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Pickens Sentinel-Journal i
? ?? ~H:
\x \ \ \ \ \ x \ \ \/
v ' i -
4 jjr \ '
5 Some Tbingslflfou Know and Sorao ' |
Ay You Don't Know About Our '!
^ Towns, County & People !
/V \ \ \ \ \ N N \ \ \ \ X I
?Why didn't you win you a!
watch, bracelet or ring?
300 bushels of red oats for sale, i
. G. A. Ellis. ;
?Did you hit the bell? If not
why not?
?Do you know any one who
didn't come to the fair?
?Did you see the balloon go
, ?Where were you when the
lady made the parachute jump?
?Did you ride on the merrygo-round?
?How much did you strike
on the muscle-tester?
?Why didn't you go in and (
see the trained goats and mon-j
?Don't forgot the all-day
singing at Griffin on the first
Sunday in November.
?Wo can t, begin to publish j
the names of all who were in
Pickens last week.
?The premium winners at the j
fair will bo published next
?Many Pickens county people
are in Greenville today at
the show.
?The automobile parade and
India* scene took the crowds
Ly storm.
?Pickens wore her Sunday
clothes and was on her best be
haviour last week.
?We werre glad to see YOU
at the fair last week. Hope you
had a good time and enjoyed
you haven't the latest
'phone directory you can get
one I)v calling at the telephone
- The management of the
Fair have heard no kick, so we
suppose that- none of the women
folks were left at home.
- l)r. E. G. Kerwin, dentist,
of Easlev, will be in Pickens every
Wednesday. Oflice over
Kcowee Pharmacv.
?Tin- merchants of Pickens
are well pleased with the result
iu.. r..;..
<?i iii* i? 11 , i i n > ^i \ iii.ii iin'ii
i l it(It' was ' > ! t t iian t hey had
The managers '?I 111? slate
ar.d cm.i! v elociion ran :.:< }
11.? !>o;;es at any time by c.tiling
m! (1. R 1 lentfi irks <?r \V. i
Jcllkins l^icki llri.
J. A. Smith, photographer,
will he in l>i',kr!is on Mondays
of each week instead of Satnr
days as heretofore. All who
want first clans work see him.
Tlif sehedcde of appointincuts
of Kev. \V. M. Walker, ovaiujflist
for the Pickcns. Piedmont
and Twelve Mile Associations,
for Hie months >f October and
Novenilwr have heeo arnuiL'ed
;is follows: Camp Creek. Oct.
2:5 to 27. (Jateechee, Oct. HO to
Nov. 5. New rv, Nov. 1! to 1.8,
JonesSchoolhoiiHc, Nov. 20 to24.
Peter's ('reck, Nov. 2f> to 150.
? Messrs. Mort and Lowell
('ouch of ftaslev, shipped this
week to the State Kan* at Columbia
as nrettv a lo< of hoirs
as will bo seen on the fair
grounds. Thov filled a car
with all sizes irom tinlittle
suckling pi tc to the
'ar^e brood sow. They also
8ent\th< ' hoof or mule
footed b,,. . And tin? entire lot
is thoroughbred and entitled to
registration, They were beauties
and shows what this county
can do when it comes to raising
tin? .accompaniment tin? staff
?.? iif..
? Didn't you rin^ a sticks
?Born, on tho 20th instant, to f"
Mr. and Mrs. 1) G. Mooro. of ^
l~> ! -1 ?*
i lCKcriH, n son.
?Ed G. MeDaniel, of Forest
Uity, N. C., spent last week in 1
Pickens with relatives.
? Misses Nellie Freeman and *
Mattie Griffin, of Pickens, wero '
recent visitors to Miss Jennie 1
Jones, of the Dacnsville section. (
? Hon. Julius E. Boggs. who >
has "been quite sick for the past {
ten days, is reported as slightly j
?Miss Alice Finney, who has
been in Greenville for some time ,
nursing a patient, came home to j
Pickens Monday evening, where ,
she will spend a time resting and >
?W. A. Bruce of Blacksburg,
came over last Sunday with his
wife and two children on a visit
to Mrs. IVs. parents, Capt. and
Mrs. J. A. Griffhn, of Pickens,
R. 3.
?Miss Clova Gritfin of Washington,
I). is on a visit to her
parents, Capt. and Mrs. J. A.
