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Archbishop Ryan's work two years bel
Prior to the suffragan bishops' meel
movable rectors met. The pope's sur
they place Bishop Kennedy first uptb
Falconlo, papal delegate, upset by the
Catholic archbishops in the United St
for Archbishop Ryan's successor. Th
favoring Prendergast. Falconto forwa
according to precedents, there is but
Bishop Prendergast archbishop.
4 Carl Raymond Gray, senior vice
president of the St. Louis and San
Francisco line, with headquarters in
St. Louis, has resigned to become
president of the steam and electric
railroads of the Hill system, with
headquarters at Portland, Ore.. suc
ceeding John F. Stevens. The ar
rangements were made by James J.
W. C. Nixon, vice-president and
general manager, will succeed Gray
as senior v'ice-president of the Frisco,
with Charles M. Levy and W. V. H1.
Rosing as assistants to the vice-presl
dent and with W. T. Tyler as general
The offer from 11111 to Gray was
pending while lloward Elliott, presi
dent of the Northern PacifIc, .was
considering the pro)ositionl for the
chief executive office of the Missouri
Pacific railway and the St. Louis,
Iron Mountain and Southern. Shortly
Hill in St. Paul and then ispcceted ti
Gray kept the negotiations secret, b
matter to the officers of the St. -Loul
tender had been made by ill w'as kno,
although Gr-ay refused to discuss the 1
tion was at hand and that Nixon'and t1
of master of arts at Milligan college,
diately after graduation he became al
the years between 1900 and 1902 he t
neseo school conditions. In 1903 lie
founder of Virginia Christian college.
Trho educational purpose of the con
pupils1 In the common schools of the ii
>areers, though unable to go to high
Representative John J. Fitzgerald
of New York, who has come to the
head of the committee on appropria
tions in the readjustment made neces
sary when the f3emocrats took over
the control of the national house of
representatives, will have as his right
hand man James C. Courts, who for
over a decade has been officially
dlesignated as clerk of this most im
pormtt body, His mastery of flgured
ia nothing short of wonderful; ho has
lM'd y(earsl of experience in which to
Pw.-ect .Iinaelf, an'd there is little do
ing~ in the wa'; of commrittee business
t .t he can't rdd'Jc,' to cold figures.
'ongress~ annluai v'otes an extra
$1,000 to his regular salan y In recog
nition of his extraordinary efileiency.
Mr. Coui:a in generally oferred to .
the "mathematician or the houise,
and what lie dtoesn't know abo~u't e
governinental financei iHsn't worth
knowing. He is alwvays "on deCk'' at.
committee meetings, and his uran1 I
place is by the side of the hirmn
appropriation for some obscure inu,0.
at his tongue's end and reels off La'
idazo tihe layman. Mr. Courts' servit
I adator1 by the new, haann ate
Right Rev. Thomas F. Kennedy,
Bishop of Adrianapolis, president of
the North American college at Rome,
Italy, and a personal favorite of the
pope, shortly will be appointed by the
Holy See as an American cardinal, to
share honors with Cardinal Gibbons,
of Baltimore.
This statement is made upon the
authority of a Roman Catholic, so
high in church affairs that it should
be taken without hesitancy, and ac
cording to the same source the ap
poiltmfent will be the dire(t result of
the suffragan bishops refusing to
abide by the pope's desire to see
Bishop Kennedy recommended as h
successor to Archbishop Ryan of
Philadelphia, who died recently.
The pope's wishes were made
known to the suffragan bishops by
Cardinal Gibbons. Instead of select
lig three nanes the suffrag an bishops
submitted one. that of Wshop Pren
dergast, of this diocese, who did
ore Ryan's eath.
Ling the diocesan counselors and irre
;gestion had been made to them that
their list. They did so. Monsignor
difference of opinion, requested the 13
ates to signify their individual choice
e majority of them have written him
rded these letters to Rome, and now,
one thing for the pope to do-make
projierty in Oregon and Wash
ut as it was necessary to submit the
and San Francisco the fact that the
ii in St. Louis several weeks ago, and
iatter it was learned that his resigna
le other officers had been chosen.
