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it much
. s< . Yet we
to s. farewell.
d man it tottered
the end' of life's
i went forward to
vast vault wherein
.e forms of dead dynas
sheeted centuries swept
remorseless hand of time
at great graveyard at the
.nce of which rises the im
nary tombstone upon which
nscribed these words: 'THE
AST.' There is a sublime so
lemnity in the slowly moving,
yet never varying tide of years.
Man has marked its course into
hours, days, weeks, months,
years and centuries, yet it rush
es on, on, on, and still on, utter
ly unmindful of the puny marks
raised to measure the tide that
never tifes. Dynasties have
rose, flourished and decayed:
cities have sprung from fertile
plains and. then sank beneath
the desert's drifting sands; con
tinents have reared their lofty
brows above the ocean's track
less waste, only to return to the
coral caverns from whence they
rose; races have risen to the noon
of splendor and become lost in
the depths of night, but Time,
patient. plodding, tireless Time,
sweeps on with the same regu
is city as when it first issued
forth. f'com the hollow of God's
,; to he chant of the morn
ing iz ar. that proclaimed Crea
inn's dawn. And yet time is
h te image of eternity. the
shadow of a shoreless sea, the
Tez of . duration for which all
iDa pages past and all the aeons
. rj.wouldtl make or con
e first faint flush of the
Sak of the dawn of its
s&com- morning. "Eternity!
"7an; plsing,dreadful thought!'
~eedi'a bhe crash of matter and
the wack of the worlds, suns
-nd ems! Intelligence has
ar.-' ~ triumphs. It has read
the stars of heaven and can fore
m ' to a second when the great,
d stre will be hidden in par
Strayed fro a pee; it can read
rris. - r. of .tge creation on
bOte rocks of nature and unfola
.esecrets hidder~,by God in the
l s of the earth: but when it
mnpts to grasp the signifi
cance of eternity it stands abash
ed and dumbfounded at its ina
bility to comprehend an infinite
plan.______ __
After Tax-Dodgers.
If a rake-off in a liquor deal
is graftin:' the state's money,
what is the man doing who is
falseswearing about the amount
of tax he is due the state?
We often become awe-strick
en over corporation or foreign
graft, but have to be lambasted
into paying any attention to
our big army of home made
grafters-tax dodgers-at our
own door.
If it is a flagrant violation of
law for the general, whiskey
drnmm&r an~d Wiispensary men
to failto turn in just revenue
and profit to the state, is it not
also a crime of the .same for
our general friends in other oc
cupations to fail to turn into
the state every dollor of taxes
he is due the state according to
We farmers are prone to
point to corporations and the
business world as the great
harbingers of grafters, but the
plain truth is no man or class
of men can point the finger of
scorn at any other class and
e say thief! grafter!
The farmer has the same
et o this conceit, let
peep at a few pages
)unty Auditor's book
.sh with shame at the
c sheep there is within his
? flock.
Shy bless you, not long since
- farmer was looking over his
County Auditor's books after
another matter, and uncovered
the tax returns of another far
mer who is worth more than
one hundred thousand dollars,
who returned his property at
less than five thousand dollars.
This well-to-do farmer Days
less than one hundred dollars
tax, while another farmer near
by, who does own one-fourth
as much property, pays two
hundred and twenty dollars tax.
And worse still, this well-to-do
tax dodging farmer's son is on
the County Board of Equaliza
tion, while yet another son is
the county Clerk. Now this
may not be a conspiracy to have
one son holding down the Conn
ty Board of Equalization and
another holding down the lid of
the books that contain records
of securities of his father's, but
at the same time we are forced
to say that if this ugly state of
affairs is pot a conspiracy, that
it is at least an allfired con
Senient accident or coincident
to protecttax-dodgers.
Apintolerable Outrage.
Man'y of us know of cases
whew seie unfortunate who
owns no hIng taxable save his
head'andheels (poll and road)
hagheh chased for miles over
the country and finally run
down and in for from $8. to $12.
cost and the employer is com
pelled to put up the cash for
his unfortunate laborer or ten
ant or his man goes to the
chaingang, while another well
to-do tax dodger is just as law
fully due the state anywhere
from $50. to $100. is allowed to
false-wear and go free. Anoth
er case is.the "home builder"
(the sloAn Jpgr the safe'y of the
state sin* )pays one-third
on his pcase for a home and
borrowa nce and after
years of iling under the bur
en of high interest, taxes and
family expenses- is closed out
t last to satisfy the money len-.
er's claim which is lawful, but
he holder of these iron clad
securities had not paid a dollar
taxes on these notes and mort
ages during the whole time
this "homie builder" was
srgging to pay both interest
and taxes too.
Ask this money lender why
lie does not pay the taxes on
his securities and he will have
the gall to say a whole heapi
about doubl)e-taxing, to compel
the farmer to pay tax on bor
rowed money and the money
lender pay ta~x too), while the
law says both shall pay tax.
A King Tax Dodger In A High
I am informed by a relitble
source that we have in our state
a corporation that has put more
than one and a half million cash
into its business, that is paving
tax on only ninety-five thous
and, for the reason that one of
the head officials of this corpo
ration is on the board of asses
sors, and no doubt the whole
state has all sizes of this kind of
graft in all its counties.
Are the tax law of the state
made for the plain, honest peo
ple to go by and the unscrupu
lous .cunning to evade? Why
is it that the county auditors do
not go down into this thing and
place all the property on the tax
books as the law requires them
to do?
There are few among them
that has the "sand" to go into
the lair of the lions, that guard
the voters, that drive the nails
down in the shingles that cover
their heads! Do these flaunder
ing officers of the law think
more about their salaries than
all taxable property u pon i
books upon an equal bas's?
