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Pintail's Mnfil-Jniirnal!.
A K ?#jj* \ x- \ \ \ -N X N \ -N/!,.
S| ? . -_.? /
< Some Things You Kiioy/ and Some / (]
; You Don't Know About Our j\2
z Towns, County & People ;; s
\ \ v\:x \ \ \ N \ \\i
?For land anywhere in Pick-1
ens county see or write J. R. ^
Ashmore, "The Land Man." |(
?Seven yoke work oxen for
sale. Gideon Reid, Lake Toxa- j
way, N. C. J
?Mrs. J. R. Ashmore and; ^
children of Pickens, aie on a }
visit to relatives at Rosman,U
N. 0, |.(
?If it is a nice small farm I ^
j. jl v/iii J \j dkj *J\J av/iuo ncai uia ' ^
Mile that you want, sec me.
II. M. Hester. j
"The Real Estate Man." ''
?Born on the 10th instant to '
Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Bolt, a fine1 (
daughter, and lier name shall
he Helen Winters.
?Have you purchased that
farm yet? See II. M. Hester, j
"The Heal Estate Man," he has'
some bargains on his list.
?J. A. Smith, photographer,
win ne m rickens on Mondays
of each week instead of Saturdays
as heretofore. All who
want first class work see hini.
?Dr. E. G. Kirven, dentist
of Easlev, will be in Pickens every
Wednesday. Office over,
Keowee Pharmacy.
, i
paid tor your hides. Green hides|
fie. per pound; dry hides lOe. per
pound. See F. L. Finley at the
Pickons meat market.
?Money to loan at a low rate
of interest. See James Kirksey
Jr.,^Orow Creek, S. O.
? jjost:?Between Gravelley's
stable and my home, a heavy
lap robe. Leave at my house
and get reward.
W. C. Bramlett.
?Married on the .18th instant,
by A. A. Jones, N. P., at his
residence, Mr. Lee Morgan and
Miss Nettie Sloan, all of Pickens
county. ' The happy young people
are receivinir the conirratu-i
lations of their many friends.
Do you want, a nice 2 1-2 acre
lot with a brand new (5-room
residence, all complete, good
new store house and harn. on
Main si red . in Six Mill4 close to
new < i >!le^e. 1 ha \ e such a
place at a reasonable price and
on eas\ terms. See me ;11 once
for this j>! ice will'not sta> <>n
I he marUet long at t he price I
can in ike you on i!. i I. M. I les
t<T, "The Kc il Instate Man."
Pickens, S. (\
?The Pickens County Hovs
Corn Clnb, which was organized
last spring, by Snpl. li. T. Ilal111IT),
had 1H entries. The contest
was decide l last Saturday.
After t he specimens of corn submitted
were examined and crop
reports inspected the uradintf
and scaling he^an. The winner
of the first, prize was Osborne
Willi;uns; second prize went to
VV. K. Lenhardt , while tlie tbird
prize was gathered in by Loon lis
Griffin. The largest yield was
7.S bushels and '2H pounds: total
cost of cultivation was $lH.8t);
profit, $'10.00 exclusive of fodder
counting corn at 7f>c. per bushel.
?Married, on the 1st instant,
at the home of the bride's parents,
bv Rev. (J. Ii. McCain, Mr.
Paul Li^on, of Elberton, (?a., to
Miss Sula Gravely. The wed
ding was a very quiet. one, only
the near relatives being present.
MissSVla is the beautiful daughr
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Gravelly
and numbers her friends by
the score. Mr. Ijigon is a prosperous
farmer of Klbcrton. (la.
They will make their futue
home near an olnton, da.,
where t h< \ !i;t v? ; be; utifu!
home. The happy young cou1
>1?? ha\e til" eoiu.iiiiulutions ot
I heir man v 11 i< mI for > Ion* .
l:api?y '!i!11 pi li
?It -v. Paul Pat. ten was liapiy
married lo "Mi'-s Dor.'i Kpps of
ungstroe. The, Lathes' Aid 80id
v o!' the church arranged for.
nut carried out a deliuhttul re-1
?Mr. Win. Parker, formerly,
if the Brushy Creek sect ion of i
\nderson county, but who for|
everal years past has been a
esident of Oconee, died at (Jaeechee
on the 9th instant of "
lella^ra. His remains were laid
o rest at St. Paul the day folrjAving
bis death.
