alu! -:i\ I ell
. ; a- .11/ maflii' r 11
Ili'l -! rive to il
1 I : < Olift ii i
it. a ii n'rl i in' ilx
I!.> . r : r t ! * p. ( <]'.' at i\
1 ;i ic srlioj)] i
. f ' il<- . ! . - ! 'J i
EBWM???Mnxwuni? mi ili I I *JK com
"Kicking" j
, ? B
i i
rnsour< i - :;us miii-l) |>o'
( I fOft t I ?tv . : ;i::i?I t lui i' V
reform u > nit ry ? <
Thu i.- a j/r ' .
A si rik ii ' i i i * of t
' . ;il i-lir-1. I I < ( Tire i
' short of &t\. it A . onn v
,' ' ' |n ( in !1 . r-: r\ w ill
.ml Ik .1: M jv? ' '' .till
;; ? other vili/.Ot) i 11 .
i ho in 111 who ' > . is ho
of ' cart i
I >an;< ' > <' tnncll, th? : > .it 11
Gentle Breeding
Boosts Chances
for Success
older school nix* disposed at the present
f (lie shortcomings in deportment which
it generation. They nre inclined to find
ism because of his general hick of roverim
- i - - ' ??
i in\ I I II ICI/,C Ills UTCSS ?IS lOllll. 1 IH'V I
antithesis of the young man as ho was '
that w.-m required of themselves in (le- i
observers of th?? younger generation may 1
tlieir eriticisms <>f the present typo <>f ]
exaggerate a little their own early vir- 1
that the timi-s ami the manners of men
oun? man entering business not a little
?pend upon lus deportment. There can
[iose and manner measuring up to every
vine 11: !< -1 type of young man in puhie
r?'tjardl'ul <>f his deportment, goes to
lers a ; n> ral nlliec whieh lias a general
I aside for the general puhlie. lie ma\
rand -'and at ihe railin<;, hat in linni, 1
may he guilty <>f a fau.v pa.- -'* x
liic place admits. Almost uiiiv?-r.-.i.!v
lii-; contempt. < f such a caller. lie 1
uili" lit e nf some one inside. i> crinu'in .!\ '
attendant those persons erin^inirlv a11 \- j
eir. lie has found i! wise id tJism >>, if (
> a little of the old-fadii<me?l i ,
1? < 1 among gentle per pie chiiiis t the v
is <>m stiuilcii^ss and bams. Wiu'n a- ' ^
hnmph m donrwiiy :il\<-a< 1 nf vmi i ; s 1 r
;<>uanil vou noil the 1
lil lt> your lips, can't f' '
1:. for these small y
ii'jtorlnient. base*! oil \ ^
nium in the world.
The Juvenile court i> l>orn <>f llw real*
:ni) that during ?) 1 i 1<1 Ikk>< 1 tin ; ng
id a formative per ?>? 1, in w i they
k1 develop good hahita, mid f"r infract
i 1" law t. i'V ? : >1 r-'i five * ion j
,i - than {iu:i -hua-nt. Now. : - rtion
ilvs tin* , it a of adjustment "f < .induct
npproved standards; involve- idea,
education and culture, and lirr. n lies
opportunity of such courts io aid good
. > n-hip.
