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8 e u t i in* i - J o u r 11 a I.
Published Weekly.
nrnr/rwo oat mm t n a n/\r ?
rivi\/!/no, DV U I II VjAJIU U11>IA.
Notes From Foreign Lands Throughout
the Nation and Particularly
the Great South.
Aid of the PedtirHl rnnrtu wn-: sins !
fessfully invoked by tiio Law and Order
league to enforce tin; prohibition
law which tho city, county and state
authorities havo not enforced in Mem
phis, Tenn. United States Judge Mofull
granted a temporary order
against 1 1 \ saloons, pending a hearing,
restraining them from serving
intoxicating liquor. The governor, attorney
general, with other oflleials,
havo refused to enforce the law in
-Memphis, and, therefore, tli<> I'nited
States court took jurisdiction The
action, which was a total surprise to
the saloons and the local optionists,
was the culmination of a long ;iml hit- ,
t ??r tight to enforce prohibition in
muiupiiiH, lilt' st I'M) ill V.J1KU i
it. has ever been tried.
A t in.-:, of 7,80b Mi' n. eoniinir iro'n ;
seven status?Indiatui, Ohio, Illinois,
.Missouri, West Virginia. Tennessee
and Kentucky?-were initiated into the
Woodmen of the World at Louisville,
Ky. The degree team from Dayton,
Ohio, eonductod the initiation
Announcement has been made at
Statesboro, N 'that tin? Statesvillo
Air i/ine Railroad company will build
at once a new line ot' road from
StateBville to Vadkinvllle, the county
seat ol Yadkin county, a distance, of
j."> miles. The road will bo erected
by convict labor. The proposed road
will run through a rich section of
the country.
V jury in a Birmingham, Ala., court '
awarded Mrs. ltose Druniinond $500 j
damages from K. J. (kildsmltli. Tin:
allcga!ion was that the defendanthad !
tried to kiss her.
John (Jaiieton, his wife, Nellie
(.'arleton, and thoir son. Itupert, tried
for the murder, last December, of Ar [
thur Howard, were convicted at
Hlountsville. Tenn., of murder in the
second degree and ouch .sent, 'iced '
to fifteen years in prison
The mountaineer friends oi John
Moore, under sentence to bo electro- |
c.nted lor tin- murder ot Frank Howl, I
deHcended upon tin. jail at IjOVingKlnn,
Va , stormed tae building and roscued |
tbe prisoner II is supposed he will 1
he taken to the mountain.-- ami lib- !
era ted.
following a heavy rain Htoriu the
entire Panhandle and plains section
of Texas t;ot. its lirst taste of winter
In Amnrilio midw l? ii all (lay, :i tan ;
est imatcd at two inches, breaking pro-,
vions October reiords, covering a pe
nod of eighteen years. Reports from
other portions of Hie Panhandle imli- 1
cati tliat tlx. pre* ipitation has been 1
much tin- .satin as in Amartllo
An amicable adjustment ot the dilforenees
on the (Jeorgia railroad and
tho Atlanta joint tern.inal wa reachcd
according to the stall ini-ut of 10.
I' Kelly, third vice pre idem of t pMrothc-i
hood of Fin men and Kngiiie
mcn. The negotiations have been n.
progress since SeptiMuher I I A sa
lactory termination of tin malt r w i.
readied with a . uhsiaiPial wage in i
rea.se and the adoption of a code of
working rules ult asing to '11? n;< ti :
Tin' Hnntsvillt!, Alii, city council
adopted all of t!i" Alabama |>t?>)i;I>i
t ton laws jus city ordinances, ami \\ ill
put tlx* laws into ? ff? < i During itpast
nine months tins ? ity lias !? . n
wide <>[> ii anil no atii'iiiiiii) uas 1> i.
paid to till- stati law regulating tliale
of li?|i2ors.