?Mrs. Bettie Stewart, wife of
dr. Taylor H. Stewart who had
>een suffering with pellagra for
ome time contracted pneumolia
and died at her home at the
'ickens Cotton Mill on last Frilay
night. She was truly a
cood woman and an exemplary
Christian. She has gone to rest.
Mr. J. D. Cartee died on last
Tuesday night at Glenwood
Mills (Easley) and was buried on
the day following his death at
Cedar Rock cemetery. The fu-1
neral services were conducted;
by Rev. W. A. Christopher. lie
loaves a wife and children and a
number of other relatives and
friends to mourn their loss.
We ask in all earnestness and j
sincerity that you who owe us
will eome forward and settle. It
costs us ijood money to Rive you
the paper. We appreciate your
business, but we must have
money if we run, so do not let
your subscription accumulate.
We are f?oin^ to look for YOU
to call and settle this week. The
little amount U O is small and
wouldn't discomfit you but a
thousand such accounts spell a
year's work with us. Do not
think wo can do with what tho
other fellow pays becaus he has
not paid a cent . We want to
ask every one of you who are
reasonable,and most of yop are,
to call when in town and see
us and spare us the trouble of
hunting you up. Please don't
Marietta R, F. D. 2.
Well, we are still picking cotton.
Mrs. Tom Smith and children
are visitors at Mr. J. II. Hughes
this week.
The meeting started at Jones
school house Sunday night.
They are expecting a good time.
M rs. I\ H. (Jri It in accompanied
hy her son, went to WareShoals
recently in answer to a call t<?
the hedside of her grand >oii,
who is reported critically ill.
The lit.tle l?'Ilow is iit 1 proving at
l his writ ing.
Mr. M. A. Simmons has his
now home completed which is a
nice lit Ile home indeed.
W(? were soitv t<? hear <?!' Mr.
Tom hooper's house and household
floods being destroyed by
tire recently. The reports were
that he lost Sl;"> in money and a
hale of cotton besides the house
The wedding hells are hc^ilining
to ring for Christmas.
Mr ftmvnr I 111111. vi?it?>d liic:
uncle Mr. Butler Jones recently.
Mr. Jim Julien yisited ;it Mr.
Joe Hughes recently.
Mr. Hoi vert Jones visited his
father last Sunday and also another
one of Mr. W. M. Jones'
sons, Walker, was a visitor to
his parents Sunday.
Mr. -Walker Kreenian is
critically ill.
The singings at Oolonoy and
(iriffin were not the "pink of
1 U ? 1* I i il 111 * * Ml 1 1 1 I > < ? V ' . IwMll.l
J " I 1 > * * I w , I I I I < I I U IV > I I w H IV I
have been. Hut wore enjoy able
"alio Hanieo."
'I he t ime of year has come for
renli'.'g and moving an<I some of
, our ]> <>:>le are ronmicnrin.'-C 1?
Well 1 muss l'(i 1>ett< r rin
off. Lonely >v. :1a ul
s >/ir :.
Will Surety ?.op . . :1 S/ouah,
Ij iiiiniHiJAKi tT*y.c.7fr -Towr^n. r.rsBtammmamr "f.y.wjun1??:
I Does Not
j! Ayer's Sarsapavi!'?, tloce no! stini
'< you feel better one clay, thcii as
I ic nnf ^ ffir Tvr l:
K IO IIVI CI 111 iail\. i'MU I Udtll
There is not a drop of alcohol in
even gain that conies from a si!
We wish you would ask youi
knows. Trust Mm. Do as he sa\
What are Aycr's Fills i Liver Tills. How loni
years. -Do doctors recommend thcinV As
Do yon want a
Than. You Have ]
f f f frrm I
v WLXi&msKi 3 a
i n i di
"It I ) ^ B
M001V iV 1YI
j? am anxious to nav<
1 Noah's Linimei
t V . ^'
: 1 N . / '
. s r* ' !'mt!
. i? V<?
