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Some Things You Know and Some
You Don't Know About Our
Towns, County & People
-Pickens is about ready to
play ball.
-If you want a good Incuba
for got a Buckeye from W. A.
--Mr. Win. Stoll, manager of
the Ivy Light Plant, is quito ill
a t his home in Pickens.
--Two or three big enterprises
a' ro ill store for Pickens. Let us
a il null together when the tim1e
-Seo . W. A. Thompson for
. C. Rhode Island Red eggs,
9.00 setting, goodi hatch guar,
atn teed.
-Ars. J. B. Newbery contin
tws to impro"T slowlV, to the
:reat delight of' her n/any
-The U. S. court has, so far,
*irnished Sheriff Roark with ]
ght boarders at his well-known
- Miss Irma trendricks, of the
olenoy section, is visiting in
'ickens, the guest of heir aunt,
%rs. J. C. Alexander.
-About Eastertide the gav
orld dons soniething fresh and 1
illiant. Our humble scribe
dulged inl a somber, undefiled I
rir of socks.
-Miss Janie Hendricks, of
e olenoy section, gave the
)ung folks a singing Snday
ternoon, Vhich was greatN
ijoyed by all present.
-The first snake yarn an(1
ll story of the'season is later
Ian nsnal this spring. Come.I,
Ielinqlll'nt biethren of the Pick
is Ananias ciib, Vhv tarry?
-Mr. A, Mt. orris repre
nted thle Pickns PreSl)yterian
ainrch at the session of, the
'resbyter. held at Old Stone
urch, iear Fort Hill, lal t
-Ihe Citv Council of Pickens
AZ1, exh-nded (Ihe time.) for. pa
ent of license till May 15th,
911. At-er that date you will
1e brolugit to trial for ldoillg
us51iness withbout licen's''. SAuI
- . r vo has
hiarge of the contract oil the
nter-Urban lne, with head
ualrhtelrs in Gree1nville,sn
41n1010y inl Pickens wnithI his1
1l . ':nd M r. (i0rdo I1looie,|
*f* ~ ji l h e tor (f. N. ( . . sp nlt i
2 1w k with th e lattfer's fai
ther2 relati's in t'ick- nIs. Her <
an ric'n's i i*mhoau'i ts were i
.da ) towe her' an iiw ished( heri
nutch joy.
schoolhouse lat iitiv n:~ie'h
enjLoy('d. IA. wa~s a ;ood pro'i
gran1 well i'oiideired, adl those
enit says: ~( "'o. C.onunlissioner
Crook Iant Keowee~i .-et 1ion last
we'ek, tlooking. aft er th' jl i'ove
nie'nt of1 our Poadis. lIfe is the'
first con11Inissioner' 1.' con to
thronulh ouir section in four
years. 1 think we have the
right 1150m in the ightl place.'
-Col. J . A. Pe(.k, of Turier's
vi lle, Ga. , was8 over amongfl Pic.
kens friendls Iast week, trying'
to inidnee' soniebiody to go t~o theI
land of miilk and( hioiney. He
has becomie a bloa ted lan (4)wnemr,
since he has taken up hiis ablodeI
among the hills of dear old1<
Georgia, andto has opened a real
estate office, listed a lot of good
land~ and is now trying to sell it<
so as to get the commissions.i
As he gzambols ar'ound~ over the
foothills within the shadow of I
old Nantahala mountain, he isl
heard to say: '"This is thei
place I tried to get 'Squire Jon- Ij
kinis to buy; this place will just
suit Mr. McD. Bruce; this place I
is what Ivy Mauldin must have-,
I want to locate George INegare
over there; that place will suit" I
-but what is the use to calli
names; he has got .a place t
picked out for every man in I
V Pickens county, and the bestt
reserved for his friends, and lie
will sell to all of them, too, jf he
gets half a chance,'- See his ad. t
in this paper, and if you tare t
wanting ,good land, cheap, go
sen him.
iokens, is andig this w4el
a Columbia with her sons Jesse
6ad WyattJennings.
