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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, December 29, 1910, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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N| K , ^ ^ liL ' i /\L,?
Euioroit .\|?i ti ; ;. i m i .?> | ,i??. ^ f w
"(-(Jill, (iCtT tit/ ir , . . Vl?r ?ft oi ConsrenK of 'iar?l? a. 187?)
/ /( A A A .s, s. (; />AY;\ - ? - - -- ? -V
? /o/fl ' Number 32
reenville Sc
"A merry C
hauov New Yi
ens County F
leberal patroi
enabled me tc
one of my
years. YOU
I hiring 1911,
Il'Mry McK
Wo >tl, I shall
our best servi
continuance c:
I am,
A. K.
End. G
" VIore Goods 1
We thank
Customers fm
(hiring i 91 o,
'Purr. Fresh 1
"You ^et Wl1
and "One. pri
madi* lots ol I
I loping to
urc of scrvint
and wishing
\cw Year, V
vJ ' I 1 ! w ? i V ! ' > i; I 1 f i
} 1 I 1 > l > \ i < i r * i ,
lass, ( 'a kn, 1 if>1
lor ( 'h rist mas
Mour. It is 1 Ik
A hoai. 100 |)oi
11(1 (" )> - you 1
) (> 11 :'1 n r. I)
our ! I'(;r ( I
.. J J , k i m i s (;1 <
\ ( w Lo. oi.' Sli
Sizes, Full 11 n
a ps etc.
W. :7>, :
,k \( t
mtli Oarolina,.
Christmas and a
ear" to my Pickriends
for their
lage which has
> make | <) j (')
most successful
iv i i:>
with the help of
Benzie and Burt
try to ^ive you
ce. Soliciting a
>f your trade lor
>urs Truly.
roenvllle, 5-4. ?o.
ror Less Money"
N ivSu
our friends and
* their patronage
) I'llJ4'S,
lat Vou (ali lor
c.e. to all lias
friends tor us.
have the pleas>
vm i c i 11 rmcr i r> i i
} J-> '
you all a happy
Very Truly.
Plus niui.rv.
a ?i ?\ v ?i * * n i ' T 9
if' yon \v nt 11i<_>
is, Loa I or I>111st!11
Try <?iii \ os:
! / 1 )(jst, iiuhIo Mill <
COM t | )l I M 1 | )H 1 <'! )
i () n 1 o r*<1 i \:; 111 (jo i' i
n>1) in and 1 < : us ti
irist m ;is K n 11 \ s j-i n
. / w I 1 I i i i i () in (> m
I ^
OCS j list ?M ri V(M I, a
(; I) ry ( i < m i( I -, II Ml
! -rC5?ti(fTk i,
!i<i Old IStiiJXi '
" a Jifc
will give a DEM(
Ilflpr QB M IIP. |W
on the farm of
who has kindly granted
demonstration on his pro
Every I
and all others interd4M?;
' .j
\r r- * r *
r S i
ii 1 I i j . I
I ^^7 v
i a c C ( me : > i c!?>><* an
! rr,n l u we expert to make i
\\ <; tli: r
tricn is ;\>vi < u
lii.c.ra! u
mj- t \ ar ami
! < 11 r <?vv 11 .
f I ! i I . I ' i :
v.K ' s
One-pi' -.
n ]? < y
vnnn umgm fu
M iiul'li MM 11
;i i
> i! I'll.
,.i r fill!
I -
( Ti
fi zz'rv-$
tii M H
1 IJ v,'^w^ m
T: V, ' v A1
S i. . . . i; ,t\ j 3 .M I
Pick.Ms ?
R. L, Dt
-- _- W_ f/ 4.
? FAI^,NG T?
teDYNAK,- ^
>!fe. At talVlLLE, S. C. "R
' " rWIt |. o .
- urt > Uunconi'i"
mi. i >: r "it m ' :ihii i?i -a
, "T '
Oil ' 1 at H >>. m. ^
*D 1
permission to make this
'are invited to attend.
sv ..ijj .'Vlij.*. C>)
id cat!i ol th -in have been well
9i i ;i banner year.
r<> Lli:mk our
st > i rs lor the
.\?< \ i r ui/ the
h:il <l-> li in
im merit .t con
. .air.e t r ! ? : 1
? i "-% rf
> ^ v- '^sarf- "at
r; Merchants
1 A Y ! . i ' ' I"
% & IfMt
& ^ "iW IS W &
J . . ?. J , :ji. V>i u
joining fifork
ivis Proprietor
Matthew 22:15-22; 34-46.?