: . : < I;' ,r
: w ## ^
_i , . ? , 3 TO DEAL'".' ;i
k iic oou(.i?rn KcmcJ) n ?? *
a? i n- i | If J 'J v >nMo uD l!?f ! ?vi<f)cnwic
111 Richmond fl lory R, ie^y ft?i I
8 t!ir t f . M Yii,- ! - : 'P.
narro w xs &ts sa I'Uiki. vim u?c
f: \''r?. :.
lulate. H Joes r. 'c jj
bad as ever the next.
on after you stop usin^ il. u <
it. You have the steady, j; ;
rong tonic and alterative. |j
doctor about this, lltf '
'S. /. C. A uer Co., Lowell. Ma . fi
Yrw1Ti"Tff-^i',mn nmrnTn?n,nr?r- ivr.v: 'anvvAj
i? have ihey been sold? Nearly sixty
k your own doctor and find out.
hotter shoe
1VJL urs JLi I
Iteen Buying F
r would you rather go on
bmitting to the exactions of
c Leather Trust, and Midemen,
taking whatever qual-1
t they see fit to give you,and
tying any price they choose
ask? !
"Endwell" shoes are a ^ood j
cample of what happens when
manufacturer refuses to be
ominated by the Trusts,
hey are made by Endieott)hnson
& Co., the only shoe
Micern in the United States
lat is independent of all
rusts and j obbers EndicottDhnson
buy hides in the open
larkets of the world?-Tan
leir own leather?make their
wn sho js and sell them dire t
) the dealer. The<sp qIiopq
ome direct from their factory
) our store, no commissions
riake-otfto any middleman.
"Endwell" shoes sell for $3,
3.50 and $4, and give more
/ear, are more stylish and
nore comfortable than any
ther shoe at the price.
You arc not limited as to
tyle. Wo. have them in all
lie new shapes and widths,
11 shapes of toes, and all the
lifferent leathers.
"Kndwell ' shoes embody
oot-comfort with all the iatest
;inks of fashion See them
'ou are pleased, wear them
on arc. convinced.
HI* / 1
ankiin i o,
/hy Suf
; you become acquainted with the meri
nt, and will with pleasure, send you a i
for man or beast, internal and extern;
do all that is claimed for it, or your mc
Noah's Liniment is the Best
Sciatica, Neuralgia, Lame Back, Stifl
Colds, Sprains, Strains, Cuts, Burn3,
and all Nerve, Bone and Muscle Ach
l\!oah s iLtmmerit is sold at
a!!c!r>i.' h in nictr i?c.
Tl-.e. 11 1 r ' l.i i* fi * ( \ . . t
the K' < Noi ? ' If 1
?lv> |1^ ' i ' i li -n .?!.
(I- Ji-irriv.i v ..1 . . I > o <* * i 1 v . i:r..
IH'M'fllX -1 .. No'\ .
C ' ?!i*s Coupor on iV3
Nonli Mr.-tin, Ri i.r.umil, V .
5*J< it; Mai! jvi * . Wee ? f IN
1 CBtlfW tWO /. . ; . .
j Nans. . ?
, Addrt .
I City t Town
i- rrtvnnfr .vei war '.hw>wimiii?> 1 / v .i
Nolio* ?>!' S- 1 1 nl I
NOT c: . . :
n!;ilti* i??:i'; I> ' i . \
I | .V ' I I I I I IC 1 '(lit)
I IH M . ; ' <ll' > il' I It 1 ' 11' ' nil. O!)
In* I .1 v < >1 () i ' ! . 1 ! clock ill
'Ik; :<>nii. tu s >' ?i ! i n after as
i?I :?i |>1?? : iii>1, - n i !imI, for leave
i<> iiiaku (tr ;i( s 11 ii i. 11 - t t lie estate of
M. <' ui'i-iis'in iiii and obtain
11-< 11:?i ,hIii.mii.-i r ill r of said estate,
Nov. !3 1910
B. CI. Robinson,
Ad .n I Bonis Nun,
Notice to I )(>!)<ors aiul C'rt;<lit?>i>;.
