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Bntered April 23, 1903 at'Plekea q, S. (0. am vecond clas in tl rnSater, usader act ofVoagreus of iMareh 3. 1879
40th Year PICKENS, S. 0., MAR. 23, mil1 Number 43
.rR AD
~ R EG!
Mr. z"y bieved that succes'
Manufaciurer of Fertilizers who would :
above other considerations. This was M
idea Twenty-seven years ago and this
to-day; the result has been that it req
Factories to supply the demand for Royste:
"SUFR ME" and LO0
When the farmer buys fertilizer, he is providing 1
for a week or a month, but as long as there is need of
and maturing element. Unless he buys with this one
he lays himself liable to losses incident to a stunted
fruit, and to the greater loss of shedding. All thes
the use of our "Supreme" and "Southern Big" Bi
made of the highest class of materials known to the ti
Blood, -Bone and Tankage, prepared according to our improved
tinuously from the time the seed sprouts till the crop matures. ']
wet seasons much better than other fertilizers and keep the plant
They are finely ground and absolutely dry, thus insuring easy, eve
Call on your nearest dealer for a copy of our 1911
It he can't supply you, write us direct and we will promptly m
so you can see what our customers say about them. Our Fertiliz<
big crops for others, give them a chance to do the same for you.
Don't ie satisfied to buy "just guano," but JNSIST on g
"Supreme" or "Southern Big" Brands. They are
J W llendricks, Pickenis, S..C.; Thos. A. Julian,~
* O'Dell, Liberty, S. C.; Gainies & Gassaway Mechand
'If 9,986 Farmers and Planters
told you that their yields pcr acre of cotton, corn, wheat,,
fruit, fruit trees, peanuts and cane and truck crops wvere great
ly increased and some times doubled by using
and which they though the best and biggest crop producers
on earthr-wouldn't !ygu feel that you should, in justice to
yourself, try these ferdlbzers.and get the same increased yields1
on your farm?.
We have many thousand of unasked for letters, from far
ine& blessing the day they bought VIRGINIA-CAROLINA
- FE ILIZERS. Many of these letters are in the Farmers'
Year Book, which can be had free from your dealer. / I
Give them a trial this year and be
OLGER(TRRL EY A 00.. Agents. Plckens. S. C.
10Z I
Ut.%A V
lace queLty
r. Royster's
is his idea
uires Eight
r Ferti zers,
ci0. 0.
)lant food for his crop-not
plant food as a sustaining
idea prominently in view,
I growth both in stalk and
e losses can be avoided by
and Fertilizers, which are
methods, feed the crop con
'hey stand the drouths and
in much better condition.
i and uniform distribution.
Year Book.
.Xil you a copy
,rs have made PO
etting the
all good.
Easley, S. C.; WV. C.
ise Co., (Cenitral, S. C.
N earl9 Elvergbody
Death of an Aged Lady,.
The funera.1 services of Mrs.
Jane Couch, who died Tuesday
evening at the home of . her
daughter, Mrs. W. B. Freeman,
was held to-day at 11 o'clock at
Berea Baptist church, conducted
by Revs. Foster and Hammett.
. rs. Couch had been a great
sufferer for a long time. She
was a good Christian woman
and ready to go. She became a
member of Cross Roads Baptist
church, in Pickens county, when
18 years old, 65 years ago,
The following acted as pall
bearers: W. G. Trotter, E. S.
Mdore, W. R. Davis, H. L. Huff,
J. P. Williams and J. E. Jones.
The interment took place in
the church cenetery.--Daily
Piedmont, 9th inst.
To Sunday Schools of Pickens County,
The State Sunday School As
sociation will be held in the First
Baptist church at Spartanburg,
March 28-30.
This county is entitled to 25
delegates. and I haye been re
quested by the State Association
to appoint them and to furnish
All persons who deire a).
pointment as delegates should
lonmnuicate with me at once,
is we have only a limited num
der of places to fill.
- Free entertainment vill be
provided for 25 delegates from
5his county. As many more
3an go as wish, if they will look
aftgr their own entertainment.