I'll.- jury in tlii' ca.se i?l Or. \V .1
M< \'aunliton, clririM d with poi-nnitm
Krod Klanders with umrd'-roiM int< nl
i.i .Iiiii'', ii turnril a vr<lt( t (if guilty
at Swalnsboro ,lia Jludgc (Jllborl son
ii Mci'd MoNauKhlon > liang 1 inI? r
:< Inland) i h ii,. w.i. iiiiiu t' (I joinll
.villi Mi NmukIiIoii oh ilio Ilioory <I:;tr
In- and tin doctor < iispiit ?1 to lull
in'r husli.iikI .-<> tii'-v mill inarr> -.?< l>
illior Mini iijt'V i- i ii.ij.'i ; |?i'i|n'riy
"I'll O will' 11.1. 1; i it III M ' II IrU'll, til' 'I '
liavlnt; <> ti < ^ i cd
I ir li.iul'-v llar'.tv i't. pji'-n. alter
a trial < x iu 1? ov?i hve da\ ;iti<l
t iiirt y inilluti 'I- :a!; a Ir t li>
jury, was found nl'. it tii?? mill :|>-i
<if his wit- , hi A i ican woman,
known on lin- i.? Mollo Klmoro
I,or I '111? I .1 , ' \|vtMoiio, wini
111 -ahicd at i. in- ! .tJ, i < ? 11 J ( ,1
to In- hanged oli Xovcinh'it !.,
literary tiii.ui'-.' < ill'- I a t - Saiii
ih'I I., t'l- iiu a (..Mark i wain i an- to
ho sold at auction hi (' ... .oc<>. ami
an >iu' tlniin w;;t lit manv niann < ript:<
.iixl do- 'in;, m . i in coiil in of which 1
hrtv* u? . r l? :i publiMiO'l Mr ('If :
iiic'i . .1)1 . . Mf ii' .ii K'-il |
(lillK. < I'll . i In !>?' sold
' 1 ' ' I i tVi .ii . n 11. !
I ?<I V id . . 11 11 - i .1.
? d at Wolffjri . lii-" ' i.itry
IH',11' .\P >' Y . Mitt
run lit took |'li sit vi'Hiioui |*";i11h
in Sf-11 ilor cmi . win r? the i : itior
Kovfrnor ant! I nit? <1 Status senator
wa born \'y atv:n >curtj ;u;o
The baseball championship of the
world belongs to the Philadelphia
club of the American league. Five
games were played, and the eastern
you rigs tors took four of them by outbatting.
outllelding and outrushing
Iho veteran Chicagoans. The players'
share of tlio money amounts to $79,071.93.
Each Philadelphia!! is untitled
in round numbers to ?2,062, ami each
Chicagoan to $1,375. The total receipts
for tlie series were $173,9S0.
The twv? clubs share $38,755 apiece,
while $17,399 goes to the national
commission. The total paid attendance
was 125,219 persons.
Mrs. \\ illiaiu (i Clark, a Cleveland,
Ohio, matron, recently became the
mother of Int third sot of triplets.
Tho fatnily liible displays the fact
that she also i:; the mother of four
pairs of twins, and that sue herself
is the only sister ??t twenty brothers.
Two pairs of twins and one set of
triplets were born during .Mrs. Clark's
tirst marriage.
Iv'par Allan I'oe is at last in the
hail of fame. Years ot effort on the
part of staunch supporters to get his
name added to the list was rewarded
by tho announcement of Dr. John H.
.Muccrackt n, the chairman of tho senate
of the New York university, that
t.lit* author of "The Haven," with ten
others, had be, n accorded this honor.
The eleven names added are as follows
Harriet needier Stowo, 74
vol. s, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Edgar
Minn l'oe, <?!l votes each; Roger
Williams. M, James Fenimoro Cooper
liJ; I'hillips It rooks, G<J; William
(.* ?i I l"ii llryant. f?t?; Frances 10. Wiliard,
; Andrew Jackson, George
1 {.meruit, votes each, and John
Lathrop Motley, 51.
The next attempt to cross the Atlantic
in a balloon will probably bo
made on u westward course?tho op
posite from that attempted by Well i
:uan. The expedition will l>e that
in .Joseph Brueker, formerly of Chi* |
eago'. Brueker's dirigible, the Such* j
aid, is approaching completion at j
Munic h. Tho entire equipment will j
b<- shipped to the Canary islands at
the end of the year, and the start
westward is scheduled to be made
trout T^neriffo next February.
tireat Britain has proposed that all
the powers recognize the republic of
Portugal at the same time. Germany
h:i>i niinrnviiif tlw <111???-ct it\i\
Kcpresentati ves of Jive of the lead- !
mg surety companies of the country
held a meeting in New Vork City and
decided to make a big for guaranteeing
bills of lading on export cotton
under the guarantee plan proposed before.
the recent conferences <>t American
and foreign bankers The companies,
if tb*.*y euro this business,
iiit'ind to have a working agreement
whereby fin* live companies concern
("I will stand spouse- lor a Joint guarantee,
backing up tin; individual ondorseim
nt of any 0110. A minimum
rale of o eiits per bale will bo
ha rged.
