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Subscripion Prieb20Ontb 'Dollar a -Year
In Advastee.
SnIArert at Picoren. Peatofmno qa Becond Olassii
Mi Mattr
THUR8DAY, APRIL 18, 1911
The corn crop of the nine1
Southern states last year ex
ceeded that of the yrevious year
by more than 158,000,000 bush
els, aind these nine states pro
duced 45 per cent. of the entire
corn increase over the year 1909
in the whole United States.
While Andrew Carnegie is
giving $10,000,000 toward the 3
work of establishing .interna
tional peace, it is a fact that
the year 1911 will see more gi- y
gantic warships launched than i
any previous year in history.
The combined powers before the
year is closed will set afloat 36 i
battleships of the dreadn aught
size. The number now on the
water is 88, and it has takeni
five years to roduce them. t
About fifteen million dollars
were spent in this country last 1
year in the organized fight I
against luberculosis, a sum
twice the total of the previous t
year. This was in the main- a
tenance of institutions and in I
the educational crusade, and
many millions more were spent ]
in private attempts it cure and
in the home care of patients. t
Intelligent and organizedt work I
on such a scale mst soon make
a great diecrease in the toll of
lives no0w needlessly sacrificed
to this dread disease.
Senator Sullivan is Sore.
Senator Sullivan, of Williams
ton, uncle of Mr. C. C, Feather
stone, the gentleman that Cole
I' Blease defeated for governor,
comes out in a long communica
tion and advises magistrales not
reappointed by Gov. Blease to
hold on to their jobs. Now,
suppose Mr. Featherstone had
been elected,,.and saw fit to do
as did Gov. -Blease. asks' the
Anderson Intelligencer, would
Senator Sullivan have acted as
he is now doing?
What Jeffries' Went Up Against.
A recent dispatch from San
Francisco is likely to discourage
such wh e pgilists as oney be
industriously training with the
hope of facing Jack Johnson in
the prize ring and snatching the
chanmgionshio from his grasp.
The dispatch, after stating that
the negro pugilist-had visited a
hospital where his brother is un
der treatment for threatened
blindness, proceeds:
"While experts were taking
X-ray pictures of Charlie they
suggestedl that the champion sit
down and have an X-ray made
of his head to find the thickness
of his skull.
''Johnson accepted and the re
sult showed that it required fih e
and a half minutes for the rays
to penetrate, thus proving that
the champion has a skull rang
ing from one-half to three-quar
ters of an inch, which is more
massive than, the skull of a Tex
as steer.
"While It took five and a half
minutes for the rays to penetrate
Johnson's skull they go through
an ordinary human head from
five to fifteen seconds.
"The result of the X-ray ex
posure amazed all medical ex
perts at the German Hospital.
All declared that Johnson's skull
surpassed in thickness any I
which they had seen and proved
that he could not be knocked out i
by a blow on the head." t
No white man can hope to e
stand with bare fists before either a
the hind hoofs of a mule or a .j
riegro whose skull is thicker b~
than that'of a- Texas steer, and 11
so.Johison is likely to hold the il
championship until sd'de-acrllla ti
r tour-footed 'animal is allowed
face* him in th'e ring.-Macon
3a.) Telegraph.
Plokens, R. 4.
Miss Nora Hayes visited Miss
linnie 1Vorgan one day last
Misses Lena Brown and Leila
lorgan visited Miss Lakie
layes, Sunday.
Miss Minnie Duncan, of Wil- 1
amston, spent last week with
er friend. Miss Minnie Morgan,
i Pickens, and they sure did
ave a nice time.
Mr. Erwin Hayes, who met
rith a very serious accfident on
be 26th ult., by having his eye
early put out, spent last week
rith his parents.
Mr. E, M. Morgan and daugh
3r, Miss Minnie, made a flying
rip to Williamston last week.
Misses Hattie and Nora Hayes
isited their sister, Mrs Dora
turns, one day last week.
Miss Ola Massingale and Mrs.
innie Howell visited the fam
ly of Mr. E. M. Morgan last
aturday and Sunday.
Misses Hattie and Nora Hayes
'isited Misses Mattie and Mamie
trown last Sunday. The gih ls
ay they had a jolly time.
