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r.Ne *l .Va
Antonio, Tex., to which 20,000
troops were hurriedly dis
patched, is located close to the
historic spot where the battle of
e Alamo was fought. There a small
rce of American pioneers of the
iuthwest fought against overwhelm
'g'odds until death gave the Mexican
army a temporary victory. The strong
old Whithier they are bound bears
the name of the general who brought
independence to the Lone Star state.
"Thermopylae had Its messenger of
defeat. Alamo had none."
This inscription, ascribed to Lord
acauly, is engraved on a monument
n the grounds of the Texas capitol
at Austin in comnmemoration of the
arrison, all of which died D1ghting
gainst overwhelming odde. in the
attle of the Alamo, which ended
arch 6, 1836.
Americans in Texas rose in rebel
ton against the government of Mex
co In 1835. Early in 1836 the rebel
ton grew Into warfare. The Texans
we under the leadership of the bluff
e.Sam Houston as president of the
ewrepublic of Texas and as comi
ander-in-chief of their little ait ny of
olunteers. It was a daring undertak
ng for at scant 2,000 men to attempt
wrest the state from Mexico wlih
to 15,000 drilled troops. But the Tex
na, headed by Samn Houston, Davy
rockett, William Travis and John
aydon, feared no failure. The Mex
can general, Santa Ana, set out from
he Rio Grande northward to quickly
onquer and punish rebellious Texans.
Ils army of 6,000 mien, after a miarch
f nearly 600 miles across at desolate
ountry, r hdSan Antonio, confl
ent of cal gthat town and mov
g on to t' capitol at Washing
"prepared for Battle.
The garrison at San Antonio was
inprepared for Santa Ana's coming.
The first tidings -f his approach were'
given by the sentinels posted on the
roof o41 Al w a
Oyhe thenew OSTnt n' Sap
r tchropsherave huedtermied
ategod is lcdense util the
nfrceomercanl privnee. ofithei
uhas oughtme Bowinst woeelme
as always untilcdate wthe Miaou
rm a~n te Doary Cricty The stron
oldawhithe thunere oundsor bars
oTmopyelThe had it esspenger of
rTilry lnitioamnacibedn to bushed
acauornand 30nbeevcattleawhichmwnr
urrhed wgthunso thecxosure. to
atAsi na comadmmeaiofter
arniso. Tavs ofeturned Ldehtang e
usaln, ewhzelming odannon he
lo he fAlamo swghfinghn quere
Ameriansl inTas rse abov hel
ian gas thd goveirn ofttexe
opngew ipnthe warreso. Mroeansl
Travi undth isadchip o thsegr tofl
en.uSaonHoantonasinrgtont Tex. t95
milnes.way apeaaing asdetakc.
The forxaicant,0 batterte attempta
rest i the stte walls Mo the mis
s 1500 drille teruaryp. For thours
nsvedyted Mexans ostone the'
roet iliamo fraich wans opened
upon, thearrsnon alue Tase morn
ingnera samei ot fom
hel cios trno thnsortwer toquvky
Coqkett ay. nH srebelliu Tans.ad
his ay tof the00 rmenatrjs as marhe
fMeialygunneriles arossadeslandte
foury heod Seagn Ashoit con.A
cofd cau g tht tn and ran
gonh touchho capto atad Wafshg
Thfe arrisn atande AneTnnessewan
andpeped off Sathe Arsecomng.e
Tah a he first.s" hapro re x
iens byd the etnesptead onethe
roof ofate admor a tcm heu was bn
done rascmisled buil grin
1723.ut nmbared abouHe men un-ie
derk collnd hos Comradeslta Trongs.