Griffin of Pickens, Ii. '>., and
other relatives in the county,
w11 <? are delighted to see her.
? Any one wanting Souvenir
Pictures of llie Fair, such as
mease speaking, auto paracle,
ami others, in fact, everything
taken by Photographer Wilson
can be had by calling on Edgar
Morris at the postollice.
I ?1'. S Courtis in session this
week in Greenville, and a few of
the Pickens county hoys are being
tried for making a little spirits
frunientl ! which they usually j
try to keep on hand for "snake-j
1 1 ,i'ifl\/ui f %An\rimi* * 1 1
l/iuc; j "IUIUUV
Sam" for the privilege.
?The third annual convention
of the Pickens county Su
day school association will be
held in the Presbyterian church
at Central on Wednesday and
Thursday Nov. '2 and ',i 1910.
A live program has been arranged.
Miss Grace W. Vandi
ver, General Secretory for the
South will take part in the program.
Everv Sunday school in
the county is entitled to two delegates
and e\ery ehurch where
there is no Sunday is r<?<:nested
i to send two delegates.
?The new dwelling house of
j Mr1. Van ('arson, who lives just
beyond t he overhead bridge, on
l>:..1, ;i,1 ,.,?o a...
lilt* I U ivfiir^ 1 (III I ? 'Civ I, >> ?!.- \ i * itrowd
by lii*f Wednesday evening.
Tli*; fire was discovered by
11 ie en w of I he Pickens t rain as
ib< \ weir making their last I rip
lt? Kaslev and liie train stopped
and ilif crew rendered what a:jsistance
they coald. There was
no one at home at the rime, all
!?.-i;iu in the cotton field. Nothing
was saved except a feather
t bed. The origin of I he tire is
iiiilfiiinvn. bin is supposed !t>
li i \ * cane, lit f rom f he ^t<?11 u?*.
Tiii'iv was no iiunranee and 15.i
loss- falls heavily on Mr. Carson.
! l is many friends svmpalhi/*
willi liim in his misfortune, and
stand readv to assist him in cv
crv way 11 icy can.
Tin. t wo 1;ist balloon ascvn
sinus were paid for by popular
subscriptions, Mr. lMirman Mollis,
who is a uood collector, rais,
in^ the bulk of tho price. Ir
was our intention to publi-h the
list of cont ributors, but many
refused to allow their names to
be used, thus making the list
incomplete. Many others refused
for their n cues to be printed,
so, under t iie-ie circuin-d 1:101s,
we leave 11 on?. I hose who <li<l
eoul rihute know that it was ;
"worthy " U 'li done aiui
{.iioir friends know they ^avc
the monoy while those who Tail
ed to "put. up" arc known to
their f riends, ami i.heir various
senile excuses have heen record
ed in memory's lv> We i
ritchfc now, after u ai! > r.
they I eel worse over l'i< ir r>eu
uriousness than the committ'v
does :it no' {' in i !?'-!: ii ' > :
V t
?Seven yoke work oxen for>
lalo. Gideon Heid, Lake Toxa-1
,vay, N. C. !(
? ivirs. j. v./. Jennings is on a x
isit to her sons, Josso and Wy- '
itt, in Columbia. i
?Married on the 9th instant, 1
)V Rev. B. Holder, at his resilenee,
Mr. Hubert Eclens and
Miss Irene Jenkins, second (
laughter of our fellow town-. j
nan, 'esquire w. iu. JeiiKins. |
rhe happy young couple have;
lie best wishes of their many j,
Tiends for i long, happy and '
prosperous life.
?Dillard cSc Peek, of Easley,! <
ire selling olT their stock of i
hardware at a sacrifice, as they
ire going out of business. Mr. j
J. A. Peek, one of the partners!
whose mind runs to agriculture,!
and especially to fine stock?i
horses, hogs and cattle?has]
bought a good farm over in
Georgia on Tugaloo and intends
4-u -?i.* ? i
iiiuv iii^ tuun; i mni; tivviiv ami
setting a good part of it to pas- j
ture and fruits am' will till the
soil as a side line and raise
blooded stock for a pastime.
