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ce s 8entinoJor 1
4Some TbingsYou Know and Some
Jon Don't Know About Our
T-own, County & People"~
-Anderson 8-4-4 is made up
f ingredients that make cotton
t on fruit.
After January 1st. 1911. the
Ckens Oil Mill will gin on
day's only. Dec. 29tf.
-J. Davis Morgan, a promi
ent merchant of Norris was in
ckens Tuesday on business.
-Several from Pickens went
Greenville, Monday night, to
the play "Madame Sherry."
-For land anywhere in Pick
ns county see or write J. R.
hmore. "The Land Man."
-Miss Mattie Finley, of Pick
4ens, is visiting relatives and
friends in Anderson this week.
-B. M. Hester, of Resacca.
Ga., was visiting friends and
relatives in the county last week.
--Mrs. A. R. Lawrence, of
Central, visited her father. B.
F. Parsons. in Pickens last
fThe farmers throughout this
section are well up with their
Work and making great prepar
ations for a bumper crop this
-B. F. Parsons was on the
sick list last week and confined
to his room. His many friends
hope to see him out again soon.
-Miss Norma Griffin, who is
teaching school at Cateechee,
spent the week-end with her
parents., Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Griffin, in Pickens.
--J. C. Jennings and son,
e, went to Columbia
rda to carry a young
Syou want- to sell your
fam6r town property? See
HE. M. Hester "The Real Estate
- ." Office in Pickens Bank
.4Building, Pickens. S. 0.
~. Ex. Senator W. T. O'Dell, of
iberty, R. 3, was in Pickens
onday on business. He re
rts things all 0. K. and the
armers in fine shape all through
S-Squire W. Ta. Jenkins, of
vClarksvileq Ga., is circulating
among his'Pickens friends this
week. He is hale and hearty
and it looks quite natural to
see him on our streets.
--Major G. M. Lynch, of
-Pickcens, R. 3, was in town on
business Tuesday. He reports
a~verything in fine shape on the
Qolenoy and the farmers of his
sjetion well up with their work.
-Have you purchased that1
farm yet? I have some nice
places on my list. Write or see
me for anything in Real Estate.
H. M. Hester, The Real Estate
Mn. Office in Pickens Bank
oailding, Pickens, S. C.
-Married, on Sunday, 19th
inst., at Prater's Oreek church,
at 120o'clock, Miss Melissa Cater,
daughter of W. C. Cater, and
r Mr. Bluford Blackston, all of
Pick'ens county, Rev. W. C.
Seaborn officiating. The happy
young couple are receiving the
congratulations of their many
friends for a long. happy and
prosperous life.
-The citv of Greenville
-throughi the Retail Merchant~
Association, has opfened a1 re!
room over the Foiurth N a tiona i
Bank. ivhere ladies from~ th
country, on a shopping expedi
tion to the city, can find a place
to rest and rers themselves
have their imndleS sent to them
ana 4heir wrm:s uu4s
taken rc of. It is in hrg of
a comp tent miatron andt will
prove a great conycnrience to
strangze, LCoing to the city to
shop. 3 m
-J. E. Christopher, of Catee
chee, spent Sunday in Pickens A
with relatives. c:
-Dr. T. A. Seawright's Den
tal office is in the Masonic Tem- n
ple, upstairs, over the Pickens s<
Drug Co.'s store. When in need
of dental work call and see him.
-Walter H. Griffin, of Green- g
ville, spent Sunday in Pickens b
with his mother, Mrs F. Griffin.
-Miss Belle Yongue, of Chi- ii
cora College, spent the week-end I
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G
R. E. Yongue, in Pickens. V
-Fine Morgan Stallion! Any E
one wishing the services of this c
horse will see W. T. Nalley, 21 o
miles below Pickens, on the
Easley and Pickens road. 3t
-J. A. Smith, photographer, l
will be in Pickens on Mondays
of each week instead of 'Satur- b
days as heretofore. All who d
want first class work see him. s
-Little Miss Ruth Parsons, 0
daughter of B. F. Parsons, of
Pickens, has been quite sick for i
some time. Her many friends
hope she will soon be out again.