By order of L. E. PRINcE,
Pres. Pickens Co. S. S. Ass'n,
Liberty, S. C.
Farm for Sale.
In Gordon county, Georgia,
120 acres in 2 miles of court
bouse; 1 mile of cotton mill;
R. R. frontage; good spring run
ring water; productive soil; pas
ure; 40 acres woodland; 2
3on0mon houses, Price $4,000,
with $1,500 cash, and five equal
payments on the balance from
next January, when possession
will be given.
174 acres, 84 mileWof railroad
station; 4 mile 6f village, with 2
3hurches, good school, 2 stores,
,innery and shop. Land is level,
colling and steep. Some fine
rorest timber; good 5-rooni
Ilwelling; 1 tenant house; fine
spring at each. T wo-horse crop
cnitivated last year (sorry crop
year). Place made 21 bales
(450 pounds) cottoni, :300 bushels
cornf,.somle oats, and a lot of hay.
Price $2,500, with $750 next
December, and $250 a ,year onl
the b~alanlce.
Get busy, Mr. Renter, and
own you a honme,
1 have other farms for sale.
The ab~ove are new~ ones, andl
are fine bargains. Your old
neighbors~ are well pleased over
Wr~iite or wire me when tc
meet you. Tr. M. BloKz,
Drawer 38, Calhoun, Ga.
Death of Mrs. Emma Mullikin.
In Seneca, S. C., tile death
angel has visited the quiet home
of Misses Nora and Carrie Car
ver' and removed their only near
relative, Mrs. Emma Mullikin,
who passed into the great be
yond1 on Monday, Marchl (.
And we are made to wond1]
whily the Grieat Destroyer camc
into thle 1home1 of these wo) 01r
phlanls andl took their only n~ea
relative and left them sadl ani
The dear .one left them th<
full assurance that she wou<
go on before them to join) witi
many loved ones who had pre
\ceded her to the home oft
And why should we lament and
Or wish her back again,
Since she has gone to her long
With Christ to live and reign.
She had many friends to
mourn for her. She was the
wife of Frank Mullikin, of Six
and Twenty. COUsIN.
Special Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that a
special meeting of the Board of
County Commissioners will be
held in their office in the
courthouse on next IMonday,
27th inst., for the purpose of
organizing and the transaction
of any business that might come
before the body.
By order of
County Supervisor.
Clerk of Board.
Liberty. R, 3.
Health of this conununity very
good at this writing.
Farmers in this section are
progressing nicely with their
farm work. Hauling guano is
now the order of the day.
Died, on tie 23d ult., at his
home near Prater's Creek
church, Mr. .. Goudelock, aged
64 years. His remains were laid
to rest in Fairview cemetery,
Rev. W. C. S aborn conducting
the funeral services. He leaves
a wife and two children besides
a host of relatives and friends<
to mourn his death. Mr. Goude
lock is gone but not forgotten.
The infant child of Mr. and
Mrs. Wn, Nations, who for
three months has been seriously
ill, is no better at this writing.
Died, on the 11th ult., at the
residence of his son, near Pra
ter's Creek chJrch, .on
Watson, aged 80 years. He was
buried in Prater's Creek cem
etery the day following his
Mr. and Mrs. WA. A. Porter
gave the young people a pound
supper on the 11th, which was
heartily enjoyed by all present.
Gates school closed on the
10th, after a suiccessf il term of 4
months uder the management
of Prof. W. WVV. West, who is a.
hustling teace4r.
Miss Dora Alexander visited
M~iss Nora Nations, Sulnday.
They report a fine time.
Prof. W. W. West visitedl at
the home of Mr. J. D). Nations
last Mondlay. Rainbow.