Wo 1. ite to have Mr. Peek and
his most charming and excellent
lady lcavt the county and
stale, but wish them abundant
prosperity in their new venture.
Book of Subscription to the
Capital Stock of Craig Brothers
Company, a corporation to be
organized under the laws of the
state of South Carolina, will 1m;
opened at the store rooms of
Craig Brothers in Pickens,
South Carolina, on Saturday '2!)
day of Oct. 15)10, at 12 o'clock
The proposed Capital Stock
$100,000.00, divided into 100
shares of the par value of $100
per share. J. B. Craig,
E. H. Craig,
Ernest Alexander,
A special meeting of the
teachers of Pickens county is
hereby called to meet at thcs
Central Graded school building,
; Saturday Nov. f> at M o'clock p.
in. All teachers of the county
i are expected to be present.
!\ AAr it I I
I .1 IUI , 1 /. v> . iMIlin <11111 I mi.
D. M. Morrison of ('leinson College
will l)o present and make
The work for the present year
will lie on!li;i? <1 and no te.nher
run nll'ord not to he pivsee!.
By order ( ?nnty Honi'il o, !'.<!.
?. T. Hal In in.
('o. Sn ;>t. K i.
'Ri.hcr s fyScctiiKj
( ?-iil r.il, S. ('. < )e!. 22.-- \li i lie
teachers of I'ickens coimi v will
inert Satuid.r.. XdVi'inltci' ."nil.
next, at ii p. m . in the CVnt: d
1 liuh School Aiuiiioriunt I ?t* the
pu ipose of ni/Zmti' a (V,unsy
Teachers A social ion
Profs, i) W. l>aniel. \Y. S.
.Mnnivon aici'v'. ii. I (addon, all
of Clonison ' (iiicuc and Snpt. I'.
T. Ilalhnn. "ount v Snpeiinten
d nt o| M?i... .iti?ai a i!l he pns
., I ,. I I .ill..:
<-ii. to iniu i r i > ill < n't;; 1111 I
lion possii:!r\
Besides i ii?* s;*"'< iH'S l>v lii".vc
(list inuuisiu-tl educators. t he on',
line ^cnci all v of t he year's \\ ork
will l)c attempted. as well a> (ho
next- plan* oi meeting chosen,
Pickens County will not longer
lai< behind other counties in
t hiv. t'rtf if lino
schools and teachers who can
make such an assot iai ia'1 a su<-\
J'iv< rv 'c i . > i' in Ihc c< unify,
fit h?ii* hv !c ; i or t hrot.'j.'.h I n"
new spapc: . is i:.,4 no: the . of
litis fir-t nt? .51(1 aski i( a: >'
U.'l ' (1 Id Ij" |>!'i -il-p.i .
Professional Cards
I ir I\i If I f v: w ?. ? !
L'it S. (J.
I Jil'lOC OVl'l' i'ii-R r > ' ..II..
i. E. Cox Dead. J j
Our town was cast into deep-1
>st gloom Tuesday morning',}
.vhon it was known that Mr. J.
fl. Cox was (load, and though 1
t was not unexpected the tid- i
n^H were a groat shock to all.
"Uncle Jinmuo," as 1!?* was 1
amiliarly called by all his
riends, was, and has been a i
*reat sufferer for some time,
;hat insidious malady, cancer, {
being the imediate cause of his! ^
loath. ll<* bore liis afflictions I
and sufferings with christian
Forbearance and fortitude and
never murmured or complainsd.
Many years ago Mr. Cox >
moved to Pickens and has been 1
a valued citizen, ever in the
forefront for anv thing that
was for the good and development
of the town and county, i
and to his friends he always i
"kept open house," not only at
his home, but. in his heart also,
and was ever ready to befriend,
and by words of cheer, counsel,
and wisdom, to aid and influence
those seeking his compau
As a (christian gentleman. lie
was a peer anions his fellowmen.
one of God's children and
millire's nohlemen. and his daily
walk and conversation was
commensurate with the upright
and religious life he led.
