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S <v 11 j i 11o i - .1 n ii v ii n !
P / xv ? * *,/** v/ ? t/ mm m. mm ?.?
Published Weekly.
Above all, do not forget your overshoes.
Codflsh Is scarce and high, and a
flshball trust is suspected.
iu mnut- respucis vins nas uireauy
been an old-fashioned winter.
And so far no 0110 has invented a
?oft spot for aviators to fall on.
Tho English courts have small uso
for hypothetical questions or brainstorms.
One thing is certain, there is plenty
of room for aviators to make high-flying
records in.
TKa 1.1 * a\~ i *
iiu iiiiiw *ji iuii wujuuur cii'i'k are
excellent, hut the stubborn climate
will not adopt them.
Tho ncrvouH wrwlia in Newport are
the grocers who cannot collect bills
<luo from tho 100.
In football, as In politics you cannot
always toll. Tho saino is true of
love and tho stock markets, however.
There are .M nctivo volcanoes In
Japan, notwithstanding tho fact that
no political campaign is going on In
Pockets In woman's skirts are coining
back, says an exchange. If ever
they can find tho place where the} ,
used to be.
Dirigible balloons are dirigible
only when they move with the wind.
They cannot buck tho wind as a real
man-bird does.
The Ftatemer.t Is made by a Swiss
doctor that drunkards live longer than
total abstainers. Hut even if they do j
what's the use?
Tho population of tho Philippines j
has decreased U."> per cent, since we j
took them over. Does race suicide
also follow tln>
That fringe of puppy dogft at a Now
York wedding lias become almost as
fatuous as tlit* monkeys that dine with
"the 400" at Newport.
Canada levied no duty on the balloons
that started from St. Louis and
went north\vai\S across the border.
It did not know how to (it) it.
A New York judgo has decided that
Nevada divorces are 110 good. Just
like a New Yorker discarding
things because they're inexpensive!
Aeroplaning to Knrope Is tlie !ai< it
upon the aviator's schedule, it would
bo well to put off the attempt till
after winter- s:iy about flytime.
F.very little while somebody wins
tho world's championship at typewriting,
but for some reason champion
typewriters never pet splendid otters
to go on Iht: stage.
The man who never sees a $100 hill
has no reason to worry because of
that very dangerous counterfeit which
the Washington authorities sny is in
According <o statistics thero nre
10,000,000 telephone stations in tinworld,
and yet somehow or other you j
can't always gut the one you want
when you want it.
Thirty f >tir aviators have mot with
/atal nc.idonts during tile pa t year.
Still, Konv) of them might have
stepped on rusty nails if they had ro
tnaincd on the ground.
Somebody says that t In* way in
solve the transatlantic ; : via Mi n probloni
la to manufacture hydrogen gas '
4in route. If ho had only said hot air,
now, It would ho simple.
Another aviator has broken the
high-flight record for aeroplanes. it
happens even more frequently than
the launching ?>f (lie largest ship or
mo aeain 01 m" oiuohi Aiason.
Ilornco Hotelier Hav;-' that if ono i*
to p'-l his monoy'* worth out of a
glnHH of milk lio should chow It. It
might bo risked what, kind of milk
Ilornco is ir\ the habit of fating.
Somehow. wo find it alinbt imnoKsl
bio to i;('t Mil the feeling flint tho
man who marrlod tho lailj who wii:;
attended hy threo dog* a bridesmaid;
ouKht to be sympathized with even If
he did go into it with his eyes open
A Harvard profoi- or dec'arcs that
tho late and loveless marrhmen ni'o re.
xponsibln for Hit- disappearance of real
Yankw blood Most persons havo
thought lliiw wan flue to the wholesale
importation of other blood.
A I os Aug' leu woman uped a atlr'i
Cf dynainlt<? on her wnshboard. sup
jossing it to be soap. Tho fart tlint
thore Ns.irA i.>? > xplo ion Indicates tbat
the wrctchcd makers (if dynamite nro
adulterat inj; it Can't we havo any
thinK pure :?ny inbro?
A Clilcr >v ( f * i"'s r litis discovered
(hat ttor.cM . o: ip ler^use Kosnijiiiiij
Kivos ii pleasing shock to their vasomotor
systems. Having discovered ho
much, it ought to bo possible to discover
a substllnto and thus sava
aiuuy Innocent reputations.
