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*. I*?V* '-'SA " v' N *
% ' *
Pickens Sentinel-jonrne]
. ?; i a <
Klhi.' i \VMf? I
PM'KKNS. s. ' . :
Till'WsUAY IH'.r. s MHO
An Old Adaqe
fill _|.i .. .1
1111310 lb an <)Ki uiau
"von can't get blood out of a
Yes, that's all true, but did
you over stop to think? There's
something else you can get.
You can get the turnip. And the
salad, and you CAN get the
J IJ1C;Hi. We are now atter the
and we are Going
to Have IT or have a fi^ht or a
footrace. We pride ourselves oil
our Irish blood and our ability to
run?OUR MAN DOWN?the one
that owe us! And wj have the
assurance of Dr. Holt and several
other doctors and the local
tribe of blacksmiths that they
win ail help us in our race alter
the "nimble dollar." We are
on the "War Path," nionev is
due us for which we have worked
hard and waited lontr, and it
must come. No 'shenanigan"
in tIt" matter! It must come!
"i >v fair nutans," if it can. by
" m! lr i!is** i i; Jiius;.
! 11 , I I) i ' : i S i i OI ! - t i
i i. v\ vi r ! i.
W e \va i: '< .1' ; ! . t.hli-sc|
>:: i < " 1. :mu?|) i :n t :.
U' .' . w .,: m ;i! v j in iv ;>
I lie in.-!- aro * ?n : uroal ! onhlo,
we waul 1?" find out what his
circuiM.-.ianccs uv and w i.al In
aims in tin a limit } i iaccount. s<?
we can i>;11 him on our s
s honk and lot ovorybodv
else know his standing. Wo
(>\ll(ct t() SfO OVOl'V Mill! f ive
them all kind of chances and
then for the benefit of Doctors,
Blacksmiths, merchants, Bankers
and other business men we
will publish it later.
Cara of Thanks.
It will bo remembered that
about six weeks ago that our
nr*llt;i> Mini nii'irlv oil tlm
tents was destroyed by fire.
We have now been in our new
home for which we want to
thank the kind hearts and willing
hands who came so readily
to our assistanse in our time of
need. VVc fail to find words to
express our appreciations for
the kindness t bus shown.
S. V. ('arson ami Kainiiv.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. Kditor:?I'lease ui\e us
space in your valuable paper toj
thank the neighbors for their
kindness during tin* illness <?t"|
our little daughter. We alsoi
thank Dr. \"alley lor the ? 11 i
cient services.
('. M. (fravlev and Wife.
Notice of Appiication for Charter.
We jfive notice that we shall
on the l it!) day of December
1010 apply to tin* Secretary of
State for a certificate of iiicor
poration Cor the organization
called Smith Chapel, located
three miles West of Liberty
Pickens, the purpose of tlx- organization
to promote religion
accoiding to the tenets of tin*
Wesley an Methodist ehureh
niHl t or 111? worship ol Alini^h
Iv (jo<I. I?. \. fiii'lrr,
I)('('. (J, !'.>!(). II. II. Newt on.
i )i?'d ,11 I lie home ol' Mr. S. A.
i ? * i *
! i< | >i 1 . I Ml 11 vuiin^i'Sl : ( III. I'CI
ry, au<'<l 17 yc.irs, al'lcr ;m il'i
ii"- <><' 1 wo wci-U- (?(' Iy|i!>r>id
IVvi'i', ;::i?! \v i iiiiri.'il I In <]; v
j'ollov i i iii*. i!. t}i ! I > ' | "
hi in it'i . i: i s. ii ci
(llh-: :: ' I 'll ,\
I'1- '
There wop very few people at
i .. ,.,.1,1.. l ,.V !
I i * ) \ C ' ' 1 ? ' I . C ( I I \ I ? t Mil. iu i
. 'nion isi'.'v- in:; ^;I; v on ae-!
of I he in<-i<>n: at weather.
jvi up-to-now paper. II certainly
would :-.o a good investment.
