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All Relieved by Lydia E. Pink
bam's Vegetable Compound.
Sikeston, Mo. - "For seven years I
suffered everything. I was i bed
for four or five days
at a time every
"month, and so weak
I could hardly walk.
I cramped and had
backache and head
ache, and was so
- nervous and weak
that I dreaded to
-see anyone or have
anyone move in the
room. The doctors
gave me medicine to
ease me at those
times, and said that I ought to have an
operation. I would not listen to that,
gnd when a friend of my husband told
him about Lydia E. Pinklam's Vege
table Compound and what it had done
for his wife, I was willing to take it.
Now I look the icture of health and
feel like it, too. I can do myownhouse
work, hoe my garden, and milk a cow.
I can entertam company and. enjoy
them. I can visit when I choose, and
walk as far as any ordinary woman,
any day in the month. I wish I could
talk toevery su~eringwomanandgirl."
-Mrs. DmA BrrHrE Sikeston, Mo.
Tie most successful remedy in this
country for the cure of all forms of
female complaints is Lydia E. Pink.
bam's Vegetable Compound.
It is more widely and successfully
11sed than any other remedy. It has
cured thousands of women who have
been troubled with displacements, in.
flamrnation, ulceration, fibroid tumors,
Irregularities, periodic pains; backache,
that bearingdownfeeling, indigestion,
and nervous prostration, after all other
means hadfailed.Whydon'tyoutryit?'
1n every shop-town--country community. To
join and work for grandest fraternal order
known. Pays sick, injury, accident, death
bengts. 5 a month and up will carry full
- nmb ve #.. Make money too-get r.ew mem
bers. Give whole or sipare time. Be first from
yar locality. Send 10c for Official Journal
bership particulars-great money-making
The I-L-U of the world.
Ufirst National Bank Building. Covington, Ky.
25 Horse Power Payne Automatic Engine.
Thofoughly overhauled and practikally as good
as new. Equipped ready for use. Overhauling
cost just what we are askin for the Engine.
Has never been used since being put in order.
Price 300.00, F 0. B Atlanta. -
II Central Ave. AT.ANTA, GA.
Powerful Weapon Brought to Bear In
the Fight Against Tuber
Just how serious 'a problem tubercu
.40sls is to the average church, and in
* ust what ways pastors are called up
-on to minister to those suffering from
this disease,.Is the subject of an in
*vestigation which the National Asso
- clation for the Study and 'Prevention
of Tuberculosis is conducting in con
mection with its plans for Tuberculo
* ii day on April 30. Statistics are.1
being gathered from thousands of
* ninksters regarding this subject, and]
imong othe. figui-es the number of
\deaths last' year from tubercuosis- in
the church congregation will be given.
It s planned to place these statistics,
together with other educational ma
- terial, in the hands of every minister
in the country for his use in connec
tlon with Tuberculosis day. Millions
lor c:irculars and pamphlets on the pte
vention qf. tub'drculosis will also be
* issued, both from the national office
and from the headquarters of the 450
anti-tuberculosis associations who will
co-operate in the movement.
* ~ Nothing Much.
"I don't know whetber I ought to
rTecognize him here in the city or not.
Our acquaintance at the '~seashore
'was very slight."
"You promised to marry him, didn't
"Yes, but that was all"
When Coffee is Doing Harm,
A lady writes from the land of cot
ton of the results of a four years' use
of the foo'd beverage-hot Pdstum.
"Ever since I can remember we had
used coffee three times a day. It hadI
a more or less injurious effect upon
us all, and I myself suffered almost
death from indigestion and nervous
ness caused by it.
"I know it was that, because whern
I would leave it off for a few days I
would feel better. But it was hard to
give It up, even though I realized how
harmful it was to me.