Cotton <
Ray* dr*w&r&' i
| jfcc'crjpu'n
TlllS United States government gives
out from timo to time information
011 all sorts of matters pertaining to
the welfare of the people, but it is
fsafe to say that none of Uncle Sam's
news is so eagerly awaited as is that
contained in tlie periodical reports
on the condition of the cotton crop
which are issued at Intervals of a
month during the growing and harvesting
season. No one need he tohl
of the importance of the cotton crop,
not only to the people who raise this staple and
the foil; who convert it into a manufactured form
but to each and every one of ua who wear cloth
i/.s. GOVJTQs//V?yyr CROP rfpoxtwg
bos!/?D /yy S/:JJ/OS/. _
v . 11
l?W ? ? III II I ?l l I * L/A^n-v.v . .IT Jl flW
srrr/yya u/? r//r cor rosy ca>o^ /??PO#
Ing. Nor.- it happens that it is only the national
government that han tho nece sary facilities for
Keeping tab upon the progress ami development
of each year's cotton crop. Cotton is raised in
eo many states and over so wide an : re a that no
Finnic llrni or imlii-niimi tmo < > > :i:! 1 --
. UK Mil H'S U1I" III"
fortning himself of the yield in all scctiuns of
the "cotton belt."
And yet accurate advance informal. mi as to
the stale of the maturing crop is of the utrno-t
importance to tons of thou mds of Ame . iean
citizens and r-il.cr t< lis of thousands of people
over seas for. In4 it Known, t!" whole world depends
largely upon America for its cotton. The
business, commend.. 1 and financial world likes to
have a peep ahead with reference to any agri ultural
crop in order to make plans accordingly,
but in the case of cotton such foresight is < -;<<
< !;? 11 y vital, For, you understand, tie- comli<ioii
ui .. . IH|| i! n-iu-1 I III 111 lll(> (Oil III I Uiilc ROVi Turnout
reports tells everybody whether there is to
bo a good yl< Id ;r a poor yield of cotton and
tliis In turn indicati S to tho growc-r whether lie
will get a I igh price or a low price for his (lufi'y
white product. And as the forcn t hints to tho
mannfafl nrer whethci lie will net his cotton
cheap or not. so it signifies to him what Ik- must
charge tor tho completed goods as it cornea from
mills. And so :ill down the line t:> the "nltim.ve
consumer" the collmi nop reports < ..rr;. in their
imjiu'ii meaning :t ir.cssa;;.- <t i< . ;>rI < . or 11i;; i
prl( <
A the siimmfr and autumn ;<<as-nn advances In*
torest grows more and more in' enf-' in ouch sueAy.
A;; A;: A ; A;;A s; A, ;< A A ( A;; \ A A ;; A ); A;;
"Tliero's nothing din"< rs nt- re from ri al west'
rii life I ban i! i> Ittl* m of r< >1 v. esiirn Iif-*. as told
hv writers who ? 1 r: .in to have taken | (ft at !, in*
?!<"?. f! |)Ur>' (l tli st;:v role in i:i< t of the advon*
tni '- tfiey 1 o carefully d- ?-erihe, with an i I\ *r
I! -'I \ i? \v 1o n,rivet (! tail ! aM nil oM irontiorsiniiti
of tin- m v< hil":? "Ahfl elf :tll tli inlof)
,if w? tern 11 f < there's r??>is> that f 1 i: i so widely
fiNuii Pie r i! tliiiii' :i Mi t'i!<? <,l Hit- sti'.i?" e.?aeh
libld up.
1 i "ii I ItI< ; r< !<!< r hops vlvid1> tho outlaw
1> in wait nloir; the le <.f the esn" 'hhiff'
t< u o:nnii>n a %\< r.J to 11 v. lille the
enaeh toil:, up Iiv.mi !'"< 'arroyo* so Is 'gulch* the
ha. i, w > 11 ma ! i: i his 'poncho' likewise
I .1 ' , .. . (nil. , I?.. II... .1. 1 ....l.lf.l?
