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It gives me great pleasure to say a good
word for Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root be.
sause it has cured ine of a severe case of
Kidney Trouble. I had suffered for some
fve years with this trouble, and more
especially for the first three months of
Physicians prescribed for me, but with-.
out much success, and any relief obtained
was only temporary. I had severe pains
In my back and at no time was I free of
pain. When I stooped down it was with
some difficulty that I could straighten
my body again. I could not lift any
weight of conisequence without great
pain. I would be compelled to arise and
give the bladder relief. A friend of mine
advised me to take Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, whereupon I wrote to Dr. Kilmer
for a sample bottle which so benefited me
that I was led to believe it would be a
great help to me. Accordingly I pur.
chased two bottles of Swamp-Root from
Air. A. P. Perry, my Druggist, and the
effect has been truly marvelous.
I feel like a new man and have every
reason to believe that I am cured, and
that no other medicine could have accom
plished so much. Now I can raise a
heavy load, can bend my back over my
desk all day, and feel none the worse for
it. In view of the foregoing facts, I
sincerely trust that this testimonial may
reach some of those who are suffering
after the manner before described and
that it may convince them that the merit
of this great medicine should be given 9
fair trial in their case.
Very truly yours,
B. A. IIBON, Agt.,
Pac. and Wells Fargo Ex. Co.,
Rockdale, Texas.
You may publish this if you wish.
D r. Kilmer C. I
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable information, telling
all sbout the kidneys and bladder. When
writing, be sure and mention this paper.
For sale at all drug stores. Price fifty
eants and onc-dollar.
Full life exists in throo dimensions,
art in two, and science In one; liko a
solid, a superficios, and a line.
Take Garfield Tea in the spring to purify
the blood and cleanse the system.
"Sir," said a little blustering man
to a religious opponent; "I say, sir,
do you know to what sect I belong?"
"Well, I don't exactly know," was
the answer; "hut to judge by your
make, sliap(, and size, I should say
you belonged to a class called the in
An Individualist.
The reason for the individual drink
Ing..cup had been explained again and
agath to the children and they had
become sturdy supporters of the idea.
1B it was not surprising to hear
Hexiry calling: "Ala, ma! Melville's
got my individual apple!"
Grouch Still With Him.
When Brown dled he left an old
frieid living, by the inio of Jones,
.who always had a grouch. After
'lrown .hadl been .In heaveni some time,
be met JTones just coming through thi
39o and as t ho newcomer did not'
Icok as happy and ('ontonted as lie
abould, Brown asked him what was
the mnatter'. "WVel," JTones said, "I
got my feet wet coming across the
river Styx and caught a nasty cold,
broko my left wing and haveo to carry
it in a sling, and my lilo don't fIt
worth a darn."
Preventing a Disturbance.
Colonel Scotch'em was weary, Hie
Mad had a very arduous day retreating
'lromi the enemy, and lhe wished to re
.coup lisa strength in order that he
might retreat still further on the mor
"AMacPherson," lie said to his new
servant, "I'ni going to snatch forty
winks' 51le1p. Stay in my tent and
see that I'm not disturbed."
hiao saluted. Five minutes later the
snores of Colonel Scotchem were cut
ahort by the loud report of a gun.
"Great Scott!" cried the colonel.
"Are the enemy upon us?"
"Na, dlinnla fret," replied Miac, in
serting hIs head reassuringly through
thbe tent flap, "it was only a wee
mousic. hut as I thought lie might
wake you up I shot him."-Answers.
It Does
The Heart
To see how the little
folks enjoy
with cream
Sweet, crisp bits of pearly
white Corn, rolled and
toasted to an appetizing
"The Memory Lingers"
. attl Creek. Mich.
Viany Vegetables Are Started Early
by Their Use-J-forse Manu're Is
Preferred in Making.
Cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, toma.
