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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, April 06, 1911, Image 6

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'T is -not often that a man having
devoted what would naturally be
considered the best part of his
life to one artistic pursuit and
having attained the highest honors
In such chosen field, turns in his
hiter ycars to another field of
nehivenllt equally arduous and
exact ing, with every prospect of
suCce5ss. Yet that is precisely
wMt Paul do Longpre has (one(.
that Paul do Longpre who has
been known for years as the king
of flower pailnters and whose won
derful vater (olors of roses and carnations and
pansies nid every other form of petaled beauty
havo helped to cnab!e America to vic with Eu
rope in mod(er art.
Art nnd musile are supposed to be wedded and
it iF not su rprivinig, t herefore, that if Paul do
Longpro was lo seek additional outlet for his
artistic energy he should turn to the musical
sphere. Dut it is not music from the standpoint
of a performer or singer that has interested this
ever-young ntlihusiast. lic has been more or less
of a musician ill his life and there is an abun
danee of musical talent, within his famiy Circle.
It is IlusiCal comuposit ion that Paul do Lotgpre
hu been essaying this 1pa:st year or two-and
operatic composition at that, the most difficult
of aul the forms of musical expression. 1lo has
several operas or operet.tas uidier way-ono of
them atin opera on the sibivject of liip Van Winkle,
which is exPected to ieli) aiong tho growing
llovlient for grand opera in i-iiglisi -and more
',-4 z e
deC'' v? Q
franetry ompsitins o th cocetore
are igi n dmmet htmgtohr
wis coo o hi reesl acivmn
Forslln eidhs ald ogr
bee coslyidnttld it th rtlf o h
UniedStr~sandpatiulrl ofsuhr al
fona heeh a log aoi hoe that
fa edtiia(l character I)owteveo, as a yordeg
boye ho mnifeohsetalessly asemn. mutn
almn ostidit toeilfo th ptng art flora ofub
l~e s~, and parpenleiortionof sothyern thel
forumtr neasr lai hin orde tiao s at first hnd
they forsubjcs elovted factwhich ighte ine
woud1 1p0rbablytO havoi isna eisthole tho to
skatingofou inter ruxuiclwradn of th Br is
favrd reion fifty-iyer go lie wor oe f that
cehdhie iing thiol faew addli y vathes mot
bosaie buanifestedlentor reml~ muntingccpa
alos to eaing fors th.altlgof10-isb
* jecAll th1( o whoil,aptn of core i eart year in the
country pain-n Panis efford rtstd atrt atnd
then flral tubecotset o loved so wel.ondthe u
would hor of~l havoin hus pirs hung timn tho
11Padisl igt mk and (11(1reog it camte ostv
tirnao ucceconalg yeans.Afwyerlarh -
Allr the ier course his has was inuddel
te rdmb the faouse of the6 aie wnthe int
tutoe hno whchal hsaings hadtre beeng Ienste
ed. ari slonpre hadilar rgitio ae oen sand
evegmareune thenty-flyecoears of ag ln wss~~ e,
aliterd the fosiilies of Paiy bnistig
of a wife ana three children-two daughters and
In tis domlestic (trisis the young -artist deter
mined upon a bold utep--nothing less than a re
solve to turn his back upon Paris anid seek his
fortune in tihe n~ew world. Almost all Is friendls,
-q Withl charactertstic ieessimismn, predicted disaster,
but he nevertheless transferred the seat of his
activities to New York, where lie met with a
gradually I ncreasinv ineasure of success. Then,
upon paying a ?iSit 's southern California, lie, as
vas to be expecstedl, straightway fell in love with
-the land of flower-s. lie immediately determined
benceforth to mauke als home there, attracted no
Ss y h li ai
adatgs hnb
5t h edoprunte
- oAbaniga4l
seaon o.te ea
of stdes fr i
flowe paitings Mos persns o aritctm
pea etcam thtte r retyifune
by eviromen interatsi efot adi
this ~ ~ 7,AZ be4u'tisnta l strng thtPald
Lonpr hspouematricsofterca,
for ~ ~ ~ ~ A helvs n oksi uronig a da
asm yb'4 udo'ete''d fte tatc
Th 4'Lnpovil slctd tH lyod
Cal. a sbur of ~os ngees, ictuesqely itu
atedin he oothllsof he ierr Mare oun
tan.T est ofth 4vll 'sasa4 nstati
the "fotls bl,"ad ee a b ouda
all easos o theyea a rfso ftepse
whic ha rvna netelsiain adth
stoc in rae, s t wreo the clte iw o as
beenso uccssfl i conte0ei natune.
