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seerkplot PrIce One bollar a Year
.,' , bIAdvance. 3
Sterted et Plokens #Oetofo. s Beond 0lass
Mall Matter
Death ot Mrs. Mau din,
Mrs. Deborah Mauldin, widow
of the late Joab Mauldin died
Thursday morning March 23d
at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. W. T. McFall with whom
she had made her home for a
number of years. Some years
ago Mrs. Mauldin suffered a
stroke of paralysis from whioh
she never completely recovered.
The second stroke came Thurs
day morning in the early hours,
death resulting almost instantly
The funeral services were held
at the home of Mrs. McFall at
4 o'clock Friday afternoon, her
pastor, Rev. G. F. Kirby of the
Methodist church officiating.
The simple, yet beautifully sol
enn ceremony of tho Methodist
church was used. Immediately
upon the entrance of the family
Mrs. Kirby sang "The Home of
the Soul," and at the close of
the service Mrs. Kirby and Miss
Eva Earle sang the duet "Jt sus
Lover of my Soul." The cask.
et containing her remains was
borne to the grave by six of her
sons. It is peculiarly fitting that
those who love most should per
form this last act of service, and
we feel quite safe in saying that
many hearts were touched by
this unusual scene.
Mrs. Mauldin was well known
having lived among us for more
than seventy years. 11er hus
band, preceded her to the grave
about thirteen years ago. Mirs.
Mauldin is survived by nine
children: Mrs. '\Testa McFall,
Mrs. Hortense Lesesne of Kings
tree, State Senator T. J. Maul
din, Major Frank Q, of thQ U.
0. Army, Lieutl 0. W. of the
U. S. Navy, Dr. L. 0. of Green
ville, Col. Ivy, Wayne, and
Gregg. of Plckens.
All the fanilly, except 'Major
P rank who coul d not reach here
in time, were pre(It at. the
funeral services.
The Sentinel-Journal extem' s
sympathy to the family.
James M. Martin Dead
Mr. James M. Martin, of Eas
ley,died at the home of his son,
Mr. B. P. Martin, Monday morn
ing at 5 o'clock, death being the
result of injuries received three
weeks ago w~hen he fell on the
sidewvalk in Easley. Mr. Mar
tin is wvell known thr'oughiout
the South and he has many re
latives and friends who wvill re
gret to learn of his death. lie
was in good1 health andl had
hopes of many more years of
life, and had it not beeni for his
accident he would probably have
lived for' a long time yet.
Three week~s ago Mr. *Martin
was coming out of the postoffice
a~t Easley, and being attr'actedl
by som 1e sort of athletic sport
being acted1 on the street, he
stumbled on a small boy on the
sidlewalk. The boy lif his effort
to avoid the steps of Mr. Martin
tripped him and he fell on the
pavement injuring his hip. He
had been confined 't -his bed
since in a dangerously ill cond.
tion.. He died from the accident
'Monday moreinig. The funeral
was held in 'tasley Tuesday,
rmorning and the body later car?
ried to Greenville where the in-1
terment was had at 2 p. mn.
Mr. Marti was for 85 years a
resident of Greenville county,
but for the past severel years he
has lived with his son in Easley.
He is survived by a wvife, broth
er, son, three daughters and a
large number of relatives thro'
out the State. Mrs. A. C. Wel
born of Greenville is his daugh
ter, Mr. J. J. Martin, of East
.Point, Ga., is his brother,
Mr. Martin was born in Abbe
-vlie county, a son of Mr. Jacob
Mr. Martin was familiarly
cnown as .artin' from the
Early Closing,
We, the undersigned, mer
,hants of the city of Pickens,
wiereby -agree to close' iir stores
at 6.30 p. m. from Api
3ept. 15, 1911, except f
pay days and Saturdays
Folger, Thornley.&, C,.,
Moore & Mauldin Co.,
H. A. Richey,
T. D. Harris,
Keowee Supply Co.,
R. B.. Waldrop,
W. -B. Freeman,
Pickens Hdw. & Gro. Co.,
Craig Bros. Co.,
Parrish-Sloan Co.,
Hea"h-Bruce-Morrow Co.
We, the undersigned, mer
chants of the town of Central,
agree to close our store doors
back and front-beginning Apr.
1 and conrinuing until Sept. 15,
at 6.30 p. m. Pay-days at the
Issaqueena mill and Saturdays
to be excepted:
Central Mercantile Co.,
Gaines & Gassaway Mdse Co.,
S. R. Kelley,
John Kelley.