Parents andl teachers in the south
ern states wvill be interested in the
fact that on June 1st .James Shelby
Thomas, dean of Virginia Christian
college of Lynchburg, will become
comnlissioner of education for the
Southern Commercial Congress. His
work for the congress will carry him
into all states of the south, for the
purpose of bringitag about a quicker
exchange among all educators of edu
cational ideas and of school improve
ment suggestions. He will also work
out a plan for the Southern Commer
eial Congress, whereby it can assist.
college and other students of the
south to secure or complete their edu
cation along scientific lines.
Mr. Thomas Is a young man with
an unusual educational record. He
was born in Saltville, Va., in 1880. He
received his education in public
sichools, then prepared for college at
Tazewell and the city high school at
Catlettsburg, Ky. He took his degree
Johnson City, Tenn., in 1900. Immne
s instructor in the same college. In
ook an active part in improving Ten
moved to Lynchburg, Va., and was a
gress is to work for the guidance of
with, so as to prepare them for useful
ichool or to college.
t /I I, AIHIll \~
isucstion comes up involving au
all the necessary informations
gures in a manner that woudi
d (oubtless be as h~fghly aggyr
lwn s a have heen in t he .nat
The experience of Motherhood Is a
trying one to most women and marks
distinctly an epoch in their lives. Not
one woman In a hun.
d is prepared or
understands how to
, properly care forher.
0. se . Of course near.
ly every woman now.
adays has medical
,,*' treatment at the
time of child-birth,
but many approach
a a a the experience with
an organism unfltted for the trial of
strength, and when the strain is over
her system has received a shock from
which it is hard to recover. Follow
ing right upon this comes the nervous
strain of caring for the child, and a
distinct change in the mother results.
There is nothing more charming than
a happy and healthy mother of clil
dren, and indeed child-birth under right
conditions need be no hazard to health
or beauty. The unexplainable thing is
that, with all the evidence of shattered
nerves and broken hjealth resulting
from an unprepared condition, women
will persist in going blindly to the trial.
It isn't as though the experienco
came upon them unawares. They have
ample time in which to prepare, but
they, for the most part, trust to chance
and pay the penalty.
In many homes once childless there
are now children because of the fact
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound makes w o m o n normal,
healthy, and strong.
Any woman who would like
special advice in regard to this
wnatter is cordially invited to
Write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn,
lRass. Her letter wil be held in
strict confidence.
Churches and Tuberculosis.
Statistics showing how serious a
problem tuberculosis is to the ordi
nary church congregation have been
issued by the National Association
for the Study and Prevention of
Tuberculosis. From reports received
from over 725 churches, with a mem
bership of over 312,000 communicants
of twenty denominations, and from
208 cities and towns in 12 states in
various parts of the country, out of
nearly 7,000 deaths in 1910, over 700
or 10 per cent, were caused by tuber
culosis. This means 2.2-i deaths for
every thousand members or coin
municants. While the percentage of
deaths from tuberculosis compared
with other diseases is not higher in
the churches, according to these fig
ures, than in the country at large, the
tuberculosis death rate, as known by
the church returns, is higher per
thousand communicants than that for
the general population in t-he registra-.
tion area of th United States, which'
the census bureau gave as 1.67 in
"When my boy was about three
months old his head br-oke out with a
rash which was very itchy and ran a
watery fluid. We tried ever-ything we
could but lie got worse all the time,
till it spread to his armse, legs and
then to his entire body. He got so
bad that lie came near dying. The
rash would itch so that he would
scratch till the blood ran, and a thin
yellowish stuff would be all over his
pillow in the morning. I had to put
mittens on his hands to prevent him
tearing his skin, lHe was so weak
and run down that he took fainting
spells as if ho were dying. Ho was
almost a skeleton and his little hands
were thin like claws.
"He was bad about eight months
when we tried Cuticura Remedies. I
had not laid him down in his cradle
in the daytime for a long while. I
washed him with Cuticura Soap and
put on one application of Cuticuira
Ointment and ho was so soothed that
he could sleep. You don't know how
glad I was ha felt better. It took one
box of Culecura Ointment and pretty
near one cake of Cuticura Soap to
cure him. I think our boy would have
died but for the Cuticura Remedies
and I shall always remain a firm
friend of them. There has been no'
return of the trouble. I shall be glad
to have you publish this true state
ment of hia eure." -(Signed) Mrs. M.
