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Begin Now
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highiest number (
Do you ow(
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Give Some!
Georgia Democrat Who Is Head of j
_Interstate Commerce Commission.
French Premier Was Target of Would
Be Assassin.
Two revolver shots were fired at:
Premier Briarkd in the chamber of dep
uties at Paris. He was unharmed.
This is the second recent assault
upon the premier. On Novemdber 20,
in the cours.e of the ceremonies in the
Tuilleries gardens, in connection with
the dedication of sutue of Jules Fer
ry, M. Lacou.r, a Royalist, struck Mr.
Briand twice in the race with his cane.
The premier was not seriously injured.
Lacour subsequ~enlty was sentenced to
three years' imprisonment.
Seven months earlier a workman
named Duplanil, armed with two re
volvers and a knife, was arrested as,
he attempted to force his way into a
hotel at Saint Etienne, where the pre
mier was stopping. The prisoner was
thought to have been unbalanced men
tally. His grievance was the premier's:
attitude in the electoral campaign.
The would-be assassin is a man.
named Gissolme, who was formerly
clerk of the courts of Bayonne. He
was pounced upon by police officers
before he could use his weapon again
If he had such intention and was hur
ried from the place.
Anrdrew Carnegie has announced a~
gift of $10,000,000 to the endowment:
fund of the Carnegie Institute of Re
search, of Washington. This bringd.
his endowmeI~t to the institution i ie
a total of $45,000,000.
About it
omnbae n
>t taeh Senir
promine , me b 1h Atlnar
butno v o e. r o. i nap
:atrthe sitinfje-oth
eormd atb the promt~I-o
>fJdeo adatr tak the S enchr
>fthe a Supr mut in thie
bTh nowetcg of eCori n erpsip
cant fr thew porleaons was sente ofte
eigth Uteme Statesjudl, circut',48
ourtae vaafb the .granoint
ofnmarg, wasndeint ie bsaid
ofb the SuremCordt of t0hus Uied
Telrgstrimig of coneverpan ship
ed 4,000 bags Orlteacns, wa sensas
shels Mofmshe the grain.gndt
William C. Scruggs, a prominent
ad well-to-do farmer of near Clay
to, Ga., was struck and instantly kill
d by the pilot of an engine on the
allulah Falls Railway, just north of
1aton. He had been attending a
meeting of the- local camp of Confed
rate Veterans, when the accident oc
umiliation of Arrest Caused Girls to~
Commit Suicide.
A Chicago 'dispatch says: Death
ame to the two girls who set fire to
their clothing while Imprisoned in the
Lemont, Ill., jail, in an attempt to comn
mit suicide because of the humiliation
their arrest had brought them. Miss
Stella Maxwell, 18 years old, the elder,
ied in a hospital in Joliet, wherc they
were taken when rescued by firemen,,
who battered down the jail doors. Miss
Freda Kemper, 17 years old, died at
the Joliet hospital. Both girls lived in
Joliet, Ill.
They had been arrested on charges
of stealing furs at Lemont, where they ~,
had gone from Joliet to attend a
Mayor Herbert Clay, of Marietta, Pro
posed For Senate
The suggestion that Mayor Herbert
Clay, of Marietta, will enter the race
for United States Senator to succeed
his father, Hon. A. S. Clay, is the in
teresting news discussed among Geor
gians at Washington.
It is said pressure has been brought
to bear upon Mayor Clay to have him
enter the race, and that he will have
the backting of soine influential polit
ical factors who were close to his fa
ther, the late Senator. Should there
be no primary and the Legislature
have the choice of a Senator, the
larger the number of entries the great
er the prospect of a deadlock, with all
the possibilities that brings up.
Judge Daniel W. Bond, of the Mas
sachusetts superior court, died at his
home, at Wal.ham, Mass., from a comn
plication of diseases. He conducted
the recent tril. of Hattie LeBlanc,
who was acquitted of the murder of
Clarence F. Glov'er, a Waltham iimh
DP rontPage.
The Race-Is On
f AAn Early Start
Is Half The
The~ Pijano 1
U pright But The
D eaI Is quare
girls, who eiiter and get the
urnal? bENE W.
el-Journl.? SUB1SCRIBE.
Contest w.ith your votes
Pickens, S. C.
Cut out this coupon, fill it in properly and send to the contest
Dept., of the Sentinel-Journal.
I hereby nominate
Sr. Mrs. or Miss:.............................------------.
i a contestant in The Sentinel-Journal Contest.
'ominated by... .................. .
subject to Rules governing the Contest..
Oogssnt 15 Doneoglwg
It is a well known fact that a plow to work successfully in
any soil must be built to meet all the conditions that are pe.
