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Pickens Sentinel-Journel
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Vdvertisiug Kdus UfaoonuMt^
l u-ht i uNUJillt e Kb SeCOllO UlllMMuil
Xuitt r
- - - . , . I
A Satisfied Buyer
Tells Pickens People How to Save
Hard Earned Cash.
Mr. A. Bargain Hunter.
Grey court, S. C.
Dear Sir:?
According to appointment in
IT,*.... hiffoi. 4K-* 114-U : L l- I
TV^HI IV.HI/V.I. V/L UHU J.AI/II lllhlilllt 1
went to Greenville last Monday
with the fnll expectation of
meeting you there at Pates <&
Allen Company's sales stables
and was disappointed at not
meeting you there. However, 1
succeeded in buying me a nice
horse and buggy fitted up with
harness of their Mr. J. V. Still
er's own make.
I spent a good den! of time
that day around Pates & Allen
Company's place <>f business
waiting for you before I made
my purchase and mci people
there from surrounding territory.
Some from Pickens, Lau
reus, Anderson and Spartanburg
counties. Their establishment
is certainly a very busy
place. It covers an entire block
on Washington street and the
different departments seem to
be crowded most of the time. I
found out that their firm bad
been established over '20 vears
and that during all those long|
years their trade has been stead-1
ilv growing until today it is said
their is the largest establishment
of its kind in the up-country.
They do pimply a sale and feed
business in their horse depart
ment ami uo not inrti horses as j
some people nii^ht suppose. and
in having from them vou run
no risk of buying a livery horse.
They had just received a ear
load of mules and horses from
their Mr. \V. M. Pates, the senior
member of the firm who i< ;i
resident (if (Jiecn enmity. Iila>i
Ten I lessee. ;iu<l lias > 11: i < 1?> i! h:s
business to buy stock for his establishment
lor the las', twenty
yoars. Ami hv the way, i'ie\
say he is an .\pk(h air i. : !
ureal advantage in iMivinu; ?\< :
those not so well posted in their
line as he is, whit!) uive ihem!
some inside indurenients !<? offer
their trad(s here, lit ir v '
;Ih ir slock in Kast 1'< i i- too,
which is :\ i^reat ivom
iiicik! i! in;i, for I iicv i v I i 1;i'
Kast It * 111 h 'Ssis f horses am!
mules are easier acclimated and
liet ter suited to this section of
tin? country than those ship]' <
i? .. . .. . i..
I I ' M I I ? 1 11% M 11*1 M -I I |< I | I HI Mir
coni)!i'v, not having I<> ? !?nm- ont
1 ?(> Mlilix. I flM'l prrfVctlv s.||i-fl'
<1 W il I) I ilC llOI Sr' I !)0!lulll
I<>r (Iii'v unaranhxMI )ii111 in t'v
?>ry particular.
But I wish von had be n then*
I < In 'I f) III' St l.c! II) \ I)! I iT'-i
i'm*. had sc\ci.ii nice bii.rmi- !
? ii miii- 11 ; i . 11 " ? ' 'i ' i i ' I |
l? ; M ?.? ,. - !.= .; . i !
iH>y were very ;'t I i';n'l i vi ;hk'j
?'OMsWIrl c<l '< ;r l?T ;i. i .1
-1 vi- . ;unl v. ',i !i i> *: \ j
line i' u'.i- l?:11<i {' .i me f< ! .
whir!i t ik. !>1 j? [ (in;.'
hnii^hl ;i ('oliinihiiv, which
s;ii lo !)( - Inn 'iMj'i (h:* ?:*!;
over. Tlicv 1im<! m I? ; 11 r ! ? !i?
tiled (o 11 -1 > 11 '1 v Cor * I s ) fhnli
wdiilii jiKlotiish von.
f sv-iw Ih;it !hey luwl v??i*nI j
f\?v J??;uJs of \ }i;iit?I in
FallinK Hoar
Ayer'sllalr Vigor promptly destroys the germs A
that cause falling lialr. It nourishes the hair- g<
bulbs, restores them to health. The hair fitopi tr
falling out, grows more rapidly. cl
Does not Cot
We wish yea to positively and distincl
Vigor does not affect the color of
degree. Persons with the whitest o
blond hair may use it freely without havi
Ingredients: Sulphur. Giyceri
? ^ Capsicum. Sage.
