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Pickens Sentinel-Journel
V<! *.* ?i'iiiiv? ' >< Kcft-'UiMi'
ntotoa At Plokeug FoKtofficc as Second Class
| Mail Matter
I'iCKKNs. S. :
Till I'SU.VV NOV. 10 15)10
There comes a lime when forbearance
ceases to be a virtue.
Then, it is, that we fetch a yell,
utter a whoop-e-e and no on the
Hardly ever does a man go "a
gunning for game" without just
provocation, and the greatest in
centive for the "war-whoop" is
tin the fall and winter,] when
bills are due and the banks, and
other creditors are calling: for
what is their own, for you to
fall behind with your own obligations
because you cannot collect
what is due you.
The merchant, the doctor, the
blacksmith, the Drinter. in fact.
ness to come forward at
onee and settle up. This
thing of credit is a had thing?
we know, for we have tried it?
and would like to collect up
and quit it. With a credit system
we cannot give the time
.*,^.1 i :
dim aiin ii 11 in tu tun
nor add to the material or make
the necessary improvements in
it, for paper and ink hills keep
us hustling for the "dear delinquent"
subscriber, and, when.
if we find him, says he'll pav
later, but that doesn't satisfy
those we owe, and when we tell
them what he said, they say
he'll pay later, nothing!" And
we can't help but voice their
sentiment with the apostrophe
left out of the tirst word, for if
there is anything that is "hell"
... I
it is for ;in honest man to lie unable
to pay Itis debts because he
cannot collect what is honest I v
owinix 1<> biin.
The I nit ed States govern i
inent say? that no newspapei j
can have ;t bona fide list of sub
*cribers and enjoy the ss .: ( -tilclass
mail privileges ?inles.- iiiat
list is paid in advance, other-i
wise we will have lo mil :ili <!r I
linquents in single-wraps and'
place a I-cent stamp on each;
There are few men w4?o do not
pay every year that will pay an
accumulated account of ."> <;r I(>
years, yet we ha.ve several si^ch I
all public men run up against,
this snag at times. And to listen
to the various flimsy excuses
put u]> from time to time, to;
dodge the payment of a legitimate
bill, all but makes us lose
faith in the human family.
Speaking personally, we have
a big list of names, and many
of them owe from .January H)0<S
and and now it is pay time
but few arc settling up. We
need the money, but the cost of
sending out a collector is too
great for the amount collected.
We ask our subscribers, those
who :iri> hotiind in :ill
accounts on our hooks that we .
arc willing to moot the debtor
half way with. The combined 1
accounts of the old Sentinel, the
old .Journal ahd the old Sentinel-Journal.
amounts to SlO.OOdj
ill Ml \\ ? Will l?ll\t* ill! \ ir,|M?||,|
hie offer for t he list. And there ,'
BK those that owe us th;il we
have heard l>ra<jc about "not |
o\vin? a dollar in I lit- world."'
Such people as 1 hese would steal
from their daddv and lie to him
ahout it when he caught up
with them. No wonder news !
papers all over I In1 country are'
sticking "for easli in-actvanre."
They are losing faith in the human
W are going out rollerting
and intend seeing all of our u!>
srrihers personally, and rolled
what we ran and givea'Vlear"
rerei pt to t hose who j 11 -<l
WONT pay. Varc going to
give our ex peril nre from week
to week and we are going In
sa\ soil)'' iniKlily 11i<*? 1 hin.v
almiit < li< sc who I r? ;tI i! ; 11 if<*.
mil Surely Star Thai
ImmmmmmmmBaarntammmimmmamm niana h^kiiiiiibw
For CZotugfas
Troubled with a cough? A 1
chronic lung trouble? There
these cases?Aye**'s Cherry P
all about it. Ask him what h
can ever take the place of
touch with him, consult him
No alcohol in this cough rnedi
- - ?
Ayer's Pills. Sugar-coated. Ail vegetable
live. Dor.c, only one pi'.i. Gold for nearly
A Bird's Barbed Wire Fences.