This tourt, i vercisit'ig the .incerv
ers "f ti e stntti as pare!)- * t'
- ne?d\ little ones here ft of i - 1
r 11;11isIiip, an l resent- ?1.11?i: j '
:ni ili-iiiii: h tlic v?Hin?r intl ; u< ' 1 "0 I
ti I i.ii <r IfL'i.slation int. 11 <! o (
11 ft ii'i i: ? !;i u - r?*^|11ir. ns? vi- 1 r <1 '
I riiiMr. n. Tlioy riilit to so ihii'l ily
at* 11 tlio iau- of I h<* slat'* h# t" ortt'iit t
tln n i" ! .?( !vi aii'l t" i si- 1
u*V instruct tln? ( hildri'll in t}.?;r 1 .vs :
u*a!\?*il t !a r h : f-n'-pi. . t
- ho [Hi I thai uiir <it iz('iia iit tot W v
|?ir.: > ti< < .1 if 1
riiIi< ! ti . iin- j!iv< 11 .. io
n<! (l< ti an<l - .ii t in' jm!: < tin n
-t ..ini philanthr->:>isl. f
11 is j <..?r i>:i? r ' ru ? 1- f t ?r- f
:i m11<J i? n -' ( : 11 :~' r .: :iit<l 1
.i ' ions of i , . .lint rv n /.! -it
ii I am ii f :' n-l???ni \ n, '
ii ii ! lie < i>u r-> ;i fri? fl" I
< 11; i ii- ii i n( iw j
f n rt?in ! i: 11 in ihi'* i rv i
. rv<. Willi <1nil! Kl ' .ill. I ' 1 1h>
\ m 1 ;i 11 \\ !io has lit!.' >i(3
- ' ii {(? i'< nl ?! ios
fiiipn i ijllc the IK < 1 f * "in
i I; fm I I till' I !i< .. ' iifl
\' t i 1*1 \ ri. .i .d i ral
'; n ill ' li - r . in >
? li 'Mr rij/hls ..r .i" ' for
'i . -toil! Wi'n pa! in. (
li' A : ii is that -too
it '. | . ti/ -t .of alTaiiH i t -th- 1
? whon Iramf !< 1 >n,
nml hu?l'l! 1 t ' if-r (
i tram.- ' 'fattiiioiils, (is h tin- aso I
who rhnki ftjt ttrovfPM : i-i : < a?(1f
ri. . crnai. . >ator or liberator, was OoaOcI i
ii'stion of tho day. Ilia answer woa:
Was He a
? ?? ?? i
Copyright, 1910, by Asso
Dr. Margraves, retired and said to ,
bo wealthy, has more or less business
to do with a certain safe deposit company.
He thus came to know young
Austen Parker. There came to be a
social as well as a business side, and
nft< r a titno Mr. Parker was a caller
nt the hoi c.
Dr. Hai graves was a widower and
in poor health. The light of his eye
niui the joy of his heart was his
laughter May. A sister oversaw the
house, but the doctor used to say that
jm uuuguier oversaw mm. Tin? friendship
between them was almost seillah.
Miss May's handHome face attracted
many, but she received them all us
:allers n 111i 1 Mr. Parker came. In bis
use, after u bit, the lather thought he
letected more than usual interest, and
ie was secretly pleased. Me knew j
hat bis ailment must carry him off at j
he end of a few years, and be hoped j
he daughter's future would be set '
led before the dark day came.
The doctor and bis daughter wore i
it the Harbor hotel wlmn Mr Pnrltnr I
mil tils mother arrived. It was sine 1
ly fhaiico tli.it brought them together
here, and all wore pleased over it.
A week had passed very jd< a..an'ly I
vhen one day the doctor. Miss May '
(lid Mr. Austen were 0:1 the long 1
v harf below the hotel to ait in the '
>and house and enjoy the cool bre< ze. I
I'lK-re were women and children ah cit. 1
md here and there a man was lazily
lsliiiiK- Of a sudden a won;, n scream '
. ; 11..- 1.. . . > ....
. mi im;) <>l iim I..1(1 C'lUIMjed
lie ralliiiK and fallen into the water. 1
I'here wor? shout: ami screams from '
titers, and a hi;bi;h all alonji "the
vluirf. :
The aeeldent occurred wit ? n thirty I
cot of tlto band stand. Mt Parker J
arlied the railing in four or live I
annuls, tore r?ff his euat aid kicked i
>ff his shoes, and ua <>n t!i" point ot i
"Ch, Go Go Go!" Called Miss May. ,
eapinp: tli>> rail !: > 11. water when
!C nuddenly |j:.]tand stepped back i
"You can >:? ( him ymi can get '
lim!" urged tin >! < r : be caiiic up.
'I'hero'H Ills hat !).< ! he rises!"