0. Maitland, Jasper, Ontario, May 27,
Randall--Hlas a reputation for brav
ery has he?
Rogers-Yes, with .every one who
has been his wife.-Life.
H-I was born on the second of
She-Late-as usual.--Life
Tak nh l3 dar 18 As
reomu' a p al i rirnte ono avr bot ii
$4 ormTQuinYEe drives outtheo alaia
orsfo 70 re th00 rn0sces. soid by aU
You are not responsible for the dis
position -you were born with, but you
are responsible for the one you die
Becauso of thos
Hewitt-I am a ruined man.
Jewett-Does your wife know it?
lHewitt-No, she doesn't yet realize
what she has done.
Our climate with its sudden changes
is conidicive to catarrh-which is
a chronic inflammation of the mucous
membrane surface of head-nose or
One mnonth's local treatment with
Paxtino Toilet Antiseptic will con
vinco the most skeptical that Paxtino
is not a paliativo but a specific for all
catarrhal conditions.
Paxtine is a perfectly harpiless an
tiseptic and gernicido in powder forni
which contains all of the antiseptic
qualities of liquid antiseptics, but
with other valuable cleansing, germi
cidal, and healing ingredients added.
Just a little in a glass of water as
needed-used as a spray and gargle,
will not only remove the accumulated
secretions, but heals the Inflammation,
destroys the germs of disease, and dis
pels the disagreeable odor caused by
chronic catarrh.
For sale at all druggists, 25c and
50c a box, or postpaid upon receipt of
price. The Paxton Toilet Company,
Boston, Mass. Send for a free sample.
Apprentice Carried Out Orders of His
Employer, but the Result
Was Sad.
"Now, William," the old farmer said
to his new apprentice, "I want theo to
mind what I do say to thee, to be
sharp and attentive and to delay not
in carrying out my Instructions."
"Ay, ay, zur," replied William.
"First, now. I want thee to take
out the old white mare and have her
"Ay, ay, zur," said William, and de
le returned two hours later and the
old farmer questioned him.
"Theo hast not been quick, lad,"
he said, reprovingly, "but if thee hast
done thy work as I ordered thee thou
shalt be forgiven. Didst thee have
the mare shod, as I telled thee?"
"Ay, fy, zur!" replied William,
beaming, "Didst thou not hear the
gun? I shot her my'self and I've just
buried her."--Londlon Answers,
Somebody Was interested.
Maybe she meant it as a compliment,
maybe she didn't, THe likes to believe
that she (lid. At dinner ho saidl:
"I saw Dr. Parkhurst on Madison
avenue today,"
"Well" and "Huh" being the only
comments on that remark, lhe wvent
"Now, I wonder if Dr. Parkhurst is
telling anybody at this time that lie
saw me On Madison avenue today?"
Then said the woman swveetly:
"If lie is, I am sure lie is telling
them something more interesting than
what you are telling us."-New York
Subject to Restrictions,
"I was cleanin' fo' a new lady las'
week an' de dirt in her kitchen was a
sight, 1)o' thing," saidl Rlose, Mrs. Fra
zer's dark-skinned charw~oman.
"llut why (1id she let it get like
that?" asked the lady.
"I dunno', mna'om. Guess she never
seen it, Some cooks, you know, is
mighty parti'lar' 'hout 'lowin' do
madam In (de kitchen. 1)0y jes' take
dere orders from her upstairs an' she
don't have no call to go into de kitch
en at all."
Not a Singer.
"Johnny," the teacher' said, "hero is
a book, Now, stand up straight and
sing like a little man."
The song was "Nearer, My God."
No sooner had the school commenced
to sing than a little girl waved her
hand frantically. Stopping the sing.
ing, the teacher inquired the cause,
"Please,. teacher, I think Johnny
will get nearer if he whistles."
For' COLDS and GitIP
Hicks' CAPwnUDINs1 the best remedy-re'
lieves the aching and feverlhness--eures the
Cold and restores normal conditions. It's
liquid-effects immediately. lee., 26c., and 50c.
At drug stores.
Taking a Chance.
Employer-So, then, Miss Willing.
you're leaving us for good?
Miss Willing-No, sir! For better
or for worse!