Thd Longpre home- cobinion at stu
dio ad reidenc-s nean of theo ylacer
of th tourst mcca were o gt iloatedt athe
arist-'r paintins. benmost gerssous aristi openng
petat l imtt t ihteers groeavnecdt
byo upil onmnt i thcg tistio"easmch asd ihe
tfsor n it istIsotte aov all se That buldog
congprcuous, is~lC~ nsriC of theicncer r tclssn
forthe laths construction wich sroigs axesively
asmaye fon eiterect(on of the tlantryiAc.
ctal.lysbubo thessrucnuees, picrsquelymotifut
wth isome fothechraeisis of the Sirrater mun
taiinate sitn the ill iost a pcops tofc cenu
thes agfostsl, and hgienth mr e oundt atlu
allcseaosm of the ramofusrn bufldhngspofith
Tihe hstudrov, at ganlerye aditoadthemsn
tock vinala are i of o t hesullysacious' wrophas
thee aro crridors ialcounereitng toe.whc
affordoelsongr whe--a cobinat.In ofdituon
dio thipon reside-lnce ofthesoer iaesat
osithaed toretwecca herein itndsthecatedntadns,
atstfowr asenostwhc genroinzenwing
itotf tietoe sghtsurs ~'i thae etra to
lookuco t atsathingmpo rdo"res muh ahey
foritrs thiusu latte aboe alscreo buildin,
ther-fungfte of vwadaoheish her approst
colnsicuetousofte, onreeror. stcc Lon
epled Ino tim seton oim terctry.e sormany
ofanish frisind tyloe ofanrcuppecrhc which
MBA wh atde tem
p resn in1~ so mayo4 hbgmno
iatcoeptlon in that reaory omes
frtnhibyle.Paul doIngtereto Long
prte hastaeraronto of thisfe bd for
alltis n tlet padtcarlfln his mase
. nongh of the harheandedeusiess
peetsomanywith the igabitmn of
the aretive word. Hise ho lievote
iseall anto tolefrs shoe hlovero
ahdevelmeTelfmot of tpainhp
~~ wpiter-compfor daughteen car al
ay onepind ofthat thellyes come
frstuiy histhsyhige. Pal." Song
paroy has andrecobintatio oe h oea
aet as theacica ihe hdice make
gi1: trulyiat wlingo the dkfieun
iesigd of athe"Chard-eamoey bsnes
help artnvts thie. vAtng aitin ofth
fuly esidtheate orerha evger toakehts
ownmedicin all to rsetol for sl hatr loe has
wo fnacil as wel-acrisic hsucess.aral
Itaghb supposed that tman whighet thav
ing passe thehalfctury mark hiahs art.nging
hishansfllbu wnot asoiel the ou ce whichd
Longpre.i h a oe ofte oerasende way andug
Sousa's bandand ote coinct orgnizteonsplay-t
ing hs iheld cmofsti-"onsadr clmong fora
hoell the arts comoer aa is(even noAfnditcng tuth
full ne a thahief prootoro as nemvemaent his
Owhic meie i ls this oregpetor all hahe haow
won finausidl for nationas ats. Tscsprey
lago ofse tove ohl-entry ofarekin was plower
pintersan effort of urticerdavo ould-shre
hivemans fulvungot tso obthe orefulcaulo dof
Loppreatiho ar cole ofeher unereue wa and
Agehicas lihtr cmoiin n lmrn foregr..
Toatthe chief prote of athe vpovementd fo
thec euaial tiefoigton which isial know
asu to thsae whore natonlh ar thssenabld a
uanersan an eaprtcaor, to engcralbineePrite
publvcmentimevng that is obecuti the ecteiongo
thf wolernenan apdoplhe inase and ati. better
Lonpreatonls tatrtwors wther exethioen
mernsa aod andreinors.mn oftecueo r
'n'any chf iranhe thti movemnt, asiepobl
fthe ducthatia teefitedic ste ineviao facb
crnd ton the whe Euopea whounrehs nabe mto
unerstan a. apeculiate atto sengn theol
thrubli setient tedeatl vrnelnth extendng e
vofpoenetadt the cause ataley of whrch r.c da
tongse feelsg theame mans the es fthishmoen
mental ofmid aendorsenatof tcheoou of te
inayofwns bracesthts Paesponil
foAtl phato thtche oncet Statnes t o ar Wabe
burgh many of2 the usen conriesn in the mat
trc of Atfr. Thwule torrse he apbrass
pte ntoa rgleyn which proengraved
begin hony patetnrely beenongedanh wo lie
Wa wer st Sct.fAtsford"hTeone
of thatntnresiconblngerd o a to ir Wasses
Scotti anodfit okuoc the property of W .SgBitn
Englndt BurtwainticocthtSrWle
Rheumatism Advice
I Gives Prominent Doctor's Boest
Prescription-Is Easily Mixod.