.'oes, peppers, egg plant, radishes and
such vegetables are usually started in
sot-beds. Many gardeners place a
'ew inches of good. soil directly on the
manure (horse manure preferred),
lepositing the seed in the soil. Shal
ow boxes in which canned tomatoes
ind soap have been shipped are con
renient to use, ripping off the bot
The hot bed should be two feet
leep, six feet wide, and long enough
0 accommodate the length of sash
lou are using.- Let bed slope toward
he south.
The frame covered with glass is so
>laced that the warmth of the manure
vill warm the four inches of soil in
ide the frame, causing the seeds to
prout and grow. In about four weeks
he seedlings will be ready to trans.
Vhere the sash is 3x6 feet in size
ross supports about three feet apart
hould be placed. Fresh horse manure
Practical Hot Bed.
ontaining litter is the best for the
pit. Place this in the pit about two
wveeks before the seed is sown. Cover
he manure with good rich soil. The
soil should be well packed on the
Wh'lien the manure is thoroughly
lented, which will take several days,
Pork it over level and tramp firmly
-lown; fill to within about six inches
.o the tol) of the frames. Now place
'he'sash on the frame and plunge a
thermoieter into the manure. When
the thermometer registers 95 degrees
it is safe to sow the seed. Cypress
)r cedar frames are much better than
Cold frames simply consist of a
wooden frame, covered with glass and
ssh, placed over good garden soil
without artiflcial heat beneath it.
Voung Lady From New. York . City
Loses Her New Bonnet In Peculiar
Manner on Jersey Farm.
While visiting an uncle, a farmer
n Newv Jersey, a young lady from
New~ York city had .an experience
vhich caused hysterics. Sauntering
ilong the lane leading to church one
yright Sunday 'morning, taking lpar
lonablo ipride in her huge chanticler
mat, a big chicken hawk spied it and
tfter circling around the horizon once
>i' twice, made a dive for it. His
laws wvere firmly fastenged in the hat,
Lnd in spite of the girl's screams and
ier efforts to drive him away, he
Lost Her Hat.
mcceeded in tearing it loose from its
astonigs of hatpins, and when last
meen was sailing away across the
Desirable Young Men.
The kind of young men wanted on
he farms are those that are not
tahamed of the work, who believe
hero is no better business than farm
ng, who are willing to take right
mold and do everything that conies to
hem, and do it all the very best they
an. Young men are wanted who will
ako the timne to learn what scientific,
ip-to-date farming is, and who love
Wve stock.
Potato Speculators.
Too many farmers like to speculate
n potatoes or some other crop, and
met be tied to cows, but you may go
nto any commiunity, and you will -tind
lie up-to-date dairymen the men who
an pmay their bills.
Full Crop of Rape,
When barnyard manure is plentiful
ress the land selected for rape hea vi
y with it, and if you are particularly
lesireus of getting a full crop, sow
little commiercial nitrogenous ferti
izrn with the seed.
Amount of Damage Will Depend
Weather, Fertility of Soll and Re.
slating Power of Plant.
A Missouri farmer w'ites Wallace
Fartner for advice regarding a fie
of wheat infested with Hessian f
given follow:
'I have -twelve acres of wheat th
is- full of, the Hessian fly. I woul
like to krfow if weqther condition
Will have anything to do with tb
hatching of these flies? There at
eggs in al;nost evefr plant. In cas
there is no chance of a wheat crop,
would like to sow this ground to oat
Hessian Fly Maggot in Larval ant
Flaxseed Forms.
and clover. This wheat is looking
flne now, and we are seldom if ever
troubled with the fly here."
If examination of the winter wheat
fields shows that nearly every plant
is infested with little brown objects
resembling flaxseed, there is probabil
ity of the field being .badly damaged
in the spring. Our correspondent has
mistakenly called these brown objects
eggs. They are not eggs, but are
forms into which the maggots that
did damage last fall have developed.