-Mrs.. John T. Langston, of
?ickens, has been carried to a
anitarlum in Greenville to be
reated for a tumor. Her xhany
!riends hope that the- oreration
nay be entirely successful.
-Dr. J. L. Valley, of Pick
mns, left, Saturday for Johnson
Jity, Tenn., where he goes to
iee his nephew, Jim Valley,
who is quite ill. We hope the
loctor found him improve(d
vhen he arrived.
-The City Council of Pickenls
vill enforce the ordinance pro
ilbiting the salo of any kind of
:ruits, drinks, cigars, or mer
-handise of any description, on
innday. This ordinallce to t ake
dflcct May 1st, 1911. S.u, B.
JRAII, Mayor.
-C.L.e-ster. andl wife leftt
"aturday for WVoodstock Ga.,
vhere he goes to tak a position
Atli W. L Steves. Claude's
many friendls inl Pickens mnd .
Asewhere are sorry that his
RISimess ven ture was nnuprofita
Al( and1 that 11h sees tt to leave
Picken's to IMiake his fortu.
lhey vish for h. Miml and wifE, all
kinds of good hIck inl theii nwm
-Miss Maggie MN('denders,' a
young ladv aged ab1)ou1t 15 years,
Who has ben a sniflerer flronm
ii ba(ernlosis for several years,
lied at t I lon me of her mother,
Sthe iicke(ns mill village, oil
Naturday, 22d inst. Her re
nOnis were interred inl te
Pickens ('emiletery the day fol
Oving her delise, lianlly sor
mowinig friends attendiog the
)bsequivs. Th breaved fail
lv have the sympathy of the
'lntlirecolutunn11 i it.v inl this their
mson. of bereavement.
--M1r. h' P. H-amiiltoni, one of
he 1(1O guar(d. (edl at, Ih( Ilomle
> his so'n, Ed. .1-,lamilton, on
\nd, hi..ai was
n.ried the d .a followilg at
\looitain rove church. vir.
[lamilton 11 been inl declilifig
i(alti for several vem's, ' ut
mly for thle past fewl week; had
le beeni confinlek to his lbed.
e was ivluardIs of 76 eal's
>ld, was a gailant soldier il a
oo(d eit iz."'en. Uhl leaver Nv, wife,
;everal chlildrm, relatives aiId
nainv friends to )m11n his
-Cap14. L. \4M. Nk11ndinl is buIHi
1g up~) lIns part of Pickens. I1
lats dbout colliplctecl ai ('0mi
'ot L ,' n flii ile bullg:)Io\v order.
ill COMlete willh lights, wat er
ind sewerage. [t will be for
ni that port ion if towvn. The
'ilil in) is al i:n'-seeing and( level
wnhd uinst . and1t i ~i'(il V iiut
1) (10y tislitice' omhdey have
E l-nilte reti ngii a md a t Ii'es.
I1(ohes wn) 'he0 p)(ip.
'it.t gls ill tactwnLia pillr
sr im lle and t e detliiwise
-"!('X>lav S tn!I 'v A ill thatv is.
os whah evoil ilois biovslaimv
3l:ivied ta ('fi aid arj en r
icin o er day~v. 'i 'h boys
0Ivst oderedV ii lifors, il1 s,
rated gloves, i factla liil~
uniunie'lt, Hlea tioiel asfrov
splendd seitheo in'te sities.
[aintorfill to-gogand (Thrrigyoay)
'benl toir ('iay ih
-wich averyborty ie orially
nr vied b oe and win ao threm
ve.1Looi alent and in
1loiis(ld off anome wli il
onptisl Ofl noill wlillr, hl)ils
Satfe il11ys al(g ruhdoan
)o01<leville slonts, anil t builig
svl o paongside i the trcies
ic' hepices the ld frend ho5se
Dvntil to ro, oh and ryyu
'bded somihtrft."th
-Isn a lyson time Poink
nto wihe owned, or wto ayr,
hell-proporionditin cofmihe
~iepns aved a been drawn
bit teydouldrote bu d one,
ptd, an worko will tha beyu
nW saininw day ls a lmoedto a
> thelaidudowinand'iht"btolding
ickin roos, dded e an ndch
reigdeiparovmenti an wlong be
noel edesity. ftrh
-JA Sminth, photo'abher,
will be in Pickens onMondays
of each week instead of Satur
days as. heretofore.' Al who
want first class work see him.
