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Pickens Sentinel-Journel*
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???. P|(!Veus UN Scnouci
.MhI ' Mil! I
, >
imcki-:vS. s. c, :
Dr. Bolt Goes "Gunning" | i
Pickens, Nov. 15, 1910. (
Dear Mr. Editor:?When 1 '
read your editorial, "On the
War Path," in last weeks paper 1
I felt like getting right up in 1
meeting and saying, Amen! (
"Them's my sentiments!'1
In this GOOD county, 1 have :
many little accounts (amount- 1
ing to a goodly sum altogether) 1
and some of them are old
enough to sprout whiskers.
To those owing these accounts '
I wish to say. Do YOU ever
stop to think of the inconven- 1
ience YOU cause by neglecting (
these LITTLE things? YOUK
obligation does not stop with '
the one you owe, but keeps on '
and on, causing creditor after '
creditor to wait long for what is
justly theiis, and is an endless
chain of trouble and worry.
1 can not afford to send a collector
to see you personally, nor
shall 1 trouble to send yon state- '
ments m!1 It' you
owe mo von certainly
know it ami it will not bo much
trouble for you to st<-p into the
Koowt'c Pharmacy when you
conie to town and see about a
settlement. If yon can't pay it
all, do the best you can, show a
willing mind, and 1 will try to
be satisfied. I have given you
s^ooo service, uequenuy ^oiiija
to patients when I was physically
unable to do so, and now it
is out just and right that you
give me this consideration.
To those who do not intend to
pay at all, if you will conic in
and say so. 1 will giv.i you clear
receipts. [ am tired of carrying
these accounts and when I open
my new hook on January 1st,
1911, none of them shall appear
on its pages as they now stand.
Yours very truly.
J as. L. Holt, M. 1).
Tw;Ann.mi c e
i nun Miiiiuai o, o L/UiiYUiiiiUM.
The third annual convention
nl the Pickens County Sunday
School Association met with the
Central Presbyterian Church, at
Central, S. C., on Wednesdav
morning, November 2d and lasted
through Thursday November
:M, I'.Uo. A verv in! (>r.'^t in*/
program had i e -u piepared hy
I he committee and wa - carried
out almost 111 the letl di\ i'oo
much cannot In said ut ??i - ;mI(1
reuses ilei I vei'<'d I >V ; IH isi oil I he
progr in), and. judiiin from i he
attention tiivell l?S' ! lie eolmre
Ration, thev were far .ii??>\ . i he
usual. The in*\*v*I\ elert< <1 president
. MI*. IK. I 'rinee, ^;iv ?- a
very encouraging talk on "The
Kruits of the Movement in our
County." This great Sunday
School inoveinent is hearing
fruit in not only our county hut
throughout our state, and our
membership is increasing. new
interest is manifested, and ere
our next state eon vent ion. we
hope to have the wholt county
join our band.
Kev, ,J. I<\ Anderson's address
on "(five diligence to present
thyself approved unto God a
workman that needeth not, bo
ashamed" was full of sound
t bought. Kev. Mr. Host, on 'the
relation of the interdenominational
association to the denominations'
shows that one rould
not do wit hoiit I he ot her and bias
prosperous. Miss (Iraee \\
V.'iidiver, our lield worker for'
th<- Slut.- Stiiulav School i
alien, (old us in her it> ]>I? , yet.
fornl'i11 w - . "W'li i v i'v Sim
<l;i \ ho I i i I foin<
! )f.' ' i
e.ipi. ). v.: .i-i ill
ill*.' 1 oil , ill' J; j \
Sri; ??i" . ; in i ve.
; 11)<I ri'Vti i . in m c
fit ' f . ,!< ' 'in
: , >*
K ii
VilS \ Cl'V
ivCY. I). \\ . i I il(UllVh'Sll?l
colts en I ion .11 his usual fcmvul
an<l inipn ssiv<> iiiumii'V on
M . ' ! I . *4 5
i eiuju ranee. i le j?1 c.i in eu i
I'crv plainly In us this i;i iiii.
I to drink habit, staring us in
ho lace.
The con vent ion otf< red special
>rayers tor the overwhelming
iefeat of the whiskov forces in
J reenvilie county in I Ik- elect ion
which will soon be held. It also
put itself on record as resisting
he whiskey traffic and for the
inforceniont of prohibition.
Our convention was a success
ind we feel sun; that many irood
. i. _ i.; r : 11 i. . ,? 4
IC'SOUII/KMIS 11 >11 Ill'U Will UU put
nto practice.