Mrs. Winslow'. Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduces influ m m
tion, allays pain. cures wind colic, 25o a bottle.
Ambition is a longing that makes
some men near-groat.
* ugly, grizziy. gray hairs. Use "LA
That Tire
That comes to you evei
your blood is wanting In
and other eruptions are
Do not delay treatment;
Hood's Sarsaparilla, which effects its %
contains sarsaparilla, but because it co
twenty different Ingredients, raised to I
all spring troubles, that tired feeling a
substitute; insist on having
Hood's Sa
"I felt tired all the time and could
not sleep nights. After taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla a little while I could
sleep well and the tired feeling had
Like Home Touch.
Tired and dusty, a party were re
turning by rail from a holiday trip.
Slimkins. a little bald man, seated himi
self to read, but dropped off to slee).
On tihe rack was a ferocious crab in at
bucket, and when Silmkin went to
sleep the crab woko up, and finding
things dull In the bucket, started ex
ploring. Bly careful investigation 'Air.
Crab reached the edge of the rack.
Down it fell, allighing on Silmkin's
shoulder, where It grabbed the man's
ear to study itself. Tho passeigors
hold their breath and waited for do
velopnients, but Siukins only shook
his head and said: "Leggo, Sarah! I
tell you I've been at the ofllco all
the evening!"
The man whose daughter had just
been united to the husband of her
choice looked a little sad.
"I tell you, squire," he said to one of
the wedding guests, a man of his own
age, and himself the father of a num
ber of unmarried girls, "I tell you
it is a solemn thing for us when our
daughters marry and go away."
The squire assented not altogether
"I suppose it is," he conceded, "but
I tell you it Is more solemn when they
don't."-Youth's Companion.
Met His Match.
Alkali Ike-They have just taken
Roaring Bill to the hospital.
Pistol Pete -- What happelled to
Alkali Tl:e-le tried to break up a
suffragist ineeting.--Judge.
Mothor (rny's Sweet Powders for Chiidrn, n
Certain relief for Foevrl ahieiss, lIenlucho, nnod
Stoninch, 'Tethiig Ilsorders, niove nnd reguilnto th
liowels anl destroy wvortms. They break up Coilds in
24 hours. They a rosn piennt Io thtn Children
liko thoum. 'They nieer fal. Sold by nil nruggista,
2.1. Ha mplo mailled FRI0 I. Addreb Allen 8. Oli
sted. Lu Roy, N. Y.
Let ua never be discouraged by any
dilllty which may attend what wo
know to be our duty.-Bowdler.
For y'our ownm sake, don't wait until it
hanpens. It mafy he a hleamdneh'e, tooth..
n eho. enrnehe, or some painOfill ncidlenmt.
Tin mlins Wizard Oil will cure it. Get a
bottle now.
Men haveo more temptations than
women, because they know w~here to
look for them.
Many people sufret
ence shortness of I
or dizzy feelings, <
eyes become blurre
to pump blood to tl
end feet, or poor ap
to the stomach. A I
---- which has no bad ad
Medical Discovery,
nor alcohol.
The Ingrredients, as attested under oath
als),* Bloodroot (Ssnanrta Canadenas
als). Queen's root (flllajia Sylvatkca),
Mandrake root (Podpyflumn I'eltatum)
in a scientific laboratory in a way that n
This tonio contains no alcohol to shrink<
the other hand, it increases their numbi
It helps the human system in the const
helps the stomach to assimilate or take
thereby helping digestion and curing da
fortable symptoms, stops excessive tiss
for the run-down, anwmic, thin-blooded
and vitalizing. Stick to this safe and aan
medicines offered by the drug'gist whloi
but Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Disci
o by g
hore egne
900NN MEDICAL .00.aI
W. L. D OU(
FIWT- *2&6**3 3-9_ *
. Doulas SringStyleu
Snappy ad U -.,ate Shap
and High Cuts than ever bef
W.L.Douglas warrants every pair of his shoe
look and ft hetter and wear longer than ans
you better valne for the money than you c
The genuine have WV. L. D~on las ni
price stainped on the bottom, wnh rh tu
and protectrs the wearer against high price
fyordeae nanol upl yo twith thm re o anet
& e ousas, *park 66
A Country School for C
Best Feature. of Cot
Out-of-door Sports on School Park of 3
Academic Course from Primary Class to (
Special Students, Music and Art. Certificat
Day Pupils. Mis'Bangs and Miss Whito
,d Foohng
y spring is a sign that
vitality, just as pimples
signs that it is impure.