These flaxseeds, as they are calledj
will do no more damage themselves,
but will develop in the spring into
the small black flies, that will lay
moro eggs on the - wheat, which, in
turn, will develop into maggots and
b.rrrow into the straw. The develop.
ment of the flaxseed into fIle Is
hindered by hot, dry weather. Fields
which are badly infested with flax.
seed this winter will produce a re.
duced field, due to the damage to the
straw of the next generation of les
sian fly maggots. The amount of this
damage will depend on the weather,
the fertility of the soil, and the re
sisting power of the particular variety
of wheat.
We cannot give definite advice as
to whether badly infested fields
should be plowed up this spring. If
the plants were not badly damaged by
the maggots last fall, and came
through the winter in good shape, we
would be inclined to let the field re
main in wheat. Otherwise, we would
disk as early in the spring as pos
sible and seed to any crop other that
wheat. Barley and rye are slightly
tioublo. by the fly, but oats seems tc
be free.
Plant New Vegatables.
In planning your garden this sum
mier, why not includo some of the nev
vegetables that are cominag into us<
in the cities, but are little known iT
the country.- Brussels sprouts, for in
stance, is a vegetable' for which cit3
folks 'domand more than can he sup
Farm Help.
Married men'shou'ld bo em loyed by
the .year and furnished witll a'house
This -would help to solve thie farm-la
her problem.
Disking kills many weeds.
There are various kinds of dodder
Gravelly land will not hold manure
Any good corn soil is gooed for sor
Oats and field peas should be sowr
as early in the spring as possible.
Sow clean, newv crop of clever seed;
old seed will not germinate freely.
As soon as the weat~her turns muiis
the canker worms ascend the tree.
An acre of good sorghum shouk
produce three to five tons of fair hay
The value of a good tomato is -duc
to the fact that .It has but few seeds
There are two points in favor o1
the gra~in drill that are many times
YIn butying a farm, select good land,
evn3. if you cannot afford to buy more
than 90O acree.
idu ess wvith the garden depends
to . great extent upon the quality o1
the sA-ds that are used.
* .rghunm appreciates warm weather
eve~ nmoi'e than corn, and should be
sowe'o a week or two later.
A very large acreage of corn land
will be plowed this spring and a seed
bed prepared for another corn crop.
Tthr clover stubble and roots con.
taire nitrogen, part of which is oh
taitted from the air and part from the
Ycnng clover should never be0 pas.
tures', as the tramping of the cattle
will compact the soil so hard as to
kill out most of the plant.
Successfu.l cranberry culture neces,
sitates such a situation and control of
the water supply that the entire bog
may be easily and quickly flooded.
A little nitrate of soda is a good
thing to hurry along the growth of
early vegetables, and especially in
gardens that are not well manured.
Strips of clbver, rape, cabbage, etc.,
may be0 sown in the orchard for the
fowls to lpick at, and later errimson
clover and rye may be rown b r a
winter enoe- crop.
Dn Mary Wolistoneoraft Struggled for inq
dependence for Women in the
Year 1759.
's ondon.-Mary Wolistonecraft is
Id admittedly the great pioneer of the
ly woman movement. By her vigor and
ly her vehemence, by her heart-whole
earnestness and her passionate sym.
it pathies, she may lay claim to the title
d of the first suffragette. Before her
s time there' had been a few tentative
e tracts on female education, "Serious.
e Proposals" that amounted to very lif.
e tie. The "Vindication of the Rights
I of Women" sprang, like Minerva, glit
s tering and full-armed, with tremen.
dous dazzle and shock upon the smug
respectability of that most conven
tional of all centuries-the eighteenth.
Mary Wollstonecraft.