"Oh, K" K" U" alio 1 Mls-s May '
o the man who '(.<! wringing his
lands and his fa< < j.;i: .is 1 he dead. '
"1 1 can't!" the. heard bim My. '
"Man mf;?i, arc . i t to leave ] 1
bo hoy to drowi < i .) the doctor i '
n astonishment a- ! ?r. ^nation. ' J
Mr. Parker adv : <! m the railing,) 1
ooked over at the <1, i y rugi'ling In
:?<, wnior ar.u t! en up his hands |
ilh a ijrcr.n and r < t: si t <]. lie i.'Voii !
jckr-d up the 11 i:.t l.f 11?i 1 cast <)ff
.id silm(if.t r.tti from 11.. wharf. \ 1
Splah! Splash' .-plat-I ' llnco men , I
it. ped tl railing, < :.? att<-r another. I
iml. as tho littla<! w;. sinking for
&' third (lit '1, lie u; nod. and
h( ro v. < re tea: . **ln-? I si o\ll8 of '
"UKratulation Tin <? ' >r and his I
laughter to t'.ur seats and <
< I ftir :i liiiif 1 i !? < 11 v
,t ? 1,1 (i i)(! | <
w c i) 1 Then tin- i: rl naked In 1 <
i hcsitu!ins> way I
Wan it btM'a?.?.' Mi I" k? r can't
wild?" ! I
' !! > could hav" Kot lt.< !>??y and , 1
M'-K to a 5- l?i iitil ii hi.at caiiw.
|i avfiiH, but if I had I < n in liis
"'I'licn 11: > 11 \sJnit ;t 11? ? 1 i.ii: He (
KMIlCd t'l I " f I" l>' III I'lK'd ' | \
"i )c\v:.: ' v t prim i? i>!y ,
' . 'ailicr, ) i < a? t n t aa t
"Hut 1 <! >. d'-ar. Von lias- - : i J. to i
car what 'lie jioojili' nround ai'o |
, \ t; Too i; '.'I I ! soi l y i lino t
j.- a'id iiia mother will liav.* to > ,<? .
, . I . tf "
rd !? 'it the wharf had
void< o. j-rai-e fur the tin. .. n i n. ' |
liid woii! of (< .!'< lor the on. it .
ni ,'uch tin.'- 11, it 111'111 ? 11j ... in |
i.fir ur. 1 women refm. in ,
oryiv". A m.in h< either rOeord< I an ,
i hero or a c'iw'f!(l II' a hero, It Is |
orj/ in a (i".y, If a coward, not , |
or ;oar . If ever. I
Mr barker hurried straight to the 1 |
lo'.f !. People who ? ;iw him In his |
I lc-'ited and wondered Mm I'.-ir I
!? : hid i.< ! ' J In- koii hill I
ii'.o iK-i room an I IIi.jjk iilmscli flown
111<i r <?v? r?.ci hln fl'c ti villi hl.i hands
"What Is It?" fil'.o HHk'vl As hIio
?tood b'.. I<1" him with her hand on his
"A child fnll eft tho wharf," he an I
jworod aftor a tiujo.
"And you were there?" I1
^ L
elated Literary Hret*
"I was the ono to have leaped in
after hlro."
"l'oor hoy! We should not have I
conio to the water."
With that she turned away and
commenced taking her garments down ^
on me nooks and folding and packing
When the Ron could .control his
voice ho stepped to the telephone and
asked for his bill and ordered a carriage
for the depot. Two hours later
mother and son wero on their way *
home. When tlioy talked It was not B
of what had happened on the wharf. ^
"Don't yon see he couldn't have f
done anything else?" queried Dr. liar- 11
graves at lunch, when some one said '
that "the coward" had departed. 6
111? passes out of our lives, of s
course." t
Ami it so conies about. When the r
doctor again visited tlie safe deposit
company be saw young Mr. Parker, s
but neither bowed. Some one else e
waited on the patron. I'eople who had ii
nuM the young man socially at the i
doctor's residence Inquired about him <
In a careless way, and were as care- ?
lo.sslv answ< red. Now and then the t
father wondere 1 if the daughter had
l?een interested enough to caro or bo p
llsappointed, but he could not inako \
up ins mind. The affair bad never I
l>een referred to again after the first v
lay. a
A whole year passed. Father and e
laughter were again hound for the c
-ame hotel, but this time they wero r
motoring a part of the way, the tar j n
being driven by a chauffeur. j v
111 wie miiidio oi (ii<- afternoon, on <i
broad highway, four foreigners who
lad struck work In a quarry not far u
iwav an<l w?ro ripe for mischief, b
tia 11 ed the auto to commit highway |,
robbery. The chauffeur was a pol- h
roon. II'' could have run them down, (|
jut he bald d the machine.