[rr unto Caesar the things that arc Vacst
arc God's
I HE Fhnrlsee.s and Saddncees of onr
religion. They had formed n trust
/ rarely made an attack upon each o.tl
directly opposed. The Pharisees acidic
Law, and believed In a future life by
ved In a coming Messiah to exalt their
'. The Sndduceea bellevetl nothing o
?"I'lnir tllft IkOSf
Critics. Tliey wen; iuaum6 ?
existence. The Phntisees opposed .7
* -n. but criticised them, and showed
,n k and holy in the keeping of the
ipathy with the poor and less pr
was lucees opposed Jesus becaxtse, fi
*? ?P. But even as a fraud tlu*y w
the pe. only thnt they perceived thn
disturb. ufluence which they fen red
Empire > >?> peace and unfavorably I
Jesus, tlii 'in Jews. So while tne jsu
Thy tn Ion wan for different re
tmle, *'1Iosi dry of Jesus into Jen
minds of th 'ie Son of David," tl
common peop *s. Hut In the Sad
strife with the become so aroused
(he people from The l'hiirlsees st
words by putting Teacher, niul, tc
They reasonod 'on. "Is It lawl
little dUIiculty in h would siij
I'llato to put him to nrrested as
if if,i<t I'n^fni f(, ey reusone
pathy of the multltwh ' to Caest
almost supei'stltiously, ,p(^ "^os
tithes to any earthly Kit s'lt ''u
under compulsion. We n w
Master by complimenting i "rir
that thou art true!" Not o s "
appreciation of him as a To:. "
any cost. And bo they said.
further, they fortified their ponot
the person of mien!" '
These treacherous compllme
promptly answered. "Why tcnppt
your nase- designs muicr guise hi
tribute money." This was. literally,
paid. They handed liiin a /ifnarius. t
sponding in value to about seventeen
this image and superscription':" The
"Render unto Caesar the things thrvU :ii
are God's." No wonder the wily ri-.irb
him in his words! On the contrary, tt
ineutnry remarks stooil to his credit in
Next, the Sndduceea, the agnostics
asking one of their stock questions. S
the same woman and all died before
wife in the resurrection? They did i
heaven or IMirgatory or eternal torture
such teaching. The Pharisees and Je:
and it was against this teaching thnt t
Note the majesty of the Master's
Scriptures, neittn.-r the power of Ooil!
teaching respecting such question:!, an
groat Divine power which, at that rest
straighten out all the difficulties of the
ceeded to inform them that such 11s 1
tlon, such as would ^et a complete ra
\yould "neither marry nor he given in
the angels. Thus the supposed great
duoees fell tint ami tl -ir Ignorance wii
Next, one of the Doctors 0!' the 1
if itt t\f f 1 f? mil! I IVO i nillnl'l :l lU'P it**
.h'sus considered i Mo great one of nil.
t<-n coiumimndinc; s Into two. accordii:
"Thou shalt love the Lord tliy Cod v.
and with all thy inind." Thlrt Is th
And -the second is like unto it "Thoi
these two commandments hnn;: all t!
tli" Lawyer say to Hucli a cm m inn risen1
r-uy. lli'> m ;is answered as never hefoi
The <J rent Teacher asked the I'h;
Whose Son is he?" They answered,
queried, "How then dotli David In sp
Tl,.. T ...1 ....I.I ... ..... 1 ,.1 Oi# ?|
ii if i?( i (i uiaw in. i?' ? ii
< nornles thy footstool? If David thru
Of course tlie question was too do
::oul(l answer all of their questions l>
tifully clear we see it to he that the
of the lineage of David, but that <!q<V
Messiah of tlio flesh?tlint lie lay do
from the dead to the plane of glory, I
principalities nncl powers." We perc
(lie Son of linvkl. but that in his *rl?>r
will rocoivo through hlui, in due time
nlso the blessings of pnrlteipntlon in
Messiah III the flesh will thus hec-on;
earthly life is t<? be the restitution pi
Thus It Is written, "instead of thy
niuyest iiinUe priuees (rulers) in all t
September 18.