Mr Buyer, Ponder Over This
'vo farmers were nmol long(
since (discussing their local paper
One thought it had to nm
adlvertisemnents ini it. The other
replied: "'In my opinion the adI
vertisements are famr fronm being
the least valuable part oIf it. I
look themi over carefully and
save at les ietimes the cost
of the paper each week through
the business adlvantages I get
fonm them.'" Said the other:
"'I believe you are right-I know
that they pay me well and rath
er think it is not good taste to
find fault with the advertise
mients after all." Those mnen
have the right idea of the mat
ter'. It pays any man wvith a>
family to take a good local paper;
for the sake of the fatvertise
menits if nothing more. And if
business men fail to give farm
er's a chance to read advertise
ments in the local naper, they
are blind to their own interests,
to say the least of it. "'You
never trade with me," said a
- business man to a prosperous
farmer. "You have nmever in
Svited me to your place of busi
ness and I never go where I am
not invited, I might not be wel-1
come," was his reply.
Clemson College.
At no time has the Y. M. C. A.
been so fortunate as they were
last Sunday evening, 19th inst.,
)y getting the great orator, Mr.
Pyatt, of Nebraska, to address
-hat organization. His subject
,Vas " Spiritual and Secular
Life." He demonstrated their
;imilarity by proving that the
mly perfect man-Jesus Christ
-spent nine-tenths of his life
n secular affairs.
Among the delegates from
,lemson that are going to at
;end the Spartanburg Sunday
5chool convention is Mr. 0. W.
Prof. M. W. Morrison, of
3leison College, accompanied
by Cadet B. G. Field, attended
he County Teachers' Associa
Aion at Six Mile Baptist Acad
ny, last Saturday.
A rumor was spread among
he boys last Saturday that Mr.
L. C. Gilstrap had deserted the
b irracks. After a close inves
biation it was to our glad but
ihocking surprise to find that
Nir. Gilstrap had only been out
visiting a boarding house near
Dr. and Mrs. Brackett have
)eenl deliglitfully entertaining
01 the Senior and Junior sec
[ons, takiig eacl section in
By Virtue of an ag1eenmen1t
igned by the lparties interested
lated the 16th day of March,
L911, the following real estate,
situated in Pickens County,
3outh Carolina, will be sold at
public outcry before the Court
House door at Pickens, S. C., on
3alesday in May, 1911, to-wit:
All that )iece. parcel or tract
>f land situated, lying and being
n the County of Pickens and
State of South Carolina contain
ng Sixty and one tenth (60 1-10)
teres, more or less, agreeably to
t plat of same made by J. H.
?arle, Surveyor and Civil Engi
mIer, dated February 14th, 1911
he same being a part of the real
,state belonging to the estate of
he late Jeremiah Looper. This
s a Valuablle tract of land, well
,vatered, vith plenty of w%'ood,
,om] building iltuber, and about
i two-horse crop cleared thereon
11 a good tenant house located
)m the same.
rme011s: CAsI o11n day of s.I-le.
P'urlchaserI must comply within
)mI(. hoill, or land will be re-sold
m sane (dlay. Purchaser to pay
or' all papers'1' and for recordinug
hie same.
Pla1 of this land mnay be seeu
it the office of T1. ;J. Mauldin
1pon1 appllication.
M is. M~ wrnA, 0. L o( )P(..
An Able Charge
A dIispatch fromn Hampllton
~ays: 'Thle court of general ses
4ions5 convened here this morn
ng!, J udge 0G. E. Prince presid-.
ng, and quite a (luantity of
.ansiness was transacted1. Tlhe
3harge. of Judge Prince to the
grand jury was a gem of logic
md reason. HeI spoke at length
mf the condition of schools, the
chool system in South Caroitna.
he necessity of sonme supervi
;ion by the members of the
rand juiiry, and reccomimended
ome1( mater'ial changes in. the
present comnmon school system,
which would give to the teach
ars and superinitendents of edu
aationi hiigher salaries, and theni
gettinig better men, and getting
men from other states if they
caninot 1)e found in South Car
Hie told1 the grand jury that if
they found any pupil in any
school in the county who could
nmot be whipped by the teacher,
because of the fact that tho
parents of the child had forbid
den whippin&', that they, as
grand jurors, should present lh&
names of the trustees of such
school, in order to hold the
namxes of such parents up to
public scorn.

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