Is it a fact that many of thei
are tarred with the same tric
along with the common ta
dodgers and the rest of thei
keep mum for fear of bein
called a "common knocker?
So far as placing all property o
the tax books upon equal bas
at its market value is concerne<
the county auditor's office is
force, and the board of equal
zation is a huge joke.
Who pays for the Rake-off he]
Back by the Tax-Dodgers?
It is a'stupenduous fact tht
everyone who places his prope:
ty on the tax .books at currer
or customary rates helps to pa
the ,graft, or rake-off held bac
by 'the tax-dodgers, which fa<
should enlist the aid of all lam
abiding citizens with Comptro
er Jones in his commenc
able crusade for tax equaliza
The Remedy.
Publishing all tax returns i
the county papers every fou
years at reassessment of re
estate is the one fell swoop tha
would attract the interest an
aid of the people of each towin
ship of the state. This publici
ty is the gattling gun or ooni.
shell that would drive every Li
der out into the open where t a
populace can inspect the return
and see to it that no one sh!a
pass muster without a clean n
cord. For the same reason tha
we require publishing of expe:
ditures of the peovie's mon
that we may see where it goe
we should also know who is ne
turning in all the just tax mor
'ey due the county and state.
The drag-net that woul
catch all the sharks that juni
over or dive under the first c
January as the dates for pros
erty on hand, instead of namin
one day, the law should take a
average of several months for
basis of money on deposit or i:
any business.
Kind of Men to Enforce th
Our law makers should kee
the fact in mind that these ta:
dodgers are cunning masters i:
this art, and unless a niaaster il
the art of tax finder is sent af
ter them, the effort will b
These tax inquisitors shou!
not be floundering noliticeans
weaklings of the 80 cents call
bre, but a selection fr' n
among the ablest men we h; v
and paid. accordling to thi
wk -m1enI of spine. U iscrn '
law moere than kith or kin, c
frie or foe.
Somuething Must be Done.
this tax-djodging :raft lon;
enough. it is time for our reare
sentati .es to go for these "para
sites on the body politic" wit]
the gloves off, and provide
sure plan to tighten dow-n on al
taxdodgers alike. We have sen
a Lyon out after the "Liquo
Grafters" that fetched in th
"Game" and now we want
gang of "Bengall Tigers," tha
can see, to go after the wily ta:
dodgers. Something must b
done to relieve the strain upo'
the conscienee of our good pec
ple whe are in the habit of si1
ting in the amen corners of th
churches singing psalms on Sur
day. and go before the Count
Auditor on Monday and tak
an oath that the value c
their cow is $8 when the
know they could get $30 to $4
fo- her, or their land is worth S
per acre when they know the
other lands by them are sellin
for from 40 to $100 per acre;c
they have no other property t
their credit not listed in thei
returns, and spend six month
afterwaids trying to relieve thei
concience by saying "They a
do it," or trying to make then
selves believe that false sweal
in s diplomac or some othe
c-I . .
. .. . . . ..
t e
k, a
. ...-.
Corgt 1909 B.y
- $Cf.0S8RS6 0
.Tive Clothes MakersK
Balimor-4ad Newyork]
I. . (.*-.OV
- . X p:iown
- ----.--...rioh do the
n or each and #ov
erv is sure to
enem t - p and he coun
ejd a.s to -ler a dollar is a'
dotlbe - M r. r~c ita isri
,.. ....-- -
1 .
rone lPices .C
SD. . . eariht
Picens Sout Carolina.
Ofnice upstairs Freemnn Bldg.
Castle Hall
Pickens Lodge No. 123
K. of P.,
Stated convention 8:30 p. mn., Monday
evening after the 1st and 3d Sunday.
r Work aihead for all the Ranks.
OA il vcisitrs co-dially invited.
By order of
r ID. G. MOO RE. C, C.
SA. M. MORRIS. E. of R. and S.
e- a ~ca..a a...n. bmfel. a~r
Promoro.. a luuran grou.
rnNever Tans5 to Restore OWe
mW.~ iraus Mb S..
_ The man who aims to dr
rather conservative clothes, wi
our men's styles in keeping wi
Collegian igarments are I
for the young man-while they
no extremes of an unsightly
they are naturally less conse
than the garments produced fo
older men, who keenly rec
style, but whose tastes do not ru
same direction of the young
who admires and demands mor
hose Jittle features which tend y"'
make a garment somewhat more
Our clothes for men are produlisS?.
for those who insist upon style:
just as decided a character as we
in the collegian fashions, but who
to avoid some of the extremes in . 01
rics, in cut, and in general lie
which the younger man would naf
ally admire. The style is here tc
equal degree, but it is subdu
meet the requirements of the
conservative dresser.
It is unneccesary to be a jud
merchandise to see -at a glance.
result of our standard ot clothes
king. The merit of these garmt
will be evident to you, If you sin:
test them for a season or two.
You will quickly realize how ni
this high quality standard mean
the wearer of our garments
My pafriiis'have shs1w
the-ir-appreciation by the Rif
u i' of business they have giv
--n me diuring the, year i1910,
frwhich I hope that each of
v"m ind:ividually will acceptmy
uuinks. My business (-ach
\*dr since I came to Pickens
hu bee constantly growing .
U 1 wehope~ to me- it a con
;TiUacU of your conhdence,
JN. H ALLUM, Manage-r,
ee Supply CO0
By your liberal trade you
have helped us to strow flow
ers on the grave of 1910, and
we are very grateful to you
fr your kindness.
We are going to continue to
give you the very best goods
for as small amount of money .
as we possibly can.
Hoping you have had a
merry Christmas, and Wishing -
you a happy New Year,
We are,
Yours Truly.
B ~j X Ma~a~8

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