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T HUR4AY JAN. 2 111
The 'Back Home Movement Railway
The session of the Immigra
tion Board of Associated Rail
roads in the South, held at Alta
pass, N. C., recently, marked
the beginning of cooperative ac
tion on the most remarkable
plan of immigration ever under
taken in this country.
The "Back Home Movement"
is simply that of specially invit
ing each person who has moved
from the South into states be
yond the Mississippi and Ohio
rivers to re-visit his old home
country with a view of again
living therE. With the invita
tion are giren facts concerning
the changes and wonderful im
provements which have taken
place in the south in the last few
years. The plan was inaugura
ted by the Industrial Depart
ment of the Carolina, Clinchfield
and Ohio Railway last August.
and a tender of the methods it
has employed was formally
made to -and accepted by a ma
jority of progressive railroads of
the South in a conference which
they held at Altapass. Ltters
and telegrams were sent from
southern editors and commercial
organizations offering support
and sending long lists of former
southerners in other states.
Another conference will be
held at Chattnooga February 15
when the organization will be
nerfected, and a permanent
prcss bureau established. .Until
then W. D. Roberts, Assistant
Industrial Agent of the Clinch
field road will continue the press
work for, the Board, and the
gathering of names and address
es. The governors of the south
ern states will appoint one dele
gat1 fron I each Congressional
district and two from the State
- at large to attend the Chatta
nooga Convention, and confer
with the railroad r-epresentatives
and all newspaper editors are
invtedtobe present.
A number of Boardis ofrad
arreOthrn names and theC
lOrst s tha in ene
pn s w - o
York, thut thec -.'hfi '.l
in extending the' 'Bacz H{on*
'Movement' to inclde all those
states east of the Mississippi anc
south of the Ohio and Potoma<
rivers; also it will participate ri
the proposed S-250,000 cam paigr
ol. advertising the resources o:
those states in publications o1
national circulation and other
wise, especially with a view t<
attracting farmers."
It was also stated by the vice
president and general manage:
of the Clinchfield, Mr. J. J.D.am
pion, that although no direct ad
Svantage could possibly come t<
bis road from the "Back Hom<
hMovement," except in the states
of Th-ginia, Tennessee, Norti
adouth Carolina, yet tne in
crease of population in any state
)f t jj outhi woniM in''rease t
of the southl, an~d. therefore,
is hianir imporm:ii tia ad tfl
railroads inthOsO ~Stae work to
han t
rIlr en itLw
Sh -
:he~ f;r.d 5te hat~ it isone
whiflch should > taker~ by: the'
railroads co-oP'-ing foether,
an with the people of the south,
through their commercial organ
izations and newspapers.
Teaching Tzmperance in the Schais.
Law Rpouiring Seientific Tem
perance Taught in the Public
Schools of South Carolina.
October of 1908, 25 stats., 1093,
provides -.s follows:
Sec. 1201a. 1. That the na- 1
ture of alcoholic drinks and nar- ]
cotics and special instructions as
to their effect upon the human
system, in connection with the
several divisions of the subject
of physiology and hygiene, shall
be included in the branches of
study taught in the common or
public schools' in the state of
South Carolina, and shall be
studied and taught as thorough
ly and in the same manner as
other like required branches are
in said schools, by the use of
text books in the hands of pupils
where other branches are thus
studied in said schools, and oral
ly in the case of pupils unable to
read, and shall be taught by all
teachers and, studied by all pu
I pils in all said schools supported
wholly or part by public money.
2. The text books used for
the instruction required to be
given in the preceding section in
the primary and intermcdiate
grades, shall give one-fourth of
their space to the consideration
of the nature and effect of alco
holic drinks and narcotics, and
the books used in the highest
grade of graded schools shall
contain at least twenty pages of
matter relating to this matter.
:3. It shall be the duty of the
officer in control of any school
described in the foregoing sec
tion to enforce the provisions of
this act; and any officer. school
director, committee superinten
dent or teacher who shall refuse
, or neglect to comply with the re
quirements of this act, or shall
neglect or fail to make proper'
provisions for the instruction re
quired and in the manner speci
~ed by the first section of this
aet, for all pupils in each and
very scho~ol uder his prisme
on shl be removed fromn of
and a ..t U-h
and supe--aI itionl will be side
issue and a new; religion br'ought
forth. If the people want to
know more about it let them
read and think.
M. W. Hester.
Notice to Debtors and Creditors.
All person's holdiinzr claims~ seinIt
the estate of ;he late N. A. Keinh
mnusr pr.esent the sam duly p~r-.ven "U
or hfore the 1 (day of March 1911, or be-.
d ei;rredi payme1 ano all personls ini
me~nt; onf or.13 bt >ra the. doCve d~w TO
Notic to Debtors and Creditors.
stat3 of th'e M.---:U s 'P. ilngnes mus1t
in -flt~L1~ u min strat for
n "a -?h Sunday afternon.
Gap!_ Hill: t3d Suinday 11 1.m
Twelvi Mile: 3d Sunday af
North Pickens Appointments.
The following are the appoint
nents of Rev. E. L. Thomason,
Pastor of the North Pickens cir
uit for the Year of our Lord,
911. Let everybody encourage
;he preacher by keeping his ap
pointments in mind and giving
im good congregations:
Porter's Chapel 1st Sun. 11a. m.
Friendship 1st Sun. 3 p. m.
Bethel 2d Sun. 11 a. m.
New Hope 2d Sun. 3 p. m.
