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tens Sentinel-Journal
?? ??
v?s:,s v \ v \ \ \ v v v.' \ r\ /
\ Some Things You Know and Some '
| . You Don't Know About Our ?
(><- Towns, County & People |
x \ \ x x:s \ \ xx \ x ^
3(X' bushels of red oats for sale.
G. A. Ellis.
?Lot all who can attend the
gala week at Easley Nov. 14-19.
?Cotton sold higher in Pickens
last week than at surrounding
?Seven yoke work oxen for
sale. Gideon lleid, Lake Toxaway,
N. C.
ir j- _ l _j_ _ l A. ?
?money to loan at a low rate
of interest. See James Kirksey
Jr., Crow Creek, S. C. N
Miss Florence Bowen is visiting
friends and relatives at Liberty,
Calhoun and Crntral.
?Mrs. J. F. Banister spent
a few days recently with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. A.
Bowen in Pickens.
,?Dr. E. G. Kirven, dentist
of Easley, will be in Pickens ev
cry Wednesday. Oltice over
Keowee Pharmacy.
?Wolfe Creek school No. 29
will commence Nov. '2lst with
Eb. Field as teacher. A fuli attendance
is requested.
?North Carolina cabbage and
apple wagons are seen daily on
our streets and they dispose of
ther loads at good pricey.
Some people do nothing with
tneir rengon except maKe tneniselves
and 'others miserable
with it.
Courtesy and patience are
qualities that every business
man should possess. He who
fails in these is not fit to wait
upon customers.
?A lively program has been
arranged and will be carried out
by the business men of Easley
on No^l-1-19, and a good time
is assured to all who participate.
?J. A. Smith, photographer,
:11 i... ?
win ut' in i 11 i\.t:nr> kjii i?iuiiuayn
of each week instead of Saturdays
as heretofore. All who
want first class work see liini.
? 'Squire W. L. Jenkins is
certainly a t^ood norsemaster.
Everybody is bracing on Imw
he is hrin^in^ out. the {xiir of
mules he recently purchased
from ! lenr.v Sutherland.
?Messrs. II. A. Nealy and J.
YV. Ilcsier bought the moviiiL
pictui show irnm Joe 1!. Lau -
rence ami have been running ii
since in t h<> Freeman Hall ovei
the Keowee Supply Company.
They are doinjjc a land-oltte<
business, having lar^e attendance
at each exhibition. They
have a nice selection of tilms.
?J. M. Xealy of Pickens,
says lie has the best, nicest, and
most stvlish pair of matched
driving horses there is in the
.u.. . 4 1 ~ 1 -.: 1 :..x 11!
cuuniiy ; 111* y ;tre ?io< lie, intelligent,
gentle and steady pullers
and afraid of nothing and ;i
|adv or child can handle them
as wrl! ms the most experienced
horseman. Tliev are the horses
formerly owned by Mr. John T.
Langs ton and are cert only a
drtnil*' r\nir r?r iwniii?.
? The Booster (Muhof IOaslev.
have tc??tt<*n out a pretty nice
proruium list for their gala occasion
next week. From it and
the scare head posters they
have gotten out. one is led to !>? lieve
it is a pretty hig thing they
havo undertaken and that a gay
old time is in store for ail who
attend. The citizens of Kasley
arc pushers and thoso whs compose
the Booster Hub are those
who belie\e in doing things.
The dates a^ Nov. I I to II).
This paper would have been
glad to have helped the "Roosttcr
Club" "boost" their gala
week, gratis, if their advertising
committee, had thought to
mention the matter to us.
