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EInterd Aprl 23. 1903 as Plckese, 8. 0. a* secoad as. small anatSer4 usnder aet 09 .nogrems of lParob 9, 1879
40th. Year PICKENS. S 0. MAR. 2 1911. Nmber 40
That thte is more to a Fertilize
4n aiysi; ',fproven conclusively by the
a . every year from Royster Feri
--.are- nade from experience obtair
ctual field experiments of what the
posis ~equires; and not from ready ref
toa aid W.ormulating.
bought for Every ingredient in Royster C<
selected for its plant food value, and
work to do at the proper time, thereft
plant fertilized with ROYSTER good4
regular from sprouting time until hax
Ask your dealer for Royster god
see that the trade-mark is on ever]
hen you see this a you kno'
you are getting the genuine ancl o
ROYSTER Fish Fertilizer.
REME" an4L
A cheap fertilizer is the most expensive item
It is a tax that he levies upon himself and that r
He pays tribute to it in wasteful sums with every 14
drouth strike his crops and the critical fruiting sea
that he has submitted to "taxation without represer
Our "Supreme" and "Southern Big" Bran<
ments that yield big returns in crops and enhance
made of thd highest class of Blood, Bone and Tank
quick, constant and continuous crop feeders. They do not leach
available for plant food so gradually that the plant is fed plentii
as it needs it. There is no waste.
Don't consider the price. Our goods are as good as a guara
promise just as safe returns. Read the' experience of good fc
them last year and found them to be the best they ever use<
nearest dealer for our 1911 Year Book and learn more about it.
"Supreme" and "Southern Big" Bran~ds always make bi
diricks, P1ickens; S.0C.; Tilhos. A. Julia
O'Dell, Liberty, S. 0.; Gaines & Gassatway Merchlaui
If 9,986 Farmers and Planters
.told you that their yields per acre of cotton, corn, wheat,
fruit, fruit trees, peanuts and cane and truck crops were great
ly increased and some times douibled by using
Virginia- Carolina
Pert ilizers
and whicht they though the best and biggest crop producers'
'on earth-wouldn't you feel that you should, in justice to
yourself, try these fertilizers and get the same increased yields
on your farm?
We have many thousand of unasked for letters, from far
mers, blessing the day they bought VIRGINIA-CAROLINA
FERTILIZERS. Many of these letters are in the Farmers'
Year Book,-which can be had free from your dealer.
Give theom a trial this year and .be
FOLGEIR. THIORNLEY & 0O., Agents. Pinkant, S. c.
ked. y
ode is
has its
re the
is fed
r bag.
r that
a farmer uses on his farm.
equires no bailiff to collect. I
aching rain, and when the i
son begins, he finds too late
Is are not taxes, but invest
I values of land. They are
age, especially prepared for
out in the soil, but become
ully and systematically just
nteed bond, ard
irmers who used
L. all on your
gger crops.
n, Easley, S. (.; W. C.
dise Co., Cenitral, S. V.
Near19 Bvergbody
. 2Clemson college,
)?%cally all the -large col
e and univers*4i : of this and
ther .states baan organita
!bni known The Student
es Asa6ciation." -The specifti
, rgo~eof the association is foi
4e publication of the work and
$.6q8,0 the colleges to-thepebple
)f tJe 8tate. Such an organii
4tion has recently been orgaU
aql ph .emson College, under
he 1aagement of J. M. Work
ri ""esident; 0. F. McCrary',
ident, and C. B. Faris,
eq4r and treasurer. It is
lie intention of the members
4iough the medium of the
oprnty.papers to give all news
Ws'nay- be of general Interest;
.ny personal news concern
e students that may be of
t to their-home commu
ditj. -There are some people
4o6ughont the state who seem
6 haVggn entire misconception
ttlie prevailing circumstances
.8re atClemson College. This
s p bmbly due to the fact that
he college heretofore had no
ne eby which to publish her
acts to everybody in general;
rot kve ought to attribute some
f th hisunderstanding to a
Artahi class of people who al
vays have, ever since the estab
ishment of the college, and it
gems always will hold prejudice
Lgainst the college. We hope
hat when we shall have laid
he exact circumstances before
he public, from time to time,
hat they will come to under
tand the college's attitude to
vat d them, -and that they will
.o-operate with us in putting
lowwAl'1false. rumors.