Treasury officials an- working out
the postal .savings bank plans
steadily, but slowly, owing to
a desire to safeguard against any
defeets in a schi na' of such magniimli'
where iiiori' than ijo.OOO postoflieos
and iH-rhnps l;>,0()0,0u0 deposiiors
may bis alTecti d. They base tao
iigures on tin- work in other postal
.-'livings countries
In ,i jormai oni"i issued the intertaii
coinne re. commission aiiiiounc*
d its .iih ntioii lo administer strictly
.-. 'cijoii it ttlie long and short haul
provision; oi the n n-ntly amended
rotate eommerce act. The order
' 'im out hi .j .. tli of a hearing held
conimi- ion iwii weeks ago on j
> Ki.lltc:' of the <ipplicatIon of iut? rlitii
? sin ;< i i -enerally lor relief.
There will l,'< no change In tin- existn?
slatas or in tie pr<-"in rights of
ouni'is until February IT. l!? 1.
Nashville, I'eun , It; a population |
of i 1 o '.?il under the new . usuH return
Tie population in I'.tiM) v, .is V.U(- j
"an in< r< use ni :!()..*, per ccin Oma- j
na. .Neb, has population now
;is against lu'j,:in 1UUU.
Stag:;en 1 by the enortubur. growth
.shown t>y the returns of the how
census for a number of \\ estern cities.
Director Dtuand of the census
bureau ordered j,n investigation c'itu-s
spci ilically mentioned a.-> being
anenoo ny me irautj* .ire. i aroma-,
rfeat'h .in?l Ah' rdci'ti, Washington ;
I'ortland, Or< ; dimioapoli.s, Minn.;
10 alio, and Kort Smith, Ark,
Tin I >i partinent of Auricult urc has
announced tliat it is- prepared to supI
iy lie; nine. otlVinl grades of white
rotion recently promulgated l>y (ho
Secretin-.. >>! .\;;i'n iillure. The grades
will 1<< ' irni:;hed for $:!."> a set, the
<,.;i of t;i ii i?i< |p.i:ntion, *.i . required
i>\ law.
The I'nitrd -'tnt? .'iipreme eourt
I'liiH'd a rehearing in tin iiertz\Vood?ian
cast and thus the Spanish*
American war lax on inlx rjuniees
lrom testators who filed in the year
i: .mediately prer ? <!inInly 1, 1!)02,
, . i-fill. , I : i 1111
'inpW ie iiominnti >11 papers for Ku..?
n<? N Kcsn as ;! (/ Piognvssivp Df-m
i ruiii lioniiiK <* or jrovprnor woro
fii'Ml with liif ( ( I'-taiy of tnii- of
\l.i .icllllHCtts.
W'illurrt Stijjlnn WhMinore lnv<ntor
of tIt?* papier n 1 > h? matrix pro<
i tereotyi?i 11 v i <I by m irly
f\ti. i owapap r n the country, and
v.liK ii ;nv? ntion ; :?11?? 'I no materia)
i.? dead ..t ' home it' Wa ti
ill.rtf>n i> (!. At 'n 11111?? of hi (loath
M: W'n it .more h'hl a position as aforeolv;,<
i in the r. eminent printing of
I want every chronic rheumatic to throw
away all medicines, all liniments, all
plasters. and give MUNYON'S RHEUMATISM
REMBDY * trial. No matter what
your doctor may gay, no matter what
your friends may aay, no matter how
prejudiced too may be against all advertised
remeule*, fo at onre to your druggist
and get n nottl? of tho RHEUMATISM
ItEMEDY. Jf It falls to give satisfaction,!
will refund your money.?Munyon
Remember this remedy contains no salIcvllc
acid, no opium cocaine, morphine oc
other harmful drugs. It Is put up under
the guarnntco of tlio Pure Food and Drug
For sale by all druggists. Price. i#c.
P'ans of the National Association for
the Study and Prevention
of Tuberculosis.