The doctor was not armed, but be (|
refused to h-ave the ear, and struck ]
\t the fellows who sought to pull the t(
laughter out Such a one-sided conDiet
could not last long, and must n
ermlnate in a victory for the attack- j,
in. i un wit' pusmim me advan- ! w
:age (if numbers when a seeond auto ; ,,
oiled up quietly behind them and a
rounj; man leaped out. Without any j.
weapons hut his h.uro lists he sailed
nto tin- four They drew knives on ?,
liiu, hut he struck one after another (|
mil fought fiercely and silently. Tho n
.attle laved up and down the road for ' |,
live infi.vites, and then tho used-up |
nen r?*t 11 :?i -il to the woods.
Tho doctor fiml his daughter had
ivatched it without a word. They '
cnevs ili?- aKaeker, and they saw blood
in his fn< ? and hands as ho waved to j
. hem that the road was clear and
>vallud ha< k to his own machine.
"It is Mr. l'arkor!" whispered Miss
May. j
"ilange.l if It Isn't!" replied the
at her !
"Hut folks said ho was n cownrd."
"I'm' I was among those who said !
;o (iiioss wo made a mistake some- i
,v hero."
' 1 1 hope ; o!"
"Kh? l-:li? Vciu hopo what?"
Tho words wore not repeated
A ?' fk !.11? r. at tin* Harbor hotel, ^
lie doctor lulled his daughter into
lis room in ay.
"1 wroti- to a friend of initio In tho
ity :in I ;iv k> ! Iiitn to do me a favor. ri
ilf had aii :nt< rviovv with Mr l'arker'n j,
nothor Say. dear, while the public (|
ihk a notloli that your father is a j,
<reat dot * t o i', i want to admit to you
hat he is a ureal fool."
"Why, what i; it'.'" ' ?
"l ought I<i have Kiispcctecl Bolnohlng
of th<' kind from the first. When j(
Mr I'arln r a a a r-hiId of two hla u
nurse let him lall Into the water, lie s
iiad a ( lose > all from drowning. It t|
uave him a die.k! and a horror of the j
water, and It v il always hi- with him. K(
II' s no coward 11 * simply fears tin ^
n<- tiling. I'l? lity of cases like M
I in writing him a very abject letter ,|
ihis afternoon. l)on't you want to in ^
Ioho Bomctiilng? It he'll he sensible (|
iiid forgive, I'll take him for a <mn In , ..
law about a year hence, Kb? Kb? |
I hat make.1) you blush, doesn't It? I
liellevc you've been his champion right
nloiiK"' i *i
Mind and the Digestion. j t|
The mli.il Is ati in.port.mi factor in )i
litest Ion com rolling f 11? secret Ions, j *
ivitlxuit which the chemical processus j
: lii"> akl' ii down ili food cannot 1 ti
ake phu tint digestion is also a I t
ihysical process. The hndy at large <
a niac li it'' and the stomach Is a n
miscle, f i> - a physician If (lie motor i \<
icllvltv ?il tin? Ktonmch tip weak, If tlio j
stomach ! prolapucd. food will bo j
mduly retailed and putrefaction will ; J
u> the rt'Milt. poisoning lh<- Mood, and
idiuliU' d pla rheiniwitism and ^
kidney din a especially. Relief of
this < '?!,<llti n lias liccn koiikIii by re- |
111< i[)j4 lh>' < apai lty of the Htotnncb by j
UKW1K H I?'W MIIClieK III II, causing It
:o empty more readily and fully. Heat
in fasting, systematic exerolao and (|
i?lit flIfft, with menial relaxation, aro
lowever, the natural retin (lies.
Experienced. h
"Pshaw!" kcoi nl'ullj ejaculated tho t
Iond mother "What do you know tl
iibout haliies?" n
' V,..-., Ill I i.? ? * -
, iiiiiiiuij ill HUOWK'URfMl II
In- bachelor who had ventured nn oplnlon,
"except that Boruo years ago v
I had considerable practice aa being d
ono."?Puck. t?
ni Lnui nniSLUiLU
5ASH WAS $173,000 SHORT
\fter Vast 8um DUappcared From
Chicago 8ubtreasury Prisoner la
Said to Have Organized Big Industries
Requiring Large Capital.