"At last I found a perfectly easy
way to make the change. Four years
ago I abandoned the coffee habit and
began to drink Postum, and ,1 also in- 1
fluenced the rest of the family to do
the same. Even the children are al
towed to drink it freely as they do
water. And it has done us all great1
"I no longer suffer from indigestion,
and my nerves are in admirable tone
since I began to use Postum. We1
uever use the old coffee any more.
"We appreciatae Postum as a de
lightful and healthful beverage, which
not only invigorates but supplies the
best of nourishment as well." Name
given by Postum Co., Battle Creek,
Read "The Road to Wellville," in
pkgs. "There's a Reason."
.Ever read the abov-e letter? A new
ene appearx from time to time. They4
are enuine, true, and full of human
Silver Penciled Wyandotte Gaining in
Popularity on Account of Many
Good Qualities.
The Silver Penciled Wyandotte, .al
though a very new breed, has made a
reputation for itself by its beauty,
table and laying qualities, which are
attracting the attenthion of the poul
try man, says a. writer in an ex
change. Good birds are in great de
mand, and, in fact, they are hard to
get at present, as they are being kept
for breeding purposes. Fanciers claim
they are very hard to breed. This I
will admit to a certain extent, but a
good bird can be easily picked out
by an expert judge; but this is also
the case with many of our other
\ < IL
Silver Wyandotte.
breeds. I think it is safe to say that
in a reasonable time this grand breed
will be a leading one in the show
As There Is No Known Cure, Bird
Should Be Killed and Body Cre
mated-Cause o.f Disease.
By B. F. KAUPP, Pathologist. Colorado
Agricultural College.)
There has been considerable loss
unong turkeys in Colorado this fall
Irom black head, or what is scienti
1cally known as Entero-hepatitis.
rhe name black head was given be
:ause the head is supposed to turn
purple when the turkey is attacked
)y the disease. This we have found
xot always to be true. The name
Entero-hepatitis was given on ac
:ount of the greater diseased. areas
>ccurring in the intestines and liver.
The disease is caused by a single
:elled animal parasite called Amoeba
neleagridis. The germ, or protozoa,
s taken into th~e body through the
ood, or water, and becomes lodged
n the mucous membrane of the cae
tum, or blind gut. Here, it produces
hickening of the wall, due to in
ammnation, and later, ulceration. The
iver becomes infected, and the in
ected areas, the liver cells, are de
troyei In a turkey dead of the
isease the liver is enlarged up to
nore than twice its normal size.
)ver the surface will be noted whit-'
sh or yellowish green areas. These
-epresent the areas of dead tissue.
Treatment.-This consists principal
y in preventing the spread of the dis
~ase; when a bird has developed the
lisease there is no known cure. The
>remises should be as thoroughly
:leaned as possible and all rubbish
urned. Then,- disinfection, as far as
possible, with a five per cent. solu
:ion of carbolic acid, or creolin. Sick
:urkeys should be isolated and not
allowed to run around and spread
:he 'germs of the disease, and thus be
:he cause of others becoming infected.
As there is no known cure for the dis
3ase, the turkey had better be killed
and the body cremated. Feed should
be given in troughs, rather than
thrown on the infected ground, and
thus increase the danger of infectioh.
I'he watering troughs should be en
?meled so that they can be thoroughly
:leaned morning and night. An intes
tinal antiseptic should be given in
the water. One teaspoonful of dilute
hydrochloric acid to each quart of
water, or one teaspoonful of the crys
:als permangnate of . potash to the
ten quart bucket of water, may be
Chickens for Early Season.
In some sections the faziners have
tn excellent opportunity to raise
:hickens for the early season, for
heir crops do not need much atten
ion until after that time and the Ia
>or can be made to reap great profits
rom the fowls. Retain the best layers
or the mothers and if the hens are
lot broody, which will probably be
he case, use incubators and hatch
tucks and chicks in time to reach the
ate winter and early spring resorts
tnd then hatch out another lot for
he spring season.
Hens Too Fat.