His place in the social and
religious circle of the church,
the town and community, is
vacant, and cannot he filled.
The silver cord is loosed and the
golden bovvl is broken. The
span of life that is allotted to
us was his by reason of his1
years and his usefulness, and
while all that was mortal of
James V). Cox, has been returned
to mother earth, the immortal
part is basking in the sunlight
of the God he served so
faithfully and loved so well.
The funeral service was held
; Wednesday evening at Pickens 1
Baptist church, of which lie
'was a member, and was con|
ducted by his former pastor,
i Rev. A. J . S. Thomas, at his
' request. The body was followled
to the grave by a large coil
; course of sorrowing relatives
and friends and was laid to rest
11?y members of Keowee Lod^e,
j of which he was :i valued and
honored member and brother
M a son
1 He leaves a wife and three
children, Mrs (J. K. Robinson
and 1<\ i\ Co:;, of l'iekens and
Isjiiah Cox, oi Washington, 1>.
besides a host of relatives
and friends. T<> these heart
broken andsorrowi polios we
extend sincere svmpathii s, and
* ; f . . > i* . ? i
| M ?l 11? MIT III U> IIM' I iilllll) Ml VlOU
thai taketli ii'.vav the sin of th
world.ami whi'o in* r.; unoi ? . ,ue
back t<> us, am! u <r.:ldu't if he
co ! !. we c.ii) > I(> liini. * 1 iir>
Ik ] i -pare a place lor you that
where ! am, there may ve !>e
also." <). Blessed Thought.
i -ii >iiik nil iii in 111?. >
A II ti * . iii >i tin i ,
c '' I ' i
s i Hull' i .in i
' '"} ? - - I""
il II 11 UlM-.l I ' I >
s , . - ' t ' i . ! . .1 I'll I I . I i > .
I . I , ||f > ' '
I ." . . 1 . . . 1 I -1' ? 11 MI I ' I I .
t li. ? v VI t-ll'.il- I'm
i' i i _i . . i'. 11 p i. 11 11 ?: i i .i i ; 11
llS" ' . ? ... iI I l II I I'll i -.
M . .. iw, i i .. I .
t ? 11 - ii > r- i 111 r r in*. "Am i* Mill
i lit i . _\ ? !? -> I '11 :i siTi UK
< i- Ki l?i i ! ii ml -(><' 'iiii>;
Dm . in-> f ? . riirr^. I t nri i
In l\ i f\ . i 1111 i" Dl 11II I
ih i m>i v hi |? . .I >11<". iii . i .'
il I'll ?'H ' I I <' II I I I "l-'l | I'l llll
u v..
Il I
.? u >: ? ?? i i
' I. ! . ' I .1 I . I
: .? Ii, ,i! hn A i*i "* II V .
I. i . I l| I. I a 1/ . , : II . I II . > .
i.'ti jl .i-f< i . J^t . S H.? [1 II f. II
l" .1' CllilM | I'OVf II It > i M'l, > ii ' I.? .1 I"
i \vi>r-l ?o<-ei i. i . ' I >.
i'/ mijv, .skin orupUon I
nins ivn<' 1 i> . v .<
i> a ; J'P'S.
r r . ?j
k* n l Afir.ACi'.i: r.ioniiYSAfiC L tACf;i:.'i
jro*, - v;.
)o you'know that J. R. Ash 's
' more
las land to soli at Six Mile's
11 tracts from JO to 100 acres '
Vnri at a price as record break-;
ers. I|
believe it's the cheapest land
you'll find
\iid I do not expect to keep it/i
but a short time. ; "i
>ox; if you are Six Mile struck jc
Jec me quick before the price j8
goes up. ?j. K. Ashniore. li
Volt-j- Ki In. y 1*111. ,,
Tonic in quality :?11 1 at.i ion, quick in
i snl s. For backache. Iiea-i nche, <!iz- *
lines., nervouHiu'ss urimiry irregularities
an<l rheumatism.
T . ........ I,,...111. ,(n ^
i " nt'i i H.k m ii msit i it'? i w ii \ ui'i
the ills of advancing years; to fw>S( i w
your physical forces for .*i ri > i .1
healthful old ago, guard our .\I-m.\s (
l?v taking Foley's Kidney Remedy.