said thtte newsmo Should bea surre
dere otsod ts defene untile
th astl Jmews dead, whoe dre
asn away hs asoitd onthe hisb foor
~san ad hne fhitr
rIry propose ammutioner0 uselsa
kofed Aorn who 30 beat, wihm wre
comred tothin thde ioshe.n;al h
wish Sato Ararended imiaon suat
Sedavy Travisketuleaed acrs dith ae
trualmphasiwae by ai caonIsot.y
man n th fil joaedohm. ths
grim~c~ decis)ori thle garrison leasnile
in numberevery diayhe thessenger topl
wasto anos exhaustnd 'ox., a9fe
.mrouns aofy amuniinwsf for te
herMican battie amotermpte be
breachino the soege was ofl th mi
everyda tle eansjoninuroo the
sieae n a hotude whichdeb as oex
ipon tiwema.rHesng the lstec mo
Clu closet, the feebt calee tohis
hios tthapbegge jthem thec
r A
up his cot and carry him over the line.
A few hours later he became delirious
and never recovered consciousness.
Dawn of the Morning of Death.
The morning of the final attack was
a warm, bright Sunday. Colonel Bowie
died about three o'clock. Death had
become so common that no one paid
any attention to the dying pioneer.
They were blackened with gunpow
der; they looked wild from lack of
sleep and food; they seldom spoke
and all their words and acts were
those of men terribly in earnest. The
sole idea of each was to sell his life
as dearly as possible. Santa Ana de
termined to take the Alamo by as
sault. The bond struck up "Duguelo"
(assassin) and amid a boom of can
non ladders were brought, the walls
of the building were scaled by 2,000
cavalrymen, while battering rams
beat in the doors. The Texans ran to
the roof, where several cannon had
been stationed. As fast as the Mexi
cans mounted they were stabbed and
the ladders overturned. Meanwhile
the Mexican riflemen on the ground
shot down the Texans on the roof and
the battle raged with the few Texans
who stayed on guard behind the bar
After an hour the Mexicans had
overpowered the Texans and were
swarmning to the roof. The defenders
retreated down the stairs, fighting ev
ery inch of the way. Then the doors
below were beaten down with huge
tinbers and with a yell the frenzied
soldiers poured in the opening. The
little band of Texans was pitifully In
significant against the horde of Mexi
cans. There were yells and gunshots
and groans in one long, hideous cho
rus. Not one of the Texans sank to
death t' ' d exhausted all his
avrnact . Coh 1:d Crockett stood in
the corner of the main room and with
a cutlass slashed all who attacked
him. His shirt was soaked with
blood and a bullet had pierced his
check. Shot by -a tman in front of
him, he lunged for-war-d, selling his
life as dear-ly as possible. Colonel
'T-avis was shot through the head
while defending the stair-s.
No one was spar-ed, and every one
of the Texans sank to the floor fight
in~g. So ended the -Alanmo.
Nearly all the information that his
torians have concerning the events in
side the Alamo during the siege has
come from Senora Dona Andrea Cas
tarion do Dillanueda, the nurse of
Colonel Bowie and the sole sur-vivor.
The state of Texas pensioned her for
40 years.
They Remember the Alamo.
Ft-cm that day the words, "Rlemem
her the Alamo!" were the slogan of
the campaign thrtoughiout Texas. In
less than twvo weeks moe than 600O
fr-ontiersmnen, mandolned by the mas
sacre. joined Sam Houston's at-may
A month later Houston, with a for-ec
of 700 Texans, faced Santa Ana, with
2,000 soldiers, on tihe banks of the Satn
Jacinto. The battle wvas only an'hour
long. The Texas for-ce, with a mightty
andi~ exutltant yell, "Remtember- the
Alamo!" 'riouted the enemy and cap
tur-ed Santa Ana, who bat-ely escapedl
(leatih. Texas independence then wag
Laughing Eyes.
That .Wilkesbarreo woman who
caused the artrest of a girl on the
(-hat-ge that the latter used "lauighingi
eyes" to "beguile" plaintiffs young
son experienced no sympathy at the
hanids of the coutt. The judge sawv no
legal or' moral ground for the arr-est,
ie not only set the girl free at once,
but complimented her- on the posses
sion of those 'llaughing eyes."
