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- Smo Tlg8 You Know and'0
You Don't Know About Otar
Towns, Couty & Poople
-Easter Sunday falls on
A pril 16th this -year.
-The reason people don't like
Uov. Blease is because. when
they sniff snuff he won't sneeze.
- At least a part of the peach
crop is killed. Now can it be
p)ossible that Qov. Blease had
"4 'mething to do with this?
-When they get to making
automobiles that will run as
iong without breaking dowri as
4J)me people's tongues, then we r
want one.
-After the contest is all over
you are going to kick yourself
for not taking any interest in
i; and helping some one to win 1
a premium.
-Don't got worried too soon
and drop out of the contest. Just I
"keep a-hooking" and pull up. E
You stand as good a chance as 1
any one in the race,and may be I
the winner.
-The race hasn't begun yet.
Plenty of time to make the start.
fiet in line and show what you
,an do. Some one not yet en
tered is going to get a prize.
'Will it be you?
-Reader, stop right now, turn
over and clip the nominating
cou1poh, fill it out for yourself,
.ome member of your family,
.some friend or neighbor, and
hen get busy and help them to
-Get out and hustle; ask
your friends to help you. Get
everybody to subscribe and pay
up, and give their votes to you.
That is the way it is done. The
one getting the most votes wins
thie prizes.
Y; MY-in; deai; eader, ain't
there some one right in your
sectio that you want to see
win so'bf the prermiumns we
are going to give away? Then
get busy, start them off and
help them to wip.
e LTlieickens bagp~t Suriaay
School Convention ~will nieet
with he po~lenoy.Baptist ghurch
*on the fifth' Suin'dy .n April,
and the Saturday before. 1
churches and Sunday schools
-are requested to senid delegates.
1regrarne will be announced
later. B. E. Grandy, for Corn.
-What has become of all the
chicken cranks that' used to be
in this town and couirny? We 3
don't hear imnich "cirowing" I
amongst them these days.~ Are
they thinking or doinig anything
toward a poultry show this fall? '
The columns of this paper are
open at all times to thern for the
discussion of -this questioni.
-Albert F. Riser, secretary of j
the Pickens ,County Sunday ,
School Association. reports. that i
he has perfected arrangements i
with the Southern Railway for i
special coaches on No. 42, Wed- i
nesday morning, March 29, for
all who wish to go to Spartan
burg for that day. Thesecoach- E
es -will be attached to No. 43 e
that same night for them to re
turn. This, train will stop at i
Easley, Liberty and Central. r
-It isn't so much the amount c
of money our state, county and r
city officials spend as it is the c
benefits the people derive fromi e
the spending, Economy ini get- a
ting something lasting is wort~h i:
the money. A broadcloth suit s
will cost considerably more than f
a shoddy suit, but my, my, how Ii
broadcloth does outshine and a
outwear shoddy. This is only d
another way of saying that the t
money spent upon highways 1
and streets is poorly spent unless I
it be spent in building perma- e
o-mIlorrow (FrIday) is Saint
Ntrick's Day, arid wearing of
he green is in order.
-Miss Janet Bolt, of Easley,
ipont the week-end in Pickens,
;he guest of Miss Frances Bruce.
-,Miss Wade, who was mil
iner at the Big Store last season,
?as returned to Pickens and will
igai assume ti4 position.'
-Mr. Buepiah ~Jennings, of
Ireenville, spent- the week-end
n Pickens, the. guest of her
pardats, Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
31riffin. Her many friends here
wvere delighted to see her.
--Miss Bessie Partridge, who
.or several seasons has conduct
3d millinery parlors at F olger,
'hornley & Co.'s, has returned
'rom market, and is now dis
?laying a nice line of spring
iats and millinery. .
-Keowee Lodge A. F. M., No.
r9, held its regular meeting lst
3aturday night. The member
ship was well represented and
m interesting session was held.
rhree candidates were raised to
he sublime degree of Master
-The Keowee Supply Co,
iaye ihaugurated a Saturday
pecial sale. See ad. in this pa
>er for the bargains they offer
or March 18th. The people
inow that whenever this con
,ern advertises anything it is
ust as they represent it to be.
-Rev. E. L. Thomason re
luests us to announce that he
will commence a series of meet
ngs at Mt. Bethel on Friday
light, 17th inst. He will be ably
issisted by Rev. W, P. Yarbo
'ough, of Leesville. S. C. All
!ordially invited to attend these
-Rev. W. M. Duncan, pre
iding elder of the Greenville
listrict, preached an excel
ent sermon in the Pickens
deth'odist church on Sunday
ight to a large and appreciative
:ongregation. Dr. Duncan is a
luent and forceful. speaker and
klways delights and 'charms his
mudience. On Monday he held
zuatarly conference with this
:harge and ha. a good and ini
)ortant meeting.