What "A Million for Tuberculosis
,'rotn lied Cross Seals" will do in proriding
some of tbo 275,000 beds needpd
at. once In the United States for
consumpt ives, is explained In n recent
bulletin of the National Association
for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis.
There is just about one
bed for every ten Indigent consumptives,
and if all tuberculosis persons
in tbo country are counted, both rich
and poor, hardly one for everv 2f> or
HO. If sufficient hospital accommodations
are provided only for those
who are too poor to pay the full
price for their treatment fully 275,000
more hods in special institutions for
tuberculosis will bo needed at onco.
The immense outlay necessary to provide
and maintain so many beds in
hospitals, makes it Imperative, the
National Association for the Study
and Prevention of Tuberculosis declares,
that such institutions be erected
from public money, either municipal,
county or stato. In order to
get appropriations for public hospitals
for tuberculosis, agitation is necessary,
and in order to create a campaign
of agitation, organization is de
manded. liut In order that an organization
may carry on an effective campaign,
funds are needed.
These funds it is proposed to .secure
in as many communities an possible
from the sale of lied Cross seals.
The Spots Disappeared.
Mrs. Dolan lived in a district which
was not as favorable for the outdoor
household experiments recommended
by the Ladies' Helper as it might have
been. This fact Mrs. Dolan was rapidly
assimilating, and In a ma-.ner not
so iinrnnimmi ?? it ho e)n.
came to see him.
"Jones," lio said, "I shall have to
raise your rent."
"What for?" asked Jones, anxiously.
"Havo taxes gone up?"
"No," the landlord answered, "hut I
see you've painted the house ami put
In a now range and hathtuh. That, of
course, makes it worth more rent."
A Physician on Food.
A physician, of Portland, Oregon,
has views about food, llo says:
I have always believed that the
duty of tlie physician does not ceaso
with treating the sick, but that we
owo it to humanity to teach them how
j to protect their health, especially by
j hygienic and dietetic laws.
"With such a feeling as to my duty
] I take great pleasure In saying to the
i public that In my own experience and
also from personal observation I havo
i found no food erjnal to Orape-Nuts,
and that [ find there In almost no limit
to the great benefits this food will
1 bring when used In all cases of sickness
and convalescence.
"it )a my experience that no pbysl*
: cal condition forbids Iho use of Grape;
Nuts. To persons In health there Is
I noming so notirnuung and acceptablo
to tho stomach, especially at breakfast,
to start tho machinery of the hu|
man system on tho day's work.
"In cases of Indigestion I know that
a complete breakfast can bo rnado of
(Jrapo-Nnta and crenm and I think I'. Is
not advisable to overload tho stomach
at tho morning meal. T also know tho
great value of Nuts when tho
stomach Is too weak to digest othi.
"This Is written after on experience
of more than 20 years, treating all
I manner of c hronic and n< 'He diseases,
and tho letter is written voluntarily
on my part without any request f?r " "
| Rortfl (ho llttlo book, "Tho Hoad to
Wellvillc," In pkgs "Thcrt s a Reason."
blamed tho estimable periodical for
her difficulties.
"I wisht I had a holt o' that woman
that runs the 'Handy Hints' department,"
she remarked to her husband
one morning after an early excursion
Into the back yard, whence she returned
in high dudgeon.
"( fought you t'ought she was a
grand wan," said Mr. Dolan. cautiously
testing his cup of tea.
<nvn i *? -i ?
???-11, j vi? rnaiiKt'd me mind, as i
I've (ho rifihts to do," replied his wife. I
"She said to put sody on thiin stains
in the tablecloth, and 1'aveit.out overnight
on the line, an' they'd he Rone
I entirely whin morning com<\ Sun*''tis
tlit* tablecloth that's ^<>ne tin de.'
saving woman that she is! Youth's
| Companion.
A Logical Landlord.
Many ? tenant will sympathize with
the man in this story, from the I'hlladelphla
Record. Ho was renting a
Ktiwill house which the landlord had
refused to renair. One <1ji\ thr- owiht
Prohibitionists Allege State and Municipal
Officers Refused to
Enforce Law.