Show this formula to your doctor.
j. o. atew compamt
I eluding the Mitchell, White
'Hickory, Hickory and the Nissen
wagons. Thev were busy ^
pn t inup busies and wagons'
I fitting bar ess 011 horses and f
I settling with people, while the h
'crowd seemed to be jolly and inj*
i a tjood humor and all pleased!^
with the splendid line of arti- i ^
ioles they wore purchasing. In
I their buggy houso they have a la
I beautifuliine of winter lap-robes
i whins. Kimrs. bits. horso hlfmlr
' ' ' " ' ' ! >
ets, and almost anything to I
! , s
make a coil)plot,<5 outfit tor a
! horse (*r vehicle. I notice that ,,
they pul ou all their rubber tire, i
1 which is bought from the very j
best j^rado of rubber. This is
'used on all new busies. Thev
also renew rubber tires
that, have been worn out and
|customers want replaced.
1 was so well pleased with the | F
time L spent there that I ex- t'
pert to rail oil t liese people again
before very long and will be ^
glad to meet von there and help h
yon out in buying your newjs
turnout whenever il is convenient
for von to make the trip.
i*i i -l n
With best wishes and hoping m
to meet von there soon 1 nm t<
Yours truly, j ^
John Goodhuyer. ?>
i tl
Do you know that, .J. R. Ash- 1
Has land to sell at Six Mile's!"
In tracts from 10 to HH) acres
A J - A. -- -
ivnu at a price as record weak- |j
ers. I si
I believe it's i h<- cheapest land h*
Voil'l iiild ; *
I And 1 i!<) not expect to keep it
l>ui a short tiiii- . i,
So, if you are Six Mile struck
See me quick before uie price
^oes ? J. .\?-hniore.
' \ I\ I If V I t I.
i'"i Hi iiii.i!i' . "I'll ii. ?111; -
n*,|.s Ii.i ,1,,.. ,/ . f
y.iinin- \ im. lire nri i ?i ?*vr 11 -i :* - ^
The Kind You IIuvo Always I>ou
in use lor over 30 years, lias
All Counterfeits, Imitations an<
Experiments that (ride with ai
Infants and. Children?Kxpcrici
What k Cfl
O'astorla is it harmless suhstiti
gorie, Drops and Soothing Syr
contains neither Opium, JVIorp
substance. Its apfo is its guara
and allays Feverishncss. It ci
Colic. It relieves Teething Tro
and Flatulency. It assimilate
Stomach and I5owels, giving li
Tho Children's J*aiiacea The 3
S) Bears the Sii
The Kind You ila^e
In Use For Ove
LJafricJ ruff
yer"? Hair Vlj'.or Juct as promptly destroys the B
MT115 that causc dandruff. It removes every!
ace of dandruff Itself, and keeps the scalp
ean and in a healthy condition.
iorr the Hair
Hy understand that Aycr's Hair
the hair, even to the slightest ,
r the lightest and most delicate
ing the hair made a shade darker.
n. vwintn. souiuni v.moria.
, Alcohol. Water. Perfume.
Ask him what he thinks of It. I ,
. T/owolI. Mbm. B
Sunday School Convention.
Tile Twelve Mile iti /or Aj;soiat-on
at Six Mile Sunday Oct.
Oth, decided to meet at Salem
hureh on Saturday before the
ifth Sunday in a Sunday
>choo. Co nvention. 10. M. Bold*
ng was elected President and
y. R. Abercronibie Secretary
tnd Treasnrer. Every Associttion
is nnred to send one delegate
for every twenty-five scholtrs
enrolled, or for the fraction il
part thereof.
1'rots. K. M. Holdin and Mcl).
tVeams were elected to do the
The program will be publish
d later. All Sabbath schools
11 the Association arc urucd to
oin i 11 and make this a success.
All ministers of the Associa*
ion are asked to be present.
('. R. Abercrombie,
Secretary. i
For Oniric Kella-I Kr oiiiHhv l-t'v i ,{
Asthma ;in?i summer 1 ?r??m !.iiis, t:;Uo !
'olt-yV I (* dry :unl Tar. It ipiirkK re- '
t'vcs 11 -.?? discomfort and sud'cring and
tic annoying symptoms ?11 j?: ??-. It
xithes and iii'iils I lie ilift nurd air pastges
of the 11cad. thr?>at ;iu<I bronchial
ibes. It ("ontsins 110 opiates and 110
armful drugs. Refuse sul stitutes.
old by all Druggist*.
Tliey HavuA Definite I'urjxmo
Foley Kidney I'ills kiv?' <|uiek r<*lu t in
,se o'" kidney and bladder ailment?.
Irs lioae Glaser Tern- Hiire, Ind.,
dls the result in her case. "After sufiring
for many years fom a serious
sise of kidney trouble and spending
nicli money for ro called ciirt-H, I found
oley Kidney Pills the only medicine
lat gave me a permanent cure. I am
gain able to be up and attend to my
'ork. I shall never hesitate to recom- lend
them." Sold by all UruggistH.