Sold 1>y all Druggists. '
i i%r y^' W/ P
W YW ^ w . V > </ fci ;
i H. >\ T-X-'v J 9 |
\i I !
B -x&r ;i
,>.yv-. V .:iil_^r:-,.v- xrana* .
i lipid Will Lay Down His1
when In- sots our i xiiilnt of autumn j??\v-1
elrv. lie will recognize in it a much !
more t-ll'eelive (vi'iii'iin than hi.s oWl !
iia)'ic. Con't- : if \vh;if v..n (liink |
! of ih.. .IN..!;,y. \> u'i' :ii< wi-tloml
I Oar ?Ix,w?i!?,.v V<?nr
A1 i y
in the <1 ir?otion your he;irt lies. We
have presents forhrichs. presents for
the fiif?Mi;ecl. prest nt? for tlit* one who
is Htill to t>o cjingh'. ( 'o ne and s**I? ? (
the gift which (its ymirca-'P.
I f*- . < ' 'I
| j-mnaer,
Dr. T. A. Seawright,
Pickens, South Carolina.
Officr upstairs I'n-.rmnn Hld^.
Pickens Sentinel-Journel
> mi-. -rhlOftiCl! P.S * ? * *
'??! :
I'M itKYs. v. c..
!|!'? . ? vV X T. HMO
M r i'id itor: - \\V < - n1 <?
communicate iiirouvh the ?oi
ii 11:M^ i)!' your y.tillable , :?;> In
obtain the names and addresses
ol those who served in the
I 1 m.i i . 1 *
V illM'U OlilU^ 'I'll! \ (MUIIIIM'I' SCI
\ ice alter I i i? ("w War uni il
ISH'i, airainst fbe hostile Indians
<iii : In- western fronlier. 5m orde:*
! 11;' f t }l<-iI" names ,i lid ) * < ords he
>!;t" '* <.ii iIm' books ol the Association
so that they may bent lit
ii\ t So a I now* pen li^ I e, ?>i e
Con&ress as soon as it iu-ioinosn
i in1 National Indian W ar
Veterans, an organization wish
headqaarters at I('? !:{ Market St.
I *<.111 .... i '/.I/. I<. ..i < l,..:.. I... .
. ??\ ?, \ l/HM (KIU, ?I I 111*11
recti I ar nicotine, de *i< 1< < 1 to send
I wo delegates, Henry ile^wer.
the National Commander, and
(', li. 1 lanser, 1 he National Secretary,
to Washington, D. ('.,
t.o tnan^nr.ite a vi.-rerons r^ntpai^n
for the purpose of proenrin
: pensions lorlho.-e noh'c n d
brave soldiers who detVn <!< <1 the
| frontier in the early davs and
' wlui hav:1 so j'a. been nnj:i My
ji.e^'ietid I>\ t!iis government.
who e una! w< stern empire
! they -o valiantly protected.
making it rosvihlo for t his u.\ iteration
to develop Us unlimited
rejourns and live in p? i'-c Mid
prosperity. Voui's vi ry imlv,
1 lenry I ler-.vw . r.
Nat. ('om. Tnd. War \ -s.
(\ If. i! ans< i,
Nil. Sci .
i 1 f>!f> Maik?! !*v. ix *m 1 - i).
Nuii-i:oi>I<lui>t Saminutis.
tare of Hon tit Carolina
' 'outtty of PieWenB.
Court of Corii'noii Pleas.
SuiniiioiiH for JMuf
?(-Oilll'li. U) t not- S<TVl'J
;viiik !.s l>:?nk of ' crural a corporation
kimy l iiitucii i>v law .
:-K lU.si
lornce M. WIn: worth
l)i IVnil.'iiH,
In- Ilemian'.s above nann <i:
Yo.. arc hereby tuunitione and reii>i? ?!
to answer the complaint in this
etion, which is rhi-i day fi!<>ck in th" ofiee
of thi* <'Ink of Court foi Piekens
:ounly and t< 8th ve a ropy id your
.nftwor to the naid coin plaint 011 the
uhbcril ers at 'heir nHice at PickriK,
South Carolina within
wenty da\H after th?* hervice In teof,
XClubive of the <lav of r-ueh Herviei; and
f you fail to answer th? enii.iihiint-.
vitiiiii tin* time aforesaid, the Plaintiff
n this net ion will apply to thy Court for
;he ?< i' l ! icmded in the complaint.
iMiett Aug. ^-1, A. 1>. HMO.