Memphis, Tenn.?Aid of the Federal
courts was successfully invoked _ by
the I?aw and Order League to enforce
tho prohibition law which the
city, county and state authorities have
not enforced in Memohis. United
States Judge McCall granted a temporary
order against 114 saloons,
pending a hearing, restraining theiu
from serving* intoxicating liquor.
ji i v uviui V.I/UI t iimjiv jul mun tiuu
on the allegations of the petitioners
that were deprived of the equal protection
under tho law guaranteed by
the fourteenth amendment to tho con
stiiution. They allege that the state
prohibition law is being enforced in
other parts of the state, but the gov
ernor. attorney general and county attorney
general, with other officials,
have refused to enforced tho law here,
and, therefore, the United States court
can take jurisdiction.
On the grounds that irreparable injury
might be done the complainants
if delay were permitted, Judge McCall
granted the temporary injunction.
The action, which was a total surprise
to the saloons and the local op- !
tionists, was the culmination of a
long and hitter tight to enforce prohibition
in Memphis, the largest city
in which it has ever been tried.
The statewide law passed in the
spring of IDo'.*, and was supposed to
p,o into effect on July 1 of that year.
It. was partially enforced for a time
in KnoxvHle, but in Memphis, situated
on the river and practically the
metropolis of three states?Tennessee,
Arkansas and Mississippi?there
has never been any more serious effort
to enforce prohibition than the
nresenlation of evidence to the errand
The body regularly failed to in ".let,
and the city and county officials have
acknowledged the impossibility of
closing tin- saloons.
The Law and Order league has
been making a campaign for law enforcement,
and the present political
campaign, which is now on in Tensee,
has prohibition again as its principal
Philadelphia American League Defeats
Chicago National Team.
Cli-Tin. l>nu,.t>nll olium.il/m.
ship of the world belongs to the
Philadelphia club of the American
League. They clinched the big prize.
Five games were played, and the
eastern youngsters took four of them
by out batting, outiielding and outrushing
the veteran ("hicagoans. They "got
the jump ' at the start by winning tne
first three games, and although Chi<ago
punetuated their progress witii
one defeat, it really didn't change the
situation a bit.
While the m lies was not the most
proiitahle ever played, it helps to
simplify the high cost of living prob- i
letn confronting <\en such heroes ar |
tins Philadelphia!)1-, to say nothing o( !
the C'hicagoans, \sitii winter coming
on. Tiie players' sliaie of tho money j
amounts to $7!(,07l Of tliis GO per |
con*., or $li,? I.'..l.1,' goes to tlio win- |
ners, ami $:51,G2v77 to Uio losors. As
there are twenty three players on each }
team eligible to participate, each of <
tlu> Philadelphia* is entitled in round
numbers to I'j.oi'i'j, and each C'liicaguan
to $ 1.7.
'1 ho total r< ' Ipts for the scries ;
were ?!7:!.'.>S" The two clubs share !
?o)S,75j apiece, while $17,UD0 goes to
the national coininission.
The total paid attendance was 12f>,^11)
JaOO for Attempted Kiss.
Itiriningham, Ala A jury in the ,
city court awarded Mrs Kose 1 >rummond
f.'.OO damages from JO. J. (.lola- i
iniitii. Tiio allegation was that tbo '
defendant nau tried to kiss her.
Three Sots of Triplets.
Cleveland. Ohio loo late for the
<">iisu?, l?iit gmeially doing her shar*
in < 'lev'eland's remarkable gTowth,
Mrs. William (i <'i??i R. a l.aku Hlrio
avenue matron, montly became the
mother of iier third set of uiplotH
The family Bible <1 l^plays the fact
that > 11 also 1: the mother of four
pairs of twins, ami that she homelf
is the only si ( r of t>venty brothers. I
Two nans of twins and one net of trio I
lot a were born durini; Mrs. Clark's
Brat marriage.
New Carolina Railroad.
StateHboro, N. < Announcement
iia? been made hero (bat tho Statesvillo
Air Line Railroad company will
build at once a new lino of road from
I StaU'svilU: to Yadkinvillo, tho county
| fif.it, of Yadkin county, a distance of
Jf> miles. Tho road will bo erected
hv convict labor. arrangements hav
jug moen mado to transfer r.u convicts
from tlx- state prison to Ktatesville to
begin tlio work of grading fur tlio
new lino at onco. Tlio proposed road
will run through a rich section uf the
* uuxitri.