"Get one ounce of syrup of Sarsapa
rilla compound and one ounce of Tors
compound. Then get halt a pint of gooa
whisky and put the other two ingredi
ents into it. Take a tablespoonful of
this mixture before each meal and at
bed time. Shake the bottle before us
inug." This Is not new in this city as
inany of the worse cases of rheumatism
and back-ache have been cured by it.
Good results come the first day. Any
druggist has those ingredients on hand
or will quickly get thom from his
wholesale house. Any one can mix
A Dramatib .Critio.
"And what is your father's business,
my little man.?" asked Itev. Fourthly,
as he made his m.orliing call on the in
rant class.
"He's a dam-at-it kick-it," said the
little chap, whose father wrote dra
matic criticism for a newspaper.
Harper's Weekly.
"Now they claim that the human
body contains sulphur."
"In what amount?"
"Oh, in varying quantities."
"Well, that may account for some
girls making better matches than
Cheerful Anticipation.
"Have you seen my 'Descent Into
Hell?" asked a poet.
"No," said Curran, warmly; "I
should be delighted to see it."-From
Clark's "Eminent Lawyers."
Thatt is. IAXATIVI N1 tMO ININN. Look for
the signaturo of H. W. OROY M. Used the World
over to Cure a Cold iu One Day. 2C.
Heaven won't seem worth while to
some women unless there's an occa
sional bargain sale.
Whenever there is a tendency to consti
pation, sick-headache or bilioisness, take a
cup of Garfield Tea. All druggists.
Town criers were abolished when
women's clubs were organized.
A\'egetable Preparation rorAs -
Ssimilating heFoodand Regula
ing theStomachsand Bowels or
Promotes DigestionCheerful
ness and Rest.Contains neitier
OpiunMorphine nor Mineral
Rarltjo /Old DrSA /"I'/r/M/
ku.aC. red uo,
/4.ppayen -/v
.oA perfec t Remedy for Constipa
lSl) lion , Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
90Worms,Convulslons .Feverishi
ness and Los s OF SLEEP.
FjU lac Simile Signature of'
uarnted udertheFood an
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
"I was In a terrible condi
Bigham, of Peiham, Ga. "I<
any time at all, without great
time, so bad at times I could
fered with pain in my limbs,
"Cardul relieved me almac
gone, the headache is nearli
suffering woman and girl w
The Woma
Cardul Is a speclfic med
pure vegetable ingredients.
splendid tonic for women of
In relieving those aches and p
If you're run-down, wea
couraged-try Cardul. With
tury of success, Isn't It reasol
cine will help you, too?
Give It a fair trial-give y
You'll be glad you did so. S
"Which do you q>refer-life in the
country or in the city?"
"Ii not sure. It depends on
whether I am in a mood to be attac.
ed by a cow or a motor car.
Even the truth may be told with an
intention to deceive.
"I have been using Cascarets for In
somnia, with which I have been afflicted
for twenty years, and I can say that Cal.
carets have given me more relief than any
other remedy I have ever tried. I shall
certainly recommend them to mny friends
as being all that they are represented."
Thos. Gillard, W~gin, Ill.
Pleasant. Paatable. Potent. Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Sickn,-Weaken or Gripe.
10c. 25c, 50c. Never sold In builk. The gen
uine tablet stampedC CC. Guaranted to
cure or your money back. 924
If afihicted with~ 3 y
sore Oe.l, U.., Thompson's Eye Water
J9 enyis
to remem
n you need a remed
For Infants and Children.
rhe Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
tion," writes Mrs. Anna Lou
:ould 'not stand on my feet,
pain. My head ached all the
hardly open miy eyes. I suf..
and my back, all the while.
st at once. My pains are all
r well again. I hope every
ill give Cardul a fair trial."
m's Tonic
Icine for women, made from
It has been found to be a
ill ages, Particularly effective
ains from wvhichi only women
k or nervous, don't be dis..
i record of over half a cen..
sable to suppose this medl.
ourself a chance to get well,
old everywhere.

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