-,.he Paimetto Literary Society
ield its annual celebraion on
he evening of February 22d, -in
demorial Hall. The day being
t holiday, the college exercises
were suspended, and the cole
)ration of the day was given to
he P. L.. S. More than five hun
Ired cadets and visitors witness
,d the proceedings. The pro
rramme was an excellent one,
Lnd .was faithfully carried out.
Dr. R. T. Bracket delightfully
mntertained the Senior Chemis
ry section last Friday evening.
ifferent games were played
md refreshments were served.
ill present fully enjoyed the
Wven jg.
TIhe campus is being very
niuch improved by the cement
walks which are being laid be
~ween the barracks and the
>rincipal buildings. This has
>eenl a much- needed improve
uient, and will acid greatly not
mnly to the beauty of the cam
mus, but also to the health of
he students. Bl. T. F.
An Exhortation,
En. JoURNAL:-I wish tonmake
a word of exhortation on the
'Call to Lovers of Law and
)rder,'" made in your columns
ast week. I would impress on
LII good people the importance
>f giving heed to this call. . We
hould remember that "Eternal
rigilance is the price of liberty,"
WVe sometimes read and hear
mulogies on our great country,
wrhere it is spoken of as the
'Land of the free and the home
>f the brave."
But are wve not in danger of
etting our country fall into the
lands of the lawless and those
,vho make money b~y wrong
loing? It is a habit all too comn
non among busy men to excuse
~hemselv'es from taking part in
~he civil and moral improve
nent of our country by saying
;hat they have something else
o do.
It is nscessary that we have
mnacted all necessary laws for
bhe restrainst of the selfish anda
wicked whp would live on the
misfortunes of others, and that
we have enacted laws for the
protection of the unsuspecting
and helpless of our people. But
when such laws have been
panacted our work is then only
partlybe . Laws, however
just and righteous,. cannot en
force themselves. . They must
have the support of our good
pedple.' It is very ~important
that we elect good men to office.
But officers of the law, however
diligent and faithful, cannot
successfully enforce the laws
unless they have the co-opera
tion and suppft of good cit
-Sometimes it .happens that
mer get into office who are
either too indolent to'the en
forcement of - our laws or wIll
not undertake to. enforce. any
law that will expose them to
danger or might"Co'it.t~bon'theii
job. We should.strive to awaken
all such to a consciousness of
what they were elected for, or
make it so warm for them that
they will step down and out.
Prompted by a love for hu
manity and with a purpose to
protect our homes and the youth
and manhood of our country,
let us meet in Pickens, Tuesday,
March 7, and organize to work
o such an end. We will be gl ad
to have the women present.
T. H. BxsTj.
Easley, Feo. 27.
Marietta, H. D. 2.
The singing at- Mr. and Mrs.
Pace's, - Sunday evening, kwas
greatly enjoyed by all prese'n$.
Miss Marie Smith ha beeil
very sick, but Is reported.J#et1kt
at this writing.
Miss Lillie Keith was the guest
of Misses Mamie and Mattie
Brown, Sunday afternoon.
Mr. I1er McJunkin escorted
his best girl to Cross Roads, Sun
day, and of course they had a
nice time.
Misses Bessie Jones and Lillie
Lynch -visited Misses Ellie and
Eva Freeman, on the Dacusville
side, last Sunday.
Miss Bessie Jones spent Satur
day night with Miss Lillie
The Sunday school is progress
ing nicely at Griffin, with Mr.
Jas. Anthony as superintendent.
A crowd of young people from2
Rabbitsville attendled preachinga
at Cross Roads, Sunday.
The Ambler school will clost
next Friday, and then I guess
they'll all hit the briar' patch.
Mr's. John Chapman is very
ill with pneumonia.