Mr. Olsen'e Offer Must Have Come as
Surprise Even to Persuasive
Claim Agent
Up in Minnesota Mr. Olsen had a
cow killed by a railroad train. In
due Bcason the claim agent for the
railroad called:
"We understand, of course, that the
deceased was a very docilo and valuable
animal," said ,the claim agent In
bis most persuasive clalm-agentlemunly
wanner, "and wo sympathize with
you and your family in your loss. Hut,
Mr. Olsen, you must remember this:
Your cow had no business being upon
our tracks. Those tracks are our prlvato
property and when sho Invaded
them she becamo a trespasser. TechIcally
speaking, you, as her owner,
became a trespasser also. But we
liave no desire to carry tho Issue Into
court, and possibly give you trouble.
Now, then, what would you regard ns
a fair settlement between you and tho
railroad company?"
"Vail," said Mr. Olson slowly, "Ay
baen poor Swede farmejr, but Ay shall
give you two dollars."?Everybody's.
(Sborov Misn
Mike?Shure, Oi feel very queer,
Dan. Oi have slch a feel nv fullness !
after me meals. I)o yea know a rltnIdy
fur (hot?
Dan?Oi do, me bhoy. Whin yez sit
down to ate a meal, don't ate ony. .
Mike?Hut thin Oi shnd be full av
for Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes
undUranulated Eyelids. Murine Doesn't
Smart--Soothes Eye l'ain. Druggists
otjii iviuiiuu ?j|o iveuieay, jwquju, ?0C,
50c, $1.00. Murine Eye Salve In .
Aseptic Tubes. 25c. $1.00. Eye Hooks j
and Eye Advice Free by Mall.
Murine Eye Remedy Co.. Chicago.
An Exacting Personage.
"I suppose you And life easier I
since the summer boarders have I
"Nope," replied Farmer Corntosse); |
"we're workin' an' worr.vin' Just as I
much as ever trvin* to keep the hired j
man contented."
This is the name of the Rrfateet of nil |
remenicH lor Distemper, 1'ink Eye, Heaven, I
and the like among all hkch of horse*. Hold
by Druggists, Harness Makers, or send to
the manufacturer*. $.50 and $1.00 a bottle.
.Agents want?-d. Send fur free book. Spoiln
Medical Co., Spec. Contagious Diseases,
Gobhcn, lad.
Her Tribute.
Randall?How di<1 you like the military
parade, Ida?
MIsh Hok'tk CIoiIoub! I never na?'
rnough men In all ruy life before.?
narper h isazar.
I'or HKAI?ACIITt IllrUn' <!AP1-I?I\K
Wlicllior from Coldn, Unit. htumiirli 01
Nrrvoiin 'I'routilfn, i'lipmlliii' will rcllfTn you
11'h 11<| iiial |>lriiHiilit to lake a<*ln tinniollhIi'Iv.
Try ll. Ilk;., 2.V., mill 60 ventH til iJriitf
Now He Knows.
"On what grounds does your father
object to me?" ho asked.
"On any grounds within a mile of
our house," she answered.
Constipation cantos anil aggravates many
serious iliKoawK. It in tlior<mnlil>' cured by
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Tlio favorito
family laxative.
Don't you notice how I lie man who
always wants to het, and who says ho
has a roll In his hand, invariably roll*
a way ?
True happiness is found in Krcat
lovo manifesting itself in service. Thoretiu.
*3 *3 5? & *$4 SHC
boy9- Shoes, $2.00,12.50 &93.00.
W. L. Doual?m f> S.(H), ?n
mru ponlilvaly tho burnt ntmdo m
it tar mhoam for tho prlao In Ann
tho moat aaonomlcal whooit ft
Do you rciill/n that my alioon liavo Ihm>ii
BO yoiiru, Hint. I miiko mill noil more 9:
uliorx limn anv oilier maiiiifnetiir??r In tli
I.Aft KOK DOI.I.AI'., I (il VliANTKK Ml
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Yon will l?? lilcilMKil when y< it luiy inv xli
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the lii?t oikih worn mo well, and kiivii Toll i
f* A | IT I ft fc| f None k'riiiiinft without W. I..
v liAin^ N'til |>rli^ "lAiufwd on tin
If jour dealer cannot subuly you .villi W. I. !?.ui?
r- Oldest and Bi
x 1
By Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Black Duck, Minn.?"About a year
ago I wrote you that I was sick and1
could not do any of
my hou? t^rork. My
! sickness was called
Retroflexion. WLa
1 would sit down I
itiy^ felt as If I could not
IW ^ HpJ' got up. I took
jllljlj Lydia K. Pinkham ?
as you told mo and
~^W?M now ^ ara perfectly
v\ cured, and have a
fek\ ^iTOfflblg baby boy."?