?Don't fail to visit Keowee
Supply Go's, store Saturday, c
Novftmhor 19f.li
?Ten pounds looso soda for
'25c. at Keowee Supply Go's. c
?Eighteen pounds granulated '
sugar for $1.00 at Keowee Sup- c
ply Co's. ,
?Keowee Supply Co. will sell c
you two boxes of shells for 7oe. ^
?Prof. Andrew Bran licit and
who of Ulemson Uollege, arc on
a visit to his parents, Mr. and c
Mrs. W. 0. Branilett in Pickens. '
paid for your hides. Green hides
5c. ner noniulr drv hirlns 10r? nor t
pound. See F. L. Finloy at the |1
Pickens meat market. 1
?Dr. S. A. Steel, a noted lec- j
turer, of Texas, will deliver one 11
of his noted discourses on next;'
Thursday night, November 17th 1
in the Pickens Graded School
Auditorium, under the auspices ]
of the Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist Church. A small ad-1 ]
mission fee will be charged. A
large crowd should attend and
i.1 1- -1? - u
uius ueii> ii wortnv cause.
?The play, "Because I Love
i You," will be put on at the Eas:
ley Graded School Auditorium
| Friday night, Nov. 11th. This
; is a popular play being rendered
by local talent in the interest of
! the Methodist church at that
| place. All of our people who
can should attend. The plav is
! under the management of Mrs.
Wni. Anderson who assures us
that it is a splendid drama and
i all who attend will be highlyl
| entertained. A large audience'
from Pickens and neighboring
towns should greet them when
the curtain rises.
?Our good friend, W. B. Allgood,
who planted him a brag
1 patch of corn this year has gath'
ered it, and, despite a drought of
that the lMckons people see I his
high-toned gentleman and his
excellent, faniilv take thef departure.
for it is rather uncer
tain whether they will return
next year. Mr. Legare came
here for his health and that now
'regained, business interests deI
nland his .attention, and between
j his congressional dut ies and his
law practice, which has neeessarily
suffered by his enforced
oi/.lr ........ lw. 1-..W. I.I., l>..... I .
oi\ ivnr.in, 11 v ium> i hid 11 id i lil l ml>
full. We wish Mis. Lejjcare
could, or would, persuade him
to eschew politics and conic to
Pickens to live and lead llie life
of a countrv tfentleinan.
?TIk* Boston l-yrics played
to an enthusiastic and highly
! appreciative audience in the
School Auditorium on Monday
'nitcht, November 7th. Nothing
too yjood can he said of this play
i as it is instructive from start to
finish. 'The recitations of Miss'
! Wells wore well received an.l
liberally applauded, and all Mie
songs, pastel paintings and Marimhaphone
selections hy Mr.
Jordan were well received and
greatly enjoyed. Mrs. .Jordon
added much to the evening's:
pleasure with her selections on
the piano; and in fact the whole!
entertainment, is fine and should
he received in every town or cit y
they may show in with a crowd-j
ed house as it is an a.-snred fact
that everyone will gei their
money's worth.
seven weeks, storms, winds, etc.,
has gathered 107 bushels from i
of an acre, measured, and from
the three-acre patch he gathered
2'21 weighed bushels, or an average
of 7:iH bushels to the acre.
This is a pretty good showing
i and no one should go without
i bread in this country when corn
'can bo raised at this rate. At
1 i the present price of tho cereal
| this corn would bring Mr. All-;
, good the tidy sum of i?I<?.">.7.1.
The cost, of cultivation was very
! small.
? Hon. (Jeorgo S. Legale and
I'nmilv are making l be necessary
or< para lions for tboir removal
back to Charleston next week.
It is with a great deal of regret
?For land anywhere in Picktns
county seo or write J. R. I
vsiiniore, ino lmihi Man." v,
?Mrs. Mao Robinson Grady '
>f Norfolk, Va., is visiting her (
nothcr, B. C. Robinson In Pick- '
ms. <
?Mrs. .J. R. Ash more and (
hildren oi Pickens, aie on a ,
-isit. to relatives at Kosman, i(
sr. o. L
?Mr. F. L. Fin ley, the mark- 1
it man, now occupies the Webbj'
louse on Pendleton Avenue, re-M
ently vacated by Mrs. Lou Bolt, i <
?Mr. J. R. Katteree, of Olios'
;er, a relative of C. L. Cureton, I ^
,vas a visitor to Pickens last ;
?Miss Christine Sutherland is;
low holding down the job of j
'cash" or "change" artist at I
tho Big Store.
?Friend Jere McMahan, who ,
lias been spending some time in
Pickens, loft last week for his
home in Charleston.