NcKinnie's Chapel 2d Sun 11
a. m.
Salem 4th Sun. 11 a. m.
Secret Order Meetings.
Masonic-A. F. & A. M. meets
Saturday nights on or before
the f ull moon
Chapter-R. A. M. meets Fri.
day nights on or -after the full
K. of P.-Meets every Mon
day night after the fi-st and
third Sundays.
W. 0. W.-Meets4everv first
and third Tuesday nights.
City Council meets Tuesday
nights after first Mon(avs.
UnIeaahy Kidneys Make Impura Blcod.
Weak and unhealthy kidneys a:c re
sp~onsible for much sickness anasuffering:
- therefore, I kianey
trouble is Lermittd .tcO
continue, serious re
suits are most likely
to follow. Your other
organs may need at
tention, but your kid
nevs most, because
they do =ost and
should have attention
first. Therefore, when
your kidnevs are weak or out of order,
ou can understand how quic'ly your en
tire body is uecte2d and how every orgar
seems to fail to do its duty.
f vou are sick or "feel badly," begiz
taking the grcat kidney r:ccdy, Dr.
K ilmer's Sw:--.oot. A tra wili con
vince you of its great nerit.
The mild and irmedizte effect of
Swxp-Root, tC'e great. kid..ey arc
imaih =.t ing-erer s. a beer
r -1
T.. hu. (n. . J Jiary
Lopers in Thu.1 (p. m.') "
w Ju - 'I l' *i''- v . '*- ' ) "
,'i-we. (:n. mn.) February
ra -- (p. m ) "
Eastatoe' Saturday"
Returns will be taken in office durn
whole time-. Respectfully.
Auditor, Pickens Bounty.
INotice to Debtors and Creditors
ALL persons holding claims againg
the estate of tha late Cody M. Mille
must present the same' duly proven 0i
or beore the 1 day of February 191I
or be debarred paym-.nt and all erson
ndebted to saiid esta-', must mn~k*e pay
ment on or before the above date,
the ne'rsigaei.
Castie Hai
Pickens Lodge FNo. 122
*-c. -~ . -r the 1st and :: Sancay.
'Work ahead for all ti:.- P:mks.
All visitors cr-lin : -.-itd
By rder of . OR.CX.
. nA. M. ~ltS . er R. and S.
F-4 "
On all (
Men's, B
01 S
a h it
G A L L . t-, 1~ h il'. ih r
Shoulder Blades and Eackac he. -.-ach trn!.l
ndigestion.Sick Headache. Coic. J:e-dl-r- rscS
uontipation. Piles. Blules. N-r**ete welnegr:. : 'bi::.
Loss of Energy. Soreness. Fcl!r.es. or OGr,. eon over
reion of Liver or S:omach. C-m-r-ic Catarrh. iad Taste.
Coted Tongue. Weak or irrecuiar He'arr. Thesc are
nmistakable symptoms of GalistoneS. 2 coditine pro
ductive to their formation. Each per-e:- d'es no: usually
hae all of these symptoms. but Gall tr:es are likely to
produce them at 4ne time or other We will send a
copy of our copyri:hted
on Gall troubles. Appendicitis nd ::!! Stomach and
Liver Ails. tn :nvone intereved or who !.-fers from any
of the above syrptCOms, or. tO avoid delay and sufferin;. let
sen y u ::ce a package cotaingf
u30en youtAyC' T ATMFNT FOR $
Mey refunded tor medi;:ines returned within 10 days if
tfully satisfied. tOur tre~rinent consi'.tt of fo.ir dislerent
edicines which it taken in conjunction will effect a cure
nany case.
ept. 33, 223 Deacrborna St., . Chicago. ililno:
Thi DecemIber 15 .t10
iant,afr~T' A-:
counfty of Picxcens
Court of Cntomo l'ent
a ummron<; for llelif-Comp lat tnt Se'rved
1. Aubard efnd nt
- Tothe deferIart asiove muinetn
) ou are I tireby su mni and reuire'd to
nswer th.e compIlain t ntis letion. o
hih a *opy i' he(rewith served tupon. Vol
d it to Cerve a ttopy of your ans:wer t. tihe said
.n int on the sbscribers att their othiec in
11kens. .Southi Carolinai withint twenty days
ater the servie here'of, excluive. of the day
su'h :-ervice: aut! if you il~ t :ultswer the
l in t -is~ at. will npply to the Court for
g l ID .-:t . . I
-> vl Fnd k-.
I tornleys.
.! . t.t:u ' i r d .
Yn *:-e hreby :o~''1 -tat th complainft
* couttdicy,
---.7' dly
-re- That
om the Mammoth
k of Clothir
which I Carry.
per cent
oys' and Children' s
'coats. Also on all
bis se lasts ever.
ld for SPOT CASH
)H H
Test Dr.
On Tni
Did you know that you couldl
a-ce-a the balance of the Winter, aj
first day of August, then if you are
and paid big,
W e w~L refri~ii every eeli
I: is to make your hens lay, to m
healthy and strong, to cur gapes, ci
Of course you are( expected t'e k
ce and for that pu 'rpose we k~n(:
Instant Louse Killer
' R. L. Davis Pi
Every1hingf o
* :
of se
ing of
yt hint
eed Dr. Hess Pn try Pan
tig, in fact ntin the
not satise that haspaid
t you have paid us.
ake your chicks grow fast
olera r'd roup.
w ucr pauhiay tree from
w of nan better than
a a
ool arior
FE -
rtliat Cake
00us. 0DR ,S

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