Try it. Von . ii" to'pay for the
paper, well, pay in advance so
we can li:t vc i lie money to put
in tho paper. We want to thank
the follow in--: jrontl'.Mnen also
lor kindlv remembering us in a
substantial way having paid a
year or upward in advance: R.
A. Rowen of Pickens, W. T.
Metres of Seneca, W. E. Curtis
and N. D. Parsons of Pickens,
R. 5.
Mr. S. M. Perry of Central, R.
2, was in town Monday and
while here hunted up the Sentinel-Journal
force and "slided"
his subscription forward to Jan.
1, 1912. This shows that this
man's heart is i?i the right
place. Now if 1000 others whom
we know to he good pay with
several hundred others whose
account is supposed to he "^ood
if thev liever pay," will come in
in the next 10 days and slide
their aNn account forward to a
similar tune, we \ ill. in .'>()
days have installed a linotype
and will then he a hie to jxive ye
f' I < \ . . i ?i? ; \ i I.
: . I. 11:i . I, . j
I II. -. i I tr I >. It'll.": i: 1 1 , '
'- I' . . . i ; I , - !
vi- rh.
. 'ii . rii'h: . \
' 'lj
!: :i;l - :: ;.i i !
i! ' i i . t *?i" !.
. : .
I >i <> ,fU lit I I 1 ' 'III. .'.v . . .
A .iniia hi mi .iiik i di' , I !:<
1 (di ..i,.I 'l'.i . It .? r?11.'vi
s i lir disciiM: i'!l at.'I s? 11 Vs ? i?i^r a'll
t !>t- nit jiov in;; \ in | t oni>s < I nr. it
so' lhcs ;:i <! Iii'itl lit" in'l imi'd :i;i" )-;i.ssij.'1-s
. I' Ihr Iicatl, l!ir? ii a!i I In iiicliiiil
tutu*. It c.int'iitis no <>| lite* iilnl no
I .* i r i > i f" ill ilrn^;-. Ri'l list' stilistiliurs.
Si ilil >iy all I >rn^:;ists.
Kr?*ni Sick ? crh t<> " l^xcrl I ii'ii I Hi it K til
S> mi*. Mrs. (')wis. Lyon IVoria, II!,:
1 found in jour Foley Kidney Pills ;i
prompt iimi f-pi't><!y cure !<> backache
ami l i-in.'\ tumble which bothered me
fur many months. 1 uni naw enjoying;
excellent health which I owe to l-oley
Kidney i'iils." S >l?i I ?y : 11 I hnj^ists.
Probate Judge Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens,
hi Probate Court.
Ina Daeus as administratrix |
of t he estate of \\\ (', I )a- |
eus. Plaintiff, I
X. Chester Darns and oth- | !
ers, Defendants. I
Bv ?'irtueof a derro niado in
the a hove st a t ed rase and si a ncd
hy.J. I>. Nowhery. ,J nd^e of Pro |
hate for ! Mr kens ('on ill v, ft. ('.,
I will sell in aid of tlie personal |
assets of \\ . ('. 1 >arus. d?*reasod. j
heiore. the court house door, at |
IMrkens. on s.dedav in January.
11)11, hot worn the lejjj.il hours of
sale, lor one-i hird of the purchase
money iii cash, and the hal*
........ ,.. ...... ......< . 11... ,i
< 1 II ' ' lit 'MM \ r(| I I M'lll 111* l|<( V |
of sale, 111** credit portion lo be
secured l?v the nolo of the purchaser
and niortj^a^e of. the nreinises
sold, I lie following dcscrihI'd
real estate hclon^in^ to the
estate of \\ . (\ I)a?'us, deceased,
I o\\ i t:
First: The tract of land situ
aieu, lv invalid oeiny in I Me conn
ty of IMekens, known ;is the
I lardy (iilst rap place on ('arponter's
creek. adjoining lands of
.John !<Yiddle, Jerrv hooper. J no
Me White and ol hers, containing
one hundred and fourteen aeres. |
more or less,
Second: The tof land sit
uated. lyinii and hein?^ in the'
/' i > 11111 v ill ! * i i 1/ i 11 j u: t i f i > ; i i 11 ri > !
said, hoin^ thai pari of the(Jril'
fin | i:i v which lies on I lit' noi l h
- id? "| (";irpenlerv- creek, ad join
iii' 1:ihds ..! William I1 utrln -. .1.