So far as tmay be jutdged by the pub
lished r-epoirt of the case, the court
was eminently sound and wise. 1.1
anybody should be arr-ested and placed
in confinement ini connection with
such a miattet- it is the young man]
himtself. Thei young wvoman to whlomi
Prtovidence has accorded the gift 01
laughing eyes is a blessing to the
commumntity. There is too much sor
i-ow, too mutch occasion for tear's, in
our sad 01(1 world. If any young fel
low is in danger of being "beguiled'
utndutly by that Wilkesbarre style ot
optics, hte should be0 placed in safe, ii
not solitary, confinement.
The Cause.
"What was the cause of the muar
rel between the two tramps?"
"One foutnd sotme money, the othet
tried to make hitm fotrk it over, an(
when hto refused, knifed him."
A Real Curiosity.
'Hlas your doily got real hair, litth4
"Yes, butt that's nothing; I know
little girl whose mamma has got rea
)71 r
Jonathan-Silas is dead. Went to y
ther city ter git a tooth pulled and
ther dentist told him he'd better take
gas first.
Postmaster-Gave him an overdose,
Jonathan-No. After ther dentist
told him that he went back ter his
boarding house an' took ther gas him
"I suffered from the early part of
December until nearly the beginning
of March with severe skin eruptions
on my face and scajp. At first I (
treated it as a trivial matter. But
after having used castile soap, medi
cated washrags, cold cream, vanish
ing cream, etc., I found no relief-what
ever. After that I diagnosed my case
as eczema, because of its dry, scaly
appearance. The itching and burning
of my scalp became .3 intense that I
thought I should go . 'd, having not
slept regularly for'n aths past, only C
at intervals, waking, up now and then I
because of the burning and itching of I
my skin. Having read different tes- 3
timonials of cures by the Cuticura r
Remedies, I decided to purchase a box f
of Cuticura Ointment and a cake of C
Cuticura Soap. After using them for t
a few days I recognized a marked I
change in my condition. I bought 'E
about two boxes of Cuticura Ointment I
and five cakes of Cuticura Soap in all,
and after a few days I was entirely <
free from the itching and burning.
My eczema was entirely cured, all
due to using Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment daily. Hereafter I will never t
be without a cake of Cuticura Soap on f
my washstand. I highly recommend E
the Cuticura Remedies to anyone suf- f
fering from similar skin eruptions and
hope you will publish my letter so S
that others may learn of Cuticura I
Remedies and be. cured." (Signed) a
David M. Shaw, care Paymaster, Pier 1
55, N. I., New York City, June 2, 1910. 1
Cuticura Remedies sold everywhere.
Send to Potter Drug & Chem. Corp.,
Boston, for free book on skin and
scalp troubles.
The Awakening.
First Tragedian-Ah! deah boy! The
chance of my life came last night.
Izzacstein offered me thirty shillings
a week to play Hamlet. The contract
was drawn up, he lent me his foun
tain pen to sign with, when
Second Tragedian-You woke up!
First Tragedian-Damme. How did
you know?
Second Tragedian-By the salary,
my pippin. I've dreamed like that
myself .-Punch.
No Excuse at All.
N. C. Goodwin, the comedian, was
condemning a new comedy at a dinner
in New York.
"Its climax," he said, "is false and
unsatisfactory-as false and unsatis
faqtory as Rowndar's excuse.
"On RowndaF's return at a very late
hour, his wife said reproachfully:
"'You used to vow I was the sun
shine of your life, but nowv you stay
out night after night.'
'Well, my love,' said Rowndar, 'I
don't ask for sunshine after dark.'"
He Might Have Earned a Vote.
Little Johbnnie stood gazing solemn
ly on the decrepit form of an old
countryman. Not icing the boy's at
tention the 01ld man asked : "e
what is it, son?"
"Say," the inquisitivye youngster
asked, "(lid the politicians kiss you
when you was a baby ?"-Success
"SPO H N'S."
