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yj^vc/ / U'--; i-v.
Kntercri April '2'\. 1:? > ? t?: I'lekoii*, S. iin m?coii?I cIuxh mull iii;iticr, tnidur act nii:nii'ii'i'? of :t, ist't
40th Year PICKENS. 8. G.. NOV. 10 1910. ' 'Number 2J
Matthew 19:15
"Jcsun said, Suffer little children to ce
such is the. Kin
eN KOl'TIO towards Jerusalem I
to have his blessing upon tin
xreatness of their Master an
this and rebuked the mothei
ntld Sflld' "SlllYi>l' llltlivnllililivm mwl
such is the kingdom of heaven," and
From this we are not to understat
composed of little children. This erroi
an impression respecting the Kingdom
little children <'iin get into the Kingdo
faith arc even "< idled" to the Kiugd<
upon little children merely signilied his
of the parity and iiinnceuee <>f childin
of <Iod mast he like little children in
honest and trustful <>f their heavenly !
of I he Kingdom.
Another account tells us of Jesus' I
would he his disciples must hccome <i
dren in guilelessnoss, faith, etc. Hut t
will all he "overcotners." Such lake u
ersoever he leadcth. As our l.onl con
ii.nu .1 Knt. tttim ?^.v 1 I 1 I ..t.tl.t
? cio ?i i#"\ *?i mm-, r*w 111\ i * \> i * niiim ri
in tIn* Scriptural souse until they ha\
with some tuny occur much earlier tha
of twelve years or thereabouts to >*iv
anil consecration to the Lord's will am
Spirit. These, of course, l>nt no otln
with Christ in his Millennial Kinitdon
On his journey our Lord was acco. t
i;ood tiling shall 1 do that I may liavi
namely, that eternal life is tin1 jrrand <
before tIn* human family. We are ::l;
the inspired answer in which everyh<
the present life, except as It leads us l
utterly lost we should feel if assured
forever! How little in this life won!
could do toward tilling the lonyhiti of
Our Lord parried the question. i:i
acknowledge me as :i good tpaeherV
else iin impostor and far from good,
do nul, how can you call mc good i
good tint I docs not proceed from (Jo
answering your question: if you won!
iiiaiidnicuts. Tin* young man replied
Shalt do no murder, nor commit adul
l?ut honor thy father and thy mother
young mini replied, "All these things
iacK i yet :'
% lie was a model younjj man and .L
}?>; the Jewish Law In 11u? extent of
thai he was loving his neighbor as hii
Lord disci-?sed lo liiin 1 iy tin? follow ill
fret, ?>> sell all thai I lion hast and give
in heaven" instead of on earth; saeri!
come my follower.
Ah. how the Lord knew to put his ;
had eoine to him very boastful, very
Reeking to he in harmony with the I ?i
en me for the Master's approval, that I
exception to the rule." The Lord did
you love yourself you will at least pr
as eomfortahle as you desire to he co
rich while some <>f his neiuhhors who
sen were very finor a njectiv, sorrow i
tin' ditllcu'ty of his situation, lie grasj
before. It became a now test with 11i
son showed us the Kingdom as a great
which to possess, will cost all that \
Fame fact.
I.et ns not make the mistake madi
man who lived so honorable a life am
down into eternal torment because In
Lord's disciple His loss of the Kin
Niifl'ering eternal torment in the futtir
under the blessed conditio)/. of the \
ver.x rapid progress and will oMaln et
tiou, ti:< i:>r?? n i wor.hy of the Kin-do
And the cli ' are tho-e only who an
nil I > J'ili'i I ll? "V:'t |iriz?*.
)nr I .on I ? ' m i).< ii i o?l iijioii tin* mil
rl< li 11: u -1 ! '-tfii <ii "i mM , in . dim
III ;loin. I I V: J. i] 1:11 ||??l i<-;i!l\ .
'Mi i < v "> r < ai. i-l 'i tii I hrom
" 'nr ill' ; 'H i n i! nl " '!"!?I
t I!* \ klll'W ' 'I ",;i j !'' I (if I > I
j. I i'"" I i'i" ii 1 it' I!. "
t 1: i i: ' ' I'll : \viili f 1' I "
v. i i'iI iii i! i: i Kilit.- i
i .-' I n l I: .ii-lli- I I'lli
11111: i i' i "I' 1 1 > i c i >..rriMi i r
f>f j < i'i'i> j!? in* l l'i. lit
tlie "pi'ill'l el' : : tl J>;'i "' I :?I ' -I!
<> 1 >I: i:i it ! lie r ii no 1 i <> up nil
their rlflh v I 'p" lii''n| r - [ >.i il>!e !
