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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, December 03, 1910, Image 1

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(J > ) S I H'
' . ? y^J: |j j " ": '
' "\ . ' '''' " " . fi-w?
KiiU'riiil M?:*?l ' *?? l!>i> 5 .it l?icU>>iim, s. <5. i?>? hocoiiiI cIiinm mill imiiier, iiiidui'iii'l of Ooiiixi-.^h <?t' :t, isj-i
40th Year PICK$NS* 8. (7., DEC. ??,' W10. Numb v.-v
_ _ _ . v. ; ,
"The Kingdom of God it not me<
in the Ht
TW"" F?T U5 keep in memory I
I Henron relate to the (
world of mankind to I
dom soon to be Inauei
v: man is ?|>HKCI1 <>l ?? inClUtliUg
class, but also. to some extent.
Those different parable-picturi
standpoints, just as we take a
south, the ??n?t and the west, ii
As a mustard seed is very
fowls of the air may lodjjL' in
of iht? Kingdom would, from a
Tin* nmstnrd would not In; gre:
herbage. Thus i In* message of
f(.>w of Israel. has tlnul!;, grow
lik<? to gather in its br::i.chen.
to our Lord's interpretation of
the Wicked One.'. So then the
elude that (In- Church of Christ
that it was a shame and a dl
would become honorable* and g
pleasure in its shade. This d
Rhbylon. declaring Hint ^ > ?
lions, iho nominal Church of
words: "She lias become the hoi
clean and hateful bird." (llovi
large outward development of
glory lint contrariwise. Novort
However his spirit may have h?
improper development, ultimat
order out of chaos and eonfusic
The parable of the "leaver
was foretold, the Church woul
would take her hatch of flour t
result would be that the mass \
Church of Christ: tho food of i
corrupted. Every portion wool
of false doctrines, whieli would
every doctrine inculcated by ,!r
perverted or twisted by tin* <*rr<
Tlii? desirability of obtnlnir
Kingdom. is pictured in the pur
finder, realizing its value, desir
he disposed of nil of Ids proper
to contain the precious treasnr
message will gain its glorious ]
joys and prospects, its hopes m
we intelligently hear and, b^
a share with Christ in ids Milie
and appreciation will be our s
ever believes the message of t
indeed a necessary Inspiration,
all that he has of earthly bless
the prize, he will surely be utr
belongs to God. lie has put tl
willing to pay the price. The I
vltatlon to Join with him In tli
umj uu nmirera wiin uim In hi
nlal Age, to unearth nil that trc
The hiding of the treasure Is
pearls before swine;" they will
ish. and in thoir dlsappointmen
it to thyself before God." Mai
he who seeth in secret will row
Pearls were much more in v
traded in these gems and cnrrle
estimated. The parable repres
across the finest pearl he had e
was quite rejoiced to sell or trtu
might become the owner of tin
This parable represents tin
Kingdom as being superior to a
ol' tin* wArld. of namo'niid faun
the Scriptures say. "A good mi
but when our eyes behold "tin
U.J.. I - ; - - ? - -
juiui'iiciiMi11> wmi our i.onI .!<
with liiin in liis work of l>loss|i>
tliis is si' priceless tiling, wori li
find pleasures of tin* world T
cliniipe nil <-:ii*l illv il'in;;s then
neees'-ary. ;is the Muster forew:i
of evil iiL' iinsI yoli fnlsei.v for
great is y< .r reward in heaven,
before you." <Miltthew fell. 12
nl .viieli a < < :,i is not worthy of i
mil' It tl'ihiilali 'li miim we entr
??in> ? 1111"; iy ciKiurc ssif ii I riI?
of (he null), in <>1 ict 1 iciHO t<> llii
to tlij.' "ovi')'<'oiiKM's" liii.s I lie I
promise !." ' 'i o 11i111 ilini oveivo:
? Ii? V.
A not lie I* ji :i 1>! of liio Kin::
Only one kind of lisii
kind will inherit tin* Kingdom ;
of iliis :i"" wll! lie ii silling. s.