-Dr. T. A. Seawright's Den
tal office is in the Masonic Tem
ple, upstairs, over the Pickehs
rug o.'s store. When in need
of dental work call and see him.
-The street tax for the town
of Pickens was due Feb. 25,
1911, and must be paid to the
treasurer, W. F, Mauldin. All
persons failing to pay promptly
are liable to a flue. SAM B.
CAR, Mayor.
--One of the best window.dis
Ilays seen in Pickens is that
now at Folger,Thornley & Co.'s.
The layout was planned by
Furrian Morris and is (ite
realistic. The display is Pratt's
products. and this Stock food
display is further emphasized
with a pair of prize-winninig
S. C. Rhode Island Reds, bred
and ovned by V. A. Thompson.
If yon wvalt to (ee a n icely
(Iressed window stop and give
this 01e a look.
Financial Condition
Of'the (ity of Pickens vIhel the
books verec turneId ovoer to the
new Council, April '!, 1911:
(Cash on hainl..........8 12 89
('eetlery acrolnnt .......... 5 50
Total.............. 1 I39
fleath,- Briuce~-Morm(w...~\...4 .11 18
Folcr-''-Thornlev C0)........ 12 77
T. J. M li n..~.............. 18 25
J. R. Asho............... 1. 80
1. A.\. Richev..... ...... 1.5 63
"Ivy W., 1. & P. Co....... 96 24
Sentiniel-Joirnial ............ 45 00
Tota ...............2"5 7
SAMi 13. Cuaia-. Mayor.
To Those Interested.
We wall!. an(I ask that all
)rsos ill terestel'itn tii Lravo
yar(I liown Is !11' \[Oran
graveyard,' to 111(.e0 at said
gravoYard on llIridav, the 12th
day of Ma n, I 9 1. for the nur
poSe' of (el(;in1IE off and beanti
f ying th' g-aves 4 of our fit hers.
ninothers, grnl~ (palreits, et al.
We ask the ladies to be tiere'
also. All come to spend the
(day. an( )ilg tools siffthient
for said work.
J. I". (1hn'i1ot i,
J. S. Dillard,
G. C. olding,
The Pickens Railway,
C. .J C -nx.\ 1,: MA a hearingL
blell befor i'I ho Post Oliice anwd
Pos'.t Hlads Cmiteof the
l hinse of RPreostt iVes, prior
to the ajlon rnnien i of the ist
Canaruess, to consider the, hill in
bo:tt, of- .'laryland,~l toamend't~ t'he
jostal la w.. inl thle initeretst of short
sh Ib'ntit f tfhe Pirions RaniI
''a ;iu'. on I his roid '.am
ILg 'neil nu1kw' tee '''ntI tr i p5
daily, six day xs at week, be~ten
mum1 ofi 5I;~CI ion'hets of ma~tii is
forno-d c shonh d iet thle roadI s:.00
oa da ors M30; a yearu. Itnste(ad
Itrol'gh theI Ps-t,( Olliee Depart -
(jute C ui onn. i of :2 12.9I net
Onue i':ssi'l * r''u ini t' Sle(' ocite -
plied by t m11 il VingL! the(e
1i e r :l( i .5 * .'* .