:uliar to the ground in which the plow is to be used.
The first plows that came into this locality were not the
successes that our up-to-date plows are now. They were,
ndeed, very crude as compared with them.
We have kept a very strict watch on the piow business.
We have made it an especial study. We have made it our
usiness to study all the different makes that come into this;
ocality. Therefore, after having seen all the plows work, ob -
serving every little detail, things that would escape the notice
of most men, it is not tqblewondered at that we know the'
plows that do the best work. H-aving found the right plow,
we secured the exclusive agency for it. This plow is the
The makers of this plow fully guarantee the working
qualities of it. They are the rnen that not only know how to
make plows, BUT MAKE THEM. No matter what you want,
ou can get it in the CHATTANOOGA.
To the makers' guarantee we add our personal guarantee.
to give you entire satisfaction. If it does not, all we ask is.
that you return it to us. It does n t cost you a penny if you
are not pleased. Is that fair?
Come in and consult us about Plows
Sis.er c eatrice," aeteri e's tv w -
Let miracle play.
During a quarrel over a trivia! 'mat
er at Pittsburg. Mass.. .mes Mc
Keever, a youth of 14 years, is alleged
:o have stabbed and instantly killed
rancis Donovan, a playmate of the I
;ame age, while they were cn their
xay home from church. HCKcever- it
s alleged, accused Donevan cf some
slighting remarking, and drawing a
>ocket knife. stabbed him in the neck.
The heaviest punishment ordinarily
meted out to the navy in time of peace,
las fallen upon Ernest H. Walker, a
second-class fireman on the battle
ship Louisiana, who killed Patrick J.
'itzsimmons, a water-tender, while
the two men were ashore at Cher
bourg, France. A courtmartial was
eld on the Louisiana, and the sen
tence, just confirmed by the navy de
artment, Is imprisonment for life fcr
Walker. He will be confined in the
New Hampshire State penitentiary at
Have grown t
Forty Th
Long experience in selecting
Facturing and conscientious ef
:ombined to make them the st
The success of your crop.; n<
he Fertilizer you use. Insist i
And be a
We have just receive
an~ are able to fit y ou regar'
Men's Dress Shoes: Kis'
$5oo This shoe has all the si
service can't be beat.
'Kiser's King, for $3.50: W
rs. It can't be beat for long'
Kiser Quality, for $3.00, mal
t is a dandy and you should g
Men's Work Shoes:
makes us think that we won't
look out for February and Mai
ome, and when it does, you'll
Our Strong as Steel, for $3
Heavy Tan Shoe. for $2.00,
The old-time Brogan that k<
walk hard. Sell you these for
Ladies' Dress and Wc
line and should be able to fit y<
College Queen, for $3-50:
ertainly is something swell. i
Kiser's Model, for $2.50: 'l
vice, and, at the price, cannot b
We have another shoe foi
wear for a while. We won't pj
Our Work Shoes for $1-5o i
Children's Shoes: W<'
store lined with Kid s Shues.
tn. This is a good value. (
This is all leather and gives gc
one for $1.25, with cloth top, 1
If you, or any of y'our kids
Bring us all the produce yoi
prices. Yours for
e ai
means edig
and un. d.L
size botfl e__
Scott's Em
equals in nourishing
ties ten pounds
Your physician can
how it does it.
Send loc., name of paper and
be.ratital Savings Bank and Chikd'
Eacr bank contains a Good LuckPe=27
SCOT & BOWNE, 409 Peal St. Neded
Le best crops for
ree Years
materkals, great care in manu
fort in every department have
.ndard of excellence.
ext Fall depends largely upon
pan having
ssured of
da larg*e shipment of
iless of the size of your feet.,
er's Special, Bench Made,-or'~
yle you are looking for and its
e have it in all styles and leathi
,ear and an easy walk.
:es your head swim at first sig
ive it a look before you buf.k
The last few days of sunshin 42
need any more heavy shoes bu '
ch. More snow and ice yett
wish you had a pair of these.
o, wears like iron.
all leather and a crack-a.jack.
~ep warm feet, but makes life'
only a dollar and a half a pairv
rk Shoes: WXe have a 1ar
~ur feet, fancy and pocket-bookg
rhis shoe has cloth top and iy
Vade to fit likea glove.
his shoe is full osae
e beat for fit, style~ad.
-$1.75 that looks good
ut an ironel .d guara-&
2 plain and cap toe are
:have th~e whole [email protected] -
Une for 50c. Lace
)ne at 75c., in Tan .
>cd service. We ha
hat is a peach. se
are bare-footed come~'
~have for sale and *
Business, iA

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