Th'-n oMm t' attar-k, tlio Killing of Mio
(Jrlv r, t . < wil.| | i.r !iit. 11. ajii'..; rif t!>f> Ir-ad'T
of hm' 1-; ml 11> hi) iiravo yimni; milling > iikIs??'pi\
vim li r thrown him.--. 'i' in front of the l)<-atitlf.il
tn 111 i> iiairi h !. f < r ju t In t i m < In saVo her
1 i aii'l K''1 ' liiilli r in his arm that ahr mirsoH
t}.r<>ur-ri to i i;irt iat' tin- r? pulse of 111 outlaws,
ct( , all nlt titifn'.lv : 'irnl. lied with monciv] Mi-sl
can I II . I .; 11 in ' ' heard < vi'cj I <iii the
melodrama s-1:ik*' ? II oulvi.lt i'w t;tlo aforesaitl
' Now Ik r I 1 if ? ll 'tt- Is : '.?!(??? nnv :-!:<> iing
In :i hi oo:wit r< ' < i < 'if t; ifi:? is Ot rlaln,
(In driver never I -dint. The driver Is never
cM ii Bin I at, f< ! I ' V vy son-ihly puis up Ills
hands, knowing how suicidal would ho any ati
iupt al resistance against armed outlaws, and
out the
men i, a ,
iiij li
"" 'pm?~/??
e<? iIiu?< crop leporl until it reaches a climax in
(lie rase of (ho November and Do ember reports.
The depart t'leni of ?i)?rl< ,JUire uses every pos ib'<
precaution to prevei > any hint of (he < ont<
i ts of a r< port becoming puhlie until noon on
the appoinloil day when the bulletin is Riven
sir nltanodi uly to every person who is waiting
for it at tin- hoad'piarters of the crop reporting
urn .iii 111 w i ii< ii ensues a ni;t(i imch
to i< It |?hones iiiul telegraph wires anil a feverish
light to he first to < oininunieate tho news to New
N ork and other eotton trading renters and to the
great fith - of Kurope. The regular newspaper
rorn -nondor.n sir with onr another in their efforts
to be first to get (lie cotton forecast "on
tie wire," but even more strenuous than their efA
; A A ;; A A ;; A A _ A ;; * ; A ;; A ;; A A )( A ;; A
lie sitting 111 there as pretty a target as one evr
saw in a shooting gallery. Furthermore, thr last
nfan they want to 1 hoot is the driver, for that
would mean a runaway team of all things what
t!:r rolihiM--. il.iii'l wiiit- 1 In 1 'i'.i <'1.1 ..iw.n'rti in
keep (hem busy, as It is. l't rhnps I emi'iot illustrate
l?c(t< r what occurs at a roal sta.ie robbery
than bj Rfviii;.' you my experience when I was
driving : ta?o through southern Idaho in the early
eight W s.
I H'fin driving from Khoshone to Itoise City,
about (hole one evening was v.eiiu' down lie
canon read that lends from C'anias prairie to the
headwaters of tho I'ayelte not a settler for miles
around. Thor< was only one passenger aboard, a
youm; woman from New Kngland.
"Now, while lhe country she had 001110 from
nnd that slio w.i- goiiiK to were civilized all riulit,
the strip In southern Iilalio we wore (hen traV?
ellnp over was pretty wild. Hut I didn't sa> a
word to her about it for fear of frightening the
little thill-!.
"She wax :ittintr un on the ho* with me nr.il
admlrlm; the minart lints in (In- western sky
when, as \\ swunx around a bend in tlio canon,
;t man Mainline in the middle of tlx* road about
fifty feet ..in; I, with a Winchester riflo lyinf? In
tile hollow of his ami. flniiK up his hand to me.
!!< was t tie flist human beinf; we had seen Him n
we left Slioshone at dayhrenk (hat morning though
that wasn't the reason f threw my leaders
back on their haunches, flung on the brake ami
came to a BUdden st/>v.
, )
rOAy A: 02JVST?D. CH/? f JT/1T/S7VC/A/Y
forts arc Ihose of the representatives of llie cotton
brokers and others trading en tlie stock markets.
Almost every successive cotton report issued
by (lie government makes the price of cotton
go up or down according as it presages a
good or a poor crop (or a crop that is different
in any wav from l.nmil.n- ;iini,-in;.tir..n -,,,1 11,0
broker who ran pot a "tip" as to ttie contents of
the report even a few minutes ahead of his fellows
may bo enabled to make thousands of dollars.
An Immense army of people scattered through
all the cotton-growing states co-operate with the
government in compiling its cotton reports and
almost all of them give their services free in
" ?;? jffiiiniiHiu i
?V| ; i|Mfonrj/VG 31//&AU
order to help tlio ofllcinls
? IH ?ii >\ miiiiKiou coiirpue ;i
fij i hi thoroughly accurate sysII
tenia of reports which, it
? |v || is recognized, is to tlie inI
W > s%^11 tcrcst of all concerned.