KtnKKerH Skeptic*
That a clean, nice, fragrant, compound
ke HuckhiU'lV Aiiea Salve will in- n
: 111 I \ relieve .1 I .til lillltl, I'llt, r>CHI?? ^
nil >. .1 - ?l>-? *i -- C
- - """I- ' " o
rent cures prove i? :i wonderful healer (|
f ih-' worst sores, ule hoils, felons,
czriii.i, shim i-iipii>? s m!ho chapped
and-, -pi'.i it s and ii\ i!. 2?ic ^
I.I lii u v: si * ^
Dr. T. A. Scawriftht,
>ickon.s. South Carolina. 1
)M:uc. u;>st;iirs l;rc<innn Hkl^.
iglit, and. which has been
homo the signature of
boon madeundcr liis pericrvision
since Its infancy,
one todeceive you in this.
1 " Just-as-^ood " aro but
id endangerthe health ol*
nee against Kxpcriinent.
nt? for Cantor Oil, Paro-nps.
It is Pleasant. It
liinn nor \iipi?nfin
ntee. Jfc destroys Worms
ires Diarrhoea an<l Wind
iihlcs, euros Constipation
< the Food, regulates tlio
oiltiiy and natural sleep*
S other's Friend* J,
+ n
^nature of s
fj-jamwjmri: rnxunati I1
'/?^ j.
i Always Bought I
r SO Years. >
t .T.trr, new vonit city. 11
.7' if
: v* >.
' v. / 5
/ ' . >'. " %.
' ' V ' t
\ ' . .
' .
I ' ' ' :-.i' ! vf
' IS? !'
; '; >?v ? t
t ij >>: -?7 \
| .' / I f "I \
; I a ||f {
' i '&
| f >J ;
\ shrift
U'i?' I & !
! ' 'v' . ?>
| ; I
' ^ ' ' '. ' v '. "i : ? t c?J \ *<;!> )Vf
V r ' % ? ;J; tiws ?co.
. rint l.bthc'j filters
< tItiotc end Kcw Yorli
L. RO~
Notice of Final Settlement andj^??
Discharge. rOl
VOTIOF. ih tn-ri h\ ?;iv??n thiif I wil' | Mv ^
lake (triplication to J. H. Nnwberry Hp A
'pq., Judge of 1'iobat" for Pick i k JS5k? H
ounty, in th<- Sim.- ?*-ouili Oiroiinii,
i< the 27 il i '.'.I'll. ai 11 "flock
ti the ( umioiiii <>r us < 'ili ;ift -i f
n <1 jit | I i "i 11 ? i"?ii he I ) i . i \ c ,.
r> innlif tii.ti Hi't I mi t in- v i of! unc ] >;l
J H. Al?*\an'li-r - ' ! (XII>1 if*
i.?ch i. i* ?<> ;nl in ' :i i \ : >- i
ate. ! 17<l
" '' ,v r | corn. u
' ! i i i ! i 1 . . i
\ es, )>i11
! $'2.()()().
T'l k..|i M.ir I... ' - .. .-.Ill)
III' ills of i'l ii>" ii :i > * . I'fVi' i
" ; (f\c, i;
K'lllthflll <>l>l ;i * Ml I'll'" S ,,\
ty t:il<inir l'? ?1?*\K i \ ' * v.I j<\ () ,
t>v :iii I >i <> ' hmiii' i
Ill (IVC
1 in ,il>
Manager Franis J. Shaugh- \
ncssy. oi' llif Virginia League I \
Champions, found Noah's
Liniment bfst for It's
Sore Muscles S
bruises, scratches, stiffness. Root
One tlMJll will A
v. ... . ..... V vrii v J WU, r?V/IL VI
Noah's Liniment penetrates. <
Requires hut little rubbing. \Ma k
, upon
Here s the Proof l() ;ll(
"T have had occasion to use Nsah's
.Inlment on two of my players' arms, tCStlllJ
ncl the result was most gratifying. ?r
loth were Immediately relieved of sore- l\ll(
oss and able to resume throwing with
heir former speed. Have also used It lHVltc
ivself, and consider it the best 11 n I n-nt
I nvnr 4 ? n" i* - *
.? 1.-1 mi iiruises, W
rratchfis, stiffness, etc. Frank J. i
tinuKitnr?BV, MiuiiiRor, Koanokc Cham- W(! Chi
Ions, Uoanoke, Va." \V(J
Vonli'N I?!nlmcn< Is the host remedy
nr Ithi'iimatIsm, Sciatica, l,aine Buck, /vita
tiff Joints and Mu ilcs, Horn Throat,
'<?!?! , Strains, Sprains, Cuts, Bruises, . i
'olle, Cramps, hlCrij? 1 tilOSO
.'ciiralKla, Tooth- .y y
liiscle Aches ami
a i ns, The sfon- I !Ri
iln<> has Noah's I '
irk on ? v ? r y yytp.