I \ iioliinsoii, John 1'riddlami
' i: : . i i! 11; i i e 11a I > <1JI v \ ?a !
1 V,\"T"S . i
i I?:rd. hi r;ic{ i;| land -it j
I!. i'1 <!, i: Hi -1 1 )ti 11in I he
'He '. -i ! l< 11 < >l'e
.1 > I' 1 < 11n' ( ' il
I I )' 11 11
k. idj*ii11
i i )
\ :: '
Nolico of Animal Meeting.
Notice is hereby uivcn that
the annual meothigoi: the Board
of County Commissioners of
Pickens county will he held on
Thursday the 5th day of January
All persons holding demands
of any kind against, the county
? I. i i? i _
not iieretoLoru [Mwmcu tu uiw
Board an; required to file the
same with the clerk on or before
the first day of January next so
that they may be examined and
passed upon at the annual meeting.
C. E. Robinson,
lDec4t Clerk.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding claims'
against the estate of the late
James E. Talley must present
the same duly proven on cr be
fore the first day of January,
1911, or be debarred payment:
and all persons indebted to the
said estate, must make payment
on or before the above
date to tho nndorsitrnod.
Mrs. Martha H. Talley,
Nov. 24, 19lot:* Admx.
Statoment of tho uondition of tho
Keowee Bank,
located nt Pickens, S. C.,
at tho close of luisinoss Doc. 1st 15)10.
Loans and Discounts ?55.735 75
Overdrafts 7.151
Kuril it tiro and Kixturos... 2.300.10
Due from lianlcs and Hanknrs 10,72-1 18
('urrene\ ..... 2,800.00
i: !.i i ,o I
Silver iuni other ('din IfiCi.s(i
T<?tal >:H0.8$9
1,1 A r.II.i rfKS:
1,'iip 1 :il .-Ki ); Paid i , . . . , . ?. 0!l().> () j
Su, ; - t .: i:ii ,: . {? j
(.':uii\ i I i '! ? fir-. I 'ss
T i.\ 1 'aid t/s-j:i.!?7
! i?. rliuil i) . MiIs - ili j ci
f^ijviiui I)i>j i its irw.c?
Il' lt< rlcs.... ...
I I vji;.1. i.. , t iMr t
: 'lid - fci innm v 1 <>rro\v <1
Total *so.ssst.r>:$
Stat"' ??f South ('arolina,
('ount n <?f Pickens.
IJel'oiv me cann* M. Sni'th ('as!ier
of the above nnnn'-I bank, who.
b-int.' duly sworn. savs that the above
and foregoine statement is a trui* eondition
<>f said bank, as shown by the
books of saiil bank.
M. C Smith.
Sworn to nud subscribed before mo,
this 5th 'lay of Dec . 1010.
H. F. Parsons.
Notary Public,
Correct Attest
W. T. O'DELL, )
R E. RRIWK, Directors
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens,
By J. H. Newhery, Probate Ju<ljr?'.
Whereas, R. E Bruce nivl Mis. N. E,
Hughes made suit to me"t<> irrant . th*?m
Letter-? of Administration of the* Estate
a'wl effects of James 1'. duplies,
'I'lw.urt iro Iliariifnv.1 ... ..it.. ..II .....I
singular the Ifirulr??? 1 and creditors of the
?:iid J as. I*. Hutlhes deceased, 'hat they
ho and appear before me, in the C'ourt
of Probate. (ft he I?? ], 1 jii l'ickcns on tlie
'J:!tii day of I ??-r*. 1010 next, after pnh!cation
hereof, at 11 o'eioek in iho forenoon.
to show cause, if any they have,
\vh> tho said administration should not
he granted.
'Siven under my hand this :5rd day of
i\ 11111> I'oiiuni imiu.