A'.I, -,1111s holding claims a^ainnt
I la? i-oi of lli ' late J. I'\ Pot ler
must |>i < font tl s unr duly proven on
nr Ix'fo'i- 1 > 1 1! iv of January ' 1
[>.-hi> dt barn d pnym. nt and all pcis-ins
indt bled to saiu stale, must make pa ment
on or I>? f? re 'lie .iimvc date, to
tli?? undersigned.
I . I',. I'nrter.
Notice of Final Settlement and
NOTICE in hereby given tlei? I ?? ill
make application to J. H. N? wl? i *
Esq., Judge of Probate for 1'ieki ns
county, in the State of South Carolina,
on the 8th day of December H)10 at 11
o'elook in the forenoon, or a*.soon thereafter
as Haul application can be heard,
for leave to make final settlement of
the estate of \V. K. Liiidsev deee s-ed,
and obtain discharge as administratrix
of said estate.
Mrs. E. A. Lindsey.
lP$f'? im'-T"'-"1 :!ivK.
Cupid Will Lay Down Mb
when he sees our exitit'i' <>!' utum" ,j ?'
elry. Mr will reu'>Kni/.e ii< it < mucl
more elTeetive wrapm than liis <>11
dart.*. C"!iif .*ni'i Me what you thinV
of tl>e display. You'll the wisrion
i Makina,' Our Jewelry You r
in the dirertion your heart lies. \\'(
have pri'KcHts for hridrs. present f?w
the <>n>>aced. present h for the one ? h<
is still to he caught. Come and Relet*
the gift w Inch (its youroHfe.
Jr(. Snidei:-.
Knsley, ? *. < ;
i __
Cattle Halt
13 r* l#- &y? <c? fl A#IMA r' *P- O *"
tunvii^ ?_v?uyi/ v>. is. .
! K. Of P.g
St;itf<l 1'iilivi', liuii ^ :!h |i( in . i
I even I li v ..ill r I in- I >i : : > I :! ! - li i
Wm Ix ;i in <iiI I 'H' .1!! I li< I ' i.!
A l i visitors < : ! it W\ : \ 11 !
By order of
n <; MIKIK! . < .
A. M. >IOi{l:l>. li ..I i: m11<I S.
fer ?
& i m
ts of The Great Pain Remedy, P
ree sample on request. It is good jj
\1 use, and is positively guaranteed to D
>ney will be refunded.
Remedy for Rheumatism in all forms,
f Joints and Must l"s, Sore ! Iiroat,
Bruises, Colic, Cramps, I oothache, R
cs and l a ins. ?
25c.. 30c., and $1.00 prr hoflic i \
< * . wV *f| I ? .
TM .1 . ?. . ...
iy* i .i r "I . ^
rtiifn 11 ! i ;
n i, Noah I
?'il at once. '
j ' ?) h
loah ; L . f
. : I
I . --.v
Jtn muviruaivni n
S. f H SKI*
ss>b|uuu d?miti
(C. ii. 8.) Cures Timing!) Ihi; Bluod
, j&Blsod Peison,
I'lHPLES, m-,y
Rheumatism, Eczema^
Hcliin^ Humors.
B.H. Ii (Hoinni- Hl-x.' HI.. <l) ?>?
only HI I l{?'in?"ly thii' kills ' * t ison
ill the blond -mil i !?? ?? p' rilii' 1 < inline
a llooil (>l |)lll< . Mfll hl00>i < 111*-? t to
the skin surface. ti'?n?8 joints an?l
wherever tin- disease in located. I thin
way all nicer* pimples, eruptions
are luitl*.' at' 1 ' 'I. pains ami aches
of UIumimatiMi. s . k-vi-llin m - ide.
H. H. M. completely <-i. !!,. - .1 I? ?Iy
into a clean healthy condition, mg
the skin the rich, red hue of perfect
health. B. H. B. cures the woist old
canes Trv if
pleasant unit Mito in iitKt-: composed ol pure
tiotanie ingredients It purilies ami enriches
the blood. It It. It strengthens the nerves
uiul builds up the broken down svst.-m. I?mik.
KistK$l.tX) I'Blt I,AU?;K HOTTl/K with dlrce
t inns (or homi* c 11 r*>
Sold at All Drug Stores.
Notice of Executor's Sale.