Mrs. Anna Anderson, Box 19, Black
lyutR, ill 11 HI.
Consider Tills Advice.
No woman should submit to a surgical
operation, which may mean death,
until sho has Riven Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, made exclusively
iroin roots and herbs, a fair trial.
This famous medicine for women
has for thirty years proved to be the
most valuable tonic and invigoratorof
fie female organism. Women residii
gin almost every city and townjn
tie United States bear willing testimony
to the wonderful virtue or Lydia
K Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
It cures female ills, and creates radiant,
buoyant female health. If youi
aie ill, for your own Bako as well as
those you love, givo it a trial.
Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass.,
invites all sick women to writ?
ber for advice. Her advice la free,
ami always helpful.
V> M V* Send postal for^
fi K k |i Free Package
I I ft ! k of Paxtine.
Belter and more economical I
than liquid antiseptics I
I LiliRlJiMajnl
Gives one a sweet breath; clean, white,
germ-free teeth?antiseptically clean
mouth and! throat?purifies the breath
after molting?dispels all disagreeable
perspiration and body odors?much appreciated
by dainty women. A quirk
remedy for sore eyes and catarrh.
A little Paitine powdw .
iolved in a glau of hot vral. ,
make* a delightful antiieptic ?o- I
LQjrggflM lotion, poueuing extraordinary I
| Ja cleaniing, germicidal and heal- B
| Jvj ing power, and_absolutely harm*)
leu. Try a Sample. 50c. a I
large box at druggifl* or by maiL I
THt PAXTON ToiLtT Oo., Boston, Mass.j
"I have used your valuable Casearet*
and I find them perfect. Couldn't do
without them. I have used them for
some time for indigestion and biliousness
end am now completely cured. Recommend
them to everyone. Once tried, you
will never oe wunoui mom in in?
family."?Edward A. Marx, Albany, N.Y^
Pleasant. PnlafaVili>, Potent. Tasto Good.
' I>o Good. Never Sicken.Weaken or Gripe.
]0c,2V. 50c. Nevit pold In bulk. The ffert
tilne tablet stamped C (* C. Guaranteed to
euro or your money buci.. 9<2>
'1 wf-nty horse power Return Tubiriar
| Holler and iH li<>r;e p>wer J.iddell-TompI
kins Kngine, together with a Moditt Heater,
i all in pood condition and can be had at a
J bargain. Above in operation now on our
premises Corner Fifth and College Streets,
j Charlotte, N. C , and can be inspected
] before purchasing. Address
i^iiarioTio wortn Carolina
In ifraat variety for k*1o altlm lowerit pr e*? by
WKftTVK* NKW8KAFHR Stiff. A4*a? It, rklttf*
FOR MEN r \*
& WOMEN / ,
Bcat in the World, v\ fa)
d *4.ailmhnoa M?T xSl
inii moat pup- I / " *.1)
trio*, and uro &J1
tr you 10 buy. K.JMKTjlty {^/
the MtMiiditrd fui over itapjjMWtek JT
!.<>(>, ?;|,M) mill
to I'.S., and Hint 1M>I.- \V., x& *' X
.'MIIOKS to hold thHr A
t linn any other II.OO. |& jfeip A JifibL
imlltv ( lint*. It hu? x?;;. / \J
hticH imo of th? _ '' '* AifllS
110 for you to pur- mfP M * ''w U
> hoi IIIIKO [}^ <A v~u\X>jnaA flatiglat
?o much comfort. V / .Shot Uo.
Shoe*. write for Mailorder Catalog
Afi, 14ft Kpurk Nirtfri, llrurkton, Mmi.
9at Tonic: for Mala. ? a Itv.
' " "
Id arenernl tonic; 40 year*' ?ucf 'alns
lie or other polioni. Unlike qui. av??
no bad efToctt. 7nke no aubatituta. CE?
book of uu/zle* neiit to any ? rat*.
AKTIII U '* ??,

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