'1'!: f- 1!- iir.t !ii I '<> \> >< . it'- ri 1 m
tin* l:\? Z'-r i; ' tl'VoiMjIi \ 'iii"|j i In<
hiiiidi>v ii ii: i! with >01 no;. <>t tIn 'r I>o
coinlntf poo.* nun lniv.* iici-i'ss in Hit*
timm>i <:fi Tiii:
"Tiill v* .is id;, moid :n
A' <1 ^omll 'In* gnlr* :i.
"Tlii* city wit liio s\ .is
. \ u i :i i II i 111 \ i .1: i H i
'' 'nil mil - J |. wiT Vi?il
'Von must i lirmv ji \\:
"'I !'is I ilii!, hut tin1 !
lir 11H> wide f? r i ln>
" 'Now said I In- pni'lr
I Mscard l hat hamper
''I <>l>f\ C(l. I I'.Oll^ll will
Yd siill nor camel in
jp "'All,' said, tin- portor.
S'linc little package i
"The morosl handful n
Y<*f 'Throw il nwriy.
"TIh'H h>, < > j ,
^hI'll11 i si^ o'
"And nil my riches, n
Easily passed thrmigl
J-26.?August 7.
mc unto vie and forbid them nut, for of
tjdom of Heaven."
ho Must or was mot by mothers desiring
ir children. The Apostles, realizing the
id the importance <>t" Ids time, forbade
s. When Jesus heard, he called them
forbid them not to eoino unto me; for of
ho put his hands in blessing upon their
111 that tllo Ki'.liriloiil nf llnnvmi will li.?
noons idea lias gone 1 ?roji(l?*j?st and such
i has thus resulted. <>n llit* contrary no
in. Only those who have the hearing of
>im and its glories. Onr i.onl's blessing
sympathy and love and his appreciation
iod. Those who will he of the Kingdom
the sense of being simple hearted, true,
'atlier of such-like will be the inheritors
further words to,the effect that all who
v little children must be like little cliil
those who will be heirs of the Kingdom
p their cross and follow the l.ord width
hi inn nave taken up his cross when he
11 cannot become the followers of Christ
;e reached the age of discretion, which
11 with others. \\V have known children
e excellent evi?lenc<> <>f faith, obedience
il evidence of I ??i:sbegotten of ilie holy
r children, could have hope of sharing
ed by one who said, "Good M;-'er, what
i' eternal life':" 11?? had the right idea;
Icsidcratum. the grand hope of .ill hope.-*
id of the quest ion: for it hroinrlit forth
xly i* Interested. What is tin value of
ip the passageway to eternal lit'-7 How
that tit death we would be blotted out
il lie worth consideration how little it
our hearts, which yearn for ct?rnnl life!
order to draw out the yonnc man and
ilo you call me troodV" Why do you
I am either the Messiah, as I claim, or
110 you accept r.iy MessiahshipV If you
>r acknowledge that anything: could be
d. the Fountain of all fjooduexsV Ilut
d enter into eternal life, keep the com- i
. Which? The Master answered. Thou
!tery. nor steal, nor hear false witness.
: i m i in**- 111 \ i ici^n i)(?i us invsrn. 1 nr
have 1 observed from my youth. W^it
sus loved liltit. Kvldently he vvns keepIlls
knowledge nnd ability. ITe thought
nself; 1 >iit this was :i mistake whieli the
isr KURUcstlrsn: "If thou would:*! lie per
to the poor and thou shalt have treasure
iee also your earthly reputation and helinsrer
on the sore spot! The younff man
sure lh.it If my one in the world was
Ivlne arrangement be was that one. IPie
illicit hear him say, "You are the one
not say. "If you love your neighbor as
ii mini mi iMMirt u? intiue inai neimiimr
infurfablo." Hi- was ( outcut to lie very
in lie thought lie loved lis lie loved him"ully
so. When Jesus discovered to liini
led it at once. He saw himself as never
m. Thus il is with all. A previous luprize,
a pearl of grout value, a treasure,
ve have: and (his lesson poi'iis out tli-?
e by some, and suppose t!"it the young
1 failed to gain hea'o.i. would In- i hrii t
did not sacrifice his </// to heci me l'1.''
gdnni was a sutlicienf penally M-iilio '
Sucli members <>f the human fanii'.v,
Ti11 - 1111i;11 Kingdom. will doiiMb in.:'
eriial life oil 1 li?? p! i; e of hu'tiau perfec
in honor - \ hicli l> !< < unlv in I . <a,., i
irlai'.'v s:\fi-il!? in?' Iln*I; <i .-<?? (! .!
il?T I i 11i<lh<i|>|i? .iimI iulilt'ii I.
u'fll'Mi v.illi llicir cui'i'tvoi' t ? ? ; ! ! '
i*:i 1111i If: : ii: :i (! -mi! i 1 i v.