-Capt. L. M.' Mauldin and J.
?. Carey, Jr., returned Satur
lay from Atlanta, where they
lad been in attendance upon the
~outhern Commercial Congress.
L'hey report a fine time and a
plendid meeting, Time and
pac~e will not permit of ours
civing an epitome of the possi
>ilities and benefits aicct-uing to
he South from this gathering
>f representative people from all
iver the United States.
e ,-Dr. J. L. Bolt, of Easley,
vas circulating among his Pick
ris friends last Friday. It look
d quite, natural to see him* at
he Keowee Pharmacy, and his
nany friends are only sorry that
ie Will not make that place
Leadquarters. He will have to
!et divide his time and have
egular days in Pickens. While
te has probably gained by the
hange financially, yet we know
Le longs with unutterable long
ng to be back on the old stamp
rig ground. "Dock," come
ack; we need you.
---An exchange says that one
f~the things necessary to profit
,ble and pleasant garden-mak-.
rig is a supply of irood tools. Of
our-se the garden should be ar
anged -so that all the prepara
lon of the soil and most of the
ultivation can be done by horse
ower, but there will always be
onsidlerable hard work requir
d. A wheel hoe in a garden
'ill soon pay for itself. -In fact,
one expects to (10 the right
>rt of gardening he cannot af
>rd to do -without one. Then
e will need at least one wide
nd one narrow hand hoe. a good
rIll and a spraying outfit. Other
>ols will be needed, of course,
ut these are for the beginning.
E bush fruits or grapes are iri
luded in the garden a pair of
runing shears 8honia be naded
--S-ome valualJI lands aro ad
Yertised by the dlerk of cOrt for
saleday in April.
After January 1st, 1911, the
Pickens Oil Mill will gin on
Friday's only. Dec. 29tf.
-For land anywhere in Pick
ens county see or write J. R.
Ashmore, 'The Land Man."
For Sale:-One 0 h. p. Peerless
engine for sale. Apply to Thos.
A. Kellev, Pickens R. 3, S, C.
Do you want to- sell your
farm or town property? See
H. M. Hester "The Real Estate
Man." Office in Picken's Bank
Building, Pickens, S. C.
-J. A. 'Smith, photographer,
will be in Pickens on Mondays
of each week instead of Satur
days as -heretofore. All who
want first class work see him.
-Dr. T. A. Seawright's Den
tal office is in the Masonic Tem
ple, upstairs, over the Pickens
Drug Co.'s store. When in need
of dental work call and see him.
-Haye you purchased that
f arm yet? I have some nice
places on my list. Write or see
me for anything in Real Estate.
H. M. Hester, The Real Estate
-Mr. J. R. Ashmore left Pick
ens Monday for Columbia where
he goes to attend a state meeting
of the W. 0. W. He is a dele
gate from the Pickens Camp.
-Fertilizer manufacturers
say that guano shipments this
year have far exceeded any pre
vious years. And all of it will
not be put under cotton, either.
-After a brief visit with the
family of her father, Capt. D. B.
Finney, Miss Alice Finney re
turned yesterday to her home
and duties in Atlanta.
WANTED-Two young or
middle-aged men to travel with
manager and solicit. Experi
ence not necessary. Good chance
to rMake money. Address F. S.
HONEYCUTT, Greenville, S. C.
-Lost on Monday, March 6th
between Holders Ford and Pic
kens Court House, a gold, ob
long stick Din set with a Ruby.
Finder please return to Theron
Hester, at Pool. Room and re
ceive $5.00 reward.
-Miss Lila Harris, a charm
ing young lady, of Greenville,
spent a few days last week in
Pickensi.the guest' qf her sister,
Mrs. W. T. Griffin. Miss Lila'q
many friends here werde ery
glad to see her.
--Don't fail to readtflie line of -
dope hainded out by Craig -Bros.