The (iesll'iihle lisli will l>e jritii
hwk into tin* sim ;is i:n(it fur 11
DIII'DOSI' I >111';: < Mill..
will i>(> (loillt Willi 1111(1 Itlt'sseii ii
I If re. :;s in ttic i>arnh'c* of 11
tlio WtM'pil>!< 11 ml Klllls'llillir of I
Ki'OMl tinit* h!' tnnildi* Willi \v!iie
11 i 111 KIiik<I'>I)i. the Kingdom f<>
tlu> ( liurf.'li lias Iiccii pvayhi;:
Kingdom coiiio; thy will he don
Kingdom that will l?o! It will
"Kcar not. little flocU, it is your
dolll" Mllll it 11'III Ivi full.- ........
Our stud closes with tlu- J
respecting tN> things portnnrtnj
\ ^
* "
13:31-33; 44-52.?July 3.
ii an4 rff tfth\ ngklcoutnts* mtid pemc<t tnd fa
ilit iL-ty
hat the Maater'a parables of tha Kingdom c
L'lasa ot people whom he ia calling out of lb
je associated with him in his Millennial liln*
jrated. Let ui remember that sometimes thi
. nominally, not merely the saintly, the whes
the tares, as ahown in our study of last weel
mj represent the same subject from dlfTereu
photograph of a building froui the north, ib
uternally and externally.
small, yet produces a large bush, ro that th
its braucbes, so this illustrates bow tbe irosm
small beginning, attain to a considerable slz<
nt anion}; tho trees, but great^. among bushes o
Christ, received at Orst only by the poor and th
n to such important dimensions that the fowl
But let us remember that the fowls, accordln,
a previous parable, represent the servants o
teaching of this parable would lead us to cod
, at one time, was so unimportant In the worli
ishmior to belong to it, but that ultimately i
.^..c oiivi uiu a<ivei-sary s servants would hav
evelopment the Scriptures represent as beinj
hole, with the various branches and denominn
Christ is liabyfonish. Hearken to tiio Lord'
(1 of every foul spirit and the cage of every un
?lati<?n l.S:2.i Tiie in'.iinalion is th:it thero is i
the church which is not t<> her advantage aix
heiess. this is. uoiutiiiiliy. the *'bun-it of Ciirisl
?en misrepresented ami there may l ive been ai
ely tlie great Head <>| the Church- will lirim
hi :iii<I will Klnrll'.v and use his "elect .**
i" iv. iilnstrate., the proc'i'ss l> which, a
il tii?? into the wroiiv; eondition. As a wmnai
(if baking and put leaven (yeast) in it and tin
voitld lieenmo leaveneil. so il would be with tin
ln> entire household would hreoiut* leavened o
i] heroine more or less vitiated with tin; leavei
permeate i he entire mass. Thus today tiuurl;
>sns and Mi- Apostle* has heeoiuc more or lebi
r>rs of i he dari; aires.
in |<>1111-lifirs11i11 with Christ in his Millennia
able of "the lrciiMire hidden in the field." Tin
ed It for himself and had such faith In it tha
t,\ in order to huv that Held which he helievet
e. Oily those who will appreciate tilt* (iospe
promises If we love the present life with it:
ul ambitions, then we will labor for these, bu
i Tii 11 u. neiieve the Cos-pel offer of this age o
(nniul Kingdom. then in proportion to our faltl
clf-saeriflcing 7,cnl to attain that prize. Who
ho Kingdom will timl his faith an inspiration
to the atialu,ineut of the prize, for it will eos
Ings: and unless he has faith that he will tint
willing to saeriliee all he has for It. The licit
le treasure there lie offers it for sale to nnj
myer is the Lord and those who accept Ids in
e sacrifice of their earthly interests that thej
s heavenly glories?in tho work of the Millet)
.? .... .7.*-i-.oniK tii im* worm or mankind
necessary: as our Lord said. "(.'nst not youi
not understand you. they will think you fool
t may do you injury "Hast thon faith. havi
<p your sacrifice of earthly things to hitn am1
ard you openly.
ojiuo in ancient times than now. Pearl buyert
(1 them to the market, where they wore hiuhh
outs one of these pearl merchants as couiinv
rer seen, lie considered it so priceless that In
ile all of Ids oilier pearls and property, that In
II I l< >21 1*1
Cospel offer of si share with Christ In his
II other propositions in the world. Tho honor?