Misses Cloa and Snowy Wil
iams visited Misses Minnie and
ieila Morgan one day last week.
Mrs. E. A. Lawson has re
urned home from a week's
'isit to the family of Mr. Bill
4assingale, at Easley.
Mr. Tom Hawkins visited Mr.
.ige Morgan last Sunday.
It has rained so much lately
hat farmers are behind with
heir work. Early Bird.
From a Pickens Boy Out West.
It affords me much pleasure
;o write a few lines to the read
rs of the Pickens Sentinel
fournal in regard to my first
risit to the West.
I left Pickens, Jan. 4, for
Atlanta, where I joined three of
xny friends, Messrs. Lloyd and
Roy Grandy and Mr. Lucius
L. Earle, and went from there
to% Oklahoma City, Okla. We
enjoyed the trip fine. Arrived
in Oklahoma City,: Jan. 11th,
where we met with several of
our Pickens friends. Oklahoma
City is a pleasant place, but the
wind and changeable climate
miakes it very unpleasant.
After five weeks' stay in Okla
boma, Air. Earle and myseif
left for Los Arigeles, Cal.;- Mr.
Lloyd Grandy returned after
vard ,to Pickens on a' business
On our way to California we
stopped off at Williams, Ariz. ,
an~d went up to the Grand Can
yon, where wve spent some few
days. * The Canyon, with its
snow-capped peaks, is a beauti
ful sight. It la the most inter
esting spots we have visited,. on
our trip. We had the pleasure
of witnessing an Indian dance
while at the Canyon, and it was
certainly amusing.
We then left for Los Angeles,
Calif., where we have been
since. The climate is very mild;
warm days and cool nights.
Los Angeles, with its towering
palms and beautiful flowers,
make it an ideal resort. Like
D)klahoma City, it is well sup
plied with hobble skirts.. The
Los Angeles ladies are complain
ing about the steps on the street
ears not being low enough since
bhe "hobbles" have come in
style. I think economy, not
30mfort, brouight, on' the fad.
With best regards to the Sen
;inel-Journal, I am, etc.,
Los Angeles, Calif.
1145 S. Figueroa-st.
'ickens High School Entertainment.
Inst'ead of the usual public
neeting, the Literary Society of
he High School will give an
rntertainmnent in the school
uditorium, Friday evening,
Lpril. 21st. The proceeds will
e used for putting electric
ghts in the school buildifig,
'he society inviten you tn at
.A'Pleasant Birthday Party.
EV. JOURNAL:-YO6i, can,. say ,
o the rnany friepds of Mr. Y. L.
1homas that he has just passed f
n the journey of this life' his
p8th mile post, which event
ccurred on the 80th 0lt. His
-hildren and grandchildren de- j
AIding not to let this event pass
)y unnoticed, gave him a birth- I
lay dinner. To carry into:effect 1
;his desire they began to arrive
tt his home, on Crow creek, r
rhursday morning. :Buggles,
wagons, children and .grand
::hildren galore to the number of
38, and even your humbloscribe
book his better hall and-breast-.
ad, not the waves, but the -wind, t
to help them enjoy the. occa
3ion. And while I am at it, I
might as well confess the truth,
we knew that there would be I
plenty and to spare of the good
things of this life in store for us
when we got there, and we
conducted ourselves accordingly
-began with keen relish to de
vour everything in sight. t
It was a real pleasure to see
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, sur
rounded by their children and
grandchildren, who vied with
each other to make the old folks
enjoy themselves to the full.
May Bro. Thomas live to see a
many more such days Was the t
wish of all who were present.
One who was there.
Teachers' Association. b
The next meeting of the
Pickens County Teachers' Asso
ciation will be held in the audi
torium of the graded school
building at Central, Saturday,
April 22, at 1 p. m.
The following are some of the
questions that will be discussed:
1. Should the schools of Pick- I
ens county have a school ex-p
hibit at the next county fair? ,
2. Discuss the four methods
of teaching reading, and tell
which method is the best.
3. What preparation should t
a teacher make before appear
ing before the class?