To he sure most of these
1' ^ ?<tfH ' X%. 11 correspondents who con?pM:^|l
tribute their mile to I'nclo
;ifc ..; Wj | r'- al Wain's mine of inforrna.ill
tlon on the growing cotjfe
\ 4 1| <' '<>p do not. have to
HHjHroSt a Q| to
^H|, ilg ' ill ' "'I '? i'"'v linos to WashV
V5 >? 11 tngton onco w<-h month,
"I - . ; ! !. r I \ i in' IMS
v {| !"i i 1 i!; i 11 i > 11 ;i . In I hf
>>* v >v v Ka 01 11 '' ( ' 011 !,ls piiiM
. ' ' ' plantation or in his
?"^nSSSSSSSn>1 Immediate n< Ighborhood.
w Jy\Jiu/w%W*tiM-, n ? in hi
n ?1.1 MUMitvufumnBiMa Most of these reports aro
/AY 0?Y}'<rj!rD /IS sent by mail but under
certain circumstances the
telegraph i.s used and in eacn slate I'nele Sam
has a salaried state agent who devotes his
whiilf* tr? t rr?v < ! it' nvor M?* Ktntr> :tml "v.i'/inf^
iil?" the situation, s< tiding in his conclusion by |
telegraph but taking the precaution to write: his j
UK'Ss'ij-'cs in a sec rot code or cipher so that no j
P?t. on. not oven the telegraph operators who ban- I
die tin-in, could catch their meaning and thereby
gain ;i hint as to what might ho expected in a
forthcoming crop report.
It is at tlm crop reporting headquarters itt
\V,t hington that this scheme of keeping watch
on the maturing cotton crop involves a task that
taxes human endurance. To convey an idea of
its magnitude it is only necessary to explain that
during the cotton growing season the statisticians
are in correspondence with tnore tluui sixty thousand
public and private ginneries and upward of
fifteen thousand bankers, merchants and Others
who are in a position to form opinions on the cotton
yield. 'We ndvices from all those volunteer
"IntrlllKMiee officers" arc looked up as received
at Washington and kept closely gunrded until the
di<> appointed for preparing the monthly report.
Tlien the hody of experts known as the Crop Heporting
Hoard is locked in a room and, taking all
the acrummuhited Information, goes over It and
II | i u i ~ I ill Olllll 11111 I ?V I 11411 I -1 I Willi U\S I 11?" I I
findings the average as it were, of nil (ho reports
received from every quarter. Conditions* may
vary greatly in different parts of tlie country but
tlie general report will give the people of the nation
a bird's eye vievV of the whole situation In a
bread sense. It Is this report which at the appointed
hour Is made public and inside of a few
minutes is (lashed to nil parts of the country and
to foreign parts.
AA H A :t *i: AA;; * ; :( *!( <fc
"'Throw out I ho mail Hack," ordered tho man
with the i*i(If.
"I reached down an 1 flung tho sack Into the
"'Hotter tlirow out lh" Wolls-Fargo box, too,
I gurss.' ho ad (I oil.
"I ktckod ovi r tho trrnsuro box as ordorod.
"'That's all,' Bold tho man, ourtl.v. 'Drlvo on.'
"I tonoliod up tho team ami %v<> vnt bowling
rirr11y Mown tlw raiiyon. Thore wa.i not a word
Bjiokon for a full (on minutes. Then Mio young
woman, Miming to nio, said, guilelessly:
''That looko<| lllo- a mighty lonesome plice to
have a postofllce!' "
' . ;
I linn rni 111 ruiinnrf I
H tttR IN NNANIiti
Prompt Response to Bold Move of
President Vail.?"Accuracy" Induced
Western Union's Surplus $13,000,000.?"Publicity"
Restored Confidence
and Its Stock Went Up.
Are the erreat flnanrlcrn of thAl
country beginning to see a new light?
Time was, until recently in fact, when
tho men at the bead of the big corporations
"kept their business to
themselves," as far as the law would
allow. Capable men at tho head of tho
big concerns, long realized the weakness
of their position, but what wna
nnnH^.I 1-. J
??vvvu uujiuuai/, u? in an great reforms,
was au unmistakable occasion
and a courageous man. Tho occasion
arose in tho purchase of tho Western
Union Telegraph company by tho
American Telephone and Telegraph
company, and the man appeared m
Theodore N. Vail, President of tho!
purchasing corporation.
It w?8 last December when public;
announcement was made that tho,
Gould holdings of Western Union badj
been taken over by the Telephone
On account of the high catceni ln;
which tho management of the tele-i
phone company is so generally held,I
great things were predicted as a re-j
suit of the absorption of Western!