.Mr. Willie Freeman and his
sister', Miss Jennie, visited Holly
Sorings, Sund~ay, and enjoyed]
themselves immensely.
Mr. Leonard Jones escor'ted
Miss Ellie Freeman home Sun
day from Cross Roads.
Mr. Joe Gilliland gave the:
young folks a party last Tuies
day night, which was enjoyedI
by all present.
Mi's. E. Jones was the guest
of Mrs. W. M. Jones, Tuesday
Mr'. John Ellis Day and his
best girl attended the wedding
Sunday of Miss Susie Medlin and
Mir. Taylor Stewart.
Chopping is the oirder of the
(lay in this section. Messr's. S.
E. Smith and W. C. Keith have
had one lately.
Mrs. W. Ti. D~ay is very sick
at this writing.
Mr's. Sallie Cr'enshaw was the
guest of Mi's. John Phillips,
IMrs. A. B. Cantr'ell spent
Monday afteirnoon with Mrs.
E. W. McJunkin.
SMr. S. G1 Doew-th us
of Mrs. W. 0. Keith,Sinday.
Daisy Rose,
Mr. Jesse Hendrix, who ha
been confined - to his room to
some time, is able to be out again,
to the delight of his man'
Misse. Llle Lyn h and Bessie
Jones, oftbr GAifin section,
were the g'uests 'df Miss Ellie
~Freernan tihe thirdaSunday.
Fariers are now having nice
weather, and most of them are
putting in good time.
Mr. S. B. Williams, who for
some time has been a great suf
ferer from heart dropsy, is re
ported is being no better.
Measles are raging in this
section. All who don't want
them bad better stay near home
or the* might get a dose.
Winter is about over, and
spriRg JS here. We love to hear
We croaking of the frogs, the
humming of the bees az -the
cooing of the doves.
MAss Lillie Iynch and brother
Dee spent Satturday night and
Sunday with their sister. Mrs.
Robert MeJunkin.
M4s Cloie Williams was the
guest of Misses Janie and Joie
McCombs, Saturday night.
The great Keystone Show
passed through this section last
Friday on its way to Pumpkin
town. Blue Eyes.
Liberty Items.
iberty, S. C., Feb. 27: We
have just had a little spell of
winter weather the past week,
and the thermometer stood at
20 degrees for two mornings,
Peach trees had began to bloom
before the freeze and they were,
see all killd it apnears, while w/
many budA not bloomed tI
the peaches are not kil M14n so
far. -
Mercury has rupi back up to
74 to day and the tround is dry
enough to plow 'and the plows
are going. There is more land
ploughed now than in many
years at this time of year; but
Springis to come yet and no tell
ing what kind of weather is in
store for us, but lotus not take a
pesimistic view of the future,
but' "bide our time and see"
what good we can find.
There-hais been a good crop of
winter oats, and a fairly good.
crop of wheat sown, which are
looking fairly wvell, some few of
the farmers are still sowing,
mostly the 90 (lay oats.
Remember there is alwvays
room at the top, as the limit
has nio, yet been reached in this
section. We have found that
100 bushels can be grown in this
county, all right.
Dr. W. D). Reynolds, Mission
ary, Korea, will preach at Car
mel, Friday morning, March,
3d. at 11 a. m. At Liberty.
Friday night, at 7::30. At Cen
tral, Saturday, Morning, March
4th at 11 a. mn.
Rev. J. L. Hardy, of Spartan
b~urg, will be at Liberty, Sunday
March, 5th, and address the
people in the interest of the state
Anti Saloon League, at 11 a. mn.
and 4 p. mn. T1he public gener
ally urged1 to turn out and hear
these addresses.
The Chicora Glee Club of Chi
cora College, gave an Entertain
mont, at the Auditorium under
the auspices of the Liberty,
D~ramnatic Club the 17th, which
was much enjoyed by those who
had the pleasure of attending.
The Pickens, Co. Farmnera
Union will meet at Pickens,
Monday March, 6th, at 11 a. m.
all members of the union re
quested to take note of the day
and date and be on hand.
John T. Bogg, Se

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