?Mrs. J. Ij. Valley has returnee
to her home in Pickens i
after an extended and pleasant'
visit to relatives of her husband !
in the north.
?ivirs. r. a. rtoawiiglit and
sister. Miss Christine Keasler, ,
have recently returned from a J
visit to their parents in Ander-i
son countv.
-VV. w! T. Nalley, of Cal-;
houn, was in Pickens last week.
He came up to make arrangements
to move back to his farm
on the Easlev road.
?J. W. Langston, 1 he carrier
011 rural route number four out
from Pickens, now occupies the
Freeman house recently vacated
by W. E. Findley.
! ?Rov W f ' Slon Im irii li'ii!
moved to Pickens on account of
tin; school advantages and occupies
the Majors house recently
vacated by J. W. Langston.
?T. N. Jenkins of Asheville.
N. C., who has been on a visit
to his son-in-law A. S. Porter
and other relatives in the county,
has returned homo.
?W. ft. Findley, who has
boon occupying the Freeman
residence on Cedar Rook street,
has.moved into the Earle dwel
ling f>n Hampton avenue, which
lie has recently had overhauled
? Mrs. Leu Bolt who hashed)
living in Pickens for several
years, left last week lor Piedmont
where she will reside in
the future. Her da ugh lei's.
Misses C'assie and Lillian accompanied
her, while her son
Clifton remained in Pickens.
The poop I of Pickens regretvery
much the departure of Mrs
Bolt and her excellent family.
Monday was salesday and it,
brought ;i lot of people to town,
there being several valuable
lands to be sold. Some came to
bid on the land, some to see how
much they brought and who the
lucky purchasers were, some
come to be with the crowd, 'ninny
to pay their taxes and onlv
one num. Mr. J. A. Me( Ynnbs to
pav bis subscription, and the
balance to attend the meeting
of tln? Fanner's County 1'nion.
at which matters of ^roat importance
wore up for deliberation.
? Ill the matter of the Clerk's
sales Monday there was about
$10,000 worth of land sold, in
the case of Kdens *rs. Manlev,
71 -i acres was sold io W. K. Kinlev
for *7."><>. I?;iilev vs. land
sc\r, two lots in Central were
sold to I. M. Mar.ldin for *7i'0.
IVnler vs. Porter, tract number
one was sold b> \V. II. Chastain
for ?2,17a; t ract t wo to the same
party for $710; tract three to T.
K. Porter for ?7'2f>. h'nrlc v>~;
Yickery, land sold to VY. K. ['inIcy
for *100. .Jones vs. Jones,
tract, number one sold to Alice
Williams lor * 1,200; tract, t wo to
W. J. .Jones lot- $l,f>7~>; tract
to 1 iiiciji Jovi; >; for si ,-fOO.
?John T. Langsfcon and his
)etter half, "Miss Liz," are . et-j
ing young and are starling out, .
I yo
begin lite over again John .
)\vns sonic nice property be-!
.ween the court house and 8e-1
ona church and he has jnst, |?
ibout completed a nice and >
;6mmodious residence thereon
which he and his wife will oc;upy.
There is about 5 acres in
he lot with running water on
t and John is going to plant
ru it trees, have a strawberry
patch, garden, cow and chick
nis. "Miss Liz" says that
when she gets him straightened
:>ut she will find work for him
to do to keep him busy from
3arly morn till dewy eve. Poor
John, he has our sympathy.
?Married on the night of the
2(1 instant, at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Hester, in Pick- [
ens, by Rev. D. D. Jones, of Enoree,
brother of the bride, Miss
l ov./> a/t?. ti,.,.......
i jvuiov/ t; unv/o auu iul . i iwi a' r (
Davis, of Liberty. Tho wedding
was a very quiet one, only
a few intimate friends and rein- 1
tives of (lie contracting parties
being present. Miss Louise has
lived here for several years and
was'the faithful and efficient
operator at the Pickens Telephone
Kxehange and by her
charniinir nersonalitv and irrare
of manner made friends of all
with whom she came in contact
and thev hope for her the host
of luck. Mr. Davis is well and
favorably known to many of
our readers who are congratula
, ting him on securing such a
I charming helpmeet. May their
bark, as it glides adown the sea,
of time, never strike a snag.
