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Pickens Sentilll-Journl
Some TIgs iot Kinov and Some
You Don't Know About Our
TowS, Couty & people
-Keep your eye on the con
test. Watch the figures change.
-The eclipse of the sun, last
Friday evening, was obscured
by the clouds.
-Free coupons, bearing date
of April 30th, will be allowed if
sent in before the 10th inst.
-1274 wins sewing machine
at Keowee Supply Company.
Do you hold the lucky numberl
-Sheriff Roark has treated
himself to a pair of fine gray
horses. They are fine steppers,
and look good either in single or
double harness.
-Friend Julius E. Boggs,who
for the past month has been so
i journing in the "Land of Flow
ers" returned last week to Pick
ens much improved in health.
4,-Married in Central, on thE
30th ult. at 3 o'clock at the resi
dence of the officiating minister,
Rev. H. A. O'Kelley, Mr. J. L.
Crow and Miss Christopher, both
of Liberty,
-The City Council of Pickem
will enforce the ordinance pro
hibiting the sale of any kind ol
fruits, drinks, cigars, or mer.
chandise of any description, or
Sunday. This ordinance to takt
effect May 1st, 1911. SAM B.
CRAIG, Mayor
-We call your attention t(
the ad. In this issue of that popu.
lar and reliable clothing firm
Smith & Bristow, of Greenville
This firm needs no introductior
at our hands-it is too wel
known. over Pickens connty
If- heed clothing, hats, shirtb
or gj' furnishings, you cat
not 24 setter than to trade here
- Watch the' cotest. It I.
"nip and tuck" with some o:
the candidates. Are you doing
all you dould for your favorite
Suppose you do a "leetle bit'
more, remembering that th<
dollar you -withhold might b<
the means of their losing th<
prizes. A little work by you
now, may put some of thos4
who are behind 'way up in th4
i-ace. Can't you get busy?
-The Pickens Baseball Tean
have given three moving picturi
shows recently, which were ex
ceedingly fine, but the patronag'
was not at all what it shouh
have b~een. Our people, who ar
generally kicking about the ladl
of amusement featumes in Pick
ens, should ayail themselves o
all these opportunities for recre
atlon, especially when it is fo
the benefit of a local enterpr-is<
that we are all more or less in
terested in-a good1 ball teami.
-Mrs. Jennie Field, widowv 0
the late Drm. W. T. Field. livini
in the Glassy Mountain sectioi
of the county, met wvith a seri
ous financial loss, when th<
large bar-n on her farm-u wa
destroyed by fire on the night o
the 27th uit., together with
* lot of roughness, cor-n, gr-ainm
farming tools, several head o
,cattle and a good mule, belong
ing to one of the tenants on th
place. The loss is sever-al hun
dred dlollars, with no insur-ance
-Married, on t'he 3d inst;., a
Sthe residence of Mrs. K. L.
Cureton, in Pickens, Mr. Ed. G
McDaniel, of Forest City, N. Q.
and Miss Hester Cureton, o
Pickens, Rev., J. M. Stewar
perform ing the ceremony tha
united the twain into one. Onl:
the immediate relatives of th
contracting parties were presentI
Th6 happy young couple,amide
the congratulations and goo
wishes of their many friends
boarded the 11 o'clock train fo
their future home in Norti
The New Hope correspond
ent of the'Tugaloo Tribune has
the following to say about Pick
ens people:
Mrs. D. H. Kennemur and
sweet little children,Claudie and
Hanie, of Liberty, are on an ex
tended visit to the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
B. H. Powers of Pickens was
on this side on business one day
last week.
R. L. Boggs was in Pickens
on business last week.
The sad news of the death of
Miss Francis Powers, which oc
curred at her home at Old Pick
ens was received here with sor
row. She had been a patient
'sufferer for a few years. All
was done for her that could be
done. On the morning of April
21st she began to grow worse
and at 1 o'clock her precious
soul took its flight into the arms
of our Father who gave it. She
had been for somo time a con
sistent member of the Presbyte
rian church. She will be great
ly missed. Funeral services
were conducted by Rev. W. M
Mauldin at 2 p. m. the day fol
lowing, when her- body was
tenderly laid to rest in the fami
lV burying ground. To the
griefstricken relatives we ex
tend our deepest svmathy.