This is the name of the greatest of all
remedies for Distemnper, Pink Eye, Heaves,
and the like among all ages of horses. Soldl
by Druggists, IHarnaess Makers, or send to
the manufacturers. $.50 andl $1.00 a bottle.
gents wasnted. Send for free book. Spohna
Medical Co., Spec. Contagious Diseases,
Gioshen, Ind.
S'et yourself earnestly to see what
you were made to (do, andl then set
yourself earnestly to do it.-Phillips
Taylor's Cherokee Remedy of Sweet Gum
andl Mullen is Nature's great remedy
Cures Coughs,,.Colds, Croup andl Whooping
Cough and all throat and lung troubles. At
druggists, 25c, 500e and $1.00 per' bottle.
We always like those who admire
us; we (10 net always like those whom
we admire.--Francis Due do Rloche
E70e Salve in Aseptic Tubes
Prevents Inlfectton--.Murino Eyo salve
In Tubes for a11Lye Ills. No Morphino.
Ask Druggists for- New Size 25c. V'al
unblo EJye Book in Eiach rackage.
A woman who has a no for news
usually has a chin for telling it.
Beause of thoe
low Farming Opportunity
We are cutting up the great Spur
tanch into farms and are selling di
ect as owners (no selling commis
ion loads 'the price). in quarter see
ions and upwards to actual home
mkers only--no speculative pur
hasers desired. The developing
armer adds to the value of the lands
rhile the speculator takes profit
-ithout contributing to it. No
rhero in the farming world is there
n equal opportunity to secure a
ne farming home in a wonderful
ew country at low prices and easy
Drms-$12.00 to $18.00 per acre,
ne-fifth down. No boll weevil; no
og cholera; fine, invigorating,
ealthy climate. The man who now
ents or wants to farm more acres
as here the chance of a lifetime.
The Wichita Valley Railroad
tins to the heart of our holdings of
73 square miles.
For full particulars with free il
ustrated pamphlet address
fgr. for S. M. Swenson & Sons,
Spur, Dickens County, Texas.
How Sea Birds Drink.
Under the headline, Where Do They
ret Water? a writer in the Young
"olks' Catholic Weekly says: "When
was a cabin boy I often used to
vonder, seeing birds thousands of
alles out to sea, what they did for
resh water when they were thirsty.
Ino day a squall answered that ques
ion for me. It was a hot and glitter
ng day in the tropics, and In the clear
ky overhead a black rain cloud ap
eared all of a sudden. Then out of
mpty space over a hundred sea birds
ame darting from every direction.
They got under the rain cloud, and
vaited there for about ten minutes,
ireling round and round, and when
he rain began to fall they drank their
ill. In the tropics, where the great
ea birds sail thousands of miles away
rom shore, they get their drinking
vater in that way. They smell out a
torm a long way off; they travel a
tundred miles maybe to get under it,
nd they swallow enough raindrops to
:eep them going."-New York Trib
Truly Wonderful Cat.
A wonderful cat is that owned by
\r. A. .. Gorringe, a tradesman of
Ditching, England. Mr. Gorringe has
i bantam which lays her eggs in dif
'erent parts of the yard, but his cat
iever fails to find them. She takes
.he egg between her teeth, places it
>n the step, and rattles the door
niandle with her paws until her mis
:ress arrives to take in the egg. Not
yne of the eggs has yet been broken.
Feeble Guardianship.
"I wonder." said the Sweet Young
Thing, "why a man is always so
frightened when he proposes ?"
"That," said the Chronic Bachelor,
"is his guardian angel trying to hold
him back."--Stray Stories.
-Kill the Files Now and Keep
lisease away. A DAISY FLY KILLER
vill do it. K ills thousands. Lasts all season.
Ask your dealer, or send 20e to HI. SOM
l'RIS, 150 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
There is an ancient saying, famous
among men, that thou shouldst not
judlge fully of a man's life before he
dieth, whether it should be called
blest or wretched.-Sophocies.
You are not treating yourself or your
ramnily fairly if you don't keep ~ainlins
Wizard Oil in the house. It 's the best
=ubstituite for faumniy doctor nnd a mighty
;oodl fricnd in case of emergency.