Marietta R. F. D. 2.
j urn: i Ullltss SUIIU" IllUI'e news |
I from "Lonely Sweetheart." She'
! is always on the waK and has
j but few words hut I thought 1
would send what 1 could to the
1 think that 1 saw everybody
! I knew and some that I didn't,
| know at the fair, and 1 sure did
j enjoy myself during those three
i days, and those who did not go
! the first day missed the best
part of his life, for I sure enjoy-i
i od the first day better than the
' other days.
Miss Bessie Jones with brother
and sister, visited at Mr- and
Mrs. William Hendrix home recently
and report a jjjood time.
Mr. Kelix Crenshaw of the I
()??lenoy sect ion who h;i^ been
off to school writes his parents
I hat lie is getting on fine.
The measles are scattering
around in t his sect io . < )ld
Sweetheart sure is glad she has
not got to have them.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Hughesof
I >arusville, visited t he hitler's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
Jones recently.
Best wishes to t In- readers of
the Sentinel-Journal.
1 ionelv Swee heart.
Not ice to I )ehtors and ('ivditors.
A 1.1. jters his lioldin^ claims nirniu^t
III,- ol ih.? i .if J. K. I'i riiT
n.UHt pmteni h iti? ?luly in'<?v>-n on
or Im'Iom' tlii" 1 day of January 1 f 11
or !? |> ?ym?-til : 11< 1 ali ih'i.sods
! i i i?l i -1 ?l ( to sui'l i'Stat'-, must i i;i (?.''>
infix on >i itt fore the almvc ilalr. lo
uit- iiii>ifri ? ?i
* T. K. Porter.
('*<>I OnlrU lit lo t 1'r (nulla) h v cr
Asthma ami summer hroiifhiiis, t:ike
Foley V Iliificy iiinl Tar. It 11ui< UIv ri'licvfs
ilu> ilis'-oint' rl ami sulVe:inj( and
the iiiuoyin^ svinptoins <lis;i|i|>f;ir. Il
south)*;; ;ill<i heals tin* llltl lined illr |>Jlss
iki-s <-f tin* head, thn a' and bronchial
tithes. It Conl'iitis no opiates and no
harmful druu-<. Refuse substitutes.
Soid Iiv all I>i"?iitstH.
I'lif.v IIkvmA i?'liiiil)t I'nriiosp
I .ley Kidney I'dls'<iM-i|iiiel: relit I in
as - of kiili'?*\ and I>1 n>I<i ailments.
Mrs K'ose (lla^t' Ten. 11; 11 e. lad.,
tells tIn* result it. her ease. "After sufl
loritif* for many years loin a s i i? us
ease of kidney trotihh* and (-pending
. r h i i <
. ... ii iiivmi?-j >?' :v? r,?iin: cimv-s, i m lllMl
| I <)! v Kidney I'iils tin* only nu'dicine
that K<ive me a permanent ' ?' >
auiun :il?lo to bo up at 1 ii: ? :?<! t > my
I work. I shall ncv "-h< t ittilr to r. otnI
incncl lh"in." Solo by ;tll hrnyyists.
Ton 'V.gkacmc l(?nwr.vs ano Dlacjch
Ktilvy KI iifjr I'll).
'I . .:< :m duiiliiv ami action, quick in <""1
t s'tl s. } '? i?:? In?. hra'l aclie, <!i /..
Ir11 s?, iii i vnusiiifis -irijiary in-i*;:ii!ari
' !
_ I.