Dillard, Ga
Since spring has come things
are taking on a business hum in
our parts. A strong stock comn
panv has just purchased a big
section of our territory near
this place, and will in the next
few weeks erect a large lake
and power plant, with summer
homes, hotels and residences.
This loccation is in the foothills
of the Nantahala mountains,
and when improved will out
riul in grandeur and beauty
the famous "Land of .the Sky
and the Sapphire Country."
Some of the people who have
summer homes in and near our
place have arrived and are pre
paring them for their summer
outings. . Many of the people
who make Highlands, N. C.,
their suinmering place are stop
ping over in Dillard, the same
being the nearest railroad point
to Highlands, and are becoming
interested in the oppoitunities
offered here.
Not many years and we will
show one of the most beautiful
and progressive parts of the
country. The opportunities are
here, and the trend of the travel
is this way, so let her come.
I would be glad to welcome
-any of the good citizens of Old
SPickens to a business location
Iamong us.~ T1he counntry is
fresh, and the new railroad
through this part has opened a
-section that wvill bear the varied
fruits of industry.
The streams have been abun
dlantly stocked b)y the govern
ment wvith the famous California
-trout. andl if the editor will visit
us on his summer outing will
- show him some real fishing with
.satisfactory results, and will
add proof of all the fish storles he
-may ever have heard fronm the
mountain section. W. J. Hf.
A Word of Thanks
En. JoURNAL: -Please allow
me space in your valuable
Spaper to thank those who were
-so kind to me during the sick
ness and death of my dear hus
Words cannot express how
thankful I was to the many,
man y friends and peighb)ors for
their generous help and kind
I am a friendl andl neighbor.
t Card of Thanks,
r' Dear Editor:-I desire to thank
a the people and especially Drs.
.Bolt and Valley for their atten
t tioni and service during the siek
I ness and death of my daughter.
, May God's blessings be with
r them always.
i Mrs. Sarah Meddows.
Pickens., ('ou on M' t:.
Retiring City CounoJl
Clerk's report of the condition 9f
things when he turned them
over to the newly-elected
mayor and aldermen. April
6, 1911: also, a general 'report
pertaining to the council dur
ing his term of office-as clerk
of said council of the city of
Pickens, S. C., 1909-IC-11:
All money received and
collected by me 'for
taxes, license, fines,
and all other sources
during my term of
office.........................$4988 51
Paid out for back in
debtedness, interest
on railroad bonds,
tiling, street work,
lumber, salaries, san
itary work, horse
feed, printing and job
work. office rent, etc.,
as check stubs from
Nos. 1 to 342 of Pick
ens Bank and from
Nos. 1 to 11 of Keowee
Bank'will show......... 4975 62
Leaving a balance in
Keowee Bank of......$ 12 89
Also a cametery ac
count in PickensBank
of................... 5 50
Accounts turned over to
city council that were
not collected-fines.... 51 00
Promised on the Liberty
road grading and not
paid......................... 7 00
License taxes that the
old council put I on
and due since Feb. 25,
the minimum balance
that is due the city on
sam e.. ........ ............. 575 00
Taxes, etc., due the city
from parties that hold
accounts against the
city ............... ........... 75 00
The amount in banks
and due city when
books were turned
over to new council.. .$ 726 40
Outstanding accounts
against city:
T.J. Mauldin,servicesas
lawyer, etc...............$ 18 25
J. R. Ashmore, stamps,
stationery, etc. ....... 1 80
Folger-Thornley Co.,dy
namite, etc., work on
Liberty road............. 12 77
H. A. Richey,horse feed 15 6'
IveyPower Co,arc lights
for Feb and Mch, '11.
about........................ 75 0(
H-B-M. Co, material for
Liberty road.............. 2 7
H-B-M Co,cartridges for
policeman........... 9
H-B-M Co, tiling Lewis
and Cedar Rock sts,
and freight............'37 51
Int. on 8 R. R. bonds... 56 00C
Sentinel-Journal, adv'g
and job work, as per
editor's invcice to me,
$29.50; from which de
duct ad valoremn taxes.
past due, $14.05; li
cense taxes past due,
$5.00 - $19.05. Total
balance due the Sen
tinel-Journal, when
books turned over... 10 45
Will Ferguson...........20 (00
Total amn't on record city
owed April 6, 1911...251 08
Total ain't in treasury
and1 owing city, April
6, 1911...............$ 475 41
County owes city for 82 (lays'
Some things (lone during miy
term of office that the old coun -
cil should have credit for, viz:
Paidl pol icem an back in -
debhtedne1ss......... .. 275 00
Paid off note and interest at
Pickens Bank.......$ 75 25
Paid off another note
and in~terest............42 50
Built city hall, thereby sav'
ing rental for the city.