Why quarrel over religions when all
men agree -all men, that is, at the
bfamel gradle of intellect?
One of the most remarkable proofs of
the unusual 1axgtiv'e merit contained in
lI r. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin isi that it is
effectivo not only in people in the prime
of life, but at the extremes of ages. As
many letters are received1 from mothers
regarding the cures of children, as from
men and women of sixty, seventy and
eighty years of age. It must bo truly a
wonderful laxative.
In the cure of constipation and bowel
trouble in old people It has no equal. It
corrects the constipation, dispels the head
ac(he, biliousness, gas, d rowsliness after
eating, eto. People advancing in years
should see to it that their bowels move
freely, and if they do not to take Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. You can pro
Miother-Didl you paint the table?
Father-Yes, I gave it a coat and
two pairs of trousers.-llarper's fla
Dr. Pieree's Pleasant Pellets regulate
and invigorate stomach, liver aind howels.
Sugar-coated, tiny granules. Easy to take
as candy.
A pleasant smile and a sweet voice
aro groat helps on life's journey.
a ugly, grrizzly. gray hatrs. use LA
Please Read The
The following letter from Mrs. Or
it is for women to submit to the 4ang
may be avoided by taking Iydia E.
She was four weeks in the hospi
worse than before. Then after i
ham's Vegetable Compound restore
Paw Paw, Mic
very severely wil
be on my feet f<
treated me for se
lief, and at last a,
In eration. I was til
suffering worse
vised me to try
Compound, and
.I strong and do all
health to Lydia
pound and advis
with any femalo
. . Orville Rock, It.
"There never wa
Rockport, Ind. -" There nevel
ills than mine, and I cannot beg]
For over two years I was not abl<
for a month and the doctor said j
cure me. My father suggested I
Compound; so to please him I to
fully, so I am able to travel, ride
never feel any ill effects from it.
women to give Lydia E. Pinkhair
before submitting to an operatic
I. F. D. No. 3, Rockport, Ind.
We will pay a handsome rewari
us that these letters are not genui
these women were paid in any way
letters are published without thei
letter from each did not come to u
For 30 years Lydia E. Pinkha
Compound has been the standa
female ills. No sick woman d
herself who will not try this fan
Made exclusively from roots a
has thousands of cures to its ere
Mrs. Pinkham invites n
to write her for advi
guided thousands to health fi
Address Mrs. Pinkhan
Truth a Trouble Maker.
A West Philadelphia man and his
wife have separated. None of their
friends know why, but one, being curi
ous, asked the husband:
"What was the trouble between you
and your wife?"
"0, nothing much. She bought a
new hat for $20 and asked me what I
thought of it. And I told her. That's
Take the Olt standarti nI aU TAHS'IC~
,h ONC e kno h~te yold bre tan
Absent-Minded Suffragette.
One of the Suffragettes-I've lost
me best hatpin, Lizzio.
Another-WVhere did you leave it
The First-Oh, I remember now! I
left it sticking in that policeman!
London Opinion.
For COLDs and GnIP
lilekse' (IAPUmNE Is the best remedy-re
leves the achming anid teverishmnes-cuires the
('old and restores normnai conditions 1t's
liquid-e ffets imediately. Ce., 25c., and Soc.
At drug storeis.
"What. Is a co-wVokler?"
"Ono who helps you work some
body, of couirse."
(iarfield Ten will wvin your approval. It
is pleas-ant to taket, mtiild ;n actio andflm very
healthI-giving. It over'comesi. :ontiati oln.
The bettor you behave the better
you'll get along. Now, try It.
long your life by healthy howe nI ct ion.
(logged bowels invite disease. women
a bout to pass thme mnst rual peiod ('amnot
do bettor thaun uso Syruip I'eiisinm several
times n. week until thme sysiem hast set
tied to its fut uro condition.
A mong the st rongest supporters of Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup l'epsin are Mur. W. 0.
Zorn of New Dortur, Ala., and Mr.