Pursuant to an order made in re
ilif estate of J. I'\ I'orter. deceased.
1 will sell to the hi idlest
bidder, for cash, at the late resijdence
of the defeased J . K. I'<>rter,
the personal property heloniiinir
tu the said estate. I he
sale will be held <>r. the 20th day
of November, 10.10, commencing
at It* o'clock in the forenoon and
[continuing until the sal< is com|
Ternis of Sale: Cash on delivery
of the articles sold.
Thomas K. Porter,
Qualified Executor.
Tax \otiec.
' i Mlii'c ol i mi hi y TrciiMiU'r i'lrkrus < omuj,
I'ickl'll-, S. Si'l'li'lillirl t' tli I'.ip),
|l I III' li"nks lur tin' rolW'i'tlon "I Miitr Mini
I't'utility Iiim's will In- open Iroin
I li'tohcr I.MIl I'.MO In Dfci'inlicr .'list li'ln
Those who prefer to <Io so run pit\ it .inntiur\
IV! 1. willi I |ht ti'til >i<I< 1 iti< 11iiI Those
who prelir pnyinn in I'ehruiiry ll'll, i nn
I tin mi Willi - | ii-i i rut ini'l it liitnii. Those who
prefer iniyini; in Mnreh It'll. Im tin- l.'itli ul Miiil
i month. run <l<> tiv pnyinir mi iul<lituniiil ; jut
i i'll t A iii r mi ill (full* tin* hooks will i 1??s??
' V Ii Tiix ptiyets nwuiiiK |irn|n'ii\ or pitying
, lux fur others. will pleiise ?sk I'nr "lux reeeipl
in i'iu'Ii tow t is 11 i 11 or hperinl M'liool itistri'l tit
whirl) In- or "tlicv niny own property. Tliis is
very iinporlitttl its then* nre so iiiimy inl
school ilislrn ls. Those who ilo lint wish to
come to Ihi" oillee run w i ile nil1, not Inter than
|>. cenilicr '-1ltli, unci I will lurnish them with
tin- nuiounl line mid Ihej i nil ri'iuit me liv
i i mui'k, iimiuy onier or registered letter. If
15 stumps tire sent <lo not semi nhove l\v?i
_ rent, as 1 fii'>lint use them I'leuseitn not
st-ii<I tut' rut-It without registering s.-iiih*. its it is
? linliU' to j:?'t lost; it sent otherwise it must he
at setnler's risk.
l.evy for Stiite tux .. f>i, Mills
l.evy for constitutional S'-hooi tax ;> mills
I l.evy for Ordinary i 'on i?ty tu\ mills
l.evy for SirkitiK l''titi'l I mills
I l.evy for I'ast lmlt-hte?lness i, mills
> | l.evy for chain (intiK v.''., mill
l.evy for Stnte <'oilstuhle mill
TMt< is mills
S|i<-<-ill I l.evy for Srliool |i!stri< I No. I ii. ills
| Special l.evy lor School histiict No. -.'mills
i Special lii-TV for seliool ii'viri.-i v..
. 1111: is
t S|>ri ial Levy fcir Srtiniil I?i>Iru-1 Nu. I J mills
| in! l.?-v\ I?ir St lMi'il District Nn. 111i ;S11<*<
i ii i l.fvj for Si-lii" i > >i riit Nn "mills
! S|.c-i-ial ?-V> I'nr s.!|n,.l l?:-l I it-l Nn .1 l?i n Ills
t S|ij>i-inl l.i- > I'M si?|hH11 District Nn lit, 1 |.,j ^
v|hii.m I,i-vy Inr Si |mi,I I?|s|(ji 1 \ 1 11, , : , 1 s
:.|.t-i iul l.i v* liii s liuij li.lsliii-l Nn I... r is
; S|,(-ia in I l.i-vj In) Sili 1 i I '}.* t r ii-l N1, 1 1 ; 1 1 s
i'Im' I V \ I',,I S. : i I -11 I "mi |.' i.. 's
S|h 1 : l.cv . I 1 : \ <> , | 1
' v,? l.i \ > |ur s i . I<1-111. t Nn is , 1
1,1-1 . V) 'l.i s, . r ... , - ,
> i . \ I I ' '
S| *? b I * .? I ' Si t..
si 1 :.i . -. -mi \
Sj? 1.1 l.l-\ yl" I IN . II ! Is
sy,? jbkj \ V I- s, SJiii
:n, I .? v \ ?