l' l i Ot it i ('(' is il pref'b'V1e()
lune. :ni i':e )t 1 ins impos ed
iaiASotI are litny an vaiiimd. 11
AnyLce inito fVII there laid
to! y hePotOliC Dpat
ill, i1w 'iighedtt byP sbstanetil
lines. to n(fet o t i s i avherDe
anies to he iji r tos. beg j1't
frns eir .\tira :iunrepot
tW(itin af( shor.t tim the mili
wille wege on ourVsouthsi n
thadtoemn the avt wn!( eragtei 11
thamntopaidt;~ciaI fo etries netI
foryas .\hoc' oi and reao
able, asta ofl tI(hi, woub
toairn ess weioghto oli the fail'
caied (l n seie dw see hv six,)
stat fther oadun lel Cadr
theal ou itl atualing arods.h
Mr.hthcek' political la-c
fairne pl roposbleto divide wthe
Bxiu rdaysrviby sivn Cthegreby
Al fuha rreg~ ing the potaty it
all our lttsle struggtin paloast
>uri pepeareabl to exirt wite
igainst the short tines,
J. T. TAYLou 0. 'i.
WAR4fixa NOTIo.-All per
sons are hereby warned tio t(
hire, harbor, or in any way as
sist one Monroe Gowan., a t
16 years, tall. light complec ted
colored boy, who has left hi
home without cause. Any pur.
son disregarding this notie will
be prosecuted to the full'st ex
tent of the law. JOE G( W A NS,
Pickens, S. C., April 13, 19 10.
-For land anywhere i Pick.
ens county see or write 3 .
Ashmore, 'The Land Mar..'
The rolls have been sent oil
for repair at the Town Cr(
Roller Mills. They will be goz,
about 15 or 20 days. They wil
be in better shape to to gooi
work by the 1st of May, T.ry t
sack of' our water-ground men
-90(. per blushel.
- R. 1'. LESLIe, Mgr
Town Creek Roller Mills.
'No-icle Tm Fmlullits.-A 1-5
hint is(1, 1,000-poundics ToIimeUHsse
jck, ready for service. Brint
111ires to S. C. Experiment Sta
tion, Clison College, S. C
'1trms-$5 dow'n and $5 on de
liverv of colt. Money refinide<
i ifmare fl( ailsto 1,o1l. Addlos1:'
"inquiries to S. C. Ex. Sta.
(Clemson Colleoe, S. ).
Pav Your Road Tax
oc1. aie vn d e b-d that nl y ers
wi ahl I., -ny 8i inl li' n of work 1
rod lar do ,( any- 11t.m befor Ca
21) 1" 1 A fIr this driet. he. Iard will rv
< i.c.0 no of-Iiu wor. Nw ir m.a
wish Io (IIa:Iv rat(her th1an1 wol k plea1,
t-k iv)d aI tage of I tis Ipp tun 1it y f
I ol Sat ifi Pid that.4 t1s iS tIIh moHst. lih"
al ollferil that will it- put, before v*oum
Ple:Ists l'o o ur om. receipt4 0itI s Ih boat r
wants all 1( either work or pa .
.hm s1.Craigf.
Notice of Finial Setiilient. anI
'NOTICE, is hlereby 141v4-n that I wi
make application to J. It. Newherr
IK!q - Judge o)f Prlb.ltv (if' Pick,-ns COur
1'. iln the. State of Sout hal in 1
Ith e 24 day of Al1y 1 11 11, 11 We 1 )'co k IcI
111 1h0111r1011n. 01r W1 SOOnl 111 hereafter v
,,-d a1'plien.04i1 '4 h1 he11111. for le av
to innk ! final-seIItth'em-lt (A the estate 4
J. P. P(t )41 1 s . ald A i i
li' hareas: h inst14 rto) r of id: Ill p1 I
T . '. l 1rte ,
Notice to Teaches
.4in exfm.ira C.. :n I. 4nelwi i l'.
ho14 inl th).' 1 n 41 1 on e 4 (iday ,1:1
Thw x-111ina i- will m -
rouIC.lyt. i 4 'cck . applie-o44t)
'i h 4W i thwir (.%In t inv. Th
ihtI s i . n IM t 4 4a4o1y Ii:- -. (
1,11 (1'O1 41- 1 11i -I 14. ' loinI . lI ,..t.
myig3' hfw to Sti 1y." Th.e ()11 -St tios 4)
A 4'r r will b e h. . on - .oii
c : iSo: i l 4h 41m '4111rn i m2;4
a'. ' '1 son (lin orn4111. A 1 li a pliv 8
n:- onler of tate ihm C o -:n ao
'H. T. l ul'4 o.