Purchased a good revolver for
the policeman.
Purchased a dictionary for the
city clerk's office.
Paid off one R. R. bond and
part on another.
Graded down several streets
and made a lot of other improvi -
ments for the city, which are
here to show for themselves.
Respectfully submitted.
Retiring Clerk.
..Bridge to Let
Not co ia hereby give ni the.' I wbil let~
to the lowest re-sponsible bidder thei re
building of thu Mar.tin t~rid1e con Oolenioy
river,Oni the~ ilah ,f May, 191I1, at 1I a.
in. Plans and1( specifications made
known on day of' letting. Right to re
ject any and all hidsrewved.
-If you want a good Incuba
tor get a Buckeye from W. A.
-See W. A. Thompson for
S. C. Rhode Island Red eggs,
$1.00 setting, good hatch guar
-'he City Council of Pickens
has extended the time for pay
ment of license till May 15th,
1911. After that date you will
be brought to trial for doing
business without a license. SAM
B. CRAIo. Mayor.
-For land anywhere in Pick
ens county see or write J. R.
Ashmore, "Tha Land Man."
-J. A. Smith, photographer,
will be in Pickens on Mondays
of each week instead of Satur
days as heretofore. All whc
want first class work see him.
-Dr. T. A. Seawright's Den
tal office is in the Masonic Tem
ple, upstairs, over the PickenE
Drug Co.'s store. When in need
of dental work call and see him.
-The street tax for the towi
of Pickens -was due Feb. 25,
1911, ald .must he paid to the
treasurer, V. F. Mauldin. All
persons failing to pay promptly
are liable to a fine. SAM B.
CRAla, Mayor.
Castle Hall
Pickens Lodge No. 123
K. of P.,
Stated convention 8:30 p. M,, Monda3
evening after the 1st and .3d Sunday.
Work aleal for all the R't-mks.
All visiteors cord Ily invited
Bv orde'r of
SAII It. OIAI. K. of It. tand S.
Notice of Final Settlement an
NOTICE is here'v givenc thait. I wil
macike arpliefltion to J. B. Newberr
Ec&q . Ju-l' of P)rh-e for Piekens coutI
tv. in th S ctite if Sith Corohna, 01
the 1st dlay (if June, 1911 . at I
o'clock in the feronoon, or nw soon ther
acfte&r as sside applienatin 'ca nn he heard
for leave to, make finni settlement a
the estacte of Samccel Sinipson deceasei
a 1i b CItainl diha:rge -Is ex culo
of sid estue.
Miy 4t I W. .Simpson,
Ad ministrator.
Notice of Final Settlement ani
NOTIOE is hereby given that I wi
make application to J. B. Newberr
Esq., Judge of Probate for Picker
count.% , in the Stat e of South Carolins
on the lat day of June 1911 at 1
o'clock in the foretinon. or ats soon theri
I after ne Psid noplicatioin cnn be heart
f )r leave to make final settlement <
the estate of A. A. Alexander decease(
and obtain discharge na administrat<
of said a state. J. N H-allum,
I A die'inis'rator.
Notice of Final Settlement ani
NOTICE is herebsy given that I wij
make application to J. B. Newberr
-Esq . Judege of Prohnate of Picke'ns coun
tv, inc the Staite of South Carolina. oi
t he 25 d ay of Ma y l911,. 11 o'clock 11
the forenoonn or as~ soon thereafter a
saidl app'icationt enn be heterd, for leav
to make~ final settlemre'nt of the estate e
J. F. Porter de'eensedl, and obtai
discharge nas ad locmstrator of aid tate
A pril 27't4
'I'. Fi. Porter,
A d -sinistrator
If it. can' te t its anos''..an bucy good'c
at '"The Bee Hive" as cheap as you can1
who. e e'verything is sold to every bod;
gt abs,.ttey one price, and your mone;
hawk rfor Ut hting niot, eatisfactory, o
as repne a needa.