-All boys who wish to enter I
the "Boys Corn Club," of this 1
county, should send in their
names to R. T. Hallum, county a
superintendent education, at t]
once. :
-Married on the 19th instant, A
by 1. F. Hester, James Clem- n
ents, and Miss Sallie James, all b3
of Pickens. Their many friends o
wish for them a long, happy and I n
prosperous life.
-Married, on the 20th inst.,
by Rev. B. C. Atkinson. at the
f - 0
home of Mr. Joe Medlin, Mr.
Tavlor Stewart and Miss Susie
Medlin, all of Pickens county. n
After the ceremony the guests,
were invited to the dining-room, e
where a sumptuous dinner was d
served. Their many friends
wish them a long and happy life.
-Rev. W. D. Reynolds D. D.
of Korea will lecture at the
Presbyterian church Thursday
March 2nd at 8 o'clock p. m. k
He will tell of the marvelous a
aissionary work going on in
Krea and something of the k
nanners and customs of the a
people. He comes highly re
commended and we trust that ay
large audience will greet him. 12
-W. A. Thomas, of Pick
ens, has decided to hie himself
unto pastures green and fields
anew. So, yesterday, he moved
his family to Liberty, where he
will go into business. Mr.
Thomas is a good citizeu and
business man and will succeed
well wherever he casts his lot.
We commend him to the good
people of the thriving little city
of Liberty and hope he may
succeed well in his ventures
-Rev. C. A. Waters, of New
Brookand, S. C., has accepted gg
a call to the pastorate of the
Pickens Baptist church and also e,
the Pisgah. He will move his
family to Pickens this week.
His preaching days are: Pick
ens, first and thirdI Sundays. h
morning and night; Pisgah, sec
nd Sunday, a. in., and Satur
day before at 2 p. m. We wel
come Mr. Waters to this charge d
and hope his coming amongst ui
will be productive of much spir- i
itual good-.l
-A wave of crime is sweep
i~ng the Piedmont section of the b
state. Friday night officer b
nnells was shot down in cold ir
blood while in the discharge of
his duties as a policeman of
Greenville. Earlier in the
nght two stores were robbed atp
nrtbDound, was he ld up and T
t expre car roibbed at Wh ite
mihu. la. o th sam 'on
-G-ood farmers say that the
Lderson 8-4-4 is the best and
heapest fertilizer you can use.
-Anderson 8-4-4 costs a little
iore at the start, but it makes
much more in the end.
-The Anderson 8-4-4 goods
lake cotton fruit from the,
round up, and there is nothing
etter for corn.
-Miss Burns, a most charm
1g and piquant little lady, of
aurens, who is attending the
-. F. [C., spent the week-end
r!th her friend, Miss Maka
oggs, also a student of this
olege, in Pickens, the guests
f Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Boggs,
-Mayor LeBoon is having
>me much-needed work donel
n the streets of Pickens. A
>rce of hands has been grading
own Cedar Rock street and
idewalks from the depot to the
Id jail lot: Lewis street has
een opened up from Cedar Rock
) Lee street. and Pendleton
venue has been straightened
rom Cedar Rock street to the
ity limits. where it connects
itl the Liberty road, which'
as also been straightened: sev
ral streets have been opened
nd graded in Lindale Park, inR
le southeast part of town, and
ne off our most recent suburis.
favor LeBoon believes in inter
.al improvements, and, if he
a(I the money.,would put the
Id town in fine shape. He
akes a model executive, and,
-e believe if he agrees to stand
)r re-election. will have no
pposition. Should he have
pponents, we doubt very much!
they could beat him. It is
ot every town as small as
ickens that can get as good an
-ecutive to preside over herl
stinies as Mr. LaBoon has
roven to be.
Pickens. R. 4.
Health of this community very
ood at present.
Mr. Leonard Morgan visited
[r. Henry Keith one night this
Miss Nora Hayes and sister,
iss Lakie, 'visited Mrs. Carrie'
thony one night this week.
Mr. Robin Stewart gave the
oung folks a pinder picking
Lst Friday night. A tip-top
me was enjoyed by all.
Mr. and Mrs. Car! Ohilds and
ister, Miss Elva, visited Mr. and
rs. Bill Day last Sunday night.
Miss Birdie Heaton visited her
ousin, Miss Leila Morgan, one
ight this week.