Hens, as well as some humans,
ometimes get too fat to work, But
terhaps that is not so often the cause
>f no eggs as many would lead us to
;uipose. While it is true that some
loeks mtay he kept too fat to lay.
t is rmore often true that not enough
>f the- right kind of feed is used to
Plan for Making Supports That Are
Quite Inexpensive, Easy to
Move and Keep Clean.
A practical 'plan for making mov
able roosts for the henhouse, given
by Norton A. Allison of Kansas, in
the Farm and Home, is as follows:
Take 2x4s of length wanted for
width of roosts, cut notches 18 in.
apart 1% in. deep by 1 in. wide and
make same as saw horse. Use 1x3s of
length wanted for roosts to put in
Horse For Roosts.
notches. Have two benches for short
roosts, more for long, if necessary.
These roosts are easily cleaned, cheap.
ly built and can be moved very quick.
ly if necessary.
By Using Rough Perches and Painting
Killer on Top and Bottom Will
Prove Effective Cure.
We have found it much easier to
destroy lice and mites when we use
2x4 perches. These are strong and
the flat surface will hold quite a
quantity of the louse killer,. which is
painted on the top and bottom of
the perches every few days during the
This will usually destroy the lice if
it is attended to regularly, but if the
hen house is an old one and polluted
with lice by all means spray every
crack and corner with the liquid lice
The house should not be closed up
tight while the fowls are in it im
mediately after using the lice killer,
or the fumes will likely injure them.
The red mites are one of the worst
pests and painting the perches with
the liquid louse killer will usually
destroy them at the same time.
In the day time they may be found
on the under side of the perches and
under boards and in all cracks and
crevices but during the night they
come out and sap the lifeblood out
of the fowls.
Birds in Oregon and Washington More
Numerous Than Quail in East
or Southern States.
The United States department of ag
riculture believes pheasants will
thrive in certain sections of this count
try and is introducing them here' from
Pair of Pheasants.
China anil other native homes of the
bird. Oregon and Washington are
well adapted by climate and other en
vironments to their production, and
pheasants in those states are more
numerous than quail in the east and
Lime is best supplied by giving the
fowls access to crushed oyster shells.
Filthy milk will usually induce
bowel disease among the young
Never forget that poultry requires
grit and lime for digesting food and
forming egg shells.
It is unwise to spend money for bet
ter chickens and then give them such
poor care that they cannot do well.
If a male is not popular with the
females in his pen he should be re
moved and another bird substituted.
Once or twice a year a wagon lcad
of small gravel should be hauled from
some stream for the fowls to work
When given with care, one of the
best foods for young and growing
chicks, and the laying hens too, is
sweet milks
The maintenance of productiveness
and vigor are essentials in poultry
keeping, and when both can be real
ized the work will pay.
The young chicks should have fresh
milk only, as sour milk, is suitable
only for the adults, being Injurious to
all kinds of young animals.
Although there may not be any vis
ible lice or mites in your poultry
house it is a good thing to whitewash
it two or three times a year.
Feed the hens and provide them
with good shelter, but do not try to
kep them in a hothouse. Housing
them too closely and warmly will soon
result in the lowering of vigor and
Getting little chicks well started is
fully half the battle. Chicks that
made their appearance in February oi
early 31arch will need extra attentior,
at the time. Keep them dry and warm
and keep thtem growing vigorouslyI
...:. libeal nnd regular feeding.
Binks Falls into the River and Is
Drowned, While Muffet Rips Head
Off on Tree Trunk-Tangent
Theory Clearly Demonstrated.
Westboro, Mo.-In hunting on the
premises of Ben B. Hurst, near here,
J. H. Grandin of Omaha, Neb., demon
strated that after running in a circle
and attaining a certain degree of
speed the dogs will go off on a tan
gent and that the going is likely to
end fatally.