A fact well worth mentioning
s the large number of laymen
:aking a deep interest in our
work and quite a number of good
speeches were made by them
luring the session.
A county organizer, with an
assistant, was put in the field,
md we hope to have Pickens
county thoroughly organized in
I lie next, few months. Liberty
township deserves special mention
because of her thorough
and complete organization.
A vote of thanks was extended
the good people of Central
and its suburbs for their presence,
encouragement, good music,
and generous hospitality.
Let us all work together, and
pray together that we may grow
;m<l go out alter the lost ones,
and bring into the told of (Jod.
and may we see the fruits of
our labors at our next and best
convention a year hence.
Albert K. Riser, See'ry.
Pickens Count y S. S. (Jon vention
Liberty. S. (\, Nov. 5t.h, 1910.
1 1.^ i : .1 i. . x" in
I j. i'j. i l inn', pi ('.suH'iii ; ?\ . i'j.
Smith, vice-president; Albert F.
Riser, secretary and treasurer.
Executive committee: Ola T.
llinton, Easlev township; T. J.
Mauldin, Pickens township; C.
T. Hutchings, Liberty township;
J. R. Falls, Central township;
W. VV. Aiken, Eastatoe
township; F. S. Childress, Dacusville
township; R. P. Prince,
Hurricane township; Superitondents:
Adult Department. Prof.
J. M. Hancock; Home Department,
Mrs. J. II. Falls; Teacher
Training Department, Prof. Ii.
('. Bnrts; Eleinentarv Depart
meiit. Mrs. \V. L. Boi?i?;s; Conn
i.v vji'^'iniziT, .1 i. i.ivMir; assist.mt
< )i^;inizrr. ,J. A. llinto:i.
i!i,v. Ii-i rt. ilic .c I' ll Almaiiair.
Tin* !? v. i i'j i\. I i i> k - Aim.i
In:' ! I I . t h.!! :4IVU'<liUl SIM*
U<kl ill 111?111 i r< -II *1 hous.mtl
In i mow i - m! v. \i il 111:i -
ii\ tr< iiiiiV ii:i<> ' n without
it 'iiitl tin- 11 v. !il li. i I irks
M : .' i/iitc. "Won! .1 m! Works."
Tiio I wo aro only our dollar a
vi-ar. Tli. Aim.iuric is M.V proI>;ti<
1. No iiniiii' or oilier should
fail to send lor thcni, to (lie
Word ,iud Works i'uh. Co.. St.
Louis. Mo.
I seldom cio good ana ra
often do harm.
Careful feeding and ?j
bathing are the babies' Jq
remedies. U
Scott's Emulsion |
Jjj is the food-medicine that jl
$J not only nourishes them 5
$ most, but also regulates |
j| their digestion. It is a |
^ wonderful tonic for chil- |
|4 dren of all ages. They j|
! ; idlv rain ,/ - * ?-*: n-*
i - j *> ; * ;
i'1th on crna'li '-lose?.. '*
\T,T', I ' V
.1 li.iv
' I .
k )'( . '
SCO"' - now;
ttvv " : vr- v. , rj
How often it is *li0Kult to b'.
wisely chantab!e-?-to tlo pood wr.uout
multiplying the sources oi evil.
I o g ve alms is nothing unless you
yive thought also, it is written
not "Blessed is he that feedeth the !
poor," but "Blessed is he that considerelh
the poor.'' A little thought
and a little kindness are often worth )
more than a great deal of money. !
? Rusk'in.
Regulars May Have to Dance to Their
Music in Senate.
Whatever may be the result of the
congressional elections next month
politicians at Washington are practically
unanimous iu the opinion that
the insurgents will set the time, and I
the party nominally in control in the
next congress will have to dance to
their mu3ic If they expect anything.
This will he so particularly in the
senato, where unless present indications
aro all at fault, the parties will
be more evenly divided than they
bave been in many years.
The probabilities favor about forty
democrats in the next senate. That
would mean .fifty-two republicans.
The republican insurgents will number
ten or twelve. This puts the insurgents
in command of the situation.
If the house is democratic the insurgents
are likely to bo in a position of
great power, for the retson it is not
unlikely the radical democrats, plusthe
insurgents, will have the majority.
If the house should be saved to
the republicans by a narrow margin
thru the insurgents in that body will
have a commanding position. It will
be practically impossible to get any
measure through the house against
which the\ are united.
Holi-y Kltinry 1*111.
Tonic in (piiiiitv and action, quirk in
ri suits. For baeUaolie, head nelie, dizziness,
nervousness urinary irregularities
and rheumatism.