Co., elsewhere in this issne. lIt;
is interesting stuff ad dur read.
ers, especially our farmer fridndh
should profit by -i6. ls-w.a
you can sell -ande sell -vhat wtIl'
bring ydu-the most ready'moneyd
---Shipment of Westerrgc rn
into South Carolina is short
*300,000 .worth over ..previous
year's. As much, and as goo~d
corn, an be raised in this state,
to .the acre, as in, any state fi
the Union. . It can be raised as
cheaply- and sold as high, arjd~
the profit all stays at home. Fed '
to 'hogs and cattle, and they
marketed and.the droppings put
back on the land, corn is. one of
the best money crops grown in
our state.. -
--Rev. P. F. Kirhy filled his ap
pointmnent at the Pickens Meth
odist .church, Sunday, arnd
preabbed an excellent Sermon to
onW of the largest condregations )
that has.been 'at this dliurch in
a great while. At this service
the matter of a new church was I
taken up and it met with the
hearity approval of the miembers,
A new church is badly needed
by the Methodists, and it is sin
cerely to be0 hope'd that they may
prove themselves egnial to the
task, atnd cre another year rolls
around have a modern building
wverl uinder way.
Take Notice.
Easley, S. C., 8 March 1911.
Those still owing me and really
wishing to pay on their ac- e
counts wvill find my books still
at the Keowee Pharmacy and
will 1)e receipted for whatever ,
amount they pay. I thank ti
those who have already paid up. 1
Respectfully, t
J. L. Holt, M. 1)
Statoof South Carolina.
'County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
Vesta McFall, Plaintiff
L.,G lill.and L. G. Mauldin
Ilk pursuance of a deoretal order in the
above stated case by Hon. Goerge W.
Gage dated March 2 1911 and on file
in tho' Clerk's office, I will sell to the
highest bidder on Saleday in April
1911 during the legal hours for sale at
Piekens Court House S. 0. the follow
ing tracts of land to wit :
First: all that certain poice par
cel or tract of land situated lying
and being in Pickeris County S. C.
known as the Robinson land on wa
tors of Carpentors creek, waters of
Saluda River containing seventy
four and a half (74 1-2) acres more or
less, bonnaed as follows Beginning
at a stone X356 1-2 E32:00 to a
stone on the road, thence the road
871 E2:00 to bend in road SO0 E2150
to bond, 849 E1l:00 to stone on the
road N48 E25:10 to a pine x3n 12 1-2
W8:12 to a W. 0 X3 N2 1-2 W8:50
to a W. 0. X3n 12 WO:03 to a stone
879 W22:90 to a stone X3 the begin
ningX3. biing the same land deeded
to L. N. Jones by J. K. and J. C.
Williams on October 5th 1893 and by
L. N. Jcne to L G. Hill, reference
being uad to said deeds of record
Second: That other pieco parcel or
tract of land on which I now live con
taining sixteen (10) acros more or less
bounded by lands of Caroline Jones
J. S. Williams and otherg. Beginning
on a rock on north side of road, thence
S28 E26:70 to a rock, thenco N78 E
3:50 rock, thence N5 W4:20 Red oak,
thejace N46 1-2 W19:50 Rock on back
line, thence 844 1-2 W2:47 'o the be
ginning corner.
Terms Cash--Purchasers to pay for
papers and fo- recording the same.
A. J. Boggs,
Clork of Court:
Clerk's Sale.
State of South Carolina,
County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
R. M. Bolaine Plaintiff,
J. I.Vickery and F. G. iviauldin
In pursuance of a decretal order in
the abovn stated case by Hon. George
W. - Gage dated March 3 1911 and on
file in the Clerk's office, Pickens coun
ty S 0. I will sell to the highest bid
der . on- salesday in April 1911 during
tbQ. 19gal.,hours for sale at Pickens
Court House S. C. all that piece nar.
eel or tract of labd lying and being
situated in said state and county afore
ni .Beginning on a rock'onte. $outh
side of.Cedha kUr,' tagge east a a
fock, thence nortb to a' pin Rhehoe
~h.westto.. rook, thence south to a
lHickoryd hencae sduth-reit' to the be
gi.9.r'4.corpeg .adgqn~Iu ~Iand~s of Ji. I.
Vietzy.on .the.1sast, D...X. '1Mpr rpe on
tiiWest Henry Bpwen .gop Jhe south
(i k suthe,Bili'renshaw l.and and
tuore or Ilss. *T
"thaae'rs to prsv d for
to of Sout'lfCarb na,
:ionty of Pfcken,.
['Common -pleas-couirt -- .
~imington Savines sarc dTrai cdo.,
- . - m' Plaintids,
P. M. Hubbard,- 2. ~.Detepjant,
In pursuane of M-dfecretal-15rder in
be~ ab~ovo stated ee, 6y IHn. George
M - Gage, .dahed March 3 191 an4 on
h,1,dn- the. Clerk's ilice. ,I will sell
6 .the highelf ' bidder -on Aaledaiy in
april 1911 during. the legal hontub for
stlf at. Picken.. Court Ho.up', 'I. ., all
e tN.fee parcel or track of land in
To tv'and i ate aforesaid' Pumpikin
inf1Tbwgghip containn orie Hun
ired' and Twentt-flve'acres.,more or
isidjoinsig 'layds of Matthew iHend
lclys.Wni. Jonne arnd obiter1andsj~own
d hArmerly by. R.- -E.- .lBowen.. being
aieed in'dted froin said 'Bowein to mue
a..t*i .. S~g' :tra 4n& Mary
in pard. tract. Blowen dee'avdl. K.
fm rpy deed vol Pu 218...