4. Is education a science, an p
art, or both, and why? 0
5. Are country school 6khi- t
bitions at the end of 'the, ern
des?iraolets . ,. .f ...
6. What can our associaionj
do as an aid toward the .httreo
duction of -medical in'podtoii in
schools! '-l
if. Ought th~er e. 1b S1~,ous
training in our schools?..
Every teacher- is askeds'to
bring a written qiuestion'of "sdif.
interest, which WI! b 6 haihde
to, the .president and .readl. h.'
discussion. .:u
It is hoped -to' 'have' one,'Iper
habs tw'o, promi'nieit bdeiatWA
the meeting.
County papers please-copy4 .
*Piokens, R. 2.'
I will write some news from
the Six Mile section.
We have been having rain
for the past week and the farm'
ers are getting behind with'gar
dening and planting.
Health of community is very
good so far as I know except
Mrs. W. P. Garrett has been' ill,
but her friends are delighted to
know that she is improving.
Mrs. Samle Garrett has. a bad
ankle caused from a sprain, but
is a good deal better at present.
The' Declaimer's Contest~ for
the medal was rained out on 8th
inst., but have announced that
it will be Saturday night, 15th'
inst., in-the auditorium of- the
Six Mile Baptist Academy. The'
puolic is cordiolly.invited?
The public entertainment will
be in 'Academy auditoi-lum Sat
urday night, April 29th. There
will. be a speaker from Clemson
College to give an address.' The|J
school will give an interesting'fi
program and hopes to have a 2
large crowd prsent. . w
Hope the correspondents will O
come to life this spring and send B
in the news from their sections tN
and keep the S. -J. still the lead- hE
ing paper. Six Mile hasn't gonec
lead because they haven't wrote
mny news--they all have, been "
co busy,IX guess. -Would'Y . i
glad to see letters from 'all"'the
:orresnondents. __Senata.
how the beneficial ef
ects of
Scoff's Emulsion
n a very short' time. It
jot only builds her up,
)ut enriches the mother's q
nilk and properly. nour
shes the child.
Nearly all mothers, who
mrse theirchildren should
;ake this splendid food
;onic, not only- to keep C
ap their own strength but
:o properly nourish their
Send 10c.. namo of paper and this ad. for our
ceautitil Savinigs Bank and Child's Sketch.Book.
:'ach bank contains a Good Luck Funny.
)COTT & BOWNE. 409 Pearl St.. New York
No Crosses of I lonor will be conferred
fter 1912. All Veterans desirous of ob
tining a (Crosm. this year must have their
vppliclon oi ile by April 16,0h. Every
,eteran of Pickeis County who has not
ecurei one of these Crosses is respect
tally urged to make prompt application t
ier one, as You will have only one other
poortunity to secure this valiil embl)erm
f r'istinctionl.
Et-rv Conf,..ra. Veteran who gives
coi'f his l, rvice in the war is entitled
it - Ones
'1te oletest in4eal desendiant, of 11 de
cased Veteran is entit lec tit a Cross up
11 proper apphleation.
If a veteran to whoin a Cruss has al
[ady been awardel should lose the same
e is entitled to a second Cross upon tpI
Tho undersigned will cheerfully give
11 needed advice and assistance to any
ret'ran or descendant applying for a
,ross under the rules governing their
estowal, and cordially invites every
nv entitled to this badge of honor
L freuly ask for this advice and assis
The efforts and hopes of tbe Pickns
ohapter, Daughters of the Confeder
cy, are earnestly directed towards the
roper honoring of every true soldier
f the Confederacy. Let none enti
led to this Cross pass, the last oppor
unity of securing it.
Mrs. T...J. Mauldin,_
reS.'.'Piciers Chapte'r, U. D; 0.'
Summons For Relief.
County of Plckens"
. . C out, of Common Piga.