To keep \our bealili sound;to avoid
t lie ills of :id vaneiii'" \ i mi k- t<? < . > !< > v,>
your physical forces for a r? ?* and
healthful old age, guard vonr .?hIim \h
by taking Foley's Kidney Remedy.
Sold l>\* all Drugiristtt.
l or Otiirk l< ll?*( Vr omHiiy F?-vor
Asthma and hummer bronchitis, take
Foley's Honey and Tar It ?|iiickly relieves
the discomfort and suffering and
the annoying sy mptoins disappear, It
soothes and heals the intlanuM air passages
? f tlie head, thr? a'- ami bronchial
lulus. It collImins no opiates aiul no
harmful drug*. Refuse substitutes.
Sold by all Druggists.
They IImvhA I>?-llult? I'lirpono
Foley Kidney Fills give quick relief in
a.M' ol kidney find bladder ailments.
Mrs. Rose (ila-iei Terru Until**, Iml.,
tells the result, in her case. "After suffering
for many yciir* font a Heriou<ease
nf kidney trouble and ?p -ndm^
til tic 11 money for s-i v.?i tid cures. 1 ( und
I'ohy Kidney 1'illstli only im dieine
h it >riv?>iiioit permanent cure I adi
i>ruii aSle ! h> 1111 an i uili-ml in m\
Hull. I sll ill I I-Vev in H ' He III |'? COIIlmend
ih'in." >o!d l?y all I >i i ;:j:isls.
I i <1111 " II !? I"? |(l "I XI IHI'III ** ! lit
S'i -a. .'ill-.. I Im* 1 .oil IVoria, HI.
I 11 ii i. I 11 11? i !i K i> li. % 'I It
' nipt and -p eiI\ . i. in hiic' In
. i i i. i in i j i >_ - . : ,ii i 11 ii
II > I l ' . v ! j?lx II
ix I > . . I J i it .^1 .!>
For Infants and Children.
I The Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
There is a disease prevailing in this
countrv most dangerous heeause so decep*
?-rill m (inn vw till' M........ i.i ..
%~~y\ I '^ !,|a deaths are caused
f3 {^v^r3^5^T: 'o 'I- lu-art disi"r-,r*T\Sjita
tas< pneumonia,
V,|^/ r/ij 1( In-art failure or
JIj'fAs. r* ?I'0l>1exy arc often
^~ \v^rl '/nVV 1 'le resti 11 of kid
/ |tT'Tn! I 4 Jkv .icy disease. Il
-ilr \M\ \\\ V kidney trouble it;
;-\l M V'[ _ allowedtoadvancc
J thekidney-poisont<l
blood will attack
the vital organs, causing catarrh of
the bladder, brick-dust or sediment in
the urine, head ache, back ache, lame
back, dizziness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
or the kidneys themselves break
down and waste away cell by cell.
Biaddcr troubles almost always result
from a derangement of the kidneys and
better health ::i that organ is obtained
quickest !>v a prop* r treatment of the kidneys.
5>warnp'ko(?t correct!, inability to
hold urine au< i se dding pain in j assing it,
and i>vcrconics that unpleasant necessity
of being compelled t'> go often through
the da V. alld 1 ' > : . in > tttntlv t iliw* ?lnriti?/
'Ik* niijlit. i i i'lul itimii di. rlfeot
of Sw.niij- K >t.!..? gn-:it V.i:!iH-\ rcim-dy
is wxiii i i ). 'i iiul tin hi,'In t hf>
battse of ii irt In ':ii restoring
pro|>crti' it ! will ? <? . v i 1 :< ?.-. <>n?..
S\v:im|i ' i ]>1<.! t!t (o tak( i.iu' i-; i
old I?y in '..ly < > . i
on <!<>!' i . \'.u r v
linpl 1 " > I
fthnul it
^ >r. 3-;.
vh : n: 11,
; J '
?T? ?
b r
' . , ...
. ' Y
i ? . < . ; . .
Vvv; : ' ' .
V / I .
V ' 'Am ^
'; -.. : >A si
' i' ~ f>}<%/ &
; / ' ' /
i vi Iti slfe! : /
^ S i
; *? W'i I
V? . . r
* v'"/ 5 .< '-5
.(? * ip.iit1
;u-:-.s s
ri * I jU
i.'^!Lnc; t
L. R<
Clerks Sale.
Stale of South Carolina I
County of Pickens. I
In Common Pleas Court.
