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Ak Al
Entered April 23. 19i3 at Pie en,.. e I t enauer, umier s-t C: of .%:arth 3, 1879 n a
PI(KENS, S. C., JAN 12, 1911. weakness
,neYear. 10 n
Gereen~v11e .cort1 Caroltn a.
"A mnerry Christmas and a
happy New Year" to my Pick
ens County Friends 1for th'eir
leberal patronage whichi his
enabled me to make 1910
one of my most successful
years. YOUR Patronage ,is
During 1911, with the help of
Henry McKenzie Aand. Burt
Wood, I shall try to give you
our best service. Soliciting a
continuance of your trade for.
I am,
) Yours Truly,
estEnd. _Be aC ae tiv1e. -.c>
IMre Goods For Less Money"
! ~iJa.ltto D1a
Use Putnam's Fadeles Dye
or Diamond Dyes..
A Full Line of Both.
Don't forget that White Pine
& Tar for that Cough Hits the
We Carrr a 6omplete line of
Keowee Pharmacy,
Is The Brand, if you want high
class, Cake, Rolls, Loaf or Buiscuit
Jor Christmas. Try onr Vestal
Flour. It is the best inade out of
Wheat. 100 per cent pure patenti
and costs yrou no more than com=
mon Flour. Drop in an. let us fill
your bill for Christmnas Fruits and
ALL kinds of Good things to eat.
SNew Lot of Shoes just arrived, all
Sizes. Full line Dry Goods, Hats,
Caps etc.
W. B. Freeman,
"Alt the 0 1 Staind"6
Carelessitess or Vengeance
While Men and Women Were in
Mazes- of Dance Mining Powder or
Dynamite Was' Exploded-Dancere tj
Wrapped in Deadly Flames. p
Three persons are dead, eight may
die as the result of their injuries, and
ten more are in the Westmoreland
hospital with painful burns, as penalty
either for somebody's carelessness on
somebody's vengeance, while miners
were holding a Christmas celebration,
at Keystone Shaft near Greenburg..
Pa. .
The accident occurred at the home
Q Michael Wilding, while- he was en.
Cirtaining a party of about twenty
five men and women. some of wh'zr a
had come from Youngstown, Ohio, tc 9
seek work in the mines there. R
It is believed -that one of the rm.en a
in the party while- a dance was in 5
progress threw a cigarette butt c2re-- tc
lessly under the s::irway of the - 01
Twenty-five poun-is of black i: te
powder are said to have been stored cc
there in an open can.
Rumors were curr::: that ztrihinS L
miners had' thr-r:u a bomb under the h<
tairway, viz tere was no confirma- w
tion of the report. SE
1:iam,*s . . h powder shot Io
lhrough b1: room and the aorid a -
blinded the dancers as they broke ;
)way for escape. to
The clothinle -of nearly all the
lancers took fire from the explosion. I
Lnd although the room was burned and A
baekened, the house was not serious
y damaged. Men in adjoining housesg
The Kind You Have Always Boi
in use for over 30 years, has
. and has
sonal Snl
Allow no
AU Counterfeits, Imitations- an
Experiments that trifle with. a3
Infants and Children-Experie
What is CA
Castoria is a harmless substit
goric, Drops and Soothing Sya
-contains neither Opium, Morp
substance. Its age is its guara
and allays Feverishness. It ci
Colic. It relieves Teething Tre
ind Flatulancy. It assimilates
Stomach and Bowels, giving b
The Children's Panacea-The]l
Bears the Sig
Theo KindlYou Llav
In Use For Ove
ushed in with blankets and wrapped
hem about the burning women. saving
iany from death. Superintendent H.
'.-Bovard, of the mine, arranged for
special train which brought the in
ared to Greenburg, Pa.
ieorgian May Head Interstate Com
merce Commission. A
The nominations of the two mem
ers of the interstate commerce com
iission, C. C. McChord and V. H.
leyer, have been confirmed by the
Within the next two or three weeks
3e commission will 'organize and the
robability is that Judson C. Clements,
f Georgia, will be elected chairinan
f the commission, to succeed Judge
[artin S. Knapp, who goes to the
ew court of commerce.