* Sumnmots for' Relief-Compla int Se'rved
s. E. Findley
Plain tiff
. .Against
I T."RieJ L. Russell and J. M. Richardson,
Lo thle defendante J. TI. Rtice, J. L. Russell aigI
You ~re Hlereby Summoned and .required to
juswer' the complaint in this 'a'dion, of
thilktf a'-opy Is herewith served .upon you,
~n4 t sersve a copy. of ypur anager toethe asid
dinpliaint on th4 subscribers at their office in
!ik'ens,' 8outh Carolina within twenty 'days
~fter. the service hereof, exclusive of the day
f. iedhservice:and if'yoh fail to anawer 'the
~o'pait wiitttliettimne aforesid, the plain
lif' in this action wi~l apply to the Court for
~he relief demanctde the complaint.
Dated Jian. 18th A. 1). 1911..
A. J1. lioggs,.
S- C. C.l'.
. esggs & Findley,
Pjaintif's Atitorne'ys.
ro .J. T. Ri1cc and J. M. Richardson,
You are hereby notitled that- the 'onmplaint
na this action was filed in Clerkse ofithe of Pick
ns county 2i day of Mairch. 19111.
Hiogge ,t FindIcey,
i'hainetiif's A ttorneys.
g ~ ~e andceiiesth ar.E
re t ou1uiorrJ
Blood Balm
(B.R L ,) cores Through the Blood
BIlod Poison,
RR,8ALT 5111N,
theumatism, Ezema,
itching Humors.
B.:B.13. (Botanmo Blood Blood) is the
ily Blood Remedy that kills the poison
Sthe blood and then purifies it-send-.
g a flood of pure, rich blood direct to
e skin surface, bones, joints, and
herever the disease is located. In this 1A
ay all sores, ulcers. pimples, eruptions
'e healed and cured, pains and aches
Rheumatism cease, swellings subside. 0
B. B. completely changes the bodya
to a clean healthy condition, giving
e skin the rich, red hue of perfect
aith. B. B. B. cures the worst old b
see. Try it.
>ieasant and safe to tiste: eomposed of pure
tanto ingredlens. it purifles and enrih.N
tblood. B. B. Ii. strengthens the nerves
fItbusthe broken down sutone. -Du
to$.0PRLARGB BOTTLN with diree
ne for honte cure. . . .
Sn1A at All nm~g Stre. Sh
Every package of RexaP" P
)aratiOns have the following guar..
THE GUARANTFE:-Tis Preparation
is guaranteed'to give satisfaction. If
it does not, come backg and 'get your
money-it belon'gs to you and we want
you to have it.-.-United- Drug Co..
We sell the 'Re-al" Remedies-..
>ne for each ailnient, and back up
he above guarantee to the letter.
Please give us a trial and let usP
,how you.
Pickens Drug Co.
Given Away FREE
Do you need a good SEWING MACHINE? Would you
ake one home if it was given to you?
We have a fine machine-brand new drop head, chrin lift
)all-bearing NEW ROYAL Machin'e - made to sell at retail
tt $65.oo or less, that we are going to give away, absolutely
ree of charge. We don't want it, got no use for it, and will
nladly give it to you--if you win it.
With every cash purchase of $i.oo or more, made by you
it our store during the month of April, we will give you a
inmbered coupons, entiding you to a chance at this magnifi.
:ent machine. For further particulars call on
We will contiuue our great Saturday Specials and
Saturday April 15
We will offer the following Bat gains:
ioo lb SACK OF SALT 55c
ARM8&HAMMER SODA, 8 packages,. 25
V plngs good tobacco; Yellow Jacket branp) for noc.
Shooti your produce. to us-we'll catch it and gie you a
good price for your trouble in bringing it to us.
Keowee. Supply Co.
S.AM .3 cF2..G Ma31age
The LATEST APPLIANCES and first class workmen. put
us in the forefront in this section for all kinds of'
And we have just installed a rubber tire machine in our shop
and we are prepared to do all kinds of work on your buggy
wheels, such as RESETTING RUBBER TIRES, Puttipg on
N4EW RUBBER TIRES, and all such work.
Your Patronage Solicited and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
* . . Pickens, S. C
ut out thi cooen, fil-J urnlproperly and send to the contest
I hereby nominate
Ir. Mrs. or Miss:..................
acontestant In The Sentinel-Journal Pin Cotet Ao
[r................... ....o ........
i a contestant for the Stalk Cutter.
ominated by... .................

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