The book still stands, brilliant and
unassailable, and few on the same
subject can take their place beside it
for sheer logic and insight. The "Vin
dication" was 'born out of suffering
and bitter experience. Mrs. Brown
ing says in "Aurora Leigh" that life
blood is necessary to the making of a
great book, and, though the "Vindi
cation" holds its importance as a
piece of reasoning, yet it is Mary's
very life blood that gives its argu
ments vitality. Born in 1759, her pity
-her "darling passion," as she calls
it, was first claimed by her own
mother and the very dogs of the
household, subjected to the caprice of
a brutal father. Then her difficult
struggles against poverty, her pitiful
attempts to earn a living by keeping
school, taught her something of the
harshness of the outside world. "In
dependence," she writes in her dedi
cation to the "Vindication," "inde
pendence I have long considered as
the grand blessing of life, the basis
of every virtue, and independence I
will ever secure by contracting my
wants, though I were to live on a bar
ren heath," How modern it all
Crude Testimony to Religious Fervor
of Disciples Seen at Kiatang,
Kiatang, China.-Gamtama, the al
leged founder of Buddhism, was bor-n
624 B. C., the son of Sudhdana, king
of Kapilavastu, in the north'of India.
The story of his life is a tissue of
monstrous fables,' but it is generally
believed that ther-e is a historical ba
sis to the story. In early life lie was
of ascetic habits, but, tempted by his
father, he abandoned himself to every
pleasure for ~a time. His singular wis
dom (which like his other marvellous
gifts was the fruit of merits gained in
previous states of existence) led him
to renounce the world and. after years
of profound study, severe bodily mac
eration and long contemplation, he dis
covered the supreme truth that to r
turn to the ignorance and state of non
sentient rep~ose from whence man
Giant Buddha at Klatang.
sprang is the highest possible good
and the final reward of the just and
pure. After this discovery he was
made a'Buddha and after a time pass
*ed into Nirvana, or unconsciousniess,
having died at Kusinagara in 5-43 Ii. C.
A -crude testimony to the religious
fervor of his disciples is a strange
-cliff-Buddha located at Klatang, China.
The full figure is about 150 feet in
.hight and the feet are washed by a
foaming mountain torrent, It was to
guard against the danger of the rapids
that the figure was cut in the cliff
~side by the lifelong labor- of a single
priest. The rock is somewhat soft and
there is much earth in the crevices.
This has been ingeniously utilized for
a monstrous growth of hair, eyebrows
and mustache, which adds considera,
hiy to the appearance,
Felt by so many upon tl
Is due to the' Impure,
condition of the blood
feeling and loss of appe1
boils and other eruptione
It Is qured by the grei
Hood's Se
which effects its wonderful cures, nc
la, but because it combines the utmc
different ingredients. There is no i
If urged to buy aiy preparation sai
it is inferior, costs less to make, an
Tried E
"I suffered with my hea
writes Mrs. R. L Bell, of M
get anything to do me any
everything except Cardui.
what other suffering womer
decided to try Cardul. Nov
I don't feel like the same p(
and better 1. I recommend (
The WoM
This is just a single on
receive from grateful ladies,
benefit they have received
All these ladies are glad
If you suffer from pair
nervous and worn out, take
you, and that you'll continue
Cardul is sold at all dr
for use, printed on the wrai
Will Be World Representation.
When the International Congress on
ruberculosis meets at Rome next
Beptember, representatives or over
thirty national and provincial asso
ciations organized to fight tubercu
[oats will be present. Among .the aI
sociations which will be represented
are the United States, Canada, Cuba
Trinidad, England, Wales, Ireland
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia
Germany, Belgium, Hollandl, France
Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Gree..e
Bulgaria, Hungar'y, Austria, New Zea
land, Jap~an, Cape Colony, Argentina,
Brazil, Chile, Newfoundland, Rou.
mania, Uruguay and Venezuela.
The cause of rheumatism is excess
urio acid in the blood. Tro cure rheum
atism this acid must be expelled fron
the system. Rheumatism is an inter
nal disease and requit-es an internal
remedy. Rubbing with oils and litni
ments may cano the pain, but they will
no more cure rheumatism fhan' paint
will change the fiber of rotten wood,
Cures Rheumatism To Stay Cured.