Judge Clements is now the senior
Lember of the commission and ac
)rding to usual custom would be the
gical chairman. As he is very pop
lar with his associates, his election
considered a foregone conclusion.
A telegram received at Chattanooga
inounced the deth of County Judge
th M. Walker at Mayo hospital,
ochester, Minn., where he went for
i operation for gall stones. He was
i years of age and a native of Dal
n, Ga. He was an alumnus of Em
-y college, Oxford, Ga., and for six
en years county judge of Hamilton
>unty. He was'recently re-elected.
William H. Troon, president of the
ynn board of trade, is dead at his
>mic at Lynn, Mass., although his
ife gavc hr b:Od in an effort *3
w.,e him. -er slufered from a se:i:-s
nasal honcrrhages which wca;
ied his system to such an extent that
t transfusion was a&-. d.- It fai!ed
pro!cng his life, however.
Cicero Wood and Marion Gibson,
ro young men, quarreled at Cullma..
[a., over a young lady and agreed -.o
to the outskirts of the city and
ght, and which has been
borne the signature of
been made under his per
rvision since its infancy.
rone to deceive youIn this.
16"Just-as-good" are but
3d endanger the health of
ace against Experinent.
te for Castor Oil, Pare
-ups. It is Pleasant. It
hine nor other Narcotic
ntee. It destroys Worms
res Diarrhwea and Wind'
ubles, cures Constipation
a the Food, regulates the
ealthy and natural sleep.
iother's Friend.
enature of
Allways Bought
r 30 Years.
e 45
"shoot it out." Wood was killed a
Gibson gave himself up to the auth<
ities. Gibson fired five times a
each shot took effect, and was himst
Mrs. Elizabeth Dearinger, a nati
of Kentucky, who died at Taylorvill
Ill., at the age of 93 years, from t
effects of burns received when h
dress caught fire from sparks fro
her pipe, had 201 living descendani
Six children of a family of sixte<
survive, besides 67 grandchildren,
great-grandchildren and S4 gret
John Hunter, a well-known farms
was instantly killed at Sewell Ferr
Ala., by Charles Packer, when the ki
ter struck him with a piece of scai
ling. Packer claims Hunter had c
dered him out of the houSe and th
pursued him, forcing him to strike
E. A. Hamilton, a young farmer 1i
ing near Laurens, S. C,. was fout
dead at his home with his head almo
completely severed from the body at
a bloody ax by his side. His wife, w!
recently returned from an insane as
lum, is being lield by the authoritie
Among her hallucinations before b
ing taker to the asylum was that si
had killed her husband.
Mrs. Emily Smith, aged 79, w
burned to death in her home at C
lumbus, Ga. The family had left tl
house and it is supposed she caug]
fire from an exploding lamp. Passer
by discovered the fire and when thl
rushed in found the woman dead.
Five persons were severely injur
and seven more slightly injured whE
a Cincinnati, New Orleans and Tex
Pacific Railroad passenger train w;
partially derailed about fifty yar<
west of High Bridge, which spans ti
Kentucky river.
Afflictions sent by Providen'ce
melt the constancy of the noble
minded, but confirm the obduracy
of the vile. The same furnace that
hardensclayliquefies gold,and in the
strong manifestations of Divine pow
er Pharaoh found his punishment,
but David his pardon.-Colton.
* * *
FOREIGN Turkish troops fightit
NEWS the Bedouins have driv(
ITEMS. the revolters out of the ]
Kerak district in the Vilayet of Syri
near the Dead sea, after a sanguinai
engagement. Official advices receiv
state that in the battle the Bedouhi
lost 450 killed pnd 600 prisoners. TI
Turkish losses were 7 officers and
A special dispatch from Toklo, J
pan, states that the American vi<
consul at Dalny, Manchuria, Adoli
A. Williamson, was assaulted at a fil
market in Dalny by several Japanei
and Chinese. The affair will be r
ported to the state department.
It is announced that Jack Johnso
the heavyweight champion, has a
cepted definitely the offer made son
time ago of $25,000 to go to Paris*
April and fight the winner of the a
proaching match between Joe Jea
nett land' Sami Langford.