Cli ion iri\ ?r-or.ro-., W
ormorly teller in the United States
lubtreasury here, was arrested on a
varrant issued by Judgo I-andis of the
ederal court, which charges Fitzgerld
with stealing $173,000, which vanshed
as If by the wave of a 111a;iclan's
wand, from his cage In the
ubtreasury February 20, 1907. Since
hen the secret service agents have
lover lost sight of Fitzgerald.
The indictment as road in court
pecllies four counts. Tlire<* rlmraa
mhezzleinent and the fourth charges
areenv. I'tider these charges a nmx11111111
sentence of ten years in fedrnl
prison or a One equal to the sum
mhe/.zled is the penalty on eonvic*
The federal statute of limitations
rotrcted Fitzgerald nfter tin- tlireo
ears which expired February 'ju last,
tut the warrant on which his arrest
as made was issued early last I-*? hriirv.
before the statute of limitations
ottld throw a shield ovt r him. When
onfronted with the warrant, when ho
ead its date, like a Hash In* recogtho
persistent watchfulness
ith which the secret service had
ought to entrap him.
What now evidence tlu* secret serv e
agents have discovered, whether
e lias changed one of tlio $10,000
ills that vanished or li:is he<>n vtiumii.
itiiiK or investing heavily, was not
i vulged.
Fitzgerald had been employed in
ie f;ubtre:isury for seven years in
I?07; bis reputation \v;is lie best. As
Her lie handled $i,<)0i).000 a day in
n establishment which eariied $00,iMt.000
from day to day in its 1 nicnotrable
vaults. Th? teller's .steel
iren cage w^is impenotrahlo, too; no
no but lie could unlock it When
c went to luncheon on that raw
Vhrnary -lay ho locked the c:ikc.
Soon after his return Fitzgerald
ild his superior. William Moldenweek,
lat $173,000 whs missing- An exnmiation
showed quickly that the missis
money was of the largest dononil
>7 =7
? ? O g 1
?* ~~m?J *
^ ; ^af
Fitzyerald and His Home.
atlon*-: tin $10,000 Mils, ton $r>.e00
(jti'K, tin- others $1,000. in till 10 hills,
int. folded tiKlitly, could be carried
1 n man's vest pocket without buli
n k
Fitzgerald's r< putatlon and assurnee
carried him easily through 'be
pouted rigid <\ainii;ations to which
c was subjected: he sunK' -1 -d that
nrkinen temporarily emplo_\ I in the
nbtreasury had contrived to reach
lie money piled In his teller's cane.
!? was <il;misled from the tf< asury'n
r*rvl<-o The soon t service iii- ii wont
*> work.
Two yoars a^o i' In-ramo known
nit Fitzgorald had Iniu>;ht a homo In
lorors Park, a suhnrN, and roiio In
)< poultry and < px Inisini ss. 11 as
ortod ho K"t ' h? nooded from
is hrothor in law and his wife
Tli?- stato authorities arr? f Fitz
raid and tioouHod him of tin* theft
he necret service resented this med
ling. fiuhtreasuror Moldeiiwce'. look
lie witness stand ami know sihsoitely
nothing. Judge Chetlane (lisliai'Ki'd
As if to emphasize that tin- inys
r>ry of the crime could uev< r lie penerated
Mr. Iloldenweck appealed to
( tigress to relieve him and his hondsk
ii of the loss \ hill in his favor
.i> |iiir>M <i ill 111? lii^i si-ssion
ifter a Canary Came Into the House/
Former Pe* "tven Swore *
at Minister.
Youn^town, O. John Hmoliy.'n pjirnt
Is (1 ?>a<l It Is said to havo romilttorl
kiilrldf owImk to Jealousy.
For yoarn Ih* parrot was th?? Kront
tt motion nt i lir? Km op/. homo Hoc
ntly a onnsirv Pi a kIPP'I ci v was
roiiftht Into th?- house nnd tho attonlon
of tho rhlldron was dlroct?-?l to
ho now arrival Tho parrot 1 ooaino
ioioso and ugly. At night it hnriffod
tpolf hotwoon tho barn <?f it j rngo.
It In paid tho bird nworo during tho
Isdt r?f a proaehor tho day boforo Its
oath, tho first tlrno It lind boon known
o uho offonfllvo language.

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