Science has discovered a perfect and
complete cure called Rheumacide. Test
ad in hundreds of cases, it has effected
marvelous cures. Rhleumacide removes
the cause, gets at the joints from the
Inside, swveeps the poisons out . of the
system, tones up the stomach, regulates
the, bowels and kidneys. Sold by drug
lists at 50c, and $1: in the tablet form
at 25c. and 50e., by mail. Booklet free.
Bobbitt Chemical Co., Baltimore. Md.
Qet. At The Joints Fromi The Inside,
His Hope.
"I suppose," the beautiful girl sa-id,
"you write for the mere love 01
"Yes," the Bad looking poet replied,
"but I still hope to some (lay be able
to write for at leart fifteen cents ,.a
Indication of Wisdom,
"Why do they call the owl the bird
of wisdom ?'
"It stays out, all night and doesn't
tell what It sees or does."--Judge.
Reducing the waits between the
icts will not lighten a heavy play.
Take Garfield Tea to overcome constip~a
dion, cleanse systemn and maintain health.
A man doesn't have to lie a detee
ive in order to find fault.
Facts for Weak 1
Nine-tenths of all the sickness of won
ease of the organs distinotly feminine.
every day by
Dr. Pierce's Favc
It Makes Weak Wo
It acts. directly on the organh affected at
tive tonio for the whole system. It.ecur
of home. It makes Unnecessary the die
local treatment so W Jlversally insisted
every modest Woman,
We shall not particularize here as tq
those peculiar affection. incident to a
wanting full information as to their
means of polpitive cure are referred to ti
mon Sense Medical Advser--1008 pag<
and up-to-date EditIon, sent fre, on re
ent stamps to cover cost of wrappmn~
in Frenoh cloth, binding. Address:1j
No. 663 MaIn Street BuIe.: N Yr
10 return of warn weather -
Impoverished, devitalized
I which' equees that' tired
ite as well as the pimples,
I so common at this season.
It constitutional remedy
>t simplxbecause it contains earsaparil.
et reme ial values of mQre than twenty
real substitute for Hood's Sarsa arilla.
I to be "just as good," you may bo sure
d yields the dealer a larger profit.
d and back for over six years,"
cAlester, Okla. "I never could
good, although I tried almost
One day, while I was reading
t said It had done for them, I
r I am on my third bottle, and
rson. I feel so much stronger
,ardul to all suffering women."
an's Tonic
of the thousands of letters we
who want to thank us for the
from Cardul.
I now that they took It.
is In head, back, or side, are
Cardul. We know it will help
the treatment and get well.
ug stores, with full directions
oper. Try it.
This world is but a fleeting show,
And yet there's not a man
But wants to see as much of the
Performance as he can.
The pleasure of love is in iovingt
we are happier in the passion we feel
than in what we inspire.-Fra~ncis Duo
de Roebefaulcau'ld.
evouis Troubles, Cap udine will reliv ou
Envy is punishing ourselves for be
ing inferior to our neighbor.
to stop and. perma
nently cure that ter..
rible itcaing. It is
compoujnded for that
/ Purpose and your money
will be promptly refunded 4
if Hunt's Cure fails to cure
diret 50 atItch, Eczem:, Ttter, Ring
Worm or any other Skis
dietif he hasn't it. Manufactured only by
A, 0. RICHARDS MEDICINE Co., Shefman, Texas
"____' ..IThompson's Eye Water
sen is due to some derangement or die.
Suoh siokaness can be cured--Is cured
>rite Prescription
men Strong,
Sick Women Well.
id is at t~ie same time a general rester,
em female complaint right in the privacy
agreable questioning, examinations and
upon by doctors, and so abhorrent to
the symptoms of
romen, but those
symptoms and
to People's Corn.
ma, newly revised lr
iceipt of 31 one. E U~,
r. R, V. Pierce,

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