J. H. Nrwltorry,
J. 1'. P. c.
Tin y ll?'.vr.\ I'urpoMe
I <>l?\v Kidnrv I'ills jrivc <|ni?*r?*!i- f in
iiyo i f ;in<! I.I:>?i ' r .tilt* ? t 11-.
.Mrs IJo' c (!la 'I 11 ?n* I"'l ,
tolls tin* rosiilt in < ? Ai'nr-uffci'inu
for mniiv \furs loin a serioua
( asc <if Uidnoy 1 rou>>'<- *|i -ii-lin};
niiicli iihiid v for so ciiIIimI cnri'h. I found
Koloy Kidney I'ills sI n!v m>?i?t
tliiil jjf iv?? mi'a |M*i'iii'i? * i ? 111. ! on
a^ain aide f?? ho un <? I it'iond " my
work. I slwill ni'V'T to r-commend
Sold Ity ;i11 I >rup^isls.
Do You Get Up
With a Lame Back?
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everyone knows of Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and
^ i _ bladder remedy, be1
cause of its remark9
|| able health restoring
- vv-r* [v properties. Swamp[|
'? k.\ K.'l I _ Root I'll 1 li 1 Is almo.-t
LJl( W r^j; every wish in over|i\V!
)\ I ] i coming rheumatism,
i vfcrlV 1 I IKl'n l'u" bac k, ki<l
U'fr-JF J Wf-. J .1 "CVS, liver, bladder
) 'j [ | ( ftixi every part of the
|| JJJ. urinary pavsaec. It
correc ts inability to
liol'i water ami - raiding pain in passing it,
or bid effect . . >v. inguse of lienor, win?
or beer, ai. I <>v< ' otncs tli.it unplc.' 111
necessity of !> nj( compelled to go often
through !: ' , and to get up many
linn . 'In'm iii' lii'^ht.
\oryt 11 \? i liavi: ki<rri< * , 1 \ r
I- 1: il.' it will Ik
lli v" ! i>>i n< I. It li 1 < < .i t
i>:s .1 : :'t" ] . t: . . i:d .
;*rovc-i o n ! 11 it a : -.1 j
i :1"' iri , la id I y . . :,m i
i < i . x. .:<> ii j
< i ji : n i
i ' : i I sn , n! > a ! >< . t<
.?;? - ' / - v - " : ^ > .?
j ?, 5- '
^ j^ ^ r~ *
1 V { \ C \ /? / >y\ i
/ \\ f - \ V / : VA '
' ^ N/'y 4 I J
WStfmh? I * jr^/ll!
i&m, ?ip5 ^fi . i Wif- J
f < > Pa v Writ''*' !
]'< " ' -/v. '.
1' $i?S ' i ' ' /tew"- '
^ / " /i A ~A 11 i
| ^ I
j> :'. ' "', ?W>? . '
% oti*iii.M-<] PJUfl l>y
: ... -J i;:.<'SS BROS li CO.
1 ' '" r.its Mulli: *. Matters
fj^ltinmrt dial New Vo.'ii > H
' ' ?*' . -v.
i Hi
' fiSTHE TiS
<? i* a-: tors \ n,
Christmas goods galore, all now and fresh.
Bake your cakes out of White Roll, fteive Sy
Best Flour ever ground out of Wheat and the price i
than tor the other kind or Hour. Wo also handle Ua
body's favorite.
Christinas nic naes, such as Oranges, Nuts, "Fru
dients for Fruit Cake.
In canned ^oods we have shreded cocoanuts, ^ri
pie, ])eaehes, cherries, hlackhei ries, pickled heets, oli
An elegant toilet set. something "nifty" and at
cannot resist. Also nice t^lass cake and fruit stands,
that would look nice 011 any lahle. 'I'limhler's and
We want to call \011r attention especially t<
Strop Safety Itazor, a hoon to all who shave them:
set consists of st nip, Razor ;:11?I 12 hi.tiles. The Con
an tecs I his set for f> ye 11 . You can use the hlndes,
a week', and after UO davs (iine if you are dissatisfied
and M;ct your money hack.