position : iiiI wealth, are indeed desirable; as
me is rut her to Tie ehosen than ureal riches;'
pearl of iireiit price," the Kingdom offer ol
stis in liis heavenly tflor.v ami the association
r. all the families of the earth, we realize that
more by far than all the honors ami dignities
hose worthy to hny this pearl will gladly ex[ for
I'ven (heir good name, and liiis will he
ll'IICll I 11 111 11 >
. .. nlltlll nu,\ Mil lllal IIIII'I
my rejoice n lit I lie exceeding .uhtd. for
fur so persecuted they the prophets who wero
i. He ili:it is not willing' to h:?ve the Kingdom
li Kingdom. The Apostle Ims s;iid. "Thron.nh
r t!i" Kingdom" (Acts and only 11 < c
ttltuions for righteousness' snlie for tin* n:iUit
I !< : veill.v e;illin;j tire s. Anil only
.on) cl'on "the exceeding ^rcnt :ii>?.I precious
win i t riim to sit wlh i<i<> in i.iy : 11<>ju>. '
doin represents tlii" uiysnol messajre us n "nt".,"
I. lust the not withers every kind. Not every
is .Joint-lieirs willi (Mirist Jesus. hence t i>?? end
>pnriit!n?; time, lis represented in the pnr:il>le
ered into vessels: the renininder will lie st
lie Kingdom. Inn i: -t ne?essiirily unfit for iin>
mi.ii ui;m < isiss 1111111 I or llic Kingdom
im!. il possible. martr iist'fut anil lit f";?r denial
i? wheat and tlic tares- tin* furnace >!' lire. jidJ
< < 111 in connedion therewith. symbolizes the
Ii tliis age will <'ixl, giving plnee to the >iil!< ;i
r tin* establishment of which upon (he earlh
so unceasingly for nineteen r-oniuries, "Thy
< mi dirt It. as it <: (lnii - in lii?nvi>n vvii*>? .>
Ik- ii Kingdom ruin; ted to n "Utile I'lock"
KnihorV. goi,.| pi i.-;ui" to rive .von the Kin;;
iwt?rod lo establish the rule of Iii>:iv<mi among
.ortl's exhortation th it all who :i *<> instructed
f to tin; Kingdom should set their affairs in
W S rtv%\ IS E l
i?u <5 ucai
i.xvs*as 23S2C
In disorders and di3- [.]
eases of children drugs jJ
p seldom do &ooci and m
K .often do harm. L
| Careful feeding and |j
g bathing are the babies' ||
>i * cmicu.icb.
; I Scott's Emulsion 1
1 | is the food-medicine thai S
, | not only nourishes them fj
w most, but also regulates $
* |j their digestion. It is a fei
5. H wonderful tonic for chil- ra
^ Kg dren of all ages. They w
* |j rapidly gain weight and |jj
k |] health, on small doses.
^ H Send 10c., nnitte of paper nnd this nd. for
t EM our bcnuliful Savings Hank ami CliildV ?j
i? Sj Sketeh-Jiook. Ijach bank contain.: a |j1
, ggj Good I,nek Penny. lei
! Itible and Tract Society, 17 Illcka
, St reel, UrooUlyn, X. Y.
Kindly vend 1110 the Bible
Studies marked bulow:?
i "W'icro Aro tho Doad?"
l} "Forrjivablo and Unpardonable
|t OIH3."
"What 3ay tho Scriptures Respecting
' "Rich Man In Hell."
Y "In the Cross of Chrict We
3 Glory."
"Most Precious Text."?John
, 3:16.
4 "End of the A90 Is the Harvest."
. "Length and Broadth, Height
and Depth of God's Love."
1 "The Thief In Paradite."
I "r.iiriot n.... - ???!
. .... ... wui i aoauisi is oacri1
t 1 "Tho Risen Christ."
f I "Forfcordination and Election,"
j "Tho Desire of All Nations."
"Sin's Small Beginnings."
"Paradise Regained."
"Tho Coming Kingdom."
t "Sin Atonemont."
1 "Spiritual Icrael ? Natural la1
, "The Times of the Gentiles'."
"Gathering the Lord's Jewels."
" "Thrust In Thy Sicklo."
"Weeping All Night."
"Every Idle Word."
"Refrain Thy Voico From WeopP
"What Is tho Soul?"
, "Electing King3."
I "Tho Hope of Immortality."
"Tho King's Daughter, the Bride,
tho Lamb's Wife."
' "Calamities?Why Permitted."
"Pressing Toward tho Mark."
; "Christian Scienco Unscientific
> and Unchristian."