Grandin came down from the city
and for a few days made his home
with Hurst, devoting the greater por
tion of his time to hunting rabbits
and squirrels in the timber along the
Tarkio river.- On his expeditions to
the woods he was accompanied by the
Hurst dogs-Buster, a spaniel; Binks,
a rat terrier, and Muffett, a shepherd
-three as fine rabbit dogs as ever
took up the trail in northern Missouri.
For a few days the hunting was
good, but on the third day the dogs
were killed, and the tangent theory
was clearly demonstrated.
Early in the morning Grandin
struck into the woods and soon had a
half dozen squirrels slung over his
shoulder. Suddenly, close to the river.
The Fatal Rabbit Chase.
a rabbit, was flushed out of a brush
pile. It struck off through the timber,
following the river, until it came to
a huge hollow log on the ground. Into
the hollow of the log, which was six
feet long, darted the rabbit, closely
followed by the three dogs.
The cavity was large enough to
admit the dogs single-'file. Out of the
other end came the rabbit, followed
by Buster, Binks and Muffett. In a
circle the hunted and. the hunters
rushed back into the log. This con
tinued for perhaps five mrinutes, each
lap increasing in speed, until the pace
became furious. It was easily main
tained by the rabbit, but at last be
came too fast for the dogs, and Bus
ter, in the lead, was the first to run
off on a tangent. -
As he was trying to enter the hole
in the logabout the fifteenth time, he
missed his bearing and struck the
trunk of a tree, six feet away, and
was killed. He was closely followed
by Binks. The second dog missed the
tree, but went over the bank into the
river and drowned before Grandin
could save him. Muffet, the remain
ing dog, made the circle, following the
rabbit a few more times, and then col
lided with the outer edge of the hol
low trunk, ripping off one side oil his
head as completely as if it had been
cut with a knife.
Novel Contrivance Has Come Intothe
Patent Office Which Should Pre
vent Scandals and Divorce.
Washington.-One unique sugges
tion coming to the patent office re
cently is for a self-burning letter.
Though the commissioners tried to
keep the process secret, the story
soon leaked out and the suggestion
was offered as a defense to the ardent
swain who pours forth his soul in en
dearing and eloquent correspondence
in a breach of promise suit or in the
divorce court helps to swell the ali
mony and excite popular derision.
Love letters have always played a
conspicuous part in the affairs of na
tions and still more momentous role
in the history of hearts, but they
generally possess peculiar features
that make them "impossible" in cold
type. Of course, much depends upon
the eyes that read them, but no mat
ter how romantic the reader, if the
eloquence is not intended particular
ly for him or her, the sentiments ap
pear "stilted." Hence the advantage
f the self-burning'letter. So far as
can be learned, however, the "novel
-ontrivance" is but a sheet to which
a certain brand of very fiat match is
Difficulty in Europe Successfully Over
come by the Exercise of Some
In the early days of the reign of the
late King Leopold of Belgium a sev
enth son was born to a Brussels wom
an, and when the king heard of it and
was told that the boy was the .seventh
successive one and that no girl had
come to the family, he asked to be the
baby's godfather. Ever since then
every seventh son born in Brussels
has had the same honor, anid the moth
ers have received gifts in keeping
with their station in life. King Al
bert, in carrying out the old adage a
short time ago, had some difficulty
"because the seventh son was twins,"
according to the Frankfurter Zeitung.
"He could not stand for both boys, be
cause that would give the family two
Alberts. The remedy was found by
Queen Elizabeth, who suggested that
her little son, the duke of Brabant,
be the godfather of the eighth boy,
who consequently received the name
of Leopold."
Druggists Say Prescriptions and Not
Patent Medicines the
New York.-Blame for the prev
alence and growth of the morphine
habit was placed on the shoulders of
physicians, who prescribed the drug,
at a meeting of druggists here to
night to protest against the recently
enacted city ordinance prohibiting the
sale at retail of any preparation con
taining morphine or its salts except
upon a doctor's prescription.