There may be seen along the road
sides in Central America a brown wren
about the size of a canary which builds
n nest out of all proportion to its apparent
needs It selects a small tree
with horizontal branches growing dose
together. Across two of the branches
it lays sticks fastened together with
tough fiber until a platform about six
feet long by two feet wide has been
constructed. On the end of this plat- |
form nearest the tree trunk it then ]
builds a huge dome shaped nest a foot
or so high witli thick sides of inter- j
woven thorns. A covered passageway
is then made from the nest to the end
of the platform in as crooked a manner
as possible. Across the outer end.
as well as at sliort intervals along the
inside of this tunnel, are placed cimjlng
little fences of thorns with just
space enough for the owners to pass
through. On going out this opening
is closed by the owner by placing
thorns across the gateway, and thus
the safety of the eggs or young is as- |
sured.?Brooklyn Eagle.
Nowadays we use penknives principally
for sharpening pencils. There
was a time, however, when they were
used primarily for doing something
else. They used to be just what their
name would indicate?they were "penknives."
The ancients used pens
\'i jiisi <im our lorcfathers
did up to about u hundred
years ago. Tho quill pen was made
by hand, of course, and whenever the
point of one would break or lose its
elasticity it was up to the penman to
put a new point or "nib" on the quill.
This was done with a small knife, and
hence we have the word that has outlived
the quill pen a hundred years?
"penknife." In the olden times the
penknife was a necessary accessory
of the writing desk. When the claspknife
came in the smaller sizes took
their name from the little desk knife,
while the bigger ones were called
"jackknives," "jack" signifying anything
masculine or big and strong.?
Kansas City Star.
Medical Degrees.
The three degrees in medical treatment:
Positive, ill; comparative, pill;
superlative, hill.
Ho Knew Right Off.
"Ah," sighed the wretched Mr. Newpop.
"what can be more wearing on
the nerves than a baby that cries all
night long?"
"Twins," answered the man who had
been through it.?Chicago Record-Herald.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought 1
; i... h in '-iac llmii
Ml ( ' ,I x 11 i:. II!
I 'nil: i-ur |-1y Ki-! 111 y I'i '? :i
*|n <??l\ fiir?' I( biii'!:;' 1 \?*
? 1 >i I>; \\ Ihi-Ii I ' ilwui'il me
i i.-.Ili- i ii i i \ . iijnx iiiir
c\c ? 11f ; i : i I whicli I iiivm In I* ? ! %
K y - ' S -i.i L.\ ii I>iitifciH s.
Clc;rks Sale.
SIa11 ill S<ii11 )i (';ii'<>Ii11;i i
('(Miniy of I'ickcns. \
I ii ('onimon IMeas ('ourt.
Kdwin Knrlc. Plaintiff.
J. I. Yiekerv. et. al , ')efls.
In pursuance of a decretal order
made in I lie a hove stated case
and on file in f he ( Merk's office
Dr. T. A. Seawri&hl,
Mi.N I 1ST,
Pickens. South Carolina.
()ffice ,tair Fr< < mini Bltl
I IMckens('ounty, 1 will sell heIore
tin* Court I louse door at
Pickens, Soul li ('arolina, during
I he |e<xal hours for sale on salerI;t
v ill I >ecernher,
A I! t hat piece, |?areel or t ract
r?l" land situate, Iviiiy; and hein^
in tie* county of I'ickeus, in the
-a ai e ai?ifttin. <?!i i < < la r < r< <-k, j
waliTs ui' Keowee river, having i
the following descript i??11: H??- f
lci 11!iin"ii a pine, thence South j
to ( Vila r ('reek, thence up said'
creek lo {he mouth of Clark's |
I >i a mil. t hence to t he he^in uing ,
corner, containing ton acres. I
more or less.
Term- of ile(cash, Purchaser
to pay lor .ill papers and tie* re
cording of i he same.
Terms of sale must he compli
ed with within one hour or
ihepreini e will he resold at the
i isk oi ih ' i ii'irx : purchaser.