Krtwin Karle, Plaintiff,
J. 1. Vickery, et. al , Defts.
In pursuance of a decretal c
dei* made in the above stated ca
and on file in the Clerk's ofli
of Pickens County, 1 will sell b
fore the Court House door
Pickens, South Carolina, durii
t he legal hours for sale on sal
day in December, 1910:
All that piece, parcel or trn
of land situate, lying and bcil
in the count v of Pickens, in tl
stale aforesaid. on Cedar Croc
waters ?>1' Ken wee river. -havii
the following descripiinn: 11
minnin^nn a pine, IIn-iice Son
tn (. 'cdar ('reck, t h? nee up j~:i
ereek ?<> th" mouth ?< .' Claris
Iiran< i, 1!i< tu t ! < 111< 11< J_Ii 11ni i
enriu-i. eontaininu !< n aei<
i ti mi e <>r ii'ss.
I'erne of s i!?' e.-jvh, i 111? ua.j
I o pa v i??i* ; 1 j >. ; >el> ;: i; i; ! 111 i
cording "I 111?* same.
Tonus ?>! .sli nilist ??* cm
plieil \\ it Ii w i' Inn one hour
I < 1. . 1 . ... S 1 I 1 .. 11.4 4
nit' )>i iiiim s \\ 111 itc r?'s<ini iii i
risk "I l h-' I'ui 11ici" ]Hiivh;ist'i\
A..I. I'.olius,
(Mi rk of Court.
Clerks Sale.
Slate fit S-nith C'an>Ii11;i.
('ouiity of l.'iek* ii-.
hi ('owi t of ('o111111< 11 IMcas.
1 azzie Holding, < !. ;ii . !MV's.
v. s.
1.1 ila A1 rod, <'t. al.. hi I' s.
i i- .i
ill | M i i si liiiin in ;i i p < 'e. ;u (
der made in I he ;i >< >\ < st ;i!
case by his Honor Krnest (la
! I 'residing .J miirc. ;:n<l mi lil<the
Clerk's office, I'ickens eon
J t v, S. (I will sell in t In- hi^
! fst bidder during'the legal hot
1 for sale at- I'ickens, (\ II . S. (
j on salesday in December. 11)1
, the following.described real i
j tale towit: All that certain pit
j parcel or tract of land in t
county and state aforesaid, i
waters of Keowee river,contai
ing I hrcc hnnilred and fort y li
acres more or less, adjoinii
i;inils oi .). is iiomen, ,).
; I'ow ris. YV. N. I IcihIi ix. Jol
' Mollis and others, known as I
I >an'n'l 11 unites home plaee. I
. i! i}_ I lie ! aine |>lace di \ isc?I i
'said will to Margaret 1 a ?
Ninth' Cor her life, with i
in:iiii'!< in Maiy Margaret L'<
II l lie ! . <'t her hod\ ai
:it ia the - mi plaee w hi'li-i
*: : -.fai ft 1 ,o.\ i : arp< I' w a !i
.-it tlie t in <1 Ik , d at .
i <'i <1 i! : > lie halt c,i
v" o| ! . 1 hi* renirindei i
ve month , t
IKv ;'"5
1 Th*
%< \ *' ' ' s ''i
v \f , * ? Almost at
s >' I*' ...l. ... r...
/ ^ j wucii it is iir:
k ; J worp-it a littl
i? eun to move
J '\ A! ijress''
| . dampness b<
, fabric, unles
( ( have been >
i ?||| j cloth has be
A f||r j help hanging
j must cling tc
t*H""i ' ! firmly agaim
5 il* I nearance of 1
j \ r i*
|| J V |p t A well ni
hi } ftl f be right in t
I ill \ ! hi the end.
If V Hf 1 ^ie c^ot^
I ' I l?r the bod)
py \ - 1 be and there
yJi^ .< . . f settle upon
' ' ' i.. i twecn the fi
, j
HIPP t> ' . " '5
.^0. 5
,i.s Mn!(i:r:? (I
ui'l flew Vort S
VI 1
, T?.l
mortgage of the premises with
interest from day of salo on
credit portion, with the privilege?
of the purchaser paying all cash
on day of sale. Terms must he
{complied with within one hour
I or the premises will bo resold on
same day.
?r-. Purchaser to pay for all pase
pers and recording of same.
(-ci A. J. Boggs,
c- Clerk of Court.
e- Notice of Sale.
State of South Carolina I
ct Pickens County. I
On saleday in December, 11)10..
'u> at 11 o'clock, a. m.. the heirs at
law of A. A. Alexander, deceas^
ed, will sell to the highest bidder
'' in front of the court house dooi.
'Jj at I'ieUens 11.. S. ('., the fol-.