T. L. Watkirs.
Central Furniture Co.,
F. B. & J. N. Morgan,
Pinson-Pace-Holiday Co.,
B. F. & C. L. Mauldin.
Farm for Sale.
In Gordon county, Georgia,
120 acres in 2 miles of court
house: 1 mile of cotton mill;
R1. I. frontage; good spring run
aing water; productive soil; pas- I
ure; 40 acres woodland; 2
,ommon houses, Price $4,000,
vith $1.500 cash, and five equal
)ayiments on the balance from
iext January, .when possession
wvill be given,
174 aereg, 81 miles of railroad
station; i mile of village, with 2
churches, good school, 2 stores,
ginnery and shop. Land is level,
rolling and steep. Some fine
forest timber; good 5-room
dwelling; 1 tenant house; fine
spring at each. T wo-horse crop
cultivated last year (sorry crop
year). Place made 21 'bales
(450 pounds) cotton, 300 bushels
corn, some oats, and a lot of hay.
Price $2,500, with $750 next
December, andl $250 a year on
the balance.
Get b~usy, Mr. Renter, and
[)wnV you a home,
I have other farms for sale.
The above are new ones, and
are fine bargains. Your old1
neighbors are wvelI pleased over
W\rite or wire me wvheni to
meet you T. M.' BOAZ,
Drawver 38, Calhoun, Ga.
By virtue, of a nagreement
signed by the parties interested
dated the 16th day of March,
1911, the following real estate,
situ ated1 in Pickens County,
South Carolina, wvill be sokd at
public outcry before the Court
House door at Pickens, S. C., on
Salesday in May, 1911, to-wit:
All that piece, parcel or tract
of land situated, lying and being
in the County of Pickens and
State of South Carolina contain
Ing Sixty and one tenth (60 1-10)
acres, more or less, agreeably to
a. plat of same made by J. H.
Earle, Surveyor ry4 Olyil Engi
igeev,a dated Feobr ary 14th, 1911
bye:.samne'-being a.part of the real
estatftbelongifig to the estate of
the late Jeremiah Looper. This
is a valuable tract of land, well
watered, with plenty of wood,
somie building timnber, and about
a two-horse crop cleared thereon
and a good tenant house located
on the same.
Terms: CAsu on day of sale.
Purchaser must comply within
one hour, or land wIll 1)0 re-sold
on same day. Purchaser to pay
t'or all papers and for recording
bhe same.
, Plat of thise land may be seen
it the office of T. J. Mauldin
2pon application.
her Way by
I Fuddge
T e Dr
Did you know that. you cou
a-ce-a the balance of the .Winte
irst day of August, then if you
ind.paid big,
We will refund .every
[t is to make your hens lay, t<
iealthy and strong, to cur gape
Of course you are expected t
Lice and for that purpose we
[nstant Louse Killer.
Lot us have yo
H. A Rich
Do you want to
bown property? (
Lade Ior a differen
I have a ver'y atti;
[ract; I do all Ite w
xpnse, etc., and wbll
nvap, you Pa1Y Me a eC
I have 1rom ftr a 1
m)1 my list.
It you want. to buy
n showing you so IC
Yours to>,B
H. M. HI
-"The Real ]
Box 264.
Pickens Ba
Let me write your fire instira
liable companies.
No CJroses of H onor will bs coferred
after 1912. All V,-teratns desiru~ls of tib
tainingr a (Cros-, this year muuj b ve ii. i r
nOplicarl~on on ille by A oil 15 h. Ev.-,
V teran ol(f Pice nsu~ C) >tme y wh h s s 'aI
se'curedl one of these Crosses is respie; -
fully uirged to mai~ke prompt. :appjlication
for one, as you will have only one oth~er
opportunity to secure this valued e.mlemii
Every Confederate Veteran wh o givyes
proof of his service mn the war is e'ntit led
t a Cross.
Trhe oldest lineal de-scendant o.f a d
ceased Veteraui is enitit led in o a ' ron ig.
on1 proper ai ppl'icattio.)l.
show the beneficial ef
fects of
Scott's Emulsion~
in a very. short time. It
not only builds her* up1'
but enrighes the. n other'.
milk an4d'.P 1Y1 66
ishes the chil I"
Nearly all mothers who
nurse'their children should
take this splendid food
tonic, not only to keep
up their own strength but
to properly nourish their
Men4 10., Sinmo of papor and ;hI. ad.,for de
beaotiful Sawings Bank and Child'. Skototi'Boo'.
Each bank conta ins a Good Luok-Fe'nny.