A. .J. Hoggs,
ci..i <a r ",.iii-f
? <?HH nu
?ard cold, bronchitis, or some
is a medicine made for just
ectoral. Your doctor knows R
e thinks of it. No medicine B
your doctor. Keep in closeS
i frequently, trust him fully. |
Act directly on the liver. Gently laxasixty
years. Ask your doctor about them.
luutnni! vjcnius.
Pascal wrote treatises on acoustics
at twelve, at which age he was busily
occupied iu constructing elaborate circulating
machines, anil at sixteen lie
published his treatise on "Conic Sections,"
which Descartes refused to believe
was uot the work of a great master.
John Stuart Mill was studying
Greek at three, had practically mustered
the language at seven and a year
later was netliif ns Kf>hr>r>li>iii?fnt? Hit;
younger brothers and sisters. John
lluskln actually produced a manuscript
work in three volumes before lie reached
his seventh hirtlulay.
A Newspaper In Olden Times.
"Telephone message for you. sir."
"What is it?"
"Lot says that he doesn't want anything
printed about his wife turning
to salt. lie says it's a family affair
and doesn't in any way concern the
public."?Milwaukee Wisconsin.
I Notice of Final Settlement and
I i I
i Discharge.
J NOTICE is hereby yiven that 1 will !
I make application to .F. H. Newberry |
i Esq., Judge of Proba'e for Pickens1
icounl v. ?n 'he Stale of Sonth Carolina, I
.on tlw 8th day of I )ec? tu 1 ?? r lill'i at 11
I o'clock m t lie forenoon, or as noon there
after as said application (ran l>e heard.
for leave to mak?* final settlement, of j
I the estate of \V. K. Lindsey deceased,
and obtain discharge as administratrix j
I /\f i /1 ocf 1 l
Mrp. E. A. Liiuls^y.
I Administratrix.
Notice of Sale.
State of South Carolina I
Pickens County. I
On saleday in December, 1910, j
at II o'clock, a. ni., the heirs at j
law of A. A. Alexander, deceas- i
ed, will sell to the highest bidder!
in ir )iit. of the court house door,
at Pickens C. H., S. C., the following
tracts of land, to wit:
Tract number one, containing
two hundred and twenty-seven
(227) acres more or less, bounded
by lands of Daniel Alexander, j
lands formerly owned by James!
Moore, W. H. Moore and others)
the same being the lower or j
west tract of the Fountain Al-1
exander tract, the same having;
been the land of A. A. Alexander
at his death. This is a very
line tract of land.
Tract No. 2, All of that tract
or parcel or land lying and be-1
ing in the state and county aforesaid,
on both sides of Long!
Hranch, Waters of Kastatoej
ereck and ad joining lands of Sa
rah Alexander, Alpha liarton
estale and others, containing!
three hundred and forty seven
and one half (117 1 'Ji acres
mi?re <>i' less.
Terms of s;ile, t wo t hirds cash
on da\ i>1 sale, balance on ;i
t i <'(iu i>i rj ninnuis (with it-:ivv
nl'lhe pin 'liase r or purchasers
to pay ;.il cash) seenr< < 1 !>v a
nmri<iam'mT tIn* premises (?!<!.
I lie credit pnHinii tearing inter
est at ei;iht per cent per annum
from da \ nf sale. Tlie purchasers
In pay I'nr all papers and record'niir
1 lie same.
This is a ixood t ract nf laud.
Sarah Alexander,
and others.
I Icirs "I A. A. Alexander,
1 Jecoasod.
Women as Well as Men are Made Miserable
by Kidney and Bladder Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind,
discouragesaudlc&sensamhitiou; beauty,
, ,,,,,, I 1
^ :ie>s soon disappear
when the kidneys are
out of order or dis'
rafT^^St?!-?-- Kidney trouble lias
WJ|to^s heroine so prevalent
^fVySk JL h that it i.. ii"t uncoin/y
W?"Y K1":i for a child to he
'lonl afflicted with
rhiid urinatestoooftrn, iT the urine scalds
the flesh, or if, whi n the child reaches an
:u"- wncn u siiomm he able to control the
pa '.sage, it is vet aii'uI \\ 11li bed-wetting,
depend upon it, t!u-cause of thedifliculty
is kidney trouble, and the first
step should he towards the treatment of
these important organs. This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bladder and not to a
habit as most peoj.de suppose.