('o S(It.11;-4 .
44ad , IniV t seeI,r to1~ 'rant iH'2:lt 4ters 2
\4; ej)in ' in I 4.ono l e
aT h t. 4) :n 4 thereIf o. o 1im .4 $11
aId4? h a1 l 4gl -. u t 4.e'.ar l he V4 n. 4 .414
!.1 uri. bf14re . ) InI 1ht In Ie.4 o i
:ate. t o be 1 be i at4 2'i.-lI4'' < 1 th4 e 4.1)
dav o'fl. y 1 1 t:.:4 411l or4 p4 ublie: tti
be of,..~4 at 11? 'clock in 4 h) j(4.fv4r, i on, i
day of .\veri Ann:1' omini)hllH 1411
tilit )C~ht JfU 14.':1( N 'lwn i-:n y. (s all
wl e is hereba given trll h I' we wt &4
.Imh.--ec if he b.ic, ti- 11.8 Ear. R.,.
anm thereSato all h ':.>!.na. i t h
O lbrenit rea sbts ftorj .i1 .111 blu
hnurd for tle avd, to mtdo fnlwp1s
ofThh e e ofBe.e.sen.- .!.e -
WI.. G~. oietor
m CTh heapue" sebn mi ,,'w e
Outs on Gare Back Bring Groans
From Lips of Baltimore
imore, Md.-Frank McCaulby,
oted wife-beater, suffered punish.
A. K.
Our hot
New (11i1sp
Ranging from a 5c Calico i
the La' ilc(ds for her S1
For the (Quality of the Go,
LOWE'ST. We shall be 1
Prove our Assertion.
A. K.
iMore Good
Alilch Ne(
One of the best things
1 Perfection Plow stock, wh'Ii<:
1.1O never (eIo Ig 111), s v Ses
n' 011 110( d l graill (rado
efltIle ma(le.
IC)a 1 N . ware, all1 kinds.
Oui ' c 10i b111(.'8 (con
W IN I ) 10 14" 1); I ,)A ,
c(S e I 1o. -(ll d l hl Cl
ll Opsil, Ot i-s D llehll n el
god n i h is dea rIu t.
W 4 ntrIy a iice line
I Co(okingves
Onr icokilriw
dnd H1n I ei'P'l be bet.;r.
C(nie to See w'9.
eol V d V U4 :
e1I2 .IVi' to buyI al
ods wecould pcd
checks, ginguno
the very bet oss
One-price (
Pickens I
Ra L.r
#$Before I began using Cascarets I ha
a bad complexion, pimples on my face,
and my food was not dgested asItahou IQ
have been. No I am entirely well, and
the pimples hafe all disappeared from my
face. I can truthfully aay that Cascareta -
are just as advertised; I ve taken only
two boxes of them."
Clarence R. Griffin, Sheridan, Ind.,
St. Creenvile.
Ise is now full of
Spring Gods
:o a $2.oo the yard Silk-anything
)ring, - ake-Up' (except a hat).
>dS, my Prices SHALL BH* THE
liased to show you oir GooCs and
zwmP A R K.o I
s For Less Money"
ded1 Ne(cessaries
we have to Offer Our customer is the
3h they need right now. Guna ranlteei
words, hvrd feelings and inile power.
We have the bes. 14-finger (radle
The best qua,1ly onl the market.
nsanyar oles ou ned ea1ch day.
'VS. Let, lis sell .voil hse absolute
i is m4)ljldete. See us for somiething
f liadwarel! uher Roof'ing" and(
o &u expensive cg ,
bleI Io l . h:< m e
[ 1ine h r . 5
bi Pprie

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