E've'ry' body knaows 'KatrO"Syrup. w,
Sell the gail ten ctans att 33e' and1 thme hcalve
act 8' ci d a geod pait net flour at $4.6
per' held te gee wvith it. wve heeve sold a Ilo
oef this fl''nr. anttd the s-une broade guarc
an cue a.o-s tI hit as c'tphes I.e-cnl athec
vouo ae .ei unl'1C. lnaceck et.
N w () th e i timV te gardiene, t e w.il
ii o '-'i W oods''l t; E'4n 011 Ul eds ful]
e jreCs a- 2ic
n C el bet seo a hcex of tobn-:ci
for * .e , tacnd it. oc re . ' (C I. spit tng
.'ie-t * irv oei w hoi take s U look~ a
th:a he'n'e -rn lace :i' d embr~eoide'ry an<
e'h ' "- - - - e e camii childrte'n's hmat
bnt's -mo--.
l -" - f ~. *i enr> f..r ha-'e, egg
a ''i ch.e se *. 'Ie-es lte Itb frves 15,
we t hae had ac goodeel traee Cii peotatoesC
25c a pcedk is 'le heaee,. B tss Early Itose
and I '' rb. s. cnll Ihe samoe price.
503t lie hee'. I jot unt.-, feer $l1.te "H1ud
tt iccs ine bad,e. lic to
The Bee Hive
TI. D) H A1t1RIM. Proprietor,
t hceap-sit atore in ton n
in all its brianches.
Cutting. Fitting. Altering
Madle-tonmeasurte (harmen ts.
I ami equipt and pr'epar'ed to d<c
nice sewing on short. notice.
Your patronag(' solicited an<
I 1Picke'ns, S. C.
HOLD up Red Meat-the
chew for men. Always
good-better now than
ever. No spice to make your tongue :
sore-no excessive sweetening to
make you spit yourself away and ruin .
your stomach. Just high-grade North
Carolina tobacco, properly sweetened by
a perfect process. Sure s you re born, -
it's the real thing in good chewing.
Get busy today and find out for yourself.
Cut out this ad. and mail to us with you
name and address for our FREE offer to chewers only.
Address A
Made only E SCALES Co., Winston-Salem, N. C.
Everybody has a desire to possess something that they
can call their own---many fancying a home or a farm above all
To all such I say, "Welcome the idea and put forth the
effort." I am in the Real Estate business---not to "do" you
but to help you attain your wants and I can show you such
genuine bargains in farms---Improved and unimproved---that
you never heard of yea, dreamed of existing, and the prices
- and terms are all that could be asked or desired.
Get in communication with me, let me know your wants,
I can fit you up with a good home or a splendid farm and this
section is an Ideal one for grain, stock, fruit and chickens.
iAg Corn and cotton grow well here too---it is an ideal tarm
mg country.
I am listing property every day. A few of the many
r "good deals' over here, to be had in large and small farms
at low prices and reasonable terms which I particularly wish
to sell to my Pickens county friends is:
A nice i6o acre farm for $i8oo It lies well, is 2y/,
miles of Turnerville and 2 miles of Hollywood; 40 acres clear
ed. 2 good houses on it. A great place for stock, dairy or
150 acres for $1 500. Has good house on place; in
2 mile of Hollywood; 21 acres cleared. Splendid farm with
good school and church advantages
20 1-2 acres---half cleared;i mile of R. R. Station;.i.---mile
of school. Good 4-room house and out buildings. A f'
little place and awful cheap at $550;
150 acres, 2 miles of railroad station. Good house
and plenty of out buildings. Well watered and cheap at
This is just a few ot the bargains that I have to offer
you and they are "dirt cheap."
Come over and see this country. It is only a day's drive
from Pickens and 27 miles from Walhalla.
*r. You will never have another such opportunity to buy good
:land cheap.
Write or come to see
11This Space
0Will Ad'ertise Some Valuable Fatrm Laads (
Next Week. Watch fo' it
II A Large WORK QX for Quicki Sae.
Phone 45
Pckens B0tt||ng Works,
-- -R. L.. Davis Proprietor

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