S|? .-tir? 1 \ \ I
N|,i' ; l.i'v y I ! .- Nn 1 11:
r.|,i-i in : 1 \ I. s, (,-i v
S|.c, i'l i.' VJ III- - ... 'I I I I
;?j.i;-livl Lev) li.| Ill . : I I:v| : \,,
?) , \ > 101 > 111 N . 'liiil
S | H". 1,1. 1,1 VJ I 11 Si III.. .1 ,. Mill v lull s
: >|i|'rlll: 1.1'l.v I"! I ?1 -: \>l I |; 11
i.kA i i?'i in" i"-i . ?i i: .. i.
(.till i ..\vu?nii
Lt>r> tut uit< h i .>! I'f jn l: i; I:.> i>
I II* lit U>K- It |\\ I M H>
Lnv> let inii ic-t ?.t> I'ii t>i i: ! i: is
WurJifiih t || inu n?fii|>
r ; r.i < ?*! tli ( > \ \ i t \ i M :c (ii i/i"
I mill Ml III III 1*1 \ t'ltJTfc I- . till' ' I-N.<-.l|>1 111 . I'll!
nil' -iililii-o, w Tin iVi ii'i: |>ii \ iif tor .">!) yen r?. ii11 I
llin-c i vi'U'ril li\ Ui\v
i oiii in ii lutf i ?n Ifmut i n x i I ">ii \ | i null';
ilcsiiiii^'in |iii\ On.- Inx I'M I.Ml in 1 it-ii "l live
?lny> wnik mi llio loiiil. inn lin >.11 I it-1 111 - Mn nli
l-i. mil \ll iH-rMiii* lii'iwci'ii tin' H .'I
Mini "i0 yi'iirnr<- I in I ill' fur tills in\ cx< i't't tluiso
I'xriiM'il l?y liiw.
('ii|>itiiti<>u Dnvr 'In x All ihtmhi* owniiiK
iImi;s nic ii'ifii in il In |uiy ii tli \ u! lilt;. i < ?i t nil
t'lM'll ilntf. Krs|H'i-t I nil \,
15. I). OAKY IN.
"<>iiill v TrCilsurt'i
StHJJKTH Skl'plil'N
'I'11:11 ;. i'Ii-sili, i!ii** , 11 .tj.. rsi 11, ciiii)jioiilut
liki' Hni'kluii'iV Aii 'm Salve will int->
(: 111 f Is Ii li?Mi' :i hsi'l i i|i it. i n M'jilil,
h i iii.iI hi Jiili * -isi^jici s ski |> it-. i u
ureal I'liri'h j iovr it si vmhhUmIui lirsi'.i'r
<>f tlii' wnrM Mid-s, uli'i'i'H, l>oi s, iVioiis,
| ecMMim, skin <*rnpli n?. sin siIho cli:ti<|>?*d
| hsimls, sprains ami com?.. I'iy ii. <!."><
I sit all linguists
I'll KKNS. s. (!., Office of internal
Revenue, Oct 'Jv?, 1JM0, -Notice is liereliv
I . .. ... ...
Kivt-ii nun i in' itiiiowin^ (ii'scriiH'd property
having been .sci/.cl on the '2'' <!ay
of June. MHO, in Spartanburg ? ' ?i?i1 \ .
S. (' , IVr violation 01 Sections ;!:JT IJ.
S. I . S , iVnrlii s claiming t lie same must
I'! ' 11' i!s ?1: i'C (!";' ! 'lots ollice ?vi' hi n
! \ ^ I 1 i <1 ' 11 1 ( 1 >r 1 lie Mime
' ' ! 1 It ; ' 1 i. 1 > ' i's;
IV < ' : t i! 1 lie
I'll1 I M 1 11 < :i 1., 1 I
('< !! 111 It 1 cain . '
A ! " ' ' ' 11 1 : ' ! -la
'."tMIl ' III.ill . Ill'
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