Terms cash. Purchasers td pay for pa
era and for Recording same.
A. J. Hoggs,',
Clerk of Court.
B."H t (Botanic Blood Blood) in the
rly Blood Remnedy that kills the poison
ti the- blood and then piiritie,' it-----end-.
ga flood1 of pure, rich blod' direct, to
he skin surfaice, bemes. joits, and1(
.here~ver t he diseas:e Is iocated. lie this
ray all sore's. talcers. plmple-s. crup~tions
ro healed and cured. paine a riol atches
f theumfat i,4m cease, s wellings at bsid e,
.B. B. coinpletely chiange's the4 body
ito a clean healthy condition,' giving
rid skin the rich, red hue of peorfeet
ealth. B. B. B. cureis the worst old
rsees. Try it.
pleasant and safe to tairjs-coposeu of tpure
Dtanit tigredlents. ,It piiriin sn'l eniriches
e'blood. B3. 1. II.' Strengthem~ the nerves
i~diulltds up the broken down system. Drug.
stat$1.00 PER LAROE 13O'rTIl E with dired
Sn. for honme eure.
Sold at All Driu Stoe.
Our long - experience in the Mercantile Business has
taught us that it pays best to buy ,the kind of Merchandise
that sells-readily to our trade and not buy the kind that would
sell in New York or New Jer sey.
Now we know that we have hustling, thrifty people in
Pickens county and we are all proud of the progress that has
been made, especilly with the farming people in the last ten
years, bnt we want to make a little suggestion right here that
might be of so.ne help topush the good work along.
A lot of our people have an idea that they can make good
money, raising cabbage, I ish potatoes, etc., and selling them
to our small towns. Well, such a business located near large
cities pays well, but it is not very profitable our country. We
know everybody should produce such thihgs at home for their
own special use. But it is a loss of time to grow such crops
for profiE here.
Our Mr. Plumer Hyde bought ten bushels of Irish pota
toes from Mr. B. last Fall and put them up staips in baskets.
The pile kept getting less and less but no one was selling any
potatoes until finAlly there was only about a peck left and
Plumer slipped up stairs and gave THEM away.
Had Mr. B's load all been CHICKENS AND EGGS we
doubt very much if he could have fought the peopie off with
clubs until he could have reached our store,'they would have
been so eager for his load
We think that when poultry and eggs are in such de
mand as they are now and probably alwaAs will be, that flarm
ers ought to give more time and study to that line ot work.
Poultry raising, like every other line of work has to be stud
ied if one gets his share of the profits, but literature is cheap
and the work simple.
Give us less Irish potatoes and cabbage and more Chick
ens and Eggs.
One-price Cash Merchants.
The Last Wound Up
Before Our Spring Opening,
Many rare bargains in remnants and short lengths.
They must go. The early bird gets the worm.
Soon we will have to arrange for Spring and Summer.
We shall be prepared to give the best service of our busi
ness life.
Dont fail to call on us whenever in need of dry-goods or,
West End. r-eegtr.e, A.o
"More Goods For Less Money",
Sick or Well
* we co~n take catre of you ar111 supply
inaytiY our Wants.
n an thingi ur itui at any1 Ltime
It is our pleasure. privilege and dluty to Iene thitt y our eutry want is
Taken Care of
.'onf will fInd we hav. a~ line. of gooilH tedenI to norm1. in the etate and
cant get spermal es.dcn, s. aWoods or )(p.s---)') ja . )r .
On Short Notice
Pickens Drug Co.
Test Dr. Hess
On Trial
Did you know that you could feed Dr. Hess Pnultry P~a
a-ce-a the balance of the Winter, all spring, in fact untin ti'e
first day of August, then if you are not satisfied that it has p~aid
We will re'iund ever~y conf.1 you have paidl us5.
It is to make your hens lay, to make your chicks grow t
healthy and strong, to cur gapecs, cholera and roup.
.Of course you are expected to keep yuor poultay free i*m
lice and for that purpose we know of nothing better . n
Instant Louse Killer.
Let s have our order now.
Hi. A Richey & Son.

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