, "Our Lord's Return."
"Tho Golden Rulo."
"Tho Two Salvations."
City ami State
' Upon receipt of (lie above coupon
we will send any one of
1 Muvse lMhlo Studies FltKJS; any
three of tlieni for f> cents
(stamps) or ili<> entire for Uo '
cents. SK.N1) AT O.NC10 TO
Tin: niuu: and tract so
C1KTV, 17 1 licks Street, Krook..
| j l.\ II. -N "i .
i 5
Tol(! Wont-he
! Is ,
.10(1 uc have the ^nods to kcoj;
ever known in Pickens at this
s< I! veil moil's lu:avy llc.ccc lii
suit; i> at 50 cents Hi'j suit
\v< ill i.ivc: yqii men's heav y C
Si lOKS~-\\V 'nave just re<
tall shoes ami are prepared to
savii <4 to yon 01*25 to 5? cents
i j;o' ds a-id t^rorerics at the lo
1 and let u . show you
W. IB. Ff
"At I lie 0
St?KK*'rs SUoptlCH
That a clean, nice, fnnrai,t, eoinpniuiil
( I like Biickhitiil'fl Ariiii- I Snlvo will instantly
relievo a I -a?l luirn, ou?, t-oal<l,
'vounil or piles. st iruers sUt'p'ic.?. I n
(treat i'hics prove i' ;t \von<i?'rftil Iwalei
of I lie worst sort's, uleer--., boils, felons.
<-cztmia, skin eruption-:, :is also ohanpcil
hand*, sprains anil corns. Try it. 2."ic
at all Druggists.
Notice of Application for the
Appointment of Public
Notice is hereby given ilmt an implication
to have J. 15. Newberry, Probate
.Incite of Pi< Iiciir county, appointed
public muir>li:m for th(5 following i?:> ii
minor children: Norn Porter and Ahburv
Porii-r will i... " 1
. _ ....l.lf l>. UK .m
of ttie court of common plea* for Plckodh
county or noun1 cir<*uii Jud?e
(Jhnmhers in the Tenth .Judicial circuit
on a petition to be til << forthnt purpose
The value of tin- property of said minors
is about $11',!.00 aii'! is in ironey,
and no lii, competent, and responsible
pel son can be found who Is willing to
issiilist* said jrn irdiai^jhip. ; 11 I said mi
mtslViYt' n<> v;i'nor:if or trstum??ntury
Thos. 1"' Pnrt?'i\
l>r- \)ii-r )ii it I custodian ?'f nuiil c i i: < I ? < n.
T. J. Mntildiu,
27-28 AUwriu'V
I'lMIIllV of l'irk'Ml-i
II..! li V i
<>< .. ii ,M'<viii rrv, I'roiitito Jii.li'c. |
W!?.Rl\A>. W" .). I'm k.ls hi-: i.,
suit i" !:?? , '.<> urnnt him Icttit.s <>f
\ (ll)iillis' Till IOM 'if (!i>> ? s'UVf it'll! < IVects
of S. (J.
'III lire llicivfiill1 in cil:* .*111<I itil
! I .... i
,,, ,,, mi -imi !smv;iii:tr 11? 111 i!-< <I
;mil <."? ???$itois of flu- < ii| S.
Unhurt <!?' !- I.;t ' I > V t? - ;t|)i| :!|).
; en' ln'fi < me. 'i ?!? ? i?:?f <-f
|i tn III' 11< I?t ?( !' l?I?t?s I in ,S.
1i.1V <> r.lUl Ill'Xt illU'i |?UI>I|CjU I 'It
?.11". t 1 1 o'clock ill tilt" foi.-'MiOli. I > >
sli-.i:m ti :ti:> ill* > luv*-1 . v\ ; ? In?>ii
i :rl:.nni.-luttwm iiliouli! : lic^iuii'j
(Jivi?ii imkIi r my Imnil. tlii> i
uii> >>i Nov. Anno 1 o-nini
J. B. Nkwbeuuv. (seal
J. P. P. C. I
i Koturn 4h|f ad. wuh (145AQdW6vlll ship pr*pfc!<1|
V> >iti?m "Vuro" Kitruct*. -
W tull quurtu of lino lljo'.'W
, , V, AV>l<lo 1 Iran (It. (Smlo kind profotrcfi.) >
'.IJUi.iiiK- no IkiIIIdk?nn troul lo?no nppnrutu
v o',"'r?CJin 'r |HV? f,,K\<l ""<> '!'?!. ? net. St. i; i
No. 2i.)13. Money refunded If not as represents!