Women as well as men are made miserable
with kidney and bladdt r trouble,
and both need tb" same i ? it remedy, t
The mild rnd the imnied :ie effect of
Swamp-Root i.iroon ieali/cd. It issold
by druggists, iu fifty
cent hii:I one-<lo!lar Kr' f1
sizu bottles. You may {
hive a sample boltlc | ji ZSIE2S5S!
by mail free, also n
|> aiphlet telling a 11 y..v-v..y:
about Swamp-Root, 11 .. i,.
iarlmliiit; many or the thov u! <-.( tc-\
moni il letters reeeive : mi.a rc;'
. v Sw inip-Ro be jii-t tb.1
i i i <: In \ ) Kiln* :
i'? jli.imton v 1 -if !
nieiitiou tin pape- Hi U" i*. v
' ' iki'. but i ;n< in ! >
' ; \'y\
' ? " ' ? i
s'v- '
fv - -
i :
1 - "
< ' ' ' "
) . .V " V> ' ; : : ?
: jt \ \ 'r < !l '
% If/
1 ; iML&i
... mr -l
*' ? #Jk I
! "Ml 1 1
I 0! - A h>Av
I J ' lopMlchtcd
- -r-Vltt&feSs, Sf.HI.OSS Dl
Fjnc ( lothcs
.iv^? Baltimore or.
' ;4 ..v
"Why xuflVr with distressing,
when Xonh's Liniment will
relieve yon.
ijMiuMs i nc nerves ancl scatters
tin* congestion.
One trial will convince you.
Noah's Liniment penetrates;
requires hut little rubbing.
Here's the Proof
"I suffered about live years with neuralgia
and pain in my side. The pain
was so severe 1 could not sleep. I tried
Noah's l.lnlmont, and the lirst application
made me feel better than in many
years. I would not he without a bottle
of Noah's I .i n I mint in the house. Mrs.
Martha A. See, Richmond, Va."
"My wife suffered for several years
with neuralgia and toothache. She used
about half a bottle of Noah's l.inlment
and Kot Immediate relief. J. S. I'Uaher,
Policeman, Hodges, S. C."
jVomIi'm I.inlment Is the best remedy
for Rheumatism, Sciatica, l.ainc Hack,
Stiff Joints and Muscles, Sore Throat.
V."1','"' >-7 rains, csP'-uiriM, Cuts. BrulsPB,
Colic, C r a m j> h , .. A-k.*. '
Neur.'ilK'a, Toothache
n n (1 ii 1 I ^
Nerve, Hone and u 7 1 IrA
Muscle Aches ami gv ifL
xi I nc has Noah's *
Ark on ever y .Z*? y^Tp. &- LQ}?y
package cts. I1 J ?
Sold hy dealers In I * l*T 1
medicine. Sam- | k I V / * j
pie hy mall lrec.
Noah Tlemedy Co., 111^ 11^ I 3j Jl fcj
I farrlc
m. V/ A vviUiivaiMA V/ U A va WJ
k. nor;r;s w. k. kindlby
Pickens, S.
' '111 < i | I'irktMlS Itflllk.
i-i r.
Cattle Hal!
Pickens Lodge f*?o. 123
K. of P.,
Stfitcil cum <>n v ;i'' p. in., V'UKliiy
MM' . I ll'l r l-l 111 I !< I Sill 11H \ .
\V 11- :iIn fur ' I! i In* Kitnks;
* ' v i? ' >i ' ;il|y nv lii'ii
Hy oril< of
It . MHO' i . c, c.