lat-ltnw. 2 ."> < (h. rVV HVf'j Wlf' ?
iolfl by dealers In I * FAV 1 E <i|
iK'diclnc. S a in 1 k If J * ? Ipfc \] >'
hy mall |AJLj[jLULLg|
Joab TJemody Co., IB j 7" 11 u IZM T|
Uchmond, Vn. *iB\r H
I %
The First
Almost any sort ot a
when it is first put on, but
worn it a little while and 1
gun to move around in il
of the pressing iron have
dampness begins to play
fabric, imless the shape
have been wraught into
cloth has been cut so rij
t < help hanging properly, so
must cling to the neck an
j firmly against the breast,
pearance of the clothes w
i ! A well made custom t
v ' |
i be right in the beginning
: < r in the end.
>( ' The clothes we sell arc
lor the body as it is and i
be 'and therefore, when it
j settle upon him, there isn
' i tween the figure and the <
V:- ; h
I mmmm I
amrs for!
) acres, over 100 of which is perfectly level
sture, running' water, plenty of timber. '
road. U. F. 1). Price $/5.7/50.00. Terms.
4 acres, f>0 of which is river bottom, gro
.<??m 1 pasture, running water, 5-room lions*
?lic road, R. I<\ I). Price $3,/)00.00. Tern
I acres, 200 of which is fine river bottom
pi a n <1. fine pasture, plenty of timber. d\v
<r 000.(JO and are as fjood as new, <> te
:nd jtiioMf. This is known as the most <l<
in the count v. enough said. Price $1(1,;">()(
r half.
> t vc i trit i<>r -aie in (JoiiIon ('<?11nt v. no
arc tin* besi !?arirain.?\ in tliei ela*-*. I
it 1: 11 it is Mi;' advancing last in this sertio
ire of farm N<>. on my lasl sheet. cont<
read .*2,7aO.O(i instead of > 1,7a(M)<>.
rite, wire, or eoni" over.
(). Hox. 82.
i I! I ItRDi 1
i mistake t<> suppose that because the
>r drinks j?ut up i y^lifferent manufac
are identical, either in llaAor or strengt
> known as ("linger Ale, Lemon Sour, St
T> C ,1~ -
, v_-m'iiui ouua, ?ui*-i uuici navuia, <
rink manufacturers, is no standard by
One may be tar superior in every w
now our drinks are equal in strength to
the market of today and lar better than
lge the merits ot flavors js by tasting i
r them, but by making a COMl'ARATI
>wing that our flavors are "all.wool and
comparison with others. We make th
'ithout regard to standard of competito
;mge a fornuila unless we find a way to
believe that all things bein equal. (c;\
i aucl correspondence and fair dealing
LI1 Y is sure to win success; not only
fair-minded men who handle our goods
[ltrona^e on that basis.
i ickjns Bottling;
R. L. Davis Proprietor
' v/:'
v' \
- *
suit looks well
after a man lfas
lis body has bet
and the effects
worn nwnv nnrl
havoc with the
of the garments
1 cloth and the
^lit that it can't
that the collar
id the lapels lie
the original ap-*
Ill OUVil L/t 1UM.
ailored suit will
and stay right
specially made
not as it should
does bejjin to
i t i. contest be
^ i\I I I I 1 I I
n -
\ s
I. all in one IhmIv.
7-room fl w^llinc
wing cotton and
\ '2 tenant housis
$.000 a year on
. over 100 ucns
"oiling ami barn
nanl houses, K.
viirahlf farm an I
i.(H). Kasy Icrmy
rt ii - west (leorgia,
1 ?
I! el ? <' i >1 ('\("r Will
lining 1 !>' anv'-.
" f
i ? ii . %
I <1IIM 111 11, i r;t .
same i),nil' s r>turers
thru tl>.
h. 1 he lact that
rawberry, reach,
ire |>ut up l>y all
which to jiuljjtt
fay to the others,
the b ;st placed
sonic. The way
:hem, not only iri
\ r i: .
v r, k'si.
a yard wide,'' we
c; best goods we
rs, and naver do
improve, itrtjlvil
handling o
with customers, j
lor us but for all
alsc, and wo soWorks,

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