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Old .J. D. Mooto in Greenville.
Sometimes up and often down.
Most all the time on the West
End of town.
Now, Mr. Editor, I'm getting
along.very well here-having a
good trade-so many people to
trade with.
I can make more money here
in one day than I could in Pick
ens or Easley in a week. I don't
mean this for any reflection on
the little tqwts, for Pickens
sure feels like home to me.
Like the *enug man who
wanted to matry a girl. She
kept putting hnim off by saying
she did not knotw. "Well," he
says, "if it comes to the come
you have to say yes or no." So
it come to the come. I had to
get some place whore I could
make money.
I have been like the cat in the
well. Would climb up one foot
and fall back two. So at that
rate you will soon get through.
There is diversity of opinion
as to what broke me up. Some
say drinking, some say selling
on credit, some say women.
But I want to tell you it was
neither one, but the three com
bined that done the work.
So I confess, and an honest
confession is good for the soul.
Yours truly,
Onle D. G. Mooin.
Hospital Experience,
Ei>. JOURNAL:-l will write
and tell yon of my experience in
Dr. Earle's hospital inl Green
I lie on my bed looking out
the winow wvatching the ever
greens 1oddinllg inl the breeze, as
if saying "Wear'e living-art
1-hon ynu
No. I ami not.. I ami iust here
in my dear loved ones' hands.
They come forth w itli helping
hanIs to lend to the poor suf
fering on(es.
As the dear little squirrels leap
from tree to ,tree they seemi to
say, "We are so happy; are you
not?" No, I am not. I will
wait for the day to come. My
\,ilavs of sorrow are over, and
ydurs are vot fo come. And
then'mine will be happy.
And so, my dear friends, all
who are sick .go to the great
doctor' at the Greenville in firim -
ary and tell him you have comeI
to him to be treatedl. He will
gr'eet you with a smile, and1( tell
you that he wvill lend a helping
hand at any and all times.
A nd his (lear nuirses wvill watch
over you dlay and night, if you
will onily trust in D r. IEarle and
his great wor'k.
Oh, it is wond)i'(lfl to wvatch
him andl to seli 'howv quick he
can r'elieve this poor body of
our's. Tlhe five? ,veeks of' myi
suffering in the hospital is more
than tongue cari tie1. Li. would
say to the doty'vr HTam- suffer'
ing; oh, the pa in is so greatI."
lie would say ' "Wa it .a mo
moini; 1 will givo you something
that will help y,.'
I will (close' b~y. saying to t rust
in hiim and the' -l ord, and all
will be well..
One of~ His Patilents,
The Contented' Man.
My neighbbr's'hought a motor
car, in which hetravels f ast and
f'ar. I see him lirn up mile on
mile, and put oriforty kinds of
style. I alsoi %N solub fpolks
turn green wvheA gazing on that
new machineO. Buit .I'm coni
tented just to walk, \vhen I
must chase around a block. My
sonl for splendor 'nevci begs-I
point with pride 'to my fat legs.
Thei'e ar'e i'o better legs in towvn;
they bear me gailyiup and down,
thriough crowdedstreet anal quiet
lane, and ne'er revolt, and no'er
complain. I (do not have to
paint, them gr'een or fill them
upl with gasoline,'or fuss around
with wrench and maul, to make
the blamed things go at all. I
do not carry traps- in kegs, to
make repairs on'iy fat legs;
I do not send them to the shop,
because they don't blowv up or
stop: they do not skid or bUst Ea
tire, or leave me stranded In the,
mire. They do not run poor I
victims down, and mash them
up from heels to crown; they do
not honk or hiss or toot, to scare c
some horseman's nervous brute. t
Year after year they bravely
walk, my good fat legs, that c
never balk. I would not trade
my trusty limbs for any car that
snorts and skims beneath its
load of idle rich, until it dumps
them in the ditch.-Walt Mason.
Doing It Justice. -
Winter, stern and solemn king, L
Would your praises I might sing
But here lately
I have had too bad a cold e
To unfold
All your charms in stately tones,
For in truth my spirit groans
Underneath the hacking cough
That refuses to get off,
And I hack and hack away
Every moment. night and day,
Till ny head is nearly split
With this very sad misfit.
You have many charms,I know;
Highly mentioned is your snow
As it falls in fleecy flakes
On the rivers and the lakes,
As in stately drifts it piles ti
Till it almost hides the tiles 0
Dn the little summer cot
On the forty-acre lot;
But I can't complete the verse s
With chilblains growing worse, ri
All my patent liniment ii
Will not cure them worth a. cent, a
And your praise I must forego el
While I doctor up my toe.
On the window Johnny Frost ti
Lines artistically has crossed, il
l1nilding castles faced in white C1
hat are soniething of a sight.,
In a iiost engaging way, i
LNaking pictures that will stay dr
]ill the furnace works again ar
When I drop another ten by
[n the coal muan's grasping fist Il
And lie puts me on the list
Pior another load of coal.
My, it jars a fellow's roll
Making mincemeat of his pay
J ust in keeping you away!
Winter, you may be the stuff,
But your worlC is pretty rough.
Large Crowd Witness Inauguration
Texas Governor.
The inauguration of (Governor Col.
quilt and Lieutenant (lovernor D~avid
non at Austin, Texas, was witnessed
by one of the la rgest wat herings on
record in the st ate. The inauguration ni
took pla-e a 0t noon.
Governor Colquitt made his speech
along lines of conse'rvativye govern. sI
ment, fower andl bettor lawsv and( safer
andi saner legislation. The pen with
which the governor signed his oath
will go to his son, Rtawling C'olquitt,
who managed hia campaign.