To hf< p your liealth sound,-to avoid |
lie ills of advancing y< ars; to conserve '
our physical t urn's for a ri ? ?* ?>?i j ^'
icaltht'ul ol<i ago, guard our ioO' vs ]>,
>y Miking Folcx 's Ki? noy Kc <.!< .
iol.l I?v all [Jt ugvists. |
i V
Cupid Will Lay Down 8! is <
Arrows c
! o
ivl.ru lie sees our exhibit of autumn jew- ;,,
dry. Hi> will recognize in it n much
more effective weapon than his <>hl 1
iiart!?. Come and see what, vou think >
[if the display. You'll see the wisdom
Making Our Jewelry Your <
in the direction your heart lies. We '
have presents for brides, presents f'>r s
the engaged, presents for the one who 1
is still to be caught. Come and select '
the gift which fits yt urease, l(
l\lasley, fS. O j
Notice of Final Settlement audi
NOTICE is hereby given that 1 will
make application to .1. B. Newberry 1
Esq ,Judge <>f Probate of l'iekens cuunty,
in tbe State of South Care Una. on
the 1 day of I )eeemb 11)10, 11 o'clock in
the forenoon, or as soon thereafter ;is
s ii'l application can be hetsnl, for leave
to mak>; final settlement of t he ?state of
M, t'. Robinson deceased. and obtain
discharge an administrator of said estate. i
Nov. :} 11)10
B. ('. Robinson,
Ad-irt. L)e Bonis N'oii,
v'ounty of Pickens.
By J. B Newberry, Pro->te Judge:
j WHEREAS, Mrs M. II Tallev made;
I suit to me, to jirant litr letteis of j
I A<liniiii<'I'sit i'ni ilwi i^oin .? >.! #.?v '
- V..K ovuvc 1*11*1 I IHTUIB '
of Jatne< 1'. Talley
These are therefore to cite and ail-j
monish ail -itnl singular tin' !;indred ,
and creditors of the said .James K. j
Tall'v decease I. that tliey and appear
before me, in the Court >!' 1'ro-i
bate, to be held at l'ickens on the 17th
day of Nov. 191(1 next after publication I
hereof, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to j
show cause if any they have, why the!
said administration should not be granted.
(liven under mv hand. this :51
day of Oct. Anno i o.niiu I'.tlu.
J. B. NhwiskKKV. (seal
.1 lM\'\ |
Noiicc of Filial Si'ttlenn'iii and
1 )ischar^v.
NOTICI: is licr. Iiy v.ivi'ii tli ii ! will
make :ij j>'i :.ti<>>i I > 1'.. Ninvt-crry
.In l^( oi' l'rol> it.- I >i* I': n- .-11:111ty,
in t:i<' of < 1 < >1111; 1. i?.i
till' Kl 1 l,iy 0 111!.? 1 I'll :?i 1(1
o'clock iu tin* fnretioo::, or :. - >m I lierea'l-r
> u<i :i! ]> i<>: 1 ran !>? lu .nl,
for Kiivo (<> mak" liiii ^ licincnt of
tlio estate ol I'olni.Min dec? ased.
and obtain di irhartfe as iidministrator
of s i id est at .
Nov. U 1910. IS. (Robinson,
N Admrt.
A 50-ccnt bottle of
Salt's Emulsion
;'ven in half-teaspoon ;
roses four times a clay,
:ni::t I i i its bottle, will i
: a yvar-oid baby near- '
\y a month, and four botles
over three months,
and will make the baby
strom' and well and will
I;.v the foundation for a
: teal I by, robust boy or
. ou S/vi.K nv ai r. nnunc.isTs
i'.iI 1 e., name of paper ami this n<l. for
. i*. beautiful Savings ll.ink and Child's Kket< hI
to V Knelt Unfc contains a G6o<l Luck
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Poor! Street. N. Y.
Nun t Sum inn iin.
lit - of f-'outli < Jnrolii.a
< ,'ounty <>f L'irlu : o.
J'ouri of' Common IMcji .
Suis'.iuoi.K foi Kflu i
- ( ' >111111: ill! 1111 So ? M
iri i'l s H:mk of ?..(*!>< cil :i corporation
>; 111 y clinilc'il by lav,.
i>:sum hi .
iljfsi i list
oraee M. Whit worm
' 111' liliUll, S >1 i IOVC l.llli' III
^ . ill ' In i Mi!nimir;< it11 I remi
'! to aiisw ?-r Uir riin p!;ai111 in tin*
which is i In - <l;i v lili it n< i h<-<if. ?'