tr's; and tinto Cod the things that
Lord's day were the loaders of
or federation, so to speak, and
nor, although their doctrines wero
aiowiedged CJod and the prophet*
a resurrection from the dead, and
nation and through it to bless the
f tiie kind?they were agnostics,
t of the present life, doubting any
? i,? #1ill nnf acknowl
esus ubcuutc
. the hypocrisies of their claims to
Law, ami reproved thorn for their
rom their standpoint of unbelief, ho
ould not have bothered themselves
it he was gaining an influence with
might, sooner or later, lead to sotno
u.fl?nrmo the conduct of the iloman
ddueees aud Pharisees both opposed
isalom, and tho crying of tho multilie
Messiah! awakened envy In tho
ducees it produced a fear that tho
1 as to involve their nation In somo
rove to turn away tho sympathy of
> this end, sought to catch htiu in his
\il to give tribute?"
, It is tint unlawful, they would have
a louder of sedition and thus compel
d further that if Jesus should answer
ir ho would thereby alienate the sym"
- ? !?? lows hold.
mnim:" aner imu, i... ....
y, jis God's Kingdom, must not pay
oukl bo irreverent to do r.o, excepting
ully they endeavored to ensnare the
rut 1)fulness, saying, "Master, v.v know
ioy sought to impress upon him their
ie would toaoh the light, the Truth, at
best the way of God in truth'." And
ving. "We know that thou regardest,
ltended to ensnare him. but lie
hypocrites?" Why <lo you veil
ur the Truth? "Show mo tin;
oin in which i In- t.ix was u> bo
20 for i'io day iaijorer. corvo
,> .' ?^?i?v?Kkod, "Whose is
H1,SvV vN5> V Jesus replied,
e Caesar* \ things that
-oos w? 10 tr i V>w w? catch
ley wore for all oi' (In
(he minds of the common peo|
i, tried to entrap tLc Great Tea
Seven different brothers in turn i
she did. To which of them will .
mt ask. To which will she be w?
. for neither Jesus nor the Jews held
3Us taught the resurrection of the d*
he Sadduceos aimed their sarcastic qu
answer: "Ye do err, not knowing th
You do tiot understand (lie Scrioture
id you are ignoring in your quost'on tlio\
iiiTection time, will he exercised i nd will V
! situation. Then the Groat Tea< her protvould
(gradually) attain to the rc urrccIsln?;
up out of sin and death c<>ndition8. \
marriage," but would foe sexless, us nro
auil unanswerable question of the Sad- \
is exposed. \
.aw endeavored to entrap tlie Lord on a \
the Divine < '>iuman !menis. nvUin;; which \
'i'h:- Cjveat. Teneher promp!!.' divided lite
ig to the Law (1 >ont <?:fu. ;ind uiswi'i'ot),
ith nil thoy heart. n id wit it thy soul,
0 tlrst and groat (c.'iiofi < <> - mdiuont.
1 xhalt lovo thy noirvjibor i;s . .Ml On
n? I .aw anil tin I'iv phots ' it could
lion of tlio I.iwV 11 IiiKI r left to
uriftoos, "What think vo < f dalf"Tho
Sou of Davlil." Tho ') i thou
ilrlt (propheticnllyi oal liini !. v-i.vlnj(.
ion on my right hand til! ' < thino
i callotli him Lord, how i* i
op for tho Pharisees. The her
ut thoy could not ansv.-r hi* iiwiuM<..u,l.,l
#,. i I./. II,. I
i*H I i I . 11< I 1.1 t I ill l VI II
s purposes woro not fully uc< I In
ivn his tlcsh, sacriflciall.v. Hi > r isod
honor and Immortality. "far flu,
elve that in (In- days <<( Ills was
Ideation lie is David's Lord in ivkl
. not only resurrection front i !. hut
i tho Messianic Kiagd >111 uier of
tho son of tho Me?> ih <>; ul v lioso
lee for t lit? whole v. or l. in ! ?nvId
fathers shall ho lli <-dh'.j< im thou
lie earth." I'siv '.".in
i *' \
\ /
/ Iflt,
/ r)tn
/ hart
/ *

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