_!i ill - n.?? *!I? ' 11::11 ii>u t?i* * ' I
:-!i 1 i:.' ?1 iv? 11% 1? very ? :111\ :
' i i :.! ! ; ?.f ' 1 ' ii 11. ' ! I
' . v, '\*ii ;
V . 1 i- ? > >; it - ,
."I! " 11. n : ? 1' l>
1" K : ! - i. 11- 11 s! : !vi> i)i> < r
m :: i ' i i;, I li ! ' i'i . 'I Mr I T!i;
!i : i11 i ' |i I ! w I would 11:i \ .
til ilr'! lie !>:is in ii;-drr l mi ! ! :::>
In ill i id -i lid I Iii'ii ni! in; , i '
i!- I lit-; r ' I r i IN 1
- Hie . dli>' i'\<*. ' r nil j;ati' S.'s'r'
?i>ls lui.rl'! i i! i? II; W ! It?l? < JI \ ;'"!<
kImi S i tin' r'idi li.v in ! "" 1 '
K i l >: ; 11>111 MnKim.F/s
ml ladi'ii lii 'i,
< a iifcdlc's ryo.
fa if,
uijW'il re.
r l<>,i i." i ii,- ti.iri?>r crii'd,
!?\ iIn( liiiiitllt* of prido.'
H(l v. II. I,
I'. (o 111;11.< il les.S,
ill' s"l'i 111)i I
U* I Jfol 11 rmi 'li.
'your loin! must hold
T lnisl-in -. "III.*
v?? nil I hn?l,
' tll(> port IT
It' 0!' ' ' *
' !I inII.
vast est a to.
i I he narrow gal.'!"
Tho Old Lumberman Got Supper
Without tho Leabt Effort.
"Nowadays a cook is provided for
each camp." said the old lumberman
who has worked on the St. Croix, llie
Penobscot mid the St. John, "but in
my days of lumbering we took turns,
a week at a time, or one man would
niiiKe an 1110 nreait. another the ton
and coffee, and so on through the hilt
of faro. Once in awhile?generally before
(hoy'd got licked into their reg'lar
winter mold--some fellow would
kick against the routine; "lie's been
hired to do something else.' or "he'd
be hanged if he'd cook, nnyhow.' Then
there were ructions.
"1 remember one little rebellion that |
began hot and roaring nml died down ,
into :i laugh all round, thanks to an in
goidons old soul, all quiet good nature
and fat?Uncle Ned, we ailed hint.
"We got back to camp one night to
find the lire nearly out and nothing
ready for supper. We were all hungry
?and grouty, as sometimes happens in
Liu- oesi r<?gniaieii I'icws. ivirn ill llirn
declared lit' wouliln't be cook. ami it
looked like a supperless night (ill l'ncle
Ned spoke up in his ipib-t way.
"'l>enr nie,' says lie. "what a time
about rooking! Why, it's tin* easiest
thing in nature t<> set supper. Now.
boys, if you'll all wait 011 mo I'll lie J
"Thev all agreed. This being set- |
tied. I'iiHo Ned sat down on a sprure !
chair and let bis assistants have it.
"'Now, Dick." said lie. "tile lirst tiling
for you to do is to gel a little wood '
and start tip Hie lire.'
" Isaac, just step down to the brook
and fetch a pail of water.
" You. Mae. while I lie lire's gelling
under way. wash a few potatoes and
'om r<??ul ? 1t\ ttnf mii iflinn ? l*/? ???*! I
" 'Now. .lake, you cut a few slices of
pork and put it on over tin? tiro to fry.' j
" 'Hut, Undo Ned.' wo all shouted together.
"you was t<> get supper!'
' 'Yes,' saiil he, calm and easy as
ever. "I was to get supper, but you '
were to wait upon me. Torn.' said he,
you'd better got the dishes ready."
"We kicked some, hut 'twas m> use:
we'd agreed t? wait ot> him if he'll be
"When everything was ready for
supper, there the old man still sat in
his spruce chair?hadn't stirred an
" 'Dear me, dear me.' said he. "bore |
I have fjot supper, and 'twas one o' the
easiest things in the world.'
"We were 'caught,' " smiled the old
lumberman, "and we sat down to supper
in good temper, and ever afterward
we had Uncle Ned's proposition for a
byword; we'd agree to do any living
thing provided we could be 'waited
upon.' "?Youth's Companion.