<>I thi- 1'h i U <>t (Jowrt f"' I'ii-h'-nrt
unity ami to kitvc ;i <;?i|?\ i>t your
ibwcr to ilic s iiii complain. on the
ibscrilu'is at tlH'jr nflicc ill 1'ickis.
JSouth ''aiiliiiii within
vi my ?ln>K iifti r iln M i-vice hci?of,
tchibivc i f t hi- day ?if such s- r\ ice; ami
\ ou fail in ill sw ' I I hf coiiiphiint
ltliin tlu* time ai'ori s;n<!. tin: I'lnintiH"
i (his actio i will apply to ihc (Jourt for
ie r??itcf 'l' iiiiiinlc<l in the complaint.
Dai. it Auk 'M- A. 1). HMO.
' a^?'V A' (5?ir<>\
i'.air.t IV>- Alii i i ? x
A . .1 Hllirim
ion 1 U. C. 1'.
0 the absent defendant Iloiaee M.
W hit worth
T?ke not!< ? the summons, of
1 hU-li O'f 'i t??i is ik a copy, and the
omplaitit in the above stated action
ias filwu in the oflice of the Clerk of
,'ourt at Pickens S. c. on the 24 day
f Aug. 15110, ond is now on file in said
ttice. Carey iV: Carey
Plaintiff's Attorney.
sotioo of Filial Settlement and
i ........
J?'i.-)v iiai m".
NOTICE is hereby jjiven that I will
naUe application to J. i>. Newberry
jM|., of Probate for Pickens
(iiii t v. in the State of Xontli ' arolnia,
hi tlu- U6 day of Nov. 11)10. at II o'clock
ii the forenoon, or as soon then after as
aiil application can lie lienrd. ! i leave
o make final settlement < t t lie estate of
saae Durham deceased, anil obtain
lischar^e as administrator of said < sate.
Iv. N IMtrham,
Til v V i\i i l'l\
S HA "1 n *
Dllieeof i oniity Treasure! I'm kens County.
I'iekens. s. ('.. September :totii miti.
The In inks for tlio eollc'tion of suite ami
L'olinty taxes will he open from
Oeiolier Ifitli I'.Mil to Dci'ctill.cr 31 ~t 1010.
Tinist1 who prefer to ?lo so ean pav in .lauuai\
Hill, with 1 per relit additional Those
w'lio prefer paying in lehruary lull, emi
ilo so with '! per eelit aihlilional. Those who
prefer paving in Mur; h HflI, to the l">th ot said
month, ("till do t>y paying r.tl Additional 7 per
eent After said dale the honks w ill close
N. I: -Tux payers owning property or paying
nix for others, will please ask lor inx receipt
in eneli township or special school district in
which lie or thev miiy own property. This is
very important as there are s(1 nianv sneeini
m'iiixii uisirieis. Those who ili> not wish to
eoine to tin* oiliee eaii write me. not Inter than
Deeemher'.'nth, ami i will furnish tliciu with
the* iimoiilit line ami they can remit me by
cheek, money opler or registered letter. If
stamps are sent do not semi above two (Vl)
eent. as I cannot use Ihem I'lease do not
send nie easli without registering same, as it is
liable to net lost: it sent otherwise it must be
at sender's risk.
Levy lor State tax .... n:. Mills
Levy for ('oustituti*'iir.I school tax :t mills
Levy for Ordinary 'ounty tax . .'i mills
Levy for Si?Ulntf Kund 1 mills
Levy for I'ust Indehteilness i, mills
Levy for Chain (lam.' . . mill
Levy for State Constable 1 mill
TmtiM is mills
special Levy for Schorl HistiiM No. I ''mills
Sneeial l.evv fi,p^-l>"?i ii.,...... v*.. ..