\ . M. .MOICItIS, K . I K. i?IMI H.
i~ '
;i Th
feU ; \ \ Almost ;
pH filM i
\? / I when it is fi
!<( | j worn it a lit
! Kf;V.i gun t? mo\
I j of the pres;
j j dampness 1
\ fabric, unle
have been
cloth has 1
help hangin
must cling 1
\ firmly agaii
:j| \ |^;f * pearance of
$ I | A well r
'if / P 5 riSht *n
l|l i pj j! in the end.
;f for the bod
ng i | j be aiu' thci
Mr-/'' { K??,' ! sett,e UP?"
^56yW' ! tween the f
inon fir " *
<OS if CO.
tl New York ^ |
?? A
No. 70.- -61 acres, 2 1-2 m
eca road, 3-room house, 35 acrt
well watered. This land lies k
neighborhood. Only $36.00 p
No. 71 ? 60 acres, 8 miles 1
in cultivation, good small hous
$1,000.00, on terms to suit you.
No. 72?37 1-4 acres, 3 1-:
dwelling, good out buildings,
pasture and is well worth the p
No. 73.?If you have been
the host residence sections of P
100x196 It. below Mr. A. M. M
a\ tmiue. ( )nly $35o.
No. 74.?37 1-2 acres, 5 11
] -. I^atliem s home j>lace, 4 rou:
in cultivativation, 2 miles from
i\ 11 extra ni e little nlace in a
Box 264.
Office in Pickei
/ write lire and
The Trees T1
green ;iml cool looking have all
Iiiriieil to a sicklv blown and the
summer birds that ^:i1 on their
boughs and sang so sweetly to
you and to me have down south
: u ..< i: t. *
Ill M (in II III il >\ ?I ! I I M i ? llllltlll-.
Hut you boys and girls whoso1
feet have boon bare can't go to i
a warmer climate, so had hotter
conic to us and let us put shoos
on your foot so you can laugh at
snow and ice. We have a complete
line of work shoos for boys
and girls. Price /?()< . to $l.f>0.
A word to the men: Wo want
I to talk shoes to you. We have
the old time 1'iogans that puts
corns on your feet, but if you
can s!;uid thoi 11 $1.50 gets thoni. >
Kecvee S
T 3E2. Cri.3
e First Day
;n't Count
uiy sort ot a suit looks well
irst put on, but after a man has
tie while and* his body has here
around in it and the effects
sing iron have worn away and
begins to play havoc with the
:ss the shape of the garments
wraught into cloth and the
Deen cut so right that it can't
ig properly, so tliat the collar
to the neck and the lapels lie
ist the breast, the original apthe
clothes will soon be lost
nacle custom tailored suit will
the beginning and stay right
lies we sell are specially made
ly as it is and not as it should
*efore, when it does begin to
him, there isn't contest beigure
and the garment.
liies from Six Mile on the Sen;s
cleared, 7 acres in timber and
;vel and is in a number one
er acre. *
north-west of Pickens, 18 acres
e, good pasture. Price only
2 miles west of Pickens, 3-100111
20 acies in cultivation, good
rio* ? 1 .2^0.00.
^ ' sJ wanting
a nice lot in one of
ickens, here's your opportunity,
orris' residence on Hampton
from Ivisley, clo-^e to R.
n hou: e, out buildings, 2(> acres
church and school. This is
> >d secti >n at S50 pe acre.
Pickens, S. C.
is Hank Huihling.
life insurance,
i ii r n
lai wei'o oo
We also sell a heavy all leather
shoe, called "Strong as Steel",
tan and black, price
We can't say that these shoes
j will last you a lifetime hut we
.1 l,?ni u .x..:.?
< I* t r>?l > > ' M I V (III I IM tll It III III lit;.
Wo arc sole agents for the KiIser
King shoes for men. We
have them in all leathers and all
st yles. This shoe is made from
the hide of a Southern Cow by
the hand ol a Southern Man to
lit a Southern Man's Foot.' The
price is
We want in the next 150 days
one solid car load of chickens
and eggs. How many can you
bring? ^
n D r.m. H fl U
uppiy ou.,
uXCZi- 3VC*rv:ri?,fe'03r.

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