Early Bird.
Marietta, R. D. 2.
Excepting measles, health is
ood in this section.
Mr. Will Freeman and sister,
[iss Jennie, attended Mountain
rrove church last Sunday after
oon. The sermon as well as
2e singing was enjoyed by all.
Mrs. Lula McJunkin, of Pick
ns, visited her parents, Mr. and
irs. Joe Gilliland, last Sunday
Mr. Elbert McJunkin visited
is best girl last Sunday after
Miss Lillie Coggins visitetl
[iss Bertha Heaton last Sun
Mr. and Mrs. John Capell vis
ed Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Jones
st Sunday.
Little Russell Hughes has
en very ill with the measles,
ait is much better at this writ
tg. Lonelv Sweetheart.
Pickens, R. D. 4.
Health in iis section is very
ur a t his writing.
Mss Lilli Lynch v isited Miss
s-ie Joneris. Sunday afterncon.
no had a fne ilm.
Mi j a 'hilli;s visitA~ Miss
ella Jes last SundayK.
I6 LeIi Jones2 visitei Miss
er -Junin. last S~aturday.
Mrs. Car1 iai den, bonne
The vinder Ip waLV.tM.
obn1wa s m jydb
We have j ust received a large shipment of
and are able to fit you regardless of the size of your feet.
Men's Dress Shoes: Kiser's Special, Bench Made, for
$5.oo. This shoe has all the style you are looking for and its
service can't be beat.
Kiser's King, for $3-50: We have it in all styles, and leath
ers. It can't be beat for long wear and ao easy walk.
Kiser Quality, for $3.00, makes your head swim at first sight.
It is a dandy and you should give it a look before you buy.
Men's Work Shoes: The last few days of sunshine
makes us think that we won't need any more heavy shoes but
look out for February and March. More snow and ice yet to
come, and when it does, you'll wish you had a pair of these.
Our Strong as Steel, for $3.00, wears like iron.
Heavy Tan Shoe. for $2.00, all leather and a crack-a.jack.
The old-time Brogan that keep warm feet, but makes life's
walk hard. Sell you these for only a dollar and a half a pair.
Ladies' Dress and Work Shoes: We have a large
line and should be able to fit your feet, fancy and pocket-book.
College Queen, for $3.50: This shoe has a cloth top and it
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0Kiser's Model, for $2.50: 'his shoe is full of style and ser
vice, and, at the price, cannot be beat for fit, style and comfort.
We have another shoe for $1.75 that looks good and will
wear for a while. We won't put an iron clad guarantee on it.
O'ur Work Shoes for $i.5o in plain and cap toe are good.
Children's Shoes: We have the whole side of our,
store lined with Kid's Shoes. One for soc. ,Lace and But.
t.)n. This is a good value. One at 75c., in Tan and Black.1
This is all leather and gives gocd service. We have a better:
one for $1.25, with cloth top, that is a peach.
If you, or any of your kids are bare-footed come to see us.
Bring uE all the produce you have for sale a'h'd get the best
prices. Yours for Business,
Keowee Supply Co.
ISA6M 3E '3FLAX4C- M%6tiae~r
Have You Bought
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beautiful line of ladies shirt
waists.. ranging in price from
Soc to $1.48:
We have most anything new
in the way of dry goods.
Come to see us.
One-price Cash Merchants.
Koowee Pharmcy1
Pickens, South Carolina.
Next Door to the Post Office.
Test Dr. Hess
On Trial
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irst day of Auut then if you are not satisfied that it has paid
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.eathy and strong, to cur gapes. cholera and roup.
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ice an.d for that. :' pose we know of nothing better than
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Li a;s hn V(our order now.
f. A RicheV & Sonl.
Blood Ba~ loo
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rM PAf30f
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Itching Humors.
B.:B B. (Botanic Blood Blood) is the'
only Blood Remedy that kills the poisoV
in the blood and then purifies it-send.r
ing a flood of pure, rieh blood direct to
the skin surface, bones. joints, and
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B. B. B. completely changes the body
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pleasant and safe to take; composed of pure
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gists $1.00 PER LARGE BOTTLE with direc
tions for home cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
Tax Notice.