Mr. Coiquitt's relatives fromi all over
the South were there, including his
cousins, Mrs. M. n3. Short, of nuenz
Vista, Gia.; Miss Sarah nlurkhalter, of
Amnericus, Ga., and Mrs. Fannie Col
quit t id daughtecr, of Shreveport, TLa.
His Adivertisemeont.
i'ret'ice - Wams I 'reaalcers saleit of -
womtanl's shot's a ucce'. 'S isen
heide--No; it was a haIto ailure. II is
adtivert isemtenit spo'iledt evertytin1g.
i'ret'jivc -- iilow wvas that': I esp'n
hehle.i lit' aidveri iti "big tar gaiins."'
show the beneficial ef
fects of
Scot t's Emulsion
in a very short time. It
not only builds her up,
but enriches the mother's
milk and properly niour- 4
ishes the child.
Nearly all mothers who
nurse their children should (
take this splendid food
tonic, not only to keep
up their own strength but
to pr'operly nourish their
Bend l10,., nnio of papennr andI thin tad. for one
beautliul Satings Bank and Child's Sketoh-lBook.
Ench bank contatins a Good Luck 1'enny.
SCOTT & BIOWNE, 409 Pearl St., New York
The Sowing Machine.
The frst complete sewing machint
ras pWtented by Elias Howe, Jr., il
Whittier's Safeguard.
When an overtimid visitor from th4
Ity once commented to the poet Whit
[er upon the Insecurity that seemed
iseparable from so many doors open
ig out from all sides of the large oli
ountry home the master of the housi
trove gently to restore confidence bj
leading that most of them were lock
d at night.
Financial Worries.
"So your debts are bothering you?"
"Walking the floor because you can'1
ay 'em?"
"No; because I can't make 'em anj
What Did She Meant
Shop Assistant (to purchiser of wid
w's bonnet)-Would you like to try 11
a before the glass, madam? (usa
>mer--No, thank you, miss. It ain'i
)r me. I wish It was.-Stray Stories
lownds Have Kidney
Trouble and Naver Suspect ip
How To Vind out.
Fill a bottle or commo? glass with you.
ater and let it stand twenty-four hours;
a brick dust sedi.
ment, or settling,
stringy or milky
indicates an un.
healthy condi
tion of the kid.
neys; too fre.
quent desire to
* . ...,..pass it or pain im
c back are also symptoms that tell you
ie kidneys and bladder are out of order
id need attention.
What To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
ten expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Namp-Root, the great kidney remedy,
Ifills almost every wish in correcting
ieumatism, pain in the back, kidneys,
er, bladder and every part of the urinary
issage. Corrects inability to hold water
1d scalding pain in passing it, or bad
fects following use of liquor, wine or
er, and overcomes that unpleasant ne
ssity of being compelled to go often
rough the day, and toget up mary
nes during the night. The mild and
iniediate effect of Swamp-Root is
on realized. 't stands the highet be
use of its remarkable
alth restoring prop
ties. if you need a
edicine you should .
ve the best. 3old by
uggists in fifty-cent
d one-dollar sizes. " s, emp..
You mnay have a sample bottle sent free
mail. Address Dr. Kilmer& Co., Bing
mnton, N. Y. Mention this paper and
nember the name, D-. Kilmer's Swamp.
>ot, and the address, Binghamton,
Y., on -very bottle.
The Last
Before Our S
Many rare bargains in remna
They must go. The early bi
Soon wve will have to arrange
Wc shall be prepared to gia
ss life. :
Dont fail to call onpiv
"Vore.Goods F
Dandiss. Canied
Jut out this coupon, fill it in
)ept. of the Sentinel-Journal.
I hdreby
'Ir. 'Mrs. or Miss:.............
Es a contestant in The Sentindl.
iomninated by... ...........
unbiect to Rnlna anvernlng the
An opp(
has nev(
lecting I
on all C
Men's, I
and ove:
of Pants
will be e
Wound Up
pring Opening,
nts and short lengths.
rd gets the worm.
for Spring and Summer
Te the best service of our busi
enever in need of dry-goods or
or Less Money"
oo~l arlor
Goods. INicnacs.
properly and send to the (cntest
Journal Contest.
Going On
)rtunity which the public
)r had before-That of so
'rom the Mammoth
ek of Clothing
which I Carry.
per cent dis
LOTHING-Consisting of
loys' and Children's suits
rcoats. Also on all kinds
this sale lasts everything
;old for SPOT CASH.
TrREENVILd .. s. C.
Many times a need for some sort of special fertilizer is
felt, and the Navassa Guano Co., has for 40 years been mak
ing a specialty of Special Fertilizers.
If you Mr. Farmer, wvant something for a special purpose,
see the agents, FOLGER, THORNLEY & CO., Pickens and
find out how well your needs con be supplied.
It will pay you to do this. Your crops respond t3 your
efforts in rnroportion to the amount of time, attention and care
that you give them at planting time, and wvhen the harvest
season comes round you will find that your Bank account will
have grown in keeping with your elf or~ts nowv.
Let us figure with you on your Spring bill of Fertilizer.
We carry a line ol NAVASSA GOODS and can fill your
Folger', Thiorniley & Company,
Agent Navassa Guano Co.,
Pickens, S. C.
Have grown the best crops for
Forty Three *Years
Long experience in selecting materials, great care in manu
facturing and conscientious effort in every department have
combined to make them the standard of excellence.
The success of your crop)s next F'all depends largely upon 2
the Fertilizer you use. Insist upon having
Etiwan Brands
And be assured of
Successful .Field Results

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