Amcricon Ltport Compccy. (Southern Brencfi.) JjrKionvlllc. f
Whisky $l.2i
Notice ol Final Settlement and Discharge,
Notice is hereby given that I
will make application to J.? B.
Newbery, ftsq., Juduce of Prohate
for Pickens county, in the
Wfoto /vf <1.
.V.U. ?>i >'<>11111 VailMIHU, *111 MM'
22(1 day of December 1910 at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, or as
isoon thereafter ns said application
can be heard, for leave to
make final settlement of the estate
of Mary .J. Parsons, deeeas-l
c(l and obtain discharge asexecutor
of said est ate.
.J. K. Parsons.
Nov. 2'J.K)10t4 Kxecutor.
una i UKIA
For Infants and Children.
Iho Kind You Have Always Bought
^ _
Ciguuturo of
! i
Almost Hero
? you warm at the lowest prices
season of the year. We. w i 11'
tied underwear at 75 cents ihe '
and i! yon think this 100 hi<;h
anton I'lannel 1 )rawers at i-SCts. i
....... r\\
v:i veil iilll Wl IJIHI J>M 1JI III'' II C ()l '
> lit you and all the family at a <l]
the pair. Also lull line ofd.y
wot possible prices. Drop in '
Id Sl?ui(l"
xmiiLU JLUU XXiiVi? 2iiWciy.S 1
in use for over 30 years, I
" a,Ul ^
All Counterfeits, Imitations i
1'iXpcriments that triile v?itli
Infants and Children?Kxpe
What is C
Castoria is a harmless subs
gorie, I>roj>s and Suothin#
contains neither Opium, ?.I<
Mihstanee. Its ajyo is its jn
and allays Foverishness. jfc
Colic* It relieves Teething* T.
and Flatulency. It assimil:
Stomach ami liowcls, giving
The Children's Panacea?Th
Bears the
The Kind You Hai
In Use For O
i m a m H
Descriptive I,
" T ri RFA< '
* * * ' < f 4 *
I'ox 26 J.
; >:Ik < iii Pie! mi;
I 1 t
/ H'i'tic tire ami
Test Dr.
On T
1 )iil you know thai von rnu!<
-re-;i th . h i.in nf the Winter
irst day <>. \u.;; .1. thi n ii you
ml paid bin.';,
V. Wili i\ er;> <
t is 10 u e \ Mir lie; s ' \ v In
icallhy .iiui .11 < 14i;j, to cur ipcs
()l course you u'e ? \p< . led tc
cc and I', r 1 iia \ irpose vvc I:
nstrmt I-oust: Killer.
us hint1 you
Si. A Riche
?. . imn/vyl /WI f
songlit, and which has been
las homo the fcig/iaturo of
(is been made, under his persivporvision
since its infancy,
no one todcccivo you in this,
anil *'Just-as-good" are hut
>. and endanger tho health of
rienco against Experiment.
a n ~vx.-r' a ,>iarVr i. U EI A"V.
tiluto for Castor Oil, PareSyrups.
3t is Pleasant* It
>rphhio nor other Narcotic
in; live. 3t destroys Worms
cures Dinrrhoca ami "Wind
Troubles, cures Constipation
ttes tho X^ooil, regulates tho
f jiealtliy an<l natural sleep.
<5 Mother's Friend.
"OR5A always
Signature of
W$ }
n Always Bought
1/ u
/eir 30 Years.
j& Jik MP
Mm wifrZ m&T
i nar\
)/ ?
ist of Farms
r e x P a
I'ickcns, "-v C.
; I? ik liuildinj^.
life tiisnr<(nee.
j -x x "? i ? ?*> u _( i li
jfc. .v.u? .vvi* >rr. t.. <
1 feed 1 )r. 1 less Pnultry Pan.
all spring. in I act untin the
i not sit i slice I that it has paid
Hi \ 51 Mi -kiid Us.
in.tkr )<mr diicks last,
. cholc.ra i'lnl roup.
k ji yuor |).>ulia\ Ireo from
ii . >\v of nothing better than
'r onlox now.
yy Son.

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