begin at once to take
onderful cures, not simply because it
nbines' the utmost remedial values of
heir highest efficiency for the cure of
ad loss of appetite. There Is no real
Lrsap arilla
gone. This great medicine has also
cured me of scrofula, which had
troubled me from childhood." Mrs,
C. M. Root, Box 25. Gilead, Conn.
Votel Cumberland
New York
Broadway at 54th Street
Near 50th St
Subway and
53rd SI.
Broadway can
from Grand
- Central Depo
pass the doos
-g Now and
F- ireprot
I1K Strictly
S gFirst-clasa
5 % not easonale
lit ~$2.50
With Oath
and up
Send for
10 5finutes
Walk to
20 Theatres
Formerly with Hotel Imperial
W HO IS Wo"'en as "en --men
are maide milsorallo by
TO kidney and bladder trou.
ble. Dr. Kilmner's Swamp.
BLAME Iloot the great kidney
reinedy prorilitly relieves.
At drugglsts in fifty cent atid <dollar sizes.
You may hIvO (t atplo bottle by mait
free, ail;o lpainpilot telling all about it.,
Address, Dr. Uilmer & ('o., Tnhtiamhnton, N. T.
Farms, Ranches, City Property
nierelhan:dise and patents for goo<l >rleet quick
direct tn the buyer, and savee aing agent s onimnsoen
.00. 11i L ttl rrro Iud Ju die s e tiu a
leHeripitioun of property. blillions of buyer.
bu1y l irrect. l)on't waiit; net II w if you want
your proliert? isted anid probabiy o1.1 atonce.
Binternity ildinnlv. MitarVelouIsN-. Viivenition
for theiii out, o bh nian Mwthies. Good as
Ma1rrterity COret. Cutis 1-4 ni aual Endorsed
by Lenin nitoe tor,. rIe'co ONLY .). Write
TO-DA Y 14r. particulemma- und directions fof
J. C. bcNEAi, 4 CO. Desk l56. WVASH INGTON. D. C4
KDIA K S "Nii4me~
Ethin A r, rsollntii d0ns ln fil fo. Maled
W. N. U., ATLANTA, NO. 18-1911,
Weak Heart
from weak hearts. They may experi
reath on exertion, pain over the heart,
ppressed breathing after meals or their
d, their heart is not sufficiently strong
eo extremities, and they have cold hands
etite because of weakened blood suppiy
reart tonic and alterative should be taken
ter-effect. Such ja Dr.-Pierce'. Golden
which contains no dangerous narcotic.
are Stone root (ColIInaonia Canaden. p
(,loiden Seal root (Hfydreafla Canaden.
Black Cherrybark (I'runus Virginlana)
with triple refined glycerine, prepazds )
druggist could indtate.
up the rcd blood corpuscles ; but, on
r and they become round and healthy.
mat manufacture of rich, red blood. It
up the proper elements from the food,
spepsia, heart-burn and many uncom
1e waste in convalescence from fevers;
people, the " Discovery " is refreehing
a remedy, and refuse all " just as geod "
s locking for a larger profit. Nothing
rvery will do you half as much good.
died very eastiy. The siok are cured.a nd all other, is
n 1IUU'I i Q1l JliSTEM f R C~tGive a
die mper. Itenet remedyover knownd fo pes g ea
eseverything. Loes agent watd ags 51m
ly In existerOO-twelve years.
heaiatsauasetrieets.i GOshen. End., Ueg. A.E
include more & M
es in Oxfords E I T -1
ore produced.
s to hold their shape,
other make, giving
mn obtain elsewhere.
ime and the retail
aranteos full value
s and inferior shoes.
* an, a~se. 20,.0& ,0
~irls in New York City
rntry ansd City Life
5 acres near the Hudson River. Full
,radluationi. Upper Class for Advanced
e admits to College. School Coach Meets
ns, Riverdale Ave., near 252d St., West
, sLoo. retets.

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