Office of County Treasurer. Pickens County.. t
Pickens, S. C., September 3Gth 1910.
The books for the collection of-State and
County taxes will be open from
October 15th 1910 to December 21st 1919.
Those who prefer to do so can pa ri .inaurtra
ry 1911, with 1 per cent additional These
who prefer paying in February [ILD, ca.
do so with 2 per cent additious.' Thosce who
prefer paying in Miarch 19!1, to the 15th ot vaid
monti. can do cy paying an aiditioral 7 per
-enit. A fter said date the book-s will close
N. 1.-Tax payers owning property or pnying
tax for others. will please ask f. .tax receipt
in each to.-:shijp or special sch--ol district in
which he or they may own prop-erty. This is
very inportant as there are .so many special
school districts. Those who go not wish to
come to the office can write me, rtot later than
-e::ter 20th. and I will furnish them with
the :ount due and they can remit me by 0
cheek, money order or registered letter, 'If
stamps are sent do not send above two (2)
cent. as I ca'not use them. 1kitse do not
send me cash without registering sarre, as it is
liable to get lost: if-sent otherwise it must be
at sender's risk. -
Levy for State tax ...... ..... ......... ills
Levy for Constitutional Sbool tax . 3 mills
Levy for Ordinary County tax. ......5mills
Levy for Sisklng Fund -....-....... mills
Levy for Past Indebtedness............ . mills
Levy for Chain Gang... ...... .... mill
Levy for State Constable--.. ------ q mill
Tot 18 mills
Special Levy for School DIstric t No. 1, 2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 2,...2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 3....2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 4....2 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 5. ..2 mills
Special Lev, for School District No.- 8,...2 mills
Special -evy for School District No. 9.. 10 mills
Special Le7y for School District No. 10, 1% mills
Special Levy for School District No. 11,7% mills
Special Levyr for Scho6l District No. 13,. .6 milis
Special Levy for School District No. 14,..4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 16.. .2 mills
Special Levy for Schoo! District No. 17...4 mills
Special Levy for School District No. 18, *2 mills
Stecial Levy for School District No. 1l, 2mills
Special Levy for M-.hool nise rict 'o. 22...2 mills
Special Levy for School District No, 23....2 mills
Special Levy for School Distriet No. 241. 2 mills
Special Levy ror '-chool District N o.2 . Ztu mrills
Spes Levy fom S'bool Ditrict No. 27.2 mils
Seial Levy for School Distriec. No.29 3 mills
5cial Levy for School Distrlet No. 31, 15 mills
Seiel Levy for School Ijistrict No..37. 4 mills
Seia.l Levy for Sohool 06lieit No. 38, 2 mlla
Speslal Levy for .Sehool District No 41. 3 mills
Special Levy for School.District No. 42.. .2 mills
Spec>.l levr for School District No. 49,. .2 mills
Special Levy for School 1)lstrnet No. 52, 2 mills
Special Levy for School Distrit No. .53. 3 mills
Lewj for intere..t on l'ieen s R. R. Botads
Hurricane townshlp----.. -... .....2 mis
Leey for Interest on i'ickens Rt. R. Bonds
8- astatoe towaxnelli.- ...........2%4 mills
Lavy for interesat on Pickens Rt. 1. Bonds
Pickens C. Ir. township.. ..... ....2 mills
Poll Trar. One clj Dollar. Every male citizen
from 21 to to tl years Is liable, exeant tonfeder
ate soldIers. ho a. not pay after .50 years, and
those excuse' by law.
Comamutation fload 'Tax, 61.50 .\l persons
desiring to pay this tax for 1911 in lieu of five
days work on the road. can do r- before Mareh
1.t. 1911. All r~ergions between the ag~es of 21
and 50 yearsu a'e :i,,A. for this tax. except thoe
excused by law.
Capitation .Dog Tax. All persona owning
dogs are required to pay a tax or fifty c50) cents
on each dog. Respectfully,
from our beautiful showing
of Jewelry, and you will
find that they will be thor.
oughly appreciated. Our
displays are so well chosen -
that they can be readily
termed "Gifts that Charm."
are well shown here for'
your delight, as well as other
gifts innumerable. Something
for every member of the family.
Prof essional Cards
Pickenis, S. C.

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