\not her j;oo<l tiling we have is a l()ct counter. 1
will find many a line haruain at a small cost. Don't
()ur line of (i ?"oc( l ie;. plain and fancv. is fresh a
just such as you will need.
Ho?r killing time is ln-re and von will need a u
mill. We sell the Knt.crprise Mont ('hopper, the bes
the market.
We have soniet liin^ thai cvitv com raiser ne<
corn shcllcr. We haw iii> World's Champion as
Black Hawk, or anv otlx r. 'I lie price is so low
ashamed to m< nl.ion it . We k? ep repairs i'or Vulcai
sell these plows and the Improved Olliver Chilled PI
Lot of Waj^on Harness, liridles, Lines, Plow dears,
it "i tm need ;inyI hiirjc sc" us. we nav?* 11 or
Pi? ilim k On
I'ickciis, S. ( T |{. /
/T?? * *?Ar31 ?* TO TLl
uirisiRi^s w mi ouuii uc u
1W r I AM
,/v \ a: s-:a i > v i r v
WITH I'l.K ' > >.! '
( '<m..j ( oH ]0<\ ran . ol hr v luiuu! o!
. !' il i -t t vim i'MT . 11. (>r: mflfos, i
i > , <"ii i . ' ' . ;11<< . <' ;ii i r '.
, me for our plain
. ! - ii a\ > oil money
'1 " II"'
v : -r ' _ ; *.
? X.
The First D#
DOesn't Count.
Almost any sort oi a suit looks well
when it is first put on, but after a man has
worn it a little while and his body has be- '
gun to move around in it and the eflects
nf tll/i nf/aeomn* ltrvti K'?tro %?r^ '
v. pivyooiiig null nave YVVJill tVWciy tlllU
dampness begins to play havoc with the
fabric, unless the shape of the garments
have been wraught into cloth and the
cloth has been cut so right that it can't
ill * '
nop nanging properly, so that the collar
must cling to the neck and the lapels lie
firmly against the breast, the original appearance
of the clothes will soon be lost.
A well made custom tailored suit will
be right in the beginning and stay right
in the end.
The clothes we sell are specially made
ior the body as it is and not as it should
be and therefore, when it does begin to
settle upon him, there isn't contest between
tlic figure and the ^annenr.
xt??" >2 'f i ; O if'' ,
~ lii li 1 I
tezJ^ B 'J ft Ivbasi w ^
i ,10, Si. < \
~T ^ ?
pi tola every- -^n
its,, Ingredi-1
Uo.lP.no.,, i
Vi'S, pickles, ; g
j^nrrnif nn Brr* ^
''i? ??I
Nearly Evcr\Jbod\? I
^tlrk-r V O I 1 9 I
^ NOT T w I
mIs. It is :i
<nw nl !ic t hn ? _ - - ? ?
that w<- ; m. Professional Cards
i Plows and , t
collars, vU\ BO:,GS & FINDLEY
can tfftt it. Lawyers
J n Pkkcns, S. C.
< (tire nvt'r I'Ickim.* Imnk
Ulcii, Miri'. I)r- ' A- Seawiijtht,
Pickens. Smith ramlinji.
| Office upstairs I'Vccmnn lilcl^.
Notice ?<i rinal Settlement aud
[ere. i?; wiiar-e.
' N< ?'! ! . I*'. >s trn ;? that I will
i itta i. p.ir. n- >i i<> l. i>. Ni'wlicrry
a 1) B ^ ^ hmj . jikiu m;' ''n>h for i'icki'iih <*<)iiuJk
A f Jl 1J I . ir. tIk m ; <>l '- iit I: CjmoIihii, ou
Iii : ?i..* ( ! i -mi!. Ullii :jt 10
II c|(K i i " I .III ' 'I III 11!
p:ir< h?'tl itm t ? ( :1 y
'!' " ? 1' J M* | . , .1. i ii i i iiu nl c f
Kv I'V 11 . r 'i < i; ii. h.? . a.
' 1' ' I il ll< . .), 1 I 1,1 : I ,, , i III : liter
iltiv c! . ...i
in rtltlll .
' : ' ' 1 "v . :u 10, . < ... .
, :i
I /

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