V" lowing 1 raeSs of lam!. l<> v it:
Tra< i number one, containing
two hundred and I wenty-seven
(*J1 >"'! ( .-i >?: ! 11 r. > . if 11 >. I w II i 11.1 i
I?y lands of Daniel .\l<-.< iiu!^r.
''' lands form' rly owned by Janu s
' Moore. \\ . !!. Moure ami others
the s'niH' luint?; ili?' lower or
" v. esi i ra< ! of Hit- I*'?>i1111 ain AI
01 ex.mder tract. tlie same having
'l(' heen llif land of A. A. Alexander
a! Ins death. This is a very
line 1 rad of land.
I rael No. All of th.it traet
or parcel of land lyinjx and hemp:
in the state and county afnresMul
<rti liutli <>(' I .omc
^ * * v *v" "rs
Branch, Waters of Kastatoe
creek and adjoining landsoftta
rati Alexander. Alpha Barton
estate and otheis, containing
three hundred and forty-seven
and one-halt (117 l-'2) acres
more or less.
(.,1 Terms oi sale, t wo t hints cash
j.y on dav of sale, balance on a
jj, credit of 12 month- (with leave
i,. j of I he purchaser or purchasers
h- to pay all cash) secured by a
,iS mortgage of the premises sold,
< the credit portion bearing inter
10 est at eip;ht i>er cent per annum
,s' | from day of sale. The purchas
its tr? t>;i v for :itl ikiiumm jmd n?
)1(. cording the same.
I)M i This is a tjood t ract of land.
,, | Sarah Alexander,
Vl, and others.
,,,, Heirs of A. /V. Alexander,
'1^ Deceased.
111 ?
In* Notice <>t I'inal Settlenient and
?? - Discharge. x
NOTK/K i- luiciiy ^ivon tliiit 1 will
Ve uuik'- ;i|i|>li< ation in H. N.-whcrn
K-<{., Ju<lj;e ?>l I'loliate for I'ickcriH
count s. in (Im Stait of Suiitl; ( aroluia,
, on (lit* l">iliiy >I I )t i , 1910, III I ( o'riodk
' " 1 | n I lie I or<'li( 'mi, or hokii t in i fit 11 > t ;i~
III! . I 111 , , ! 11 I , I ll.li I ,, 111' lllll II. ! . , .1
\ (l. IT ' ' I 1 .1 i . I 111 W it: .V \> It)I
i i1. I : . IIti - f ' I Iti11
, 11 !. >! ? '"f . ' 1 11 < I .
i I ,
'>11 II'
IOR rTOiK/' i' QUQl' itO(: ; i J i -\ ? i f i
5 First Day
iy sort of a suit looks well
it put on, but after a man has
e while and his body has be:
around in it and the effects
tier iron linve worn nvunv nnrl
i-> ? ~ / "?
igins to play havoc with the
s the shaoe of the garments
draught into cloth and the
icn cut so right that it can't
; properly, so that the collar
> the neck and the lapels lie
>t the breast, the original apthe
clothes will soon be lost
nrle nmtnm tnilrn*#;?r1 cuit- \uill
he beginning and stay right
es we sell are specially made
t as it is and not a"5 it should
fore, when it does begin to
him, there isn't i. contest be^ure
and the garment.
g Nearly EverjJbocljJ 3
| WHY A/S\t 14 I
1 NOT 1 w I J
Proiiessioaal Cards
J. 10. IU)(i(iS W. K. F1NDLKY
L'ii:kciis, S. (J.
i niii i- over rii kciic i>uuk
Dr. T. A. Scawriy.ht,
Pickens, South Carolina.
Office upstairs Freemnn Bltlg.
Notice of Final Settlement. and
I )ischaiK<'.
NOriCi", is lijrt ny mv.-ti lhut I will
m ikf :i| plicniion t" H No;vborry
.IiiiIk'' of I'roliitc f??r Pirkcnm'ounty,
.11 ilit* Stdti-<>l' South <' (r(>!111:), on
i In* Im ii.i\ of l> . :i?1:i r HMO at 10^
ciVIi.< i; in liir I >n'in li t n 'Oll ihi'n
aii- r its till iipplicji 11 v-s111 l>r In ard,
t'nr li-ave I'" i? i* I *. lin ii K'tllciiiMil of
tho i stall- of 'I ( KoImi.mmi ili'iu aird,
and oliiain i i1! :ir?" .?<!niiiti :rai<*r
n( said rHtiftf'j
. . :5 tiUO. P.. ' . I: Ijinsoi..
il:E r~l
M -v]
I .... . liljj* ,J

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