The ordinance is aimed primarily
at paregoric and at stomach remedies,
according to members of the board of
health who were instrumental in ob
taining its passage. Caswell Mayo,
one of the druggists, said he had
made a canvass by mail of several
sanitariums and the replies convinced
him 90 per cent. of the victims of
drugs formed the habit as a result of
using prescriptions given by physi
cians and only 8 per cent. from using
proprietary medicines.
An invariable Assumption.
"It must be dreadful to have any of
your relatives become involved in
"Yes," replied Miss Cayenne. "The
only possible compensation is the ex- r
tent to which it causes you to be Im
mediately written about as a member '
of the most exclusive society."
so V m a n b e o utn , we~ m a i
o i A hetocoumns'b
AU.,i0.asandvertsist aO
soD W r~ices never before heard.
n oit andcolorof no m repnted i er ra
berede. mus t ys hode
wis oterdesgnsset, ivesoeideht to aon
The Soth'sLrgest ordmena. Plad
Sauto ndeann., tha t good r otfo
e uni I mutre aCaycrd r. the
wyher Cdei eled me ast moe
te issurythhe est oniceta form
Weakes tis weeks wrots
Caduni Iied woa's mothre
hoveoen taflicedkes with wor
Weake swoma o
Cardul is a good remed2
work. Made from purely ves
gently on the womanly organs,
natural manner; it is pleasant a
seems to go to the sick spot ai
In the past 50 years, Cardui
It has relieved their ache
many miserable invalids well a
Get a bottle today, at the
gin its use, for your troubles.
\ Over
lar Presid
it Wears. Oc
new, doubly good
Both are ae f w
ket toa.Both are
W M .:.ou r can sur
A Motherte
wisely directed, will cause her to
"ive to her little ones only the most
wholesome and beneficial remedies
nd only when actually needed, and
he well-informed mother uses only
he pleasant and gentle laxative rem
dy-Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
3enna-when a laiative is required,
s it is wholly free from all objec
ionable substances. To get its ben
ficial effects always buy the genu- 1
ne, manufactured by the California
Eig Syrup Co.
Its great success brought out many
imitations. but
Snowdrift Hogless Lard
has snowed them Al under!
Snowdrift is made l highly reined
cotton seed oil and beef fat. It is the mod
economical shortening you could select. goes
one.third further than lard, and in contrast
with hog grease. is absolutely healthful. in
result and effect. It produces the most
beautiful pastries and delicacies, and is as
rich as buttcr for frying, It is sold by lead
ing progressive dealers everywhere. Be
sure to call for Snowdrift Hogless
Lard, and emphasize the fact that you
will not tolerate substitution. Made by
New York New Orlean
Savannah A-i Chicsgo
Means an independerce for life. Seven
een cents a day wi'l buy a five acre
ruck farm in the Pensacola District.
ur soil expert and demonstration fa.m
akes mistakes Impossible. Come to the V
.e will help you make good. Write to
ay for our exceptional offer.
iEACO0A REALTY COMPANY. Pensacola, Florlds
I eve e
seiowr MAY 2,1000.
hoice of either).
iad workman
of two Bas
tterng to be 24.
nuded also
Orer wil hpped Inw to our wees
ou wish to invest.
Mrs. Lucy Cantrell, of Big
bd, and stay there several
. Nothing seemed to help
oman's tonic. Although 1
anly weaknesses for seven
than anything else ever did.
omen on earth."
common trouble.
~liable medicine, because it
ews the womanly strength.4
s Tonic
-for women. It does the
;etable ingredients, that act
Cardul brings strength in a
nd harmless to take, and
d coax it back to health.
ias helped a million women.
and pains, and has made
d happy.
earest drug store, and be
t will help you.
Million Men now wear the pc Regu
nt Work Shirt-pretty sure proof that
Extra Special President at Sr is the
value which You will be glad to know
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