A Paris dispatch from Madrid stat'
that advices from Lisbon describe ti
political situation in the new republ
of Portugal as threatening. The go
ernent is reported as not sure
the loyalty of the army and navy.
In the Chinese suburb of Fudziadi2
there were twenty-three deaths fro
bubonic plague on Christmas da
Ninety-eight persons suffering fro:
the disease were taken to the ho
In disorders and dis
eases of children drugs
seldom do good and
often do harm.
Careful feeding anid
hahing are the babies'
r emledies.
8S0tt's Emulsion'
Sis the food-medicine that
not only nourishes them
most, but also regulates
their digestion. It is a
wonderful tonic for chil
-dren of all ages. They
rapidly gain weight and
*health oni small doses.
Send 10c., name of paper and this ad. 3:
'r beautiful Savings Bank and child's
*:etch-Book. Each bank containa a
-ood Luck Penny.
,0TT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl St., N.
I ' -/. ^/:,
Id! von)es .u 411dfy 01U
News is scarce in this secion,
f but as I did not write last week
I will send a few dots.
re Mr. William Heaton, of the
,e Greenville side visited his uncle,
ar Mr. J. H. Heaton, of Pickens R.
" 4, last week, and reports having
had a jolly time. He took a big
4 rabbit hunt while up.
Christmas was very dull with
me. Of course old Santa bro't
me several presents which I ap
- preciated very much.
Mr. R. F. Burns and wife have
I just'returned home from a very
n pleasant visit to the latter's pa
rents, Mr. W. M. Jones and
wife. Mrs. H. L.' Jones was a
3t recent visitor also at the home
d of Capt. Jones.
Lo Mr. Johnie Capell and family
S. have just moved to their new
e- home in this section and which.
they report O. K.
Miss Leila Jones visited her
brother, Mr. Holoert Jones and
te family one night last week.
i Mr. and Mis. H. L. Jones gave
the young folks -an enjoyable
pound supper on the night of
a December 28th. It was greatly
2 enjoyed by all those present.
LS Mr. Tint Williams gave the
Is young folks a dance on the 2th
uit.. and Mr. J. H., Capell, of
the Dacusville section,. gave one
on the 31st ult. Both were very
much enjoyed by those present.
Well, I guess I've scared the
correspondents all to death, or
something else is wrong I know,
for there used to be a few letters
every week in the paper but they
are very scarce now. Now let's
commence at -the first of the
year and make it a habit of ours
,g to write to the Sentinel-Journal.
I think it would be a very good
habit to any-one, boys or. girls,
men or women.
d Mr. Fetz Crenshaw. who has
been attending Clemson College
7 is at home for the holidays.
Miss Lizzie Sutherland is at
home for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hughes
h visited the latter's parents, Mr.
e and Mrs. W. M. Jones recently.
e Mrs. Sallie Dill is visiting the
family of her father.' - She will
c- remain for some time. E'
Mr. Dee Johnsoraand wife are
Sspending a time with the latter's
rparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gilli
land, of Pickens R. 4.
PSIll ring off for this time.
Lonely Sweetheart
Death of R. L. Bryant.
Last Wednesday evening the
Sremains of R. L. Bryant were
- brought here from Atlanta, Ga.,
rwhere he' died Tuesday Jan. 3.
The body was accompanied by
Shis wife and children and a few
other relatives, and on arriving
here was taken to the home of
J. J. Shipman, the wife's fath
er. The interment took place at
Sthe cemetery at 11 o'clock
Thursday morning, the services
j being conducted by Rev. J. R.
Mr.'Bryant's death was the
Iresult of an attack of asthma.
He was 38 years of age, was a
ntvof Pickens county, S. C.,
ntiveo a conductor on the
Southern between Atlanta and
Greenville. About nine years
ago he was married to Miss Ida
'Shipman of this vlace. He is
survived by his wife and two
children. -
TH.Shipm an, who was
IIsummoned to Atlanta.'Mmmred
Iwith the funeral party, among
whom was Rufus Bryant,a -
brother of the deceased.-Syl
van Valley News..

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