No Use For Them.
"I watched your sister fixing tier hair
the other day," said Mrs. Nngget,
"and 1 must say she's not the most refined
person in tin; world."
"No?" replied her husband, with a
belligerent air. "Von don't approve ot
her. ell?"
"Well." *-!ie retorted with ji disdain
fid snilT. you'd never see me with my
mouth full of hairpins."
"Of course not." lie snapped "Wlisii
would you want with so many hair;
pinsV" (.'ntholie standard ami Tinn'Deciir.e.i
to Tarry.
i llcl'l! is ulic III I l>. lli'lison's s!l?''i.'s
' ot 11iiTirl.v ill li'nii]iiiij; iii i hI
English |.,-.n inns
| "Al oin> (iiwii I u :!< pi yin:: l<i
! Iiii -ii; - - 'i m:ii : ?In- .: ii
llT.\ V.I'I'C v. mill 11 I <IVIT?-It|illtvj.
, ;isl ic. | \\ . ;! I I III I,:: I ;l!l < . it
oil I l;r lit. ' ' i Ii I :r :llll! illn !i I
will n iifti." |io;i w Iii'-1' .1 \ i i i;
tin" tru 11. r.v c.M- :i illli'il. * i ? 11 S I i*i u i.. i
to rHlil'll. iv'lM ' Wr'ro - ;. < i
.?ll.i .1 'ii.I . i i. ' !' i I': ill
L' i ?? J.-"ies.
All oliirial . s ili-M'riliiir-. at a 'iin
hit :i! W ii' liiir tun. :in nil!' ir la v.
"Tlii> J|?li iiihIit ilii-- -law." In* i!(l.
"an- \'iT\ f11 ]'*!i in tin- |?i ti?.i? >!' n
ynimt; \\ ;is11i11i?> 11 alliiclu* llu- attache
was hrcaklasllliu iln-nlliiT iihtiiilij;
liis SiT\ll lit -aii! to liini: " N??u arc
out (if whisky, sir Shall I ucl a ! < !(IcV
' 'Yes. I (}ii11k you niiulii. .lames," the
other replied "It's y our turn." " j
Washington Slur.
The Poor Man's Gynt.
"Would you mind (ciliim inc." asked
Mrs. I><?111<I;iI >i. uliinciiiK admiringly
ill 1111 ill lilctic shoulders of ilif prosped
i\? hoarder. "how ymi Keep in
oUi li splendid physical ?> iti<IiIi<fuV"
"I um iliriiii^h a few jjyiuiiastlc cxcrelsos
every morning," confessed (lie
i youn;; man. iliishinu
"Well. I'm sorry. bill we can't hoard
yo::. I've had the bathroom monopolized
thai way before." Kansas City
For iViociern Health.
" in aqua s.mil.is,' " quoted the and
orn observer. "Now, there's an axiom
that needs to ho revised."
"W'li.ii's the idea?" inquired the plain
"Well, to he correct, It should read,
'In holled aqua sanltas.' "
Why Ho Unit.
"Willie?Wbatja ?)iiit yer jul? ferV
Weary?Well. 1 lingered it like this.
II' 1 didn't make good they'd lire me
If 1 did make good they'd ? nj? *U me
ter keep on ninUin' good. Thai's t ?
IMlKll work. so 1 quit. t'lev<>I;..hI
"When tnv wife makes ui> her iniml."
said Mr. Meekton. "there is iiu use of
arguing wiili her."
"But every woituiu ehanjres !??r opinion
"Ves. Ati'l Henrietta. is particularly
resolute when sin- makes ?:5? her mintl
to chalice Iter opinion." Washington
A Healthful Town.
"If this town is as healthful as you
say it is, why do there happen to he so
many doctors' i^ns in evidence?"
"They are nearly all the sijjns of eye
doctors. The people are so healthy
here Unit they stay up nights enjoying
llio climate and injure their eyes." ?
Chicago lJeooid-llerald.
Evidonco of Faith.
Mrs. Hrooke? Have yon any faith in
life insurance? Mrs Lynne? Yes, indeed;
I've realized $100,000 from two
husbands, and thev weren't vei-v ennil
oues either.?Judge's Library.
Stella?Would you say she was a well
dressed womanV Holla?No; she looks
like a Wall street bear who has covered
in a desperate hurry.?Puck.
Manufacturing sorrow Is one of the
worst of sinH:
Nearly Everybody I
|"K,YOU?l J
Not cc ci Excctilor's Salt*.