Villon. By the press of the country
the "deal" was most favorably coin-,
nicnted on, it being wid. ly pointed
out that under the direction of suchi
men as Theodore N'. Vail and his as-l I
Bociatcs, the telegraph company was'
bound soon to work Its -If into ft. position
whcro it could offer t ho pul?lioi
far more pflioiont. service than it had
ever before been able to offer.
Thit a very few months ha;l elapsed
when it became apparent to the new
management that .*i modern and upto-date
appraisal of the company's
assets Would ninl.-n iw.ord.i-. -
am V | UOflll/IU <1 lill i
greater degree of efllclency of opor-|
ation. "Mere," they said to thcm-l
selves, "we've bought cent vol of thisj
. property and we know It's immensely:
valuable, but we don't know just
how valuable. Tli- so apt raisals of
roiJ estate and securities owned were
made a long time ago. If wo have
a complcto inventory made of every
thing we've Rot we can ;:n:ioi:ncr> the
facts to the i ubllc, start a new set of
books, and begin our responsibility
to stockholders right theiv."
How Inventory Was Trken.
Tho most expert accountants and
nppraisers to be had were rut at iho
task. Their labors latteri ever eight
months. Tlxir report and its publication
by tho company n arks an t pocti
!n finance.
it began by recommending an ad- 1
Justment of the difference between
the appraised and book values by a
rharge of $;">,.ri9r>,089 against surplus.
Hook values of securities held
were reiluee<l tn mn !#*? ??1
i.vi ? Uiltl
nnd doubtful account i wi re "charged
off," 4an allowance of $2,000,000
was made for "depredation." another
of $500,000 for "reserve," and so on,
until th<> old surplus of $lS,ftG7,000
came down to $f>.13f>.000.
It required courage, tlie publication
of this statenu nt to stockho'ders, saying
in effect: "The propi rty of
your company has been royal-'
ued: the surplus isn't nineteen millions,
as you have been 1< il to )>< -
lb've, l?ut five millions," but it was
tJio truth, and- PrcsMdt nt \":ii 1 did not
flinch. "Accuracy anil publicity," bo
declared, was essential. '"I lie stockbolder
bns a ri>;ht to know. Tbo
shares of this company ftv?~> scattered
from one end of the 1'riion to tho,
other. This is more tb; n a private!
corporation. It Is a ureal national
enterprise. Tim nnhiin t.ini-.i -
... Id * 111 IlIUU
the facts."
The report was ordered published
forthwith. FlnaneU rs of tho old
school and speculators generally wore
BKluist. What would happen? Would,
the bottom drop out of Western
Union when the shareholder? mniiv.:
ed that their propetry was worth
$13,000,000 loss than they had sup
posed? Hut tho amazing thin*;1
happened. The stork went up and
stayed up. Tho public had respond*;
ed to this rt markahle display oft
franknoss and confidence: to the new
motto, "Aceuraey and Publicity."
The full significance of the action
of thf> now hnop/1 ft4 \t. .\ 1 --1
_ ........ >.i nwnvll I-IIIICIHI'iy |
by Harper's Weekly In theso words: j
"Is this policy of publicity and ofi
open-handed dealing with sharehold-l
era and public tho foroninnor of a;
imilar movement on the part of oth-'
er big corporations? Certainly It Is
to bo hoped that it Is. In the caso
of these big companies, dependent
puunv. i?in miiifif mur nmng business
under public franchise, <\m
there be any question of the right of
the people to know?
"That light is being recognized.,
It Is recogni/.f d now in tills epochal
act on the part <>f the telephone and
tAlpSTIlllll {ht/irno*a f? ?? - - ?
. . .11.-.. II in I !?> (Ill W 11
of c now era In corporation finance."
All measures of reformation nre effective
in oxaet proportion to their
tinu'lin hh; partial decay may be out
away nixl ol? ;inh?<1; Incipient orrori
oorrcct? I; Imt ! !cro Is a point at!
which c< rruptlon can no more bo
f.: y.l, nor v.aiul.-iiim rooallod. It
l a ; ' ' ii Ils? manner of modern ptillroj
y t n-nv i i p*e slvo until that
in-oil:.e | r.c?l. t: 11 I t> If.ivo tho 8lck(
> | i i :;h, it:nl the f o i 1? to Btrny,
v},i!o it RpRnt Mm :f In ir uitlR oxer-j
: mis to rrt! ?^ tlie dead, imd reform tbei
.lust.?Runkln. ,

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