' St \ cV ( ' <' TV
Plaintifl t> Aiiui iiv: t.
A.J. Bokkb.
seal) C, C. P.
!' > ilie absent defendant Horace M.
W In) wort li
T.>k.- i . ):> M <> summons, of
u me n t is a copy, and the
L-oinpiauit in the above stated nation
was lileii in the office of the Clerk of
Jourt at Pickens S. U. on the '24 day
>f Auj;, 1910, and is now on file in said
'dice. < 'arev & Carey
i' .oiitiiTV Attorney.
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTICE is hereby <;ivcn thai I will
make application !< J. lb Ncwherrv
I>*|., Proliiiti !'< ! Pickens
in thi* Sisiio o: > ouiii < usoitna,
011 '.in* 20 day ol Nov. liMU. at il o'clock
ui the forenoon, or :ih mkmi '.lu-i'-^ftcr as
s'nl application ea:: In* Ik-si !. r loav<?
t<> 111 > i<?- final Ht?i Ion < nt < ! '!u r Mil' ol'
1 lturliam Ioccnisi'iI. ai"i > I>is<in
ili>o|iaigi- it.- .idmini^lialo! i ..111 < sta?".
K. N Durliain,
S l'A'l i. </! >< n r!I c.\ IJOM N
i out11y ill I'ii-Koiw
<'iiiirt ol' < o'iiiiiimi I'lciis.
s111111111 11v tnr lU'iii t (*<>iii11! '.i111 MTVOil
lii/z.ii1 Itiil< 1 iii'j. .hum's iNiss vv.11 tiiisv \tj>"
i;ie K??-n I'erry. Mary I'.. l!os*. AinIv Uok*.
A (,'ililist
Leila AI roil. I uniel Defemlfinf-"
'r<? tin; "left n : ii.t- a' < vi' uaiiml:
V?1U art' llcrel'V s ; <I nwl IC<(II ircil til
answer the coinpiain: in tins act on, of
which a ? ? ! > i> Inn with m rveil upon yon.
mill to ni'rvi' a co| j ol ymir answer to tin- sukl
complaint on thi.' subscribers at their ollice in
IMckons, Soutli < ii l ol ilia within twenty days
I after the service heieof, exclusive of the day
... II lilt. Ill<l II you II.H 10 IT (III*
[ complaint within the time ?if< rcsitid, tin* plum
till s in this action wi 11 n|i|ily to the Con i t for
tin; relief demanded in the complaint.
I Dated Aug. 31st A. I). 1910
I A.J. Hovsgs,
1' A I{. M. ('.
| things A Kind ley,
I'lnintilV's Attorneys
To lianiel IJos^ infant ilelendant over fotirteen
years of ugc;
S on are herehj summoned and le^uired to
apply lor the appointment ol iMiardlan a<l litem
i to represent you in this action within twenty
I days alter the sei vice of this summon- upon
you, ami if you fail, application for such ap
, pointmeiit will lie made ! > the plaintilV herein.
Il?i;?"> 1- ind ley,
I I"!j!intitl"> Attorney'I'll
tlie absent defendant, Leila All til:
I IIK I- III II ll'l' llllll l III' Ml III lilt II.1 II 111 " Ml j. lilt
I III the nl?ove cniitlril ii iin:i wus li i d in tin'
rli'rVt's oilier fur the ? ? mily nl I'i' l.i n <>:i the
:ilst (Inv 'if Anniisl. IHIO, ii?iti ihnl t' it- I of
Ml I* 1 hit ii ; So { nrlMioii (In- In mi I 11!: in
tin* roimili..lit. anion'/Hi. I'.'niiilill - i.. c
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special l.cvy lui Schoi.l lii-ti. i No. Ut. .':u. *
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