-ii i' i .> >. .. : mills
Special lii'vy lor School It'strifi No. H . .'mills
Special l,cvy lor School j >|v| | iri No. I ..'.'mills
Special l.evy for School l)i-trici No. Ti, '.'mills
Spet'iai l.evy for School II > 11 i c | No , s, i: i i I! >
Sju'citil ,.cv\ lor School In-iiii l No In Mills
special l.c for School District No. in. I -mills
s| icc in) l.cv\ I or School I list rid No, 11. ; . mills
special l.cvv for School District No. |:i, t; tnjih
special l.evy lor School liistrict No 11. i mills
special l.cvv lor School U'-trict No. 1 lnills
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SQc?'hU l.i'v.v fur Ki'i 1 DfctriH Nu ; hi
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l.evy fur I \ |;. "n.ilN
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S|nn-iii! I ,i v y l"??r si-inn 1 11 ' l No. .v mis
Lev) ,ui uilriol nu I'i.- .vI I! I! II- Hiirrinmu
l.t'v > for inlcriv-t on I'n I,, i I; I; I
l iiMuloc ttiWlisi-iv
knvv for iiiii-rc-i mi l'ii ??'n- I; i I- ii'l>
i-'icki'iiN <'. II township '.'mi v
I Nil I 'I'll ;<.< II* 11 l?o! In I I ,\ i I y liuiir it izrli
I I will -I III m !H' \ I >lf~ I 111 . I'M". 11 it llllt I ill I
ii10 Mi ill! ITS, W iii' ll t J ill j III t IT Ml \ ' j: I - . II till
llutso i-Ycll^wl l>y ljn\
<*< mi lit til iron Ifoni! 'lux. fl "in \ iioi'-mis
IcsiriliK In pity tlii*- lax l"i It'll in 11 -1j ! ':\c
ilny- work mi tin* mini ''>111 ilci mi ln'imv Mi.m Ii
l>t. It'll All | HTM?11v Ill'lUIIII I III' IIJI - ?lf :l
llliil Ml year-- n r?- 1 illI>11 liir I hi-- tax i\xi cpl t lui-c
OXCTIM'll 11J llUV.
?'afiiliilion l><>K lux All |iiim>iis "Wiling
ilotr- arc rci| 11 iiotl III pay a lax nt lilly 1.V1 ri'lits
III < > <-ll 1I1IK |{(,siJlf'i'l 1*1111 v?
n. I). MARVIN.
That a ch'an, nice, t r.i^m. 1, u 111m>11 .ii
liki' l'lickla nil's A'fir.1 Salvi- w [ inKtalltl.v
ivlii-vr a I'llrn. rut. -i-aM,
wound or pil<?8. ^t:i1 - ski ntics. I u
great cures prove ii a wonderful hialer
of the Worst SII/I-S. Illecr.-', ItoiM. fil'lis.
eey-ema, .sUin "rujil ion*, as also t (> i* I
hands, sprains ami corns. Try ii. J"c
at all 1 ii uggi.-ts.
I'll KKNS, S. OJlice of Internal
Revenue, ()ct ->'?>. I'.iH', Notice is hereby
given that the follow-ag described property
having been seized on the'Jv day
of June. 1010, in Spartanburg County,
S, for violation of Sections :?;!7o Ii.
S. I . S., .panit sclaiming ttie same must
file bonds hi the Collectors oflice within
5)0 days of the date hereof or the same
wdl be forfeited to the (.Tinted Si ics;
rJ ill-,. oIiil' roli/n < !? .ii/..,; 11...
CiUIimII M x-ii t'lo mid tlio S. Iv
Col I i.i M**' cm ? f/i I (< >.
A ' In l'ifki'Hs ('mini . f'T i i(>iiition
til m.iu'M in'. S. (Jim liuile, one
liuguy ?ml liari ( M uhIIohh of corn
wliiski \ from M. " !. ("??e>1<.
,1 N<). r.SC'U'C(iSt
Dep. Colli . ' ! I>isi. S. ('.
r !';.uR BALSAM
* 1MCJ1*\I? ' * 1 1 ' ' ; 1 4 1 htlr*
f n*.^v . ,f
* *'"T ? Wiy ? .<i ...'l to !' '1 r'-' OrAy
v* . |fs Yen" ?l ("oiov.

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