I lirsiiJHIl In .ill nrdfi liKKlc ill re
! I, i i ! K. !' >! ?M'. < It'
asi'ii, ! w ' ! iu lli" )i:vh'-s(
'ii<!'!( r. f'i if <m<|> . at iii ! lie fc- |
( i I'f.c
Ii i-. lit.- iii : 1 11 i ;i ' *
' ' 1:.! !iii* I i ! 11 < *. Iii'
\ i i I >. * i! f . 1
'! i. i ill!' 'Mil?.'
I ' :; l 1 !. f . 111.1
1'. Hi i ! . ( : ?
i lel'-l.
Mil ' - ii
\ I J * .' ; ''
Tin ir - . . I'
< ,> I i: 11 i I i? ?! ! '>. ? t '
Blood Balm
(R. fl. B.) Cures Through the Blumi
Blood Poison, i&k
PlMl'LKS, TiltZJ
PIipii nifWi&m Pf#A#*io i
Hcliing Humors.
r i |NK?. t
I III I \ KI'Mlij Rt'l'' 'I* 1
| * . I I i Mil I ? '! i > ! i . J
!)< f! i. i I- Ii i . * I -i*1
|> ,1 j >l|| III tin . |l l( , I I f. ' I'll I
t I l'l.\ I I' I I <| | i !' I-. |l Cill I. ! ? I>- I
V ..i . v i, I I'f i ji ?>
'. I'm I i/ i hi
i*i If 11 < . < < i t i. II' ? i
! . I . t!. i'nlii|t!i-t< |t t ii.-?i? . i . 'i*1
i . ii < . an iii ih1 mi iJ11.1*>ji, "< 'iij, j
j i In ><s in i ill* ti'H i i i ii* mi', ci |
In i,I'll. It !< H. IM.II- tl?- .MM.-, I::
CftSt'H. Tl V It .
picttsii111 nil ! i ii11i?ir ol |iure
I itoiuiiit* 111 < > mi i onri 'c?
till' btiii.il 1 'if in tv"
nml Ixiin -* sti in. DrtiK
|Kl.?txfl 'i '.i. Willi ilircc
tiotlH for I
SoKi ?n Stores.
&J3 & AVegctable Preparalion lorAsjjSoS
? similaluig HieF'oodandRe^uli
l? & u,c Siomaclis andOowelsof
? SK' Ih
?aS Promotes Dirfcslion.Checrfu!^0c
ncss and Resl.Coulaiiis neither
jo^ Opium .Morphine norJfcvral.
SSfl-'f ^OT Narcotic.
' JfrnpeoroMDrsmnLPmaini
B tf1 t* F\impkin Sred~
CffC - i|j jilx.Stnnn * \
Sog^, ' Jtochrllc Softs - /
Hy-C; C O u4niscSttd * I
fcS tefca,. >
h'vm SrttI- 1
'J. ^ Ctarinrd Smpr.
LVgW ^ ttUttjncn t/envr.
r u'we * _ 71 t _ .. 1
w Aperlect Kcmeuy lorCfmsiipn j
lion Sour S o mac 11.1) lar rhoca i
fcna w Worms,Convulsions.1'evrrish
SatP S ness and LOSS OFSLLhP.
5 Oo j ??
j Fac Simile Signature of
?CCi*< a '
5^2 p^sssssssppR
Guaranteed. uncterTiicFoodnn
' iMMiriii
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
T< ) C 'A ) /
l-'OK I'll
" 0 W "T X JF
11 /V 1 ?
s i1 . ;?j ' ! * * ?
: j 11
St:!- 9 \ll.ll' (' .. ' i
? to 1 *
I |! ? i H ? ' 2 4 T: * 4 j r ? / i i / o s ? < *
i k d 2 s ? u dir, ! ? << \J i;
U'ti !?/i i / n
g s i\ i iu\\ rs \ (
I'ows Ai? riruitu
Wire Nctlinii
I'Viirisi^, Naii
in.<: in iarl. our cuti< (
s.< in*1 i>i icr it: <1 rr^*::r
Come HurlY a:hi (i
10 sl? \ , ? * <>?I
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the JL
Signature / j\$
(\ fr ^se
For Over
f ? * s 3" H1 b * V ri r% w r\
The ckntaur company, new york city.
V. A1\ I
>vloi?fcev ../ vv ? ''vO
; 5 t- .s .i,, l ; . mi
' > i; . i . ; > I
nHives, niliitivators.
I Implements
r, Pittsburgh
Is, Shoes, Hr,
line )" I-< !/ nt.
<1 irss < ( < >:(.
i<'t 5 il?' Bill UilillS.
i li Carolina,

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