Gleorgo H. Spaumldig or the National Sol..
diers' Ifomo, Kansa, both elderly men.
The regular utlzo bottles can hie bought of
any druiggist at flfty cents and one dol
lar, but a free samuple bo01tte can bo had
by senmdinmg your adidress to the dloctor.
For ilho freo salnmlo address Dr. wV. B.
Caldwell. 201 Caldwell building, Menti
cello, Ill.
Over 2 Milliorj
3 that thme 50c Regular Presm,
shirt made. Now, we have g
F thme mnanufacture of thme Extra S
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in avanecty of neat, wear proof, wash
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size with prTice in samps11) for sample shirt
The President Shirt Co., 110 W. Fayett
so Two Letters.
ville Rock will prove how unwis
ers of a surgjoal operation when I6
Pinklham's Vegetable Com und.
tal and came home 8 ering
LiI that suffering Idia L Pink.
d her health.
b.-"Two years ago I suffere4
h a displacement-I could nos
Dr a long time. My physician
veral months without much re
Bnt me to Ann Arbor for an op
cre four weeks and came home
than before. My mother ad.
Lydia E. Pinkim's Vegetable
I did. To-day I am well and
my own housework. I owe my
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
e every woman who is afflicted
3 complaint to try it." - Mrs.
R. No. 5, Paw Paw, Mich.
s a worse case."
was a worse case of woman's
n to tell you what I suffered.
o to do anything. I was in bed.
iothing but an operation would
[qdia.E. Plnkham's Vegetable
>o it, and I improved wonder
horseback, take long rides and
I can only ask other suffering
n's Ve etablo Compound a trial
n."- Urs. Margaret Meredith,
L to any person who will prove to
1o and truthful-or that either ot
for their testimonials, or that the
r permission. or that the original
a entirely -. 3olcited.
i's Vegetable
rd remedy for
loes justice to
ious medicine.
nd herbs, and
11 sick women
cc. She has
ree of charge.
,# Lynn, Mass*
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
I Nine ties in ten when the liver is right&th
utomach and bowel are right.
geny but finnly cow
I - 1.y lir:- 0'
lHadalhe, andi Dietres after Eating.
. Small Pill. Smal Do.., Saa Prile
.Genuine muaz- Signature
Extension roller skates, aeroplane, watche
camera, Marathon racers, thousandshot all
rifle, foun tain pen, d irigible balloon, Spaule
ing baseball suit with your initials,association
baseball, glove, mask, bat and mitt. Writ.
today asking how to get them free.
Farms, Ranches, City Proper t
1,ner'hnn Idise and psaltentsa for'good prices quie~
directto the buyer, and savepaying agentscommssion
hund~ $.00, un553no ands addsress, location afl
descrlitlon of property. Milltions of buyere
loy ditreet. D)on't wait; act, now if you want
yionr pr'operty Ilisted anda probably sold at once.
in New York City. Best features of coun
try and city life Out-of-door sports ca
school park of 35 acres near the Hludsoa
itiver. Academic Course Primary Claat
Graduation. Upper class for Advanced
Special Students. Music and Art. Writ.
for catalogue and terms.
Hiss Bangs and Miss Whllon, Riverdaie Aenue, suar 253rd St., West, It. I)
We will send you 12 of the pret tiest Easter stlM
Rose Gareetligs, Love Scenes, Season Carbs is
seasons,etc.,yous ever saw if you will cut thiaou~
and5( scnd it to ns with .Se to pay posta5ge an
mfalling,nnsd say that yous will sh ow thsem to ome
or your frendsos. N. L MUmRO, 24-28 Vndtetr St., N~ew Ye
W. N. U., ATLANTA, NO. 15-1911.
MenC 1have proved out our claim RE~IJLARt
enxtWork Shtitis the beet work
,ne ourselves "'one better"n
secial Pres Work Shirt at ,
tive looking garmient, made
able fabrics and Guaranteed. .XTRA SPECiA.
ad book of new patterns.
e street, BaltImore, Md. mm..

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