ScOTI' & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St.. Ncw Yra
Cure for K
Id feed Dr. Hess Pnultry Pan
r, all spring, in fact untin the
are not satisfied that it has paid
oent you have paid us.
make your chicks grow fast,
, cholera and roup.
o keep yuor poultay free from
know of nothing better than
ur order now.
ey & Son.
salI vour farm or
)r do you want to
t location?
-ctive form of' con
>r'k, pay advertising
eI I Imake a sale or
o1mm1isk'sion out of the
ew iore good places
I will take pleasure
good places.
Estate Man."
Pickens, S. C.
ak Building.
nce; I'll place you in good re
If a veteran to whpmn a Or. ss has al
ready been awardted should lose t he same
he fs entitled to a second Cross upon ap
The undrsignedl will cheerfully uive
all needed advice and assistance to any
Vtnraii or dlescejndant uapilyinn. for ai
Cross uinder the rules eoverning t beii
b~estowal, and cordially invites overy
one entitled to this badge of honoi
to freely ask for this advice and assis
The efforts aind hopes of ihne P'icknm
Cbapter, D~aughters of the Coenfedor.
acy, aro earnestly di rocted towards the
proper honoring of nvery trur. soldliei
of the Confederacy. Let none entl
tied to this Cross pass the last oppor
tunity of seenring it-.
Respect fully,
Mrs. T. J. Mauldin.
Pres. Pickons Chapter, U. D). C.
Blood Balm
(B.IL I.)-Cures TIrsagh the Blood
~M ien,Eczrnsa,
J3.. B (Boqtanic Blood Blonjd) in the
opil Blnod fl4meidy that kills the p'oison
in lhe blood arid-then - purifles it-send
ing a flood of pure, rich blood direct to
the skin' surface, bones. joints, and
wherever.the disease is located. In this
way all sores, ulcers, pimples, eruptions
are healed and cnred, pains and aches
of Rheumatism cease, swellings subside.
B. B. B. cornpletely changes the body
into a clean healthy condition, giving
the skin the rich, red hue of perfect
liealth. B. B. B. cures the wor st old
CMaS. Try it.
Hotanic ingredients. Itpurfe an eniche
the blood. IE B. 11. strengthens the nerves
an . bilth broken down system.h drug.
tlonu'for home cure.
Sold a Al1_Drun Stoee.
I.Very package
paraltiolls have the
an tee:
is guaranteed to iv
it does not, come'ba<
money...--it belongs t<
you to have it.-Uni
XVe sell the "Re:
one for each ailme
the above guarant
Please give us a
show you.
Pickens I
Olven Am
Do you need a good SEW]
take one hone if it was given to
We have a fine machine-I
ball-bearing NEW ROYAL Mai
at $65.00 or less, that we are
free of charge. We don't wan
gladly give it to you-if you wi
With every cash purchase <
at our store during the mot,
nnmbered coupons, entiding y
cent machine. For further part
We will contiuue our gre-.t
"All Foo
We will fool you with the folloi
to get rid of:
io lb SACK OF SAL]
? plngs good tob kco O
Shoot your produce to us
good price for your trouble in I
Keowee S
To makeC r
Spring stock w<V
sacrifice all wint
makk special I
everything mn st<
vdilue Soc chess
at 4oc the yard,
at I 2%c, i 2%c
I 8fr'8%c and~ so onl
All .men's womn
* . rens shoes, mi
hats,, caps shirt
All to go in this
ed prices..
XV.-t theF0
ot 'Re all pr.
fo oing guar.
-.This Preparation
e satisfaction. if
:k and get your
> you and we want
ted Drug Co.,
Kal.P' Renedies,
nt, and back up
ee to the letter,
trial and let ts
Drug Co.
Prand new drop head, chrin 1
-hine - made to sell at re:
going to give away, absolut-.>
t it, got no use for it, and .
n it.
)f $i.oo or more, made by y
th of April, we will give yoi
ou to a chance at this magn
culars call onl
Saturday Specials and for:
Is Day"
ving stuff we are very anxit
) SOAP 25C.
IRUPj'35c ---.
TICE, $1.oo
DA, 8 packages, 25c
ellow Jacket branp) for 20c.
-we'll catch it and give yoi
ringing it to us.
up ply Co.,
LCe SaI(
oom for our
are going to
er goods, and
:>w prices onl
>ck. All good
goods to g
25c at 20c, 15c
at ioc, ioc at
:lown the line.
ens and child
ins. and; boys
and overalls.
sale at red uc
d-Stand" -
or other ornament makes
much more acceptable aml
lasting Easter gift than any
thing else.
and we will reserve it for vos
ill needed. -Our .reputation k
guarantee of that.
H. Sniderg
Fasl4ey, S. COi

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